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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 17, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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with certain inalienable rights. live it. from new york, good night, america. >> thanks, glen, and could you pick up some kitty litter on the way home? welcome to "red eye." it is like steel magnolias if by magnolias you mean strength. hi, andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up on the big show, did bp lobby the british government to released ali al agrahi. and steve jobs says they will be giving free cases to iphone 4 owners. we will investigate to see if this is enough to please cult musters. and the masseuse who accused al gore failed a lie detector test. the story that won't stay in your pants. >> thank you, andy. >> can't do anything for you.
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>> i don't expect you to, you angry, bitter monster. >> i uhologize for nothing you racist pig. >> i am not a pig. welcome patty anne brown. i missed you. she is so hot sunsets are called pat -- patty anne brown sets. ron is back. he's ban away for awhile, in prison. author of "the bachelor chronicles." he is so smart cliff note are now called ron note. i lie. yeah, there you go. bill shultz is in prison on a capital murder charge. filling in is writer john devore. if he was a carousel, i would sit on him and spin. and the delightful criminal defense attorney, remi spencer. she can file briefs faster than i can change them. and like bill, our pinch is off tonight. what a coincidence. shall we go to the first story? does bp stand for "bad people"?
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that's an excellent question. first the good news. after 85 days the british oil company has finally capped the spill ledge. and a paper owned by our parent company, giant monster company of the universe, in 2009bp argued to the secretary of state that delaying the locker be bomber's transfer government with the libyan government may hurt a $900 million oil deal they signed with the jerky jerk faces. as a result, the once dying murderer of 200 travelers was sent home on compassionate grounds despite the fact the same doctor who gave him weeks to live now says that he could live for another 50 years. bp admits to lobbying the government over prison transfers, but denies playing any role in the released of al magrahi. and despite all this, they plan on drilling off libya's shoreline, and then blowing up utah. thanks for playing bill tonight. here is what the angry, yet still boring new york senator
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sharls schumer told -- charles schumer said on thursday. >> the whole thing has deep circumstance shall evidence that point to the fact that there was a tradeoff. released the terrorists in exchange for an oil contract. that is a horrible slap in the face for the families. i knew one of the young men, knew his family who died in this flight. but it also says that our war on terrorism is one of the worst terrorists of the last century that can be traded off for blood money. >> it looked like they were waiving a swiffer on him as he was coming down. did you see it? forget it. they say it was a mistake to free the bomber. that there is no legal way to take back the creep. let's look at a more bidly obese cat who can't support his own weight.
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ron, that is you in about three hours. except you are hairier. >> and neutered. >> isn't it nice that bp or evening land adds mitted their mistake. isn't that nice? >> yes, but i mean really bp's tony hayward wanted him to get his life back. >> so true. >> of course the obama administration didn't have a problem with this. it is not like they did something really bad like trying to enforce u.s. immigration law. i could see them upset about that. >> that is a remark directed at obama about priorities. ron, good to see you. it has been awhile. do you think bp is guilty? >> the fourth largest company making back room deals to
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further their interest, that doesn't happen. drill, baby drill just happens i guess. it is the stage four cancer care that has gotten alt better. thaten feuar yates me. he should have died within dayses. >> you should go to libya if you want to survive. >> it is prostate cancer. never released anybody for early released if they have prostate cancer. >> the treatments for that are effective. there are victims of -- relatives of the victims of the loc cee rbie bombing who are incredibly angry because they could have told him it was survivable. this is something that the british always accuse americans of doing, of being evil conspiracy mongers and this could be very, very bad. >> i think you are right. there are two major issues to look at. the doctor who made this diagnosis. i think an investigation should go into why he said he only had a few months which was the impetus supposedly for releasing the bomber. second, it is really hard to understand why or how the
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white house can say that they had no idea that this was happening. our greatest supporter and ally, great britain, is releasing a known terrorist, a convicted terrorist in a post 9/11 climate when the united states government had a detainer on him. and they never told us? they never contacted the white house? i don't think so. this was a back room deal with a promise and a wink and a nod saying we're not gonna say anything. and they didn't. when the white house came out and said we didn't know anything, great britain didn't respond. we didn't hear anything in response. >> let me go to john. john, here is my theory, can we stop calling great britain great and just britain? >> okay, britain. >> stupid britain, i'm sorry britain. >> it is healthy talking about britain and that wonderful, magical land called europe. europeans are money hungry
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capitalistic pigs in heat like the rest of us. >> right. >> come november, i will vote for the party not in the back pocket of big oil which means i am voting for -- >> republican. >> i am confused. >> i have -- this may be stupid, but my solution for this -- if it turns out to be the culprit here, their executives should go in and i guess serve the remaining time of al ma grough he. >> he should be in jail anyway. does he want to come on tv and say this man has days to live? i want him to die in prison. i thought he thought about it and said i am busy. >> i think he woosed out. the other is we should bomb the area where he is and he has to make the decision whether or not to turn himself in. >> i think you should have a foreign policy job. >> i do, but i don't like to talk about it.
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it is at the local arby's. arby's is fantastic. they pioneered the curly fries. what am i talking about? whose term caused more heartburn, the answer will make you squirm. yes, while the job rating is less than peachy, voters think he had a more difficult job than w had in his first year and a half. so that's why he is unpopular. according to a fox news opinion dynamics poll, by a 2 to 1 margin which is a lot, most folks think barack had a tougher presidency than bush when comparing their first 18 months. true 9/11 happened eight months after w took office, but obama has dealt with crud like a financial crisis and oil spills and the break up of spencer and heidi. who saw that coming? never forget. never forget. but there are a lot of challenges he challenged, i think, but not at challenging as this.
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>> again, that will be ron in about four hours. i want you to say something shultzy about this. do you think obama has had it harder? >> well, greg, here is the thing, w had it easy in this way. he was handed with 9/11. arguably the easiest thing a president has to do. the homeland was attacked, so you have to find out who is responsible and wipe them off the face of the planet. this stuff is complicated and he is unpopular because the system is failing us. i think people are unhappy with all of them, both
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parties. >> that was almost an i'm pages of bill shultz. i disagree with 30 to 40 percent of what you said. not to turn it into a tragedy contest, but can anything trump 9/11 in terms of tragedy? i can't imagine being the leader of the country when that happens. >> it would be very difficult, absolutely. but obviously obama had it tougher in his first year. his no,her-in-law moved into the white house. >> that is true. and joe biden is vp and is hilarious. >> i agree with john. look, 9/11 was an injection of total clarity and total sal law dare tee. that -- solidarity. that smooths the road greatly. remember, in the new york papers he was w before 9/11, and then he was the commander-in-chief. >> we talked about this before. if there was a terror attack happening now, all the issues obama thinks are serious
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like -- for example, obama's problems he is making by himself. going after arizona doesn't have to happen. that will be an issue. these are things he is creating trouble for himself. he caused that, you know he did. terrorist attacks wipes it off the map. so these problems are not as big as a terrorist attack is what i'm getting at. you talk about the clarity of it. well, that's because it is so huge. it is monumental. remy, who has had it tougher? >> barack obama has had it harder than george w gush -- than george w. bush. there has been no tragedy like this one, and hopefully there will nef be another one. -- there will never be another one. you couldn't talk to a friend of yours and crit criticize the president. we had to support him.
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>> i don't know. >> it was a good run. >> it was. >> but president obama has had to deal with the affects of the unrestricted wall street and the financial demise and he is trying to end the wars. he walked into a mess in the middle east. >> the middle east has been a mess since i have been five years old. >> here is the thing, it started in 1969. everything was great before that. >> i want to sayingmething. why is everybody concerned about obama's feelings? a lot of these issues he brought on himself. we were supposed to be a post race to society. we aren't. why is the department of justice investigating arizona when they are not going to the new black panthers? >> is it harder to be on fire and in quicksand or on omaha beach and charge it?
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that's the difference. he had clarity and everything was that way. >> don't. >> it is a noble effort. >> who am i voting for? >> i don't know either. >> to the greg-alogue. it is a dandelion of disgust. >> is it time and -- it is a time for a magical kathy griffin. it is fearless fearlessness. >> remember when they tried to get that nut bag sarah palin to sound credible? they had a board and ran flash cards to teach her the tough stuff. like there is both a north and a south korea. well, that is like what they did for me.
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>> scott brown who is a senator from massachusetts and has two daughters that are prostitutes. >> and now a brief message from bravo's legal team. scott brown's daughters are not prostitutes. we return you to the regularly scheduled negativity. >> i'm not sure what i love most about that clip. the griffin who will do anything for a buck called scott brown's daughters prostitutes or the lame legal disclaimer that served to show how cowardly her producers are. or the hysterical cackling of dana bash, or the uncomfortable awkwardness of her husband. even his great hair can't save him. anyway, scott brown's office issued a statement saying, quote, kathy griffin and bravo ought to be ashamed of themselves. but the truly shameful thing about all this is that anyone would find this joke shocking. and that's the hypocrisy. she prides herself on riding
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the d-list. you realize she is as edgy as a cotton ball. every time she opens her pie hole she validates the assumption. making fun of kids, swearing on cnn. potpouri has more guts. they are returning fire with a few mean spirited comments of my own. but why would calling her make matters any better? sure she adopted the look of the dis swrerd, but that just insults all of the other lizards out there. and what do they do to deserve that? not a damn thing. and if you disagree with me, you probably shop at wal-mart dressed as hitler. >> am i hard on kathy, but not hard enough? >> now i know why uni corns
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hate griffins. i just wonder if dana bash would have laughed so hard if they made the same joke about obama's daughter. >> obama's kids are under 18. but you are right. i don't know why. why did dana laugh? was it because she was funny or uncomfortable? >> both. >> is this a story -- it is like the jay leno of bravo. but scott brown is a u.s. senator. it is one of the most powerful people on the planet. >> it is an ego thing. it is a vanity thing. >> whose vanity? >> if somebody called my
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daughter a prostitute i would say shut the [bleep] up. yes, i swore. >> yes, but in the old days. i'm a big fan of texas politics and texas political history. in the old days, scott brown is a powerful man. there are quiet ways to do things. he is a powerful man. >> there is a way not to deal with this. >> she could be put in a drum of acid. >> ron, i don't think we are suggesting that. >> i disagree. >> if somebody came out and made a statement no mary who it was in the press and people were talking about it, i would feel a sense of obligation to defend their honor. this remark was made for a stupid reason. he made the speech and said his daughters are single. most women should be lucky and happy to have a father trying to shut them up and get them married. th wasn't a funny joke.
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i don't know why she laughed. >> we just did a greg-alogue on kathy griffen. that's why. >> every time she says something outrageous she gets air time elsewhere. >> insulting someone's children is the easiest way to get national headlines. >> that's true. >> if they are over 18, the margaret truman rule applies. >> margaret? >> yes, look it up. >> is she hot? >> she is dead. she couldn't play the piano. >> coming up, what's it like to run a ring of child slaves from your own apartment? patty anne brown reveals all in a stunning confession that will change your life forever. but first -- why must everyone mown about the iphone? more importantly, where can i get a snap pea mock black turtle neck like that?
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they will give uh free case to -- you a free case to shut your face. steve jobs says he has a solution for everyone who bought a -- an iphone 4. they are giving cases to everyone who bought the phone, and free back rubs. that's awesome. apparently put be one on the new iphone eliminate the problem that holding the phone with a bear hand could weaken the signal. here is jobs being jobs. >> you think there is a problem, but we think it is affecting a small percentage of users, and we think some of the problem is inherent in most ef smartphone. a lot of people have told us it is a strength problem. "consumer reports" that it is the latest one. why not just give everyone a case? okay, great.
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let's give everyone a case. we've got our bumper case here. we want to give everyone a free case. every iphone user is gonna get a free case. >> i thought he meant a case of beer. lame, man. i was like, yeah! go jobs. he said he was, quote, stunned and upset and embarassed earlier this week when consumer report said it couldn't give the iphone 4 its recommended stamp because of the antenna problem. but he claims other smart phones have similar problems and the return rate for the iphone is actually smaller than the eld oner iphone 3gs, you follow me? now an interview with one enraged iphone owner. >> who knew kathy griffin had an iphone?
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>> sick burn. >> i can do it as long as you can. aren't the critics just idiots? i call steve jobs a wizard. he has done more for america than anybody. layoff him is what i say. >> i love my mac and i love my i-pod, but his tone has been so dismissive of the customers, they paid hundreds of dollars for this thing, and the first solution is buy a case for $30. i mean, it is so arrogant, and even now he is like -- >> but he can't be arrogant -- he can be arrogant because he is steve jobs. he has done so much for america. don't you agree? >> no. part of mac's thing is they are good and they fix it right away. he sounds a lot like the toyota ceo about a year ago. oh we don't know what happened. >> is that how he talks? what was that? i don't even know what that accent was.
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toyota looks like they will be vindicated over this stuff. >> what is it gonna do for them? look at the shot in the belly they have taken all year. >> your metaphors are gruesome. >> give me a break. >> stop with the gruesome metaphors. remy, should steve jobs be president of the united states? >> i'm not going to help you that much. i think the interesting thing is they do try to fix the problems and make the customers happy. they spent hundreds of dollars. the last time they sold the iphone and everybody went out to buy it and then they slashed the price, they gave everybody a coupon for the price difference. i am impressed they are giving the free bumpers. but you are right, the tone was a little arrogant. >> i have 30 seconds. he was talking to america like they were spoiled erk js who wasn't happy with the toys they got for christmas. he is right he made some amazing stuff, but b they did pay a lot of money so they expect perfection.
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but who will fix it? >> god is upset with you. mac doesn't sell computers. they sell identity. the iphone could have exploded and apple users will still come back. it is like when daddy beat me. >> what's with the metaphors tonight? oh my god, help us all. do you have a comment on the show? it is really simple. e-mail us. it is that simple. e-mail us. red eye at fox news .com. to leave a voicemail call 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levey. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by my new ago few puncturist. sure i am in completing a knee, but the long-term benefits are well worth it. thanks new acupuncturist.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. i couldn't help but in the, i think your third button is unbuttoned. >> it is apparently missing. >> it is missing? >> yeah. >> sorry, andy. i couldn't control myself. >> i understand. there are teeth marks over here. i don't know what that means. >> oh well. >> did you want me to unbutton
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this one? >> yeah. >> i don't think that is a good idea. that will go far down. a little faio-esque. >> well, he is one of us. >> that's true. >> greg, you asked if bp stands for bad people. i think the only way things could get worse is if it stood for black panthers. >> interesting. >> well put, my friend. >> and you said after 85 days they capped the spill ledge. first of all, we are at 88 days or 89. more importantly, keep in mind this is a test of the new cap. we don't know if it will hold. >> you want it not to hold. >> i want it to hold. but they say the results so far are ambiguous. >> you said that in honor of bill. >> i don't have to say that now. >> by the way, it is important to keep in mind as of now there is not a shred of proof
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that bp asked them to released al magrahi. the claims aren't true, and the company itself denies it asked for the released. and if you can't trust bp, who can you trust? pab, you said of course the obama administration didn't have a be problem with the alleged de. and remy, you said there is no way they didn't know he was going to be released. either they knew about it and couldn't do anything about it which is lame. they knew about it and okayed it, or they didn't know about it. so really it is lose, lose, lose. >> true. >> well put. >> thank you. >> and he says we should announce we will bomb libya in the area where he is, and you think he should have some kind of foreign policy, bill? >> i was surprised by that as well. i was half joking, but apparently they believe it. >> that was sarcasm. >> really?
3:33 am
it didn't translate. >> for some reason it doesn't come across right. >> to make it better just say, yeah, you should have some kind of foreign policy job. >> isn't that what i did? >> no. >> in fact, what you said was, you should have some kind of foreign policy job. >> that's my way of doing it. >> when you are sarcastic you sound sincere and when you are sincere you sound sarcastic. this is serious. you could be in deep trouble. >> believe me, it has happened. >> 60 percent of americans think obama had a tougher first 18 months than bush. john, seriously the easy easiest thing someone can deal with is a terrorist attack on the homeland? >> yeah. there is the mission. >> i get that and don't disagree. it is a terrorist attack so establish who the enemy is. obviously it was iraq. there is also -- this was an unprecedented event.
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this wasn't like a country declared war on us and we send our troops there and we fight them. >> the war on terror is a lot less murky than the war on neighbors who took out a loan on a mcmansion they can't pay. >> i don't think so. it is the same war, my friend. >> you blew my mind. >> that's rough sarcasm. >> and ron, you are not off the hook. you agree. >> and i still do. when you like -- the people you lead like you, greg try it, it makes things different. i'm joking. when the enemy is exter national, that's a lot of clarity. >> i know, what is with the triple boxes. it is like an ugly version of "the brady bunch." >> i get there is clarity, a moral clarity, but you are dealing with a devastating attack that did things to the
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country nothing had done before. >> that's not the argument here. >> it is easier -- look, the commander-in-chief, his primary job is security. it is to secure the country and to kill bad guys. >> right, and if china had declared war on us, okay. you go to war with china. this is something we never experienced before. they had to make up a lot of things on the fly, and it showed. i just don't think you can easily dismiss this. >> i am not dismissing it. >> you said it is the easiest thing for a president. that's a little dismissive. i will cut your mic. i will cut your mic. >> shut up you pig in heat. >> greg, you said you can't imagine being the leader of a country when something like 9 slash 11 happens and neither can anyone else. >> wait a minute. >> greg -- greg-alogue, kathy
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griffin's daughter is proy. kathy griffin pokes fun at sarah palin because they had her practice like every other politician does. there is nothing like showing ignorance when calling someone else stupid. i do it all the time. you said you wonder if dana basswood would have laughed so hard, and she wouldn't have. kathy griffin would not have made the same joke. you don't make jokes like that. >> right. that was my point. >> just ask letterman. >> i don't agree that scott brown should have ignored this. if someone cals your daughter a prostitute, you have to respond. i think this is maybe sort of what you were saying, but kathy griffin is a comedian and it is her job to make jokes whether they are tasteless or not. the worst part was dana bash laughing at it. at least john king had the good sense to know that i
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shouldn't laugh at that. >> i would have liked to have been a fly on the wall in that car. >> it is a sideshow, and it is a silly sideshow. the chief of staff should have called us and been like, don't miss off -- don't piss off a u.s. senator. >> when it is about your family you have to handle it yourself. i don't think you can pawn that off on a chief of staff. >> and i have to tell you, i met the senator a couple months ago, and he is a normal guy. he talks like a normal guy. he is the least political politician i think i have run into. so he reacted like a dad. he's pissed off. that's what you do. and then he asked me to leave his trailer. i said, who are you? >> steve jobs announces apple giving free cases to apple owners. jobs handled this whole thing badly telling people to hold the phone differently after you spent hundreds of dollars
3:38 am
on it. at one point they said, we are not apeasing customers with free bop pars. don't promise a free bumper to customers. he botched this whole thing which they do. one of you said they gave the $100 back to people when they complained. they should have realized people would be pissed off and shouldn't have to do that in reaction. i don't buy that apple is going out of it way to make customers happy. it is not a coincidence that jobs was embarassed that "consumer reports" would not give a recommendation to the iphone 4, and this is a reaction to that review in particular. >> i agree with you, andy. but for whatever reason, whatever is motivating them to take the steps, they are taking the steps. they are trying to make them happy. the problem is he was supposed to show a good faith concern for clients and customers, and he came off looking arrogant.
3:39 am
and that was the worst part of today. >> i agree. >> the bigger question is andy happy? >> i have a mac book pro, but not part of a cult like apple, steve jobs. they [bleep] up like everybody else does and they need to be called on. >> a lot of swearing tonight. >> i made a note of that. >> the f-bomb. >> my mom is going to be angry with bod of us. -- with both of us. no oatmeal and cocoa when we get home. >> thank you, andy. coming up, what is it like to be addicted to pcp or heroin? remy spencer on how to embrace the high. but first, what type of questions will our robots ask father jonathon? i don't know, first i have to turn them on. they like it when i reedy rot particular stories. -- read erotic stories.
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so which kardashian is more kardashian? they are booth. -- they are both. and he knows a lot about this life. we welcome father jonathon morris, fox news contributor. father, a pleasure to have youment every time you are here, we have to talk to your big robot following. i think you are starting a robot army. this comes from robot ron in san francisco. >> father, what did greg promise you this time? if it was a copy of his book, burn it. it is already a waste of paper. anyway, i have doubts about christianity because of the idea of sacrifice at christ's crucifixion. if god is all knowing and can empower profits to foretell
3:44 am
the future, then surely he knew the resurrection would happen. if he knew that, what sacrifice was made? >> it is like someone wrote to me and said, first i was doubting whether the questions were really from robot. but then they said, the host could never have thought of such intelligent questions. honest to god. >> i will admit that. >> these are tough questions. why was the sacrifice necessary? why is it that if success cur recollection -- res saw recollection already happened? why is the sacrifice. if i made greg suffer to the point of death, and even if there was a positive outcome, that would be a major suffering. the fact that jesus was truly human, and he suffered for us even though they are saying, got a good resolution, yes it was real sacrifice. god the father said, this is the son whom i love. and he allows him to go
3:45 am
through it for our sake. >> i think you convinced a lot of robots out there. greg from murieta, georgia. >> hi, father. thanks again for this -- for the snuggie, my wife loves it. if god created heaven and earth, that would indicate that the universe is finite in time related to it creation, assuming god is infinite, what was he doing from the beginning of time until he created the universe? why would he wait? >> everyone is laughing on the panel bo thank god i wasn't asked that question. yes, without a doubt. we can think of our reality in terms of time. but god is outside of time. he is -- it is hard to imagine what was he doing before we came because we are thinking that we are the center of -- we are the center of the universe because god willed it, but the center of all existence, no we are not.
3:46 am
that's because god created us because he loved us and want wanted us to be the center of the universe. before us he wasn't do anything. he just was. how was that? >> nobody wants to disagree with me. >> i can see god on a huge recliner saying, what am i going to do today? no. no? ?oab agrees with me. next robot question is from pete in florida. >> thanks again for the snugg. -- the snuggie. my wife loves it. the universe is finite in time related to its creation. assuming god is infinite, what was he doing from the beginning of time until he created the universe? why would he wait? >> how do i go from second place in a volleyball tournament to answering that it is such a distraction.
3:47 am
this is very tough to go from volleyball -- second place volleyball to answering this. this is what we believe, and i think it makes sense. nobody by good deed good works can somehow restore a friendship with god after we rejected him time and time again. it is not just good deed. it is a relationship of love and god saying even though you don't deserve it, i am with you, by your side. relax. trust me. i am your father. >> i have 30 seconds. >> show you are impressed. >> i am very impressed. but i have time. >> go, go, go. >> it is a good question. i am a catholic and watch internet porn daily. i would go to confession, but i am not really sorry. am i going to hell? that is like 80 million people that wrote that question. >> exactly. we can laugh and joke about
3:48 am
it, but there are different levels of sorrow. we can say, i wish my sorrow meant i know that tomorrow i am not going to do what i know i hospital do, but sometime -- what i shouldn't do. no sometime we say i know i am weak. god, help my sorrow to be deeper than it is right now. and that is the best we can do and god listens to us. >> i hope chris got the answer. >> did you write that? >> i might have. >> keep the questions coming. >> too bad the camera didn't catch me doing this. >> send your letters in to father john de morris. make sure to write "ask the father" in the subject line or we will delete it. coming up, what's up with this guy? something, i bet.
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and now it is time to show you the perfect date for kathy griffin. meet jesse thorn hill. try to look past the horns. this totally dreamy dude from oklahoma is accused of trying to run down his landlord with
3:53 am
a van. specifically a 1990 sibs -- 1996 ford wind star. chicks love it, believe me. the police report says thorn hill's mom called and stated she and her neighbor, thorn hill's landlord. the guy was able to post a 10 grand bail. meaning he is in better financial shape than bill shultz. ron, i ran that to make you feel better. >> i do. >> feel better about yourself? >> no. >> didn't work? >> why not? >> my wife is on the toilet, greg. >> you are a lawyer. can't somebody like that get a fair shot in? if you hi attorney would you tell him to take the horns out? >> if we were going to trial probably i would want him to clean up his appearance and make himself look like the every man's man. but i don't want you picking on bill while he is not here.
3:54 am
>> what are you his sister, slash mother? >> none of this above. >> i know the sub cutaneous body modifications have a very short life span and the body hillary jekt them. >> what happens? >> puff. >> what did you learn from the story? >> not only does he have horns, but the skin is branded. there are indentations. >> the moral of the story to me is if you are the landlord, you don't rent a room to the devil. that's your fault. if you are going to rent a room to the devil -- actually he is april attractive guy. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. and go to fox news .com slash red eye.
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time to go back to anally ly >> time to go back to andy levy. you got one of your patented reviews? >> andy, inception is the stuff dreams are made of. >> i wasn't even listening and i want to throw up. seriously, how was it. >> great. it is great. it really, really is. it is long though. >> so you are pretending you understand a it? >> yeah. dude, man, it is a dream within a dream. >> totally. >> remy, i hear your sister is having one of those baby things. >> yes. i will be an aunt in four weeks. we just celebrated the baby shower last weekend and it was wonderful. thank you for asking. >> i am always available for baby-sitting. >> that baby will be nowhere near you. >> there you go. >> that's how rumors start. >> ron, is it true you are selling all of your sinatra memorabilia? >> yes, due to a recent
3:59 am
downward spiral, i have to get rid of choice items. i have a dental bridge and some hair and i have a visibly used bandaid and it is on craigslist and i need some help. >> what is going on, brother. >> things happen here and there and i'll tell you of a the show. >> buy his book, people. >> yeah, buy the book. and some hair. it would make me seem like the world's cheeriest man. patty anne, i understand there is a birthday boy left in your house? >> yes. my son is turning five this week. we are very happy. >> i am available for baby-sitting. >> just say no. >> we have been down that road. >> and to be baby sat. >> i would prepare to be baby sat. we are running out of time.


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