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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 18, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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one official says will be a long and punishing storm. bermuda braces for the worst. >> voters in one country not turning back. i'm julie banderas. this is the fox report. the race to the midterms heating up many reaffirming their commitment to the social conservative states. at the end -- and the voters summit in d.c.. and the big buzz of the day the tea party. also tonight. >> [ unintelligible ]
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>> the pope speaks out expressing sorrow and shame over the catholic church's sex abuse scandal. even meeting with some of the victims. his visit not without controversy. details coming up. >> plus, a triple threat in the atlantic. one storm turning deadly. now hurricane igor bearing down on bermuda. we are live with an update. >> american hiker held for more than a year in an iranian prison is heading back to the united states. fox news is america's election headquarters. two new big developments, 45 days before voters will head to the polls. in alaska, senator lisa murkowski deciding she still has a fighting chance to keep
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her job. the republican incumbent launching a write-in ballot candidacy as an independent. you may remember murkowski upset in the state's gop senate primary by sarah palin-backed challenger and tea party favorite, joe miller. more on this in just a moment. >> also new results from a closely watched straw poll potential 2012 gop presidential candidates. hours ago attendees of the values voters summit making their picks for the person they want to challenge democrats for the white house in two years. here are the results: indiana congressman mike pence taking the winning spot. runner-up former arkansas governor mike huckabee. mitt romney, newt gingrich and sarah palin rounding out the top five. the straw poll capping off a two-day event that draws a collection of conservative a-listers. huckabee, rich and palin are fox news -- newt gingrich and
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palin are fox news contributors. >> reporter: the social conservatives here say washington is ripe for a revolution. chairman of the liberty council asked the crowd are you ready for an awakening in your generation? governor mcdonnell told activists a conservative renaissance is sweeping the nation. >> we have to get people who belief in conservative pro family limited government federalism ideas out in november. >> reporter: newt gingrich told the crowd they could take the house and senate back from what he called the political elite. >> we are at a great cross roads. that's part of way i think the insurgency is so helpful the new energy of the tea party movement is helpful and tough and eagerness to come to washington to change washington by the new can't days so useful. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] he scored it grass roots 7,
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establishment 0. islam was also a big topic. bill bennett spoke about terrorist acts made in the name of islam and some islamic leaders who have not repudiated those acts. >> we are angry at what this religion has done to itself and to us this is a righteous anger. we are angry at what leaders of this religion failed to say >> reporter: activists head back to their districts sunday where they will attempt to turn this energy into votes. political fight in alaska reaching to washington. we told you at the top of the show, incumbent murkowski indicating she has no intention of abandoning alaska's senate race despite her upset loss in the gop primary. we are told by a murkowski insider the senator feeling encouraged by a new poll showing her prospects against the other nominees in november, including gop nominee joe miller, are good if she runs as an independent.
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the same source acknowledging the move still means murkowski must overcome tough odds. this new development potentially threatening to divide alaskan republicans ahead of the midterm. casey stegall live with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. murkowski taking a page from strom thurmond's book. the only person in u.s. history get elected to the u.s. senate as a write-in candidate. but, that was in 1954. as we all know, a lot has changed since then that was well before the tea party movement. murkowski is an incumbent seeking her second full term as senator. she was appointed to that seat in 2002 to succeed her father who went on to become the governor of alaska. she was reelected by the people in '04, but lost last month's primary to alaska attorney and fellow rather than joe miller. it was a narrow defeat by only 1600 votes total. which is one of the main reasons for her decision to
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keep plugging along in the race, only this time as a write-in. that means her name will not appear on the ballot. voters will have to physically write her name on a piece of paper, come november, in order?. murkowski says lately she has been hearing from an all of lot of alaskans. >> i listened and i listened to alaskans who said, lisa, please, please give us that choice, because they told me, he cannot accept the extremist views of joe miller and we cannot -- [ cheering ] >> -- we can't. >> reporter: this has ruffled a lot of feathers. even the republican national committee does not agree with her decision. and wants murkowski to accept her loss. chairman steele saying alaskans selected joe miller as the republican nominee for
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u.s. senate. and he has the full support of the republican national committee. i am confident that he will win in november and will work to restore conservative principled and fiscally responsible leadership in washington. meantime, many asserted miller's success comes from the tea party movement. the tea party express we know already contributing $600,000 to miller's campaign. we should tell you former alaska governor sarah palin has also chimed in about this whole thing.yfelojd(", árq is cs decision, a futile effort. it is going to be interesting to watch as election day draws near. >> casey stegall, thank you very much. speaking of sarah palin, will she or won't she? racing speculation she is preparing to throw her hat a presidential bid. this following her appearance in iowa last night, headlining one of the state's most important republican vents of the year.
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the ronald reagan dinner. pushing for unity within the gop palin joked about rumors concerning her own possible presidential run in 2012. >> if the goal really is to take away the gavel from pelosi and reid, and to stop the obama agenda, and make government respect the will of the people and the wisdom of the people, then it is time to unite. if i were in hierarchy of leadership in the gop to rally the troops, you know what i would say? okay folks we 46 days to go. i would say demint you are awesome we need you down south. mitt go west, gw we need to you raise funds. rush, go deep, go anywhere, everywhere, people are listening. >> carl cameron has more from des moines. >> reporter: home of the first presidential caucuses of 2012, sarah palin contributed to speculation she is eyeing her
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own white house run. she joked when she to des moines she thought about going for a job then worried -- a jog but anyone worried how the press might handle it. >> i don't know how the machine works. i don't know they are. who strategize and organize, hierarchy and gop machine or in the democrat machine. i don't know if i want to know or need to know because i think some of those experts were the ones who were wrong in massachusetts and virginia and new jersey and delaware and alaska and kentucky. [ cheering ] >> reporter: palin described criticism of the republican washington establishment as a moment in the wood shed. earlier this week she talked about the possibility she might get into the campaign. >> i don't know. we know that it is not up to me. if the a arican people were to be ready for someone who is will to shake it up and willing to get back to time tested truths and help lead our country towards a more
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prosperous and safe future and if they happen to think was the one, if it were best for my family and for our country, of course i would give it a shot. >> reporter: palin got a warm reception. many suggested they questions about whether or not she had interest, dedication, and fire in the bellly to do the hand-to-hand retail campaigning that is required in iowa >> president obama meantime facing off with congressional republicans on a long fought campaign issue. he wants them to stop blocking legislation aimed at limiting how much money corporations and unions can spend on campaign ads. the president made his case during a weekly radio address. >> what is clear is the congress has a responsible to act. the truth is, many law will come too late to prevent the damage that has already been done this election season. that's why, any time you see an attack ad by one of these shadowy groups, you should ask yourself who is paying for
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this ad? is the health insurance lobby, oil industry, credit card companies? >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell accused the democrats of trying to protect themselves with the bill. saying the president used his weekly address to promote a partisan campaign bill by focusing on that partisan effort to rig the fall elections rather than the stagnant economy. democrats are proving once again the job they care about most are their own. right now major threat racing toward an island paradise only a3l=" short flight from the eastern u.s. seaboard. bermuda, bracing for hurricane igor. we go there live as residents hunker down and tell you where this powerful storm is headed next. >> one of three americans held captive in iran is heading back to states after an unimagine able ordeal in prison. sarah shourd's arrival coming as the leader of the same country still holds her fiance
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. >> julie: deadly crash involving a church van in new york kills at lost six people. this is video from the scene of the crash. police say 14 were riding in the van when it crashed on the new york state thru-way near woodbury about an hour north of new york city. rescuers took the other passengers to nearby hospitals. right now it is still unclear what caused this crash. in texas, a charter bus carrying 33 people crashes, injuring 18. the accident happened after midnight 50 miles north of dallas. the bus was on i twice oklahoma city. a vehicle swerved in front of the bus, the bus striking a concrete barrier coming to rest in the median. the impact hard enough to
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eject five passengers out the side window. only one of the injuries is serious. a rash of bloody attacks in afghanistan. it happened on a very important day for the afghan people. the taliban made good threat -- on its threats to hit polling places during the parliamentary elections. the act fast killing 11 and three afghan security forces. conor powell with more >> reporter: the taliban did their disrupt this election. millions of afghans braved the violence and turned out to vote today. 12 people were killed in election day violence. for the most part it was a relatively calm and orderly day. especially in the large cities of kabul and herat. the big issue going forward is corruption and fraud. there was a lot of work done before the elections to try to prevent the type of fraud that marred last year's presidential there are many reports that the indelible ink used to prevent afghans from
7:17 pm
voting multiple times was too easy to wash off. reports that fake voting cards were being used. and a lot of reports of voter intimidation. this is a major test of the new u.s. strategy in afghanistan. outside observers say so far election looks cleaner, more transparent than last year's fraud marred presidential election. no one is ready to declare this election a success or fall hurt this is the beginning of a process. last year much of the fraud happened after the vote. u.s. officials are withholding judgment until the process plays out. given the circumstances most observers think this was a better vote and more organized vote than last year's. hopeful over the course of the next couple of weeks they can say this was a good, clean, fair election. >> thank you. >> they are bracing for a big one in bermuda tonight. at this hour, hurricane is headed for the tropical island. forcasters warn this could be the worst storm people there
7:18 pm
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>> julie: american hiker sarah shourd beginning her trip back to the united states. she was expected to to new york today. iranian officials accused sarah, her fiance and her friend of spying as they hiked along the country's border last year. health issues lead to her release with a $500,000 bail which shourd's family says somebody paid. shourd is expected to hold a news conference tomorrow in
7:22 pm
new york. iran's president will also be in town for the united nations general assembly. now for a fox weather alert. three different storms to tell you about tonight. you can see them all here on our weather loop map. the national hurricane center tracking all three systems, igor, karl and julia. more on karl and julia in just a moment. first, hurricane igor is the biggest threat tonight. it is heading straight for bermuda. igor is expected to pass directly over the island sometime tomorrow night or early monday morning. safety experts in bermuda are warning residents to prepare for what could be possiblyly the -- ably the worst storm they've seen and one of the most dangerous. rick leventhal is in bermuda. what is happening there now? >> reporter: julie, still very little wind on the northside of the island. we did have storm clouds move in a couple of hours ago and a light rain falling.
7:23 pm
we are told things are going to get worse in a few hours. hurricane igor is on a direct collision course with this tiny, but densely populated island. whoever is still here is stuck. the airport closed a short time ago and there's no other way out. a short time ago wekyriñ saw soe of the last people to leave this island. people who were boarding a british air ways flight that took off three hours ahead of schedule to beat the storm, filled with relieved vacationers many of whom cut their holiday short to get out. >> we understand this is it, this is the last flight before the airport shuts down. so it feels a little disaster movie like we are flying out to [ inaudible ] >> reporter: in fact, the airport took a beating during the last big hurricane to hit bermuda that was fabian in 2003. they are trying to protect the terminal by boarding it up. they plan to close the causeway between the airport and the main island sometime
7:24 pm
later tonight or tomorrow. bermuda's premier addressing the nation today saying this island was expecting one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit our shores. he also told me that he is hoping visitors and locals take it seriously. >> i was just informed about some people who were out swimming, who don't understand that in addition to the beautiful waves there are undercurrents. and those things are dangerous. many people have lost their lives, because it is not something you see when you look at the water. >> reporter: the premier says his biggest concern is the amount of time that igor is going to spend over this island. it is expected to batter with high winds, heavy rains and high surf for a day and a half or more. >> julie: rick leventhal, thank you, streaming from bermuda. there are two more storms first karl, once a hurricane now a tropical depression. it slammed into mexico's coast earlier, killing at least five
7:25 pm
people. it has left hundreds of people in the south central part of the country stranded by flooding and massive mudslides. julia downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm. she is in the eastern atlantic and continues to track west. but it is now weakening and is not expected to threaten land. the national weather service confirming two tornadoes struck new york city thursday night. the first tornado hit brooklyn, with 80 mile per hour winds the storm downing more than 1,000 trees even ripping off rooftops. a second tornado killing one person in queens after a tree fell on her car. 125 mile per hour winds hit the densely populated area. mayor bloomberg says it is amazing more people were not killed. there have been 10 tornadoes in the city since 1950. an apology from the pope in britain. what the pontiff had to say at
7:26 pm
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it is the bottom of the hour time for top of the news. leader of the world's billion plus catholics expressing sorrow and shame for the priest abuse sandal. today pope benedict xvi sticking to his scheduled itinerary despite an alleged threat against the pontiff uncovered yesterday. today, it was the pope's renewed regret for abuse victims made during mass that made headlines. >> i think of the immense suffering caused by abuse of children, especially within the church, by her ministers. above all, i express my deep sorrow to the innocent victims of this -- >> julie: in another part of london the visit brought anything but peace. greg burke has more. >> reporter: despite the controversy surrounding the pope's trip to the united kingdom the reception has been better than expected.
7:31 pm
part of that controversy was about the sexual abuse crisis. the pope meeting today with a handful of victims. that's in line with what he's done before. it is in line also with what he said this morning in westminster cathedral that the scandal has brought shame on all of the church, immense suffering on the victims, churn the pope said who were the object of unspeakable crimes. there was also a protest march, gay activists, radical feminists, some who want religion removed totally from the world. that's a major culture clash with the catholic church. police say about 6,000 people. it was a peaceful demonstration. there were some nasty banners out there against pope benedict xvi. despite all the controversies things had gone well over here. you can see it with the people who have shown up on the streets. also the reaction for a couple of days has been quite positive as well. pope benedict was elected at age 78, he didn't think he was going to travel so much.
7:32 pm
it has been a busy four days for an for an 83 years ago old. california's pau gasol and e effacing a lawsuit. -- pau gasol and e -- he wants the company to turnover a 100 million dollar recovery fund for blast victims to a third party and pay other monetary damages. the lawsuit claims pg and e could withhold funding. the september 9th blast destroyed nearly 40 homes and killed at lost four people. >> toyota settled a lawsuit brought on by relatives of four people killed in a high speed crash. the accident happened in san diego, killing a patrol officer and three members of his family. their borrowed car a lexus reached speeds of more than
7:33 pm
120 miles per hour before it hit a sports vehicle, flew off an embankment and ed several times before bursting into flames. investigators found a wrong sized floor mat trapped the accelerator causing that crash. no word on what the settlement amount is. with election day only days away now, american voters are speaking out and they are being heard in a series of new fox polls. peter doocy breaks it down in our studio. >> reporter: since president obama took office his administration has put most of the blame for everything the country is struggling with now especially the economy on the shoulders of former president bush. bush has not yet publicly defended himself. 2/3 of voters respect him for keeping kai only a quarter would respect him more if he spoke up. as for obama majority don't think he's doing a very good job. >> the president: we know that
7:34 pm
a middle class leads a strong economy. >> reporter: president obama's approval rating hit a new low this week. his disapproval rating reached a new high. only 42% of voters approve of the job he is doing, while 52% don't. his low numbers could be linked to the economy, which 70% of voters are nervous about. less than a quarter, 24% are confident. this has contributed to a decline in the percentage of voters who feel optimistic about the future of the country. in january '09, 77% had a bright outlook. now 61%. voters it seems would feel better about america if their elected officials were swapped out all together. 47% of voters state would be good for the country if all current members of congress were booted and the house and senate were filled with fresh faces. >> to tell you the honest truth i don't have the time to pay attention to what they are
7:35 pm
saying about me. >> reporter: madame speaker might want to start listening. almost half of the voters polled, 47% want to see a republican take her job as house speaker in the next session. only 37% want to see her keep holding the gavel. >> julie: peter due , thank you. bp engineers one step closer to permanently seal once leaking well in the gulf. they say all that remains is to finish one more pressure test. yesterday crews pumped 74 barrels of cement into the clone out well. once they are confident the cement is dried and the seal holding, they will declare the well dead. the well began leaking last april after a deadly explosion aboard an oil rig. it unleashed the worst oil spill in the history of this country. >> high school quarterback dies during a football game. >> new robot build to explore mars. two stops as we go across america. >> texts:
7:36 pm
tragic day of football at a -- texas: tragic day of football at a high school in beaumont star quarterback collapses and dies. reggie garrett was throwing a touchdown pass when he suddenly dropped to the ground. garrett was a senior at west orange high. his cause of death is under investigation. garrett's folks say it looks like he had a seizure. maryland: new information about a mentally disabled woman police say was tortured inside this baltimore county home this couple now in jail accused of holding the woman hostage and physically, mentally and sexually abusing her. >> she was basically kept locked in a bathroom for almost a year. >> julie: police say the couple admitted they were stealing the victim's social security benefits. arizona: if huge fire sending smoke pouring into the sky. you can see the flames on the ground underneath a shelter.
7:37 pm
even with firefighters battling the blaze, it quickly spread to two nearby barns no word on what started the fire. california: talk about spacey. meet the new mars rover named curiosity. the plan to use the robot to find out more about what is happening on mars. it has working arms, similar to a human's. this one is much bigger. >> the others were around 400 pounds this is close to 2,000. >> julie: expected to land on mars in the summer of 2012. that's a fox watch across america. a sting operation left an unlikely pair of suspects, a husband and wife, once employed at los alamos national laboratory now facing serious charges. what secrets are they accused of trying to sell? and to which foreign power. plus, major crackdown on the mexican drug cartels. feds seize huge cache of
7:38 pm
weapons wait until you hear where the firearms were found. [ engine revving ]
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by tomorrow. [ male announcer ] ducati knows it's better for xerox to manage their global publications. so they can focus on building amazing bikes. with xerox, you're ready for real business. >> julie: an armed standoff in texas over. the scene in odessa, officers arrested a man they say shot two deputies and another person. police say it began yesterday when a man went to victor white's home to repo says a trailer. a deputy was called. that's when cops say white shot him and then the man. more officers rushed to the scene. another deputy was shot. both deputies in stable condition. the man treated and released from the hospital. >> 96 arrests, 1300 guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition. results of a month's long sting to keep weapons from mexican drug gangs. this tabled just a fraction of what the feds say they
7:42 pm
collected in arizona since june. teams after agents from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms targeting people who doubt guns legally in phoenix. they say the same people illegally transfer them to smugglers who supply the weapons to cartels. the atf saying this is just the start of the crackdown. >> he was entrusted with incredibly sensitive information, a nuclear scientist busted in an fbi sting operation for allegedly trying to sell state secrets. the feds charging him, that's intended to sell them to a country whose leader by no means considers the u.s. a friend. it allegedly does not end there. the government claiming someone close to him was also involved. julie kurtz is live in washington with the details. >> reporter: together the scientist and his wife had nearly 40 years of experience at the los alamos nuclear lab in new next coach they are due
7:43 pm
back in court monday. according to the dim physicist pedro leonardo mascheroni told and cover agent part of the fbi sing that he could develop a bomb for venezuela in 10 years. dr. mascheroni worked on -- nuclear weapons design. so did his wife marjorie a technical writer and editor. according to the 22-page indictment the couple thought they were dealing with an government official from venezuela not an fbi agent when they handed over a document they prepared of restricted information on how to design, manufacture and use atomic weapons. the indictment says dr. mascheroni told the fbi agent that with his technical help, venezuela could cause an explosion over new york, that would not kill anyone, but would destroy all the electrical power in new york. speakology a fox reporter last year after the fbi searched their home, mascheroni claimed to have broken no laws.
7:44 pm
he said all the information he leased was available online. >> -- he released was available online. >> they have to prove these are real secrets that i was selling national security by giving this information to venezuela. that's what they have to prove. >> you say they were not secret? >> nothing was secret. >> reporter: according to the indictment dr. mass ronnie wrote the document and nuclear weapons and his wife did the editing. in return he asked the agent for nearly $800,000. the u.s. has not accused the venezuelan government of seeking weapons secrets. a shocking crime south of the border the victims, nine mexican state agents, all abducted now two of them found dead. it happened in the same southern state home to the hot spot of acapulco. police saying suspected armed drug gang abducted eight
7:45 pm
agents and commander yesterday. the man attempting to identify and recover a body what the tack happened. late today searchers found two officer's bodies. the mexican army is now involved in the search for the other men still missing. accidental explosion kills police officers. >> new hope for the trapped chilian miners as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> explosion killing more than two dozen people and injuring 52 others. police say three containers of explosives meant for road construction accidentally went off outside a police station. most victims are police officers. the police station now in rubble. investigators still looking into what triggered the deadly blast. slovenia: after torrential rains, rivers across the country overflowing their banks, causing flooding and evacuations from schools to factories. chile:
7:46 pm
new hope for the 33 trapped miners, drilling equipment making better than expected progress. leaving some to hope the miners can be pulled out to safety earlier than expected. >> drilling for human life is a different task at hand. so much more important than anything else than we've been drilling for. >> julie: the miners have been trapped for the last month and a half. colombia: some teenagers playing a very dangerous game. they wait for a train to come and at the last minute they lie down on the tracks, teen the rails. letting the train pass over them. the kids think it is fun. local authorities want it to stop. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> today marks the 200th anniversary for one of germany's most popular events. yes, oktoberfest.
7:47 pm
[ speaking german ] >> julie: bottoms up that loud cheer announcing the tapping of the first keg. the celebration drawing thousands from all around the world. thirsty visitors will have 95 different beer stands to choose from along with snacks ranging from smoked sausage to oxen and pork knuckles, hmm. organizers say oktoberfest could draw six million over the next two weeks. some churches across the country are looking at unique ways to bring in new members. one way is getting a lot of attention in hollywood. it is movie making with a message. we'll have the story coming up. it has been 50 years since anyone has seen this. we'll tell you what it is, next. ♪ [ female announcer ] something unexpected to the world of multigrain...
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>> julie: lights, camera, action and prayers? some churches looking at going hollywood not the glitz and glam part but the movie-making part the idea to create movies with a religious message to help bring in new church members. popcorn and prayers, will that work? one church is already diving into moviemaking and says it is paying off in more ways than one. lauren greene has the story. >> reporter: the choir director scores the soundtrack. two associate pastors hid in an edit suite. this is the new face of church ministry, making movies. no church is more successful than sherwood baptist in albany, georgia >> it is a god thing. we are not a moviemaking
7:52 pm
industry. we are a church that makes movies, as part of what we do to reach thed lives. >> reporter: sherwood used a $20,000 investment for their first film to build a studio with three movies under their belt they are post production on their fourth film due out next september. steven and alex are the fuel to the movie engine. >> the very set is the fact that we have hitched our wag to the lore and has been the center of everything we've done. -- in each film we've had a now more help us raise the standard technically we do it with unity, common bond of purpose. >> reporter: for churches making movies, movie make something secondary to the ministry. here you won't find a film poster or billboard anywhere in the main rooms. you will find evidence of their success in the community. >> now to see all this come together.
7:53 pm
it is hard to hold back the tears. >> reporter: money they made sponsored this park in a community struggling financially. other churches are following sherr radioed's lead, relying on volunteers and shoestring budgets. the church in california landed jon snyder for its movie about human trafficking. sherwood pictures has some in hollywood trying fog figure out the secret formula. >> hollywood is a vehicle that makes films for entertainment rather than impact. church communities are making films that are entertaining and impactful. >> reporter: the last film cost $500,000 to make. it brought in 33 million. even for hollywood, those numbers are heaven sent. in al ban that, georgia, lauren greene, fox news. >> julie: a show in the sky not to be missed. jupiter getting closest to
7:54 pm
earth in nearly 50 years the solar system's largest planet will be 368 million miles from us monday night. sounds far, we are told it shouldn't be too hard to see. scientists are saying it is already three times brighter than the brightest star in the sky. next week it will be at its brightest. a sight we won't see again until the year 2022. >> lindsay land is in trouble again. find out what the act -- lindsay lohan is in trouble again. find out what she did this time. >> you heard about pot brown anies. how about pot ice cream? we'll tell you where they are serving it up, next. there's an . create your own business site with intuit websites. just choose a style, then customize, publish and get found. sweet. get a 30-day free trial at ♪
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my kids are gonna love this. these could really catch on. i think they already have. sunsweet ones. over 375 million enjoyed, and counting. now available in a new value pack. >> julie: now people can get high eating ice cream. gee, how convenient. this has marijuana extract in it. three different flavors now are on sale for $15 a half
7:58 pm
pint at a new shop in california. the makers are saying that one bite equals four or five puffs on a joint. its purpose, help people with a sweet tooth get their medical marijuana without having to smoke. >> why not? you know, it's pretty much a no-brainer if you think about it. most people who enjoy the benefits of cannabis, you know, also enjoy ice cream. >> julie: there is a catch for potential tokers. you need medical marijuana card to buy the ice cream and you have to take it home to enjoy. new questions tonight on whether lindsay lohan could be headed back to jail. this after lohan admitted on twitter that she failed her most recent court-ordered drug test. that could mean a probation violation and possibly more jailtime for the 24-year-old starlet. you may remember she spent three weeks in a drug rehab program last month after serving 13 days in jail for violating her probation in two dui cases. time for a final check of
7:59 pm
the top stories. benedict expressing sadness for what he called unspeakable crimes in the church scandal. he met with five people molested by priests and prayed with them. protests also marked his visit. thousands demonstrated in london against the pope's handling of the scandal. and hurricane igor now bearing down on bermuda as a powerful category two storm. it's expected to hit the island tomorrow or early monday. and on this day in 1793, president george washington laid the foundation for a new branch of government. literally. in a ground-breaking ceremony at the future site of the capitol building, president washington set the cornerstone of the new building but due to delays and even an attack by the british, it would take more than 100 years to complete. now it serves as a symbol of the u.s. government and it all began with a single stone


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