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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  September 19, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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pinkerton and andrea tanteros, i'm jon scott, keep it here on fox news channel, we'll be back, next week with another edition of ""fox news watch."" >> good morning everyone, it's september 19th. it's a ricing name comes to the forefront of the conservative movement. >> we are gathered today at the beginning of the end of the pelosi-led congress on capitol hill. >> could congressman mike pence be president mike pence. >> an american hiker freed from iran on a plane receipt now headed home to america, but it's bittersweet. her fiance and close friend still in prison. >> and public school, public middle school students on a field trip to a mosque praying
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with muslims, an educational experience, chas is up early, a cup of tea to get my morning rolling, with aly, dave and eric bolling. >> it's "fox & friends." >> once again, chas. >> chas introducing eric bolling, great to have you here. >> he's a regular, a slogan master. >> good to be in for clayton on this sunday morning, are you guys good. >> yeah, i'm a little tired, but we'll power through it. >> a friend's wedding last night. >> and two burgers at what, eight o'clock yesterday morning? >> i'm still digesting that. >> oh, great. >> but we start this morning with the surprising name emerging as the winner of the straw poll at the values voter summit as congressman mike pence emerging as the leading candidate on the presidential ballot.
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>> julie kirtz is live in washington with the details. that wasn't what anybody was predicting yesterday, julie. >> no, it wasn't, but the indiana republican pulled off that big win after the straw poll at that summit in washington d.c. he won the poll this weekend with 24%, and edging out mike huckabee who came in second at 22% and mitt romney, third at 13%. the support, pence message was among the conservative conservatives this weekend. the taxes and budget deficit. such big issues in washington. pence told the crowd of conservatives they shouldn't ignore the battle over life, marriage and religious liberty. here is pence on friday. >> we will not restore the nation with public policy alone. it will require public virtue. and that emanates from the traditional institutions of of our nation, life and family, and religion.
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[applaus [applaus [applause]. >> well, pence was a big winner in the straw poll, but after she wowed the crowd at the family council summit christine o'donnell decided to cancel high profile appearances on two sunday news show, face the nation and cbs, and as the tea party backed o'donnell as she won the primary. she needed to attend a public picnic in delaware this afternoon. >> we hope to be able to talk with chris wallace more about christine o'donnell later in the show. >> very interesting. >> the straw polls we try to make too much of it considering there's just over 700 people that weighed in and depends who is there. and sarah palin was not there at this conference. tim pawlenty, many think would win, he pulled out of the run. mike huckabee the first runner up from fox.
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he won in 2009. mitt romney, third, newt gingrich fourth, sarah palin 5th. and what's the important issue to them, they said not government spending, they said abortion number one. social issues were number one. might tell you why mike pence won the straw poll. he may not be the highest from indiana because governor mitch daniels a lot of people would like to see run. >> a lot of people would say don't make a lot of hay out of this material. look at mike pence and mitt romney probably step forward and be the likely republican candidate for president. i'm not sure why they would go that direction. again, like you said, dave, maybe more social issues than economic issues 'cause if it were economics, you'd look at definitely mike huckabee. >> and they also asked about vice-presidential who you'd like to see on the ticket for vice-president. that was sarah palin, senator rick santorum, congressman
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paul ryan. jim demints, governor mike huckabee and that the organizers obviously of this, the three-day conference of you know, the biggest names in conservative politics, organized by the family research council, the president of which, tony perkins, he called the mike pence, sarah palin the dream ticket and it's interesting because all of these are obviously conservatives, they're all fellow republicans, yet, they could be potential opponents, i mean, you know, competitors. >> yeah. >> they're supporting each other, but two years from now they may be actually going to the an against each other, it's an interesting precursors to all of that. >> it appears that newt gingrich will be running in 2012 and he spoke at the value voters summit, he was fired up and pulling no punches and hitting on everything from the ground zero mosque to christine o'donnell to lisa murkowski and the new energy
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brought to the party by the tea party, here is what he had to say. >> we are at a great crossroads of american history and that's part of why i think the insurgency is so hope helpful and the toughness and eagerness to come to washington and change washington by new candidates is so useful. >> and remember, the republican revolution in 1994, so he knows how this works. >> yeah, he said lisa murkowski out there in alaska who is running the write-in campaign. he said she essentially is cheating by starting the write-in campaign and makes no secret he wants the ground zero mosque moved, it's not about religious liberty and he says that christine o'donnell will win in delaware. that's his prediction. >> bold predictions. >> that's a big one. >> in the meantime, here are your headlines at this hour. we're about to show you new video from baghdad this morning, iraqis walk up to a pair of deadly car bombs and the explosion torched two
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different neighborhoods there. 20 people killed. dozens wounded and almost simultaneous blast broke what's been a period of relative calm. >> afghans have to decide whether to accept the beginning of this election, despite modest turnout and evidence of fraud. kept many away from the polls. final results are not expected until late next month. you may remember that fraud also tarnished last year in the country. the results this morning of a major primary last night. former hawaii congressman easily defeated former honolulu mayor in the democrat governor's race taking nearly 60% of the vote and moves on to face the lt. governor, who crushed his g.o.p. primary opponent. we're expecting the result of a final pressure test of bp's blown out oil well the last step before the well can be
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declared dead and it involves engineers pushing 15,000 of weight to to make sure they won't budge. the well was finally plugged, making it the worst spill in american history. >> freed heeker sarah shourd is due back. before leaving oman, she appealed to free her fiance and friend. >> and i thank you the people of oman for your support and ask you to please, please, tend your prayers to my fiance shane and friend josh. >> shourd scheduled to hold a news conference when she arrives in new york at the same time that ahmadnejad will be in new york for the u.n. general assembly. those are your headlines. >> let's head over to rick reichmuth who has the weather. >> everybody is talking about igor, three storms out there,
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lisa by the end of the day or tomorrow, this is julia and this is igor and pulling off towards the north, northwest now. there is bermuda in sight of it, but it's weakened since yesterday. winds are down to 85 miles per hour sustained winds and crossing over the island slowly and a long-term effect to this, maybe around 24 hours of at least tropical storm force winds and causing wind damage and beach erosion. not stronger than 85 miles an hour. there's the much cooler air across the northern plain kind of the line dividing the colder and warmer air at least the next three days and building some warmth across areas of the east and heavy rain this morning across iowa, missouri, illinois and causing some flash flooding and be careful, especially in the northern missouri area as you're heading out. back to you. >> rick, have you ever napped at work? >> you would know, you share an office, does he nap at work? >> all i can say is thank god for snugies.
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>> why is rick saying thank god for snugies, we have two snugies and a bean bag, and we're nap friendly, apparently not alone in the country, there are offices across the country allowing their employees to nap and encouraging it and tired on the job. >> they think that can cuts down on product, businesses could be more productive if they allowed that. a 15 to 20 meant nap they say is ideal and i did a story on this ten years ago in boston when i was in boston and went to the place on the cutting age. called ser canadian, i don't remember, sercanadian country and trying to institute naps and seemed fringe and out there at the time. well, lo and behold, ten years later, nike has nap rooms, google has nap rooms and people are catching on. >> and listen, can i just say something? man up, cut the naps. if i can't make it through an eight-hour day i shouldn't
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even be working. this is crazy. look, how many times would we nap throughout the day. >> you're talking to a huge nap person. >> up in the office during the day? >> yes. >> oh, come on. >> not every day, but-- >> man up, does he nap? >> look, i'm totally lly on ris side on this. >> the pope deserves a nap, he works hard. and bill clinton dozing off, larry summers dozing off in a very important economic meeting. >> and lots of world leaders, eric, need naps, but don't you think, 15 minutes, that's not much out of your day, okay. >> 15 minutes. >> i don't go to lunch, i don't go outside, lucky to make it on to the machine to get a soda. >> you're like a robot from the future. you're mad differently and also do athletic things, right?
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after work. >> yes. >> well, let us know what you think. do you think that taking naps at work would be helpful or do you think that everybody should man up like eric thinks? >> i love the naps. those e-mails, and we're all on twitter as well. coming up the tea party gaining credibility with candidates like christine o'donnell winning the primary. is the media still underestimating their power next. >> and middle school students praying at a mosque on a field trip. some parents are outrajdz. >> a new video, brides-to-be competing for plastic surgery before they say i do? has reality tv finally gone too far? we report, you decide. ♪ american woman stay away from me ♪ w interesting grooming.
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>> tea party backed candidates like christine o'donnell are shaking up the republican party ahead of the mid term elections. but people might still be underestimating the power of the tea party. joining us this morning, is the bush-cheney 2004 campaign advisor and good morning. >> good morning. >> robert, start with you, a lot of positive momentum for the g.o.p. ahead of the november mid terms, but if some of these things don't turn out well, say, christine o'donnell can't overcome a voter dinners between the republicans and democrats, if lisa murkowski takes enough votes away from joe miller in alaska could that all be thrown in reverse? >> i don't think so. the reason why. you take a look at the recent gallup poll between the republicans and democrats. republicans outnumber
7:17 am
democrats almost five-one and the question becomes whether or not those folks will be able to come out to the polls in record numbers and i think so. and the reason why, again, is because on the democratic side they're very, very, very mild about this president not overly enthusiastic about the end of the war in iraq, comprehensive health care reform. one would make the argument with all of these democratic wins they is should be over will i excited going into the 2010 elections. >> it's surprising to see the turnout overwelcomingly favor the republicans the first time since the 1930's. are they underestimating the power of the the movement. >> they should ask themselves what are we inheriting. you have some very flawed candidates that have i can at thatten some extreme views so the question is going to be while they're embracing the enthusiasm they're bringing, to embrace all the ideas they are having, i think is a
7:18 am
question of the establishment what they're doing, but no question when you look at democrats, if we do need a little bit of fire in the base and hopefully when these extreme positions are being exposed at our base, will start to say, you know what, if we don't get out to vote, we are going to be in trouble. so-- >> my question is. >> a wakeup call we need. >> my question, what extreme, extreme view? extreme view, smaller deficit, cutting the ficit. that's the primary reason why tea party folks are running because they want a smaller government. is that mid stream view then they're on the right side of american history. >> so are' for the elimination of social security, e elimination of department of energy. >> oh, come on. >> one said that bp is overregulated. let's see exactly if they're able to hold up to the scrutiny. >> finally, robert, your response to that? >> well, if an extreme view is smaller government and less taxes, then extreme view is
7:19 am
making sure that this country is put back on the right direction, then clearly the tea party is it on the right side of history and clearly, the american people, based on the polling data and based on the democratic polling data, republicans will win come november. >> one thing we can agree on, these are interesting and fascinating political times. >> we appreciate you being here. >> thanks, you, too. >> a pastor practicing what he preaches. trying to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate and he says you can, too, he joins us next. also, a would-be robber was no match for one man's swiffer and dust buster. how a 71-year-old stopped the crooks from making a clean break. u get to use any of our concierge claim centers. so i can just drop off my car and you'll take care of everything? yep, even the rental. wh if i'm stuck at the office? if you can't come to us, we'll come to you in one of r immediate response vehicles! what if mother won't let me drive?
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>> 22 minutes after the hour. first 200, the number of students at one queens new york high school that has not been assigned any classes. the teens did nothing their first six days of school. just sat in the auditorium. the school blames plate registration and crashing computers. sounds like our crew. next, 1,000-- >> oh! >> 1025 pounds the size of a male alligator, a woman caught in south carolina. it was longer than 13 feet and over 60 years old. ap finally, 8.4 he million dollars. how much "the town" took in on friday alone, beating out teen comedy, and a horror flick. >> making a difference in the world may seem overwhelming
7:24 am
when you consider how many problems we face. pat particular kato. >> he talks about simple everyday acts, in the book "outlive your life". and we welcome him. >> thank you very much, good to be here. >> outlive your life. what does it mean? >> it has a couple of layers of significant. anybody can live their life by doing things that will outlive their time on earth. acts of kindness, generosity, they can leave a legacy. for people of faith. we believe there's even an invitation to do good deeds that will be remembered in heaven, that god himself will make a big deal out of the deeds we do on earth. >> is it an invitation or a responsibility? >> a responsibility, it is. these are devastating days in which we live. 1.75 billion people live on $2 a day. 975 million people right now are hungry. 27,000 people die every day of
7:25 am
preventible diseases and this is a responsibility that we have to do our best to make the world a better place thes when you put it in those terms with those numbers, it seems overwhelming and it sounds hard to save the world. you say that there are simple things that we can all do starting to that. >> exactly. a lot of truth in the statement that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something, but my conviction is if all of us can identify that one something that we do, beginning even with our own neighbors, that we could really make a difference, just look around your apartment complex, your neighborhood, your cul-de-sac, find those people. you'll be surprised how many people that you think are doing okay, are really not. and there's an opportunity for you to do good right next door. >> and another one i think you say, sponsor a child. what do you mean sponsor a child, child sponsorship. >> my goal is to find sponsors for 25,000 children in partnership with relief
7:26 am
vision, and $35 a month you can guarantee that a child has clean water, has good food, education, vaccination, as well as access to microfinance communities in their neighborhood. this is the easiest way for most of us to make a difference in a third world country, they can go to max and seen up today. >> again, it's hard to figure out what organizations will use that $35 all for the children, but you have obviously vetted it. what other suggestion do you make, i think is a fun one. i've been the recipient of it and it did change my night, i must say when this happened. pay someone's restaurant bill. >> you know, those are the kind of things that we can do quietly, just to help somebody out, just to think this person could use a little bit of help. you know what my wife does, a great idea. she carries around food coupons and when she sees homeless people she gives them a food coupon to the fast food restaurant instead of money
7:27 am
and another group of friends who every saturday night goes to a laundromat and pays for everybody's laundry and those kind of things, really, in the big picture, a lot of small things really do add up. >> that's such a great reminder for all of us. thanks for coming in this morning. >> thank you. >> it's good to be with you. >> good stuff. >> all right, coming up we have a warning for bermuda as hurricane igor approaches. we're live on the island with the very latest next. >> and public middle school students have a field trip to a mosque, praying with muslims, a harmless experience or should teachers have stepped in? >> plus, remember that reality show "the swan" that gave women plastic surgery? a new show takes it up a notch, and brides compete for plastic surgery. you won't believe this. ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fuelin' the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there ♪
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mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia now you can join the fight against breast cancer every time you enjoy an activia. give hope with every cup of activia. >> welcome back to the show. the severe weather alert has hurricane igor heading toward bermuda, expected to hit some time today and big waves pounding the beaches. >> rick leventhal live in bermuda. looks like something in the background, maybe, approaching you now, how close are you? >> we are, right on the southern coast of bermuda, eric, dave and alisyn, good morning, and the conditions this morning, not as bad as we expected, or were told in part because igor has downgraded to
7:32 am
a category 1, maximum sustained winds 80 miles per hour. it's a large destructive surge and waves. there have been tropical storm force gusts of winds, but what we're seeing are the big powerful waves crashing into the shore, chewing up whatever beach was left and there's none of it left, really at the reefs hotel and neighboring hotels with beach front portfolio, seeing water in their rooms and there is some debris already washing up on some roads and residents are still being encouraged to stay away until the storm passes by and expected to bring some 6 to 9 inches of rain, so there could be flooding as well. yesterday we were out at the airport, the international airport where the last flight out was leaving, a british airways flight, and there were long lines of people who were getting on that flight, to get away from this storm. a lot of very relieved
7:33 am
tourists who were cutting their vacation short to get out of town early, listen. >> we have decided this is it, this is the last flight before the airport shuts down, so still a little bit disaster movie, like the flight has. >> the plane actually left three hours early, when is the last time you heard of that pg had a. fabian was the last big storm to bit, a cat 3 that did significant damage to the airport and they're not taking chances, boarding it up and closing the causeway between the airport and the main island because that 'causeway was knocked out and four people were killed and others dove in to save them and there's concern because igor was looking like fabian, now it's looking like a weaker version of fabian, but is large and is expected to pound the island. we're seeing the waves
7:34 am
pounding and heavier wind and rain and bigger waves throughout today and through the night when the hurricane force winds are expected to arrive. >> be careful, the worst is yet to come. we'll check back with you. >> we'll go with rick reichmuth, eighths a category 1, right? >> it's a really large storm, when you have such a large storm, the problem is it's going to have the rain and wind for a very long time. maybe up to 24 to 30 hours of dealing with it. a kick moving storm, four or five hours, it's not as bad, but it's a very long duration storm. here is the track of it. right there is bermuda so the line goes to the west of bermuda and the worst side of it. we've got the storm surge and worst probably of the wind as well. since the winds are now sustained at 85, that's certainly good news. but a storm of this size is going to be a long duration storm and that's what's really going to do damage, the beaches and potentially the homes and trees and power lines and such. that right there is igor, that's julia, that was a cat 4 storm earlier this week and
7:35 am
you see right there on the far end of the screen, that's probably our next storm by tonight or by tomorrow, and that would be lisa, which would be the next name, the 12th storm of the year. so, lots going on in the tropics and lots in the areas of u.s. and texas, tropical moisture, the broader energy of what brought hurricane earl into mexico and bringing some very heavy tropical moisture into the sound end of texas and causing some flooding. yesterday, some areas how three inches and the day before that three inches and we saw that again across areas of texas and flooding concerns, severe weather cutting across the northern areas of missouri, into iowa and illinois and flash flooding going on this morning and be careful as you're heading out on those roads and across the west, the southwest, looking great and continued moisture pulling into the areas of the northwest and continuing to be the case. the other story, guys, check it out. 110 in phoenix, that's hot. it's breaking records, we're 93 days in denver, this late in the season, that's starting
7:36 am
to get warm. 99 memphis and some summer-like temperatures are getting exhausting for the people in the house. >> oh, yeah, phoenix done with 100 degree weather. >> it's a dry heat. >> it is dry, but that hurts. >> thanks, here are your headlines and what's happening in the news right now, the search continues this morning in southern california for members of a suspected cult who may be planning a mass suicide. you're looking a the woman, police describe as the leader of this suspected cult, rana cheeka, eight children are among the 13 people missing. one family members says the group is awaiting the end of the world. a resident of the neighborhood evacuated by that deadly gas explosion in california is now suing the company that he says is responsible. steve dare says pacific gas and electric should turn over 100 million dollars in recovery funds for blast victims and also wants other monetary damages. the blast destroyed nearly 40 homes and killed at least four people. explosions and a fierce gun battle bring a violent end to
7:37 am
a standoff. victor white shooting police and barricading himself in a bunker. it began when he allegedly shot two sheriff's deputies and another man and the deputies are expected to recover. talk about swift justice. a burglar tries to rob a 71-year-old man in his south carolina home but took a beating from a swiffer wet jetme jetmeje jet. oh, that's great. he was cleaning the kitchen when an intruder came in with a gun and he hit him until he fled. he needs another mop because he broke that. look for suspicious mop marks on his back. >> where is our clever floor director when we need him. the puns. >> swift justice. >> so many puns. >> clean up the town. >> make a clean break. >> anyway, let's talk a little college football. one of the gutsiest calls you
7:38 am
will see on any football field. notre dame michigan, irish up three in overtime and sparty looking to tie with the field goal. no, they go for it. they fake it. aaron bates finds charlie wide open and if you saw the play clock, it was on zero when they snapped that ball, 34-31 irish fall 1-2 under the new head coach brian kelly. what a thrilling finish there. next, auburn hosting clemson, and auburn up 0-3 and a chance to tie it. he misses a chip shot. 32 yards out, and hate to be the kicker in that moment, don't you. tigers beat the tigers in the game 27-24 and auburn is now 3-0. and finally, how about the colorado rockies, folks? more specifically, troy the short stop, with two more home runs yesterday against the dodgers and he now has 14
7:39 am
homers in 15 games. that's unbelievable. tying a major league record, colorados won 20 of 26. they beat l.a., 12-2 and the rocks trail the padres in the nl west by one game. it's a tear unlike i've ever seen, bolling. >> that's what's called being in the zone. >> the zone. when you get up there and the ball looks this big and waiting for the pitcher to throw it as you know it's gone. 14 out of 15. >> and they've won 13 of those 15 games. >> that's insane. >> i know the zone, i know the zone. we need to it will you about this new reality show, it's a head slapper to tell you the truth. this is where soon to be brides, the women who have become engaged will compete for plastic surgery. if he they win the competition that week, they will be rushed into plastic surgery and choose an item from their wish list of plastic surgery and they will get plastic surgery right then and there and then
7:40 am
it will be revealed the next week on the show. >> can you believe it? >> i can't believe this! >> if you see on the bottom of the screen, e-television, called bridal plasty. and the reveal comes on the wedding day. the groom has not seen his quote, perfect bride until they reveal the work that she's had done the moment he is about to say i do. it's hard to surprise me with reality tv, this one shocked me. >> i agree with you. >> you know you're going to have to watch it even if you're not a reality tv junky like i am. you're going to watch it. i want to see the face on the final reveal. by the way "the swan" almost all of them it kind of worked out. >> you mean, they got prettier. >> yeah. >> that's what plastic surgery can do. what if you're a guy that married a girl like heidi montaque, the gal from "the hills" 97 plastic surgeries in revealing the girl on the left
7:41 am
and imagine your wedding day all of a sudden you're looking at that on the right. i know in some ways you'd be thrilled and in some ways wondering who is the person. who is standing before me? >> absolutely. have we not lost our way as a country. this is what passes for entertainment now? and when i say that this makes me sick, i'm not just using a figure of speech, when i read about this, i literally get a sick feeling in my stomach. >> a viceral reaction. >> first of all, competing in write the best vows and plan the best honeymoon and you win, you get whipped into surgery. almost seems like a punishment. >> and have surgery every week. >> they are. to have surgery every week. when you're in one of these competitions you're whisked into surgery. that's sickening. >> we'd like to hear from you, i'm fox dave briggs. the pope wrapping up a historic trip to the u.k., a
7:42 am
live report from london next. >> a faert takes matters into his own hands when a bully torements his own daughter. and that's it, (bleep), (bleep). more like that? >> did the dad just make things worse? what should parents do if their kids are bullied and the school doesn't respond?
7:43 am
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7:46 am
to be in horrid old london this morning, but father, tell us first about the news, which is these men who were arrested for terrorism have now been released. did that somehow mar the president-- the pope's trip or what was the reaction to all of this? >> sure, well, alisyn, it certainly raised the level of interest and intensity, i would say, of the pope's trip knowing there were a lot of people out there certainly who would like to do harm to the pontiff. and to anyone who stands up for christianity, especially in a way that pope benedict has, not saying that all religions are the same, but rather that there is such thing as truth and we have to follow our conscience in pursuant of that truth. so, he's definitely a polarizing figure and it's kind of a scary time. >> father, this is a very rare trip for a pope to the u.k. why is it so unprecedented? >> there is never been a state visit by a pope to the united kingdom. rer, all of the tensions that
7:47 am
existed between the monarchy of the united kingdom and the roman catholic church beginning with henry viii and calling himself the head of the church of england. 1982 pope came as a visit and the holy father with a strong message to the united kingdom saying there's a real danger of marginalizing christianity, religion in general, but christianity in particular and he went after secular aggressive forms of secularization. david cameron is expected now to say to the holy father, you have made our nation sit up and think, so there's been yes, controversy, but it's turned into a great public debate about the role of faith and religion in the public forum. >> and father, i'm not sure if you saw it, if you heard the intro there, but said the suspected terrorists were released. >> yes. >> what's the news on that? >> well, basically what they
7:48 am
said, they had good enough information according to the terrorism laws in england to bring these men into custody. they originally arrested five aen then brought in a 6th one. in other words, seemed like they had more information. they've now been released without any other, any other major piece of news so looks likes things are safe and now with the holy father leaving, the united kingdom today, things are a little bit more peaceful. >> well, thanks so much for the update from there. it seems like he certainly got a warm reception, thank you, father jonathan. >> you're welcome. >> we'll see you soon back here. >> shocking the first official visit from the pope, unbelievable. middle school students praying to allah on a field trip. we report, you decide. >> making bff official, one of the new words in the oxford
7:49 am
dictionary. we'll come out with a list. activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia
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7:52 am
>> take a look at this video posted on youtube, it shows middle school students on a class field trip to a mosque, but they were not just observing. some of the kids as you can see there were actually participating and bowing their heads in prayer. well, some parents are outraged while others say it's a harmless field trip. joining us with both sides is dennis hail, americans for peace and tolerance, the group at that released video and from the americans united for
7:53 am
separation of church and state, good morning gentlemen to both of you. >> good morning. this was part of a social studies class, studied judaism, hidden uism, they went to a mosque, a gospel music performance. where in your opinion, dale, sorry, dennis, did this go so wrong. >> we have no objection to students learning about religion, including religions other than their own. but, if you are going to seek out this kind of interfaith education, you have to be careful who your partners are and if you partner with an organization like the roxbury mosque, wisdom nated by muslim brother politics and saudi theology and saudi money, which again is not education, you get propaganda as witnessed by this extraordinary lessons about islam given by the tour guide, in which she makes the
7:54 am
preposterous claim, for example, that women voted in e arabia in the 7th century and-- >> i want to bring in rob. because it sounds like dennis objects to the mosque chosen not the kids participating in the prayer service, what do you think the biggest problem is. >> i think the school needs to be looking at guidelines and policies for field trips like this. children should not be participating in religion worship visiting any kind of house of worship, christian, jewish or muslim. when they're there on a field trip by a public school. educational standpoint can be variable thing, but we need to be careful how it's done so nobody feels they're being pressured or coerced to take part of something against their will. >> dennis, you object to the mosque, no one has been
7:55 am
arrested for any terrorism charges there in terms of there has been, obviously, accusations they have. >> well, except for their founder, al-moody, serving a 23 years prison sentence. >> that's right, since it's been constructed. it's been controversial and there have been accusations against the mosque and controversy. but since it was built. what about the kids actively participating in a prayer service, would we feel the same way if they went to the catholic church and were in a pew and bowed their head. >> i object to the teaching of islam they heard there, but i also object, obviously, to the invitation to take part in prayer, which clearly crosses a line which i think everybody recognizes. the school has apologized for that. >> yes, in fact, i'm sorry to interrupt you dennis, let me bring in the superintendent's apology and read it for the viewers, it was not the intent for students to be able to participate in any of the religious practices.
7:56 am
the fact that the students were allowed to so in this case was an error, i extend my apologies and regret the offense this may have caused. rob, did that go far enough from the school? >> i think it's a good first step. obviously, people are upset and the school apologized and the challenge now is to move forward for for the parents in this district to work with the educators in the school and find a way to teach about religion that doesn't put anybody in the position where they're feeling pressured or uncomfortable. to be honest i'm not a big fan of field trips to houses of worship. i think a better answer would be to bring various religious leaders into the school where they could talk to students and answer questions. because that way the school is going to have a lot more control what's going on because it's on their own home turf. >> great point. thanks for coming in and giving us perspectivor all of that. >> a court gives a massive financial award to familiy who
7:57 am
says vaccines caused autism. hear one mother's story coming up. the american hiker freed from iran coming home to america today. what about the fate of her fiance and her friend who are still in prison. dog, balloon. [ dog whimpers ] because orbitz has price assurance. man with computer. if another orbitz customer books the same hotel or flight for less, i'll get a check for the difference automatically. [ male announcer ] when you bitz, you know. thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills make getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check.
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>> good morning everyone, it's september 19th, thanks for joining us, the conservative movement gets a boost at the voters value summit from speakers like newt gingrich. >> i am a great passionate believer in the wisdom of the american people. >> but will the momentum translate to votes in november? then in 2012 we'll explore. >> and a father arrested after he threatens students who reportedly torment his daughter. >> my daughter (bleep) bus and (bleep) and it. (bleep) like that. >> wow. did he cross the line?
8:01 am
what should parents do if their kids are bullied and they feel helpless? >> a court gives a first financial award to a family who says vaccine caused their daughter's autism. one family says the same thing happened to their son, but that the government is trying to cover that up and they want answers now. their story firsthand coming up. "fox & friends" starts now. >> you're watching "fox & friends", you're fox and i'm friends. >> i was napping in the green room. >> how did it go. >> great. >> i don't think you've taken a nap in your life. >> i'm not the nap kind of guy. >> eric bolling in for clayton morris and nap rumors spreading across the country and google instituting them through the company. >> they're happy about it. >> we're on boarden the couch
8:02 am
might work for me during the next segment. >> i could nap standing up or on a bed of nails. >> in the next ten minutes, probably napping in the green room. >> it's happened. no napping at the values voter summit on saturday though, folks. were energized and didn't need caffeine because the speakers were firing them up. and of course, virginia governor bob mcdonnell spoke and the thing that had their attention focused, were the results of the straw poll. who people think will win and should win the republican nomination in 2012. >> mike huckabee missed coming in first by 11 votes. so, that, you know, pence couldn't get all the attention, but huck, i guess, a crowd favorite. >> and last year, mike huckabee won and this year pence was the winner, huckabee second. romney third, gingrich fourth.
8:03 am
and palin who didn't go because she was in des moines at the g.o.p. fun raiser came in fifth place. >> who people chose for vice-president was interesting, he chose mike pence and he had to withdraw his name from that and then it became sarah palin was the winner of the vice-president one. rick santorum, paul ryan, demint and mike huckabee last. >> mike pence not somebody our viewers know a tremendous amount about. congressman from indiana second arguably most high profile because governor mitch daniels, a lot of folks across the state and country like what he does for jobs and would like him to run and mike pence has been in the house since 2003. hasn't been there long and he did talk about social values and the folks at the value voters summit said that was the number one issue to them, abortion and social issues with number two on that list being government spending. so, there you see some of the reasons why he was number one on the list. >> it's interesting to hear that's the number one issue
8:04 am
because we've heard from so many polls that people feel unemployment and the economy, and federal spending and those are the number one issues, but that's not reflected at the value voters summit and we had governor huckabee on which said he thinks they dove tail together. they're part and parcel of the same thing, that strong families would help the economy. >> right, right, if it were another, maybe another summit other than the value vote e, you may see one of the others emerge and representative paul ryan very, very strong on the economy and jobs he may have been a-- and what was the message on saturday? let's hear it from virginia governor bob mcdonnell and former speaker newt gingrich. we've got to have people who believe in the pro family, limited government, federal vm ideas out in november. >> they're wrong on the way in
8:05 am
which you create jobs and economic growth. so within of the goals should make it possible for every left winger to retire and write their memoirs. unlike other countries we treat those with who failed a lot of dignity and make a lot of money on shows and things. >> and lisa murkowski staging that write in campaign for senate, he said, she's essentially cheating and predicts that christine o'donnell in delaware will win, will beat the democrat. >> speaking of christine o'donnell, we'll talk with chris wallace and she had been scheduled to be on and we'll ask him about that shortly. >> new video into the fox news room this morning from baghdad and it's not good. two deadly car bombs tear through two different neighborhoods, killing at least 31 people. the blasts breaking a period of relative calm since the end
8:06 am
of ramadan. the results are in of a major primary last night. abercrombie defeated hahnemann in the democratic governor's race, taking nearly 60% of the vote there. he moves on to face lt. governor duke aona to crushed his g.o.p. primary opponent. we're expecting the results of a final pressure test on the bp blownout oil well in the gulf today. the last step before the well can be declared dead. they're pushing 15,000 pounds of weight against the cement plug to ensure it will not bug. making it the worst spill in the u.s. history. freed hiker sarah shourd is due to arrive back in the u.s. after 13 months in an iranian jail. before leaving oman, shourd appealed to iran to free her fiance and her friend and she thanked those who helped bring her to safety. >> i have a deep appreciation
8:07 am
for dr. for bringing me from tehran. for the honor of his friendship and most importantly for his continued engagement in my life, in the life of my fiance, shane bower and my dear friend josh. >> and shourd is holding a news conference shortly after returning to new york. at the same time that ahmadnejad will be in the city for the u.n. general assembly. those are your headlines. >> if you had a bromance with your best male friend, are you a hater of the term, bff, which i am, by the way. >> are you? >> not a fan of the bff term. those are some of the new words in the oxford american dictionary, now official. and here is bff, in case you didn't know what that is, eric. that is a form of best friend. >> let's look at the origin, go back to the ancient 1996, best friend forever. >> you know what, i bet you
8:08 am
it's before 1996. >> i never heard of it before. >> in grade school, some of the girls saying bff, forever. >> how about bromance, a close, but nonsexual relationship between two men. origin early 21st century, blend of brother and romance, bromance. >> and tell you something, i happened to witness the bromance every saturday and sunday morning, here on the couch, between clayton and dave. so, i'm very familiar with the bromance, in case you're not. we have a clip. >> you do. >> not of clayton and i-- >> i'm glad you're here. >> me, too. >> i can't imagine getting married without you. >> i love you, man. >> i love you, too, bud. >> i love you, man. i love you, man. >> yeah, the bromance between clayton and i, he was out of town and last night i stayed at his house. >> it never ends. >> briggs you admitted sleeping next to reichmuth in
8:09 am
your office and now-- >> i didn't say next too. >> i went and saw that movie with clayton. that's true, you had a mandate. >> a mandate. >> you know, what, a man-date. and not part of the new dictionary. >> it should be, because pro manes and man-date they go hand in hand. >> their bromance blossomed on the man-date. >> it was uncomfortable watching that movie in the movie theater with clayton, it was-- >> sharing popcorn, that's embarrassing. >> and the moment to make you feel better. >> staycation, interweb, gal-pal, webisode, zombie bank. >> did you hash that, that's premature. >> i'm sure you have-- >> being zombie thank for sure. >> what's the interweb? >> we'll talk about it, we'll tell us about weather. >> here is what's happening when you're waking up, the temperature summer across the south and beginning to be fall across areas of the north and we have some flooding problems across areas of texas and this
8:10 am
is the tropical moisture that's been here for around three days and brought some flooding across the cities from around corpus christi, south padre island, down towards brownsville and northern areas of missouri, just kind of to the north of i-70 there because very heavy rain fell overnight and continues to fall this morning in that area and pulling farther off the east to st. louis and beginning to get socked in the gloomy, next five or six hours and rain up towards chicago and again towards milwaukee and here is the rain that continues down across the areas of south texas so we are going to continue to deal with that. the only other spot we'll deal with precipitation is the system pulling into northern california and oregon and washington where we're going to be seeing some rain. to the south of that, it's full on summer, plenty of sunshine and temperatures are scorching, another 110 day in phoenix, 99 in memphis and these are temperatures that you deal with right in the middle of summer and we're almost at fall. wednesday evening, by the way, is the first day of fall, but tell these people down the
8:11 am
south, extremely warm temperatures. all right, guys, send it over to you. >> thank you, buddy. >> i love you, man. >> coming up on the show, tea party-- >> say that-- >> christine o'donnell's primary win in delaware rocked the g.o.p. establishment, but will the tea party's momentum help or hurt republicans in november elections? fox news sunday anchor, chris wallace joining us next. >> then the school getting rid of spelling tests because the kids can't spell. how the school plans to fix the problem instead, coming up. ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
activia has delicious news for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there is something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm. works for me. ♪ activia new activia dessert. >> with multiple major wins under his belt including christine o'donnell's recent victory, the tea party movement is gaining momentum. will it help or hurt the
8:15 am
republican party. joining us is fox news sunday's anchor chris wallace. >> good morning, guys. >> we know you had plans to have christine o'donnell on your show, what happened. >> late friday night her campaign got in touch with us and said that she was exhausted and had to return to delaware. she called me herself, saturday morning, and told a different story, she said she had been triple booked that she had to go to a church this morning, she had to go to a picnic, and it was the inexperience of her staff, as we say, we report, you decide. >> she knows that critics are going to say she isn't ready for the national interviews, as they did with rand paul and what she has to expect as a newcomer on the political scene, is that right, chris. >> absolutely and we told her we would be willing to send a truck to delaware outside the church she was going to be
8:16 am
appearing and i think it was clear she didn't want to do a national sunday talk show this sunday. >> so, chris, what would you suggest to her? i mean, clearly, let's put it this way, if her staff said it's not time, this is too early we want to prep you a little bit. what would you suggest? should she not have canceled? >> it's not my job to suggest what a candidate should or shouldn't do. i will say don't make the deal and commit to coming on fox news sunday and another sunday talk show you know, during the week and then late friday night, cancel. that's certainly the worst of all things, if you're not going to-- if you feel you're not staffed up or ready to go, that's understandable, she has a small staff and this is a huge upset victory for her to beat mike castle, two-term governor, nine-term congressman, then just hold off for a couple of weeks, but you know, we have to say this, the fact is there are only 44 days until the election, she doesn't have a lot of time.
8:17 am
this was a late primary the election is upon us and she's got to get up to speed quickly. >> but you will have joe miller from alaska who is running for senate there and boy, an interesting situation because lisa murkowski has gotten back in the game and also have karl rove on. lisa murkowski staging this write-in campaign and newt gingrich on saturday did not hold back and said she's essentially cheating by reentering the race or could have run as an independent. is that the opinion shared by republicans in washington? are they furious over this development? >> they're furious and she's a member of the republican leadership and she basically has been asked you know, to step down from that position. she ran in the republican primary and lost narrowly by 1600 votes to the tea party joe miller and decided-- look, her family is a golden name in alaska. she's been a senator for a while. her father was a senator and then a governor, the governor beaten by sarah palin,,so they
8:18 am
have long time roots in the state and she is decided to run as a write-in. it's a free ucountry, she's allowed to do it. it's thrown it into chaos, she lost by 1600 votes and now we're in a threeway race and it's up for grab and you mentioned that we will have karl rove on. one thing we want to talk to karl rove is the heat he's come under because of being critical of christine o'donnell, and saying there are things for her to clear up. and he's taken heat from sarah palin to-- >> and you'll talk about that on the show. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, guys. >> coming up, a father arrested after he threatens students who reportedly were tormenting and bullying his daughter. did he make things worse? what should parents do if it happens to their child and the school won't help them. that's next. i save a lot of.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
>> listen to this, surveillance camera catches a florida man threatening his daughters alleged bullies on a school bus. >> the father now claims his daughter was getting beat up and taunted on the school bus by her peers for more than a month and that school officials did nothing to stop it. >> and the child psychologist and health great to have you here. and we have a lot of mixed
8:23 am
emotions about this because his daughter has cerebral palsy and the kids supposedly had been laughing at her and doing some pretty despicable things to her. >> yes, that kids can do. >> that the kids can do and the school wasn't able to help or at least to the father's satisfaction. i think that intellectually we know we're not supposed to get on and yell profanities at kids. i think we understand what drove him and his motivation. what do you do. >> absolutely the daughter has cerebral palsy and obviously he's on edge about that and even some feelings of guilt so this is something that is perhaps in the back of his mind at all times. and a new study shows that 37% of parents are concerned about the safety of their child. now, if you're talking about a child with a disability so that's a tremendous stress on one's mind and i think this father just simply lost it. he did the wrong thing because i think not only did he traumatize the kids on the school bus, but he traumatized his own daughter, point out who did it, point out who did
8:24 am
it and that little girl is on a suicide watch right now. >> it's tough to give him credit, but he did go to the school and ask for help and you had some suggestions what you should do and the steps you should take to resolve this conflict. what are those. >> first and foremost, work with your child. empower your child because this helps your child grow emotionally. so, that they can resolve the issues, teach them conflict resolution skills much the seconds thing you should do is exactly what they dad did, go to the school and talk with them as to what's going on and studies again show that schools that do programs around bullying, especially around disabilities and so on, they increase the chances of that bullying going down, so, this benefits everyone in that school setting. >> you know, and this is not that far removed from a parent who stands up at a little league game and starts yelling profanities at the coach for not putting their kid in, right. >> absolutely and again, we can sympathize with this dad,
8:25 am
but dads out there and moms out there have to understand that you cannot bully bulis, all you're doing is throwing gasoline on the fire and they've been bullying the girl even more and didn't resolve the situation. the school should have done something, we doesn't know what the school did, but should do some sort of program. >> i have to leave it here, step one and two didn't work for the father so he was at a loss and the school doesn't address your issue, then what do you do. >> step number three and most important one, arrange a peaceful meeting with the parents of the child who is bullying. chances are, they want to know what's going on, what their child is doing, and you can be very political by going in there, saying, let's talk about this, let's resolve it. don't go in there aggressively because then you will have a fight on your hands that you really don't want. and cool off, calm down before you make any emotional decisions. >> and what we like to say chi
8:26 am
chillax. >> chilling and relaxin'. >> another word. we appreciate it. >> and sfp bermuda this hour is getting pounded as igor approaches. >> and president obama is firing up to get the voters to the polls. will voters follow his message. >> recipes to get your kids excited about eating and also, involved in the cooking process. you want to see this, parents. activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia
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8:30 am
>> begin with a severe weather alert. big waves and wild winds continue to hit bermuda hard. making way for igor. rick leventhal from bermuda. any change from an hour ago, do you see anything? >> yeah, it's starting to look more ominous, eric. quite honestly, it's-- the skies have darkened and we're seeing heavy bands of rain move in and we're under cover here, but it is raining pretty heavily on and off just beyond us and we're going to try something, we're streaming live, but want to try zooming in, the quality is not as good to show you how violent the surf is as it pounds the rocks here along the southern shore of bermuda. this is where the storm is expected to be at its worst and where the storm surge and the waves are expected to be at their peak. we also have some video we
8:31 am
shot a short time ago from the reefs restaurant known as coconut. you can see along the beach just how violent some of the waves are and how eroded the beach is of the it's down several feet from where it was earlier in the week and that's a concern for a lot of, a lot of the businesses, hotels and homes along the coast. you know, yesterday i spoke with bermuda's premier, dr. brown, and asked him what his greatest concern was and here is what he told me. >> i was just informed about some people who were out swimming who don't understand in addition to the beautiful waves there are undercurrents and those things are dangerous and many people have lost their lives because it's not something that you see he wh you look at the water. >> there are a lot of people who have been out taking pictures of the sea which is remarkable and dramatic, but also very, very dangerous as you heard.
8:32 am
so, they are encouraging people. igor is downgraded to a category 1, 80 mile per hour top winds, but expected over the island for an extended period of time, bringing heavy waves and coastal flooding and we'll keep on top of it. back to you in new york. >> and thank you, rick reichmuth, that's what you were talking about, the hurricane will stay over and hover over bermuda so long and makes it more dangerous than others. >> per mewed da is protected by coral reefs, the 30, 40 feet waves breaking over and wash over causing the problems. it looks like it's going to be the west, on the dirty side of the storm which isn't good news. this is the wind field, even where in the yellow is tropical storm force winds and we've seen a gust of 66 miles per hour in bermuda and they're getting this. this orange or darker red is
8:33 am
hurricane sustained winds and gusts. we are going to start to see winds this evening and goes until about one o'clock in the morning. a nine hour period of hurricane sustained force winds and 12 hour period of gusts that high and over 24 hours of tropical storm force winds and a long duration event for them and that means that goes on and on and that's going to cause some of the destruction and right there, you can see how large igor is and that there is julia and not a factor for anybody and there's two other systems, one that's probably going to become lisa later on in the day and another system pulling off the coast of africa, probably another storm behind us and an active pattern we're in looks like it's certainly going to continue and a lot of activity across the central plains today. heavy rain causing significant flooding to the north of i-70 in missouri headed towards st. louis and also in the areas in illinois today and so be very careful and also some tropical moisture from what was hurricane carl. bringing a lot of moisture in
8:34 am
across parts of texas causing some flooding as well and some stuff going on across parts of the u.s., also. >> buddy, thank you. the folks in bermuda now how to hunker down, they've seen it before. >> i'm sure. >> afghans will have to decide whether to accept the results of this weekend's elections despite modest turn out and early evidence of fraud. taliban bombings kept many away from the polls to vote for a new parliament. final results are not expected until late next month and fraud tarnished the ballot in afghanistan. president obama firing up the crowd at the annual black caucus awards dinner in washington and told the crowd they need to rekindle the passion in order to defeat republicans this fall. >> and i need everybody to go back to your neighborhoods, go back to your work places, going to churches to the barbershop and to the beauty shop and tell them, we've got more work to do.
8:35 am
tell them we can't wait to organization. tell them the time for action now. >> polls show that the democrats have a huge gap. only 13 million democrats cast ballots. well, a suspected serial stabber is expected to face new charges as early as tomorrow. defense lawyers say that elias abd abdulzam, premeditated hurd and assault with intent to commit murder, suspected of stabbing 18, killing fiechlt. ricki lake could be to blame for the fire that burned down remember meanted malibu beach home. the owners are talking about suing her for making no attempts to put it out. she was refueling a portable heater and outside next to her
8:36 am
son, pets and boxes of clothes and claim she was pregnant nent trying to refill the outdoor heater indoors. spelling tests are a thing of the past in some missouri school districts, and some parents are angry about this. parkwood in st. louis county cut spelling tests out the curriculum. officials say too many kids were learning the words for the tests and immediately forgetting them, but some parents disagree, they stay that spelling tests help students learn and are extra important in english, as about 25% of our words have irregular spelling like the name i tried to read earlier. that was an irregular spelling, i assure you. >> and they are going to take spelling tests out. >> and they're going to put out-- >> that bolling, he is a genius. >> here is one thing kids can agree on, it's not easy to get your children to try new foods. it's a battle in my house and
8:37 am
i know in a lot of yours, here to help this morning is anna bell, the you can cook, the toddler cookbook and brought in stephanie a karen. to help us. it's possible to get kids to try new foods and make it fun not the battle that parents are subpoenaing. >> i don't like it, making the chicken nuggets, pizzas, hamburgers or giving them small portions or the fruit that i put on screwers stshgs dangerous, so you make things like traffic lights. instead of fruit balls and straight parts and-- they'll eat it it's attractive. >> kind of like a fruit stop light, i like that. >> that's right. >> your ten-year-old assistants are going to help you cook some fun foods and
8:38 am
get them involved in the process. >> that's right. >> get them excited. >> go ahead and get the pieces here. >> and getting the kids to make their own food, with my kids every friday night and she's five, i got to cook the family supper and invite the friends over. the same meal every friday by a month and by the fourth friday they were brilliant at it. >> by the fourth friday you weren't ordering pizza after they went to bed. >> got some things to show you. veggie burgers now this works well, there are five vegetables, hidden in them. and over here, some kids don't like fish, we made some salmon fish cakes and made with sweet chill had i sauce and ketchup, potato. made them into the shape of fish and that's fun, too.
8:39 am
>> the pizza. >> pita. >> it's a pita bread and hidden vegetables in the sauce and the vegetables are blended into the sauce, what you can't see, you can't pick out and then making them into faces and have a pizza party. when you invite children over and have the pizzas which is fun. >> all right, be honest with me, girls, do you enjoy eating more now that it's fun and you're involved in the process. >> yeah, it's actually really cool. >> very cool. are' going to try some of the pizza later when we cook them. >> yeah. >> and the fish sticks. >> yes. >> you ma i had them into the shapes. learn more of this in the book "you can cook" and "the toddler cookbook", anna bell, thank you for being here. >> i'll try the fruit tart. guys, what's coming up on the show. >> sounds good. >> great, dave, awesome. >> six-year-old kicked off her
8:40 am
cheerleading squad when her mom complained about this cheer. >> my booty shakes from left to right. >> well, the teen did the right thing or overreacted next? úúppxñ
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> a six-year-old girl kicked off the peewee cheerleading squad after the parents complained about a risque cheer. the words are quote, do i need that. our backs ache, skirts are to tight. shake our booties from left to right. >> i'm glad you reed that, fantastic. >> aly wrote that. >> and joining us judge pirro, jeanine pirro, great to see you. they wanted the six-year-old to say we shake our booties from left to right and parents said i don't think that's appropriate and they went to a meeting and the school said you're off the team. >> that's sad about it. what six-year-old should be saying my back aches and
8:44 am
what's the sexual innuendo and my skirt is too tight and shaking my booty from left to right and you're playing into the fantasies of pedophiles. and mom goes to the gm and the team and give her the run away and by the way we're throwing the six-year-old off the team and mom says you know what, i tried to do something right and now i have to explain to my daughter who is crying all the time she's off the cheerleading team and not just people, but do they have a case? >> i don'ten if they have a case of some sort. it's not the kind of thing, can the mother end up suing them? she could, everybody can sue, but the damages, she's got damages, what right-- >> and coach called the radio show. >> the coach says the mother was a lunatic, who sounded like a lunatic on the radio show, that mother was crazy, did she slur her words? i'd sue her for suggesting that i was an alcoholic or the mother was an alcoholic
8:45 am
anyway. >> surprisingly one parent complained and now some are calling, the father who went on a school bus and went after a kennedy for bullying his daughter. now, hits daughter suffers from cerebral palsy and had been bullied and he had gone to the school and they had done nothing, but how big a trouble is this father in now, first? >> well, he's faced with two charges, two misdemeanors in florida for going on that bus and they caught it on the videotape on the bus and the sad part is he legally wrong, yes, charging him with disorderly conduct and obstruction of some school function. is he morally wrong. who of us who has open condoms put on the head and taunted ears twisted isn't going on the bus after you call the school, the school does nothing. and this is what federal lawsuits are go. why we have anti-bullying laws across the country.
8:46 am
kids are depressed, reacting violently and the parent got out of control and a nice guy and says, you know, i was wrong. >> and emotion-- you know, because nothing happened, everyone is saying, hey, don't make such a big deal about it. but had that guy gone and grabbed one of the kids they would have said. >>, but he didn't, he didn't. >> why didn't you stop him before and why is the presence of parents off the bus. >> and the bus driver, while he's yelling and threatening the kids, just sitting there. they put two adults on the bus to monitor, they didn't speak english. this is what's going on on buses, i think all of us would be on the buses. >> let's talk about lindsay lohan who has just failed yet another drug test. this is part of her probation, she got out of jail early, i think out of 90 days got out in 13 days, incredibly reduced sentence and now failed a test. doesn't she have to go back to yale? >> you know what the problem is, we've got parents who were
8:47 am
involved in the first two cases who got in a little bit of trouble and parents not involved in lindsay lohan's case why she should be in jail and here is the problem we don't have truth in sentencing in a lot of states, certainly not california. i call it drive by sentence, you check in, get a uniform, take your shot and then your car is waiting on the other end and you walk out. she belongs in jail and i'm tired of people making excuses. she's failed a drug test, she lied about it, she's been lying now, says i want to be an a-list actress again, really want to get back to it. i'm going to be fine, hogwash, she needs to be sentenced like everybody else. >> no early release, overcrowding in the-- don't let her out again. >> pitch tents, you've got enough inmates, put them in a tent. >> she's in trouble. >> and janine, you bring it, baby, thank you. >> no other way to put it. >> all right. coming up, of course, listen to this, financial support to
8:48 am
families who say vaccines caused autism. and some of the families say that the go of the is going to try to cover up the correlation. you're going to hear one mother's story next. ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fuelin' the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there ♪ you must really care about him. what? you gave him fiber. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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8:51 am
>> we're back with the fox news alert. the american hiker freed from iran just arrived back in the u.s. a spokeswoman says that sarah shourd is on the way to new york for a news conference and we will bring you that when it happens here on the fox news channel. aly? >> thanks, dave. all right, last week, we told you about the landmark case of the nine-year-old girl, who was just awarded more than 1 1/2 million dollars after developing autism as a result of receiving vaccines for mumps, measles and childhood diseases. in the court documents, the
8:52 am
government was careful to say that the vaccines aggravated an underlying disorder of hanna's which did not quote, cause her autism, but quote, resulted in it. there are 4800 other autism cases awaiting the decisions in federal court. after our story, a parent from one of the cases, rebecca eaststep wrote to us to say there's more to this story than we know. rebecca joins us this morning. >> good morning, alisyn, thanks for having me. >> you wrote that your son's-- you believe that your son got autism as a result of vaccines he got when he was around two years old. you've spent the last ten years researching this and we're showing your son, eric, now at inge a 12. in your letter, you called our attention to the fact that it's not just the hanna polling case, but the federal government is it giving monetary awards to hundreds of parents with autistic children, but there's a catch, they can't use the word autism
8:53 am
in their lawsuits. explain. >> well, i don't know if it's hundreds of cases, but that there are several cases. if you stay away from, that the child has autism, but has a brain injury for like encephalopathy or a seizure disorder those are damages you can receive award from the vaccine injury compensation program. in 2002 we filed our claim in the autism omnibus program because that's what we were told was the proper procedure. we didn't realize that, y know, years later thprogram would be federal attorneys defending a federal program, using federal funded science in front of judges that we don't have a jury.
8:54 am
we don't have regular rules of evidence, and it ended up being a court that really, the kids had no chance in. >> and rebecca, you also didn't know that autism was going to become sort of a dirty word you weren't supposed to use. i want to bring in dr. mark segal one of our a-team. doctors who us oohed the word encephalopathy, or brain damage, won the cases. those who had the same systems, but used the word utism. did not win. there were 1300 with brain damage. it sounds like the department of health and human services are fudging something, playing a semantics came here, why? >> because autism is it a politically charged word and we don't know what the cause is. multiple studies, one recently in the new england journal of medicine, a study of a thousand kids that did not show a link between vaccines
8:55 am
and autism and we continue to study that. a lot of attention has been put on that. the question of thimerisol removed from the mmr vaccine not when rebecca's child was vaccinated. there's been a question, but no proof shown and no cause and effect. and another point, measles, an amazing worldwide killer down from 800,000 deaths, to 200,000 deaths because of mmr vaccines. >> we don't want to spread panic. >> exactly. you could die from the deadly disease of measles. bring in rebecca, what do you think, rebecca, when you hear the doctor say what so many in the medical establishment says there's no link between vaccines and autism? >> first of all, dr. segal's mmr never had thimarisol in it, that's a live virus and thimarisol would have killed the mmr. that was wrong. in the 90's when my son was
8:56 am
vaccinated many of his vaccines had 25 micrograms. he received 40 to 50 times his daily allowable month per the standards. the study that just came out last week, that showed no, ne correlation between vaccines and autism, i'm having a hard time with, not only did it say that there was no correlation with vaccines and autism, they actually showed that thighmarisol which is 50% ethyl mercury had a neuro-protective sort of effect on the children which to me seems amazing when it's a neuro toxin, the second most toxic. >> rebecca, good point. quickly. >> next point, even if an association is found, that's not proof. we need a study, we need studies on toxins. >> hanna would agree with you,
8:57 am
an organization safe, we'll put a link on the website. rebecca, thank you for joining us with your personal story, dr. segal, thank you. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia
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and platinum plus installed i captioning by,use closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: good morning, we start withe e"fox news alert," the american hiker freed from iran arrived back in the u.s., sarah shourd on her way to new york city and we have details for you, coming up. >> the conservative movement. >> we gartsed gathered today a the beginning of the end of the pelosi led congress. >> president mike pence? dave. >> dave: public middle school students on a field trip to a mosque. they end up praying to allah, and some parents are outraged. this is a harmless experience or should teachers have stopped it?
9:01 am
our slogan comes from anton, los angeles, in honor of international talk like a pirate day, the host be careful, the coach be curvy, "fox & friends" be better than scurvy. ♪ >> this is emeril lagasse, you are watching "fox & friends" -- bam! >> alisyn: wow, i almost saw you with a patch over your eye there, that was -- >> johnny depp! my inner johnnie deep! >> alisyn: right. >> international talk like a parrot day. that is a real thing. >> alisyn: yes. and we have been celebrating it here, in the studio. with our group. let's talk about what has been happening this weekend and a name you wouldn't expect, or, at least was not predicted, merging as the winner of the straw poll, at the value voters summit, mike pence was voted the leading candidate on the presidential
9:02 am
straw poll ballot. julie kirtz has details. >> reporter: i have a few thousand people, really, who are gathered here in washington for the values voters summit and 700 voted but the straw vote is a good indication of where christian conservatives may throw their weight in the next race for the white house and indiana republican congressman mike pence is the big winner. he came in first in the republican presidential straw poll, edging out mike huckabee and mitt romney, and, sarah palin, who finished a distant 5th. and also won the vice presidential poll with sarah palin coming in second, for the vp spot and may have gotten a big boost from the speech to the summit. listen: >> america's darkest moments have come when economic arguments trumped moral principles. men and women, we musts demand, here and now, that the leaders of the republican party stand for life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty without apology. [cheers and applause].
9:03 am
>> reporter: the crowd really responded to him, in a side note after christine o'donnell impressed the crowd, at the summit, in washington, the delaware republican skidecided cancel her high profile appearances on face the nation on cbs and fox news sunday and won an upset victory in the senate primary race in delaware and here campaign said she cancelled to attend a g.o.p. picnic in delaware, this afternoon. >> alisyn: thank you very much. >> dave: we talked to chris wallace and he said it was clear to him christine o'donnell was not yet ready to do a sunday talk show yet. the way he felt. right now, newt gingrich however is speaking at the voters value summit on saturday. and he said he predicted that christine o'donnell will in fact win the senate seat in the state of delaware, overcoming a 100,000 registered voter gap between republicans and democrats. and, newt gingrich really fired up the crowd, at the values
9:04 am
voters summit talking about the energy within the tea party, and those who are leading the movement for the g.o.p. listen: >> i'll let you decide whether this is the diment-sarah palin inspired movement or the sarah palin-diment inspired movement but her public capacity through twitter and facebook and other devices and senator diment's organizational abilities to raise money and organize things, there have been 7 senatorial contests between the grassroots and the establishment that year, and, the grassroots are 7 and 0, over the establishment. [cheers and applause]. >> alisyn: it's interesting, i think, to hear him give such, you know, props to his fellow conservatives, because, in 2012, these may be people who are all running against each other, obviously, all of these -- >> dave: looks that way. >> alisyn: between, who knows what the governor will do, and newt gingrich, whose name is
9:05 am
always bandied about, and sarah palin and obviously and everybody is there together, in a show of solidarity, now, but, it could be different in -- >> clayton: it's good to see the establishment saying, hey, you guys keep your eye on the tea party, they are for real, the real deal and what surprised me, the numbers, the money that the tea party is raising. very, very small group and small amount of money and all of a sudden you are talking big money coming into christine o'donnell, for example, $2 million in a few days. >> alisyn: right. >> for real. >> dave: can they harness the energy and keep it under one tent? interesting to see. >> alisyn: your headlines, we start with a "fox news alert." moments ago, freed hiker sarah shourd arrived in the u.s. after being in an iranian jail for 13 months. she's on her way to new york city now for a news conference, this afternoon, her visit coincides with the visit of iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. who is in new york for the u.s. security council meeting and before leaving the middle east, she urged iran to release the two fellow hikers and her
9:06 am
fiancee, shane bauer and and her friend, josh fattal, from baghdad, two deadly car bombs tear through two different neighborhoods killing at least the 31 people, the blast breaking a period of relative calm, the end of ramadan, results are in fof a major primary last night, former hawaii congressman abercrombie easily defeated mayor hannemann in the governor's race, taking 60% of the vote and faces the lieutenant governor. pope benedict xvi wrapping up the mass, as british police release 6 people detained in a possible terrorism plot. searches turned up no evidence of any plans, and at today's mass, the pope... a convert from the church of england.
9:07 am
arrr you ready for "talk like a pirate day? >> what are you doing. >> what are you doing. >> no, what are you doing. >> what are you doing. >> no, what are you doing. >> what are you doing? >> they are giving orders... >> alisyn: it is time to shiver your timbers, and unleash your inner pirate. the unofficial holiday was launched by two oregon men and became popular after being featured in a 2002 humor column. i have a lot -- i'm familiar with pirates, because my three-year-old is madly in love with being a pirate and dresses as a pirate, every day. around the house and every day is pirate day, for me. >> can i throw something in here? i tuused to play for the pirate >> alisyn: that counts! >> arrrr r! >> dave: roll the script back
9:08 am
and do that one, eric. >> arrrrrr! >> did you practice the speech when you went -- >> can you do the weather in "pirate". >> rick: no way. >> weather in "pirate". >> rick: you can do it for me. >> arrr-right. >> rick: wednesday is the first day of fall and check this out, your high temperatures today across the south. brutally hot, 98 little rock and 93 nashville and feels very much like summer is continuing there and, a little bit farther towards the west, a lot of rain, moisture was part of the broader system, of hurricane karl and brought flooding to areas of south texas and this morning, significant flooding across northern missouri as well, from around 3 to 4 inches of rain, fell overnight, still raining and pulling off towards the east of st. louis, you are getting heavy rain and still seeing showers around the milwaukee area, continuing, here's the rain down across the south, continuing to pull in, and another 3-4 inches and in across
9:09 am
the pacific northwest, feels very much like fall, gloomy, northwest kind of conditions, here's your high temps across the rest of the country, phoenix, 110 yesterday, you broke a record at 109, and, heading across the north the pattern will be with us for the week and expect the heat will build towards the east again and the mid-atlantic back into mid '80s again, a bit like summer. all right. >> a little something? arrrr! eye patch, anything? >> rick: i'm not that kind of weatherman! >> arr-right. >> dave: here's a story firing up parents across the country, this weekend and, especially in the new england region. you may have heard of a middle school in massachusetts, wellsly, massachusetts who took their kids, a public school, took kids on a field trip to a mosque, and, what happened to some of the boys in the video, you can see them getting involved in the prayer, at the mosque, and parents needless to say are not happy about this. >> alisyn: and to throw more
9:10 am
context, this is a social studies class and they were doing a survey of religion and studying christianity and judaism, and hinduism, and, islam and they went to a mosque, they went to a gospel music performance and they did the whole gamut of different religious things. >> dave: so far, so good. >> alisyn: and, when they got to this mosque, it wasn't planned but there was a prayer service in action, and, for some reason the boys joined it. now, it would have been a lot better, all the parents said, if they all stood to the side and observed a religious sar million of some kind, service, but they didn't do that. >> one more point, if you are a teacher and want to do the field trips you better do your homework. there is speculation that that mosque may be tied to some, you know, muslim brotherhood, the -- there are very, very scary groups that are tied to a lot of mosques in the u.s., and make sure that that one was not that, and, they were not quite sure
9:11 am
they weren't tied... >> alisyn: the founder was suspect -- somewhat suspect character and since he has been removed from it the mosque has operated without any suggestion of impropriety. for the past, you know, year or two, but you are right, obviously, yes, they must do their homework and figure out what the kids will be involved in when they go to these different religious services. >> dave: we want to tell you the school superintendent apologized saying, quote it was not the intent for the students to be able to participate in any of the religious practices, the fact that any students were allowed to do so, in this case, was an error. i extend my sincere apologies for the error that occurred and regret the offense it may have caused, from school superintendent in wellsly, massachusetts. >> alisyn: it is a tough one, our guest said, you know what would solve the problem, have guests come into the classroom and speak and it may be true but it doesn't give you really the full experience. >> dave: absolutely not. >> alisyn: to go to a catholic mass or a mosque.
9:12 am
>> controversial, nonetheless. >> alisyn: all right, meanwhile we told you about congressman mike pence, surprise straw poll win at the voters value summit will voters we'll the conservative momentum in the fall elections and we'll talk with the spokeswoman of mom for america, next who attended the summit. >> a would-be robber was no match to the man's swiffer and dust buster, how the 71-year-old tried to stop the crook from making a clean break! ♪ [ female announcer ] relax. recharge and restore. experience the refreshing fragrance of island escape. with hints of sun warmed fig and mango. find it in the relaxing moments collection from glade. s.c. johnson. a family company.
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9:15 am
>> it will require public virtue. and that emanates from the traditional institutions of our nation. life, and family, and religion. [applause].
9:16 am
>> mike expense at the value voters summit, the conference giving a major boost of momentum to tea partiers and other conservatives, leann is vice president of "mom for america" and attended the summit, leann, thanks for joining us. did you vote in the straw poll. >> i did. >> and can you tell us who you voted for. >> i voted for mike huckabee and mike pence as vice president. >> now, were you surprised mike pence won. >> i was surprised he won the straw poll, i was but i thought he'd come in a close second, his speech was amazing and he hit all the right notes for value voters. and, for the tea party, you know, the fiscal and the traditional values. >> talk about that, talk about i guess the fiber the tea party brought to the value voters summit. this is a strong under currents going on with the tea party, is that right. >> it is. it is. i think that people, i think when the tea party first began they were concerned about fiscal responsibility and conservatism
9:17 am
and i speak with tea party groups and feel a lot of the members and leadership are concerned about traditional values and the more we look back at our past and our history and see the values of our founders, we are starting to have a reawakening of those values and that includes, you know, parental rights, traditional marriage, the life issue... >> you have been to these in the past, i take it. >> yes. i have. >> and do you relate more to a tea party or a traditional g.o.p. platform? >> i think i'm -- i rattle more with the tea party platform that includes values. traditional, social values. i consider myself a values voter, and, i believe the tea party, because it is grassroots, it is not the establishment, it really is vying for liberty and a return to first principles, and i think that is important if we are going to change the course of america. >> now, give us a sense, this year versus years in the past, what is different? >> energy. i think the energy is amazing. i think this tea party brought a lot of energy i think we have seen the traditional value
9:18 am
voters and the fiscal conservatives energize their mingling together, they are supporting each other and of course the voice of the people who have spoken loudly, we have seen tea party candidates, take over the establishment, i think it is great for the republican parro party, the resurgence of the reagan coalition of fiscal conservatism and traditional value voters. >> leann, spokeswoman for "mom for america." what does "mom" stand for? >> millions of moms. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> voters in afghanistan went to the polls despite insurgents threatening their lives. will it be a repeat from the last years's corruption plagued election and if your kids have studying it may not be their fault. i report finds that everything, everything, you have been told about studying could be wrong. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say
9:19 am
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>> observe herbs of the elections in afghanistan this -- observers of the election in afghanistan have serious concerns about the legitimacy of the weekend's parliamentary balloting. results are not expected until late next month and last year's presidential election also plagued with fraud and. and, four people killed in a high speed crash near san diego, in a toyota, investigators found a floor mat, the wrong size, caused the accelerator to stick. settlement terms were not released. >> alisyn: as kids and students, work in a quiet place and set up a study room and stick to a homework schedule. new research proves the learning methods are not foolproof. in fact they could be myths.
9:23 am
>> dave: let's debunk the myths. dan is a psychologist at the university of virginia, the author of the book "why don't students like school?" dan, good morning to you, sir. so many of these things we have been told our whole lives are, it appears, myths. let's start with the one we have been told, you should always study in one particular location. true or false? >> false. and in an ideal world. it's true, most of us as parent we set up a study room for our children, a desk and say this is where you will do your homework and what research has shown is that if you learn something in one particular place, you are actually worse off than if you learn it in a number of different places. the reason is, if you learn something in one place, the knowledge kind of gets tied to that location a little bit and if you learn something in a number of different places the knowledge is a bit more free-floating and you can access it in a number of different places. >> alisyn: how interesting. maybe it plays into the next topic and it might be a myth. students should focus on one
9:24 am
subject when studying, when studying for your history exam, just focus on your history exam, don't also introduce algebra. is that true or false? >> that is mostly false. now, if you have -- student has a history test the next day obviously you need to spend time on the history test, depending how much preparation came before but not extent it is possible, students should interleave subjects within the subject, if it is algebra, they should mix up problem types. the truth is, it sounds counterintuitive but forgetting is actually memory's friend. actually good if you mix things up, and feels at the moment like, well, i'm getting a little bit confused but at the end of the study jiing it will help yo keep things sorted out. >> dave: the last one i feel is a fact. the notion that students or visual or auditory learners, right or left brain, to me, it appears a fact, if i look at myself and the folks around me,
9:25 am
it is false? how so? >> it is unbelievable. i know and this is something like 90% of people believe this is true, a, each of us has a particular style of learning, this is a topic that has been studied exhaustively in the laboratory and exactly, because there is so much interest, and it feels so intuitive. we can't find any support for it, though and when you think about it, it's not a difficult thing to study in an experiment. i take 100 people, i divide them up into individual learners and auditory learners for half of those 100 people and present the material in the way that it is supposed to optimize their learning for the other half, i presents it in a way that is supposed to be not as good for the learning and see whether there is a difference between respecting people's learning style versus not. it turns out there is no difference. >> that is remarkable. that is a long held thought. and thanks for coming on and exploring the myths for us and makes us think differently about how obviously, we'll train our kids. thank you.
9:26 am
>> thank you. >> dave: interesting stuff, bill clinton giving advice to president obama, what he has to say about partisan politics, next. >> alisyn: do they or don't they work, gadgets to help you get t ... we'll break down whether the gadgets are worth your money. we'll test them. dannon light & fit gives hope. we are sisters, daughters, wives, mothers. and together, we can help fight breast cancer. go online, enter the code from your light & fit lid, and we'll make a 10 cent donation. give hope with every cup of light & fit.
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>> dave: tomorrow, folks, kicks off cup cakes for a cause week. it is a great program, delicious treats, they all benefit cancer care for kids, and you can help anywhere across the country. >> alisyn: what cancer care for kids does, eric, is a program that provides free support services for children and families affected by cancer, vital work they are doing and never helps to have cup cakes, and give them to someone you love, appreciate that. >> and donations go towards the cancer for kids program. a great cause. >> alisyn: right, find out what bakeries are participating, more than 700 and supermarkets around the country and you can go to and we'll hook you up if you want to send cup cakes to loved ones that contribute to the great cause. >> dave: thanks to cup cake stop in new york and new jersey for
9:31 am
hooking us up. we'll make a donation. >> alisyn: your headlines, a "fox news alert," just an hour ago, freed hiker sarah shourd arrived back on u.s. soil, after 13 months in an iranian jail. and, she's on her way to new york city, for a news conference, this afternoon. before leaving the middle east, she urged iran to release her two fellow hikers to fiancee shane bauer and her friend, josh fattal. stay with fox for live coverage of her arrival, throughout the day. a search continues this morning in southern california for members of a suspected cult, who may be planning a mass suicide. you are looking at the woman police are calling the leader of the suspected cult, and 8 children are among the 13 people missing. one family member says the group was awaiting the end of the world. former president bill clinton offering words of advice for current president barack obama. clinton warning the president to quit the name-calling. >> i think we should talk about
9:32 am
what the stakes are, not name-call, just tell them what the facts are. the republicans have been candid, i give them this. they have been very candid at saying if we get congress hears what we intend to do. >> alisyn: president clinton said president obama needs to state more clearly how he intends to jump-start the economy and talk up his accomplishments. since taking office. all right. talk about swift justice. a burglar tries to rob a 71-year-old man in his south carolina home, and, took a beating from a swiffer wet-jet mop instead and he was cleaning his kitchen and the intruder entered. waving what appeared to be a gun. well, he started jabbing at the intruder with his swiffer wet-jet until he fled. and he said he now needs another mop since he broke his from hitting the guy so hard. the suspect is still on the loose... but he smells very clean!
9:33 am
new entries into the oxford american dictionary. announcing words, cash-tag, which you know, if you are a twitterer. and that identifies key words or phrases an twitter and stacation, we have taken those, a vacation spent at home, sometimes involving day trips to local attractions and what do you think of this word, eric. >> i tell it like it is and call them like i see them. i will speak to you, in plain, simple english. and that brings us to tonight's word... truthiness. i'm sure some of the words -- north-anistas will say, hey, that is not a word. anybody who knows me knows i'm no fan of dictionaries or reference books. they are elitist. >> alisyn: colbert introduced the world to truthiness, defined as the quality of seeming true, even if not necessarily true.
9:34 am
is that part of the lexicon? do we say truthiness now. >> dave: i'll factor it in. >> alisyn: and romance is something you live every day, and... >> dave: your bsf, rick, does it have to be a female. >> alisyn: has to be a girl, gal pals, another one. gal pals. >> dave: appreciate that. rick. >> rick: i'm not ready for hashtag. there is one percent of the population using twitter and now we have another word for that. don't like it. not ready. the weather, a couple of things are going on, obviously igor is moving close to bermuda and making a beeline towards that area, look at the satellite picture, conditions are going to be getting worse throughout the afternoon, we already have tropical storm winds there, and, we'll start to see the hurricane-force winds get there during the mid-afternoon hours, and two other storms out there, one is tropical storm julia, and one a cat -- it was a cat 4
9:35 am
storm earlier this week and this blush of clouds will be lisa today or tomorrow and another wave coming off of africa, we'll watch as well and tropical storms continue to be active and igor is having effects across the eastern seaboard, areas from florida all the way up to maine. dealing with the swells and very dangerous seas, one last weekend out at the beaches, be careful, riptides will be a big problem and we have heavy rain cutting across the central part of the country, northern missouri heading towards illinois is causing significant flooding this morning and down across texas, third day of very heavy rain bringing more flooding as well. out across the west we have dry conditions in across the south, and, then, kind of a winter like system pulling into the pacific northwest bringing rains, but the heat, guys, will be the story, still very much summer from arizona stretched across the south for much of this coming week. back to you inside. >> alisyn: thanks, rick. penny pin chers listen up, looking to save a dime, check out the next segment.
9:36 am
you know cheap gadgets advertised to help you save money? today we're testing them to see if they work. >> that's right and consumer advisor regina lewis is road testing the most popular items, and you want to start down at that end. >> they are popular. billions of dollars. >> billions and billions and billions... >> and i knew you would appreciate that. eric. >> this is the squeezer and gets every last drop of toothpaste and saves, i don't know a nickal. >> true, but -- >> dave: why would you buy that. >> multiple bathrooms in the house, you are right, it is $5 and high end moisturizers, right? 20 times that. >> dave: they come injuri jars, don't they. >> some come in tubes. and also, keeps things neat. i'll give it a thumbs up. especially when talking high end moisturizers, where every last drop counts. and this is called the soap pouch and search for that on the internet you can find out how to make them if you are crafty, otherwise, $2 take the soap and
9:37 am
put it in this pouch and pull the draw string and you don't have the moment where you pick up the gross soap in your bathroom making it a mess and avoiding that moment is priceless to me. >> dave: i use the body wash. worth it? >> it's worth it. absolutely. this depends on your soda-drinking hadn't. not everybody finishes the can, right? >> dave: my wife! >> alisyn: i'm guilty! >> and, in that case if you don't want to lose the carbonation, $4, you can get the can pump and pour and put it on the top of the can and press it down and it keeps the carbonation, from a cost-effectiveness position, i think that is much more efficient. >> dave: how much is that. >> $4. >> alisyn: $4, to save the one dollar so d.a. do you think it is worth it. >> if you drink a ton of soda or have multiple cans and pick them up all over your house, half finished, maybe. i give it a maybe. >> alisyn: what is the next one?
9:38 am
>> this is, when you get an item, perishable. you start the clock, tap the top and boom, the count starts for 99 days and there are bachelors for which it might be really a good idea. >> dave: embarrassing. >> the world might be a better place and if you have something sensitive like insulin, i think for medicine or something really where time matters or an aging parent, depends on the item. not applesauce. >> alisyn: you can look at the expiration date. >> dave: keep the bottle top... >> not a microphone... that is a tea infuser and you take the tea leaves, and for me, tea-drinking is a good karma thing, using something that looks like a turkey baster doesn't work. >> alisyn: you put the loose tea here and then you just pour the hot water in here. >> pour the hot water in and then you dip it like that... i think it is -- looks like a turkey baster.
9:39 am
five bucks, i say no. a maybe, if -- >> alisyn: a no. >> because, i mean, based on your evaluation, i think it wrecks the tea-drinking experience. >> consumer advisor regina lewis, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> dave: coming up, americans concerned about the state of our country and the futures, a lot of celebrities sharing the same words. >>... have parents knowing what to tell children and the only way that will start is by telling the truth, about america. >> dave: frank luntz hears from hollywood, when we come back. do. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if thosboxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in te country for a low flat rate. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service.
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♪ ♪ one, two, three, fo ♪ want you and everything at you ♪ ♪ it's obvious that i like you ♪ i'd go anywhere to be near you ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do... ♪ do, do, do, do >> rarely do celebrities sit down together to discuss issues and challenges facing america at least on camera, fox news contributor and pollster frank luntz joins us with a special celebrity focus group, frank, take it away, my friend. >> this really doesn't happen, we got more than a dozen of some very recognizable movie stars, television stars, musicians, and they sat down together, and
9:43 am
discussed some of the challenges facing america, it was an interesting conversation, because so many of them said things that are quite surprising, the first topic was freedom and let's hear what our hollywood personalities had to say. >> people can do just about anything they want. i can't even say -- speak out loud some of the things i've seen on billboards. and so, yeah, there is plenty of freedom and i'm not sure that all of the freedom is exercised responsibly. >> i disagree. robert may agree. i still do concerts, stand up concerts and stand-up comedy has more restriction than i ever felt in my life. there are words i can't use -- 18 months ago, [bleeped] was a word you could say and now you get boos and heckled and i said what police came tone my career and told me there are words i can't use. it is about intents in comedy and if my intent is to make you laugh and sometimes i trick people but there is more censorship in stand-up, canaries in the coal mine and you go to comedy clubs and people boo and
9:44 am
rear back because there are words you can't use, i find it very less free. >> robert? >> exercised on the part of the audience... >> sure. >> i don't disagree but i think that is their freedom, to express themselves. express themselves. >> compared to, say, lenny bruce and his time, you know... >> there was an actual... >> i mean, that may reflect the audience's tastes, changing. >> political correctness, too. >> i don't buy it. >> i might take issue with the overall question that i'm really -- i believe most things are generational and like everything it is generational and if you asked the question five years ago, your numbers would have been about the same. >> not only did they talk about freedom, they talked about ethics and morality. and, linked that not just to hollywood but to what is happening in america today. let's listen: >> i can't take my grandchildren to the movies any more. simply because of the kind of movies they are making. 9 out of ten, i'm not speaking
9:45 am
for every one of them and there are so many times we sit down to watch television in the evening and we cannot watch television. go through... you cannot let a grandchild sit there and watch what you would watch as an adult. and that is one of the biggest problems i think, personally, that we have. >> i'm going to make my daughters establish a moral compass in their own way, however they want to do it. i have done it my way and i have been a very good background in church and i get to decide when to -- philosophical training, have done a lot of religious studies but you have to develop a moral compass, through science and physics, quantum mechanics and you can see it is is a very, peculiar world and you have to decide there is a center to it, creator, builder something -- >> teaching civics in school is not the goal. it is now civics seems out into the values of the culture. and, you have to have american history, plays and you have to have parents knowing what to tell children and the only way that will start is by telling the truth, about america.
9:46 am
>> it is what we teach. >> i want viewers to look at the background there. those are paintings from steven penly one of the great artists of the 21st century. and, it sets a perfect tone for the final conversation about civics and what is happening in terms of what is taught to kids and the counter political environment, what we don't have or the political environment, do have. let's listen. >> first recognizable, share, not what we don't share, we have no, no -- no one is teaching us what our ethical foundation is that we wake up in the morning and know we are americans. and, from which we can disagree with one another. we talk about what we don't share, before we know what we are talking about. americans are the only country in the history of the world, that is bound only by ideas and those ideas -- if they are not taught we are not bound.
9:47 am
let's talk about what we share before we talk about what we don't. >> do you agree. >> yes. >> very much. >> unfortunately, the tenor in the country today is that there is money to be made from division. there is money to be made from chaos, you know and i think maybe there is money to be made. we went from being citizens to consumers. i don't know when that happened and the prevailing activity is to make money, every bit of the cultural real estate -- >> when we were kids the last thing my dad said, you never ask another man what he makes for a living and, he said now it is in books, first thing they say, it is public knowledge. >> now, what you've got is a group of actors, many of them from the creative coalition and i want to thank robin bronk and the creative coalition for participating and they are clearly knowledgeable and have things to say, have things on their minds and people were surprised by just how effective they were, at what they had to say. >> frank, i was surprised, at
9:48 am
the fantastic segment, appreciate your time, my friend, frank luntz. >> pleasure. >> yejeannine turner teaches ki the importance of the constitution, joins us live from the "we e the people" contest, next. activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow!
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>> severe weather alert, bermuda bracing for hurricane igor to hit tonight, rick leventhal live in hamilton, bermuda with this latest. rick, take it away. >> eric, conditions starting to deteriorate now, on bermuda's southern coast where wind gusts have been reported 40 to 50 miles per hour and the hurricane still at least ten hours away, we're streaming live, the quality isn't quite as good and i want to show you some of the heavy waves that are battering the rocks here, off the reefs
9:52 am
hotel, a quick short pan to the left, you can see where the beach eroded in front of coconut's restaurant. the sand was up to the gray concrete base and you can probably see there where the water is touch now, has been chewed away, 3, 4 feet of sand at least, covering the entire small stretch of beach there. again the storm not as severe as one predicted but, certainly, could be big problems for bermuda and we'll cover it for you throughout the day, eric? >> all right, appreciate that. >> dave: thank you, rick, stay safe down there. this week we celebrated the 233rd birthday of the u.s. constitution. but, some say very special kids were also celebrating, what the constitution means to them. >> alisyn: jeannine turner is the founder and co-chair of constituting america and is here with two of the winners, from the "we the people" 9/17 contest.
9:53 am
carise and haley. >> it is haley... >> alisyn: exciting to have you here. tell us about the contest you sit up in around the country. >> we launched this year a contest, "we the people, 9/17" contest and wanted to be different, essays and poems an art work and best short film and best public service announcement and best song. >> alisyn: what is the goal. >> to educate kids about the constitution, and, to be a part of the culture. >> dave: and, 16-year-olds are not all too concerned with the u.s. constitution, and have other things on their mind. why is it important to you. >> well, i did the p -- me and the girl i did the psa with, we are children of immigrants and, we have rights, that are not given to other people in the world. >> show them the clip you put together. >> freedom of speech, religion
9:54 am
and expression. >> freedom to bear arms. >> know that you can protect yourself. >> freedom to legally defend yourself. >> the american constitution provides me with basic rights other countries do not. we are free, because we know our constitution. >> great and when you saw this you decided she should win and tell us what struck you. >> i got the chills, a little bit of an excerpt, but, 60 second is on our web site and i got chills and when you send it to a judge and peter flaherty was our judge and he's run many political campaigns and agreed. >> dave: and you picked haley's poem. recite it. whenever you are ready. >> before america had even begun, it lost the harbor to u.s... patriots wanted to be free and bring the land to liberty. ... our constitution, gave us the revolution and, it gives me
9:55 am
rights so i have might, no one can take away what i am doing today because i live in the land of the free and can grow up to be me! [cheers and applause]. >> dave: great poise on camera. 7 years old. >> and we have a documentary on our web site, traveled 5600 is my and went to all of our winners' home states and it is a great teaching tool. >> alisyn: how did you learn how to write a poem and what do you know about the constitution. >> i did it -- i typed it on the computer. >> dave: very quick to correct you if you make a mistake. you have to be on your a-game with haley! >> modern days... >> alisyn: do you learn about the united states and the constitution in your schools? >> well, i -- my teacher teached me about it, and we have american girl dolls. >> alisyn: i heard that and you
9:56 am
like felicity. >> yes. >> dave: she taught about the tea party. >> yes. >> dave: jeannine are you finding the message is received well, so many thinks distract the kids. how well does it -- is this importance of the u.s. constitution today, how well did they receive night that is why we try to do electronic things, songs and psas and want kids to think about it and talk about it, because it is so relevant. >> alisyn: we're glad you guys came on and, the tidbits of your winning entries. >> i'm proud of the winners here! >> alisyn: a pleasure to meet you, yejeannine, great to see y. >> dave: more "fox & friends" in two minutes.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> dave: we wants to thank eric boling for filling in for clayton morris, good to have you here, buddy, i can't to congratulate my close friends, i was at their wedding, tim and mandy mcmaster and i made to it


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