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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 19, 2010 10:00am-12:00pm EDT

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pennsylvania and made it back for the show. great fun, congratulations to them! superstar! >> dave: enjoy the honeymoon. >> alisyn: go to the "after the show" show, we'll be do a lot of pirate-speaking! >> ahoy, mate! >> jamie: good morning, this is a "fox news alert." we're about to hear from alaska's republican senate nominee, joe miller. he will be speaking out for the first time, since his opponent beat him in the primary, and ash anouned she was jumping back into the race. >> eric: i'm eric sean, welcome to america's news headquarters, joe miller beat incumbent lisa murkowski, in the tight primary race, and that came down to counting the absentee ballots and senator murkowski recently saying she's getting back into the general election, as a write-in candidate. >> i listened. and i listened to alaskans who
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said, lisa, please, please give us that choice because they told me, we cannot accept is the extremist views of joe miller, and we cannot -- [cheers and applause]. >> will not... [cheers and applause]. >> we can't. [cheers and applause]. >> eric: what does it mean for the race and for tea partiers nationwide? coming up in a few minutes, we'll bring you joe miller's first response to the senator's comments. fox news sunday host anchor, chris wallace will join us live. jamie? >> jamie: tea party groups, eric, hope for another big win, a race they are hoping for, the kentucky race and backing rand paul, an ophthalmologist in his race against jack conway, rand paul joins us live from bowling green, kentucky, dr. paul, thanks for being with us. good morning. >> good morning, good to be with you. thanks for having me. >> jamie: no doubt, there is a tidal wave when it comes to the tea party and many people are
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trying to figure out what it is. do you see it as a wing of the g.o.p.? or is it a critique of it? >> well, i tell people that the tea party is equal parts chastisement to both parties. doing a bad job with controlling spending, letting the debt get out of control, and, so, really, there is blame to go around on both sides of the aisle. most of the time when you talk to a tea party and go in and interview with them to try and get their support, they'll tell you they are conservatives, but they'll also say, if republicans are wrong, we expect you to vote against the spending, even if republicans are proposing it. the bank bailout was a good example of where many republicans voted for it, but the tea party uniformly thought it was a bad idea for the government to own banks and car comes. >> jamie: some of the things the tea party talks about and you talk about as well in your campaign, the balanced budget, extending tax cuts, less
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government interference and you are a physician and health care is an issue and you talked about, too. and you say if you are elected, that you will overthrow the current health care plan. how would you do that? >> well, we have to get a number of new faces in washington to do that, there are -- there is a good chance we'll get a majority in one or both houses, overturning it will be more difficult, because, the president has a veto power but, it will be a whole new dynamic if the republicans take over at least one house, if it is a really big year and the republicans will take over both houses, you know, i think we can get quite a bit of change in our direction. >> jamie: let's look at an ad that is currently running -- your challenger ran saying you are soft on crime. take a look and let's have you respond. >> listen to rand paul. >> i'm for having crimes and having laws against things that are violent crimes and things that are nonviolent should not be against the law. >> that is crazy.
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>> how do you feel about our national security? and even security for those in kentucky? >> right. the interesting thing is, so much in campaigning is just flat-out dishonest and that ad is a lie. the interesting thing about it is, this is from several years ago, when i was speaking as a pundit on a show and we were talking about helmet laws for adults, and whether adults should have the right to either gamble or buy lottery tickets as a comparison between lottery tickets and gambling and, it really had nothing do with drugs or drugs for minors or all of these things. >> jamie: those things you think should be illegal, dr. paul. >> yes. yes. yes. and i'm not proposing any changes in the drug laws or laws against prostitution, it is sort of this bizarre notion that they think they can grab onto things that are not really true and win an election but they are mistaken, what the american people are talking about. we're in the middle of a great
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recession, and, they are playing these little word games, but, what we're concerned about it 10% unemployment. $2 trillion deficit. $400 billion interest payments and we are concerned about a government that is out of control, and we're also concerned that we may not be coming out of the recession, and that we think we need go in a different direction, president obama wants more government programs, more regulations, and we think that gets in the way of business creating new jobs, and it doesn't help. >> jamie: if you were to be successful in your run for senate, for kentucky, i wanted to ask you, who would you caucus with? would you caucus with the tea party? or the g.o.p.? and, if it is the tea party, who would you like to see lead that? >> well, you know, i'm a republican, always have been. i was actually at the 1976 republican convention, when my dad was a reagan delegate and i have been a republican my whole life and voted in the primary every time and i'm a republican through and through but i'm a
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republican who wants the republican party to be more true to its platform and our platform says we don't bail out private businesses. much less, own private businesses, so that is what i am arguing for and not arguing for a new party and there may be a group who get together and form a tea party caucus or a discussion session, to try to sway the g.o.p. more in terms of balanced budgets, term limits, and reading the bills, that the bills should point to where in the constitution they get their authority, and congress should not pass any bills they don't apply to themselves. these are good government reform issues, the tea party is about and i will attempt to find others who agree and, form some sort of caucus, and when i -- when i go to washington. >> jamie: your dad in an interview last week i heard said that your race is easier than christine o'donnell's, because delaware is so liberal. but, kentucky is fairly democratic also. how do you compare the two
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races? >> we have more democrats than republicans but we tend to elect republicans for federal office, ken tuckians are socially conservative like myself, pro-life, and i think they are unlikely to vote for someone who believes in federal funding of abortion like my opponent does and i think we have a better chance here than in delaware, but, i would also not discount delaware, because i think the message of balanced budgets and of term limits and president obama is the most anti-business president we have ever had, if she discusses those three things, i think she has a real shot even in delaware, because, people are up in arms and unhappy with the government owning everything, and taking over everything, and running up these enormous deficits, and, if she talks about that, i think she has a real chance, even in delaware. >> jamie: dr. paul, there are some questions about some of the things that you and your dad shares in this, we'd like to see happen. one is that you would like to
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see the federal reserve abolished. and, the department of education dis banded. why is that? >> well, historically, as part of the republican platform, to get rid of the department of education, ronald reagan ran on it twice, it was part of our platform i think for 12 years. we have always believed, as republicans, that the more local control, the better. unfortunately, last several years, some republicans went the opposite way and we passed no child left behind which no one likes. old-fashioned conservatives don't like it, because it is conservative and, teachers and the teachers unions don't like it because it involveses a lot of busy-bodies from washington telegraph them everything they have to do, some of these kids are taking four and five tests a year and it is too much and we need sense made of it. but i want to empower the teachers, the parents, the local school board, the superintendent, and i don't want
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washington to tell me what to do and i think that is consistent with the philosophy of small government that deinvolves power away from washington and leaves most of it in the hands of the states and the people respectively. >> jamie: dr. rand paul, an ophthalmologist making his way through the kentucky senate race, thank you very much, nice to meet you. >> thanks for having me. >> jamie: and a note, we placed a call to rand paul's opponent, democrat jack conway and asked him to join us on the program today and we hope to get the chance to talk to him soon as well. eric. >> eric: jamie, pope benedict xvi wrapped up the trip to great britain with an open air mass this sunday morning and this holy father delivering a sermon in birmingham before tens of thousands of people, and, talked about the world war ii battle, that saved great britain. tell us about what the pope said
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today. >> reporter: eric, it was a real day of british weather, and it is not often pope benedict xvi gets personal and what is interest, he talked of the german attacks and remembers it with shame and horror, the british today are celebrating 70 years, since the battle there, a key battle and the mass was about joy, declaring john henry newman blessed in his adopted city of birmingham and the trip surprised a lot of people and the build-up was so negative and there were protests but hundreds of thousands of people were on the streets and a great crowd at the mass and a vatican spokesperson said after the noise people are listening to the pope and one last point, friday they did arrest 6 suspects, they thought it was a potential plot and all have been released without being charged and seems in the end, the police didn't have too much on them, eric. >> eric: that is a relief, greg burke reporting live on the pope's visit, thank you and we'll have more on the pope's visit to great britain, father
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jonathan morris is in london, covering it for fox news, and he will be joining us a little bit later on in america's news headquarters. >> eric: an alert on the issue of iran. secretary of state hillary clinton just urging the people of the nation to reject what she sees the growing role of the military in the islamic regime. >> i have grave disagreement with the iranian revolution. but, the early advocates of it said it would be a republic, it would be an islamic republic but it would be a republic. then we saw a very flawed election and we have seen the elected officials turn to the military, to enforce their power... >> eric: and, while she is conducting interviews, guess who arrived here in our country, mahmoud ahmadinejad. the iranian president. you see here arriving last night and is attending new york city, the u.n. general assembly
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meetings this week and there is a conference on global poverty he'll address, that starts tomorrow. but, of course, all eyes will be on iran's disputed nuclear program and what he will say about that. what can we expect from the visit? u.s. ambassador john bolton is the former ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor who joins us every sunday about this time. ambassador, good morning. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> eric: well, he's here, only a few blocks away from our studio, and he's in midtown manhattan and will be a week of interviews and speeches, of meetings with intellectuals, and, he will speak to the united nations twice. addressing them twices. what do you expect will be the result? >> well, i think this is going to be a carefully calculated week as part of iran's propaganda campaign to convince heads of state and the media who are here for the opening of the general assembly their ongoing nuclear weapons program and their massive support for international terrorism are not the threats they are in fact and so, there will be a lot of photo
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opportunities and very interesting to see if there are any encounters between senior iranian officials, coming from tehran, and, senior american officials, who will be up for the opening week of the general assembly. >> eric: do you expect there could be those types of contacts. >> i noticed secretary clinton was very careful to say there were no planned meetings, but, that she expected to be talking about iranian issues, that could be diplo-speak for, it's not quite planned yet but in the delegate's lounge or something there is always a chance to run into a stray foreign minister here or there. >> eric: the planned-unplanned-planned meeting among diplomats. and, will it make any difference? look what they are doing. mahmoud ahmadinejad and iran and they are violating four u.n. resolution and he'll be meeting with ban ki-moon in an hour and that while they are continuing the uranium enrichment thumbing their noses at the international community. >> i think it's clear that the
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security council sanctions, sanctions enacted by congress this past summer, european union sanctions are not having any significant effect on iran's nuclear weapons program, we see our nato ally, turkey, announcing they look forward to a huge increase in trade with iran and you have russia and china, and supplying them with petroleum products, crediting the international markets and a whole range of military sales as well. so, the sanctions root has failed and the administration, our administration, has no plan b, other, i fear, than accepting iran as the nuclear power. >> eric: that's not what the administration says, bob gates this week said that he thinks sanctions are working and are tougher than they expected. >> i think that is badly mistake en and the evidence is that iran continues the weapons program, i haven't heard any administration official say anything to the contrary. and, indeed the whole rationale
10:15 am
for sanctions is the administration now -- as the administration advocates them is not to stop years the nuclear w program but, to bring them back to the negotiating table and that is a symbol of weakness. >> eric: how do you stop them when they put on-line a nuclear reactor and russia has a deal to sell them $1 billion of anti-aircraft missiles and u.n. inspectors were banned from looking at their sites. >> the most likely outcome at this point is iran will have nuclear weapons and sooner rather than later. and secretary clinton's reference to the military influence in iran is a little out of date. because the military which controls the nuclear weapons program has begin steadily gaining control in iran for the past several years and that is reflected in the policies they have been pursuing and so i think absent outside military intervention, against the iranian nuclear weapons program, which certainly will not come from this administration, iran will get nuclear weapons and
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then, so will others in the region, in reaction there to. >> eric: i want to remind people of some of his bluster in the past, he has the meetings with journalists and intellectuals as they call him in new york this week and here's recent quotes, mahmoud ahmadinejad said, start with the first one, quote, they are trying to save the zionist regime but it will not survive. it is doomed. he said the u.s. and the zionist entity will not be able to hit iran right now, any israeli attack against iran means the elimination of the zionist entity from the world map, and also says they fail to issue sanction, okay, do it. how many resolution have you issued so far? four? make it 4,000. what is your reaction when you have that type of language coming from the iranian head of state? >> well, i would like to see if president obama still has his hand out stretched. you know, he has been looking for an iranian to shake hands
10:17 am
with and it doesn't look like from mahmoud ahmadinejad he's eager to do it and that is why the get-together in new york is interesting, here's a chance to rub shoulders, the secretary-general's annual lunch for heads of state and it would be entirely to iran's advantage to open negotiation with the u.s. at a senior level, but, it doesn't sound like it will happen. >> eric: we'll -- remember when chavez walked over to president obama and handed him a book? we'll see if mahmoud ahmadinejad tries a similar stunt. ambassador -- >> i can't wait. >> julie:. >> eric: ambassador bolton, good to see you. jamie. >> jamie: a developing story we are following. search teams fanning out now looking for 13 missing people including 8 children, in california, they are connected to a cult-like group, why authorities are now fearing the worst. >> eric: and newly minted alaska senate candidate joe miller, the tea party guy speaking out for the first time, since the new challenge from an old rival,
10:18 am
we'll have more on the exclusive fox news sunday interview, with joe miller, next. >> what is good for alaska is good for the country. transferring power from the federal government to the states provides opportunity to all states. not just the -- alaska, we are laboratories of democracy, a very diverse country and each one of these states has the opportunity to create solutions themselves, particularly when we face these significant challenge weiss have as a country. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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>> eric: a flooudzflooudz, "fox alert," police branded a cult-like sect and cops are looking for five adults an 8 children, that range from 18 years old, down to three years old, and police say they are from a group they fear could be planning a suicide pact, and the group last seen outside of the house, outside of los angeles, cops say they are members of the group, allel salvadorian immigrants and broke off from a mainstream christian church and the highway patrol is using helicopters to search for three cars they fear may be in the group, worrying about whether or not they may be planning a suicide pact.
10:23 am
>> jamie: a fox news sunday exclusive, joe miller speaking out for the first time since the im co incumbent, lisa mur saefk said she'll be a write-in candidate and he says she is not listening to the will of alaska's voters. >> the views we expressed during the campaign they're views the future of the state needs to embrace, so i think really she just got a real disconnection from reality in thinking that the voters of alaska are extreme. >> jamie: and, joining me now to talk about the exclusive interview, the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace, good morning. >> chris: good morning, jamie. >> jamie: it came as a surprise, the announcement that she would plays herself on the ballot as a write-in candidate. does joe miller see her as a threat. >> chris: you know, she could be a threat, not necessarily that she could win herself, it turns out there has not been anyone
10:24 am
elected to the senate as a write-in candidate, since strom thurm thurmond in the 1950s and it is a close race between her and miller and only 2,000 votes separated them in the primary and though it's a republican state, only narrowly leading the democratic opponent, scott mcadams, and if she siphons away the republican vote, conceivably he might not lose to her but might lose to the democrat. yes. the race is up for grabs and he admits that in the interview. >> jamie: a different strategy, i'm sure he has to put in place now, what does he want the people of alaska to know as they consider all of the candidates in the race. >> chris: well, you know, he's a tea partier and a grassroots guy and he very much believes in limited government, in constitutional government, he's even -- we talked about it in the interview, suggested that unemployment benefits could be unconstitutional because they are not in the enu numnumerateds
10:25 am
of the federal government and wants power to be shifted from the federal government to the state in a lot of areas and raises the possibility of soek and one reason that it -- might have resonance in alaska is because so much of their federal land, their land and resources are controlled by the federal government, billions of dollars in resources, he says, look, give us back the money, and we won't have to worry about earmarks or bridges to nowhere or anything like that. we'll support ourselves, just fine. give us that -- the land and resources that are alaska's and that is his primary message to the voters in alaska, coming up in november. >> jamie: you know what, chris, just in your summary, right there, a lot of people will watch, because people want to learn more and more about the tea party and what they stand for and joe miller. thanks so much, chris, great to see you. we will not miss it! >> chris: thank you so much, jamie. >> jamie: you can catch all of his interview with joe miller as well as a one-on-one with karl rove who always has something interesting to say, the former
10:26 am
senior advisor to president george w. bush today only on fox news sunday, check your local listings or catch it here on fox news channel, 2:00 p.m. eastern and 6:00 p.m. eric? >> eric: it is sunday, 10:30 in the east and you know what time that is? dr. isadore rosenfeld and "sunday house call," coming up, influenza vaccines to alzheimer's, dr. rosenfeld, coming up in three minutes. hey, lawrence, my parents want to talk to you.
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>> eric: the war on al qaeda and the taliban does not let up. pakistan intelligence officials suspect a u.s. missile strike in northwest pakistan has killed five alleged militants, and the strike occurring in the north earn waziristan region, taliban controlled and it is believed where usama bin laden is holed up, this is the 15th strike, just this month, believed by
10:31 am
u.s. officials, the most intense barrage in the past six years, again, pakistani officials saying the suspected u.s. missile strike has killed five militants, in northwest pakistan. >> jamie: time now for "sunday house call," look who is in the house! "sunday house call" host dr. isadore rosenfeld, the rossi distinguished professor of clinical medicine at the wild cornell medical center. doc, good morning. >> good morning, i feel so great! after fasting yesterday! i didn't eat a thing yesterday. i feel good. psychologically, physically, ask me anything. >> jamie: is that your healthy monday tip? we'll get to that, folks, you don't have to fast! we wouldn't do that to you. last week you talked about what it means when the doctor puts a stethoscope up to the side of your neck and i haven't had the check-up yet. you said listen to both sides and listening to blockages that could exist in your carotid
10:32 am
arteries which causes strokes, if you have it and told us specifically about the risks for men, so today i want to know, what about the ladies? >> right. well, since last week's show, there was another study i want to tell you about, this one indicates -- i told you that when they find a blockage, it can either be removed by ballooning it and putting a stent in or by operating on it and removing it and i said last week that men over 70 should have it done surgically, not the balloon and the stenting, because the incidence of stroke after surgery is much less than with the ballooning. now, comes the new study, about women as you asked, jamie, what about women? my recommendation, based on this study, is that all women who have such blockages and need to be treated should be treated surgically, not with the stent. it turns out, that the surgical
10:33 am
operation is over -- in the long run, results in fewer strokes down the line. >> jamie: different for men and women. interesting. >> note a big deal... your doctor will tell you what -- you know, what your risks are and what is best for you. but, basically the study shows that women who have it done surgically, have a better long term outlook. >> eric: all right, from the women to the men, you know, it seps seems like everywhere you look, there are alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction and which ones are safe and which ones work? doctor, what about that. >> first, let me make it clear, that the discussion of erectile dysfunction does not involve anybody on the set. or really involve any of our viewers, this is directed to people who watch other channels. but, if you happen to be -- check, tuning in on fox news, here's some information for you. you know, erectile dysfunction which is the inability to have
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satisfactory sexual relations, used to be considered primarily a psychological problem. and, in many men it is a psychological problem, but, more recent data in the last few years shows that men men who have problems with the -- sustaining an erection have physical problems, they may be diabetics, with nerve involvements, they may have decreased blood flow to critical areas and so on and so there are many, many reasons for this problem, and if you have it, you should be frank and open with your doctor, because he or she may help you with the problem. now, as you know, in the last few years, the dramatic improvement in the treatment of this has been the viagra group of drugs. the viagra which increases the blood flow to the area, has solved the problem for many men. but, there are many of us who -- many of you, not us, many of
10:35 am
you, who look for alternative treatments. people who say, well, maybe wa have they been doing in china and africa, over thousands of years, maybe some of the things that they use, that they claim are effective, could be used by us, too,safer and less expensive. the bottom line is, that -- i'll give you a list of the most commonly used ones, and, generally speaking, i have to say, that many of them do work to some extent and, if you are so motivated, you should try them. the first one, is dhea. that is a components of the sex hormones and may work, especially if men, with low testosterone levels. the problem with it is sometimes it lowers the good hdl and can
10:36 am
cause acne. the next problem -- next i wish i could read it on the screen. is... horny -- excuse the expression, horny goat weed. a real drug and it may help also. the problem with horny goat weed which you can get at a health food store, is that we're not sure how about safe it is, and what the side effects are and i would be careful with that particular drug. the next one is folic acid. if you take a lot of extra folic acid and vitamin e, that may help but, be sure the not to take too much. it is particularly helpful if you are taking viagra. it may increase, improve the effects of viagra. then, there is gingko. everybody knows about that. i think it can help by increasing blood flow to the genital area. but, remember that it can cause
10:37 am
increased bleeding, if you are an anti-coagulants don't take it. ginseng, which many people take to make them feel better, may help, too. but, it may lower the blood sugar. so if you are diabetic, be careful. and, also, be careful with ginseng, if you are taking anti-depressants. and then, yohimbe, which comes from an african tree, may also help, but, the problem with yohimbe is some people with high blood pressure, it may elevate the pressure. zinc supplements also may help. but, avoid it in high doses, because, too much zinc can give you gastrointestinal side effects, and, other problems and those are the main supplements people use, they all help a little bit, but, be careful about their size effects, and you have to know when to use them, and be careful about taking other drugs with them.
10:38 am
>> interesting. coming up, in a moment, new findings on alzheimer's, the connection to memory loss most people associate with getting older. the doctor will have full details on that, and... you have to see this. a massive catch, 900 pounds, a woman hooked 'em, coming up next. . gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office
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♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do we throw out over $500 in food ziploc preevery year.gic. help save more of it with ziploc freezer bags featuring the smartzip seal. edge-to-edge protection you can hear. get ziploc and get more out of it. [ female announcer ] sc johnson. a family company. >> eric: the first family going to church this sunday morning, here's brand new video into fox news, shows the president and his family, attending services at the st. john's episcopal church, across lafayette park from the white house, the first time we have seen the president attend church since easter. he has in the past, said attending public services can be too disruptive to the congregations. ♪
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>> jamie: the doc is bringing us information today on natural treatments and one is for urinary tract infection, it is cranberry juice. doc, is it effective. >> you know, more than million people go to see a doctor every year, because of urinary tract infections. the symptoms are low grade fever, urgency, discomfort when you urinate, frequency and it is usually do to an infection by an organism called e. coli, which usually comes from the bowel. the treatment for an acute urinary tract infection is an antibiotic. now, once you control the infection, with the antibiotic, you want to take steps to prevent its recurrence and i want to tell you about cranberry juice. cranberry juice is a safe and effective product which you can get in the health food stores,
10:44 am
and if you take it on a regular basis, if you are vulnerable to urinary tract infection, once the antibiotic has controlled the infection, you should be on cranberry juice regularly. every day. the cranberry juice, what it does is it prevents the bacteria from sitting down on the walls of your urethra, and, the other organs that -- the bladder and so on and it controls the growth of the e. coli, and, people who are prone to urinary tract infections, who take cranberry juice on an ongoing basis, have a dramatic reduction in the recurrence. as a matter of fact, the cranberry juice is good for other infections, too. i think it is very good for preventing infections in the mouth, and, in the gums, and, does not affect other good bacteria, in your bowel. so, it's an ideal substance to
10:45 am
take, you can take it in various forms and take it concentrated, and you can take it sugar free if you are a diabetic. there are many ways to take this cranberry juice and i recommend that you do it if you have urinary problems. >> eric: all right, doc, time for myth or facts. the popular joint -- we'll get to that in a minute. we have to pay the bills. right. >> jamie: first we want to tell you that there is a massive hurricane close to landfall, there it is, bermuda is brabracd how it will impact the u.s. coastline, today.
10:46 am
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10:49 am
>> jamie: huge catch down south, involving a 900 pound gator. 900 pounds? didn't know they -- they could be that big! check it out, mary ellen captured and killed a 13 foot alligator in south carolina. hooking the monster with a fishing pole and fought the beast two hours, and took it down. >> eric: back now, "sunday house call" and your host, dr. isadore rosenfeld, there is more and more research done on alzheimer's disease. and, now there is new information about how it could have a connection to memory loss, that most people associate
10:50 am
with normal aging. what does the study show, doctor. >> you're right, those of us who are getting older find that our memory is not what it used to be, we don't know where we put the car keys or put our glasses, we have trouble remembering somebody's name, and, this is thought to be due to normal aging. and, there is nothing -- has nothing to do with alzheimer's and the vast majority of people who have these memory lapses, so-called senior moments, do not in fact go on to develop alzheimer's. but, recent research shows that if you do have these memory symptoms, you in fact have -- are beginning to have the changes that occur in the brain in alzheimer's. now, if these changes continue and increase, you will
10:51 am
ultimately get alzheimer's. the point is, they don't always do so. i am making this point today, to indicate that there is no such thing as normal aging. there are no symptoms that are due in the brain to normal aging. because if you take older people, who have no problem with memory and there are many who don't, their brains when examined do not show these early changes. so, don't panic at this information. it is just for your education, and not for you to act on it. now, what is the points of determining this as a fact? at the moment we have no proven way of preventing or treating alzheimer's. but, i predict that in the next little while, there will be such treatments and preventions. and, when they do become available, those people who now
10:52 am
only have mild memory loss, will be treated so as to prevent it from moving onto alzheimer's. the point being, that if you don't think it has anything to do with alzheimer's, it may -- you may not consider yourself elsible for the prevention or treatment. >> that would be fantastic news, doc. absolutely. >> jamie: you have been optimistic about that. gives people hope! >> i believe in our lifetime, we will have something to reverse and prevent the progression of alzheimer's. >> jamie: encouraging and you don't forget where your car keys are because for your birthday you got a new car! time for myth or fact. yes, it's true. popular joint supplements, glucosamine and chondroitin people feel are effective for knee, hip, and, doc, what about the facts. >> you get it at the health food to store and it has no health effects and if you have aches and pains in your knees an hips
10:53 am
you take it and i have to tell you, many of my patients take it and tell me they feel better. i have had arthritis of one of my knees and tried it and i think it helped me, too. but you know, there is such a thing as the placebo fact. you take something and somebody tells you it works and you take it and i think it works for me, too. the latest report is that glucosamine and chondroitin taken for knee and arthritic mild knee and arthritic pain really does nothing, it does not affect the joint, doesn't prevent the closure of the space in the joint, and, in fact, it has no effect. now, my take on this is that all of neil who tell me that works, what advice do i give them? i tell them to continue to take it because it can do no harm and it may be that they feel better, because they simply have a mild case and for mild cases, which the study may not have included,
10:54 am
this drug helps. the supplement helps. i mean, at some point, people with these hip and knee problems may have to go on to hip replacement and other kinds of surgical intervention. but, as long as the pain is not that severe, forget about the study. if the glucosamine and chondroitin help you, take it. there is no downside to it. >> eric: all right. doc you want to start they've week right, who doesn't? the doctor, coming up will have the healthy monday tip. >> jamie: plus the senate race in alaska is heating up, the incumbent senator announcing she's getting back in the race. what she did, new reaction this morning, exclusively with fox. stay with us. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
10:55 am
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so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. up to you. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪ green giant. ♪ ♪ >> eric: it's back now to sunday housecall and your host dr. isadore rosenfeld who has his healthy monday tip, the tip he gives us every sunday to start the week right. >> okay, you know that in the past few weeks, we've talked about the flu vaccine. now the normal flu vaccine that you are going to get is, contains organism. there is no active virus in it. you cannot catch the flu from the vaccine. however, there is a vaccine that you can take through a
10:59 am
nasal spray. but it contains live vaccine. so at least theoretically you can catch the flu if you take this by nasal route. who should not take the nasal things? kids under 2. anybody, any adult over the age of 50 should not take it. you have a chronic health problem, if you are diabetic or you have heart disease and you get in trouble if you got a flu infection, don't take it. if you have immune, a compromised immune system. anyone who takes a long-term aspirin shouldn't take it. anyone with chronic disease shouldn't take it. it's convenient for young, healthy people, who don't like shots. it's effective. but remember, it contains a small amount of live vaccine. i've never heard of anybody catching the flu from it.
11:00 am
but still, if you fall in to any of the categoriesdo not take the live nasal vaccine. >> jamie: thank you. we get a lot of questions about that. send e-mails to he reads them all and sometimes responds personally and we may bring it up on a future edition of house call. thank you so much. and we start with hour with a fox news alert. the alaska senate showdown. republican senator lisa murkowski speaking out this hour about why she got back in to on the race. welcome to the brand new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. lisa murkowski narrowly lost the g.o.p. nomination to tea party favorite joe miller. murkowski announced she is back in as a write-in and both were speaking out this morning. julie kirtz is live with the latest.
11:01 am
how did lisa murkowski explain the decision after she lost to go after the nomination and bam write-in candidate? >> she said she is not undermining the republican party with her write-in race, so she is pushing ahead, she said with her decision to run as a write-in and pushing to the center, by the way, as she tries to keep her senate seat. she is already trying to raise money. she had a rally in alaska. had a conference call with supporters yesterday. she is taking on, of course, tea party favorite joe miller. the message today on national television boils down to this. miller, she says is too radical for action and she says outside tea party activists conducted a live smear campaign on his behalf. here is murkowski. >> you had the tea party express, the california based group come in at the end minute in a campaign and run a mud-slinging smear, just a terrible, terrible campaign. with lies and fabrication, and they came in and dumped
11:02 am
$600,000 in to a small market here in alaska. they absolutely clearly influenced the outcome of that election. >> so she is not backing down. she is not making some republicans, especially some in washington very happy about this. >> yeah. >> we will hear about that in a moment. joe miller on fox news sunday talking about the comeback. what did he say? >> he said murkowski was out of touch with the voters in alaska who he says want to reverse the growth of government spending. who aren't impressed with politicians who brag about bringing home the bacon. listen to miller. >> she is not listening well to the alaskan voters because this primary, we had the largest turn-out of republican voters in the history of the state. they sound resoundingly -- well, 2,000 votes. that's as resoundingly as we get. the views that we expressed
11:03 am
are the views that the future of the state needs to embrace. >> both miller and murkowski said turn-out would be key in the vote. the primary was close, about 2,000 votes. >> eric: julie kirtz live with the latest brouhaha. thank you, julie. what does it mean for tea party prospect across the country in the mid-term and this race? bring in chairman the doteli and robert hoops, advisor to senator biden and chris dodd. is murkowski being selfish or is she being correct? >> we have party primaries for a reason. that is that the winner moves on to the general election and the loser hopefully supports the party nominee. joe miller won the primary and as such he will get support of most republicans i know of. it's difficult to do a write-in vote, educating the voters in that regard.
11:04 am
most republicans will support joe miller. >> robert, do you agree with that? strom thurmond was the last time a senator was elected as a write-in? >> yeah. three criteria you need for an effective write-in campaign. name recognition, money and conducive environment. the senator has all three in alaska in her favor. everybody knows who she is, she is capable of raising money and the environment is in her favor. people have woken up and are surprised even in action at the extreme positions of miller. so that race, the florida race, where a tea party candidate forced republican candidate in a third party candidacy. are interesting and as frank said, not ideal for the republican party. >> eric: you know, frank, robert used a magic word. he said, "extreme." that's what some accuse tea partiers being, radical extreme, out of the republican party. what is your reaction to
11:05 am
that? after they've been doing so well. >> my reaction is the better answer they're capturing the mood of the voters right now, which is anti-washington. anti-tax and spending and anti-deficit. marco rubio for example is the republican nominee. not governor crist. latest poll show him far ahead. in every area where the so-called tea party candidate is the republican nominee, he or she is favored to win the general election. that i believe is also going to be the case in alaska. >> eric: robert, what about that? >> the real criteria for tea party candidates ought to be how do they do in states where there is a real race, a real toss-up? not how do they do in yutah or kentucky? how do they do in delaware? they're going to lose. how do they do in florida? they force third party candidacy. a real swing where it's general tea party candidate versus a democrat, they could go 0-2, delaware and nevada.
11:06 am
they could go 0-2 against republicans in florida and alaska. if that happens, you have to declare the tea party experiment a total failure for the republican party. >> eric: there is no doubt they energized the party. you have the highest number of republicans showing up for a primary since 1930. that is 80 years. look at a full screen to get facts. republican primary voters of september 1, 17 million versus 13 million democrats. robert you just mentioned delaware. look at history -- we have facts and history of delaware. 2006. 14,000, just over 14,000 republican republicans showed up for that. 2008, 28,000. they doubled that. 2010 in this election, 57 republicans showed up for the republican primary. that is triple a few years ago. >> 25% of eligible republicans voted in the
11:07 am
delaware primary. she got 13,000 votes. chris coons her opponent got 140,000 votes for county executive in delaware two years ago. the tea party is doing very well in republican primaries. so the question is how do they do in states where there is a real race against a real democrat in the general election? that's why we play the game and why the november elections are going to be so interesting. >> eric: frank, what is your view of the prospect? >> i'll take robert's bet. in november, whether the republican candidate is a so-called tea party candidate or establishment republican or mixture of both. i like our chances against a democrat backed against the obama administration. the public is down on the administration. i think we will do very, very well this year. >> eric: frank, robert, we thank you so much. that's what makes it so exciting and wakes us up on sunday morning. good to see you both. >> jamie: we have a surprise in washington. indiana congressman mike pence just reacting to his
11:08 am
win in this weekend's values voter straw poll that came out yesterday on possible presidential candidates. pence finishing ahead of prominent republicans 24% of the vote, besting mike huckabee, sarah palin. he said, "karen," his wife, "andry humbled by the straw poll but my focus is winning conservative majority in the u.s. house in november." hawaiian voters deciding who will be on the ballot this november. republican charles djou will face off. djou took off last may after he won a mail-in ballot special election. they also faced off in that election and for the senate. hawaii democrats nominated u.s. senator inoway. he served eight terms. >> eric: to another election now, this one in afghanistan.
11:09 am
fraud allegations emerging as official are counting the ballot from the parliamentary election there. officials gathering the results today. first step in what will be a lengthy process that will likely take weeks. conor powell streaming live from kabul with the latest from the election results. hi, conor. >> reporter: hi, eric. the united nations says it's too early to declare the parliamentary elections a success. but they're striking a much more upbeat tone. john ikenberry, the u.s. ambassador, told fox news considering the circumstance and the violence and the taliban insurgency, yesterday's election was a success. he admitted that there were flaws, and there were irregularities. but considering last year's marred presidential election, he saw a lot of progress and a lot of outside observers said the same thing. no one saying this is a perfect election but they say it's a significant step forward considering last
11:10 am
year's fawd-marred presidential election. and ambassador ikenberry said a lot of the progress is due to the new plans in afghanistan. >> the progress is slow and there are set-backs but yesterday it was a good day for a democratic representative government of afghanistan to move forward. great day for america. >> this is the beginning of the process. the voting is just one part. there are a lot of chances for fraud and corruption to emerge. international observers are positive about the way the election has happened so far. >> eric: thank you so much. streaming live from kabul. >> to the election and violence and how does it impact the troop? coming up, retired army brigadier general will tell us how it impacts our mission there.
11:11 am
>> jamie: there is an all-out search going on in southern california. bizarre case. police are looking for five adults and children from a cult-like group. casey stegall has the story, live from the palmdale sheriff office. why do police think this is a possible suicide pact? >> you mention police say this is bizarre. they think it may be a suicide pact because of some of the stuff left behind. no one has seen or heard from the group of 13 people, including eight children since early yesterday morning it's what they left behind in palmdale has the authorities concern and scratching their head. they left a bag with family members that included some i.d.s, their cell phones, and property deeds. that bag also had letters in
11:12 am
it, letters that said they were apparently going to wait for an apocalyptic event. some of the letters also said goodbye. listen. >> they left behind notes saying they were going to go visit deceased relatives and see jesus, notes that indicated they want to go to the next life. no words of suicide or taking our own life were used at all. but the indications seem it may be a possibility. we're out in full force. >> the l.a. county spokesperson saying they're out in full force. this is happening by land and by air, because it's believed the group may travel in the mountain of the high desert in three different vehicles. helicopters have been launched. police have are scouring the ground here.
11:13 am
trying to find the people. >> jamie: eight children is of great concern. what did authorities know about the group before starting the search, casey? >> they are all immigrants from el salvador and they all belonged to mainstream christian church in the area. not long ago, they broke off the church and created their sect, a religious sect. we have a picture of a leader of the sect. they say she has taken the group on one other prayer trip before. another one was scheduled but then it was canceled after they told family members. that member was kicked out of the group and it was canceled altogether. they were seen at a home in president obamadale by the way. early yesterday morning. we talked about it already. but they were holding a bible study at 1:00 in the morning.
11:14 am
law enforcement last night converged on the home. the only thing they found were bibles that were open to various, you know, verses. they found letters strewn on the floor. there was a different group in that home at the time, holding their own bible study at midnight. so this is all bizarre. police say the group in that home did not have anything to do with the religious sect they are looking for. there are a lot of details and confusion. the police are trying to sort through this, as are we. we'll have more throughout the day on fox news channel. >> jamie: let me mention the video we were showing on the other side of the screen is authorities. and they saw inside the house, as you describe. look at this. this looks like a prayer meeting was going on. bibles open and chairs assembled. they made statements, too
11:15 am
didn't they? >> they absolutely did. they say they were waiting for an apocalyptic events. they made bold statements and statements that police are concerned about that. are the ones, in fact, referring to this as a cult. so, again, trying to iron out all of the details here. fluid and developing situation. that is for sure, jamie. >> jamie: one of great concern, going to meet jesus in a way with eight children, not thought to be positive in this hour. casey, thank you for staying on it in palmdale, california. we'll check back with you. >> eric: jamie, have you heard about the new report? they're talking about the bush tax cuts expiring. they say or we have been told that would only impact the rich. now a report says it's not true. if they expire, they can affect almost all the families in the united states. we'll break down numbers and what it means for you.
11:16 am
>> jamie: plus, pope benedict wrapping up an historic visit. father jonathan morris tells us what it means for catholics around the world. one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do we throw out over $500 in food ziploc preevery year.gic. help save more of it with ziploc freezer bags featuring the smartzip seal. edge-to-edge protection you can hear. get ziploc and get more out of it. [ female announcer ] sc johnson. a family company.
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11:19 am
>> eric: deadly accident killed six people in a church van. it happened in new york city,
11:20 am
on the new york state thoroughway. cause of the crash was a blown tire that caused it to lose control. several passengers were thrown from the van. among the dead was the bishop of a new york city christian church and his wife. they were on their way to a banquet in schenedctady, new york. >> jamie: in washington, there is pressure mounting on lawmakers. tax cuts will expire at the end of the year. a new report from one of the big four tax accounting firms and it shows something pretty interesting, that a family of four making $50,000 a year would pay an extra $2,900 a year if they expire and a family of four making $100,000 a year would pay an extra $4,500. well, the president and democrats want to extend the cuts for just the middle class. republicans want extensions
11:21 am
to prop all income group. debate becoming a big issue of the mid-term election season, because if the lawmakers do not reach agree onment on some extension, on -- agreement on some extension, tax cut cans, nearly all the constituents back home will literally pay more. brenda buttner anchor of "bulls and bears" is joining us. now you have our attention with the introduction. everybody will pay this report says. tell us more. >> yes, absolutely. what a wake-up call to politicians. absolutely! because everyone is focussing on the wealthy. but, in fact, if these tax cuts expire, the working poor, the middle class, the high earners, everybody gets a tax hike starting next year, so these numbers are very telling. married people would face the marriage penalty elimination. the people with children, the child tax credit goes from $1,000 to $500. investors would face issues
11:22 am
on dividends. so it's very, very broad swath of people. it's very, very high stakes for those in washington. >> jamie: let me stop you there for a second. we want people to invest in the market but we'll take away the current capital gains rate and charge more for that. you have want to build weth and leave it for your kids. this is the year it was most beneficial. we may never see it again. how do we allow people to accumulate wealth? in particular, another result came out, another study that said household worth in the u.s. fell in the second quarter. >> yes. >> jamie: so people can't save, they can't build wealth, they can't spend. they don't have jobs. round it out for us. >> well, the household net worth did fall in the second quarter. those numbers just out. fell nearly 3%. since the start of the recession, it has fallen at 19%. now the second quarter which ended in june, loss was
11:23 am
mainly in stocks, actually. the s&p 500 lost 12%. stocks have gone up since then. in the second quarter, home prices did not fall. that was because of a tax credit that has since expired. so the main issues are it's hard for people to save. it's hard for their wealth to increase. because they are unemployed. the unemployment rate remains stuck near double digits. it's difficult economically to get ahead. next year, if the extension of the tax cuts go away there will be less money in your pocket. >> jamie: i said to you before the show started, oh, brenda, what a debbie-downer segment. the truth is, if people have the information they can contact their representatives and walk into the midterms knowledgeable. you're right to say when they go home and campaign, they will hear a lot about this. few households can afford to pay more. thank you, brenda. >> i think so.
11:24 am
thank you, jamie. >> jamie: appreciate it. >> eric: jamie, guess who was here? iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. he will be here in new york city. he arrived here at j.f.k. last night. he will have meetings with the united nations all week. what he is saying about sanctions about iran and will he free the two american hikers that they are still holding in his prisons? ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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11:28 am
>> eric: stories making headlines at the bottom of the hour. hurricane igar barrelling to bermuda. wind gusts left large waves slamming in the island now. it's expected to arrive fully later today. police in southern california now looking for 13 members of what they call a cult-like group reported missing by the families. investigators say the group left behind evidence that they were awaiting some catastrophic event. and police fear they could be
11:29 am
planning potentially some kind of suicide pact. and iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is here. he arrived in new york city last night for meetings at the united nations general assembly. he will address the u.n. twice this week. hold meetings with journalists and others in an effort to continue to defend the country disputed program. this is as iran continues to violate u.n. sanctions. molly henneberg covering the story for us on sunday. what do you expect to occur at the general assembly this week? >> secretary of state hillary clinton says eric, she does not expect iran to attend any meetings on the nuclear program. the member of the permanent member of the security council, u.s., britain, china, russia, france, germany will be there, as well as iran. >> we thought they were open to that. and we indicated our
11:30 am
readiness to meet. at the united nations next week i'll meet with my counterpart of the p5 plus one to discuss where matters stand. as we are speaking right now, i know of no meeting that the iranians agreed to attend. >> secretary clinton expressed concern over the rise of military power in iraq. they say they hope they there will be some effort inside iran to take hold of the apparatus of the state. she didn't elaborate beyond that. >> molly, in the last hour, former u.n. ambassador john bolton told us even though there is no meetings plan that's diplo speak for someone sitting down in a room at the united nations. what does mahmoud ahmadinejad say about such a meeting? >> that is always possible. as you say, diplomatic speak going in. we'll see what happens when they get in town and get together. iran president ahmadinejad would not commit to meeting this week. he said in an interview, we
11:31 am
have a plan to discuss things, to discuss issues. we've always been ready to discuss issuess long as it was illegal framework. he goes on to say that, "we believe that the united states is pressing the iaea," the international atomic energy agency to take a political position on issue. "and once the iaea does that, the worth becomes worthless and ineffective." ahmadinejad says his country is not blocking the iaea, the u.n. nuclear watchdog group inspecting the nuclear site. but the iaea said last week iran had blocked some of the inspectors from doing their work. >> he says he wants to debate president obama at the united nations. the president will be here. could be in some similar big rooms and the secretary general has his lunch for heads of state. we'll keep on it this week. on the fox news channel. thank you, molly. >> jamie: afghan voters braving deadly bomb attacks
11:32 am
and rocket strikes when they went to the election. this is a key measure that the afghan security force, their ability to protect their own nation as the u.s. troops prepare to withdrawal next year. they were watching to see how it went. so was yesterday's election a success? talk to retired army brigadier general anthony tater, author of "rogue threat." first, congratulations on the book. thank you for being with us. >> thanks, jamie. always good to be with you. >> jamie: what were the expectations regarding this particular election and what happened? >> well, i think our expectations were that they would be relatively safe and security. i think they were. if we take a step back and look at afghanistan history of democratic elections it dates back to the 20th century and the mid-1940s when they have held parliamentary elections. this is continuing a tradition. if you look, you had 2,500 candidates for 249 seats and
11:33 am
a 40% voter turn-out. that is a good news story. generally speaking the afghan security forces and coalition forces did a good job of securing the 6,000 polling site. 90% of which opened up on to election day. this is a good news story in my mind. you hear these offhand remarks about fraud in the election. even before they got the ballots back. so there are forces out there that do not want success in afghanistan. do not mistake some of the reports for anything but misinformation about the taliban trying to get the word out through quasi legitimate press sources that these elections are a fraud. >> jamie: what do we do for the taliban? do we allow them to participate in the process going forward? is that too radical an idea? >> i don't think so. you have seen president karzai reaching out to the less extreme element of the
11:34 am
taliban, trying to bring them in the fold. and, you know, afghanistan, in the language, to leave is a student. karzai, even when i was a deputy committee general in afghanistan, he was trying to reach out to these taliban that were not as radical or not as extreme, not being trained by al-qaeda in t pakistan. i think there is a role for reaching out to taliban and trying to incorporate them in some form of the government. it's a representative government. if there is a right wing taliban party that is less extreme, then i think you got to find a way to include them to begin the reconciliation process. >> jamie: i assume it couldn't hurt to analyze the different extremes of the taliban. i have 30 seconds left. we see violence continuing in iraq. i wonder what your thoughts are in terms of afghanistan and the plans to leave when you see what is going on.
11:35 am
>> jamie, anytime, any unit transitions, american to an american or american to afghan unit, the enemy will test the transition. we have a big deal about the timeline and we announced it all over the world. the enemy gets a vote. this enemy, whether it's al-qaeda in iraq or al-qaeda in afghanistan, they will test the transition and push the units and test the afghan units. so far, they are holding up well and defending their country. >> jamie: we thank them all for everything they do every day to keep us safe here. general, good to talk to you. thank you very much. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: jamie, pope benedict finishing his historic visit to great britain as we speak. there were protests against him and a suspected security threat. what does the visit mean for american catholics? father jonathan morris will
11:36 am
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coming up live from washington, tea party candidates that scored big in the primaries but do they have a chance in november? we will debate that. pros and cons of legalizing pot. that's something the california voters have to decide when they head to the ballot box in november. update on a story we're following for you. will the absentee ballots get to troops in time for the vote to count? that's live from the nation's capitol at the top of the hour. >> jamie: fox news alert, blown-out b.p. oil well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico just declared dead. five months after that disaster began, a time stress test to determine if the underwater well was officially plugged. the rupchured well gushed 206 million gallons of oil in the gulf of mexico before it was stopped with a temporary cap in july.
11:41 am
good news in the gulf. >> eric: benedict xvi is about to meet with bishop of england, wales and scotland wrapping up a trip to great britain. with a visit to england has had rough spots. the sex abuse scandal plaguing the church prompted protest. there were fears of the terror plot against the pontiff that did not plan out. what does it mean for the american catholics? joining us now is father jonathan morris, roman catholic priest and beloved fox news contributor. good morning from london. how did it go? >> thank you. you know, it was a fascinating trip. not only for the american catholics but english catholics but society as a whole. first, queen elizabeth ii greeted pope benedict xvi. for the first time ever as a
11:42 am
head of state. she greeted him and said the catholic church and religion in general is a positive for society. that is going against a lot of the critique and the build-up to his visit, from the atheistks like richard docking who were saying he should not be here. the pope went after those critics and said the aggressive forms of secular ism are a danger to -- secularism are a danger to society. >> eric: he talked about politics and world war ii beside religious duties. >> he only came as a shepherd of his spiritual flock. as head of state that spoke to both houses of parliament. as you mentioned, today on the memorial of the battle of britain, 70 years after that great battle in which england stood up against nazi,
11:43 am
germany. the pope said naziism was evil ideology. he says if you get rid of values and get rid of god and get rid of religion you are putting power in a state to do terrible things in humanity. strong words from head of state. >> eric: good to get your analysis. we'll see you in soho where you were being successful in manhattan. thank you. >> thank you, eric. and hello to jamie. >> jamie: thank you, father. fox news alert. former president bill clinton saying what he thinks about the tea parties. what he says you've got to hear this. next. [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hanaround ti the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪
11:44 am
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11:47 am
>> eric: it's an insurrection. that's what former president bill clinton says about the tea party movement. he was asked about americans' frustration about the government when he appeared on cbs "face the nation." >> the tea party insurrection, if you will, as you see in the republican primaries reflects the feeling of a lot of american s that they're getting the shaft. that the people who caused
11:48 am
these problems, first of all, the banks were responsible for the financial meltdown, they've gotten well again. and everybody has money again who is in that business. but ordinary people don't. then they think the government that didn't exercise appropriate oversight, everybody there still got a job and health insurance. and can make a home mortgage payment and send their kids to college and they can't. there is a general revolt against bigness. >> eric: in 1992, when he first ran for president, you may remember some americans frustrations were echoed by a candidate in his race. texas billionaire ross perot. >> jamie: it will be hours from now when we will hear from the american hiker who spent 13 months in an iranian prison and is now free. she is back in the united states. sarah shourd. after stopping. she arrived in washington this morning and she will
11:49 am
hold a news conference this afternoon in new york. she leaves behind her fiance, shane bauer and josh fattal, their friend. they are in iran. peter doocy live from the new york newsroom. you will be covering the press conference later snowed what is the latest? >> reporter: two hikers remain jailed in iran, but sarah shourd released on humanitarian grounds and $500,000 bail landed in the united states in dulles airport in washington, d.c. she will address the u.s. media for the first time here in new york today at 3:00 p.m. she and her mother nora will both read from prepared remarks and we hope she will elaborate on a brief statement she made yesterday and talk about others who are being held. they have spoken publicly about the matter and so has mahmoud ahmadinejad on abc "this week," where he was
11:50 am
shown a video from hickey and fattal. >> please r lease both of them to their families. >> we are saddened that there are individuals in prison and it makes us unhappy. we want people to be free and suffer. at the end of the day, there is a law who stays in prison and who does not. >> reporter: the mothers were emotional. he didn't address the hikers directly. they say they were crossing the border while hiking in mountains in iraq. no word on the status of shane bauer or josh fattal and whether or not they're said to be released. we're heading over to the press conference at the hotel near mid-term manhattan at 3:00 p.m. we will bring it to you then live.
11:51 am
>> eric: laws and free speech. new controversy about that at harvard. liz trotta next and how the media is handling it.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
>> eric: the debate over free press. someone who taught at harvard for years are going to be honored by the faculty, but some don't want it.
11:55 am
how is the media covering the controversy? liz trotta joins us as she does every sunday at this time with her commentary. good morning. >> good morning. >> eric: what is this about? >> this story begins with a key character, martin, the editor of "the new republic." hardly a conservative magazine. he's known as a liberal. so it's amazing that we see he has come under vicious and ferocious attack from friends in the media. why? on september 4, he posted a blog in which he says the following. i'll read you what he said. "why do not muslims raise their voices against these at once planned and random killings all over the islamic world? this world went into hysteria months ago when the musab took out the hamas, head of its own murder, inc. but frankly, muslim life is cheap, most notably to
11:56 am
muslims. among the muslim led by the imam rauf, the one who wants to build the mosque, there is hardly one who raises a fuss about the routine and random bloodshed that defines their brotherhood. yes, i wonder if i need to honor these people and pretend they are worthy of the privileges of the first amendment, which i have in my gut the sense they will abuse." so that really caused a furor. leading the pact of people who went after him was nicholas chrissoff from the "new york times," columnist and a liberal one. he has really pushed him in a corner. martin was forced to say i think out of survival that he withdrew the comments about they don't deserve constitutional rights. this was all revolving around an event supposed to take place around september 125.
11:57 am
that he is to be honored by harvard because of his work. the social studies department is having a 75th anniversary and want to set up a research fund in his name. but now everybody on the left is calling for, including the harvard crimson, is saying oh, well, rename the fund. we can't give it to him. open condemnation is his remark. harvard, thank god they kept their head and said no, we'll go ahead with the ceremony as planned. this further enraged nick christoff of the "times," and so this morning he's now made it a big issue of islamophobia. this is all part of a wave of hatred toward muslims, says mr. christoff. he says message to muslims. i'm sorry. he says i'm sorry five times.
11:58 am
even going as far back as world war ii in the japanese internment camp, it's odd because mr. christoff was born in 1959, well after world war ii and the korean war. where he will, i was around, mr. christoff for world war ii and i must tell you there isn't anybody i remember who was against putting japanese into internment camps, not after pearl harbor. so why don't we stow that cliche away for a while. >> others are saying, of course, harshly criticizing what he said. jim fallow from the atlantic. "people indulging in the group bias speech deserved to be called out." but harvard called the comments distressing says central mission of the university is to protect and affirm free speech. so how do you think this debate will pan out? >> the problem is, you know, it's again, switch off the
11:59 am
board. everybody is claiming free speech on a different side of the barricade. if anyone is stoking islamophobia is christoff and seems to think anybody who mentions 9/11 in connection with an islamic attack has it wrong. how do i think it will play out? i think they will continue to beat the drum. and i think the left will continue to foster this outrage. >> finally as it stands now, he will be getting his honor. >> i think so. it's wonderful not only for him but it's wonderful for harvard. you can never underestimate the tyranny of the left. they just want to get in there and cancel everything because you don't conform to their views. so all the great liberal writers like mr. christoff right in there showing their true colors to basically say


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