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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 20, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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we are at a great cross roads in american history. >> we are excited. >> can you feel it? >> u.s.a.! >> would you like to alter your congress? would you like to alter the presidency? >> the tea party reflects the feeling of a lot of americans that they are getting the shaft. >> u.s.a.! >> they don't get it. >> we are not trying to take back our country. we are our country. >> this woman does not stand a chance to get elected. what is she gonna do to promote jobs? >> we could not have two more distinct choices for the american people this . >> democrats need to say, this
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is what we did. this is what happened, this is what we're gonna do. >> i'm hear to say house republicans are back in the fight for conservative values. >> it is time for us to bust the beltway bubble. >> we are gathered today at the beginning of the end of the pelosi-led congress on capitol hill. >> sean: with just 43 days left before the november elections democrats have found enemy number one delaware's christine o'donnell. after her primary tuesday they wasted no time orchestrating a smear campaign against her. friday bill maher led the charge trying to suggest she dabbled in witchcraft as a high schooler. o'donnell gave the response. >> bill wanted ratings, i gave him ratings. this was high school! >> sean: nonetheless, maher's fellow liberals took his cue and continued to attack
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o'donnell and the tea party phaeft that backed her so strongly. >> when you an -- >> when you call her on something she says everybody is playing negative politics. >> i think it is going to be bad for the republican party. >> some of these core positions of the candidates don't resonate with independent and moderate voters. >> the wicken voight could be an real -- vote that could be a value. >> reporter: the mainstream media of course there to grease the wheels. >> she said of all things she had once dabbled in witchcraft. >> inside the republican party the chatter of civil war among democrats the feeling there's an opportunity here. >> what about christine o'donnell, does she ensure that a democrat holds that senate seat? are candidates like a christine o'donnell helpful to the democratic party? >> sean: joining me with analysis of the democrats' latest tactic is author of the "new york times" number one best seller take back america.
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dick morris is here. first of all, i find this interesting. i think you are gonna see the polls they show she is behind. i think this is all going to boomerang back. thoughts? >> she is behind because she has just been through a firestorm. i think she has a very good chance to win. i think that the criticism of her misunderstands the fundamental concept that this is not an election about social values. if this were an election about abortion, gun control and gay marriage, then okay, if you weigh over right you are going to -- if you are way over right you are going to alienate tacks in the middle. if it is economy, taxes and holding deficits, the issue is pure, i am pure -- you are not an extremist, you are a purist. you are not a radical, you are rereliable, credible. o', believeable. i believe that sharron angle and miller from alaska, and christine o'donnell from delaware are far also likely to increase taxes and far more
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likely to cut the deficit than their 0 points if. >> sean: how is it you have the president of the united states admits, while candidate, he writes in his own book, he admitted to snorting cocaine. admitted to drinking. to all the bad behavior. hung out with bill ayers and jeremiah wright all this stuff nobody wanted to pay attention to. she is in high school. okay a friend of hers was in witchcraft. she dabbled for two days now this is a big issue. >> hillary clinton as first lady of the united states of america had a seance to summon eleanor roosevelt. >> sean: good point. >> in is not a high school prank. if you are running for senate, governor, president, even mayor i want to know all about you. if you have held jobs. history, the whole bit. but the function of the united states senator is to vote. i want to know are you gonna vote for the stimulus spending
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and she won't. are you gonna vote for tarp? and she won't. vote for gm bailout? she won't. will you appeal health care? she will. couldn'ts her democratic opponent will vote wrong on all that. >> sean: this is what you have done for many years my advice if she wants it, my advice to any republican stay on offense and not get pulled in by the media that is debt set against you and wants to lay gotcha and wants to talk about masturbation and issues that have nothing to do with the campaign. >> that doesn't preclude having fun. if i were o'donnell i would do an an ad and say in high school christine o'donnell had friends who were into witchcraft. coons has friends into big spending and deficit spending. which is worse? deficit spending as adult or witchcraft as a 17-year-old?
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>> sean: no reason not to have fun and run funny ads. it was interesting "the new york times" say obama aides -- >> it is witchcraft in the background, the song. >> sean: are you done with your -- just checking. they want to attack the tea party movement again. then they denied it. obviously, it had to be true somebody leaked it to the "new york times". my question is, didn't they try this going after me and rush and levin and talk radio and fox news. and lashing out at the tea party movement before. now that's going to be a strategy? >> i have something new which is everyday, every morning i will have a new commentary on about the election. the one i taped for tomorrow morning makes the point the democrats have no strategy. last week vote against republicans because boehner is in for the special interests. now vote against them because the tea party is too extreme.
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the amazing thing is there is no democrat arguing for the stimulus or for obama care or for cap and trade. they are orphans. this legislative package the most dramatic passed in recent history is orphaned. >> sean: this is a classic election. you want more government, higher taxes, more of washington involvement in your life or not? i it seems to me that this has now become simple and basic. go back to basics. the differences, are you better off than you were four years ago when nancy pelosi took over the speakership? >> you don't need there can be other factors that make you worse off. the question is do you want stimulus, obamacare, cap and trade, tarp? if you do, vote democrat, if you don't, vote republican. it is that simple. >> sean: do you think in the delaware race, back to that, do you think republicans are now hurting? this is what has happened. lisa murkowski now wants to run as write-in, joe miller
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will join news a minute. charlie crist, another sore loser. mike castle won't endorse o'donnell, he's a sore loser. to what extent these republicans hurting republican chances? >> well, they are hurting. if i were christine o'donnell, i would say the establishment of the democratic and the republican party don'tlike me. i'm doing something right. the whole idea is that the tea party is cleansing the republican party even as it is helping empower it to victory. >> sean: and winning. >> that's right. i have a movie i just did with citizens united called battle for america. it is the closing argument for the election victory in the midterm elections. newt gingrich is in it, ann coulter is it, i'm all over it. and it will rile your liberal friends. >> sean: beckel is in the next
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room he's getting riled up now. i can see through the walls. >> coming up establishment gop senator goes only where one senator in the history of the united states has gone successfully before in a desperate bid to get he reelected. would you like to see president obama in person? it would cost you a mere $30,000. that and more, coming up, straight ahead. boo-yah! shazam! h2...o! ydrolicious! magic bananas! it's the first one click faucet filter that removes 99% of lead and microbial cysts. adios contaminos! to save me a boatload of money on my mortgage -- that would be awesome! [sarcastically] sure. like that will happen. don't just think about it. spend 10 minutes at lendingtree d save up to $272 a month.
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>> sean: sarah palin turned heads last week in a high
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profile speech in iowa. a new poll could give indication what might happen if she were to take on the press in 2012. according to rasmussen 54% say their views are closer to sarah palin's than president obama. only 40% admitted she side with the president. gop senate candidate joe miller is straight ahead. ♪
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[ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. >> sean: as the midterm elections continue to creep
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closer conservatives across the country are uniting to send a resounding message to the gop establishment. no more politics as usual. tea party candidates have shocked the republican system with big primary wins across the country, sharron angle in nevada, marco rubio in florida. christine o'donnell in delaware and joe miller in alaska. miller losing opponent lisa murkowski refuses to bow out gracefully. she has launched a write-in bid. if history is any indication her chances are slim to none. only one senator has been elected in a write-in vote, south carolina's strom thurmond in 1954. earlier today on fox news mike pence had this to say: party candidate reminds me of the play last night in the colts' game where the player for the giants threw his
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helmet into the stand stands. it didn't effect the outcome of the game. i don't think her candidacy will effect the outcome in alaska. i think joe miller will be elected. >> sean: joining me now joe miller. welcome back. thanks for being with us. >> thanks sean for having me. >> sean: first of all, what do you make of this? you won in a free, fair and open election. just like in delaware, just like charlie crist in florida, seems like lemur could you ski is a sore loser. your reaction? >> it did surprise us -- surprise us she went back on her word. this is like all -- they have a difficult time releasing power. >> sean: i think they think the people got it wrong? who i'm -- what i'm beginning to see, especially in delaware, the people that voted christine o'donnell now find themselves under attack.
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even in that case you had mike castle sending out a column that went out the people of delaware got it wrong! is that what it is? >> well, i think it is a question of ideals. part of it is power. the senator went back to d.c. the sat after she declared a write-in bid and met with lobbyists to pump more money into her cam pwhaeupbl. -- campaign. whether the federal government or the state ought to be the driver's seat. >> sean: what do you make of murkowski's statement she says now she was the victim of a smear campaign? >> that's disingenuous we standby every statement we made in our campaign. every time we heard there was a complaint about misconduct the record we were careful to issue a press release that documented our claims. what we said was what she is demonstrating her position to be she a liberal.
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embraced now by the democratic party or many in the democratic party if you watched her announcement friday she had state legislators from the democratic party. today the democratic candidate for governor endorsed her. >> sean: it seems to me, in the end -- i don't think she is going to be successful in hurting you or your campaign in the end. there's always the potential. when charlie crist ran as an independent against marco rubio because he couldn't win in the primary there was the possibility he could siphon off enough republican votes hurt yo and electric a democrat. do you think they are selfishly putting republican seas in jeopardy? i think they are. >> it is a self-centered move no question it is a risk it could split the vote. again what we are seeing based on what she is doing now and her past record this race has
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become not joe miller against one liberal but against two. we aren't terribly concern about the outcome. she has announced the gloves are off. we want this to remain about issues. whether or not government should continue to grow. whether the states should be more in the driver's seat. >> sean: she attacked senator deaf mint who call her a hypocrite. she singled him out saying he may be waging a civil war within the gop. that seems to be the narrative of the media. mediaia wants to point out there is a little -- media wants to point out there's a little battle between incumbents that lost and the fact that no democrat wants to run on health care, stimulus, budget, debt, deficit and most don't want to be seen with barack obama. that seems like a far greater conflict than anything in the fey party movement and the republican party. >> i agree. in fact the -- republican
9:18 pm
party at its platform melds directly with what folk in the tea party want to see this country become. the question is whether or not those that then the foal of the party embraced their government are ready to welcome in this new message. obviously murkowski is not. she rejected the will of the largest number of republican primary voters in the history of the state of alaska. she is so focused on not being able to relinquish power she is going to continue to ignore what alaskans and other americans are calling out for, reversing the >> greta: of government. >> sean: joe miller, congratulations on your win. we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you sean. >> sean: it is the administration's last-ditch attempt to save the democrats. "new york times" reveals team obama's shocking plans. michael steele, erick erickson and beckel, in the house, next. [ male announcer ] one look can turn the everyday into romantic.
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. >> sean: it seems that desperate democrats are pulling out all stops to make sure the republican momentum slow as head of the midterm elections. the obama administration is planning a new offensive targeting the gop and tea party movement the article said 's political advisers looking for ways to help democrats and alter the course of the midterm elections in the final weeks are considering a range of ideas, including national advertisements to cast the republican party as all but taken over by tea party extremists. the white house denied that a nation at ad campaign was being planned, saying there has been no discussion of such a thing at the white house. since their john baner attack strategy didn't work, they have to -- john boehner attack
9:24 pm
strategy didn't work, they have to try something. joining me the chair of the republican national committee michael steele out on his want a job fire nancy pelosi bus tour. which i guess leads to you florida tonight? >> yes. sean it has been an incredible day. we started if tampa bay. we went to the >> sean: i want to retire there. i want a golf cart and retire and hang out with the band of brothers and they drink beer every thursday at 2:00. i want to be with them >> look man they got the coolest golf carts i've seen with the funkiest horns you want to hear. these seniorsj)w>!re fired up. they are ready, rocking. from there to our lady lakes, florida where we the conclusion of the evening with 600 fired up tea partiers. the moment is coming together now. it is crystalizing. you are seeing the reaction by the administration. they are getting into their cupboard to prepare some
9:25 pm
assault or whatever they are thinking about. but it is not going to stop what is happening out in the country. >> sean: that's all the democrats have. they can't run on the stimulus, budget, debt, deficits. they can't run on health care. so they are attacking. my question is this, when you see what lisa murkowski is doing in alaska, what castle can't endorse christine o'donnell in delaware. you see what is happening charlie crist running as an independent in the state where you are tonight, florida. i'm thinking why are republicans sore losers now hurting the chances of other candidates? what can you do about it as chairman? >> well sean, look i understand what the agony of defeat feels like. growing up as a roman catholic conservative back republican in d.c., i know about that. that's painful. you hate losing. but the reality remains, the party is fixed on winning. those candidates, whether you are talking joe miller, christine o'donnell, and the host of candidates who are out
9:26 pm
there in competitive races, they are focused on winning. their message is resonating with the people. what i say to all those who have lost primaries, let's come together now. let's focus on the fact this is something greater than your ambition. greater than the seat that you currently hold this is about the direction of the future of our country. there's a reason why democrats aren't talking about health care. are running from the president. are claiming, you know, trying to reclaim the bush days as the boogie man. the reality is, the last 18 months, democrats who have led, by the way in the congress since 2006, have taken our country in a direction that the american people are soundly rejecting. come november it is coming home in a big way. in a wave that is going to be people power not government control, not government decisions on the lives and businesses of our country. >> sean: it is interesting to me. they keep shifting their strategies. first this election was going
9:27 pm
to be about another referendum on george bush. then class warfare. then attack john boehner. now the latest strategy if you believe "the new york times" they want to say the republican party is owned by the tea party movement. you just told me you are meeting with tea party organizers. tells me that, you know, what do you think of their strategy and what is your response? >> first off, the response is, it is stupid. why -- this is the administration that was coming in to bring us all together this was kumbaya time, right? yet, every strategy that they put out is attacking leader boehner. going avid republicans in the senate and the house leadership. most especially, going after americans, citizens, average moms and dads, joes and janes, who stood up to say enough is enough! we don't want your obamacare. we don't want your control of
9:28 pm
our car industry and insurance companies and our banks. leave us alone. let us cut our own path. for the past year i've been working with a lot of tea party activists everyday folks who have the same interests that republicans and conservatives around the country have. that is, to change the game. to move us in a new direction that is focused on empowerment, ownership, opportunity. it is going to be a real, life jolt to the administration in november when they look up and see a different class of people coming to washington. >> sean: we have eric cantor and paul ryan and kevin mccarthy on the program. it has been a questioning i've -- a question i've been asking for months there's talk about a strategy. they've confirmed they are going to do that the hill is reporting they going to put it together but it is not going to be something that candidates will have to sign on to or they would pledge to do. have you heard anything about that?
9:29 pm
i that i that might be a mistake. what is wrong with a piece of paper? >> i don't know the particulars of it. i got a call from kevin mccarthy today. we are going to be talking probably tomorrow to get a briefing for the republican national committee on what the strategy is. but i'm excited about it. they are taking a different and innovative approach. they are looking at this legislative is what they are planning on to commit in terms of policies and legislation that will help change the direction of the country. i'm looking forward to see what we are talking about here. i'm excited about it. remember sean, go back, two things have happened that have struck this moment for us. one, our house members stood strong against stimulus in 2009. from that was born in grass roots effort. this is an exciting time we are looking forward to see what it turns out to be. in the meantime i'm on the bus traveling the country. we are trying to fire pelosi baby that's what this is about.
9:30 pm
>> sean: where is my hat? >> sean, this is your hat. i'm waiting for you to get on the bus with me. you can track us sean at fire this is your time come on out here and join america. >> sean: i want that hat. coming upper rick ericsson is here with his new book explaining why people are sick of the washington establishment. how the tea party movement will impact the midterm election and beyond. and believe it or not, beckel is in the house. usiness pro. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay th mid-size price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do. go national. go like a pro.
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astrazeneca may be able to help. >> sean: sean president obama wants you to think he's a man of the people. last week he headlined a campaign event for connecticut senate can tate richard blumenthal. admission -- admission was $30,000 per person held in connecticut's richest neighborhood at the home of rich richman. really, $30,000 per person dinner held at the home of rich richman. can't make this stuff up. straight ahead.
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>> sean: this november looks to be doomsday for democrats and the tea party movement is gaining momentum and voters keep kicking out the old washington establishment. new book examines how politicians on both sides of the aisle need to pay attention if they want to keep their jobs and get the country on the right track. joining me author of how to
9:35 pm
take back america. has a website red state, i read it everyday by good friend erick erickson. you raise this question in your book, a question that reagan raised in '75 march at -- is it a third party coming or a revitalized republican conservative party? >> what is happening is a revitalized republican party. we beat the establishment in florida with marco rubio, kentucky with rand paul angle, it is the moderates running away wanting to go third party not the conservatives. best known third party candidate teddy roosevelt, he lost. ross perry lost. if you want to debate talk to your local libertarians. >> sean: i'm a fan of your website red state.
9:36 pm
you've been saying for a long time these mushy moderates have got to go. i find myself in agreement with you. it is interesting to watch as we've been discussing, i asked michael steele about this, murkowski, mike castle, crist, a bunch of crybabies, sore lose there's won't go away. >> you know this is what happens we are told the conservatives take their football and go home in reality it has been the moderates. we give these media that defy the facts on the ground. conservatives are fighting. conservatives in california rallied to carly fiorina when she beat devore in the primary. conservatives have rallied across the board like that, not the -- not the moderates. >> sean: i look at the pragmatic side of me comes out, i looked at the lesser of two evils or the more conservative candidate and if it is the
9:37 pm
moderate republican i'll support them. i'd prefer a conservative. it seems the country now is making a choice. this is a conservative ascendancy this is not a republican ascendancy. >> i agree. in 1980 it was the reagan revolution. 1994, the republican. year the conservative revolution. it is about moving the republican party to the right. not necessarily moving the senate into republican hands. >> sean: reagan was a conservative. >> he was but the reagan revolution was about ronald reagan and the people he brought not necessarily about conservative ideas. >> sean: when he challenged ford he nearly defeated a sitting president. it is interesting, the history of that. who would chang a sitting republican president today without being called a tea partier. >> exactly. >> sean: or some other pejorative in the minds of the liberal. >> the reagan revolution pro
9:38 pm
tpoupbsly changed the country. government has continue -- profoundly changed the country. government has continued to grow because of that one of the points i make in the book is when is the last time you saw the democrats compromise in favor of free market. >> sean: you talk about understanding obama's contempt for your america. interesting, harsh words. what do you think it is about obama? do you think he just lied in the american people in 2008? did he hide his radicalism on purpose? >> i don't think he needed to hide it. >> sean: but he did. >> more reporters went to alaska to look at is than ever went to chicago to dig into his record. people were tired of bush. they didn't want mccain. it was a by-product of eight years of the republicans. now it is coming out he has this world view that is not american centric. you and i believe we are the last best hope for man kind.
9:39 pm
seems to think it would better if other countries got stronger to tamp down some of our enthusiasm. >> sean: how much is being done -- >> hugely, it goes back to some of the points we made in the book. you got republicans who want to win for the sake of winning. i'm an elected republican in macon georgia, city councilman. >> sean: you are a city councilman? >> i am. >> sean: are you out of your mind? what were you thinking? >> i wasn't. you can't tell me what the republican party stands for any more. you can tell me what conservatives stand for, but not republicans. >> sean: it -- first of all i love, it is terrific. how to take back america in bookstores now? >> it in bookstores now >> sean: we appreciate you being here. time to check in with greta van susteren. she is one door over. >> greta: that's right i can
9:40 pm
catch the football. >> sean: you can't there's a big wall between us. >> greta: is that what that is? >> sean: were you supposed to come in and do the tease. >> greta: i didn't want to ruin your show with my presence. tonight president clinton goes on the record. defense minister ehud barack is here. ambassador bolton is here. the latest on the delaware candidate for united states senate, christine o'donnell. >> sean: did you tell bill i said hi? >> greta: the one thing i forgot to do. >> sean: i'm not going near that hannity guy, i don't trust that guy. we'll be watching bill clinton on with greta. next our great, great american panel, straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: tonight on our panel. fox news contributor, u.s.a. today columnist so thankful he's back with us, bob beckel is here after a week. he's the deputy editor of the "wall street journal" editorial page dan henninger is back. woman from tennessee, marsha blackburn is with us -- congresswoman from tennessee, marsha blackburn is with us. >> i'm one of your middle class americans. frankly, i'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that i voted for and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. i've been told that i voted for a man who said he was gonna change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people and i'm waiting sir. i don't feel it yet. >> sean: ouch! >> ouch is right. sean saupbl what did you
9:46 pm
think? >> i think she -- >> sean: what did you think? >> she is saying what a lot of americans are saying. bill-paying moms sitting at the kitchen table trying to figure out how to make ends meet. they are so frustrated. where are the jobs? nobody can get a raise, advancement. people are so frustrated. obama voters are incredibly disappointed in the way he's performed. >> sean: that's what makes it so interesting. this was an obama supporter, voter who was deeply disappointed. democrats can run on health care, stimulus, debt, deficits, budgets on world affairs. i don't see one issue they can run on. >> sean, he came into office in the middle of this financial crisis. the beginning of this recession. it has within a long time he's had a while to deal with it. they've spent a lot of money that's been the subject on the table for 18 months.
9:47 pm
what this woman is saying, what is there to show for it? there's still anxiety and discomfort in the country among middle class voters like her and obviously among the private sector. corporations are sitting on piles and piles of -- -- >> sean: waiting for the republicans to get elected. >> they are not investing it. and he won't change his policies. >> sean: what is interesting bob, you will admit this, they made certain assurances to the american people. when you overpromise and underdeliver it is a bad mistake. >> expectations are key to politics, win and lose politics. expectations were running incredibly high at a time when you couldn't possibly deliver. >> sean: he made those. >> understand what this woman feels like. i've said it before and i will say it again. i have defended barack obama over and over and will continue but i feel like sometimes the only fire hydrant at the westminster dog show. >> sean: i was hoping you
9:48 pm
would bring that back up. >> i knew you wanted to hear that. i keep hearing republicans talk about, get republicans in and we are going to create jobs. they want small government yet they want government to create jobs. dan talks about corporations sitting not just on a lot of cash, the largest amount of cash in history this is the same capital system that failed us and continues to fail us. [ talking over each other ] >> the banking system, investment banking system -- >> bob, listen the republicans do not expect government to create jobs. government should create the environment of low taxes, smart and lessened regulation, so that individuals can go out and innovate. look at our creative economy. this is what we have to protect in this country. we have to make certain that government creates the environment and gets out of the way. >> you republicans want less regulation of the crooks on
9:49 pm
wall street who got us into this trouble? >> sean: wait a minute! the people that got us in trouble are the crook -- >> the crooks on wall street >> sean: the community reinvestment act which mandated that banks give loans to people that could never pay them back. >> i've heard you say this. [ talking over each other ] >> selling credit card and -- [ talking over each other ] >> just for the sake of discussion let's grant everybody bob says. so let's have regulation to solve the problems he just described. we it 2,000 plus reregulation bill and 2,000 page plus obamacare bill. every employer is trying to figure out what is in those regulations and how is it going to an tphaeurbg hiring decisions? they don't have that answer yet. until they do, they are not hiring. >> sean: much more to get to, including the smears of -- smears of christine o'donnell. are republican women treated different than democratic
9:50 pm
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>> sean: we continue our great american panel. seems like republican women, conservative women are open to smear, they get attacked time after time. governor palin, christine o'donnell, you can run through the list of conservative women, michelle back man. perhaps you have been through it yourself -- michelle bachmann. perhaps you have been through it yourself. >> it does seem to happen for whatever reason. conservative women seem to be the ones that get attacked most often. >> sean: why do you think that is? >> i'm not sure exactly. but it does seem to be a pattern. with christine o'donnell i found it amazing -- i think
9:55 pm
most americans would say they identify with someone like her. who has struggled and has sought to work through a career and i think they identify with her. i think that's why she is running well. >> sean: it is going to be interesting to watch in the fall. >> i have a little bit of a different view. think the democrats have decided the tea party is a potent force they've got to do something about it. it has been all over the news the past couple of days about what are we going to do? the guy who signaled what they were going to do is governor ed rendell of pen -- of pennsylvania who said they these tea party people are extreme. marginalization works if you don't fight back. christine o'donnell is going to have to start talking about what the tea party agenda is, which is economics, spending and growth. >> sean: they went after talk radio, fox news, people that
9:56 pm
attended town hall meetings, unamerican, tim mcveigh wannabes, all these ridiculous things that were said. >> they are trying to make independent voters nervous. >> sean: leading in the elections [ talking over each other ] >> when you look across the crowd it is predominantly female. bill paying moms who have had it. they say christine o'donnell doesn't have a resume. let me tell you something, men may get on the trajectory and go straight to success, most women take time off for children, they are in a job, out of a job. >> she has more problems. think the witchcraft thing is although, she does bear a striking resemblance to harry potter's girlfriend, older, it will backfire if you keep on it, it can backfire. you have to be careful with it. on the other hand she has other problems.
9:57 pm
using campaign money to take care of her own expenses. this woman is not going to win. the question about the tea party dan, i agree with you on this, the tea party does not invent this movement going on in america. they grabbed hold of it. it has been there for a long time. they are not crazy people them are energized people, i will give that you. they are going to vote mostly republican. i don't think you can make them crazy. let's not make them more than they are. they are not a movement that created this movement they grabbed a wave. >> sean: i brought up all the issues, barack obama admitted he snorted cocaine. did blow to quote him. all these things about his past associations i won't mention the names because your head will explode. that didn't matter. christine o'donnell is a teenager in 1997 on an idiotic bill maher episode suggests i dabbled in witchcraft and it becomes the biggest issue in the country as if it matters. why all of a sudden past
9:58 pm
statements, associations barack obama, this was recent stuff. >> the american people want individuals who are going to be truthful. who are going to level with them. who are going to washington, d.c. and vote against higher taxes. vote against increased regulation. who are going to get this government spending under control. the american people have had it. they know that washington has a spending problem. it doesn't have a revenue problem. that's the kind of change they are looking for. >> it is what that lady was saying to barack obama in the previous segment. that is the most powerful issue in america right now. if christine o'donnell can get back on to that, i think she trumps all of this other junk. >> sean: i agree with you. hang on, i think she needs to control the message. stay on offense. stop answering these idiotic answers and get a good team around her. then start looking at the beaded marxist. >> why are you wasting any more time on this woman. she not going to win this race. sarah palin brought harry reid back into this race because
9:59 pm
you've got somebody that i could have taken you out there you could have beaten him by 30 points this woman angle will probably lose to him. >> she will win. >> sarah palin and that group -- >> sean: where are you on the election right now republicans take the house? >> right now the republicans take 45 to 46 seats. there's still six weeks left. i'm not going to comment on blow myself or anything else. because i think that glass houses are dangerous things. but, having said -- >> sean: is this a purging, cathartic show for you? every week you have to admit to something new in your life. >> you always set me up, because -- >> sean: i do not want to hear about this stuff any more. >> then i will get off this acid flashback i'm on right now >> sean: of course i want to hear whatever you have to say beckel that is all the time


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