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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 21, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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ices, inc. quite frankly i'm exhausted of defending you, ire administration, defending the change i voted for. >> can you hear us now? >> they are ready for new people to come who really understand what we the people want from our government. >> there's a tidal wave coming to delaware. it's here and the republican party of delaware is riding it. >> the democratic party from the president down was on the wrong side of pennsylvania, i stood up and bucked that party and will do it again. >> we have great common sense conservatives who are putting it on the line. >> two term alaska senator isn't giving up without a fight. >> to hell with politics, let's do what is right for
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alaska, let's win. >> this is joe miller against two liberals. >> time for primary debate is over. time for unity now. the time for choosing is near. >> sean: with just 42 days until november's midterm elections all eyes are on christine o'donnell, the subject of all the democratic attacks. she children. ed the gop primary last week. given the tenor of this election i think that's a badge of honor. joining me is the woman the democrats love to hate christine o'donnell, one of them, michelle bachmann is up there, sarah palin is up there. welcome, good to see you. >> thank you. >> sean: there's a lot of ground to cover. let's start with mike castle your opponent. he promised he would support the eventual nominee. last time we spoke he had not called you he since called you? >> right. we spoke friday. he congratulated me. i was a very friendly
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conversation. i'm hoping to get his endorsement. would it mean a lot. >> sean: he said he would. if you look at lisa murkowski and a lot of other races, charlie crist, as an example, i'm almost calling it the sore loser syndrome. what is your take? >> i want to give him the benefit of the doubt. it is only a week since election day. let's give him time. hopefully he will come around. we need to unite the party especially in delaware to move forward. i'm still holding out for hope. >> sean: all right. more of the establishment tea party stuff in just a second. bill maher, friend of yours obviously. you did his show an lot, apparently. >> yeah, unfortunately. >> sean: he comes up with this tape, 1999 you made an appearance talking about a boyfriend when you were a teenager? >> right. >> sean: saying you dabbled into witchcraft. why don't you explain, what was that about? >> teenage rebellion.
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some dabble in drugs to rebel, that's how i rebelled. who didn't do some questionable things in high school and who don't regret the 80s to some extent? i certainly do. i most certainly regret bringing it up to bill maher. >> sean: he's promising to keep bringing out old tapes. others promising to dredge up old comments that you made. what is your reaction? >> it not a promise, it is a threat. let 'em. my focus is on what is important to the people of delaware. if he wants to do that side nonsense, let him. i'm going to focus on letting the people of delaware know what i want to do to get jobs back. reduce the size of government. to make our homeland strong once again. we've got serious issues facing our country right now this type of stuff is a diversion. i want get back on message. there's a stark contrast between my opponent and me. he's called harry reid's pet.
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>> sean: i heard that. >> that's harry reid's word i'm not mud shreupblging. you have to wonder what sort of -- mudslinging here. you have to wonder what sort of strange conversation went on to to harry reid calling him his pet. >> sean: one of the things i've noticed in this campaign, i don't hear democrats running on health care. running on stimulus. their support for obama, reid and pelosi. what are we to make of the attacks again you? >> watch how this campaign unfolds. they started their ads this week. they are attacking me personally. not where i stand on stimulus. they are not tacking on where i stand on extending if not making permanent the bush tax cuts. they are not attacking me because i want to permanently eliminate the death tax or impose a tax holiday on the capital gains tax to get the economy back on track. they are not attack me on my
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position. they are trying to attack me, which is why i'm getting out there. why i cancel sunday's shows when churches invited me and people in delaware invited know go to their picnics this race is about what is important to the people of delaware. what is important is how they are going to get jobs back. how long we going to reduce the size of government and worried about the tax hikes coming in january. my opponent is wrong on all of these issues. >> sean: you are talking about attacks let's show the democratic party released this ad about you. >> we don't know a lot about christine o'donnell here's what we do know. she will fit right in, in washington. o'donnell spends money she doesn't have. hired employees she didn't pay. stiffed businesses. didn't pay her tax. >> sean: first of all your reaction?
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we'll get to the specifics. >> it is a shame they are taking a play from mayo known's book don't go after on the issues because she is right specifically, that comment on the taxes. there is no truth in that. i've paid my taxes. they are trying to go after an erroneous tax lien that the irs admitted was a computer error. >> sean: irs filed a lien in 2010 saying you penalties and back taxes from 2005. do you have a letter from the irs? >> yep. i was being audited. i i have a letter saying beginning of march we are going to clear this up, give you a clean bill of health. finalize this thing. instead, i got an erroneous tax lien. of course i immediately called the appeals office. i immediately called the irs, they went oops it is a computer error. they went quickly to remove it i posted that on my website but my opponents don't care
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about the truth. >> sean: what about the 2008 default mortgage on a home? >> i fell behind on my mortgage i had a pro bono client that was very important, i worked 18 hours a day a disabled woman who the courts ruled to remove her feeding tube. her father said, i can't pay you, but will you help me save her life? you can't say no to that. so i worked several months for free. i fell behind in my mortgage. then i had this opportunity to become the nominee in 2008 to run against joe biden. i had to make a difficult decision. either take on another client and get caught up in my bills instead, because i thought it was important that someone oppose joe biden, i sold my house to make all my bills right. i paid off all of my debt. got caught up. made it through a difficult time. >> sean: any truth -- i've heard people say you don't have a job. that you haven't had a job.
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there's a complain that you took $20,000 from the campaign. are any of these issues accurate? >> no, none of them are accurate. i'll tell you where they came from. again i want to point out look at what they are going after me for. again, they are not saying she wants to eliminate the death tax. they are not saying they is going to fight to extend the bush tax cuts or make sure the economy gets back on track through private business, not through more spending. they are not saying she wants to stop the irresponsible spending in washington. they are trying to attack me personally. i take non-profit clients. i do freelance work. when you are running for a campaign you can't have a multi-client load. you can't offer the sort of service. i have one client now i'm very proud of. i work part-time for him. i wouldn't be a good pr person if i didn't plug his website, a great artist who just donated a statue worth $50,000
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to a local church. there's the kind of clients i take on in this economy non-profits are the first hit. >> sean: plenty more with christine o'donnell coming up. but first, time for our tuesday text voting. in light of the recent attack on christine o'donnell and continuous tax on sarah palin, we want to know if you think republican women are treated differently than democratic women? text us at: we have the results coming up at the end of the show. [ woman ] alright, so this tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours.
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>> sean: a top democratic leader coming to the defense of sarah palin. >> it is always a mistake to unstatement your opponent. also virtually always a mistake to attack them personally as opposed to disagreeing with them on what they want to do. >> sean: we can only they listen to bill and back off the vicious attacks. don't go anywhere more with christine o'donnell and much more, straight ahead. if you suffer from heartburn two or more days a week,
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and pharmacist-recommended brand to treat your frequent heartburn. to request a free sample, visit prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on. >> sean: we continue with delaware's gop senate nominee and the subject of all the democrats' recent attacks christine o'donnell is with us. governor sarah palin tweeted. christine o'donnell's strategy times limited use connect with local voters whom you will be serving, versus appeasing national media seeking your destruction. >> she is absolutely right. governor palin is right. that's a great piece of advice that's what we are doing. i had business in new york today, thank you for having me our focus is delaware. i'm going immediately back to delaware. we are attending a ladies
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luncheon. >> sean: does that mean all the talk you have to do this, that national show is that off the table for you? >> off the table. that is not going to help me get votes. i want to go to as many town hall forums, candidate forums, as many church picnics that i can fit into my schedule so i can meet the voters. delaware has a unique opportunity that other senate candidates don't. i can be in every county, at lost every -- at least every week tomorrow everyday. >> sean: you are going to forget the taunting of the national media? >> right. let them say what they will. >> sean: it seems ran paul went through the same. you are saying no to national media? >> i'm not going to do any more delaware is my focus and local media. it is frustrating. i've let the localqiá!q media kw they are my priority but our phones are ringing off the hook they can't get to me it
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has become an interference with the campaign. >> sean: what about debates? there was a candidates' forum last night by the tea party movement your opponent didn't show up. >> no, he didn't. a liberal democrat organization has a debate two days after the primary. a long standing tradition. i went. i went to that. >> sean: he was there? >> he was there. >> sean: you called him the bearded marxist is that the media? >> that is the media. if the media is going to attack me for statements i made in my 20s that's their game. he made anti- statements apologizing for america calling himself a bearded marxist. at that forum he planned he wasn't going to go mudslinging. he wasn't going to bring up what either candidate said in their 20s and that's what he is doing. yet he's ducking the difficult forum. he will only go not friendly
9:16 pm
forum but blew off the tea party forum last night. he knows he has a record he can't defend. >> sean: a lot of controversial statements -- you were on hannity and colmes for how many years? you were a fairly regular guest. they seem to revolve around your religious faith and issues, contraception, condoms and aids, gay pride, masturbation, which you have heard a lot about. do you think is an attack on religion, your religious beliefs? >> they are trying to paint me as an extremist. so people won't pay attention to my message many again, my opponent is all wrong on the issues that are important to the people of delaware. he has a history of raising taxes on his former campaign trails he said he wouldn't and does any way. he's been called harry reid's pet. so he's gonna promote the big spending out of control agenda
9:17 pm
of harry reid. and he's gonna support bills like cap and trade that are going to continue to kill jobs. they are trying to paint a picture of me. what those statements are about is in my 20s i had a new found faith and going on these shows i looked at it as a minute opportunity. that is what i did in my 20s that was a long time ago. my faith has matured. as a u.s. senate candidate my promise to the people of delaware is, it is the constitution by which i will determine how i vote on all legislation coming across my desk. i have my personal beliefs but our constitution defends our right for the voters to disagree with me. that's the right i'm going to defend. >> sean: your opponent apparently is claiming he offered to debate you a number of times. how many debates are you willing to do with him? >> as many as i can fit into my schedule. i'm not afraid of debating him. the letter that he sent over, he said of the 15 debates that
9:18 pm
we've been invited to here are the eight want to do. all forums that were friendly to him. it wind the delaware patriots, tea party, the first state, it was all the ones that he knew he would get the softball questions. so i challenge him to attend the nine/12 patriots did bait. >> sean: a lot people didn't expect you would win this primary. >> i was at lost maybe 11 to 15 points down in that last week. >> sean: 17 to 20 point swing in a week and a half? >> right. >> sean: you down 11 to 15 you find yourself in a similar predicament. how do you counter that? what is it like living under -- being the main focus of every news show? it is fun? >> it is not fun. today there was a news crew
9:19 pm
showing my father raking leaves. >> sean: gut to buy him a blower. >> he likes it, it relieves stress. it is inter-- interfering with my ability to campaign. even at that democrat forum we had an unprecedented turn-out. i'm normally the last one to leave these events because i want to meet everyone that came to meet me because of the frenzy that these things have become it is interfering. i've been talking to some of the people that have enter violated us to events and we are asking them to not allow media to attend or keep them in the back so i can meet voters without them getting pushed. that's the controversy of today, media pushing some of the people trying to meet me regarding the polls, i'm not concerned about that. we are a week after the victory. we still have at lost 40 days ahead. we are just getting our staff together. we've brought on some of the best and the brightest in the
9:20 pm
business. we've got a lot of material to go on the offensive. >> sean: are you concerned about some well-known -- we talked about karl rove and his comments, that were made the night that you won. are you concerned about some of those statements by some conservatives or republicans that may be are not supporting you or do you look at that as a badge of honor? >> i think it is hard for them to see how this is possible. again, i hope they come around because i would like to unite the party. we've got a winning message we are on -- we are right on the issues. like in my primary debate if my opponent kept attacking me the voters went wait a minute what about her positions? it began to backfire. i'm confident as i go up there and meet all the people, that they will get sick of that too. they can go to my website at and learn more about what i want to do. >> sean: christine o'donnell,
9:21 pm
thank you for stopping by. we want to know if you think republican women are treated differently than democratic women? we've got the results at the end of the show. >> the race is on. we've got new polls to prove it. who are the republicans pulling ahead of in key battle ground states? that and more coming up. to run. or use it to run across the planet. he fun, the fast, the solid glk. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial.
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>> sean: battleground races across america are neck-and-neck as we near november. the latest fox polls are in. with six weeks to go, conservatives are enjoying an advantage in several states. in pennsylvania sestak who trailed toomey by six points last week now trails by eight. harry reid and angle are
9:26 pm
locked in a tight race for nevada senate with angle still leading by one. in the golden state fiorina is catching up boxer who is now just barely holding on to a one point lead. the battle for governor is in a dead heat with brown and whitman tied at 45. the gop is up in both key races in the buckeye state. senate, portman trouncing the democrat fisher by 13 points. kasich holding a steady lead over the incumbent governor strictland who trails by six. the fight for byrd's old senate seat in west virginia between manchin and racy now putting in the lead with a three point advantage that took a lot by surprise. joining me with his analysis frank luntz. russ fine geld in wisconsin.
9:27 pm
before -- russ feingold in wisconsin. before we get to that, we just had christine o'donnell on. it is interesting. i think sarah palin is right, the media want to destroy her, slander her. they are not doing the same to her opponent. when get as opportunity to speak what is your reaction? >> she is well tested, well measured speaker. sean you and i had a conversation and i also had some doubt back last tuesday. after listening to this interview that doubt is gone away. she articulate. she knows the issues. she focused locally on delaware. she not running a anything wide campaign she running a delaware-centered campaign. if i had the dials on now these independent speak voters, would like what she says. smaller government, less taxes, less regulation, more focus on what is going on in the state and less of all that washington stuff that the public in general and delaware in particular has turned against. >> sean: when rand paul
9:28 pm
decided that he's gonna focus on kentucky because the national media was going after him. he rightly went back to kentucky and his poll numbers went up. if she focuses on delaware for now and she could go back out in the national media at another point. is it smart at least in the short term for the time being focus on delaware? >> all politics is local. the decisions that are made are whether the people of delaware feel she relates to them, understands them, cares about them and empathizes with them, which is the number one attribute. you looked at those states that you just listed, west virginia obviously the biggest shocker. all those states have in common, significant blue collar vote. these are working men and women, many in the unions. these should have been democratic strengths. ohio turned against the gop overwhelmingly in 2006. california certainly not a republican state. west virginia governor manchin second most popular governor in america. what is happening now, people
9:29 pm
with family incomes between $35,000 and $50,000 a year working men and women are deciding all this spending, all this taxation and all this washington is turning them off. they are moving to the gop. they were the last group to move in 1994, which gave the republicans the majority. think are moving now september, not even october to the republican party. >> sean: this week the republican party is gonna outline for the country something similar to -- i can't get it out of them yet, -- to a contract with america. they are going to be campaigning on this i think they are going to nationalize the campaign. you brought a couple of dial groups. one you favor the christmas ad. tell us about it. >> this ad began to collapse the support of the incumbent democratic governor in illinois pat quinn. what is important about this, this is barack obama's home state, democratic state they haven't voted republican for president in a couple decades. the movement over to the gop
9:30 pm
is because of this ad about waste in government. let's take a look. >> announcer: it is christmas in july. pat quinn thinks he's santa claus. his personal staff got raises. some as much as 20%. what did we get? we get the bill. a proposed 33% tax increase, courtesy of pat quinn. no wonder the tribune calls quinn clueless. families ever suffering the last thing illinois needs is quinn tossing our money around when we can't pay our bills. bill brady, governor. >> sean: what do you like about that ad? >> one of the best add ads against an incumbent governor. i'm going to make a prediction. the legislature where barack obama comes from, the illinois house for the first time since 1994 has a chance of going republican, because of all the wasteful spending in the state. because of the hostility toward the democratic
9:31 pm
political machine in chicago this won't be the story you hear wednesday after the election it will be the story you hear about thursday of at election. if they can raise enough money the house in illinois, the legislature, where obama, that's his home, his birthplace, will go republican. that's a big story. >> sean: frank luntz, appreciate you being with us. we'll continue to watch polls and ads in the days and week as head. >> wait until you hear what nanny state officials are proposing in boston. we'll tell you what substance they want banished from municipal buildings. the latest on the sore loser gop candidates blaming little old me for his defeat. can you believe this? that coming up, straight ahead. amping trip. i kn who works different than many other allergy medications. hoo? omnaris. [ men ] omnaris -- the nose! [ man ] did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation? omnaris relieves your symptoms by fighting inflammation. side effects may include headache, nebleed, nd sore throat. [ inhales deeply ] i told my allergy sptoms to take a hike.
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>> sean: nanny state regulation on the rise boston latest victims. soda and sugary drinks will be banned in billings. this being proposed to help combat the obesity epidemic. when is it enough already? i guess when heading out the door people should take not only their wallets maybe a can of soda. more hannity, straight ahead. hoo really save you 15% or more on car insurance? is a bird in the hand worth 2 in the bush? appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it would be worth 2 in the bush. woman: really?
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>> sean: hours ago we learned another major staff shake-up will take place at the obama white house. larry summers director of the national economic council and the president's top economic adviser plans to step the end of the year. according to the white house summers will return to harvard
9:36 pm
university after the november elections. speaking of those midterms over the past several weeks we've seen americans turn their backs on several establishment candidates. even though the people have spoken there's still a lot of sore loser candidates. for example, delaware congressman mike castle who continues to blame me and rush limbaugh for his demise, still he is not the only disgruntled gopper. lisa murkowski lost her -- primary battle defeated by joe miller. recently she tossed her hat back into the ring. >> i announce today that i will be a write-in candidate in november for the united states senate seat that i now hold. we are in this together! >> sean: according to a new rasmussen poll it might be a moot point. miller has a substantial lead. here with analysis former white house press secretary fox news contributor dana perino. and host of varney and friends,
9:37 pm
stuart varney. >> it is varney & company. >> sean: by the way i'm a faithful viewer. >> thank you. >> sean: let's start with the sore loser problem. mike castle, you just heard from christine o'donnell still has not endorsed her. he promised woefplt lisa murkowski, -- charlie crist, sore loseer. aren't more republicans critical of these people doing this? >> i think they are fairly critical. i think they are focused on the races happening in their states. and i think they write-off people who decide they want to throw their hat back in the ring. it is unfortunate especially in alaska. you move -- you lose, you move on. castle hasn't endorsed her yet. >> sean: his first call was to
9:38 pm
barack obama and joe biden not to christine o'donnell he waited until friday to call christine o'donnell. there have been many times stuart, as a conservative, i know conservatives and conservative candidates have been told, call the day after the election. you gotta jump onboard we need your support. we need to be united. i don't hear the same calls now these are tea party members winning these races. >> i wish we did. >> sean: me too. >> i think those conservatives who oppose christine o'donnell for example, i think it is time to be quiet. you oppose them, you didn't like their victory in the primary, okay. now be quiet about it. it is over. if you can't overtly support them, just be quiet about it. because we are going forward. you want this power of the people to be made known november. so be quiet if you cannot support -- >> sean: it is now becoming officially destructive. i think it is now hurting candidates in some of these races. >> it could be. saw some polls today about
9:39 pm
tightening up in many soft races natural after labor day people start to pay attention they want to know about the issues. i thought she did a good job tonight talking that. in some ways it was the hardest interview because you support her. she conducted herself well. if people in delaware were watching they maybe had a little bit more comfort. >> sean: wait a minute. putting herself in environments where she going to be asked about masturbation, witchcraft, -- >> all things she has talked about before. >> sean: okay when she was a teenager she dated guy into witchcraft. >> she can come out and say that. >> sean: i don't see the same treatment of her opponent this is the double standard that exists. >> it is right there. >> that's the way it is. you have to accept it. >> in is a distraction. -- this is a distraction. today larry summers says he's gone. three of the four architects of the president's failed economic policy are now gone.
9:40 pm
there's only one left. mr. geithner. very weak position. essentially, the president's economic performance has been abysmal. his policy has failed. the people with the arctics are gone. what going to do now? who is he going to preplace them with? it is an opportunity for him to pivot, i don't think he will. >> sean: he got excoriated yesterday the president in this interview. >> i don't know why they agreed to do it. >> sean: i interviewed the woman that asked that main question. she was amazing today on the radio in terms of saying, look i'm worried. my husband and you are worried we have to go back to eating hot dogs and beans. they are trying to send their kids to a private school. their opportunity they feel is slipping away >> president is between a rock and hard place on whether to do some of these interviews and different ways to get people to listen to him. >> sean: if he i was him i would go back to martha's vince yard. >> that wasn't the best press
9:41 pm
he either. >> don't fall for this distraction. why are you talking about the critics of the tea party. >> sean: no that confronted him yesterday. >> i'm with you all the way. this failure of the president's economic policy reached a high point today with the resignation, soon to be leaving of larry summers. the president's policies are exposed. concentrate on that. that is the issue on this election forthcoming. not what christine o'donnell was doing when she was a teenager. >> but people won't necessarily focus on that that's why they focus on issues after labor day. >> >> sean: did stuart call you establishment last week? >> >> he did not but somebody else in this room did. >> sean: really? >> yes. >> sean: you excoriated me. it was a joke at the end of the interview. all right guys thanks for being with us. time to check in with greta.
9:42 pm
>> greta: ambassador bolton is here. bristol palin doing some dancing. for all the viewers who missed your interview with christine o'donnell, don't worry, they will get their chance. i'm going to replay your interview sean. >> sean: the whole thing? >> greta: most of it, a little bit, maybe that much, i haven't decided yet. >> sean: hannity is ing me, move him out. we'll be watching. greta coming up in 18 minutes. our great, american panel, straight ahead. [ engine revving ]
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>> sean: tonight on our panel founder and chairman of the faith and freedom coalition author of the new novel confirmation. i'm in it, as a character. this is made for hollywood
9:47 pm
movie i'll play myself ralph reed is here. he was the senior spokesman for hillary clinton's presidential campaign founding partner of hilltop mo elleithee is with us. and she is a republican new york congressional candidate ann marie buerkle is back. christine o'donnell just on the program says i'm going to focus on delaware. good move? >> first of all sean, i've never seen such over-the-top vicious, vicious bitter, hate-fill attacks on a statewide candidate that i can remember at a national level. first of all, whatever you think of o'donnell's views, this is a woman who was given no chance to win. heavily out-spent. defeated a guy who won 12 statewide elections. it was a very impressive campaign. projected turn out was 30,000 votes they had element 60,000.
9:48 pm
you can't say it was because of a small turn-out. she clearly energized a lot of new people. i'm sick of the beating she has taken. they need to drop the billy clubs and let the people of delaware have their campaign. >> sean: mo, what would you advice your client? >> i would say stop doing national shows. stay in delaware. >> after sean. [ laughing ] >> ran paul had the same problem after he was nominated. >> sean: he said to heck with this. >> if you are running for a statewide office -- sean 90% of your time. >> that's what ought to be doing. she in a tough spot now she is down in the poll in delaware. >> sean: she had a 17 point swing leading into the election. >> she got a lot of exposure. you can argue that the people of delaware, she wasn't getting a lot of national
9:49 pm
press before her primary. >> sean: i was talking about it, rush, levin was talking about it. a lot of conservatives out there saying look at what castle, guy that voted for cap and tax is doing to -- >> the same exposure, same national exposure before the primary as -- she is today. >> i think she is up against the national media. she thinking i better get out and try to build up my credibility. show folks i'm ail real candidate and i can win this race. >> sean: is that what it makes -- what it takes? >> i think it is different now. i don't disagree with the general advice. as we saw with sharron angle, it is a different universe now, because of the internet. o'donnell has raised i don't know what the number is north of 10 million dollars, because people are talking about her. whether it was obama in '07 and '08. sharron angle when she won her
9:50 pm
primary or o'donnell now some of this helps to drive fundraising which enables you to get paid advertising. >> sean: when it is time to focus in on her message her opponent's record which the media is ignoring and talk about issues rather than superfluous topics what she said in 1997 is irrelevant to the campaign. >> i think this is what we are going to see. the left does not want to be -- [ talking over each other ] >> whatever it is cap and trade -- >> they want to talk about something christine o'donnell said on a cable show 15 years ago. >> sean: i want to find out what you said on a cable show 15 years ago. by the way your last chance to get in your text vote. are republican women treated differently than democratic women? how can you not be sure? results coming up after this quick break. [ male announcer ] you can dream of delivering leading edge i.t. solutions
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. we were asking our tuesday text vote question about whether or not republican women are treated differently than democratic women? the results are now in. it is text vote tuesday. 97% said yes. 3% believe they are not. there you have it. you're running as a republican. >> i can speak to that. i would say yes, they are. it is more the conservatives. when you are a conservative you take a double hit. >> sean: like sarah palin, christine o'donnell and michelle bachmann. >> that's right. there's a high level of scrutiny. >> sean: mo you have an interesting perspective, you worked for hillary.
9:56 pm
>> i never picked up on a lot of it until i worked for hillary. you saw her being treated by press, across the spectrum differently than her male counterparts were in the democratic primary. you never saw anyone writing about what barack obama or john edwards was wearing. >> sean: they were writing about her hairdo at the u.n.. >> women are treated differently. >> sean: i would have picked a different tie for you tonight. >> i appreciate that >> sean: we harry reid calls kirsten gillibrand hot. he calls this guy running against christine o'donnell his pet. now he's referring to a female senator as hot! >> sean this is -- >> sean: very subjective issue. >> this is after he said this he couldn't conceive of any hispanic being a republican. which is not only an insult to
9:57 pm
republicans it is an insult to hispanics all over the world. >> here's the situation, harry reid is gonna lose this race. because the nevada economy is flat on its back. unemployment 14% if you look at people who have given up working or now working part-time because they can't find a fulltime job it is depression era unemployment. 45% of all mortgages in nevada are underwater or in foreclosure guy is senate majority leader. it is not based on him in confirmation i've got a senate majority leader just like harry reid running for reelection. just by coincidence. >> sean: sean hannity just like me by coincidence. >> what happens is when you are senate majority leader and we saw this with tom daschle. we saw it with miller tidings in 1952, when the electorate turns it is a referendum on.
9:58 pm
>> sean: 14.4% unemployment. 1 in 7 americans now are in poverty in america. foreclosures are up 25 . we have three trillion dollars in obama debt and he's only been there 21 months now. >> that's why you hear and see attacks on o'donnell, sarah palin and all the rest of it. they can't talk about the issues. they won't. that's what the campaign going to be marginalize, marginalize tea party folks because we don't want to be held accountable. >> sean: it was in the "new york times" they were going to try to go after the tea party movement as owning the republican party. they tried to do this to me and talk radio and rush and mark and fox news. they actually went out there and demonized tea party and town hall attendees. >> i think couple months ago harry reid was dead in the water trailing everyone in the polls. he started to claw back. now it is a very competitive
9:59 pm
race. i think because we to look at each one of these races in isolation. both parties, people on both sides 10 to nationalize a lot of these races but each is an individual localized race. >> sean: if he's not winning now, which way are people in the nevada going to break? >> he's trending in the right direction. he was down. >> sean: he also spent a million and sharron angle hasn't gotten on air for the most part yet. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: look at the races. boxer is in trouble. murray is in trouble. west virginia race in play. >> if you have represented a state in washington for 18 years and are senate majority leader and you are at 45, -- >> sean: by the think what is your new book the confirmation. i'm in this? >> you are in it. >> sean: by name as a character? >> by name, a as a character. >> there was no way to blow it because you pl


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