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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 23, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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glass half full and he stars "your world," right about now. >>neil: the g.o.p. becoming the party of crybabies? welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. is the grand old party in a grand old funk, losing to tea party-backed candidates looking more like party whiners than winners. especially when they do not win the party. take charlie crist who left his party and is still losing to the guy would he thought he could beat if he joined the new party. same story. losing to the same rubio. and in delaware, not ruling out writing himself in after christine o'donnell took him
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out. and same for alaska senator murkowski refusing to give up and the g.o.p. refusing to force her to give up a good committee post. the same party that said they were rallying around the guy would beat murkowski for that, joe miller who is now leading in alaska polls. even if he is not exactly embraced by republican polls. joe miller telling me moments ago, taking it all in stride. we will continue to communicate to alaska that we have to get our future under control. we cannot depend upon a government that is going bankrupt. it is making us more energetic and we had more volunteers come into the campaign than any other time and it is not bad for fundraising. >>neil: it is interesting on the establishment, not all, but some of the establishment republicans who have lost races
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to tea partiers like yourself, that is oversimplifying it, but mike castle comes to mind looking at a write in candidacy, and not going quietly into the night. what message is that sending? >>guest: well, liberals have a tough time giving up power. that is the message. we can see that. in both of their actions. and in addition we understand that in order to change the system it is not going to be easy. these folk are not going to lose or leave their power, it will require effort. this is not an election where everything changes at once but the american people, alaska, needs to understand we will have to move forward. >>neil: in the case of senator murkowski, she can keep senior post through the end of her term and the republican party is in the fighting her on that.
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doesn't seem to be, you know, on a national basis, you know, going crazy over you, or any of the other tea partiers that have emerged. what is happening? >>guest: to change washington, dc, you have to change the people that are there. this is a crisis of leadership that is caused our country to be at the point it is at. and the direction of this nation is not happening in one or two years but it has taken decades and that is reflected in the composition of who we have in washington, dc today. but the seniority will not manage after november, alaska will embrace the future which is resource development, moving forward in our state by getting more state control, and pushing the federal government out of our backyard. until the direction and the
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hits, they are coming from republicans, the ones who at least in alaska, did not want you originally. now they are saying they are for you as the nominee but, again, i see what they are doing with senator murkowski keeping her in the key assignments through the end, which is fine, but it is the 180-degree opposite of what they hinted at two days ago. what is going on? >>guest: i don't what is going on internally. but what we seeing in action, that was a disappointing move but we have funding coming in. we have public statements of endorsement, so i think the leadership is getting it. certainly there is a tension. i will be honest. it is very difficult when you are going in a new direction to have the leadership embrace that. especially with decades of the past. >>neil: i don't thing they are embracing it at all. i don't think they are embracing it and you are running for office and you are trying to be, you know, kind to all here but
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the fact of matter is, republicans appear to want to sipping off the same choir book but this hymn does not suit them and there was a time you were among the hymns that did not suit them and today they have this new "pledge to america," which is opposite, and president obama speaking at the u.n. so i am thinking if they are the keystone cops, not the tea partiers. >>guest: i am optimistic and i believe if the leadership does not respond to what is happening at the ground level there will be a real issue but i see indicators that it is. i do believe there is an understanding this is an opportunity to lead this nation into the direction it needs to go. certainly for alaska that is an extraordinary opportunity. we will focus on that. we will focus on the optimism. there certainly will be along the way little butches and --
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bumps but we have optimistic view the common sense americans will communicate clearly to their leaders they have elected that we have to go a different way and there will be a response. if not, that will just yet be another challenge. >>neil: say you are elected and the polls look good for you, and christine o'donnell out of nowhere pulls out of the race which looks like it is hers not to win you will have a bunch of inexperienced folks headed to washington, dc, and the establishment might, again, try to say, just, just want us, kids, we will show you the way. how do you handle that? >>guest: it is great that we have inexperienced people coming to washington, dc so they have not been coopted and they are coming with a goal to communicate to washington, dc
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that the people of the nation want to turn back the federal government, reverse growing, and give power to the states so alaska can develop their resource base and auto billion barrels of crude we have and the natural gas in anwr. it will require that approach to make things happen and i believe there will be enough numbers coming to washington, dc, we have an impact on those that were especially those facing re-election in two years. the same thing will happen to them that happened to the other incouple bents and if they do not respond to what the american people are saying, we know the system is broke, we know the past does not work, and, look, we want control back at home in our own states, i think, i believe there will be a responsiveness. again, that is optimism, but, i want to be doing this thing. if i was not optimistic about the future of the nation. >>neil: sarah palin has early supported you and popped in and out of key states that could play a big role in a couple of
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years. would you support her for president? >>guest: we have been asked that question before. a number of great candidates out there including -- welfare have lad a number of people that have introduced their names at potential candidates in 20112 and certainly sarah palin is on the top of that ticket. you have a number of folk that would be better than president obama but i will tell you this: this is not a race about palin or murkowski but it is a race about changing the direction of this nation, a race about making sure that alaska gets its resource base back into production and alaska when the bottom falls out of the federal government alaska can move forward. that is what the focus has to be. >>neil: so there was no quid pro quo when she endorsed you, that never came up?
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>>guest: no, no, no, never been a conversation like that. people that know me understand my and is putting this state forward making sure we can get at the federal level constitutional government back to where it needs to be, reversing the growth of government. people that know me know that the way i do business is not in response to certain things. i think governor palin is an asset to the country and done extraordinary things for the country and doing extraordinary things right now and she is raising the level of dialogue so this nation addresses the problems that are happening at the central level but i don't make deals. that, really, is the joe miller that alaska will elect if they make that choice in november. >>neil: joe miller thank you very much. we called his opponent and we are working with all the campaigns and try to set something up.
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stay tuned. >> i saw your open with the crying baby was great but ?ultding. toe the baby. i could not believe the way the republican party is handling this, when you look at --. physical until you think that because you are a new mom. >>guest: yes. >>neil: but they cannot let go and like kids they are hanging on. >>guest: that is the problem. look at mike calf, for 30 years, he has won every single race in delaware and on benned knee his -- and on bended knee his opponents have offered support. the time he loses he is acting
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like an old guy instead of a extinguished elder statesman. he lost. >>neil: but other races and other areas where officially the party rallies around and i get a sense that it is grudging and i wonder should a lot of your candidates in particular, how will that go down in washington, dc, in november? >>guest: they do not know what to make. they have to realize we do not need them to show us the ropes. if experience, they say we do not have experience abandoning our principles or ignoring the people who sent us. why don't we teach you what it is to actually represent the people who sent you there. that is what democracy is. this is not a top down country. that is what the establishment on both sides have forgotten.
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the republican party is positively, smacks of fear. they do not know what to make of us. we are your natural allies. you should seek to work with us. i fail to see how there is not a leader who will make that happen. >>neil: good to see you. stay tuned. he's single and i'm going to introduce you in two weeks
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>>neil: we are at legal hill and a bill with a big price tag of $30 million on the way to the president's desk. republicans claim that it is a waste of money and small businesses would benefit more from a permanent cut in taxes or at the least an extension of the bush cut in taxes but how majority whip says they are big time wrong on this small business bill. congressman, thank you for coming. so the small business thing you think will do the trick? >>guest: it will be another step in the right direction. we are in the going to correct all of these things overnight. i don't know why anyone would expect us in eight months to clean up the mess created over eight years. this is another step. in the right direction. we now have had eight tax cuts for small businesses. this is just another step. i suspect we will go to nine and
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ten. we do not want do clog up the system. we want to do this in a way that is lasting. >>neil: but a lot the small business men and women say just extend all the bush tax cuts. a lot of us pay at the top income rate for big business and they hear you saying it is only 3 percent but when you have average small business of ten employees or more they make up half of all small business so give them a break and do not gift this. >>guest: maybe the people on your show love bush tax cuts but the people i talk to are not in love with tax cuts. >>neil: but 45 your members say, yes, we could agree with the congressman on raising taxes on the rich but just not now. so you have a problem. >>guest: 45 out of 255 is not a mutiny.
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>>neil: you went from zero to 45. >>guest: the fact of the matter is all of those people you are talking about, plus one republican, voted for the bill we just passed and just enrolled and that is on the way to the president. >>neil: you are right. but that is different. what i am talking about on the tax cut issue, congressman, if some of the deals, including extending all of the cut, are you, as a leader, and nancy pelosi, are you open to that? is a deal in the works to include that? just for now, extending them all? >>guest: no. i am in the for blowing $700 billion hole in the deficit and that is what the republicans are pushing for. we believe --. >>neil: i understand you are not for the $700 billion hole but you are fine blowing a $600
4:19 pm
billion hole for the middle-class tax cuts. >>guest: we are trying to do this fiscally responsible way. the bill we just sent to the president does not add one dime to the deficit. and that's why we are doing this the way we are doing it. in a very responsible way so we can do what needs to be done for small businesses without adding to the deficit. and as we go along, we will create opportunities to do that. for us to now just extend bush's tax cuts, his tax cuts got us in the ditch we are in. >>neil: we can argue that back and forth. i am curious, sir, and i wish i had more time, you are concerned about the deficit now, in the throwing programs at it but you have made it worst and had a lost emergency measures for whatever reason, that made the deficit worse and now you are waking up, and discovering,
4:20 pm
religion. >>guest: what we did, we stopped the hemorrhaging. we were losing 750,000 jobs a month the last three months of the bush administration. we have stopped that hemorrhaging and we have shown constant job growth for the last eight months. >>neil: sir we have 10 percent unemployment rate. >>guest: but it could be 16 percent or 17 percent according to some of the republicans. >>neil: maybe so, but the reality is i have to deal with life on earth and reality is, you have a sick economy. >>guest: that is exactly right and it is getting really. the fact is you stop the hemorrhaging and you start applying the remedy and we stopped it. we are not losing jobs. we are not gaining maybe not as fast as you would like but we are increasing jobs every month and the american people will see that. >>neil: thank you. always good to have you.
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>>neil: did you see this? come on, don't you want to pray? come on, elmo, don't you want to play? >>neil: sesame street pulling the clip after she was not looking too kid friendly. they say you can practically see her, you know, like you know what comes next. sesame street wishing they jumped katie for neil cavuto,
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and we are always abreast of the latest and we do not treat the audience like boobs, no matter the age and we are never, never, tacky. tasteless, yes, but tacky, no. someone junior can look up to. but, enough about me and back to me and we may read your letters on fox business at 6:00 eastern, and you say you are not getting this? you can take the new poll question and today we are asking, should women dress like that open sesame street? if, if, if, if the bush tax cuts are stepped how long should it last for high income tax earners? one year? two years?
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permanently. as white house economic larry summers packs up c.e.o.'s hope that means a business guy will head in and our next guest say they may not sing that tune after they hear some of the names being talked about it. and our latest book, just 12 days away from you being able to go to the bookstores "bought and paid for." good to see you. i am reading your column, great interest today and you are going through the names and what hit me we might miss larry summers. you say at least summers is moderate with a clue. what scares the business community is that he be replaced by someone immoderate without any clue.
4:27 pm
>> how little he was listened to. he was part of the hillary clinn administration that raised taxed but he is a moderate. >>neil: you call him a "moderate," and if this cast of characters ... none who is not karl marx. >>reporter: say what you want about bob rubin but when he was the treasury secretary effective for clinton. when he raised taxes bill clinton, at least they used that money to deficit reduction. i don't agree with the notion of raising taxes. this president is not doing that. >>neil: and now the lit of possibilities. >>guest: none of them are
4:28 pm
good. and do you think deep economic help with mulcahy? physical until not me. and now c.e.o. of g.e. >>guest: bottom line has not gone anywhere but for them feasting off of government set asides. he was bailed out. remember? >>neil: parsons? >>guest: the chairman of citigroups. king of bailouts. the fact that his name was floated is scary. but he was, he was running, one of the guys, on the board of citigroup when they help gamed in all sorts of bad activity, not just the mindless risk taking that led to the bailout, the most bailed out bank of all but the corporate scandals back
4:29 pm
in 2003. he was on the board. >>neil: but we need a c.e.o. someone hired and fired and knows what it is like. will we get that? like you say in the article, a bureaucrat? >>guest: the positives are at least they run businesses and know of hiring and firing. from what i understand, and this could change, paulson did not want to be treasury secretary and was called and he finally said "yes," on the 9th time. those people do not want the job from what i mad and this is from c.e.o.'s that talk to these guys, they do not want to work for this administration. this administration is department. >>neil: this is a bogus job, you are the chief economist. >>guest: the chief economic spokesman of the country fighting with the treasury. think what you have to do.
4:30 pm
you get a big office. you have to defend the business community being attacked which is what this administration does daily. >>neil: the cruise director on the titanic? >>guest: yes. >>neil: previewing your book. >>guest: we talk about why summers wanted to leave. we broke the story in march. they came out, robert gibbs saying a b.s. story. >>neil: you hold a grudge. move on. >>guest: i have to, i am 100 percent italian. >>neil: we are so excited that your book is coming up. it will knock your socks off. you think the sheriff is racial profiling? sheriff arpaio with the proof he is not. and i smoked for 29 years.
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[ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who gives you more time. fedex. >>neil: the battle on capitol hill over extending the bush tax cuts, guess what? as john stossel found out, there are already tax cuts. >>reporter: there are so man other taxes, payroll, estate, sales tax equal to the income tax, are dozens of sneaky taxes you may not know about.
4:35 pm
we pay them all day along, from the moment i wake up and turn on a light. i pay more when i brush my teeth. and license my dog. my building pays property and fuel taxes. and when i leave home to take the subway to work i pay the metropolitan transportation mobility tax. at work i mack phone calls. or get a bite to eat. soda and drink. smoked tkcy. i gas up, up to a quarter of the price of gas is federal, state, and city tax. the people pay sales tax all day long. so many taxes. i need a drink. i am lucky i don't smoke. physical until i notice how big his office is. that is just part of the hour
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long special called "the battle for the future." you are right from every moment you are awake. >>reporter: you blame the phone company, that is government. the blame the airlines, the rental car company, that is government. it grows all time. >>neil: and all the taxes and fees, invisible, that eat us alive. >>reporter: the corporate tax eats us alive, government regulation kills our freedom and opportunity. america grew fastest during the first 150 years when government was 1 percent, maybe 5 percent of g.d.p. and now it is 40 percent. >>neil: you say if we got the bush tax cut for much extended the fact is, there are dozens of other things going up. >>reporter: the bush tax cuts are big but it is all on the
4:37 pm
margin. the bigger problem, i would think, is the total constant growth of government. everson said, financial progress of things for government so grow. and now we have the tea party movement saying "stop," and that's wonderful but will they really say that weapon people tack about cutting their individual programs. the farmers getting their subsidies. and the medicare recipients. "don't cut my medicare." >>neil: you are right, you have to put the pedal to the metal and in thissen environment people are more inclined, but i am like you, will you be targeted? it will be tough. >>reporter: the current path is unsustainable. the reason i was baking and i didn't bake the pies, someone else baked the pie, but much gets a chunk of pie and there is
4:38 pm
less now are but entrepreneurs bake thousands of new pies. bill gate, being rich, does not mean we are poor. they made us all richer if we leave them alone we will be better off and the economy will grow and we can pay for the hand outs. >>neil: you have a soothing voice and can say in a smoothing voice, we are all going to hell. >>reporter: we are on that path. >>neil: if this is the case of illegal racial profiling? take a look at these guys. just rounded up.
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>>neil: racial profiling, what racial profiling? look at this. these two arrested on charges of smuggling illegal immigrants in arizona. they are white. u.s. citizens. and today sheriff arpaio received a federal audit for treatment of the inmates. what is covering that? we are giving it a shot. sheriff, good to have you. >>guest: thank you for covering this. if until i am saying, wait, this doesn't seem to be a case of racial profiling. what is wrong with this picture? >>guest: we have intelligence that drug and human smuggling operators are now going to use white people because they believe the rumors that i go around racial profiling figuring if they use white guys they can escape our net and enforce the illegal aliens so i fooled them.
4:43 pm
we do not racial profile. over 2,000, we have arrested on the human smuggling and the majority are from mexico or latin america but we are doing our job. i am getting this heat from the department of justice, a year and a half ago, they initiated an investigation that we racial profile and now they are suing me in federal court because those that don't speak english, we do not furnish languages. >>neil: how did you get these guys? >>guest: like the others, we stop them on traffic violations, and we develop our case and we prove they are here illegally and we put them in jail. >>neil: but if they are smuggling illegals in they are citizens. what caught roar attention? what were they doing? maybe this is not a lot you can reveal. tell me what you can. >>guest: we caught them on a traffic violation. we stop a lot of people on traffic violations.
4:44 pm
our special human smuggling unit that resulted in over 2,000 arrests. so that is how we catch these guys. i am an equal opportunity guy. we stop everyone as evidenced by what happened last night with their arrests and 11 other illegals that were concealed in their van. they were headed for colorado, florida, california, so we grabbed them before they live the county. >>neil: what is weird, sheriff, everyone made a big stink when the justice department was coming down trying to find out what was behind how you round up illegals and those who try to get temperature here and you get this nice audit review today from the same federal government, zero, no one says boo. that does not seem very balanced. >>guest: there is no fairness.
4:45 pm
we got "a's," and they checked 64 our programs. and the justice department came to the jail and they are suing me, they came to the jail, the justice department/u.s. marshalses and we have had audited byic -- by i.c.e. and homeland security. are they just going after me, or just suing me, for political reasons? >>neil: they say the investigation of the department is ongoing "pertains to allegations of discrimination in jails and police practices not covered by the marshals service review." >>guest: they went into our jail and looked at 64 programs and we came out on tops. >>neil: been there, done that, get off my back?
4:46 pm
>>guest: i have been saying that for a year and a half so we will see what happens in court before the judge. i worked with the justice department, you know that, and i cannot figure out what is going on. >>neil: i will take the under and over on there and see how many reports come out together. and a filmmaker taking a fight against big tax fights. .
4:47 pm
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4:50 pm
>>neil: i am looking forward to talking to this guy, we told you about someone going wild about a movie trailer that even the manhattan crowd loved. >> no new deficit spending. we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it. >> we could say they spend like drunken trailers but that would be unfair to drunken sailors who are spending their own money. >> the tea party movement is conservatives with have been pushed too hard for too long. >> i have been amused by the rallies. you would think they would be saying "thank you." >>neil: they are not, it is called "i want your money," and the filmmaker is joining me. to get applause in manhattan theater, that is all you need to
4:51 pm
know. >>guest: thank you for having me. it has been doing tremendously well and i have showed it to people for prescreenings and getting great response. >>neil: what is it about? a spending binge? >>guest: the two views, one of ropd and one of the current administration. we have a tremendous amount of debt spending close to $400 billion a day. and so my film reflects that, the amount of wasteful spending and we have to do something. >>neil: and you talk about ronald reagan, the president? the wrap against conservatives, no sense of humor, stick in the mud. what are you trying to say? >>guest: i don't think that is true. we can be as creative and funny and entertain and deliver an enlightened message that someone can take home.
4:52 pm
>>neil: dennis miller proves that. but you are saying this is more personal for you. you are a new dad, you have three girls? >>guest: i have two girls and a new boy just came along, he is four weeks. normally i am a science fiction continue teas filmmaker. but what is personal for me is the country has given me a lot of great tunes and freedom creating my business and achieving the american dream and chasing after it and my worry is that my kids will not have the same freedoms and tunes with the amount of debt we have and rules and regulations and high taxes. >>neil: and i know how creative and smart you are but who helped you get this off the ground? >>guest: private investors that were like-minded individuals that believed in the same cause. they are not political organizations or wealthy c.e.o.'s they are just common
4:53 pm
ordinary people with ordinary jobs. >>neil: others have tried this but it never took off. this looks like it will. why do you think it will? >>guest: people are speaking right now and they are coming because they have had enough. look what the tea party has done it is tremendous. and it is timing right now but it happens to speak on the same message everyone is worried about. million until you are like a thin, conservative, michael moore? >>guest: well, i hope so. >>neil: ray "i want your money," the applause it is getting in man happen movie theaters, that is all you need to know. if you think all batteries are the same, consider this:
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4:57 pm
you wouldn't, zealously. requested officially. >> well, no one likes to pay taxes. i think we are at a point in time where it's important we allow the bush tax cuts to last. i have been an investor and entrepreneur for 25 years. i invested under the clinton tax plan and the bush tax plan. the truth of the matter is the marginal tax rates never made a difference at all to any of the investment decisions i made. >> neil: on and on it went. rich folks with a guilt compl complex, you will pay for it. this is a lovely chat i had on fox business network the other night. you don't get fox business? >> demand it. >> neil: anyway, this guy is a multi-millionaire. as my friend don imus would say, lovely guy. former venture capitalists that says the rich should pay more in taxes and he's more than willing to pay more himself. i said to him then as i say
4:58 pm
now, you don't think you're paying enough in taxes. have at it. pay more in taxes. you can afford it. you're a multi-million their that clearly feels guilty. leave out the others who don't feel guilty. they might feel something else. pardon my french. they might feel pissed. here is why. a big difference between someone making $250,000 and $250. they're all in the same grey poupon petrie dish. it's weird and i think it's wrong. one man's guilt shouldn't be another man's bill. they shouldn't confuse themselves with those merely better off. all taxpayers of all stripes are getting ripped off, forced to debate paying more for what is a lousy product. particularly the bottom rung of the top 2%ers. i propose all of the rich folks in this country who do not think they're paying
4:59 pm
enough in taxes and want to pay more in taxes they be allowed to write in an extra amount, their own gilded guilt fee if you will. put it on the form. leave the rest of us out. you may resent your own success, but right now we resent you. all right. house majority leader steny hoyer making fun of the name of the lumber company where the republican colleagues made pledge to america. >> ironic today, republicans are rolling out the agenda of fa failed bush policies at a small business, small business named tart. >> neil: ever wonder what the owner of that tart lumber company thinks? we find out in an hour. he's ready to to stick it to


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