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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 24, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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are definitely looking out for you. >> the president: the choice in november could not be clearer. if you want to go forward, what do you do? you put it in "d." if you want to go backyards you put it in "r" we cannot afford to go backwards. >> the federal government is too big, it spends too much and it is out of control. >> our president has failed us. >> republicans are too busy listening to america's biggest corporations. when it is time for a photo-op for small business -- >> the land of opportunity has become the land of shrinking prosperity. >> the president: the last election was about a changing of the guard. this election is about guarding the change. >> we get it. we get it. this is why when we outline in here our pledge to america, i can tell you, we are very
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serious. >> sean: there are only 40 days remaining until voters head to the polls. today was without question a day that belonged to the republican party. looking to restore america's confidence in their government house gop leaders officially unveiled their pledge to america today in virginia. standing shoulder to shoulder with the man who could soon be the next speaker of the house john boehner the party promised to cut government spending repeal obama care, secure the border. >> we pledge to you that we will create jobs. end economic uncertainty and make america more competitive. we will cut washington wasteful spending and reduce the size of government. and we will reform congress and restore your trust in government. >> sean: today's event occurred 16 years to the day when newt gingrich and his colleagues introduced their contract with america. that pledge helped secure the
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republican take over of congress in 1994. will this pledge produce the same results 40 taste from now? one of the authors of young guns new generation of conservative leaders california congressman kevin mccarthy. welcome back. >> s that for having me. >> sean: there's a lot of differences between the -- contract and this. this was by design. what was your thinking as you helped author this? >> what are items that we can do right now to make the country better? create jobs. cut spending. reform congress. these are all bills that can be taken up right now, before congress departs that moves us forward. national review came out and said it is bolder than the contract. it can make government smaller and the country more prosperous. >> sean: more broad, a lot of principles. what i liked in the beginning of this document in your
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preamble in hit home for a lot of people. america is more than a country it is an idea that people can govern themselves. government powers are derived from the consent of the govern. you quote the declaration, the constitution. you talk about first principles at length here. i guess the only question i think some people may have is, you've been addressing this, the idea that the contract worked, but then some republicans lost their way. how does this document hold you accountable? >> that's why we did the preamble. what he said in the book of young guns with paul ryan and eric cantor, we say republicans were fired because they did lose their way from the contract. that's why we layout what the future holds. what is this new conservative party gonna be about? we instill that trust in the constitution that's the things that we're gonna fight for that's why we layout automatically in the pledge to america we're gonna cut
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spending we do it now, not next year, now we roll 'em back to prestimulus, prebailout save 100 billion dollars right now. every pill that comes to the floor has to show constitutional authority on the bill. -- if we help small business where jobs are created. >> sean: you are going to stop tax hikes. you are going to have tax cut . you want the extension of the bush tax cuts which is now being debated. and needless regulation you talk about. and repeal health care. when you say repeal health care, no option, repeal the entire bill? >> we say repeal the entire bill. we come back with things we would replace it with. tort reform, which it did not have. insurance across state lines to drive the cost down and greater choice. we take care of preexisting conditions. and instill the patient-doctor relationship and take make that stronger instead of insurance company. >> sean: these are all things i agree with. i don't think the time for
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half measures is now. country is head ed to such a fiscal disaster with such debt and deficits and reckless spending i think it's gotta be a bold move. how do you get this passed? what happens, let's say republicans in 40 days get control of the house of representatives, what does that heene when you have a divided government and a very radical, very liberal president of the united states? >> well, what that means is you don't sit back. you show leadership and pass it out of the house. we know the constitution gives the purse strings to the house. we can start action right away. we can start moving the bills. when clinton was in power and the republicans had the majority, they to send welfare to him three times. we will keep sending the bills to obama, put them on his desk and challenge him to make this country better. >> sean: i don't see the pragmatism that clinton had in president obama. he's never shown anything but his adherence to his rigid
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ideology. do you believe that barack obama will deal with any bill that repeals health care? do you think he would support tax cuts across the board? >> the one thing, he is not like clinton, he won't move. otherwise he would have left after the town hall meetings after scott brown won. he wants the bill on one side. the difference after the next election he's going to be up for reelection. he is going to have to answer to the american public. they don't want this unemployment this high any more. they want to see that shining city on the hill again. they want to recharge that we are not going to let it go out on our watch. >> sean: i used the line on radio today, i interviewed eric cantor and paul right beyond. you recognize number one republicans got fired because they abandoned some of the principles that you write in the preamble. do you recognize that if you get this election you may be on probation especially with the mood of the country? >> very much so.
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we've got to prove. we've been trying to earn our way become. from the start of the stimulus bill where you saw every republican vote no. we stood up to this president. because we knew would it not work. you look time and time again in the "l.a. times" this weekend they spent 100 million on 50 jobs. it has failed. more people believe elvis presley is still alive than that stimulus created jobs. it is a keynesian that has failed. we put the preamble back. more important we put the pledge. we ask the american public to take the pledge, print out the card check it off with us as we fight to win this country back. >> sean: in that sense, is this not -- in is not a political document. look, i wrote a book in march, "conservative victory." i didn't say republican victory. i want conservatives, that old reagan conservative spirit to come back to washington. you are saying that you are recognizing there's a conservative ascendancy here
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this is not a political document for the republican party. >> no, this is not a republican platform, in is about things that can happen now. like in your book when we wrote young guns it is about the conservative movement not the republican movement it is about taking this country back. >> sean: the president can't spend a dime without approval of congress. you will have a lot of power if you just have divided government. >> could you imagine with paul ryan being chairman of the budget committee? not only would we have the power paul would out-smart the president each time. >> sean: i miss charlie rangel already. kevin mccarthy, thank you, bold document. i think it is going to play an interesting part in this election. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me >> sean: ann coulter is here, next. her analysis of the pledge to america. plus the anointed one is calling on religious leaders to help him sell the
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[ manager ] are you sure i can't talk -- ok, no, i get it. [ male announcer ] with xerox, you're ready for real business. >> sean: the pledge to america officially unveiled earlier today shows us what the gop leaders are promising to do if they take back congress in november and how they plan to undo the damage caused by this administration. does this pledge offer the bold change we need? joining me with answers is ann
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coulter. we have both been critical of republicans. interestingly, i think we have a very different republican party than the party that fired in 2006. >> right. thank you tea party. >> sean: i would agree. they didn't vote for stimulus in the house, cap and tax except mike castle and seven others. they didn't vote for obamacare this is a bold document. what is your reaction? >> it is good. i have another 3,000 items i would like to add. they all begin with the word repeal. so it won't be that hard. you can a word macro for it. i think it is good. a lot shows -- obviously it includes repealing obamacare very important. repealing any spending on tarp or the stimulus bill. although, a lot of it i'm not being critical, illustrate how
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out of their minds the democrats are. the fact that the republicans have to insist that before a bill is voted on we get three days to read it. it is not a controversial issue that we have to cite the provision of the constitution that allows them to pass the law. i approve of that. >> sean: interestingly, they brought up social issues. not funding abortion. controlling our borders. they also talked about getting tough with rogue regimes like iran. it is not just the economy, although that was a very big part. repealing health care, protecting marriage. there's a lot in here. >> right, i've seen some people claim or gloat that we are pushing the social issues an no, it isn't. this is what congress does. they tax us, pass bills that require money. that's what they do. >> sean: you it wrong. they spend and then more money
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then they tax you. >> that is what the house of representatives does, they start any bill that has to do with money. i don't know what other social issues could be in this document. >> sean: i like the preamble a lot as they outlined first principles, our declaration, our constitution the right of the govern to have a say which is interesting this administration and democrats have been so willing to govern against the american people. i like all of that. but it seems they've also boxed themselves in. they have to stand on principle. in that sense, any point in time where they don't stand on those principles, they will be fired in environment. >> i hope so i think they could have -- i think they could have come up with something stronger than rolling back spending to 2008 levels. two? i was thinking 1970. can we start there? 2008! >> sean: i agree. here's my prediction.
12:16 am
they are gonna win. don't get overconfident you are about to lecture me >> i've never thought we were going to win the senate worse saying that now. >> sean: the house. >> you have been very good, i must say. the reason i think it is worth saying i never thought we were going to take the senate it shows what whining babies these moderate republicans are complaining about christine o'donnell. for one thing i don't think castle necessarily would have won, because people figured out oh this guy voted for cap and trade. >> sean: he couldn't beat christine o'donnell. >> i don't care if she wins, even if she loses we weren't going to take the senate. i got news for you. >> sean: i'm not sure i agree. who thought russ feingold would be in trouble? >> i did. >> sean: east kirsten gillibrand up by one point in new york.
12:17 am
box -- boxer are, murray all in trouble now. >> if we take the house that's what i mean by win big and pick up a few surprising states like wisconsin. that's one i thought at least was possible. i don't think it is possible -- i'm not going to say which ones i think -- very blue states, new york, california, washington, oregon. the great thing is the fact that so many blue states up for election in the senate this year that means in two years and in four years a lot of democrats who are not in heavily blue states are going to be nervous about what happens in this election. did you follow that point? >> sean: yes that was great, you are a genius, ann, have i told you? indiana, arkansas, missouri, ohio and pen. you look at -- and pennsylvania. you look at where we are picking up seats these are key battle ground state. >> that's going to terrify senators up for election two, four years from now much better years for republicans.
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>> sean: i agree. the interesting thing is to watch obama and whatever democrats are left standing if they react to the mood of the country. pat buchanan had an interesting point in this volatile environment, all bets are off. nobody can predict with certainty. >> right. moreoverwe don't want republicans to take the senate in the house and start passing great stuff then obama will get a second term like clinton did. >> sean: clinton was suggesting that. >> was saved by the '94 republican congress. >> sean: he would have to do what clinton did. he can't stay the rigid ideologue he is we might accomplish a few things, balance budgets. republicans led the effort. ending welfare, republicans led the effort. clinton just signed the bill so he could get reelected. >> high taxes are good for the economy because look at clinton he raised taxes and --
12:19 am
eight years later the economy was booming. did anything else happen in that time? 1994 election, he raised taxes and the economy was a disaster. thus, the 1994 election, thus taxes got cut and the economy came back. >> sean: that's what we need. coulter, good to see you. i love having my conservative friends here in new york, can't believe it. coming up the president calls on a higher place for help with struggling health care reform. is that a conflict of interest? what happened to separation of church and state thing it doesn't take much; an everyday moment can turn romantic at a moment's notice. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident... in their ability to be ready with cialis. with two clinically proven dosing options, you can choose the moment that's rig for you... ... and yourartner. 36-hour cialis and cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a low-dose tablet... you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right.
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>> sean: since nothing else seems to be working obamacare
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approval ratings keep plummeting the president has turned to divine intervention. earlier this week president obama and health officials asked various religious leaders to get out and spread the word and preach the gospel of the new health care legislation. according to the president requested they treat the new law as settled fact and use their unique positions of power to convey that message arguing the debate in washington is over. the affordable care act is law i think you can be important val day fors and trusted resources for friends -- friends and neighbors to help explain what is now available. this seeps like quite the conflict of interest coming from a president who almost never makes time for sunday services and has been so adamant about the absolute separation of church and state to be blurring the lines for his own political advantage. just last week governor huckabee challenged president obama to quell rumors about his faith by leading by example and attending worship.
12:25 am
guess who went to church this past weekend for only the third time since taking office? coincidence? let's ask host of huckabee, governor mike huckabee. good to see you. you think he went to church because of your admonition? >> i love to think that then i would make other suggestions like pass the bush tax cut extension, repeal health care. maybe stepping aside and letting republicans have the white house and both houses of congress. >> sean: it might work. >> i'm all over that >> sean: when do you think sean hannity is going to quote the daily beast and gail shehee? >> never thought you would do that. but go ahead. >> sean: i'm not making fun. gail shehee reports the president is in town. big u.n. conference. the president has a fundraiser at the roosevelt hotel. they offer cheap tickets $100, discounted in some cases to $50.
12:26 am
the room holds 650 not a big room for a political event especially for the president. they can't sell it out. 450 people in a room for 650. four e-mails two phone calls later to her alone to try and get her through there. >> i think it is one of the reasons why he went to church because therowd feels obligated to stay. this president is having a problem. i don't know if he understands or not there's not a democrat running for congress that is embracing either him or his policies. because they know it is the kiss of death for their elections. >> sean: that's key. none of them running on their records. health care, stimulus, debt, deficit. the only thing they've got left is what? smear, attack, ad hominem. is it going to work? >> no. two things, first the voters are smarter than the democrats think they are. they didn't get angry over nothing. they got angry over watching this congress bailout banks
12:27 am
and insurance companies. angry seeing them put ceos in positions in private companies. they got angry watching them shove obamacare down their throats when no one wanted it. people have gotten smarter than congress. the people of america are more likely to have read the obamacare bill than did the members of congress who did not. even nancy pelosi said, we'll know what is in the bill after we pass it. >> sean: right. we have a rules committee chair alcee hastings there are no rules we make them up as we go. part of the narrative about the swamp and how the swamp is not being drained. unemployment is up again for the week of september september 18th, 465,000, by the way, shock to the media, we have literally 27 states unemployment went up. poverty rate 1 in 7 americans now in poverty in america cash >> highest rate swaoeufz been keeping records.
12:28 am
somebody ought to be listening in washington. you got remember. washington, d.c. is the only city in america that is recession-proof. the -- the people who live and work there don't feel the impact of a recession, because they are not experiencing it. >> sean: the only jobs created in the country are government jobs. and they, bay the way are making 40% more than the private sector. >> it used to be people went into the government because it was a great opportunity to serve. now it is a great opportunity to be served. >> sean: i think that goes into the mentality. mike castle thinking about being a write-in candidate. lisa murkowski, crist, specter. what is going on, sore loser candidates. >> they've maybe taken charlton heston's favorite statement you can have this seat in the senate when you pry it from my cold dead fingers. i've never seen people who are totally tone-deaf to their voters. i love what lisa murkowski
12:29 am
said. i think the world of the family -- >> sean: forget that part, i don't care. >> she came out and said i want the people to have a choice. i wanted to say they did have a choice. you lost, leave the stage it is over. here's what is worst. the republican leadership going to strip her of her chairmanship and chickened out. why? >> sean: you think that's an indicator even though they -- first of all, what did you think of the pledge? a lot of conservatives have expressed this fear to me. republicans get back in power, they run as strong conservatives. they have a great preamble talking about first principles, roll up government, constitution, declaration. and then they get in power and what, do they change? >> they better not. because they will will have a two year opportunity. i think the pledge was good, but it would have been better if they would have done very bold things. i didn't expect them, term
12:30 am
limits for members of congress. balanced budget amendment. we are going to put it on the floor for a vote. >> sean: they did have some good things. >> the best thing they did was to say to have -- they have to have a constitutional impact statement for builts they pass. i wish a couple of things would have been the wow type of elements to the pledge that could have made it stronger. >> sean: governor good to see you, see you in church sunday. >> i'll be there sitting next to the president and michelle obama. >> sean: really? >> no. they won't be back for another three months. >> sean: ouch. the war in afghanistan -- what is in the book that had the is in the book that had the pentagon my nasal allergies are ruining our camping trip. i kn who works different than many other allergy medications. hoo? omnaris. [ men ] omnaris -- the nose!
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>> sean: it appears bill clinton is taking a kai from michelle obama. he has gone vegan. take a look. >> i on essentially a plant-based diet. i live on beans, vegetables, i drink a protein supplement every morning and i got back to what i weighed in high school. >> sean: thanks for sharing. hannity continues in two short minutes. recently, sharp made a major leap forward in the science of color with quattron. by adding a fourth color -- yellow... yellow. banana. the standard rgb color system,
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>> sean: one man's account of the afghan war published in a
12:35 am
new book is not sitting well with the pentagon attempting to block the book's release claiming it could cause a breach of national security. the department of defense offered to buy all 10,000 copies of the book's first printing. here to explain is the author the book is "operation dark heart spry craft and special operations on the frontlines of afghanistan and the path to victory" it is in stores now. lt. colonel tony schaffer is with us. they want to buy all your copies out. >> i want the public to read it. this is about the "tipping point" this is about a critical time in the afghan war where we went from being on top of things and understanding what we were doing and making drastic and radical left turns which resulted in things not going as well as they could or should. >> sean: you got new rules of engagement of obama we are
12:36 am
going to inform people before we get there so they can get their contraband out of the building. that's the current law under obama, right? >> that's one of the things limiting our ability to win the war. there's some dissin shun amongst policymakers and experts -- dissention amongst policymakers and experts. my book talks about pathways that i think we can do to direct things. one of the biggest mistakes the president made is declaring this time we are leaving. even though they try to say it is only going to be a reassessment. the taliban has made it a prime element of their influence in telling people the americans are leaving. >> sean: wait a minute, timetable for withdrawal. bob woodward has his new book out. kwoeling the president saying he set the timeline because i can't lose the whole democratic party. that sounds to me he cares
12:37 am
about how this impacts him, not how it is going to impact 30,000 additional troops on top of the troops already there? >> bad policy has killed more troops than bad intelligence. >> sean: that's frightening. >> this is what we have to avoid. we have to look at things realistically. we are not even now god bless general petraeus and the team there. i don't think we are on the right path even now. we are too much into tribal issues. let's be honest. president karzai and his folks are one tribe. they've been very 'tis lick, isolationist to -- control things themselves. we have to be better at understanding their culture and the fact that they are manipulating us constantly. >> sean: what is it they wanted you to redact? everything basically? >> promised to do a surgical removal of certain information it turned out to be 250
12:38 am
redactions. the bottom line was -- >> sean: was it cover-up? >> absolutely. >> sean: of? >> two things, i was told by a senior officer this book would have been ignored people would have said i was disgruntledded. the problem is wikileaks happened and general mcchrystal's firing happened. the other issue is something called able danger last time you and i spoke i was going to testify on five years ago. they had gall to try to have me remove portions of the book which were elements were in my open testimony that i testified on capitol hill in an open testimony, open session of congress. so it was like -- >> sean: it has already been made public. >> i had to say this is beyond stupid is something if you choose to do this, i all i will have to do is take my open testimony and put it in
12:39 am
the book. >> sean: the military warned president obama that if they don't get the 40,000 troops, we risk failure. those are the words they used. the president dithered, that was the phrase being used by dick cheney, myself and other people. and only gave them 30,000 troops. he put a timetable in place. he wants them out the president in this new book of woodward hopes he will leave it better off. then he made a statement, we can absorb a terrorist attack. if we don't defeat them isn't that the whole purpose defeat them there so we don't get attacked here? >> one of the key things two pay attention to is the pakistan nuclear program. taliban and al-qaeda have said their objective is to obtain one or more weapons from the program. you and i both know a nuclear device going off in the homeland would make 9/11 look like -- i'm not belittling
12:40 am
9/11, but it would be far worse. and the president keeps talking about the cancer being in pakistan. >> sean: do you think the way they are waging this war, not at full strength that the military is asking, is it winnable? >> he split the baby. what you have is a dead baby and no objective of peace. >> sean: that's why he won't talk about victory. >> military gave him options. i heard there was a bait and switch they convinced general mcchrystal to do something and changed things after he accept. you have to do it all the way, if not you have to do an alternative. my book talks about alternative which i think is beyond at this point. >> sean: we talk about the when, politics this is going to be the legacy of barack obama. weakening of our national security. i hope and pray i am wrong.
12:41 am
i open i'm wrong. you don't think i am, do you? >> i'm still in the reserves so -- >> sean: thank you for being with us. our great, great american panel, straight ahead.
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>> sean: tonight on our g american panel, she is the former communications director for the republican congressional committee karen hanretty. former linebacker with the jets, greg buttle is back. mark sanchez and jets have the single best game this weekend that i have seen mark sanchez -- i couldn't have been happier. >> he made every jet fan understand why he was drafted. he was an --
12:46 am
>> sean: he was amazing if that is the future he out class brady by a long shot. >> it looked like he knew what he was doing. rex ryan turn him loose! >> sean: i agree. she is former adviser to the soon to be ex senate majority leader penny lee. you know he's done. >> no, he is not. >> sean: how much did we bet? >> $1,000,000 to the charity of our choice. harry reid is going to return as the next majority leader and you are going to love it. >> sean: freedom alliance scholarship fund -- >> save the polar bears! >> sean: i'd i love this, obama it -- he goes to the roosevelt hotel ahmadinejad is here, in the speech saying he saved the world with his great economic policies which is a joke.
12:47 am
he gives a fundraiser the room holds 650, it is $100 and they are discounting $50 and he still gets heckled. roll tape. >> the president: the people that will potentially take over if we don't focus on this election, i promise you will cut aids funding. this is not the time or the place to do what you are talking about. some of those signs should be going up at the other folks' events. folks should be hollering at the other folks' event. because, because the choice in november could not be clearer. >> sean: he can't fill a 650 seat room. gets heckleed by democrats. >> you got to love our party. it is one of great diversity. when i was with senator reid we had this problem all the time. especially with the left. they were so determined they
12:48 am
wanted the truth out immediately in iraq. they would protest us. sometimes i don't understand why they fail to understand the alternative is so much worse. yes, they might be frustrated health care wasn't enough. it is amazing to me that still don't understand the right will be even worse. >> sean: the right is going to save this country from economic, financial, fiscal disaster. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: no democrat wants to be associated with him. he can't sell-out a room at $50 a head. he's getting heckled by his own supporters. >> first of all, if he's got all of these issues and it was about gays in the military. about aids funding. aids is not going to go away not because it is that party or this party. why can't someone come out and say this is don't ask, don't tell and this is why?
12:49 am
they are going to be bothered in the military. like women in the locker room. now women come in the locker room. now of course, sometimes they do get bothered in the locker room. sometimes they don't. >> sean: i got to be honest, whip in the locker room walking around naked with a towel around me is not a pretty sight. i wouldn't want women to suffer through that. >> that is suffering. you are right. [ laughing ] >> [ talking over each other ] >> barack obama has had a horrible week. look at his week. it is only thursday. the week is not even over yet. >> it started with the town hall he did when the first supporter said she is exhausted having to support him. he has left liberal supporters heckling him at his own fundraiser.
12:50 am
david axelrod the president's political adviser held a conference call with left wing bloggers today and they took it to him. they took it to him for not supporting liberal policies this president and the democratic party you guys are so -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: these are democrats, is the american dream over? >> no, it is not. >> sean: the democrats are asking the president. >> everybody is frustrated, understood it has been a deep hole. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: hang on a second. his policies have failed. screwing up the country. >> from when he first came from 750,000 to jobs to now we are seeing grow yes, it hasn't been -- [ talking over each other ] >> why didn't he do that when he first came in? [ talking over each other ]
12:51 am
>> if the package works, bring it on. >> sean: you have both houses in the congress and white house, stop whining about not having control. republicans have no power. >> we will soon. >> sean: yeah, 40 days. this is my best imitation of mark sanchez who is a great quarterback. more with our great american panel, next. host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea. 0 to 60?
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sean as we continue, pledge to america. they are gonna cut taxes. they are gonna get rid of regulation. help small business. repeal health care. they are gonna control the borders. go after rogue nations. they talk about first founding principles our declaration.
12:56 am
>> sean, when i listen to that stuff, i think i can speak for most americans not that everyone speaks for me, but i can speak for most that is all rhetoric to everybody out there. it is rhetoric for three reasons. when the pledge of -- to america starts out in these three lines, term limits, line-item veto, immigration. then people in america will believe that stuff is -- >> sean: i glee. the preamble was in-- the i disagree. the preamble was incredible. here's what i like about it. i like the fact that they are on probation. the american people lost confidence in the republicans because they lost their principles. they are gonna check every bill whether it makes constitutional muster. i was impressed with -- because it also locks them in. and in that sense they are on
12:57 am
pro and get fired if they abandon it. >> it is amazing the republican party has to re everyone that we believe in first principles. at lost it is a start. the media likes to talk about this alleged civil war teen the gop establishment and the tea party. let nell you something, when republicans take over the house, and if we take over the senate, you are going to see a real civil war in the republican party, because there's going to be, i think they are going to mount a revolution against the existing establishment. contractor no contract. because they are not going to believe them. they are going to want their people in there. the people who are running -- >> sean: i all that i think they understand christine o'donnell, joe miller and rand paul and sharron angle and the tea party movement has defeated the establishment all year long. i think bill clinton is right. he says the democrats ought to
12:58 am
come up with it and they are going to pledge higher debt, deficits, more government control of health care [ talking over each other ] >> when i read it, what i heard was 700 billion dollars by giving tax cuts to the wealthy, 700 billion dollars back, they are gonna blow it back up, it going to return back to the policies that we are tired of. >> sean: you know what we are tired of. you are missing it. >> i didn't miss it. i saw the same tired that we have -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: stop, you are driving me nuts, you sound like obama. >> we -- they want to repeal hilt care. if you are a mother with a preexisting condition you are [ talking over each other ] >> sean: excuse me, you are not being honest. they will assure access. [ talking over each other ]
12:59 am
it resorts back again, small business, i'm a small business guy. you can't get loans. everyone says here's the money to the banks. can't get a loan. you can't say i would like to refinance. that is not happening easily. you've got to go out there and pretend that you have no money to get anywhere. >> i think it is great republicans are being bold right now. they are out there and not going to let the democrats push them in a corner on tax cuts for the rich. we need to support people who create jobs in america. we need to get as much money out there flowing as possible. i don't care if you are rich or poor, let's get the money out there. don't give it to the government because the government won't spend it properly


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