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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 4, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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on fox news. the o'reilly factor is next. i'm on the o'reilly factor tonight, so tune in. buy week. then, alabama. oh! >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> your client lied. your client lied. >> it's got her name on it; >> gloria, this is almost dlicialal. >> a lot of people on fox news channel would like her to be. >> stop it don't you do that to me. >> most people believe greta shredded gloria allred on friday night. we will show you what happened and greta will be here. >> you are going to take me out. >> yeah. >> how are you going to do that? >> watch. >> the republican gubernatorial candidate karl will be here. does he regret that exposition last week? >> i think jon stewart is a bigot. >> cnn fires one of its anchor who's says almost everybody is bigoted. >> i see stuff o'reilly and
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glenn beck do and i say that's very discriminatory. bernie goldberg on that. caution, you are about to enter not spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching under the u. a political hit job exposed. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last week the nation saw how dirty politics can get. in the california gubernatorial race a liberal lawyer named gloria allred accused republican candidate meg whitman of employing an illegal alien. nikki daisy worked diaz worked for them 9 years. she made $23 an hour. she was fired once her campaign for governor got underway. for the most part ms. whitman denies any wrongdoing saying she
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thought ms. diaz was legit. >> after november 2nd no one is going to be watching out for nikki diaz. jerry, you should be ashamed you and your surrogate put her deportation at risk. you put her out there and you should be ashamed for sacrificing nikki diaz on the alter of your political ambitions. >> you have a -- bamed her, blamed me, blamed the left, blamed the unions but you don't take accountability and you can't be a leader unless you are willing to stand on your own two feet and say yeah, i made a mistake and i'm going on from here. >> bill: california is smart enough to decide the issue from forselves. there is no question that ms. diaz is being used. ms. allred says she is simply stating the truth and points to a letter. >> here's the letter. she said we, meaning her husband and herself, never received it. and here it is. it's got her address on it it's
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got her name on it. it has got her husband's handwriting on it. >> gloria, this is almost delusional because, yes, that's what i'm telling you. this is where you get barbecued in court. this doesn't show meg whitman knows it. it shows her husband is confused by it and turns it over to the housekeeper and the housekeeper sits on it because she knows she has this big fat lie. >> meg whitman said to the public and the press before i showed this letter we never received that letter. so she is saying flatly denying that. >> she didn't get it. >> that her husband didn't receive it as well. she said her husband didn't either. >> if this ever went to a jury, it doesn't go to a jury. >> it's not going to court. >> you have outed your client, told the world that here we have got thun documented person in the united states who now under penalty of perjury has lied. you put a big knee on sign come arrest my client. you referred to your client as rosa park because she lied. >> yes, exactly. >> and duped meg whitman into
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thinks she was legally so suddenly she is the rosa parks. >> i will tell you why she is rosa parks. she is rosa parks and she is very admired by a lot of people who are latinos who are latinos and others who are not. because everybody appreciates the huge risk that was she is taking. i know that a lot of people like you and a lot of people on fox news channel would like her. >> now stop that. stop that gloria. gloria, don't you dare do that to me. >> bill: all right. you can make the call on that exposition. i thought greta did her job very well. but the attacks on meg whitman did do some damage to her. new rasmussen poll shows jerry brown now leading 49% to 44%. and the race is almost a dead heat before the thing blew up. so, this whole incident brings up questions of loyalty, lies, and dirty tricks. in other words, it is politics as usual. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight let's bring in greta van susteren host of "on the record"
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who joins us now from washington. did you -- you are coming at this from that meg whitman got jobbed here? do you think this was a hatchet job, an unfair to the candidate? >> you know, bill, gloria allred was booked on our show friday afternoon. about an hour and a half in the afternoon before i got to the segment i looked at the reef search and thought a couple of things. i thought it was disgraceful that she as a lawyer would throw her client under the bus both for the illegal documentation and perjury. lawyers are supposed to protect their client and as noted in that sound bite and get them arrested and that's what it did. >> bill: not too fast. when you say perjury, what do you mean? >> apparently, as best we know it, is that when the housekeeper applied for a job or went to work at this employment agency or was seeking a job, she filled out the social security number on the form to indicate she was -- could be in the united states legally and that number apparently was falsified, which is why several years later that
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the meg whitman -- >> bill: it's a crime. putting a false social security number is a cries. >> yes. it's a crime. >> bill: in effect allred admitted here is this woman, she falsified her social security number. the feds picked up on it, and sent a letter out to the whitmans apparently and said look, there is something wrong here, this doesn't match. mr. whitman, the husband, is that his name? >> i don't know either one of them. >> he kicks it back to her says nicky, please check this, thanks. which anybody would do. i would do that i'm busy. you would do it, i guess. i mean, i don't see anything wrong with that and then it vanishes for what we know. and then gloria allred obviously resurrects it because ms. deas took the letter and the note and kept it. so, all right. so all red puts her client in jeopardy but we called ice,
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homeland security, they are not going to comment on what they're going to do. you say the u.s. attorney should open an investigation? >> i'm not saying that they should. i'm saying that i would never in a million years put my client out front with a knee on sign to federal prosecutors and say hey, my client just violated the law, come get her. >> bill: they have got to do something. they can't just ignore it. this is huge. they have to do something. >> i have no idea. i will tell you one thing, while this may not be a violent crime, i do know from my experience in the criminal justice system is that prosecutors will take cases to send a message to others. >> bill: unless you are a black panther. but it's the same thing. if they don't look into this, if the justice department doesn't look into this at some level, it's the same thing. say, look, we don't care even if it does taillight gubernatorial race, we're not going to look into it? >> that's a whole another issue there is a risk to this client, this woman that the u.s.
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attorneys office will now open an investigation and seek to prosecute her, to tell every single undocumented person here in this country, you are here at your own peril in terms of violating the law if you make a false statement material under oath. >> bill: now, as we mentioned, the poll shows that jerry brown benefited from this at least in the short-term. i kind of thing that once the dust settles and people start to figure out that this was pretty unseemly, this whole deal, i don't believe and i could be wrong, i don't believe meg whitman hired an illegal alien. she is a gazillion. i think she liked her. paid her pretty well for a housekeeper. she didn't go out and say let's hire illegal alien. it doesn't mean anything. >> it's a much more serious problem though than that, bill. gloria allred says she doesn't intend to bring a law enforcement her client clearly is hurt by being outed. what is the purpose of doing this four weeks out from an election? >> gloria allred is a liberal
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democrat. >> you know what? that's not fair. when you are playing loose with the facts. if you look at the letter and the handwriting from the spouse, it is something that actually advances meg whitman's position. it doesn't hurt her. the only possible reason to do it is because you are too stupid to know what your job sass a law, which is to protect your client and, number two, is that you are willing to subvert the process to smear someone unfairly by saying that someone did these horrendous acts. if the facts later show up to be something different but gloria claims to have outed all the facts as they exist. if we look at the facts now it's pretty lousy what happened to meg whitman on this. i don't know if she would be a gadd or bad governor. she ought to have a good shot and not be smeared. >> bill: next on the run down, on the other side of the country there is a nasty gubernatorial race as well. karl palladino will be here to discuss it. discuss it. and, later, cnn fires anchor for hey, guys, i know i've been bad at this in the past,
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>> bill: impact segment to be, the govern's race in new york between andrew cuomo and karl palladino is nasty as expected. mr. palladino has been attacked for his personal life so has mr. cuomo perhaps unfairly. last week mr. palladino was very upset that someone sent reporters to the home of his 10-year-old daughter. >> i want to know why someone sent goons after my daughter. >> do you have the evidence or do you not. >> no fingers, don't poke. >> i will at the appropriate time. >> he has three daughters. how can you say that about him. >> i have a daughter, too fred. i have a daughter. >> you brought tout,. >> fred, that's it. >> stay away from me. [bleep] [bleep] >> what evidence do you have? >> you send another do you know to my husband's house and i will take you out, buddy. >> you will take me out. >> yeah. >> how are you going to do that? >> watch. >> bill: the "new york post" guy denies sending anyone to
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mr. palladino's daughter. do you regret that? >> i know it's heat of the moment but you don't regret that? >> no. >> >> bill: dicker and the post say they didn't send anybody to your house right? >> the first day i sat with or i walked up to the reporter whose name was amber and her photographer and i said you don't belong here. you are putting my daughter in danger. this is not right. she a noncombatant. please leave. they left. at that moment we called them that afternoon and asked them to come down for an off the record conversation. i said you cannot put my daughter in danger. >> bill: were they post people. >> they were post people. >> do you know amber's last name. >> no, i don't. >> bill: so you are convinced that the most did this? >> and the same people went back after we met with them on a private meeting with other reporters and said, please, do not go back to that house, you are putting my child in danger. >> bill: you can give me a name of somebody at the "post" that i can hang that on. the post right upstairs they work for the news corps.
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>> the only people that i'm aware of is the senior political editor. >> bill: dicker? >> dicker. >> bill: you met with these people in off the record conversation. >> i met with amber. >> bill: you don't know amber's last name. >> i don't know. >> bill: dicker says he didn't do it. the post says they didn't do it. you say they did. you don't regret the confrontation? the reason i'm asking this question is because the race is between a very well known person andrew cuomo liberal family his father mario was governor. everybody knows who cuomo is and what he has done. attorney general of the state. worked for clinton in washington. they don't know you. and the media is going to make the race about you, not what you stand for, not the issues that you want to clean up albany which desperately needs to be cleaned up. all right? it's about you. the media in this state is going to say you are crazy. >> and i'm saying all i want to
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talk about is the issues. i have been talking about them since day one. after the primary he sent out his gutter bird dogs to come out and chase me around with all kinds of scandalous lies and lame accusations. i reacted to it. i'm new to this. this is the first time i have ever run for office. >> bill: what people are looking for is genuine people. if somebody came after my daughter i would have reacted like you reacted. i will be quite honest. i don't want anybody running after my children. i would make damn well sure that they did, all right? and if i met with somebody with all due respect, mr. palladino, i would know their last name. they are trying to portray you as a crazy guy because you sent some questionable emails around about president obama and this, that, and the other thing. and there is other things that have happened in your life. do you think that's going to hurt you? >> no. i have been from riply to platsburg to monday talk. the people out there are angry at their government.
11:16 pm
our message that we have been out there speaking to every day joe out in and josephine out there is that reckless spending, reckless taxation. reckless in overburden and regulations for our businesses without question corruption and ethical problems. and a mandate program that is totally out of whack with any sense of reality. it's 100% higher per capita than the next highest state in america. >> bill: i don't argue with any of that i have lived here all my life. i have been around the world, but this is crazy. it's crazy. albany is crazy. so you are right that they need to clean up. >> if they want to identify me as crazy for going there and pointing to andrew cuomo and saying come out and debate is showing disrespect to the people. the people have a right to ask you questions. he doesn't take q and a. he refuses to answer about obama care and the debilitating effect it's going to have on the new
11:17 pm
york state taxpayer and the taxpayer is entitled to hear that. >> bill: you can make your case. look, this is a crazy year, okay? so you make it. you call a guy like george pataki and you tell me if i'm misquoting you here a degenerate. you know, pack tacky pataki is a republican governor. >> i don't know if i used that word but i may have. >> bill: this is you i'm talking about mr. palladino here. >> what i'm talking about is when he left office did he not leave succession. he left the republican party in total disarate. i was upset with him. since that time we have had a nice conversation. we are at peace with each other bill is he endorsing you. >> he is at peace. i don't know if he will endorse. that's up to him. >> bill: the race is all about you but so far your daughter has been hurt. your wife has been hurt. everybody has been hurt. is it worth? >> yeah. the people of the state of new york have been maligned and i'm
11:18 pm
probably one of the few people that with the intestinal fortitude to go on and take on these demons in albany and do the right thing. >> bill: all right. don't hit anybody, okay? [ laughter ] >> bill: andrew cuomo, of course we have put on in the call. he can come on the factor any time he can make the factor. brit hume on how nasty the race is going. bernie goldberg the anchor    
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>> bill: hume zone segment tonight fnc political analyst has been following the nastiness around the senatorial races in new york. he joins us from washington. karl palladino it's all about him. >> he did nothing in this interview with you, bill, to dispel that my thought was when
11:22 pm
i heard he was going to be on with you is he would do everything he could to get the incident with fredericker of the "new york post" and the accusations he made about mario cuomo about inif he delegates or whatever behind him. he said he didn't regret it at all. he should regret it first of all i know fredericker as i know you do he is a solid news man if there ever was one. it's not sensible politics to get into the kind of shouting match you saw there where you get one of these guys pushing dicker and he is tell the guy he is going to take him out. when karl palladino said he would like to take a baseball bat to albany who sounded like a tough guy who meant it in figurative terms. >> bill: he wants to wants to break some windows. >> you tell a reporter you are going to take him out, i mean, that means -- >> bill: let me play devil's advocate here. people are fed up. >> i think palladino knows he is not going to get a fair cut by the media in new york. he knows he is not going to get
11:23 pm
any establishment help, so is he basically saying to the people, look. my only chance is to bring this right to you. if your daughter was bothered by the press, you would do exactly what i did. and he is banking on, like o'donnell is banking on in delaware and to some extent angle is banking on in nevada, that the people are so angry with the corruption, so fed up that they are going to put these people in to see what the hell happened. >> that may yet happen, bill. i'm just saying he had ever right to be indignant and act indignant and angry about what he thought was the harassment of his daughter but you take that to the fact you are in holly undignified you are take that to tough grind thug which is how it appears. >> bill: i'm not arguing with you but i'm saying some people are going to vote for thugs this time around. they have had it with the gentle stuff that's crippling this
11:24 pm
nation. they have had. that's what palladino is going for. i'm going to let it fly. i'm as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. you vote for me or not. that's the only chance he can win regular way against a cuomo machine. it's not possible. >> with economic conditions as bad as they are in the country and anti-incumbent mood cuomo not a newcomer de facto incumbent. >> bill: it's very, very tough. i want to get over to whitman. do you think the damage to whitman, which is demonstrable wawfs -- was muffin poll today do you think that lasts or when people figure out as greta said that she was jobbed, pardoned the pun that they will say you know, maybe i give her another look? >> well, i sort of thought when i heard meg whitman's response
11:25 pm
to this that it was convincing. and that it seemed real and it's and her comments about the woman seemed to reflect some genuine affection for the woman who been her verve vanity all those years. it sounded like pretty bad business. and i don't think gloria allred put up a effective defense in her interview with greta. but, at the same time, this does appear to have damaged meg whitman with hispanic voters. she going to need hispanic voters. they are very numerous in that state if she is going to win and she has said as much. whether this sense of injustice toward her will be felt among hispanic voters remains to be seen but i think in the short-term for sure this hurts. >> bill: all right. that's a good point because people don't follow it as closely as you and me and greta. they hear what they hear. and then a lot of the times, you know, that's all kinds of stuff. because whitman is not, again, almost like palladino, whitman is not going to get a fair cut from the california media that
11:26 pm
is really what is in play here is that the establishment left-wing media is basically wants the status quo to continue with the folks don't and that's why you are getting the craziness. i will give you the last word. >> i would note that whitman took it to jerry brown in the debate and accused him through his surrogates of using this woman in a way that's harmful to this woman and brown shot right back at her saying that she was blaming everybody but herself and refusing to take responsibility. i think the -- taking it to brown was a good idea and something see needed to do. i thought his rebuttal was effective. if there is damage here, i'm not sure it's over yet. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. we asked ann coulter to take a look at that big d.c. rally over the weekend. she has some thoughts. a cnn anchor was fired for calling jon stewart and many other people bigots. we hope you stay tuned t gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, according to a new glol poll president obama a 45 job approval rating in september. 1% of african-americans continue to like the job he is doing. and 75% of those who describe themselves as liberal also approve of the president. by the way, just 55% of hispanics now support president obama. so, if you take out the african-american liberal component mr. obama very little support in the rest of the country according to gallup.
11:30 pm
according to washington to analyze mary katharine ham and juan williams. the black voting block stays solid and most liberal does as well. independents almost completely vanished so can the president and democratic party make a comeback in four weeks? >> yeah. i think you are starting to see what the pollsters around washington call a tightening. what they mean by that is numbers are closing in states all across the country. in large part, bill, i think this has to do with some of the tea party stuff. i think the democrats are making the case that you have some extreme candidates and trying to make the case that you know what some of these people if they get into office are not going to help. they are not going to change. they are not going to revolutionize government people are sick of government and want something new. they are making the case these people may be a little bit too far beyond the pail. >> if carl paladino gets elected is he not going to change stuff? he is bringing the baseball bat in. >> is that the kind of change you are comfortable with if you are independent?
11:31 pm
that's what the democrats are doing. you asked me what can the democrats do? and what they're doing is they are localizing the races because they want to get away from obama, just the poll numbers you cited, bill, they want to get away from it and localize it and start talking about issues. if joe miller up in alaska says unemployment payments are unconstitutional, if christine o'donnell and sharron angle saying want to close the education department, don't give money to elementary schools people are saying wait a second. >> bill: that's a good point. if i were the democrats i would attack it that way as well as i told paladino, they will make you out to be the biggest nut in the world. going to ask you marry catherine the same question. county democrats and president obama in four weeks change these bad poll numbers? >> they can tighten individual races, i'm sure, depending on and how they are working in different states. the question is can they change a wave in four weeks. the issue that democrats have to tackle and deal with that i don't think they can fix in four weeks is thands are farther
11:32 pm
right than they were when independents elected barack obama. >> bill: let me get specific with you. all right? you are a conservative republican, right? >> i'm conservative, yes. >> bill: carl paladino. >> right. >> bill: you pull a lever for carl? you vote for him? >> yeah. i would veto for the republican in that race. >> bill: no matter who it was? >> a lot of the tea party folks so tea party folks and somebody who sun orthodox candidates like carl paladino a businessman from buffalo certainly he has things going for him because he is not the incumbent guy and from a political die nasty. can you be a political candidate without shooting yourself in the foot. which i think is what some folks have managed to do. does that mean that they are necessarily not going to win? no the climate is so good for republicans right now you can make that argument that you are a genuine guy and going to shake things up even if you are making missteps. in new york right now you have got gillibrand under 50% approval which is a far more historically democratically reliable seat in the senate.
11:33 pm
>> bill: the democrat machine in this state is tremendous and liberals dominate the new york city area, that people would vote for a republican this year, juan. and paladino knows he is not going to get a fair shake from the media. on issues, he is simply not going to be heard. so i think he is a making a very, very -- very flam point gamble by saying, hey, i'm going to present myself as a guy who is going to be so intense and reflect the feelings of the folks that that's the only way i can win. >> you know what? i hope you are right. i hope in fact this is a political strategy. my fear is that this is the real carl paladino. >> bill: wait a minute. what you fearing, juan? if somebody did that to your 10-year-old daughter, staked her out with a camera. >> i gold nuts. >> bill: what are you fearing on that? >> bill, this is a guy with with a history of writing emails
11:34 pm
using the "n" word. pornographic emails. >> bill: zoo man. that's what do. did you ever hear that in college mary katharine the zoo man. that's what he is. >> juan is right. these are problems. >> bill: these are problems. >> you turn to somebody like -- >> bill: in any other year these were problems. not this year. you know, they want somebody in there with a hand grenade. that's how angry people are. >> it doesn't help to have problems. i mean, you are right that it's to be the general guy. it doesn't help to cause problems. meg whitman wasn't the one who necessarily had the hand in causing herself that problem. should have been more diligent. >> bill: unless she knew. >> no, no. i think they definitely should have been more diligent. >> thank you, mary katharine. >> doesn't have a lot of evidence. >> mary katharine diligent. there is so much hypocrisy on the illegal immigrant issue in this country, the maid, the gardeners, everybody, they know that a lot of these people are
11:35 pm
illegal immigrants people in the factories. >> bill: she went through employment agency, juan? come on. >> what a surprise. >> bill: what else do you got to do, shake them down? go through their purse? come on, juan. >> working for her for how long, bill and she had no idea? come on. i find that hard to believe. >> bill: how would you know? how many housekeepers are there? you go to an employment agency, they send you some people over. you think it's a legitimate thing, what do do, go through their purse. >> no. no. i would ask her. >> ask her? >> bill: she perjured herself on the social security. ask her, juan? oh yeah i'm illegal and i just have a bogus social security card ms. whitman. come on, juan. >> she should have said listen, meg i need some help. you're a rit, powerful woman you can help me get legal? >> bill: i don't think that's
11:36 pm
what happened. i think she conned her. >> let me play devil's advocate sometimes hard in a p.c. place to say my dear hispanic friend i think you are illegal. that's not easy thing to do necessarily. >> bill: when we come right back, bernie goldberg on cnn anchor who got fired after calling jon stewart a bigot that should be interesting. ann coulter on a rally in d.c. didn't do as well as beck's upcome. it's work through the grime and the muck, month. tow and pull without getting stuck month. sweat every day to make an honest buck...month.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, a cnn anchorman was fired after saying this on the radio. >> i think jon stewart is a bigot.
11:39 pm
>> bill: in addition to attacking stewart and jews, the guy doesn't like this program very much. >> bill: mr. sanchez cuban american who believes he is being held back because of his ethnicity. joining us now from north carolina to analyze the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. you know, i don't know, i think this might be critical mass here. i think we might have reached it. if cnn were anti-cuban, why would they hire the guy in the first place?
11:40 pm
why would they put him on the air? >> and there was a jewish guy who hired him in the first place. >> bill: that's right. cline hired him. >> here is my take on this and i say this as a charter member of god god's chosen people so i have an inside track on this. that even though what rick sanchez was really, really, really dumb, i don't think he should have been fired. and what's not being reported in any of the stories is that nobody gets fired in television unless management wants the person fired for some other reason anyway. >> bill: his ratings were not very good. and, in this case, look, if ed bradley in his day had made a similar comment, there is no way in the world cbs would have fired him. if diane sawyer and katie couric as women today made a similar comment, there is no way either of them would have been fired. he was expendable. his boss, the guy who hired him got fired himself a couple weeks
11:41 pm
ago. >> bill: i'm going to challenge you on something. look, cnn sells their credibility as a hard news organization. if you are going to have statements by an anchorman who is on a couple hours a day at this level you categorize them as stupid, dumb, right? is that what you said about them. >> right. >> bill: if an anchorman hun is supposedly representing cnn and cnn is selling that they are the purveyors of hard news, how can you have a dumb guy there? >> hey, bill, here is a bulletin. i have heard a lot of anchor people say stupid things. i mean, i have written five books about three of them about the media they are alcoholicful of stupid things anchors have said. that's not why rick sanchez got it and i understand your point. listen, what i'm concerned about, what i'm concerned about is who is going to get it next? let's say some white guy goes on and he is being interviewed by
11:42 pm
larry king, some white reporter, anchorman, and he says, you know, i'm not a fan of affirmative action, is the sharpton, jackson actions going to go after that person? >> bill: sure they would. they have been doing that for years. >> it's a very dangerous road that when you start firing people for stupid things, that i don't think malicious. look, i have run into first class jew haters up close and personal. and rick sanchez, who may, perhaps he should have been fired for 25 others reasons. he doesn't strike me as one of those kind of guys. no i agree that i don't think he is at the level where a corporation would be upset because he called some people bigots or whatever. but he is not a truthful man. i mean, what he said about the factor is flat out a lie. >> well, that. >> bill: demonstrable. so, again, if i'm cnn, you are absolutely right. i mean, look, he got it because his ratings are bad. and they want to get rid of him because the guy who hired him they got raid of him and they
11:43 pm
are cleaning house anyway. that's the real reason. but if you go out there and make a fool out of yourself and you are selling credibility, you know, it's not going to end well for you. that's just the way it is. >> well, look, look. about what he said about your program, this is nothing but the usual liberal stupidity. >> bill: of course. >> if you run a story about some heinous crime that a white person committed, no issue. if it's a black person, you're a racist. if do you stories about illegal aliens who kill innocent people because they're drunk drivers and here illegally, well, you are obviously a racist. who would have ever thought, bill, who would have ever thought that liberals, the people who were at the forefront of the civil rights movement and i was on their side in those days, who would have ever thought that liberals would be the ones to render the word racism and racist totally -- >> bill: critical mass has definitely been reached. americans have had enough of this kind of garbage.
11:44 pm
all right. gallup has a new survey, 57% of americans do not trust the news media to accurately and fairly report the news. that's a new high for the country. yeah, nobody is surprised at this. i mean, we have a tremendous shift in the way news is delivered now. through the internet and electronically and the other people are basically in business to promote their ideology, right? >> here is why that is at least fascinating to me. that is, here's a national poll by a very, very reputable outfit that says a majority of americans don't trust the media. and what do the moguls who run abc, nbc, and cbs and the "new york times" and the -- what do they do about it? absolutely nothing. if any other major american industry or corporation, coca cola, amazon, federal express, any of those companies got a report that said a majority of americans don't trust us, they would have a high level meeting and they would do something about it.
11:45 pm
these arrogant sob's stick their head in the and and could nothing. they couldn't care less about a report like this. when they are finally so irrelevant, bill, that you won't even want to talk to me about them, they will have brought this on themselves. >> bill: all right. i think that's an excellent point. any other industry, you know, seeing that the american public doesn't like them, say maybe make some changes but. >> they don't care. they do not care. >> bill: all right. bernie goldberg, everybody. living large as always. in a moment, ann coulter will analyze a big left wing rally this weekend in d.c. and then, we are changing pinheads and patriots so that you can select them. not me. we'll be interactive. tonight and every other night. we're going to introduce a fun new p and p segment ahead as the factor continues all across the ♪
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, one nation working together. >> that was the name of the left wing rally held in washington over the weekends. aerial photographs show the crowd was smaller than the one glenn beck in august. februaries of thousands showed up for liberal deal while hundreds of thousands showed up to see beck. those who attended were treated to this kind of rhetoric. >> perhaps the greatest threat of all is the undermining of our constitution and the systematic attack against the inalienable rights of the citizens of this nation. rights guaranteed by our constitution. as a vanguard of this insidious attack is the tea party. [cheers and boos] >> this ban of disguided citizens is moving perilously
11:50 pm
close to achieving villainous ends. >> bill: in response here is what beck had to say on the radio. >> these are the people who march against our soldiers they really do believe that freedom is free. and so they don't have respect for the sacrifice that it has taken. so they can be numb skulls. so they can also stand on the steps of the lincoln memorial and say what they said over the weekend. >> bill: joining us now from los angeles to analyze conservative pundit ann coulter my question is a simple one because i'm a simple man as you know. why bother? they spent a lot of money these 400 left wing organizations bused people in and gave them sandwiches, foot lotion. i think they gave them sun block. you know, why bother? >> right, they were also the city university high school in new york was apparently giving learning credits for their students who attended. and i think they wanted to get
11:51 pm
the last 10,000 obama supporters in the country together for one last hurrah. >> but they knew they weren't going to top beck and it didn't even come close. so they really looked bad in the process and then harry belafonte is out there. nobody is listening to harry. i felt sorry for harry. >> i liked the harry belafonte clip you played at the beginning. sounded like something out of dr. strange love. i'm glad we never had one of those at the tea party. i thought they would base the crowds based on the garbage they left behind. they way outdid the tea party on the garbage they left behind. >> bill: the fears of the left i basically think that the whole exercise hurt them because americans sitting back who are nonideological do not have a dog in either hunt say, you know what? the tea party has the momentum. the beck people have the momentum. >> well, as important as glenn beck is, i think the comparison
11:52 pm
is more the tea party movement since that was what this was a response to. they are up on stage denouncing the tea party movement. and i didn't realize this until liberals started viciously attacking the tea party movement. apparently if you don't have an exact proportion of every race of people if your rallies that's evidence of racism. and i didn't see a lot of white faces in that rally. so i think we can conclude that this little rally of the 10,000 last obama supporters in america was a racist event and i call on the democratic party to denounce the extremist elements in their movement. >> bill: now you said something very disturbing, culture. i have to call you on it. are you ready? as important as glenn beck is. are you realizing that you said that? >> yes. what is coming up on beck tonight? [ laughter ] you are aware that there have been many rallies in washington,
11:53 pm
mostly opposed to obama care. the one right before the vote was really kind of the big one, bill. there are tea party rallies across america. but, by the way, they have been denounced consistently by the democratic party which is curious because the tea party as you know wasn't, you know, an outgrowth of the republican party there were a lot of independents and a lot of people perhaps who are democrats who weren't involved in politics at all. and, you know, the republicans said fine, come run in our primaries. if you win, you get to run. that happened in nine senate races. the democrats turned around and denounced the tea partiers and called them racist and wal-mart shoppers and i don't think that's going to help the democrats. no you are absolutely right. as long as harry belafonte and the gang start calling them racist then more and more people will start checking them out and they will have momentum. ann, thank you very much. pinheads and patriots, show you what happens in when a teacher gets fed up with cell phone wielding student. ♪ [ heather ] businesses need a reliable financial partner. one who can stay in sync with their moves.
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. >> bill: pinheads and patriots
11:56 pm
where you can vote in a moment. first, dennis miller's interview for for premium members all this week. if you sign up for an annual membership we will send you an mp3 player, not to you, to the troops loaded with my book, overseas. we are going to send a ton of them. we've teamed up with operation shoe box out of florida. we hope you sign up for this pm status on you will be a patriot, have fun and bring our troops some enjoyment. sign up and the mp3 players guess to our troops. now the mail: you should apologize for campaigning for obama. now let me break in to you gently robert. i just wrote the toughest book ever produced on the president and american society in
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general. why? because it is all fact-based. wise-up. amy: o'reilly are you nuts? "new york post" dicker broke all rules by becoming part of his coverage. dicker threatened paladino's daughter. there is no -- you can't believe accusations, you must be skeptical about everything you hear these days. lee: bill you scoffed at president obama comparing his goals to the abolition of slavery. you are wrong. he wants to engineer social justice. angel: bill, as a part rican i'm disappointed that congressman gutierrez don't have the cojones to tell congresswoman waters she is wrong about fox news and immigration. kurt: come on o'reilly asking gutierrez to confront waters on behalf of folks is beneath you.
11:58 pm
i asked him to confront her on behalf of the truth, that is not beneath me. >> o'reilly you are not fair. if you disagree with someone you loud talk them and cut them off. i loud talk everybody, part of my charm. i only cut them off if they lie or avoid the question. diane: bill, just picked up pinheads and patriots at the grocery store it was next to the ice cream. that's a sweet deal diane. i bet you are shopping at cost costco is moving a ton of my books. harry: just finished pinheads and patriots and you did a great job of analyzing the obama presidency, bill. i appreciate that. i tried hard. mark: bill, didn't think you could write a better book than bold fresh, but you did. i appreciate all the kind words i'm getting. finally, brand new pinheads and patriots situation here on the factor. from now on, you vote, you decide who the pinheads and
11:59 pm
patriots are each evening, not me, you. we'll show you video then you cast your ballot on give the results the following evening. we kick things off in asia with a teacher, student and cell phone. >> bill: that's quite a statement. is the teacher a pinhead or patriot for breaking the kid's phone? that is it for us tonight check out the fox news factor website different from spout off about the factor name a town if you wish to opine. when writing the factor, do not be a curmudgeon.


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