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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 7, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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since 8-28. tomorrow night we'll spend an hourith 40 people who have taken the challenge. has anything changed in their life? you don't want to miss this. tomorrow night from new york. tomorrow night from new york. good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: would you like a waiver with that? mcdonald's and other big names get a pass from the white house concerning the healthcare law. democratic think tank says forget the liberals. you can't win without moderates. why are so many career politicians going to great lengths to hang on to power? live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. mcdonald's is getting a break today. so are many other high profile companies and organizations. including a group that supported obama's healthcare law. the break is one of the key mandates in president obama's law. white house correspondent mike emanuel tells us why and what it means for the rest of us. >> reporter: the biggest
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single waiver was for the united federated of teachers for 351,000 instructors this new york city schools offering supplemental insurance members to the members. mcdonald's and other fast food restaurants, small manufacturering or construction businesses or farm workers are also among 30 employers, insurers and union plans granted up with-year health coverage waivers and adds up to 1 million people. exemption allows the groups to men tain minimal coverage -- maintain minimal coverage below the new law standards. >> the waivers are about ensuring the coverage that people have until there are better options available to them in 2014. >> in a statement, the teacher union president says, "we have 13,000 new members because of federal legislation. rather than automatically raising payments to providers have asked for a waiver to see if we have additional costs to make such payments necessary." unions though, are major supporters of the president's push for healthcare reform.
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>> what it says is that union plans also may cover low-wage workers. farm workers may be unionized. other people who get relatively low wages. >> experts say less than a month before the mid-term election, there is a political concern. >> democrats will have a hard enough time to get the candidates elected to the house. having a bunch of hamburger jockeys lose their health insurance not way to endear yourself to populous. >> they defend the move making sure a new class of uninsured americans is not created before other options are available. >> this is about implementing a bill correctly. this is about ensuring you don't put them at the mercy of health insurance companies. >> reporter: although these are one-year waivers the group can apply to extent them each
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year until 2014. critics say the 30 groups with waivers are simply well organize and predict many others will seek waivers as well. >> bret: mike emanuel, thank you. inspector general for the social security administration says stimulus payment of $250 each went to 89,000 people who were dead or to in prison. that adds up to $22 million. the payments were part of the 52 million such checks sent to social security recipients and federal retirees. first time jobless benefit applications fell last week by 11,000. it's the fourth drop in the past five weeks. the monthly unemployment figures for september will be announced friday and will be the last released before the election. gallup released its september employment numbers and these are not seasonally adjusted as the government's are. the gallup rate is 10.1%, up .8 of a point from august.
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the under employment rate is 18.8%. stocks were mixed today. dow lost 19. s&p 500 gained back two. nasdaq picked up three. mortgage rates tumbled to another record low this week. the 4.27 rate for the 30-year fixed loans is the ninth record low in the last 12 weeks. people on the other end of the equation, those losing their home focus of a new movement in washington. correspondent james rosen reports that prompted the president to refuse to sign the new piece of legislation today. >> reporter: amid a tsunami of state and federal investigation into reports that top mortgage lenders carried out tens of thousands of foreclosures across the country on the basis of legally dubious documentation, president obama rejected a bill awaiting signature on his decker for fear it would worsen the crisis. the interstate recognition of notization act would have allowed court to recognize
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documents from another if interstate commerce was involved. >> we have heard from officials around the country about the concern they have, about the possible unintended consequences of the legislation. >> certainly in light of what we're seeing in the mortgage crisis. they're exercising a pocket veto, sending the legislation back to congress to iron out some of the unintended consequences. >> reporter: the president can only make a pocket veto when congress is adjourned and the senate is pro forma session. some question the white house reasoning. the measure sponsor in the house said there is no connection between my bill and the recent documentation problem. it introduced the legislation in april of 2005. i believe the fears about this bill resulted from misunderstanding, added alabama republican, robert radarhall and i'm eager to get
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another version passed in november with the support of the white house. >> we will work with the hill in whatever capacity we need to, to fix legislation so it doesn't complicate the process. >> attorney general eric holder said on wednesday the justice department opened a probe and three top lenders halted foreclosures in 23 states appearing on happening now, panel of experts predicted severe ripple effect. >> looking at a major class action lawsuit. >> it will hurt investors. if i own stock in the bank it will slow down the ability for the bank to recoup the principal. >> to add to the mess, because banks and security firms repackaged and sold individual mortgages so many times, often with minimal or no review of the underlying paperwork, many judges are ruling that ownership of a title to given home cannot be proved. >> bret: james, thank you. pair of explosions tore through a shine in karachi, pakistan, today. at least eight people were
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killed there. 65 wounded. meantime, there is mounting concern in washington about fraying relations. and taliban may get assistance of the taxpayer as the war enters the tenth year. national security correspondent jennifer grich has details from the pentagon. >> reporter: good evening. senate armed services committee issued a scathing report tonight about how some of the local security contractors at the u.s. military hired are in fact working for taliban. senator carl levin described the findings. >> there is significant evidence that some security contractors even work against our coalition forces, creating the threat they are hired to combat. these contractors threaten to security of our troops, and risk the success of our mission. >> reporter: in one instance, the corruption was so bad a private security contractor placed rocks from a distance
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were supposed to look like security personnel who had been paid to stand guard at a u.s. base. then there was the case where $12,000 a month in salary were instead going to the taliban. "the committee's inquiry uncovered evidence of private security contractors funneling u.s. taxpayers dollars to afghan warlords and strongmen linked to murder, kidnapping, bribery, as well as taliban and other anti-coalition activities." meanwhile, there is mounting evidence that pakistan continues to play a double game undermining the u.s. ally. for the sixth time in a week, militants attacked nato supply convoy. #0 vehicles -- 70 vehicles set on fire. and they report a taliban commanderer in kunar province saying that member of the isi are surging them to keep fighting u.s. troops, echoing a white house report to congress that pakistan's isi remains connected to certain terrorist groups.
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>> the isi's continued involvement with various entities, some of which we find troubling, remains an issue of concern between us. >> reporter: that assessment compounded with u.s. taxpayer dollars ending up in the hands of the taliban. raised eyebrows and concern of both parties on capitol hill. >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. bringing us to the featured text to vote poll. why are healthcare law waivers being granted? text your answer to 36288. type sr1 for the i election is close. sr2 for the law is flawed. sr3 for political influence. we will bring you results at the end of the program. still ahead, president obama suits up for a basketball buddy.
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>> bret: we're back at the fox big board to look at the key senate contest. this is a balance of power, the current power in the senate has democrats holding majorities in both chambers, of course. the house and the senate in the house. they hold 57 seats. republicans have 41. green marks are independents. they caucus with the democrats. 33 seats are in play. we are looking at races in the biogboard over the next 26 days until the election. these are the races to watch. the g.o.p. needs to pick up an additional ten seats, to gain majority in the u.s. senate. one race we're watching tonight is in missouri. that is where with republican roy blount going up against carnahan. the latest poll, blount has a
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lead of seven points. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in springfield, right about here. he tells us that they're trying to paint the other as the ultimate insider. >> counting on the seven-term congressman roy blount. former member of the house g.o.p. leadership to win the senate seat that kip bond is retiring from and keep it in republican hands. outside groups are ponying up millions of dollars, attacking democratic rival missouri secretary of state robin carnahan. they have failed missouri. and robin carnahan is one. >> missouriens want to make their own healthcare decisions. robin carnahan disagrees. >> her mother served in the senate and her brother is in congress. blount is raising questions about special favors and $100 million in stimulus money for another brother's wind farm. >> the pay off, over $100 million. >> carnahan's get a real
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windfall. >> we get the bill. no jobs. >> average of recent polls shows blount comfortably ahead. but carnahan has been pounding him for 14-year voting record in washington. >> he's called a prodigious pork myselfer. roy blount. the worst of washington. >> we caught up with carnahan outside private fundraiser. >> bills for fundraisers. people are fed with it. we have a choice to get rid of it. >> reporter: the republicans hope to win the ten seats for the senate majority, blount and other republicans around the country must successfully defend all currently held g.o.p. seats. >> missouriens and americans decide this election do we want to live in a country where the government is bigger than the people? or live in a country where the people are bigger than the government? >> democrats are sending
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reinforcement for carnahan. joe biden is in springfield tonight to help her out. they have done it with a fundraiser and it's private. that in this race is what they call help. >> bret: carl, thank you. back to races. we'll stay in the midwest and go next door to illinois. republican congressman mark kirk up against the state treasurer alexi giannoulias. the rear clear politics has them up by a point. giannoulias and obama are basketball buddies. tonight, the president will host a pair of fundraisers for his pal. correspondent steve brown has the report. up here in the windy city. >> president obama to chicago to help with political
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fundraisers again for alexi giannoulias again. this is the second time giannoulias got presidential visit for his campaign. next week, first lady michelle obama makes a campaign swing here. that is a lot of star power to keep the senate seat in democratic hands. >> it's one of the four toss-ups left there now. it's critical piece of the puzzle for democrats to keep control of the senate. >> the polls have them in a statistical tie. >> you could take nothing for granted in the state of illinois. for us, we are going to run the election through the tape. >> this year, the republicans have a shot at both of the top of ticket races. there is a slim lead over quinn who narrowed the gap in the last week. illinois has five close u.s. house races, district 17,
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14, 11, 10, and eight. all districts president obama won on the way to the white house. dick durbin said yesterday after fouring a manufacturering business, he believes the democrats are punished by the sluggish economy. >> people in the frustration expect their president and their government to solve the problem. we elected you to solve the problem. sometimes the solution to the problem is not in our immediate grasp and takes a longer period of time. >> almost certainly, durbin, concedes, visible sign of economic recovery won't happen until after election day. long after. that may be far few late for number of democrats on the federal ballots this fall. >> bret: live in chicago. thank you. back to races to watch now and head to west virginia. this is contested between joe manchin and john raese. the national republican snarl
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committee taken down an ad for raese following the report sought casting call with actors that could look "hicky." they are calling for them to apologize for offending residents of the west virginia. nrsc says it was not involved in casting the ad. the race is pretty tight. the average give raese 4.5-point lead over the popular governor in west virginia. those are the stories we're watching on the fox big board. we will follow the races throughout 26 days before, of course, the mid-term elections. we look at some of the length the politicians are going to hang on to power. and democratic think tank says going after the liberal vote is not the right move. ght also t to try lifting one of these. ght also t a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts.
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>> bret: a new cbs news poll indicates 38% of the participants approve of the way president obama is handling the economy. that is a low percentage. chief washington correspondent jim angle reports the percentage of americans sharing the president's liberal foundation is also slinking. >> reporter: many democrats seem to pin hopes on lighting a fire of the liberal base to hold off a republican surge. but the polls show sobering news for democrats counting on liberals to rescue them. >> right now they are 20% of the electorate. >> reporter: that isn't the only complication. liberals are declining and conservatives are growing. from 2008 to 2010 number of people who identify themselves as conservatives increased from 37% to 42%.
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moderates declined. and the liberals dropped from 22 to 20%. why the dramatic shift toward conservative? >> we're moderate. we don't want to go too far to the right or left. we like to build balance. the voter becomes balanced for the system. >> they are trying to stir up the liberal base today. >> on november 2, i need you just as fired up as we were in 2008. >> clear he is trying to re-establish connection with minority voters and young people, comprising a majority of the liberal base of the party. >> increase in conservatives have a mathematical democrat. they prevailed winning 89% of liberal, 60% of moderate and 20% of conservatives. but the moderate democrat
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group third way found 16 of the 21 most competitive states, repeating that performance this year wouldn't be enough. >> that's a shift toward conservatism in the last two years. what worked in 2008 won't work in 2010. >> take a struggle of democrat. blanche lincoln in arkansas. >> the candidate has to outperform obama by 20 points. >> reporter: many think that obama is too liberal, those op the left complain he is not liberal enough. how does the president reconcile those conflicts in the next three weeks? a comforting fact for republicans is republicans need help, too. >> bret: spinor general is set to have a review of whether the president top economic advisor austan goolsbee accessed tax files of cook industry. they hosted organizations that
6:26 pm
are working closely with the tea party movement. iowa republican senator grassly asked them to investigate the matter. they say he used koch industries as illustration in background call about corporate tax policy and ads we will not use this example in the future. a major uproar over campaigning, specifically private, non-profit groups spending millions on advertising without being required to disclose who is footing the bill. molly henneberg lays out the battle line. >> get more money out of politics. >> reporter: a rally today by the left wing group protesting the pro-business u.s. chamber of commerce. after democratic senator al franken sent a letter to the federal election commission suggesting the chamber is using funds from foreign corporations to "finance millions of dollars in expenditures related to the
6:27 pm
2010 mid-term elections." president obama echoed franken's charge today. >> this is a threat to our democracy. the american people deserve to know who is trying to sway their election. >> the chamber received $1 million donation from news corps, and put out tv ads such as this one for republican rob portman, ohio senate race is fighting back. saying no foreign money is used to fund political activities. conservatives say this is the latest salvo by democrats who for year poured union manpower and money in the election. >> now all of a sudden it's an issue of concern that groups on the right doing better than groups on the left. >> crossroad gps founded in part by political strategist karl rove put out ads like this one against the
6:28 pm
democratic candidate for senate in pennsylvania. now the democratic senator max baucus is calling for the i.r.s. to look in the non-profit group involved in the political activity and not required to disclose doe nores. he wants the tax agency to example whether they're operating for the intended tax exempt purpose. republican senators orrin hatch and jon kyl also sent a letter warning that political influence should not determine which groups are investigated. in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. the house ethics committee set dates if the hearings in charges against democrat democr charles rangel and maxine waters. rangel trial begins november 15 and waters starts november 29. both had had for the cases to be wrapped up before the election. the text to vote poll tonight, the question is -- why are healthcare law waivers being granted?
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36288 text. type sr1 for the election is nearing. sr2 for the law is flawed. sr3 is political influence. we'll have results later. grapevine is next. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office
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advair is different from most other copd medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. i had fun today, grandpa. you and me both. if copd is still making it hard to breathe, ask your doctor if including advair will help improve your lung function for better breathing. get your first full prescription free and save on refills. >> bret: fresh pickings from the political grapevine. teacher's aide in texas is out of a job for sending a note home to a student's mother.
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jackie baldwin's 11-year-old daughter, a special needs student came home with writing on her arm. "call jane tonight." in big letters with black marker. when confronted, the teacher's aide admitted to the writing and apologizing for forgetting to include a phone number. beside misspelling the word "tonight," there was no jayne. baldwin was supposed to call pat, coach for special olympics team. the mother was incensed that though there was pencil and paper and the aide decided to "use my daughter as a chalkboard." say 15 teachers complain about the curriculum. the song "old dead white men" describes james monroe presidential term saying, "white men getting richer than enron. stepping on indians, women and blacks.
6:34 pm
era of good feeling doesn't come with the facts." it goes on to compare jackson's treatm of native american to his her's final solution. it's called flow-cabulary and the ceo says it's not meant to be offensive but meant to do a meaningful situation. the programs are used in 10,000 schools nationwide. finally when crafting a personal attack add, it's important to know the person you're attacking. the pro-life group americans united for life is urging voters to dump congressman ken salazar. but no such person exists. colorado john salazar is one of a dozen democrats targeted in list. they confused salazar with his brother, former colorado senator and current interior secretary ken salazar. the 60-second ad blasts ken salazar ten times.
6:35 pm
corrected ad will be aired. political landscape is dotted with a number of places where the traditional two-party process morphed to something different. ma candidates have refused to take no for an answer. even when it comes from the constituents. we look at the phenomena with dan springer from alaska. >> what do we got? >> reporter: senator lisa murkowski has a most unconventional stump speech. not telling people why they should vote for her, but how. >> fill in the bubble and write in the name. >> the senator launched her write-in candidacy after losing to tea party backed joe milner the republican primary. attacked by miller and democratic opponent scott mcadams for taking an extraordinary measure to stay in office. >> she has neither history nor science on her side as it relates to the write-in campaign. i'm not sure what her motivation is, but for us it's about alaska. >> there is a suggestion out
6:36 pm
there that somehow or another this is my seat. the fact of the matter is this is alaska's seat. >> murkowski joins a growing list of politicians going to great lengths to cling to power. roland burris went to court to extent his time in senate. charlie crist ditched the republican party and launched a senate bid as independent when it was clear he would not win the g.o.p. nomination. long-time republican senator arlen specter switched to democrat when his left-leaning vote angered pennsylvania conservatives. >> i am not prepared to have my 29-year record in the united states senate decided by the pennsylvania republican primary electorate. >> some point to joe lieberman and his success when becoming independent and catalyst for others whose politics no
6:37 pm
long longer fit the party rigid bases. but more often than not, the move failed. griffith lost in the primary after switching parties and so did senator specter. >> in many cases, particularly when a person has a record already as a senator or governor, they think there is something worry about them. >> senator murkowski makes her case and points out 85% of the register voters didn't vote for either opponent in the pry mire so all she is doing is giving people another choice. in four weeks we will see if they like the unusual option or they want to retire her once and for all. in wasilla, alaska, dan springer, fox news. >> bret: burger, fries and exemption, please. they get exemptions from the healthcare law. we talk about that with the fox all-stars when we come back. [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am,
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the waivers are about ensuring and protecting the coverage that people have until there are better options available to them in 2014. >> these 30 companies are companies that are reasonably well organized. they read the "wall street journal." there are literally thousands of small companies where nobody has time to read the "wall street journal." they didn't realize what would happen to their insurance coverage and they don't realize there is the possibility of a waiver. >> bret: waivers issued for 30 companies, one union, united federation of teachers union. this is the environment in which the healthcare law is being received. all voters, 56% to repeal. democrats 23%. the waivers allow the companies, 30 organizations,
6:42 pm
for one year to not be mandated to provide healthcare insurance for all their employees. what about this? what does it say about the healthcare law and politics around it? bring in the panel. stephen hayes. columnist peter waimer. juan williams from "weekly standard." >> this smells like poll tigs. we had a story last week about mcdonald's potentially having to stop providing health insurance for hourly workers on the mini med plan to pay in and get a low level of healthcare insurance. we have the waivers. mcdonald's granted a waiver last week and now you have 30 waivers. what the white house wanted to avoid is a big story about all sort of people before the electi election, minimum wage workers
6:43 pm
not being able to cover those people. the timing thing with the rest of the plan not kicking in into 2014, but a significant problem. you have abstract series that might sound great in the classrooms that harbor. the reality. >> bret: the biggest waiver, united federation of teachers. here is what the federation released. we have 13,000 new members because of the federal legislation. rather than automatically raising payment to providers asked for a waiver while we see if we have additional cost to make payments necessary. unions including this one were supporter of the president push for healthcare reform. now they're getting a waiver. >> it's them, like 30 some companies getting waivers in addition.
6:44 pm
i think this is evidence of a tremendous fly back or blow back coming from the insurance companies. they are the ones saying we don't want to cover people and give coverage like the mymy med plan that mcdonald's offers because the cap will be raised on how much an individual is allowed to spend op medical coverage, or is able to claim from the insurance company before they have to start to spend their money. it will cost the insurance company more money. the insurance companies are playing hardball, because they're trying to push public opinion against any kind of healthcare reform. it will cost them money. >> bret: they're coming to the reality of what they're doing. >> businesses are coming to the reality, what the insurance company is saying for them, they will pull our coverage. you can't get it from us. they have no option. steve is right. politically, the obama's administration response is my
6:45 pm
gosh, we don't want to have the vulnerability exploited by our opponents. >> bret: peter? >> you said it smells like politics. i think it smells like a disaster. what they are saying with this is when you issue a waiver, just weeks after a huge domestic program went into effect and weeks before an election, it means something has gone profoundly wrong. people will have to do this before the federal government and get waivers. what you are seeing from issues from the premium to the cost-curve down to other things is what obama promised and reality are colliding. it will hurt a great deal and it will hurt the democrats. >> are the people who are most politically connected. in a sense it takes what might
6:46 pm
have been a well-intended broad program, broad program of reform and turns it on his head. you have the megacorporation able to hire lobbyists and get in front of the politicians and kathleen sebelius, emperess of healthcare and make their case. you hope for good will of a bureaucrat, in this case a powerful brewer cat. you could come out on the other side. a month ago insurance companies said they'd have to raise the premiums. kathleen sebelius letter to insurance companies and threatened them. said states have new resources to go after insurance companies to use rate premium to scare consumers. crazy. >> bret: you are putting the onus on the insurance companies but isn't at it fact that we don't know what all the regulations will be in the 2,500 page law? >> correct. no getting away from it.
6:47 pm
why isn't it in place now? why didn't i see benefit now? all i see is ponial to use the insurance coverage for premiums going up. that is hurting obama. but it's politics and i hope you see it. if you see insurance company refusing to cover sick children or say they can't afford to pay 85% -- they get 15% profit but won't spend 85% helping people are sick, i think the insurance companies are rich and powerful. >> bret: you think sebelius should threaten them? >> say be responsible corporate citizen. >> bret: the next to vote poll and the home page online poll deal with waivers tonight. log on to to participate. up next, democrats focus on the moderates.
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the only way that democrats are going to get the numbers that they need this fall is not only to rally the liberal base, that is important, but they have to appeal to moderates. whoever you are, republican or democrat, it's the folks in the middle who are going to decide the election for you. >> the liberal base is unhappy with obama because they don't think he's liberal enough. moderate and independents are diseffected from obama because they think he's been too liberal. how do you resolve these tensions in three weeks? >> bret: that is the question. look at gallup's latest poll of how the voting population breaks down. you can see conservatives going up from 2008 to 2010. moderate shifting. liberal going down. the exit poll from 2008,
6:52 pm
president obama won 20% of conservatives. 60% of moderates. 89% of liberals. most people, peter, are saying that is just not going to happen this time. >> it's not going to say. even if it did happen, they'd still lose. the central political fact, the most important fact in 20 months is the hemorrhaging of support that obama has lost among independents. you have can't win it back. the record he amassed or the regard that the democrats voted for>> bret: so despite stories about the closing polls and the democrats picking up points -- >> that is nonsense. if you look at the individual races it's getting better for republicans. this is going to be an election loss for democrats. there is nothing in the polling evidence to argue. >> bret: juan, david plouffe, the president advisor said this to the "washington post" -- actually talking to reporters. talking about republicans,
6:53 pm
success is winning back the house, winning back the senate and winning every major governor's race. when you have wins this strong in your favor, that is the kind of election you need to have or it should be considered a colossal failure. that doesn't seem like positive spin. >> i think it's very positive spin. he is setting the bar so high for republicans, because he expects republicans will do well. their base is energized and they have the big issues on their side at the moment, that he is saying if you don't win everything, if you don't clear the table, the president and the democrats are going to be able say yeah, we're still in control. a ridiculous statement. the key in the numbers that you put up a moment ago are increase in percentage of people self-identifying as conservatives. i don't think there is any way that the president and the democrats can say we'll win those folks back. you can say to the base, liberals, buck up. the president said don't go backwards. remember who got us in this
6:54 pm
ditch. all that kind of language. you can say to independent and the moderate, wait a second. look at the extremist views and remember who is your incumbent. you can make those appeals. it's troubling when you tart to see the country is shifting to the right even if you have a self-identified liberal president. >> other numbers are also factoring in. we're going to get the unemployment figures for last month tomorrow. take a look at the foreclosure numbers. steve, foreclosure threat 11 million homes with negative equity. one in five borrowers could lose their home. 20 out of 100 have impaired mortgages. what about that? >> it's stunning. by most accounts the news on friday is not good news. so i think is certainly something that is an anvil around the neck of democrats at this point. you are essentially having a debate on the two -- the national debate at the
6:55 pm
national level is two things. economy and then the jobs, failed stimulus and healthcare, but you are having a bigger debate. this is a debate that means more and likely to carry through to 2012. having a debate about what it means to be an american. the overall direction that the country is headed. is this a country that -- this is rubio's line. is this a country where every successful generation has more opportunity and does better than the previous one or a country in which we start to take steps back? that is the bigger debate here. that's like i said, likely to be the one that carries to 2012. >> bret: first time on the panel. 20 seconds, prediction in house and senate. >> republicans will take the house and senate and win 65 seat in the house or better and recrimination on november 3 among democrats will be extraordinary. >> bret: bold prediction for panel. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a short news conference. [ female announcer ] during endless shrimp at red lobster,
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>> bret: time to reveal tonight's results of text. why are health care law waivers being granted? 33% close. 25% law is flawed and 42% voted for political influence. we had more than 7,000 votes tonight. the department of education is under a lot of heat lately to elevate american education. martha cantor, the undersecretary of education tried to reach the top of the classroom at this news conference. ♪ >> do we really support governors to do this kind of work? could it be part of what state colleges needs to get done? thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid.


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