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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 12, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> the short ones are the best. thank you for inviting in your home. that's it for this special report. >> are there facts that back that charge up? we'll have a factor investigation. >> i don't want them to be brain washed into thinking homosexuality is a valid and successful option. it isn't. >> and new york gubernatorial candidate marginalizes homosexuals. is that a smart thing? juan and mary catherine will analyze. >> is there anything you won't do to push your butt-ugly mug in front of the camera?
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>> i have to think about that. i guess the answer would be no. >> "saturday night live" goes after gloria allred. a kmitd liberal what. is going on. >> please, pay attention to me. >> bill: caution, you're about to enterert no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching tonight. creating a scandal is the subject of this evening's talking points nemo. with just three weeks left before the pd mid term election, in fact the "new york times" article submits republicans could make big gains in governor race as cross the country. there is snow question the obama administration must act fast in order to prevent disaster. there is a tv ad accusing the u.s. chamber of commerce and republican operatives of being
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corrupt. >> they're bush cronies and shields for big business z they're stealing our democracy. spending millions to elect republicans to do their bidding in congress. it appears they take a secret foreign money to influence the election. it's incredible. republicans benefiting from secret foreign money. tell the bush crowd stop stealing our democracy. >> wow. if foreigners are donating money to us us chamber of commerce, it's pro business that. organization is using the money to buy antidemocrat ads that would be a scandal. but right now there is simply no evidence of that. >> if the only charge in three weeks into the election is that democrats can make is that this, somehow this, may or may not be foreign money coming into the campaign, that the best you can do? >> no. i think we have a more
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sentimental section. there is a major force in some of the campaigns want to turn the plot back to same policy that's got into this mess in the first place. >> so what he's apparently saying is that he doesn't like what president bush did in office and the chamber of commerce may have done something wrong, might have. could be. and the recent cnn poll asked americans who they prefer as president, bush or obama. 47% answered obama. 45% said bush that. is down 23 points in a year for mr. obama. 23. criticizing president bush might now be obsolete. now, the democrats have to do something. and people like al franken and others aren't going to give up. so we can expect in the next three weeks a bunch of scandal charges to try to divert attention away from the state
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of the union. that tactic works but looks like democrats are committed to it. and that is a memo. now, tonight reaction. joining us tonight from washington penny lee. so you were at the white house recently. you know what is going on behind the scenes in this thing. is it a wise move? >> i think it is. what the white house is trying to say that sth could be over because right now, we have seen more money in the mid terms being spent than ever before. and millions and millions being spent by special interest groups that have in requirements to be disclosed. so there is simply saying look f you're going to go out there with a organization such as, you know, citizens for a better environment chrk in fact it's being paid for by bp, exxon or mobile you should disclose it so people have a fair understanding. >> bill: i don't have an
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objection to full disclosure there. is no requirement so they're both going to hide it. it went far beyond thachl u.s. chamber of commerce is pro business. they don't like president obama. they feel he's antibusiness. and in that commercial, said prisoners to big business. you know? what americans are going if big business is voiding the economy it's never going to come back. and what mr. axlrod tried to tell bob schieffer, who wasn't buying it because interestingly he's a liberal man is that the u.s. chamber of commerce is violating the law. there is no back up for that. do you think this is going to gain traction? >> remember the audience in which they're speaking to. that is the base voters and inds. a lot of them have a fear of the big corporations, big oil, big everybody. big telephones coming in in the middle class feel like they've been squeezed.
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they're giving out bailouts to everybody else. what the president is doing to trying to speak to that middle class voter saying look the republicans might have said they've reformed and seen the light are changing their ways but look. one of the biggest backers is sitting there saying we don't have to disclose what we're doing. and that is what they're trying to highlight. they're speaking to kids. >> it's pretty much inside baseball. they need folks to rally to their cause. this is a bit... i don't know. a little... uh, you know. >> they're trying to speak today to reinforce their narratives they've been saying that look. people in the past, we've heard that. and right. right. >> bill: you've seen the polls. >> they're saying don't give them back the keys. here is why. there is one more proof positive. >> bill: there isn't proof positive. it's all speculation you don't
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know. all right. >> i used to run in 27. i was required to disclose who is running this [ speaking over each other ]. >> bill: i know that. but there are a bunch of different categories. >> bill: if you're in the white house how deeply involved is president obama in this? how deeply he is involved in that. >> i can't speak for the president this, is something many people inside of the whites house are very concerned about for our democracy. >> bill: if achlselrod is going to go out there, he'd have to know bit. i want to use remaining two minutes with you on hairy reid. i believe he's going to lose. the senator is going lose in nevada polling is so
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anti-obama in part of the approveal rating they're not voting for sharon angle. they're voting against president obama in nevada and hairy reid is tied. and that is who i think is going to lose. where am i going wrong? >> going wrong in thinking there are more registered voters on democratic side than republican side. you'll see a ground game like never before. people put -- we're putting that together. i mean, pu but, i would say one in nevada having known a lot of players there personally are one of the best at their game. i think they're not being caught by surprise like in massachusetts, martha coakley went on vacation instead of campaigning. >> bill: polls show angle widened her lead a little bit. >> it is -- i mean i can prove the validity of the poll was weighted more for republicans than not. and i think all of us are going to see polls fluctuate.
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>> bill: are you willing to bet on this race? >> absolutely. hairy reid is going to be returning back as majority leader of the senate. >> bill: i bet a thousand dollars to doctor was out borders. >> i love doctor was out borders. you're on. >> bill: okay. i'm going to have to get a second job. >> i know. i'm looking forward to collecting checks for great charities. >> bill: i'm not rooting against anyone. i'm just saying... >> good news is doctor was out borders is going to win regardless. >> bill: that is good news. next brit human responding to creating scandal. then, carl paladino marginalizes homosexuals.
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>> bill: continuing now, dnc
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putting out an ad kusing u.s. chamber of commerce, but evidence is scant as we just saw. joining us now from washington is brit human. i just think this is a loser. i don't think this is a populist issue. >> there is a brief period of time in 2008 when the fact the obama campaign had some hundreds of millions of dollars in donations that were going to be anonymous. there was an attempt to make a fuss about that. it didn't go anywhere. with this possible exception is that i think democrats are down now to something trying to turn out their base. you know? they got an ad. it's got carl rove, and bush's name in it. and the chamber of commerce. and this is all stuff i don't think appeals to independents particularly in this business climate. >> bill: why would you send out david achlselrod right
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now? send him out to make a big deal out of this? then, schieffer, our pal, we slap schieffer around a few weeks around. >> i didn't. >> bill: no. you were very diplomatic. very to tell you. he doesn't like you because you're on the show, it didn't do you any good. anyway, he did a she tough job of going after achlsel rod saying this is all you got? come on. and -- this is -- he had no answer. >> no answer. and right. right. and even "new york times" is saying there is no evidence for this. the tv critic said this is the lowest tactic yet this, ad so far and likened to it mccarthyism this, is not playing well in the main stream media. there are democrats trying to defend seats in places they never thought they'd have to. you've got established democratic politicians in trouble n
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california income bents under trouble. i think this is an effort to go to turn to voters in blue states where the democrats are a saying folks look at this, you've got to get out and vote. just trying to save some of the people. >> bill: i just don't think it's the right issue. >> i'm just saying that is what the effort is. >> bill: when you put in a tv commercial they're slaves to big business everybody is going to go yes. well, we want slaves to big business. we want people to get hired. you see? let's get this thing back on track. >> i think that is right. no republican or independent is going to react positively to this. >> bill: think bit, hume. we have jobs and are okay. when you've been unemployed and there is a commercial like you're a slave to big business, come on. we have -- who is going to hire me? who? >> well, you've got when you
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have an administration with a reputation of being antibits air, climate in which business is said to be fearful to invest and so forth, demonizing business is -- . >> bill: that is why the chamber of commerce is opposing them n west virginia we've got john read running well ahead of joe mansion. mansion just throws president obama under the bus. roll the tape. >> a prove this ad because i'll always defend west virginia. as your senator i'll protect our second amendment right that. is why they endorsed me. i'll get the federal government off our back and out of our pockets. i'll cut federal spending and repeel the bad parts of obama care. i will take dead aim at the cap and trade bill. because it's bad for west virginia. >> bill: he murdered the cap
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and trade bill. now that, is a democrat, that is a democratic guy. >> well... consider what situation he's in. here is a democratic governor who is really very popular, indeed. he has, bill a 66% approveal rating. yet, he finds himself trailing a republican businessman who run for state wide office several times. reasonably well known but was not a year ago, i thought or anyone would have thought this could abe big threat to him, yet, here he is. so, mansion, i think sees no alternative but to run as far as and fast away from obama agenda as he can. interest there is a little problem. he's spoken about the health care bill in the past. said he'd repeal the woflt worst parts of it. >> he didn't shoot it. he didn't shoot. >> no, good shot, too. right? >> yes. i don't think i want to tee him o looks like a good scope. you don't often see a democratic candidate walk into
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an ad armed. they usually, i had a line i'm not going to do it. >> it's a sign of the times. >> thank you very much. ahead a strong statement about gays from carl paladino is creating controversy. we'll play it for you with a viewer warning and beshy goldering on liberal media going after liberals. is that really happen something upcoming.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, as you may know conservative bomb thrower karl l paladino is running for governor of new york state. yesterday he said this about homosexuals. >> don't misquote me as wanting to hurt homosexual people in any way that would be a dastardly
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lie. my approach is live and let live. i just think my children and your children will be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family. and i don't want them to be brain washed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid or successful option. it isn't. >> bill: joining us now from washington to react fox news analyst mary katharine ham and juan williams. juan, this is really no surprise from a conservative guy who really has to rally his base. it's almost like we're talking about with the chamber of commerce. they are trying to rally the left wing base. i guess paladino is trying to rally conservatives to his cause. >> yeah. but, bill, this doesn't work. i mean, just as a matter of political strategy, i just don't think it works. you know, remember a couple weeks ago he said he was going to take out this reporter who he said he had sent the "new york post" photographer to take a picture of his -- the child he had had out of wedlock and why are they bothering his child? a lot of people might say hey, he is a tough guy. is he not going to put up with that foolishness.
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okay. this looks like pure bigotry. you talked about him as a conservative appealing to conservative voters. right now i think you are at a point when the pew poll indicates for the first time for the first time in 15 years, more than half of the american people have no objection to gay marriage in the country. >> bill: no doubt that's getting traction but here's the deal. paladino knows, he has no shot at all with any liberal people at all. okay? >> correct. >> not a gay person in new york probably going to vote for karl pal deep know. he has got nothing to lose, mary katharine, when he goes out and he says because there are some conservative people who are angry about the schools and the media trying to, you know, put any word you want in. but let's just use promoting the cause of homosexuals. i think that's fair. the media and education is doing that a lot of conservatives are
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mad about that look, we don't want that alternative lifestyle promoted to our children in any way, shape, or form. that's what paladino is trying to get across here i think i would not have done it, that being said. i would not have done it but i wouldn't have done the u.s. chamber of commerce either. go ahead, mary katharine. >> i think there is a wave communicating your faith and concern for children and for educational issues or whatever it is without disrespecting other people's lifestyles. i think that's what people are concerned about and that's what's becoming the lightning rod and actually taking all of the oxygen out of this race. this is all they are going to be talking about for a couple of days that coincides about a couple of terrible stories bullying gay teens with terrible results and deaths involved. this that is not what carl paladino needs to be talking about. >> bill: that is an excellent point. let me clarify it to our viewers. in new york city there was a terrible crime in the bronx three men who, a gang thought were gay, were brutalized. and it was awful.
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make you sick to your stomach. and then paladino one day after these guys were arrested goes out and says that, totally ridiculous. so, this hurt him, no doubt about it. there is no doubt about it that this hurt him. >> you also have the story about the kid who was, you know, taped in his room and then jumped off the george washington room. it's a hot issue right now. but, bill, remember, even the tea party people don't make a lot out of these social wedge issues gay rights. it's not working in this cycle. that's not what they are about. >> in new york you are in the business of wooing independents. and in new york independents are not as conservative as they are in other states. just give a wrote peach about -- he can be conservative without drawing all this attention and becoming such a lightning rod himself and move on to talking about jobs. >> bill: -- only paladino has would be the economic card. because new york is in such
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desperate economic shape. desperate! it may go bankrupt just like california. taxation is through the roof. everywhere. highest taxed state in the union it buys from new jersey and christie is getting him down in new jersey so we'll win here in new york. that's the only chance paladino would have. look, elect cuomo he will rubber stamp all the spending same old same old. i will ocome in with a meat cleaver and make your life better because i will cut all the taxes and garbage in albany. instead he goes on the homosexuals and who cares? >> here is where i would go with this. if i was advising him, as crazy as that may sound, you know what i think the assembly in upstate new york and capital they are a bunch of clowns and embarrassment to the state. you have got to crusade where you say i'm going to clean up this mess and throw out the bums. cuomo and his dad are all part of the establishment. that's what he should be doing. as mary katharine said earlier
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he needs moderates, independents, even some of the liberal -- conservative democrats to come across. >> that's right. and i hate to break it to everybody, but the gays aren't causing the high taxes. they are not doing it all right? >> i don't think there is a lot of rhyme and reason to the strategy here. i think paladino is saying what he thought and did he it in front of an audience that would be receptive and this blew up in his face. you could have predicted it, i think. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. once again, miley cyrus 17 years old causing controversy. another viewer warning. we have to show you a tape that may upset people. is the left-wing media turning against liberals like gloria allred. bernie goldberg will analyze that we hope you stay tuned to
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bill as you may know i asked homeland security chief janet napolitano the other week how handle nikki diaz meg whitman. ms. napolitano said she wasn't sure but would get back to us. the lawyer representing diaz is gloria allred who took some shots on "saturday night live." >> >> this week many of have you written or emailed to congratulate me on my recent press conference with nikki diaz. while working for the whitmans nicky suffered continuous
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emotional abuse and forced to perform a series of horrendous and degrading tasks from sorting and washing laundry to vacuuming carpets and testing venetian blinds. all under the threat that if she did not perform these sickening acts, they would not pay her. >> bill: with us now to react conservative pundit ann coulter. before we get to that do you want to stick one paladino do you. >> i think someone on this network should this great warrior to cut your tax new yorkers. he is speaking -- you go around giving speeches when you are in political. go cubs. they don't want to hear about the fiscal issues. they want to hear about the moral issues. the speech was like a committee written speech. he dropped the part where they said homosexuality is a sin. that was written for him. that was reported by the "new york post" owned by your parent company. i think you have to believe that. >> bill: let's cut through all
5:31 am
of that this. did that help him. >> yeah, i think so. your show is very popular. >> i think it's offensive to merge gays with gay left wing activists. >> bill: if that's all he did, that would be fine. >> that's all he did. he dropped the part. >> bill: the bottom line on this is, i think everybody in the world except you agree this isn't going to help the guy. he needs independents to come over. >> your show would not be as popular as it is if you didn't denounce crazy left wing activists. >> bill: i'm very specific. >> so did he. should not be forcing homosexuality on kindergartners. he dropped the leviticus part. >> bill: i want everyone to know that we're fair and balanced and ann culture thinks he was helped by that exposition. everyone else in the world thinks he wasn't. gloria allred.
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>> excellent sketch. >> bill: what is interesting about this is you have a bunch of liberals of "saturday night live," i would say 90%. maybe i'm wrong about that and i know and you know some of them. mostly a left wing crew really taking her out. once in a while they do that but not too much. >> right. there have occasionally been partisan hacks writing at "saturday night live." you also have to understand a lot of the them, whatever their politics are just want to write something funny. every time there is a funny sketch that happens to slightly gore the left, people always think oh they are changing "saturday night live" they are just comedy writers that was funny. >> bill: she is an easy target, allred and they go after her. >> there that was devastating because it's true. >> bill: it wasn't devastating to gloria allred it just gave her more publicity. that's what she wants. >> fair point. >> bill: yeah. come on. you know what she is in business to do. >> that's exactly the point of the sketch that she puts her
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clients. >> bill: on to get publicity for her. >> in jeopardy. >> bill: you are a lawyer. i want you to make a prediction on this program. what do you think secretary napolitano is going to do because she has got to do something. >> i think she has to deport nicky diaz. >> do you think she will. >> i think she will. i think she has to. i will give you a comparison. remember that illegal alien being put up in the chicago church and oh her child was her and her child was born here so her child was a citizen and we are spraghtd the families and the liberal catholics are all circling her in the church. she ended up getting deported. you make a speck of yourself you will get deported. >> bill: those making a prediction say look, you had those black panthers outside that polling place dead. you could have charged them easily. holder said no, i'm not charging them. big brouhaha, i'm not charging them. same thing here, nicky diaz obviously used a phony social security card. all right you?
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can't do that they may just ignore it? >> i think the two cases are different on about five different levels. one is there is the black issue. and that's always special and different. >> bill: she is hispanic. >> no, no, no, no. illegal immigrants, not blacks. cross that one off. number two, the country is not in a boiling calderon of range about people preventing them from voting because it doesn't happen that much. the country is a boiling call drop of range over illegal immigration. i think she will be deported. >> bill: ann coulter, everybody,. >> i wouldn't have made your harry reid bet. >> bill: you think reid is going to lose? >>. no i would not have taken your side of that bet. >> bill: you think he is going to win? >> i don't know. but i wouldn't have made a bet on it. >> bill: you know, i could be wrong. if you want to bet paladino, i will take that action. >> no. i have hope. i do not have predictions. >> bill: ann coulter fiscally responsible tonight. ladies and gentlemen, when we
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come right back, a few minutes of bernard goldberg is the liberal media turning against liberals? same question we asked ann. bernie is next. ñ÷
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. earlier in the broadcast we showed you bob schieffer
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grilling white house david axelrod and "saturday night live" lampooning gloria allred. of course both gloria and mr. axelrod are plicial people being scrutinized by other liberal people. what the heck is going on. joining us from north carolina is bernard goldberg. let's start with bob schieffer because we gave him a hard time when he went on vacation and didn't know about the black panthers when he interviewed holder and you and i went over it. i thought he grilled mr. axelrod pretty tough. >> yeah, absolutely. it was a good interview. but if the question ultimately is are the media turning on barack obama, that may be another question. i think -- let's put it this way, bill, i think the slobbering has pretty much ended, at least for the time being. and the slobbering has ended basically because the magic is gone. you probably don't remember this but on christmas morning about a
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month after barack obama was elected president page one of the "the washington post" did a story about obama's exercise regiment and they actually talked about how he had the sun glistened off of his pectorals and he had a well-toned body because he played basketball. that kind of embarrassing garbage isn't going to happen anymore because, as i say, the magic is gotten and he is not as popular as he once was. and the point is bill with the consensus has developed. the consensus is that he may be a nice guy, he may be eloquent. he may have a million-dollar smile but nobody cares about that stuff anymore. they only care about the economy and jobs and the mountain of debt that's been developed. the mainstream media would basically look foolish if it defended policies that the american people have overwhelmingly rejected.
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>> bill: here is the thing that struck me about the schieffer interview. this is most people didn't see it. it's a sunday morning show. and it's an audience of about two and a half million people. usually when a liberal interviews another liberal at the network level, they ask them one or two hard questions, just go-to-go on the record to say look, i'm not in the tank. whatever answer is given, they accept it? >> that's the answer, yep. >> not here. schieffer went back and said, you know, if that's all you got, that's pretty weak. because, bill, it's safer. it's not just easier. it's safer now to go after barack obama. >> bill: that's true but why would a guy like bob schieffer and cbs news, which i will submit to you has a vested interest in not seeing republicans come into office even though the president son the skids and the country is angry, i think the big media
5:41 am
companies favor the democrats and president obama and like to see him succeed. why would they go after him? >> because they would look foolish given that as i say the magic is gone and his poll numbers are down. >> bill: they are taking it a step further than i thought they would. >> no. bill, they have already lost a lot of their audience. let's think of audience as customers. if the american people have turned on barack obama's policies and if the polls are right, they certainly have. does it make sense for the mainstream media to continue to support a candidate who their customers have already rejected? >> bill: nbc news continues to actively support the president and their nightly news and "the today show" are still doing well. i see what your point is, it's not good for business to be on a losing team but nbc news continues to be very active
5:42 am
supporting the president there are two franchises in the morning and evening news, they are down but they are not down big. >> right. look. and that's a very good point. but what i'm saying is that the slobbering has ended. whether or not they have turned against him, don't take the schieffer interview and project that this is the beginning of some mass movement for the media to become, you know, as mainstream as they claim they are. i mean, let's see what happens. and i will make a prediction on this. this i have no doubts about. when it's time for barack obama to run against the flesh and blood conservatives. >> bill: no doubt about it. >> the slobbering will pick up where it left off. >> bill: okay. "saturday night live" you don't care about that right? it's an easy target. they take it and, you know, that's -- nothing more to it? >> i have known gloria allred since the 1970s when i was based in california. you know will rodgers never met a man he never liked.
5:43 am
gloria allred never met a microphone she didn't like. and that liberals in the comedy media if i can put it that way have turned on another liberal, gloria allred tells me absolutely nothing. to not go after gloria allred after what she did to that illegal immigrant, that would -- they would be remiss. you could make fun of "saturday night live" if they didn't go after her. >> bill: i have got 90 seconds. bp, president obama, the report came out said the obama administration didn't handle it well. i guess it got a little exposure but not much. >> it got some hard news coverage. for me anyway here is the more interesting point. after katrina, the "new york times," you know, the -- where everybody else takes their crews -- cues from. they run a scathing editorial in the bush administration. after the bp report came out which criticized the obama administration, no editorial at all.
5:44 am
so, there was hard news coverage on it because you can't avoid that but when it came to the opinion journalism, and, by the way, this goes back to my first point, they had every opportunity to talk about the incompetence of the obama administration and they chose to ignore it all together. i don't see the media making some big turn against barack obama. i think, again, they are not embarrassing themselves the way they did when he was running, but that doesn't mean they have turned against him. >> bill: all right. bernie goldberg, everybody. check out bernard in a moment, reality check miley cyrus and yet another controversial video and charges that some american soldiers murdered civilians in afghanistan. we'll have both of those stories. and on the cyrus deal there is a viewer warning on it. so, you have been advised. we'll be right back with check as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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>> bill: back of the book semght tonight, reality check where we put forth the cold-hard truth. check one, very disturbing case going on against five american soldiers accused of murdering civilians in afghanistan among many other crimes it looks like a court martial will happen. one of the men involved jeremy morlock is being represented by jeffrey nathan. he has seen some of the evidence and now wants president obama to intervene in the case. >> the president of the united states should step in and put an end to it and offer up his bully pulpit of the oval office as he did with another defendant here
5:49 am
in cambridge down the street. he got on to the white house podium and he said i think this is, if my recollection, refresh your recollection refresh his recollection, foolish, the police department acted foolishly, i think the further prosecution of all these soldiers is foolish. the president needs to take this seriously and say i'm not going to let any of this evidence out. i'm going to bring all of you people. >> bill: if indeed somebody killed an afghan civilian, some member of the american armed forces, why would it be foolish to prosecute. why would the president want to step in that mess? >> it's the sentences being offered in a plea bargain that are foolish, not necessarily, i suppose, the prosecution. >> bill: i need to go back back one more time. am i wrong to say if the forensic evidence in this case
5:50 am
it would i object flame action against the united states? that would be the only way the president could get involved. >> then you are right. >> bill: so it would, the evidence would inflame passions against the united states? >> one would assume. no have you seen no t. now. you don't have to assume. i'm just asking your opinion. >> yes. >> bill: final decision on specialist murlock's case will be made by specialist barry hug gibbs. we will let you know what happens. viewer warning on this one. miley cyrus 17 trying to become sex symbol of some kind ♪ creation shows me what to do ♪ i'm dancing on the floor with you ♪ and when you search my hair ♪ i go crazy ♪ who owns my heart ♪ is it love ♪ or is it art? >> bill: we have edited out the
5:51 am
worst part of that the television council says ms. cyrus is sending a bad message to young girls. check three controversial rapper elm -- emand and -- has made like this. [rapping] >> bill: eminem says is he different in private because is he raising young girls. >> parent listening to this and says my kid hears you calling somebody a bitch or using the f word and starts to use it themselves. do you feel a sense of responsibility? >> i feel like it's your job to parent them. if you are the parent, be a patient. you know what i mean? i'm a parent. i have daughters. i mean, how would i really sound as a person like walking around my house, you know [bleep] this
5:52 am
up, you know what i mean? >> that's not how you are in your life. >> profanitiy around my house, no. music, this is my art. this is what i do. >> bill: talking points believes that does not add up. you sell a product aimed at young people and then you ban that product in your own home. come on. check four, big poll on bill o' we are asking will sarah palin try for the white house in 2012? yes the lure will be irresistible or no she will be a power broker? all right. so please vote in that. we will give you the results on wednesday. that is reality check, pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring john lennon and you can vote on his p or p status. moments away.
5:53 am
>> bill: tpheuz a moment. was john lennon a patriot?
5:54 am
premium membership is skyrocketing -- if you sign up we will send an mp3 player to the troops overseas. our featured interview only for premium members this week is miss laura ingraham. you learn a lot about her. plenty of folks are thinking ahead to christmas buying personalized signed copys -- copies of pinheads and patriots for gift giving. if you do that now you get a tote bag free of charge. now to the mail: i don't have a contract with gardners, i don't ask for passports that would be intrusive and insulting. doug:
5:55 am
>> bill: by your measure you have a free fire zone for villains to stalk and assault you and your children all they want. you really believe that? dawn: chuck:
5:56 am
>> bill: you missed these facts, less than 10% of the money promised by countries to help the haitians has been spent. the u.s. congress is holding up more than a billion dollars of aid. in the private zone it is yeah . we asked senator coburn to appear. he's the guy holding up the money here. elect on -- he will be on the factor tomorrow we asked mr. children to do the same these charge of the private money. we have not heard back from mr. clinton. if you see him, tell him we need him to come on here. >> bill: i appreciate that.
5:57 am
. finally pinheads and patriots. saturday john lennon would have been 70-years-old. here in new york city there was a celebration. ♪ ♪ i get by with a little help from my friends ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: did lennon write that last one? i don't know if he wrote that last one. i know ringo starr sang it. lennon was a controversial guy when he was alive. was he a patriot or pinhead in your opinion? interesting vote. cast your vote on
5:58 am and we will give you the results tomorrow. friday 5,000 of you voted on this father dancing behind his daughters. ♪ baby, baby oh baby baby ♪ ♪ not ♪ >> bill: it was close 53% say the dad is a pinhead. 47%, a patriot. i probably would have gone with patriot there. that is it for us tonight please check out the factor news website. name a town if you wish to opine. please when writing to the factor, do not be contentious. some people have accused me of being contentious. of course that is misguided. we don't want you to be contentious. thanks for watching the factor. i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops
5:59 am
right here, because we are definitely looking >> good tuesday morning. it feels like a monday but it's a tuesday, right? october 12th. thanks for sharing your time. hours away from freedom now after more than two months underground, can you imagine that. the 33 chilean miners will be pulled to the surface one by one. we're talking live to the american who has been in chile for weeks to make this one of a kind rescue possible. >> that is great. meanwhile, pot meet kettle. the vice president throwing accusations at republicans for using millionaires to fund their campaigns. but did he forget about the dems' favorite billionaire, that man? >> i got the naked guy. he bared all in front of the president for just -- >> again. >> this is on the shelf. for just a million bucks. now he's telling all.


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