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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 15, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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a pleasure for me. my name, however, is greg gutfeld and i shall see you next time. in the meantime i will stair.
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>> bret: 19 days to go until the mid-term election. hard to believe.
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we're back at the fox big board tonight. these are all the races we're following throughout the country. look at the senate races to watch first. we begin with the senate race in nevada. where harry reid is trying to fend off republican challenger sharron angle. the real clear politics average of polls has them dead even. they will get together tonight for the first and only scheduled debate. carl cameron has the story in las vegas and tells us what to expect. >> the reid/angle debate are mid-term in a nutshell. who better than the majority leader despite the popular any the polls to defend healthcare reform, stimulus and more? bill clinton was feeling the pain earlier this week. president obama has been here for reid in nevada, too, where unemployment is 14.4%.
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foreclosures are at five times the national average. both the worst in the country. >> we have a lot to do. right now we are improving the xy and make sure that every nevadaen that wants to work has a job. >> sharron angle is backed by the tea party political action committee. >> we have an opportunity to send a positive message. that message is that we are going to dub harry reid on november 2. >> voters on both sides are angry at the economy and washington. neither candidate can afford a mistake on the debate. both are looking for knock-outs because it could be the last chance for either for a break-out moment. polls suggest most voters are numb to on the blizzard of
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misleading or overstated attack ads. >> giving illegal aliens benefits. >> the attack ad, crazy talk and outright lies. >> it's not just extreme, that's dangerous. >> reid voted to use the taxpayer dollars to pay for viagra, for child molester and sex offenders. >> it's the nastiest, hardest fought and most important senate race in the country. this evening's debate has taken on the hype of a las vegas prize fight. security has been dramatically increased at the debate site. dozen of protesters are expected with each side looking for blood. >> bret: complete wrap-up tomorrow. carl cameron live in las vegas tonight. thank you very much. we look back at the senate races to watch, one of the most high profile candidate this election season is right here in delaware. running for vice president,
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joe biden's old senate seat. christine o'donnell taking on chris coons. the latest polls have coons with a comfortable lead. he has had it all along. now he's up 18 points to the real clear politics average. the candidates debated twice in the last 24 hours. tonight, james rose season in wilmington with a complete wrap-up. >> christine o'donnell found solace after she told a televised debate audience somewhat mysteriously she is still fighting against her own par thety. then she singled out the senator committee. >> the democratic party running ads against me, the republican party on the state level. neither has come in to help
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close gap in the polls. the nrst refuses to play and that baffles me. >> wednesday's 90-minute exchange with democrat chris coons, county executive, grew combative as o'donnell attacked and coons the fluid debater eresponded in kind. >> a career politician who has given he knows how to play the i'll scratch your back, you scratch my game. >> o'donnell has experience running for office but not running anything. >> they both stumbled when o'donnell couldn't name a recent supreme court decision she didn't like and coon didn't specify person of income a person should enjoy before qualifying for the bush era tax cut, somewhere above 250k a year he said vaguely. they debated again thursday with identical talking points, though o'donnell said she changed from a pro-choice feminist to a pro-life feminist. >> as i began to look at the
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devastates and many women in the wake suffering and hurting on what abortion has done i realize perhaps i might be on the wrong side of this issue. >> coons in an interview with fox news contemplated how he could still lose the race. >> the only thing i could do wrong is not work my hardest and i'm committed to doing that to november 2. >> two more debates are scheduled but it's chicken/egg standoff with the national republican leadership with one side pleading for more money to improve the polls. the other side demanding a surge in the polls before delivering any money. >> bret: rosen in wilmington. >> the latest poll. democrat richard blumenthal widening his lead over the republican linda mcmahon. a new poll has bloomberg --
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shows blumenthal ahead. back to the races to watch. we will go across to alaska, where the republican candidate joe miller and alaska -- put up the poll. the new poll out. joe miller up against democrat scott mcadams. another big name in the race is republican senator lisa murkowski. her write-in campaign appears to have an effect on the poll number. new rasmussen survey has murkowski just one point behind miller. they advise caution because polling with write-in campaign is said to be challenging. the poll is raising eyebrows. those are the senate races we're watching. 19 days to go before the midterm election. we look at whether the absentee ballots are secure. up next, security was tight on
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>> bret: checking world headlines. the 33 chilean miners met with the president. he's promise to close the mind and punish those responsible for the accident that left them trapped for two months. families of the 27 miners are suing the mine's owners. several miners were expected to be released today. the french press agency reporting the miners plan to form a soccer team later this month. and play against their rescuers. iraqi officials say a roadside bomb in southeast baghdad
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today hit a senior sunni politician convoy killing four people and wounding six others including the politician. today, they released a death tally and say 77,000 iraqi citizens and security officials were killed from 2004 to 2008. it shows 3952 american and other u.s. alliedp troops killed over the same period. seven nato coalition troops were killed in an array of attacks thursday, bringing the alliance troop losses over the past two days to 13. robert gates says any reconciliation must be led by the afghans. thousands of hezbollah supporters jammed a stadium today in southern lebanon to see iran's president.
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reena ninan reports that he reiterated the doomsday prediction for israel a short drive from the border. >> he received a hero's welcome, built with iranian money after the 2006 war with israel. site of clashes between israeli soldiers and hezbollah fighters. the rally is the closest iranian president ahmadinejad has come to israel's border. he was only a couple miles away. didn't waste a chance to publicly bash israel. >> designers will disappear, he tells the county. "look at what a nation at the country israel has. he will continue to build our country and be prepared to protect it." iran has spent $1 billion to
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rebuild lebanon after the war. on the visit, they offered lebanon $450 million loan for water and elextricity projects for military assistance. iran's growing influence in lebanon has the west concern. >> most lebanese do not want lebanon to be the forefront in iran conflicts with the rest of the world. >> they fear the country could be turning to iranian extension. at the rally, with the name of the prowestern leader, this was a reaction from the pro-hezbollah crowd. >> both u.s. and iran want them to be in their camp. right now, it appears that iran may get the upper hand.
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>> bret: reena ninan live in beirut. thank you. in the next segment we look at whether the early voting puts your vote in danger. tonight's text to vote question: how secure are early voting ballots? text your answer to 36288. type sr1 for very secure, sr2 for somewhat secure, and sr3 for not consider or sr4 for don't know but i am concerned about it. we have results later. grapevine is next. ñ÷z#úa
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>> bret: fresh pickings from the political grapevine. chris matthews has taken a shot at the tea party by way of the chilean mine rescue. on his show he has said -- >> bret: hot posted today -- >> bret: joy behar of "the view" says michele bachmann's opposition to expand s-chip, program for children insurance
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makes her anti-insurance, saying -- but michele bachmann has raised five children of her own with 23 foster kids. president obama is said to be related to some of his biggest political foe. the genealogist found the president is a tenth 'cuz on the sarah palin. they are linked through a 17th century settler. rush limbaugh is a tenth cousin once removed. they found links to former president bush and obama and palin. >> bret: a trend is gaining momentum is practice of voting early. senior correspondent eric shawn reports there are
4:33 am
questions about security anded a rack analysis -- homeland security. >> reporter: they cast the ballot in early voting and some using absentees but there is concern that it could encourage voter fraud. >> absentee ballots you don't know who is filling it out. they are saying put this candidate down or that candidate down. it's outside supervision of a public official or voters. >> voting systems are only secure as the procedure and protocols in place. many issued safeguard to protect against fraud or the security issue. this is the town clerk office. where the absentee ballots are processed. >> security from the stand point of the overall flow of the absentee ballot is at the forefront of the concern. >> bret: town clerk says there
4:34 am
are various redundant messages to ensure the integrity of absentee ballots. >> they will verify they are the registered voters. each envelope is given a number. >> we are identifying the voter and also we are able to log in the system and that serves as a control that we know what ballot number we issued to the voter. the state that is issued and even on return. >> after ballots received they're placed behind a heavy fault door and put in a locked cage where they will remain safe and secure until election day. >> some state scan and store the ballot on computer servers. 24 million americans use absentee ballots in 2008. almost 17% of all the votes counted. i'm eric shawn.
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fox news. >> bret: there are questions right now whether michelle obama violated illinois law when she voted early today in chicago. the print pool reports that mrs. obama spoke with other voters after turning in her ballot. one of them told the pool reporter, "she was telling me how important it is was to vote to keep her husband's agenda going." however, spokesman with the chicago board of elections says that never happened. if it did, there is a question about whether it breaks the law against campaigning in a polling place. we'll keep working on this story and see what the white house says. let you know. republicans are canceling tv ads in florida and spending money elsewhere. the gp will use that money on closer contest in pennsylvania, california, and illinois. u.s. intelligence agencies are said to be extremely
4:36 am
concerned over a new terror threat. we discuss it with the fox
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recent advancement in intelligence show a tend toward, as you mentioned, smaller, faster developing plot rather than longer term plots like 9/11. the plots may include use of i.e. d.s or tales using small arms and explosives. both forms of attack that have been used abroad. the result of the changing tactics are fewer opportunities to detect and disrupt plots. >> bret: tonight, fox news learned that the u.s. intelligence agencies are concerned about the possibility that the pakistani taliban sent another operative into the u.s. and may already be in the u.s. to try to carry
4:40 am
out an attack on a different location. they don't have a name or where the attacker would strike, but they are said to be concerned. you will remember pakistani naturalized citizen faisal shahzad was arrested. he was sentenced last week to life in prison in new york after he tried to set off a car bomb in times square in may. the intelligence suggests that the same group that sent shahzad in sent someone else in, who is already inside the u.s. what about this? bring in the panel. stephen hayes, "weekly standard." juan williams news analyst for national public radio. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. we have a lot of reporting on this. jennifer griffin, our producer, and steve they say this is a different environment. they're getting a different feel from officials and that it is multiple officials telling them about the real threat. >> terrific reporting by both of those folks. with everything i've been
4:41 am
hearing from the people i talk to in the intelligence community, that the chatter level is high. significantly higher than it has been over the past six months. if you look in d.c. there are signs telling people to report suspicious activity. but look, the administration has been late on this. pakistani taliban behind the times square attack, or faisal shahzad as you said, initially those reports were dismissed. this was crazy. they weren't seeking to attack anywhere in the united states or seeking to attack outside pakistan. with the initial response. napolitano called it a one-off attack. at the time, people said this is a group determined to attack the united states. that's what they have done. i think at this point is what
4:42 am
we need is for the government to put out more information, as much information as possible and tell people as maybe they are doing in connection with this, saying report suspicious activity. remind people to do that. in the times square attack, vigilant vendor tipped off authorities. >> bret: we're told the intelligence chatter is as high as it has been according to three officials. we have seen before al-qaeda's wish to strike around big events in the u.s. u.s. election, the threat level raised in previous years. how dis this effect everything and your assessment of the information? >> i don't have the expertise that jennifer or people at justice, even steve has. but i pick up from the wires and what people are talking about is i'm calling people to catch up on the story as one.
4:43 am
they don't think it's imminent. they say it could be proximate effort of someone engaging in terrorism. the thing of if stream of intelligence is directed to potential target in europe, not the united states. the real difference here is now some of the streams seem to indicate someone has come into the united states. again, what we are talking about here is not the kind of hierarchal intelligence we once saw from the like of al-qaeda. what we see now from the new pakistani based group is single agents sent out to carry out the kind of thing that would be, the kind of thing we saw from shahzad in times square or someone who would go to a mall or take out a restaurant with prominent people in washington. >> bret: charles, there will be people out there speculating about how thism comes about and how it affects elections. whether it's an effort to lower turn-out.
4:44 am
with exciting republicans to talk about a terrorist threat. our folks say the intelligence professionals think this is real. i believe them now and i believe in the bush years when you have near election people that they would accuse the administration of cheating up the threat to help itself in elections. those are truly cynical attacks and disgraceful attacks. when you hear the threat, you take them as they are. real questions in the minds of people who are tracking this. i think what is interesting here is how al-qaeda has changed. its affiliates changed over the years. there was always a question in the middle of the last decade, why were there no attacks after 9/11? they said there would be an attack in six months or a year and there wasn't any. i think partly the pride of al-qaeda. all of their attacks were spectacular, and increasing in scope. tanzania and kenya first. attack on the cole and 9/11.
4:45 am
i think al-qaeda has reconsidered. our defenses are hard and alert are higher. they are prepared for the smaller attack but it will cause chaos, mayhem. they are also looking at using either americans or naturalized americans or people who blend in, rather than outside attackers. it can have a remarkable effect on the country and i think that is what is going on. >> bret: we'll stay on the story and bring you the latest as we get it. up next, we talk about president obama 2.0 and the youth movement. on the home page. for a web exclusive report gm>lúgsó>=xw
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i'm pretty confident that if we work together over the next several years, that the political temperature will go down, the political rhetoric will go down, because we're actually be making progress on a lot of these issues. but we've got to stop the name-calling and we've got to stop looking at the next election. we have to be focussed on figuring out what we're doing for the next generation. >> bret: president obama today at a town hall on to m.t.v. talking to young voters. also here in washington, still some reaction to that "new york times" magazine piece where he talked about what he did wrong over the past two years in part. "he let himself look too much like the tax saipdz spend liberal democrat and realized too late there was no such thing as a shovel-ready project. and should not have proposed tax break and let republicans
4:50 am
insist on tax cuts to be seen as a bipartisan compromise." the white house press secretary was asked about this today. >> do you think of the timing of the self-criticism, the democrats in this election? >> no offense, i don't know how many people will read the "new york times" magazine. >> bret: okay. what about this? back with the panel. not a lot of people read the "new york times" snamagazine. >> the word gets out and we are talking about it the day before the magazine is published on sunday. i think it signals is acceptance by the white house, big change is coming. potentially they'll be working with the republican majority in the house of representatives. what is curious is the president saying in part it might be communication issues but then harkening back in the piece to bill clinton, saying bill clin top was effective
4:51 am
communicator and his numbers were down. he doesn't think it's all communication but says to some extent he could have done a better job. >> bret: talking about bill clinton with the 1994 election does not exude confidence for democrats in 19 days. >> no. the timing is not helpful as much as robert gibbs didn't want to admit that. what i found striking is he said he wished he included republicans more in building the stimulus package. but the reason he wished he included republicans more is he wouldn't own it politically. it has everything to do with the politics of it and nothing to do with the substance of it. when he says i wish i hadn't looked like the old school tax and spend democrat, the problem is his policies make him look like the old school tax and spend democrat. >> bret: today, he spoke about moving on, not name-calling. getting together. working together. that's not what he did on the stump last week.
4:52 am
>> no, he calls fox news destructive and he accuses the chamber of commerce illegally foreign funds. demonize and scare. no longer hope and change. then he gets nicesy nice in front of an you audience. what is interesting is how steve said he hoped he had done stimulus different to be a different ownership which is striking because in the same story he talks about one of the thing he is blames is lack of success. certain area is how virtous he was and thinking about theal policy, not politics. pretends it's a failing and way to flatter himself but it's unshoe. he has accepted every wish list from a senior member of congress. there wasn't even any trade and the permits had been given away by the arbitrary
4:53 am
political patronage. healthcare, pass -- pastage of give away and one thing left out, tort reform, isn't in there. howard dean told us why entirely because the trial lawyers wouldn't have liked it. all politics and he pretends all he cares about is the future of the country. >> bret: speaking of healthcare, republicans around the country call for repealing and replacing the current at least law. there is a legal challenge. attorneys general filing lawsuit against it. challenging the constitutionality. a judge in florida today moved the case forward and it cleared the first hurdle. they will have oral arguments. the justice department put out a statement saying while we're disappointed they did not dismiss the entire case, we welcome the decision to judge most of the claims.
4:54 am
we remain confident that the law ultimately will be upheld. it looks like this is moving forward to the u.s. supreme court. >> this is a big step. the judge in the case said i'm not describing what has happened in this law is constitutional but i'm saying on the individual mandate and the expappas of medicaid, the -- expansion of the medicaid and elements upheld, the attorneys general made a plausible case it's extra constitutional. that is a strong statement. i think it will carry it all the way until it reaches the supreme court. without any doubt. >> bret: does it play differently politically? healthcare is a big issue, juan, already, across the country with 65% in polls, many of them saying it should be repealed. does this ruling soup that up? >> no. i think everybody anticipated it will end up in the supreme
4:55 am
court. last week a michigan ruling upholding the right they mandate everyone has insurance under the healthcare insurance reform plan. but you have a situation where the political pressure, the legal pressures are going to put it in front of the supreme court and we'll see what happens. if you were a betting man, people in the insurance business right now, pharmaceuticals, this law will be upheld. >> bret: last word. >> i think it does help in the court of public opinion. this is a way they want to challenge the law. the more that it's brought up legislatively in the court, more likely is it to shine light about the process and reform people don't like. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a development in an election story out of california.
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>> bret: taking a look at the white house, the pink house tonight. in recognition of the national breast cancer awareness month. thought we would give you a peek at that time to reveal the results of tonight's text to vote poll. we asked you how secure are early voting ballots. 6% voted for very secure. 11% voted for somewhat secure. 38% voted for not secure. 48% voted for don't know but i am concerned. thanks for all your votes tonight. finally tonight, many people now know gloria allred. the lawyer who recently brought forward an illegal alien housekeeper who spoke out about meg whitman. the story created uproar with charges that allred trying to influence the election in california. now she has apparently found another client. >> exploited, disrespected, humiliated and emotionally and financially abused. [cheers and applause]


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