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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 23, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> it is too late at this point they didn't get out and support what they did. they should have been proud of it. >> sean: tell chuck i said hi. you gotta have a -- we need a movie, "sopranos" he will come back that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. it the news continues we'll see you back here monday >> no compromise? >> well, look, you know, there were media reports that suggested that republicans were going to learn from the mistakes of 1995 and we were going to look for more compromise --
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look, i want to be very, very clear. there is going to be no compromise on ending the era of run-away federal spending, borrowing, bailouts, deficits and debt. no compromise on repealing obama care, lock, stock and barrel. there is no compromise on supporting our troops and protecting the values of the american people in the way we spend pem's money. let's be clear on this. you know, the american people, the millions of americans that are rising up in this election are speaking with one voice and saying, enough is enough. they are sending the men and women across this country, into these competitive congressional races and i hope to congress. there is going to be no compromise on changing the course back to fiscal responsibility, limited government and reform. >> how do we get bipartisan support, if assuming you take
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the majority in the house -- and we have to wait 10 days to see if that happens. but how do we have bipartisanship, if right out of the gate, you say no compromise? because that's important. >> the way they define bipartisanship, is they give republicans a chance to vote on democrat bills. i mean, real bipartisanship -- >> is that what you would do on the flip side? >> well, look. real bipartisanship is looking for authentic common ground. we can find common ground on support for our military. we find common grown, i believe, on reforming the way congress does business. we can find common ground in extending all the current tax relieve for two years that's been proposed by people on the left and the right. but -- common ground is not compromise. i mean, if people are looking in and they think that men and women like todd young and jackie
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valorski, who are running great campaigns or donis ross or daniel webster are coming to washington, d.c. to meet liberals in washington, d.c. halfway, they have another think coming. they are coming to washington, d.c. to change the way we do business, to change the direction of our national government to fiscal discipline, limit period government and reform. >> we should say, though, that the fiscal discipline that your party has had problems in the past. do you agree? the republican party? >> yeah, greta. i think -- i agree strongly. i said after 2006, the republicans didn't just lose our majority, we lost our way. our party walked away from the principles that minted our initial governing majority in 1980 and 1994 and the american people walked away from us. the very suggestion as i read some in the media promoting that the mistakes of the past republican congress were that they didn't compromise enough.
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good heavens! the republican party failed because there was too much compromise, deficits, borrowing and even bailouts. and the american people are saying, we want this new generation coming to washington, d.c. to partner with the principled men and women in the republican and minority in congress today and put our fiscal house in order. >> we tend to grab sound bites. so we hear that congressman mike pence says no compromise. but take the health care. i know the republicans want to repeal it. i assume that that's a done deal if you get the majority, you are going to fight to repeal it. if do you repeal it, does it mean that you are unwilling to compromise to discuss and create a new -- any health care improvements? are you willing to talk to the opposing party? >> i think that's a very good question. when i said no compromise yesterday in tampa, florida, i said, there is going to be no compromise on our commitment to repeal obama care lock, stock
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and barrel. but republicans are also committed to starting over with health care reform that will focus on lowering the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government. and you have democrat ron widen who allowed people to purchase health insurance state lines. republicans support that idea in principle. that's common ground, that's not compromise. we will look for opportunities to pass medical malpractice reform to end lawsuits. so, yes -- >> i think cautious in saying that you are not -- that it is not going to be like, now we have the power, so tough luck to the other side. it's not going to be that way? >> no. look. we have had several years of the "we won, you lost" approach to governance. what republicans are going to do, we are going to keep our word with the american people. we are going to take a stand to restore fiscal responsibility to washington, d.c. we are going to get this economy moving by standing up against
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bailouts and borrowing. by defending the current tax relieve, promoting additional tax relief. we are going to stand on principle -- >> why should we believe you? because the republican congress has said the same thing and it hasn't happened. i mean, always as we approach the elections, we hear great passion on both sides and great promises and you hear the nasty ads, too. but why should we believe you this time? >> look, i think -- i know that in recent years finding back bone in the republican party was like finding water on the moon. we get that. i understand that people were disappointed in republican governance in the recent past. but i always point to when i am traveling around the country and around indiana, is when every single republican house voted against the phony timulous bill and their budget, against their government takeover of health care, i think the american people have started to figure out that republicans in congress have learned our lesson.
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you combine them with this extraordinary generation of men and women that are rising up in house and senate races around the country, i think they recognize that this is a new movement on capitol hill. it's a movement that's going to say, we are not going to compromise with political elites, with the establishment in washington, d.c. that want to grow government and expand the role of government in our lives. >> what do you do about earmarks? that's a sneaky way to expand government. that's a sneaky way to spend money. you are willing to say, enter, no earmarks? >> i think there is no question, house republican leadership is united that we are committed to continuing our moratorium on earmarks. this -- >> moratorium or get rid of them? >> republicans embrace aid moratorium -- >> what's the problem with getting rid of them? as a fundamental matter, some earmarks are good. some earmarks are penitentiary. but they're like fighting words. but a moratorium seems not the
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courage to say we are going to get rid of them totally. >> look, we have to extend the moratorium for the next congress. then we have to engage in a conversation with the american people about the nature of federal spending as a whole. i mean, we are going to look at this budget in totality, domestic spending, military spending and entitlement spending and we are going to make the tough choices. but we will look at the way congress spends mon nesmall ways, call them earmarks or call them plus-ups, it's imperative that we end the practice of earmarking as it exists in the congress today. but it says we have to focus on putting our fiscal house in order and categorically rejektsing the pathway of more borrowing, more bailouts, more stimulus that the government's been on for a number of years. >> i would like to stand inside the million dollars is a lot of money. we have billions and trillions
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and now millions sent somewhere, that's a lot of money. but we 92 -- we need to look to see. >>ee -- we have an incredible opportunity for transparency, where the american people can see how their elected officials are spending their money. but the american people should know, less than two weeks from today, republicans are committed to stand on the principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government, free market and economics and those principles, there will be no compromise. >> of course, we are going to be watching to see what happens a week from tuesday to see whether the republicans take over or democrats retain the ownership of the house of representatives. nice toy coo you. >> you too. >> have you been watching the senate race in washington? patti murray is in the fight of her life. but guess what? so is our next guest, her opponent. dino rossi is next. wait a second. what did senator harry reid just
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covering 34 different career fields. all designed to help you move up in a career. and move ahead in your life. ♪ devry university. discover education working at >> greta: this is a fact no oneh4jjjjuj who is going to win, it is that close many win of the tightest u.s. senate races
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is in washington state. the republican former state senator dino rossi is trying to unseat patty murray. we've invited senator murray many times. we hope to have her on soon. joining us is dino rossi. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> first, the seattle times has an article today with the headline illegal immigrants canvassing for votes. they are out there canvassing for your opponent. the concept of illegal immigrants not ashamed to announce they are illegal in the united states. do you have any problem with that? i realize it is canvassing for your opponent. the concept illegal immigrants helping our voting. >> i clear -- clearly it is troubling. we are running our own campaign. i put miles on the car since we started this campaign to go from seattle and back six times. you met us on the campaign
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trail thanks for coming out to the real washington. >> greta: unfortunately -- fortunately for the miners, we ended up doing breaking news. so apologize for that. you didn't answer the question about the illegal immigrants canvassing. i'll move on to that. let me ask you about the issues this is so close. you have president obama showing up to assist senator -- the opponent. why is this so close, this race, what is it? >> it is close. we have an 18 year incumbent who stayed so far under the radar for 18 years. what i find is most people didn't know much about patty murray. they didn't know she been there 18 years. number four in leadership why you see every picture with harry reid and nancy pelosi. deciding vote for the health care bill and balanced budget
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amendment in '95. one they didn't know is she is ranked the most liberal senator in washington, d.c. by the nonpartisan national journal that's to the left of sanders from vermont. as people find this out they are -- more and more people are coming to our side. >> greta: so we can introduce to you our audience. is there some important feature of the democratic party or flat form that you agree with? or some feature that you disagree with? >> well, what i did as a state senator, we had the biggest deficit in state history. i worked across party lines to balance the biggest budget deficit without raising taxes and still protected the vulnerable that is my background. that's how people in our state know me the guy who knows how to balance budgets when everybody says it can't be done. a had a one vote republican majority and a democrat was governor at the time.
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what i've done is clearly something that people in our state said couldn't be done. i bring some of those skills to the united states senate. >> greta: when you hear kong pence says no compromise, that's what he's telling people now, what do you think about the no compromise? >> well, hearing your segment it sounds like we are not compromising principles, absolutely you don't. when i wrote the budget in olympia, i did not compromise my principles. to balance the bt without raising taxes and make sure we didn't throw widows and orphans under the bus doing it. i never care if i got reelected. i was happy before i got into politics. we got too many big issues to be worrying about reelections. >> greta: if you get elected and when you leave the united states senate if you --
1:17 am
what would be the thing that would make you the most proud that people would remember you by? >> that i did what i said i was gonna do. >> greta: that might be a stunner. that's a show stopper. that's not a bad thing. it is a show stopper, because i think the american people hear different things when people are running and when they leave office. >> i put it out in english for everyone to decide. if you like the way things are going, high unemployment and the like then vote for senator murray. she guaranteed to give you six more years. you want to get entrepreneurs back to work, come with me. we are going in a very different direction which is why we are finding great success. people can help at if they want. >> greta: we'll be watching, fascinating race, good luck, sir. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> uh-oh, with just 10 days to
1:18 am
go harry reid may have just stepped in it. rush limbaugh is not letting him off the hook. that report is next. >> governor -- guess what huckabee is doing because of nprgate? he's going to be here begins away -- to be here minutes away. >> we've found the dumbest criminal alive. it is worth waiting to hear this. we had a mouse. what? don't frk, it's gone. who did it? i did. with ortho home defense max. guaranteed to kill the mouse. just push down the lever and it does the rest. nothing to see, nothing to touch. you just throw it away. no mess, no drama. ortho. defd what's yours. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn
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>> greta: the news just broke nevada is number one, in . the rate is the worst in the country -- in unemployment. the rate is the worst in the country a staggering 14.4%. what is harry reid's message? >> we were at the top and we have fallen hard people have been hurting and i understand that it doesn't give them comfort or solace for for know tell them but for me we would be in a worldwide depression. they want to know what i've done for them. that's why it is important any chance i get to say my number one job is to create jobs.
1:22 am
>> greta: rush limb bay shredded him for the comments you just heard. >> harry said if it weren't for him, that we would be in a worldwide depression that's obama's line. first of all, when i first saw the headline, i said obama must have said this while meeting with steve jobs. then i read further, no i have never been so disappointed in my life when i saw it was -- my first major disappointment in life when i was 16 i got to dallas and found out love field was an airport this was the:eur second most disappointig -- i figure this had to be obama it was dingy harry. i thought about obama seeing the headline. i bet obama called reid and chewed him out but good. if anybody on this plant net is going to take credit for
1:23 am
saving the world it is obama, it is not dingy harry. >> greta: joining us rick klein for abc world news. >> you have both who seem to make a new gaffe every week this is two of the least articulate candidates running against each other for united states senate. >> are the polls so close we don't play with what the numbers are? >> i sort of tune that out now. we are going to be down to election night. a lot of interesting things in nevada a lot on the ballot including none of the above line. you can fill in a blank. there's a potential for a candidate to win with well under 50% of the vote. >> greta: you talk about the s. the last sound bite where senator reid says his number one job is to create jobs. and you have nevada who moved ahead of michigan two months in a row it is number one,
1:24 am
14.4 at least it is steady. same number this month as last month. is that what he is selling to them? has to. because he owns the obama agenda. he has sheparded the agenda through every step of the way in the senate. he has to say i've done the right thing by nevada and the american people. that's one reason you see democrats rallying to save him because his seat means a lot for a lot of those same reasons. >> greta: his tact to insult his opponent, this woman, he says this woman, she is extreme, dangerous, embarrassing to the state of nevada. he's also coming out heavy-handed with the insults. >> the streamline is something you hear from a lot of democrats running against tea party candidates. that is what they want to portray tea party candidates as that's the tact he has taken now. because this is the kind of race where someone is going to win with such a low percentage
1:25 am
you are not going to get people to start loving so much you have to vet vaulted over-the-top. >> greta: if you look at what they are both saying they are both liars because they exaggerate or take literary license. her business that he lives luxuriously in searchlight. we've been to his home, it is not, certainly not luxurious. he says she says if a 12-year-old girl is impregnated by her father you should make lemonade out of lemons. they are both lying and distorting the record of each other, rather disturbing. >> this is the year to be over-the-top ad. not just the misleading ad or just the attack ad but the over-the-top like wow, did they actually say this type of ad. you a lot in politics. their negative numbers are very high. people aren't really in love with either one of them.
1:26 am
it has to do with some of the tone from both sides. >> greta: one of the things that senator reid admitted to he has a good ground game. he has a good organization there. you got to get your supporters to how good is his ground organization? >> this is what they are banking on. you hear this from a lot of folks, he has years building the best ground out there. you can organize around the labor unions in las vegas and get it done. if he wings that is going to be a large part of the story. you also hear a candidate say don't look at the polls i've got the ground game going. it doesn't mean a huge swing from where you see the race in any snapshot. >> greta: are any of these close races, anything that could change the numbers demonstrably we are now 10 days out. >> it is hard to imagine other than the big revelation the
1:27 am
classic october surprise. these races are -- >> greta: like an arrest, an indictment would do it. >> these are tossup races. probably in a state like washington, maybe like california we are going late without knowing who the winner is going to be because it is so close. it is going to be a matter of who shows up. >> greta: maybe recounts. look at minnesota last time with al franken. that almost went the entire senate term before they worked that out. >> they know is important. >> it is. rick, thank you. >> next governor huckabee is on a mission the kind npr won't like. >> well-known president obama supporter is going rogue. he has nice thins to say about governor sarah palin. who is it -- you have to wait. it is a heartbreak, you have to stick around. ♪
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>> greta: having good timing is important. npr well they have really bad timing. npr might have just launched the worst fundraising drive in history. will npr lose federal funding for firing juan williams? governor huckabee joins us live. they say they don't get much money from the federal government so they are not sweating it too much. how much money do they get from the federal government? >> there's been confusion they claim they get somewhere around 3% of their funding. they got half a million dollars last year, a million dollars the year before. any amount of money is inappropriate if they going to use that money even a portion of it to is ask the ceo late area apologized but not to juan williams. that's to -- to whom the
1:32 am
offense was given that would be where the apology should appropriately be delivered. truly npr stepped in it. they are going everybody an opportunity to say let's see how consistent npr is. turns out they are not very consistent at all. miss totenberg one of their news people not an analyst, once said that jesse helms might get a blood transfusion that would result in him getting aids or perhaps it should happen to one of his grandchildren. if all the christians in the country were to be evaporated because of the rapture it would be a much better world. those people didn't get fired for those comments. juan williams wasn't even on an npr show. in the bigger context it was the polar opposite of what has been portrayed. he was not trying to say people should have those feelings towards muslims. he was saying he had that visceral reaction and it was
1:33 am
unfortunate because it was not fair to categorize all muslims in that way. >> greta: there are so many elements to this. number one, they didn't listen to everything he said the treatment he has received, the fact that the way he got this as a 10 year employee he got a phone call with no effort to sit down and talk to him and figure out what was going on. all of this is what is so i think disturbing about it. i guess no one has said or accused the media of being free from hypocrisy. i think it is the process that is so disturbing. >> it is the process. look, i don't hate npr, i know a lot of conservatives do. i've been on many npr programs i've always been treated, i think fairly. this really upset me because i know juan wills yams. i don't agree -- i know juan
1:34 am
williams, i don't agree with him on a lot of political issues but i have great respect for him for his integrity. he didn't back off he knew what he said was not an inappropriate remark in the context of the conversation. i think many of us who know juan interesting on the right and left have rallied around him. a lot of npr supporters are angry and understandably so they feel this thing hurts an institution they do like. i think vivian schiller this is a time for her to sincerely apologize and admit she was flat out wrong and he should not have been fired andapologizd step down as the ceo. the taxpayers of america shouldn't be funding speech that is clearly partisan and bias. >> greta: npr keeps saying it
1:35 am
receives no direct funding. the word direct is the word i cease upon. if they don't get one to three percent of revenue which they say is not very much then fine get out of the government business it is no sweat to you and stop taking taxpayer money. one report i read between 2007 and 2009 says they received a 78 million dollar grant to upgrade satellite technology. 78 million dollars is nothing to ignore. maybe if they don't want -- they should get out of business totally. they say they are not getting anything then get. >> if they are not really benefiting from it the proper thing to do is avoid making congress pull the plug on any federal funding just say they are not going to receive any. they are going to operate like any other broadcast entity. they are going to depend upon the marketplace to support their views. if they don't get it, they will go out of business.
1:36 am
if they can live without the government money, stand up as sharron angle might say, man-up and get and quit taking support directly or indirectly from the government. >> greta: governor, thank you sir. >> always a pleasure greta, thank you. >> greta: make sure you watch huckabee every saturday and sunday night 8 p.m. right here on the fox news chance until. >> next, first lady mcdonnell gives you a personal tour of a house built 200 years ago. the governor's mansion. and of course our favorite the first dog ginger. >> plus, a woman gets back at her cheating boyfriend with the help of comedian chris rock. it is all caught on tape, so it is all caught on tape, so stay right here. it's our honeymoon. but we've parted wa with our old airline credit card that promid flights for 25,000 miles. it was always... [ laughing ] that seat's not happening without a big mileupcharge. a miles upcharge wasn't part of the deal.
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1:41 am
the yankees, 6-1 to win the american league championship series. the rangers will play the winner of the national league championship, the philadelphia phillies or the san francisco giants. now back to "on the record." for all your latest headlines, go to >> greta: where else but on the record can you go behind the scenes like this? earlier this week we took you to you richmond, virginia where the governor went on the record. during our road trip the first lady with the governor gave us a personal tour of the governor's mansion. watch. what year was in-house built? >> it was first broken ground in 1811 they moved in march of 1813. 1813 the first governor. governor barber. it has been the home of 54 governors and families. >> greta: straight through.
1:42 am
>> straight through. >> greta: the only governor's mansion. >> continuously lived in. >> greta: it is beautiful. very elegant. >> the color on the walls when they did a renovation, we did a renovation in 1999 and had to redo plumbing, electrical, we took the paint down to the original color. when we found it everyone was like i don't know it looks like battleship grey. there was a big discussion over whether we should restore it to the original color. they decided to do it. and it is÷ beautiful. this is the federal style. >> greta: it is beautiful. fireplaces are gorgeous. the paintings. >> this is the ladies parlor. when the governor first lived
1:43 am
here his office was here he would work out of home. and the ladies would come in here and sit and while while their husbands were visiting, having a meeting with the governor. >> greta: governor, i take it you don't play the harps chord? >> no, but i love to hear it. >> -- jefferson made the decision to move the capital to richmond. this is a real table owned by patrick henry. >> the clock and gloves go back to the foundations of house nearly 200 years. >> greta: i would be afraid to touch that clock. >> the globes are thousands to replace. >> one thing greta you may want to see, see this chair? you may want to ask why is that chair shaped like? >> greta: why? >> because the first governors wore a sword and had you to have a place to have the sword
1:44 am
drape down. >> greta: you ought to get one. this section was built when? >> it was here but it had a wall in the middle. there were some pocket doors so you could join together in a party but they were average pocket doors. they opened up the original floor was a pine floor in 1906, 100 years after it had been built they brought in hardwood these parquet floors when they added the dining room. they opened this up to have a ballroom. >> greta: is beautiful. >> this piano does work. >> greta: the governor plays? >> the governor listens. >> our kids enjoy playing on it a lot. one of the nice pieces here is this eight gallon silver bowl that was -- virginia bought it for the commissioning of the uss virginia. >> and a bust, seven out of the eight virginia presidents
1:45 am
from virginia. >> greta: have you had seven? >> we've had eight. the president as an oval office. i have a square office and oval dining room. >> you are doing okay. you did okay. >> it can seat 28 people. if we get another chair more narrow we can seat 36. >> greta: i love the clock too. >> that is a period appropriate clock that was gifted to the home because it would be something that would have been in the governor's expansion, very much like the clocks that were built here in richmond. >> you want to see the kitchen? >> greta: i would love to see the kitchen. hi i'm greta, nice to meet you. >> pat snyder. >> look what he made for you. [ talking over each other ] >> greta: do you actually eat this? >> oh yeah, we use it when we
1:46 am
have dinners all the herbs, we make our own salad dressing. i think we some radishes coming up. here's one. >> greta: good-sized. >> office parties out here. >> we'll have our daughter's wedding reception here next june. >> greta: that will be fun. so much history when you think of all the governors, and families that have enjoyed this home. >> you have a lot lot of people that work this state government that can see. >> greta: there's the first dog of virginia. almost 11? >> almost 12. >> greta: she rule the place? >> yeah. she has gotten protective with the private quarters. >> greta: this is the kitchen? >> yes. >> greta: i love this room. >> it is a beautiful room. it works nicely for a guest
1:47 am
cottage now that's what it is mainly used for. that's an original pot. >> greta: this is wonderful. i love this. think of what fin it would be to -- >> you should come stay. you can be on our list of important people that have stayed at the mansion. >> greta: i'd like to do that. next the best of the rest. sarah palin's new fan a musician would you never guess. >> we finally found without a doubt, the stupidest criminal ever. >> plus, president obama makes tech geek history with an ipad and his finger. stay tuned.
1:48 am
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growth here is the best of the rest. -- >> greta: here is the best of the rest. sarah palin gets an unlikely fan. rocker john mellencamp supports president obama in 2008 and even asked senator mccain to stop using his songs at rallies. mellencamp apparently is impressed with sarah palin. while he does not support her policies he's impressed by the mark she has made on the country. he says palin knows what she is doing and wouldn't be wheree.
1:53 am
he says she is pushing the right buttons and you can't be stupid and do that. >> there's a lot of stupidest criminals but this probably takes the cake. a man in pennsylvania called the police to tell them he had purchased marijuana and it tasted nasty. he suspected he bought fake drugs and asked police to investigate. sure enough it was not marijuana. the man will reportedly face unspecified charges for his bizarre complaint. shaquille o'neal has a new job, statue. he took over harvard square yesterday and spent an hour posing as still as he could for fans. he tells espn the idea originated from watching tv one day. i was watching the royal british guards. if you know anything about those guys they have tremendous discipline. the other idea is i always wanted to tell people i went to harvard.
1:54 am
i think i'm going to try that. >> president obama trying to lock in the tech nerd voting bloc. yesterday in what could be a history-making move he used his finger and signed a man's ipad at a rally in seattle. the man says the secret service was not i am premised with the idea. we are guessing the president will still sign bills using pens. >> finally, wwe fans listen up, you might need to leave your wwe gear at home on election day in con as you probably know mcmahon is a republican running for the senate. connecticut secretary of state, a democrat says, local election officials can ask people not to wear wwe gear at the polls. the mcmahon campaign blasted the idea as overly partisan if you want to hear from linda mcmahon, you are in luck. she will be here monday night go on the record. the best of the rest.
1:55 am
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1:58 am
>> comedian chris rock auctioned
1:59 am
off an odd service. >> to the highest bidder -- get on the phone -- and i will curse out your ex. [laughter] >> $16,000 -- and that's $16,000. one more? >> how much is closure worth? [laughter] >> how much is it worth? >> and i'm selling to you, madam for $20,000. thank you. >> okay, desiree. who was this guy? no. >> his name is jack. >> right, right, right. >> jeff. >> jeff. >> and he's a huge fan. so this will really -- >> right, right. [phone ringing] >> hello? hello? >> jeff! is this jeff? >> yeah. steve? >> jeff...


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