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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 23, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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know it, and you should be ashamed yourself. that is the end of this interview. >> if you missed thef program t last night with his immediate reaction to my firing by npr, you have anotherbi chance to wao it tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. sunday afternoon, as well, at 3:00 p.m. thank you for watching us tonight, i am juan williams here for bill o'reilly. pleaseto remember,ni the spin ss right here because we're lookop out for you. good morning, everyone, it is saturday, october 23rd. here is what is happening, funding underfire with calls to pull funding from nrp, staffers are upset. do they have anything to worry about? we have a look at the national rib ral backer paying for reporters there. >> they cannot vote but are trying to get other people to
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the polls, immigrants canvassing for democrats and telling people they are illegal. you have to hear this. and president obama does not make eastwood's day. >> there was a certain line and hope that people believe it so he can stay in the position. >> why the acclaim actor and director is speaking out against the commander in chief saying he is all talk, no action, ten days until the election. fox and friends starts right now. >> it's fox and friends. >> good morning, everyone, thank you forgetting up early and joining us. if your day yesterday was like mine all anyone was talking about in washington, dc, where i was for the day, was the juan williams news. >> and interesting news that may have changed the equations and thousands of calls flooding the
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npr hotline. >> but first the headlines, while you were sleeping reports of an attack at a u.n. office in afghanistan, blowing up the entrance allowing three other men wearing bombs to rush inside. fortunately, no u.n. staff members were harmed. it is not clear if guards from afghanistan were injured. the biggest leak of secret information in american history has happened. wikileaks released 400,000 documents on the iraq war and now it is said there is another 15,000 to release on afghanistan. the pentagon says that the website is putting u.s. troops in danger. these could then take the 400,000 plus the nearly 70,000 documents that came out in july with regard to afghanistan and then go through the half million document stockpile to look for patterns of behavior, how we respond in the wake of an i.e.d.
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attack. >> more than 100 analysts have combed through the documents to minimize the damage to troops on the field. a terrifying scene at the factory in cleveland. the gunman takes the life of his ex-girlfriend and stepson. he shot his ex-girlfriend in the park lot and stole her i.d. card to get inside the building. in july she filed a stalking report after she was attacked by him and then did not press charges. >> sarah palin heads to florida to campaign for republican candidates and fired up the grounds in phoenix, arizona, with the tea party express. november 2nd we can see it from our house, let's take america back! god bless you tea party americans. >> the equity stopped by the rally, and he has also been campaigning for tea party candidates in nevada. those are the headlines.
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>> the backlash from the firing of juan williams continues this morning and now we are hearing "washington post" reporting that npr staffers are worried and upset about the firing of juan williams and they are so worried about funding, really, and worried this backlash should have been handled differently and they are upset at the president. >> this came at an interesting time for npr, during fundraising week, and a lot of the affiliates are scared they may lose their federal financing pause overall npr received about 2 percent, but a lot of local stations would struggle if they are cut off from federal money and that is what a lot of republicans are calling for. and the george soros link? first the republicans we mentioned. they are calling for cutting off npr from federal financing on down from kantor of virginia, and tomko burn on -- and senator
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coburn, and soros gave $1 million to media matters a week ago and $1.8 million to npr to hire reporters on the day that juan williams is fired. are they related? >> can you read it any other way than being related? he wants to fund 100 new npr reporters out in the field to cover, i'm sorry, 50 new reporters to cover state legislatures, and all to push his agenda? how can they be unbiased? >> the "washington post" has an interesting article talking about a meeting yesterday. no one would go on the record but staffers at the npr meeting talked to the "washington post" and said everyone in the meeting was stunned how this transpired. they did not think that juan williams should have been fired and if they had to talk to juan williams, that he was breaking policy, they could have done it in a much less explosive way.
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phone calls were shielded from hundreds and hundreds of listeners so upset how npr handled this because they would not contribute because nrp relies on contributions from listeners and underwriting from corporations but millions of dollars comes from taxpayers and, so, listeners are upset, staffers are upset, and everyone is upset. by the way, the president of nrp admitted she mishandled it. >> absolutely. and juan williams hosting bill o'reilly last night had this to say. >> that crossed the line? let me tell you what you can say on national public radio without losing your job. totenberg wished that senator helms and his grandchild would get aids, i said, would get
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aids, she is still working there. and a so-called humorous on npr said the world would be better place if four million christians evaporated and calling millions of americans of the tea party movement, a sexual something, will in the get you in hot water so some opinions are more equal than others at nrp. i thought the last wing was the home of tolerance, open mind distance and respect for all, but, now, i have learned the truth the hard way. it doesn't end there. we look at other examples, host of "fresh air organization last week, an entire show around extremists in the republican peter saying that the republican party is full of extremists. can you think of another time there have been as many running for congress running on the extreme. that is her opinion, and that is what nrp was chastising juan
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for. >> ask bill o'reilly about that show, an aspire hour where he was attacked trying to get out the message of his new book, and juan williams talked about that and we have an interesting clip of that and june of 2007, an incident showing no balance whatever, in regard to the israeli flotilla incident and they had on five guests discussing what happened over there, and all of them antiisrael. no one in any regard defending the israel position or their tactics involving that flotilla. there are similar things that happen in the media today. but this is about state funding, getting your taxpayer dollars. and then not representing both sides. >> and another example which has a lot of play. from npr correspondent ... this was ... what juan williams was talking about, getting aids.
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the reporter wished that senator helms would get aids because he talked about cutting off aids funds and what they told juan williams is that they wanted him to stick to news analysis. that is what we do, we do not offer personal opinions. so, those are examples of how they have broken that rule in the past. >> if you have not heard the sound of totenberg commenting on helms, listen. >> i don't think i have any jesse helms defenders. >> he should be worried about what is going on in the good lord's mine, if there is justice, he will get aids from a transfusion or a grandchild will get it. >> our fox news team called on npr to find out what is happening to her, her status, and she still has a job. >> we know that npr's cite crashed when he asked for comments and we want to know
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from you, how you feel about the firing of juan williams and the taxpayer dollars going to npr. you can find us on, and on twitter. >> we have received more calls on this than any other story. this will cause outrage this morning. in washington state,-year-old stomping ground, up there, democrats are using volunteers that happen to enillegal immigrant canvassing to get out the vote. >> it is interesting because illegal immigrant trying to stay out of the limelight operating in the shadows but they feel so strongly about their plight they are going door-to-door and announcing themselves at illegal immigrants trying to get out the immigrant vote to vote for senator murray, a democrat, in a very tight race, and they say that they feel disempowered
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because they cannot vote so they are canvassing trying to turn out those who can vote. >> and a tight election in washington state, the group is "one america votes," how would you feel if you opened a door and they said i am an illegal and i am not supposed to be here but i would like you to come out and vote. to the left coast, not just left in terms much the country but left leaning and hollywood rarely do you hear a hollywood star, actor, director, speak out against a democrat, or against president obama, but an icon this week did that. >> clint eastwood, dirty harry sitting down not happy with the direction of the country under the leadership of president obama. take a listen. >> i don't think he, i don't think he is surrounding himself with the people he could have
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surrounded himself with and he is doing just what we were talking about, having to lay out a certain line and hope people will believe it so he can stay in the position. >> former mayor of carmel. >> he has been in politics so it makes more sense for him to speak out. he was a republican mayor. so it is not exactly like it is sean penn. >> but he supported gray davis in the election against arnold schwarzenegger so he is not just a rubber stamp. >> and now our own not just rubber stamp for the weather. >> it is richard. richard. rick, richard, ricky. and now to nicaragua and honduras probably not strengthening too much but it could if it moves further north but it will be a central america rainmaker causing land slides
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possible. they have had a rough year. we have not with the storms going elsewhere and that will be the case again from tropical storm richard. warm across the plains but a lot of storms, and the last couple of weekends, it has been calm. rain and snow across upstate new york but into the central part of the country, one storm is bringing severe weather this morning, and just to the west of texas, a severe thunderstorm watch until 1:00 o'clock this afternoon, and heavy rain up toward the north areas like chicago and get ready for a blockbuster storm, pulling in across northern california toward washington and that storm, guys, will have big implications for a lot of people this week. >> thank you. coming up on the show, when this 15-year-old sports announcer he will make a call even though he cannot see the field.
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>> npr is facing a backlash after firing political analyst juan williams over comments he made about muslims. even muslim americans are questioning the move.
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one of muslim defenders says this is one of the worst examples of a rush to judgment since 9/11. you wrote an interesting article for the wall street journal, pointing out a story when you boarded a plane. you grew up surrounded by the islamic culture and are familiar with it, practices and teachings. tell us about that story and your fears. >> what i said i was flying out of berlin. there was a delay. they explained there was someone in a wheelchair that needed help and she was dressed head to toe in traditional muslim clothes and you could only see her eyes and it was not just me but you could read the thoughts of or people around, like, there was fear. and certainly fear for me. was it rationale? not necessarily. but we live in scary times.
7:18 am
why am i scared of someone in a veil and wheelchair? a couple years later we had the underwear bomber, someone carrying explosives in their underwear. it is one thing to have fear. and it is simply a feeling. i didn't want her off the plane but i am saying i could relate to juan's reaction. and he was not saying i want them off the plane. >> he wasn't saying you should be afraid. he wasn't saying i am proud of this fear, in fact, it was the opposite, he was saying, this is unfortunately the way i have this reaction. is there a conversation that needs to take place in this country that npr clearly is not willing to have about fears, about overcoming them and moderate muslims speaking out against extremists? this crazy polarization needs to stop and the walking on egg shells. there was a thing a few years
7:19 am
about a show where they thought they would kill arabs and muslims, and i was a fan of the show, and it was just out of line and ridiculous. we need to separate bigotry and someone as moderate as juan, it is out of line. >> npr was the place that was supposed to have the dialogue like that. should public financing be taken away from npr? is the hypocrisy too much? >> they need to be called to account for that. you can't just fire someone based on --. and they didn't take the totality of the interview, just one snippet. talking with the iranian driver who lived under dictatorship,
7:20 am
this would happen there, where you say one thing, and that is it. what is what npr was doing. you are crazy, take it up with your psychiatrist. that was out of line from the c.e.o. >> coming up, israeli-palestinian negotiations, the centerpiece of the president's middle east policy. a problem, our next guest says obama's policy is moving toward collapse and the fallout could be catastrophic. activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me.
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>> what is the future of the middle east? direct israeli palestinian peace talks are on the verge of collapse but a promise innocent palestinian plans to move forward with the creation of a palestinian state anyway. where does that leave the united states? president obama has been overseeing the peace process for 21 months. and now is former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. good morning, mr. ambassador. >> good morning. >> the palestinian authority prime minister says they must press ahead with the building blocks of statehood such as farming a police department and a central bank. can they do that at this point? >>guest: his comments reflect the palestinian understanding that the 21 months of effort of direct negotiations by the obama administration have broken down. i don't think anyone will say that explicitly before our november 2nd election but the
7:25 am
palestinians are clearly moving to plan b and not just the elements you have mentioned. the significant political element from their point is to try and use international institutions like the u.n. to make their point. >> if there was a security council resolution at the u.n. that affirmed palestinian statehood how would the u.s. vote on that? >>guest: that is absolutely the critical question. years past the palestinians, the p.l.o., has tried to use the u.n. system to create facts on the ground as if they were a state but prior american administrations, republican and democrat, have fought vigorously against that. the question is whether president obama would do the same or whether he might actually support a security council resolution endorsing palestinian statehood or at a minimum abstain and if the u.s. abstains, doesn't vote "no," or cast a veto, such a resolution
7:26 am
would pass. >> what do you think the u.s. would do and president obama? >>guest: given the view that the administration has of israel and given that the administration at many levels believes that the collapse of its 21 months of zip -- diplomatic situation is caused by israel i think they are at a point where they thing they can teach israel a lesson. if i supported israel i would be worried. when the president passes the election, what direction will the policy take? >> do you see in the near future a palestinian state on the west bank or the gaza? >>guest: no, i don't think the palestinians have the necessary attributes of statehood. they can pretend but among other things they don't have the capabilities you need. that is where the u.n.
7:27 am
resolution could make a big difference. one thing it will do is declare the borders of a palestinian state. that may not sound like much more than a technicality but if they declare the borders to be the pre1967 cease-fire that will cut the israeli settlements on the west bank out of israel and put them into the new state. >> thank you for joining us this morning. stay tuned. [ j. weissman ] it was 1975.
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7:32 am
latest. >> good morning, guys. day four of hardcore campaigning for the president trying to keep democrats in the majority in the house and senate. president obama rallied with senate majority leader reid in a tight race with republican sharron angle. the crowd was smaller with 9,000, and he used the opportunity to hit the g.o.p. hard telling the crowd not to blame democrats during an exo that -- economy that went south during the republican administration. >> imagine a car is the economy and the republicans drove this car into a ditch and it was a really deep ditch and somehow they were able to walk away from the accident, from the scene of the crime. but they left the car down in the ditch. republicans have jumped on that motion and that analogy. senator thune said "republicans
7:33 am
want to reverse the dangerous course the democrats have us on." >> the president likes to say when you want to drive forward you put your car in d and you want to go in reverse you put it in rough. that is clever. but when you are speeding toward a cliff you don't want to keep the car in drive. >> good one liners coming out. president obama heads to a rally in minneapolis, a fundraiser with nancy pelosi tonight before holding back to the white house. and now back to you. >> thank you. a time we were tired of the car met for but now it has new life. >> the headlines are here and what else is happening: clashes spinning out-of-control in southern italy over garbage. protests set trucks on fire and threw garbage at police. they say the landfills are overflowing and contaminating their small towns.
7:34 am
italian prime minister says that the government will take over one of the controversial garbage dumps and pledging millions in compensation for residents there. sparks fly at the colorado governor's debate. democrat and republican and former republican congressman went after each other starting when one who has been abandoned by republicans, rejected the calls for maes to get out of the race. >> i am the only conservative on the stage. that is the only choice you have. you can't claim to be a conservative and vet for -- vote for tarp twice. >> he blasted the opponents for not cracking down on illegal immigration. >> will you debate this one hour just this issue, the two of us and bring this to a head as to whether or not we actually have a sanctuary city in denver, will you do that between moscow and
7:35 am
the end of the campaign. >> how is that fair to maes. all thank you's your answer? >> interesting body language. >> latest polls have hickenlooper with a small lead and maes is behind. >> actor conveyed -- quaid and his wife are seeking asylum in canada. outstanding warrants were discovered against them for vandalism and they are free, pending a hearing next week. >> here is unbelievable video, a freight train crashes through a car but no one was inside moments before the collision, an iowa police officer was trying to help the driver get his car off the track after it was stuck and they hear the train and
7:36 am
upped into the squad contact backing away. just in time. scary. >> i wonder if quaid drove the r.v. up to canada? all the one from independence day. >> or from "national lampoon vacation." >> and now sports, a week ago we talked about the texas rangers never winning a home playoff game in 39 years and now they are looking to win a home world series game last night in game six, rangers, a two out two run double after josh was walked intentionally. and the yankees were just lit up in this thing. nelson going deep. two run shot. rangers up 5-1. they hit over 300 in the series, and never looked back. 6-1 is the final. and a-rod, woman the rangers are
7:37 am
still paying a portion of his salary, strikes out, rangers move on to the world series and everyone is partying in the dallas-ft. worth this morning awaiting the winner of philadelphia and giants. >> who will win? >> fill, baby, back home, and ready to take it home. mark my words. >> should be good stuff. and now basketball, file this under "i hate when that happens," a fan is expecting to see lebron james and take on the magic but the game was canceled because of a slippery court. yes, the wrong oil manufacture based cleaner was on the floor. the crew tried to fix it for hours and nothing worked, and it would be like playing on butter. kind of delicious. >> and funny. >> like a banana peel. >> like a harlem globetrotters.
7:38 am
>> and now football, check out wild brawl at a football game, not the kind you are used to seeing, in the stands. players fighting with fans. opposing fans, of course. in ontario during a game between the hurricanes and the cougars and the fight started when hamilton fans heckled the visiting team and several people were hurt and police are pursuing possible assault charges. >> speaking of entertaining ... good stuff. and now, rick, and the weather outside. >> one of the best parts of our viewers they know everything about everybody here, we have paul and carolyn, happy 10th anniversary. in new york city celebrating the anniversary. >> 10 years. >> beautiful. thank you. and now a look at the weather. shear what we are waking up to
7:39 am
this morning, nice temperatures across the plains, because warm front is moving through and you are getting a lot of rain where you see the warm temperatures. move forward, and we have a big time drought across areas of the south and this will be a big th. the winter outlook came out and we are talking about dry conditions across the southern tier of the country. we already have drought and we will not get much more rain. that is bad news. but we have rain coming. look at the radar picture, the east is looking dry. but in the center part of the country, we have severe weather across texas, and heavy rain moving in across chicago and iowa this morning, and that will transition further east tomorrow so areas like arkansas and louisiana will see rain and that will be good news for people. and across the west, heavy rain moving in from central california through the pacific northwest and there are a couple of storms, some areas will see
7:40 am
8" to 10" of rain causing potential flooding concerns. and it will drop temperatures and we will see snow across the rockies. and now, if senator reid swooping in to save the day? ♪ here i can to save the day reid claims if he wasn't in office we would be in a world-wide depression thanks to him. >> people have been hurting. i understand that. and it doesn't give them comfort for me to tell them but for me we would be in a worldwide depression. >> for me, we would be in a worldwide depression but isn't nevada in bad shape? save the world, saved the world. >> well, never is not sitting pretty. the foreclosure shows us nevada
7:41 am
number one again, the foreclosure capital of the world. one in 29 homes in foreclosure. and it is because there are no jobs, tourism is down, and it was building, a lot of profit taking on housing market. and vutionly they will be the last ones to recover. >> five times the national average in nevada and reid is saying if not for him, if not for him, we would be in a world-wide depression, in a united states depression because of him. do you buy that? >>guest: i look at state of nevada, his home state where he is running for re-election. he is a national figure and senator from nevada, what he could do is address the needs of his state and not talk about the national issue but what never needs, they need jobs, and the economy to turn around. what he wants to do and he called for, is a national freeze on foreclosures for 60 days or
7:42 am
90 days but it doesn't look like that will happen. what will happen in the state of nevada, foreclosures, again, top of the list. >> president obama there yesterday trying to sell, he needed to be chanting for harry reid, and he said you need to chant "harry, harry, harry." can he sell that to the people of nevada given the state state of affairs, the worst in the nation? >> i can speak to the economy in nevada. if you look at the economy and the shape of nevada it is in bad shape. that is why this is a piece of the puzzle, why the race is so tight. at the same time, he is an incumbent, been there for years. politically, politics aside, i am sure the voters of nevada want a change in their circumstances. and he has to address the foreclosure issue and that is what he is doing on the campaign
7:43 am
trail now. soundbite aside. he seems to take that foreclosure issue and make it issue number one. both candidates are doing that. and that is what the folks in nevada want to hear. >> whether there is a lot of truth behind all of that. we will wait-and-see. great to see you and you can check her out on the fox business network weekdays. stay tuned. ♪
7:44 am
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>> it is football season and a sports announcer is making a splash: he is 15. and blind. take a look. number 28, brian! on the carry. he works with an announcer who
7:47 am
translates the plays on the field to him. >> they both join us this morning with the trick story. good morning to both of you. thank you for being here. good morning. brian, let me start with you, what made you decide you wanted to be a sports announcer. well, over the years as i got older i have been fascinated with that kind of thing, doing, listening to all of the different people, voicing their opinions and saying what they want to say. >> john, how did this work? you are sitting beside him? this is the question everyone was asking, everyone wanted to know how it works. >> i am besides him and we have a few hand signals when it is an exciting play or regular play and i do the spotting and read
7:48 am
to him who the offensive player was and the defensive player, the names and numbers and he puts it if his voice and his own words. like a spotter would do for anyone doing a regular football production. >> provide an, how nervous were you, calling your first game without having seen that game or any game, how nervous were you about calling the game with your friends and students there? >> i wasn't nervous at all. are you kidding me? not nervous at all. >> you were a rock? >> he was not nervous. he did a fantastic job. it was fun. an honor to have him there. >> what is the feeling in the booth to be able to do this? >> it is incredible. a very humbling experience and the best part of the story is never give up your dreams, never
7:49 am
give up. follow your dreams. and good things will happen. and it has been a tremendous expense for me and for the whole catholic program. >> brian, did the team play last night or tonight? >> last night but an away game so we will be on saturday the 6th of november next telecast together. >> brian, what is your dream job? >> my dream job is to be a broadcaster for the celtics. i have always wanted, i usually play like xbox, i listen to analysis of kenny and clark, and stuff like that and it is fun. >> celtics broadcaster better look out. great story. >> coming up on the show with
7:50 am
fewer than two weeks until the election, the airwaves are full of political gems. >> we don't work for you anymore nancy pelosi. you are fired. >> how do voters react? the best and worst political comments of the week. comments of the week. stay tuned. here, kitty. here, kitty. oh! just come snuggle with mama. [ male announcer ] missing something? like 2 pairsf glasses for $99.99 at sears optical, with bifocalenses for just $25 more per pair. hurry in to sears optical today and don't miss a thing.
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>> 10 days until the midterms so candidates are trying to make their case. who made the most convincing arguments this week? and who stumbled? >> michael is the author of
7:54 am
"language of trust," with the best and world political comments this week. in oklahoma, the gubernatorial candidate on the democratic side made an interesting point. listen. i want to make this clear. i am an oklahoma democrat. oklahoma democrats are conservative. we are not extreme. you can vilify the east and west coast democrats but do not insult the god fearing flag waving democrats of oklahoma. >> sounds like a republican. >> absolutely. in a conservative state, a great sound bite. and the opposition is extreme. >> and something sarah palin did to week was effective. listen. we don't work for you anymore, mr. reid, enjoy your retirement. we don't work for you anymore,
7:55 am
nancy pelosi, you are fired. and mr. obama and your czars, your next because now we can see 2012 from our house. >> what do you like? >> she is great at firing up the base. think what she packs in there: donald trump reference, and took her weakness and turned into a strength, we can see 2012 from her house, people will walk away from that and listen to that in the last couple of weeks of the election. >> and back to the "i can see russia from alaska." here is what did not work, christine o'donnell made a lot of headlines from the delaware senate debate. listen. where in the constitution is the separation of church and state? you are telling me the separation of church and state is found in the first amendment. >> the crowd seemed to chuckle. the peed i can't took it in a different direction. what was the problem? >> she was right. it doesn't say separation of
7:56 am
church and state in the constitution but the problem is there is a narrative around christine o'donnell she does not know what is going on in politics and washington, dc and this contributed to that because slow was talking words and no one pecks up on that. >> you say were one that did not work that nancy pelosi did with the union. let's listen. >> we are talking about addressing the disparity of income where wealthy people continue to get wealthy and other people are falling out of the middle-class when we want to bring more people into the medal -- middle-class and that is not just wages, that is about ownership and equity. it's all about fairness in our country. >> what is the problem? >>guest: she is trying to play
7:57 am
the republican code word trying to pick up ownership and equity and use it and they fall flat. it does not fit when the statement talking about bringing everyone down, to be fair, opposed to bringing people up and it doesn't work. >> michael, your book is "the language of trust," thank you for coming in to show us this. >> coming up, college student, dead, after a shark attack in california. the bike a 1' chunk from the board. [ amy ] as a dietian, all of my patients are my top priority.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, on saturday, october 23rd. funding under fire with calls to pull funding from npr. staffers are upset. do they have anything to worry about? >> a hotly contested senate race. both candidates calling each other "extreme," during a heated debate. >> every item that president obama and nancy pelosi have wanted and the criticism is they to not go far enough saying buying men is unfortunate tendency. >> would will the voters agree with when they go to the polls ten days away?
8:01 am
>> a woman accused of discrimination because she put an ad asking for a christian roommate in the paper. is that her right? fox and friends begins right now. >> this is fox and friends, news baby! thank you. welcome to fox and friends on saturday morning, ten days until the election and we will get to the politics. coming up, there is a new medical study showing sitting, sitting can lead to incredible amount of fat on your body. >> oh, no. >> we will breakdown the medical news for the week. >> such a bummer. i love to sit. and now right to the headlines because we have a lot of news happening. no one is injured after homicide bombers attack the main u.s. office in afghanistan and three people dressed as women and police enter after the
8:02 am
explosives went off and security forces secured the come pond that -- compounds that houses several agencies. and wick lead pulls off the biggest release of classified information, releasing 400,000 documents open the iraq war and now has more on afghanistan ready to go public. >> the most extraordinary batch of documents every leased during war. as to why now? well, as soon as possible it is good to get this material out. >> pentagon is upset and says it could put u.s. troops in more danger on the battlefield. >> new revelations about hikers detained in iran from wikileaks saying they were on the iraq side of the border when they were arrested by iran and irrap insists they hiked into iran.
8:03 am
one was released last week and her friend and guy answer are -- and fiance are still held. >> a shark dragged a man under the water, and the friend spotted his friend's body but it was too late and lee dyed -- and he died at the surf beach and his board had a 1' bite out of the board. those are the headlines. >> and now a look at the forecast. >> tropics are acteddive. this is the 18th named storm of the season. richard. across nicaragua and honduras. moving toward the west. i don't think it will impact the u.s. but big impact for central america where they have been battered with so many storms. more flooding and landslides are a concern.
8:04 am
and across the u.s.: no one dealing with anything that bad but big changes in store this week. we will get into an active weather pattern with storms move across the country and we could talk snow and a lot of cold weather. here is the forecast for the day: the east is looking good, nice day around atlanta, 78. but across the central part of the country, big thunderstorms and houston will be fine as far as temperature, and maybe a thunderstorm but more to the north and dallas and tulsa, and up around omaha is where we can see severe weather and and not rule out isolated weeks ago, and storms in the mountains of colorado, the ski areas will look good. and a major storm pulls across the pacific northwest in northern california bringing heavy rain the next couple of days that could cause flooding and that is the system that will pull in across the u.s. and cause maybe more snow across the rockies and maybe snow into the
8:05 am
northern plains. >> just don't mess with the world series. >> that's fine. fine, richard. >> thank you. our viewers buzzing about the firing of juan williams by npr and staff others at national public radio are worrying about a financial backlash, worried about public financing being cut off and the affiliates are scared they could lose millions of dollars in funding. your taxpayer dollars. >> $93 million is what the 800 member stations receive from federal dollars. it is federal money. comes from us. taxpayers are funding this. do they have anything to worry about? this week george soros came out and dumped $1.8 million into npr at an interesting time when this unfolded. >> it came the week that juan williams was fired for the
8:06 am
comments. >> same day. >> and george soros said his main concern is that local governments and state governments and city council are not coughed enough -- covered enough so the 50 reporters going up to 100 will cover state governments because that is overlooked but we need to tell you about a meeting at npr headquarters where the president shiller talked about what happened with juan williams, in the "washington post", and petroleum spoke on background, and they say that the workers there are so angry with how this all happened that juan was fired in a phone call, and he had no counter argument they would allow him and they think it has been a media relations disafortd and this, the very week they are in the middle of the fund drive because they do get millions from taxpayers they also rely on the majority of their funding from the underwriting of corporations and taxpayers so people are very upset.
8:07 am
>> the phone calls they received, thousands of phone calls, all angry. not a 50/50 split. the people were receiving phone calls, angry, and many of the npr staffers thought it was way out of line. >> most liberals, there are few if anyone coming to the defense of nrp for firing juan williams and on the soros connection, we should remind you he doesn't give money to conservative organizes. could this cause npr to take a far left turn and please mr. soros? as for the federal money a lot of republicans lining up to say to cut it off, turn off the spik it. from colorado, representative, and from california, a representative, and cantor from virginia, and senators coburn and demint, and senator coburn was on "the factor" last night
8:08 am
hosted by juan williams and here is what he said. >> from us, the question is, is there not enough choice and sloationz in the media, radio and television today, that the federal government that has $13.6 trillion of debt should spent half a billion a year on government subsidized media? >> here is what they propose, in may they started a program that takes a page from american idol, or "survivor," and asks the voters, not viewers, to vote on what federal funds you would cut out of the budget. so, this week, he wants to add npr because of the outrage and people feel with the george soros money but they feel npr has not been nonpartisan and there is evidence of it having
8:09 am
slanted, so is it time to pull the millions? >> e-mail us on the continuing npr problem. in pennsylvania last night you could think this was over the philadelphia and giants but there are still fights going on in pittsburgh over politics where congressman running for a senate seat. you think you have heard enough debates? there was another and they got into it again. let's listen. >> toomey is extreme on policies, including eliminating all taxes for corporations. in fact, he says buying american in his book is unfortunate tendency and he voted if you are a corporation in america and you close your factory and fire your workers and invest in a factory in china, when you import now cheap goods here to america, your profits are not taxed and
8:10 am
he calls it "a gift," and says in his book it is creative destruction. >> it is interesting in the debate between the two because both trying to label each other "extreme," and both trying to label "the ultimate political insider," the same argument used by both sides which will stick? here is what toomey said in the same debate. >> the fact is, last year, joe voted with nancy pelosi 100 percent of the time. on everything. and he accepted the entire agenda, each item i went through every item that president obama and nancy pelosi have wanted, his criticism is they do not go far enough. >> look at the poll. tight race. well when the margin of error, toomey has 46 percent, and sestak has 44.8 percent.
8:11 am
sestak climbed back significantly in the polls, it is a weird shifts in the senate and we will talk about some of this later. a weird shift. pennsylvania is getting tighter. boxer is loosening up and she could be out of a job. >> and toom. y is on fox news sunday tomorrow. >> you know apartment listings, a christian woman, in michigan, was looking for another christian roommate. however, this woman now is underfire for trying to clarify who exactly, what type of person she was looking for. >> they say you are not allowed to discriminate against someone in housing and here is what the michigan fair housing center had to say about the ad looking for a christian roommate. she can be christian, and use that as a criteria but she cannot say it that way because to state that is a violation of the fair housing act. so because she put up the ad she
8:12 am
violated the law and the woman who put up the ad looking for a christian roommate, is facing possible fine and education program. >> this was not appear ad on craigslist but in the local newspaper but at her church. open the bulletin board at the church. what? and an attorney for the alliance defense fund said christians should not have to be in fear of being punished by the government for being christian. especially seeking a roommate at a clutch on a church wall. >> this is just your clarification of who you want to live with in your own home. it seems like a slal -- slam dunk. >> we seem to be at a place where you cannot say what you
8:13 am
think. there is trouble brewing anywhere. >> we will keep our mouth shut. >> e-mail us, we are on twitter. you do it each day for hours at a time and it could increase your risk of dying. stay tuned. knows how to make things that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants.
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8:16 am
>> npr is facing criticism for firing news analyst juan williams over remarks he made about muslims. the network c.e.o. says the comments are not "consistent with npr's views," or maybe not consistent with the views of george soros who donated $1.8 million to nrp to hire political reporters across the country. where else is there money coming from? and how much do they get? we are joined by wall street
8:17 am
journal columnist who worked for an npr affiliate. >> in college. >> so you have experience. and now the taxpayer dollars they are getting. not a tremendous amount, around 2.2 percent of their operating budget. should it be cut off when we are trying to pinch pennies? >> there is more government money. affiliates, 5 percent of the money comes from state and local governments and the government money serves as leverage to get foundation other money, a good housekeeping seal of approval. funders feel good about this, it is endorsed by the government. senator demint and senator coburn calling for the money to be cut off. does it stand a chance of doing so? a republican congress in 1995 could not accomplish that? >> remember, we are borrowing 37 cents of each dollar. the debt is exploding. if we can't cut back npr, where
8:18 am
can we cut? they can stand on its own two feet and it doing very well, getting enormous amounts of money. the heir to the mcdonald's fortune gave them over $200 million. and we are talking now george soros who gives most money to liberal causes, media matters he gave $1 million to last week, and $1.8 million to npr to hire reporters. and the same day, there is the announcement of juan williams being fired. are we to believe the two are not related? >> here is the problem. soros was the major funder for state ballot initiatives to decriminalize marijuana, the big player in that. the $1.8 million he gives npr is specifically dedicated to coverage of state and local issues. if this is not conflict of interest, i don't know what is. >> what do we to from here? is it clear npr is taking a far
8:19 am
left turn? or are they going to be under the microscope to prove they are? >>guest: i think they have not squared the fact they want to be objective but at the same time they have a double standard. totenberg who is as last when as you get is the supreme court reporter and goes on programs all the time spouting liberal views. and juan williams, a liberal, but nuances goes on fox and he gets canned. if he said that on npr, on another network would he have been fired? some say probably not. an interesting story to follow. we know you are stay on it. >> a d congressman claims being in the military is not a public service. this is a man running for office. stay tuned.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>> and 188.1 million, that is how much california's gubernatorial candidates have spent on their campaigns combined. eye popping. the most expensive general election race in state history. 400,000 is how many drop sized cribs are recalled for safety concerns.
8:24 am
the angel line and victory land heritage collection could pose a risk if the drop side rail is detached. a boy age ten was selected for jury duty. his dad suspects the birthdate was misread by the government. we hope. a new warning from the f.d.a. that five drugs used to treat advanced prostate cancer can raise a patient's risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke so are the drugs safe to take? >> and our doctor is here to answer the big story. make sense of this. >>guest: this medication is being used for high risk prostate cancer. it works by reducing the level of testosterone including for patients with radiation or if cancer is spread this medication
8:25 am
is used. the f.d.a. says there is a high risk of diabetes and heart disease and sudden degree. if you are on this medication and you have used it for a long time, talk to your physician and make sure it is safe. we knew of the side effects of the medication, hot flashes, depression, weight gain like a male menopause which lowers the testosterone level but now we have diabetes, heart disease, et cetera, so physicians need to watch their patient's level, including cardiac and liver. >> if those standout, they should in the prescribe? they are being overprescribed? >> as a patient if you have a history of diabetes or heart attack tell the physician. for physicians, tell the patient about the side effects so we did not overuse this medication. >> the next topic is
8:26 am
fascinating, a new study showing that new moms' brains expand. doctor, this flies in the face of everything i and all of my friends who mothers think, because we think our i.q.'s have dropped since having children. >> you are not losing your mind after having child. based on the study, what they did was looked at the m.r.i. of 19 mothers, and saw at one month and four months after, there is growth in the grave matter -- grave matter of the brain. that does not grow unless there is a crisis or brain injury. it is believed the hormones that are produced during pregnancy expand the brain anticipating taking care of the children. what part of the brain mostly
8:27 am
rewards judgment and every characteristic necessary to take care of your children. that explains the woman who has 20 kids. >> what is more important is after pregnancy, a question i had after i read it, and that part of the brain is not growing as much. it is a fascinating topic. >> another fascinating topic if we are not getting enough exercise, people who it is too long can change their body chemistry in a terrible way, a negative way. tell us about this. >> we knew of sitting causing blood clots in the leg. when you are six hours on a plane you can barely put on your shoes and now the diabetes and heart attack as a result of sitting for more than six hours. based on the study which is observation and we need further instead difficult, if you it is for more than six hours a day you have 18 percent increase of heart attack compared to the guys or men and women that are sitting less than three hours.
8:28 am
what does that mean? stand up. and we will continue the rest of the conversation standing up. >> stand for how long? >> do not it is for a prolonged period. they found then disciples that cut town the fat, lipo protein shuts down when you ship for a long time. if you have a desk job, drive for a long time, take a break. get up. walk. speaker act with people. >> every couple of hours and do a lap. >> that is the message. >> doctor, always great to see you. thank you very much. >> and now president obama wrapping up the west coast campaign supporting the senate majority leader. stay tuned.
8:29 am
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>> what are you up to? i can see that grin. >> he has toys. >> this is the hottest gadgets for kids best toys for the holidays and we will show you some for christmas. he is trying to pretend he is an adult. i will keep this one. >> i can't believe that, i am used to a football. this afternoon, president obama finishing up the four-day, five-state campaign swing in minneapolis just ten days now before the mid-term elections. >> and from washington, dc, is a preview. what is going on? >> a lot of campaigning. will, last night, nevada, the president told a crowd of 9,000 democrats, if everyone who showed up in 2008 shows up in
8:33 am
2010 we will win this election. a midterm is not easy to get the voters to the polls. he was rallying with senate majority leader reid who is in a tight race with sharron angle. >> we screwed up so bad it is going do take a really long time to recover those eight million jobs that are lost. it will take a long time before the housing market recovers. our best bet instead of trying to help obama and harry reid to solve problems, we are going to stand on the sidelines, it is on our hands, and just say no to everything. sharron melton's -- sharron angle got online, calling this the first stimulus that worked. and sarah palin came out
8:34 am
switching at a tea party express rally in phoenix, yesterday. put america on the right track. i thank you for all you are doing, god bless you, november 2nd we can see it from our house. let's take america back. >> president obama winds up the four-day, five-state trip before leaded back to washington, dc tonight. >> things are getting interesting. and now right toking headlines. in the news, no large scale protests yet in france but workers staged sit-ins following the vote to raise the retirement age to 62. rail strikes are going on. and up to 30 percent of paris gas stations are closed after workers remain on strike. and the unions vow to continue the protests. according to virginia d d democratic congressman, time in the military does not count as
8:35 am
public service. his opponent is another unqualified g.o.p. candidate. >> they find candidates that have not been in office, have not served in any kind of public service. my opponent is typical, frankly. >> well, he responded saying that this kind of disrespect to our service member not only offends me but is insensitive to the sacrifices made by military families and moran claims he "misspoke." >> the new york archbishop has harsh words for the ""new york times"," after a gushing review of criticism of the cardinal including making fun of nuns and says the common way "new york times" defends catholic scientist is -- sensitivity is
8:36 am
something they would never do to jewish, black, or gay communities. >> and the 13th presidential library will not open until november of 2013 but this morning we get a look of the collection from the presidency of george w. bush at the meadows museum. and now to dallas with more on that story. the presidential library does not open until the spring of 2013 but today we have a look at the amazing artifacts on display. joining here is the director of the presidential library. talk to me about the artifacts. >> we have in this case among our 43,000 artifacts, the most interesting for this exhibit, the bullhorn the president used at the world trade center site during the first visit there on september 14th of 2001. and below that, we have the weapon that was captured with saddam in iraq in 2003, and the
8:37 am
lower left we have self items, the president threw out the first pitch in game they of the world series in 2001 and the jacket he wore that night, the baseball he used, he threw a perfect strike, by the way, and the pitching from that night. >> and this is really just a small look of what will be on display. >> our collections are immense, 43,000 artifacts and 70 million pages of documents, 200 e-mails, photographs, and immense election a time capsule of the eight years and we will choose some for the prime minister exhibit which -- for the permanent exhibit which will open in 2013 running through february 6th. >> thank you, chris. they are happy in dallas this morning as we talk sports. the yankees payroll north of $200 million, and rangers
8:38 am
mid-$50's, a quarter of their counterpart and the first ever world series berth in the rangers 39 year history: priceless. tied at one in the 5th, and rangers is in the done yet with swings left in him. two run double after hamilton was intentionally walked. they were not done. nelson goes deep, to run shot and rangers up 5-1. they win 6-1, for the first american league, and a trip to the world series on an a-rod strikeout the man they paid the record breaking contract to and are still paying him. they now wait the winner of the giants and philadelphia series, game six tonight, in philadelphia, and clayton is nervous. in football, vikings quaterback brett favre under investigation by the nfl for sending inappropriate photographs and text to former jet hostess. there is word she may break
8:39 am
silence and talk to the league about it. her manager says the meeting could happen next week, and brett favre was interviewed on tuesday about the issue by the league and the vikings are in green bay to take on his old team tomorrow. that story will not end. rumors have it he may settle with her financially and she may not talk to the nfl. so we will see. i cannot by this is not a distraction. and now, rick has the forecast. >> we have brave people. >> we are from texas. >> brave to be from texas in new york right now. >> we thought we would put your face on camera. and now a look at the weather. this picture is from clayton, where is this from? >> that is from pennsylvania,
8:40 am
near the poconos. >> someone said i was obsessed with fall. they are tired of it. send me pictures of your fall, maybe halloween pictures would be nice. so we can show them to everyone. and this is with we are talking about temperature-wise: freezing temperatures across parts of the southern appalachia area toward north carolina and parts of tennessee. cold as you wake up. and move forward, dry all across the eastern part of the country today and a little bit of rain and snow across parts of northern upstate new york and the central part of the country has the major problems going on and we will be dealing with severe weather across texas and heavy rain moving in across areas of illinois and toward chicago this afternoon and across the west, a big storm moving in and it will bring a lot of rain from central california through the pacific northwest and the rain will
8:41 am
cause big time flooding problems as we move forward. and a couple of systems will cause problems and now, today, here you go: cooler across the west, only 79 in phoenix. the warm temperatures are down across parts of the south. and now over to you. >> wait until you hear what the kids are doing much the largest student run group for children battles cancer. tucker benefited from the charity and became a youtube sensation with his ability to rap. let's look. (inaudible lyrics) ♪ boom boom the students behind the organization that allowed tucker to be healthy are hitting the streets up and down the east coast today, mike and amanda are
8:42 am
seniors at penn state. what are you doing today? >> four weekends each year everyone goes canvassing and all organizations stand on the street corners and raise money and make noise and shout and hope for the best. >> you raise an incredible amount of money for the kids? >> last year we raised $7.8 million and since 1963 we have raised $69 million. >> and in february there is a big dance. >> you danced, mike, for 46 hours without sleeping or sitting down? >> yes. >> how? >> tough. though feed you a lot. no caffeine so you keep going. the kids are dancing with you, the kids with cancer and it is the best thing. >> your legs did not give out, you did not it is down for 46 hours? a i didn't it is down.
8:43 am
they gave me back massages, anything to keep you going, it was fun. >> so, it sounds worth it. congratulations on the money you raised. what a fantastic effort. what is the message to me on the east coast today? >> look out for us on street, please donate for the kids and if not go to website to donate. >> thank you, great work, great work. you will be out today raising money and we appreciate you guys coming in. thank you very much. stay tuned. ÷çp/óm7;oúxpwró çzx
8:44 am
[ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day
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8:47 am
cancer deaths by 30 percent. and a new test to predict menopause, that could help women make informed decision on when to start a family. >> and a project says one in three americans could develop diabetes by 2050. that is based off of current trends and america's obesity epidemic. for more information on the stores, go to www.foxandfriends.comi. >> great website. the first to demand national public radio's funding be pulled because of hypocrisy. governor huckabee. you had a lot of leadership on this, jumped out right away and called for federal funding to be pulled. many say it is only around 2 percent but it does not matter how much taxpayer money is going to npr, should any go there way?
8:48 am
>> no. they have discredited themselves as having any valid claim on taxpayer money. i hear people say it is not that much. if a little bit of money was going to a church that used the money to preach the gospel, do you think the liberals would scream and say, a dime is too much? of course. it is hypocrisy, duplicity that is offensive. we should lay by the same rules, one team should not have the calls be made different from another team. >> one side is money and the other is the commentary from the commentators on npr that led to this. we will listen to totenberg's, a correspondent of npr and you comment. take a listen. >> i don't have any yes see helms defender. >> he ought to be worried about what is going on in the good lord's mind because if there is
8:49 am
justice, he will get aids from a transfusion or a grandchild will get it. >> that is egregious and npr's defense is she apologized. she did not get fired. and juan williams got fired and he did not suggest anyone's grandchild be infected with a deadly disease and die. it is bad form to say i hope a politician gets aids and dies but to say that upon a person's grandchildren, is unbelievable and over the top. >> this is a developing story and news today is there was a meeting and head of npr held a meeting with staff because they were upset how this handled and some of that, includes thousands of callers who have called to npr, regular listeners, and they want juan williams reinstated. i doubt juan juan would go back but he would like public acknowledgment they were wrong
8:50 am
to have fired him and to humiliate him. the issue is not the firing but the public humiliation of a good, honorable man, who was quoted for something he said that he felt and it was not the total context because he admitted it is irrationale to have the fears but he admitted he have them. a lot people have the feelings. they may not be proper, correct or rationale but he was expressing what people are facing. >> this could come up tonight at 8:00, and what else is on the show? >> we will debut a cd, some of the great artists including george jones, and all the proceeds of this go to buy musical instruments to children and it is all new material. and the commissioner of the new york police department. and much,uch more. >> the midterms are almost here and key races are neck and neck
8:51 am
including in california. which candidates have the edge? we will breakdown the polls next hour. >> make your christmas shopping list, the hottest toys are here next for kids. call 1-800-steemer here, kitty. here, kitty. oh! just come snuggle with mama. [ male announcer ] missing something? like 2 pairsf glasses for $99.99 at sears optical, with bifocalenses for just $25 more per pair. hurry in to sears optical today and don't miss a thing.
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>> and the holidays are around the corner. what if you don't know what to get your kid dismz we will help you, we have the toy expert who is here to help with the top toys of the holiday. welcome to the show. on top of the list this year, they want e readers, a great device. tell us about this. >> they want to be like their parents, games, readings, and it
8:55 am
can read to a child and downloadable content, plug it into the computer, 100 downloadables you can add. >> check that out. >> and this was a favorite, and he knew the name of this, a disney princess. >> new princess that comes with invitation to join the royal princess club and you get a card for your birthday, lots of new outfits, a doll that become a child's best friend. >> and now the leggos, i had a big container of them, they are still popular. >> very popular. it has green tremendously the last two years and they took offer 10 percent of the game market. you get to build your own game, have different configurations and this is harry potter and with the movie coming out we expect it to be big. >> it looks like a board game. >> you build it and play it. moves, and trap doors and
8:56 am
excitement of harry potter. >> my favorite, we played with this, this is nurf. >> this is the most google toy on the web selling for $50 with three clips of darts and you pull the trigger. and fire. this is the bet one ever. the best nerf, ever. just keep going. >> no wonder dave ran out. >> this is incredible. >> and these are safe, foam darts. >> there has never been a problem with nerf. >> never been a problem with nerf. my sister would have hated me with this thing. check out all this have and more on if you missed any of the details about all of the great toys, jim, thanks so much. >> good to be here. >> i'm going to find dave in a second. and first, geraldo rivera is in afghanistan joining us
8:57 am
searching for the wounded. using real guns there, not fun. one school using controversial restraints on autistic children and a mom is outraged, she joins us next. first dave. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ savor and explore, the great indoors ♪ ♪ friskies indoor delights. ♪ feed the senses.
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>> good morning everyone, it's saturday. october 23rd. npr's funding is under fire after the firing of juan williams, but with a billionaire liberal backer do
9:00 am
they have anything to worry about. >> it's a hotly contested race, and both calling during a heated desite. >> every item that president obama and nancy pelosi wanted the only criticism it's not going far enough. he says buying american in his book, is an unfortunate tendency. >> we look at other races around the country coming up. >> in a shocking video of school workers physically restraining autistic children on the floor there. >> gosh. >> it happened to one boy and one mom is here why she wants the controversial practice stopped. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> i'm donald trump and you're watching "fox & friends" and if you turn the channel, you're fired! . don't do that, you don't want him on your bad side. >> good morning everybody, thanks so much for joining us, we have so much politics to talk about, as well as of course the npr controversy that continues this morning. here is some of the new news
9:01 am
and that is that there was apparently a big staff meeting yesterday held by the president of ncr, vivian shiller in which she got an earful from staffers in "the washington post" today. they don't have named sources, but the people in the room say that she is now expressing regret how she handled the juan williams situation and the people who work there think that it was handled incredibly poorly and by the way, an earful from listeners calling in the thousands. >> do you think we'll hear a public apology and some people are calling for the reinstatement of juan williams not that i doubt he would want go back there. and do they worry about the phone calls and staffers are upset, nervous, nervous about one thing, funding because now, funding starts to dry up, fund raising starts to dry up because people are outraged across the country and that's a big problem. the local affiliates, major problems. people talk only 2% of the operating budget nationally of
9:02 am
npr, but a lot of the local affiliates, the local stations could be hurt dearly, if in fact federal funding is cut off and how about the links. now how they're funded going forward. billionaire george soros who does not give money to conservative organizations or those in the middle and last week he gave a million bucks to media matters and attacks fox news and 1.8 million to npr to hire reporters across the country, that very day that that donation is made public, so, too, is the firing of juan williams, are they related? it's tough to separate them. and how all this went down. >> here is also what's interesting. they say that a third of those smaller npr stations, the local stations rely on the operating budgets from donations. and so, they happen to be in the middle of a fund raising drive. some people would say, oh, my gosh, how horrible for them. they're getting the angry phone calls from the listeners, yet, a spokesperson for npr, says actually we're on track to surpass or meet
9:03 am
our 1 million dollars goal. we are going to surpass that, is that because of george soros. >> and a number of senators, newt gingrich called for the cutting for the public funding and they want to slash the budget there and add it to a thing called the you could program, where basically would let voters call in and like american idol and text your least favorite government program. >> that's how it works. >> and we'll slash it, amongst the example. raises among federal employees, americans said with ut that. cut the fannie and freddie and repeal portions of the health care law, cut at that and also now putting this on the docket. do you want it cut npr funding. >> may be difficult to accomplish, they tried in 1995 sun successfully, they'll need a republican congress which or may or may not happen and the president to back that. tom coburn one of the senators calling for the funding of npr. he was on the factor, hosted
9:04 am
fittingly by juan williams and here is what mr. coburn had to say. >> they don't need any money from us and the question is, is there not enough choice and selection in the media, both radio and television today that the federal government that was 13.6 trillion dollar worth of debt out to continue to spend half a billion dollars a year on government subsidized need yeahs. >> so, how does juan williams feel about all of this? he of course is in the eye of the storm here. now, remember, what they told juan williams was that they didn't like that he wasn't just reporting straight news. they wanted him to be a news analyst without any sort of personal commentary, and that's the predicate upon which they say they fired him. let's listen to juan weigh in on this. >> that crossed the line? let me tell you what you can say on national public radio without losing your job. nina totenberg wished that senator jessie helmes and his
9:05 am
grandchildren would get aids, i said would get aids, she's still working there. a so-called humorous on npr said the world would be a better place if 4 million christians evaporated. hilarious. and calling millions of members of the tea party movement a sexual pejorative, tea baggers, won't get you in trouble either. i used to think the left conditioning was the home of tolerance, open mindedness respect for all viewpoints, but now i've learned the truth the hard way. >> welsh the e-mails keep continuing to pour in here to fox news channel and please send your e-mails, you thoughts from all of this at >> and i put that question on my blog, too. >> returning to overseas, geraldo rivera in afghanistan with our troops and earlier he went on a night raid and today, he's getting a feel for what life is really like in
9:06 am
afghanistan. geraldo joins us live from forward operating base blessing in afghanistan. hey, geraldo. >> hi alisyn, dave, clayton, it was a busy morning here with charlie company of the first brigade of the 101st airborne, we went on a patrol, a foot patrol of the town, the main town here on the river on the pesh river where there's considerable violence. that's why these guys are out there. not only looking for bad guys, they're also showing the flag and trying to get the air, this tumultuous area a feeling of stability. so we're walking through the village, actually the second largest town in the province, but walking through, checking out what was going on. it was a very interesting place, it's a place that seths absolutely destroyed during their okay asian here in late, in the 1980's, now it's been rebuilt and it's a thriving
9:07 am
community, but with the commerce comes the peril. you never know when an ied is going to blow or a sniper will take a pot shot at you, but the brave men of charlie company walking through the village and they found themselves at the clinic, the local clinic, and they're trying to establish relationships with the various agencies at work here in town. this clinic very busy, it's the only one in town. lots of youngsters, little ones, getting the care that they have so long so desperately needed. one of the things we were looking for though, specifically, was you know, there was an attack on our force,last night. there were three perpetrators of the attack. one of mom, our guys thought had been wounded in the exchange. so, they were asking, we were asking the medical personnel whether or not they had treated anyone with gunshots or other dramatic injuries
9:08 am
that might be associated with that attack on our forces so we sat down and had tea with the main administrator and here is how that exchange went. >> just trying to figure out if you guys yesterday had a patient that came in with any sort of a gunshot wound. >> i haven't seen that kind of patie patient. >> afterwards, charlie company set up a roadblock and lo and behold, one of the people passing through the roadblock had some injuries that were very suspicious. when asked, this fellow claimed to be an afghan national policeman. but you would think that a policeman, having sustained injuries as serious as this fellow so obviously had, would have had medical help. unfortunately he didn't have i.d. on him. the man in charge of charl
9:09 am
company ordered he be checked out and see whether or not he was indeed one of the people they were looking for from this attack last night. i'm joined live now by captain john peterson, he hales from tacoma, washington. captain, thanks for the walk along with your patrol. any word on whether or not the guy, the wounded man, as he walked down, was possibly someone that you suspect of insurgent activity? >> right now, the local police have him. he's claiming to be a police from a different district up north of here. so they're going to check into the police up there, call their connections and find out if that actually checks out. >> yeah, it seems quite unlikely. i notice you're also trying to build relationships not only with the guy running the clinic, but the shop keepers? i notice a great deal of suspicion. these people have been through decades of war and they're kind of sick of soldiers of all stripes. >> i think it's going well. the main thing when we patrol
9:10 am
in populated areas we make a big effort to get as many afghan national security forces out there, afghan national army, afghan national police out there so they can connect with the people because in the among run they're the ones that are going to be here long-term, 50 years from now. we're not going to be here. so-- >> hopefully, hopefully that's true. well, with charlie company at forward operating base blessing, back to you, dave, clayton and alisyn. >> geraldo, thanks so much, what's going on there. >> thanks to our troops, as well. >> my goodness, great stuff. thank you. let's get right to the headlines, we start with a fox news alert and more stuff from afghanistan, there's new video into the fox news room from afghanistan, more evidence of just how violent it is there, homicide bombers, attacked the main u.s. office there. at least three armed militants entered the building wearing explosive vests and three
9:11 am
guards working were injured and all staff have been accounted for. the biggest leak of american history has just happened. wikilea wikileaks, and now says they have another 15,000. the pentagon says the website is putting us in danger. our enemies could put these 400,000 and those that came out in july with rah regards to afghanistan and go through this half million documents stock pile to look for patterns of behavior, how we respond in the wake of an ied attack. >> more than 100 pentagon analysts have been combing through the documents to try to minimize the danger to the troops in the field. sarah palin heads to orlando to fear up the clouds on the ground in the state capital in arizona with the express. >> november 2nd week see it
9:12 am
from our house, let's take america back. god bless you, tea party americans. >> maricopa couldn't sheriff joe ar pia stopped at the rally and has been campaigning for tea party candidates in next door nevada. those are your headlines. >> let's check with rick reichmuth, hi, rick. >> yeah, we have tropical storm, tropical storm richard, it might be a hurricane. i don't think it has enough time to move over the warm waters, but not probably affecting the u.s. heavy rains into central america and new mexico and could potentially have catastrophic effects for landslides and the temperatures across the u.s. very warm in across parts of the central plains and along with that, a lot of rain that's going on all day long. to the east, areas of the deep south, atlantic seaboard, sunshine and rain and snow across upstate new york, but this is the firing line from chicago down to around dallas and we'll see severe weather at times and potentially, the
9:13 am
tornados, certainly wind and hail damage, and across the west, a new storm pulling into the pacific northwest that's going to bring a lot of rain and that's going to be the highest mountain snow as well and good news into late october here and starting to see a change in the pattern and maybe snow accumulating into the mountains and you want the warm interprets across the parts of the south and 90 degrees in tampa. >> that looks good. >> perfect. >> thank you, richard. >> and one more time. >> going to punch you. >> coming up on the show, candidates before the mid term elections and some like west virginia senate race are almost too close to call. what can we make of all of these numbers, we'll ask one man who knows more about numbers than just about anyone. scott rasmussen next. >> remember the democrats were complaining the g.o.p. was outspending them. turns out they are a getting money from the unions. we'll talk about that.
9:14 am
>> and illegal immigrants, democrats, how can candidates sleep at night with this one. oh, i'll get them to eat veggies. "how?" you ask. i have a way. it's deliciously clever. and they'll be none the wiser. new prego veggie smart sauce gives them 50% of their daily recommended amount of veggies. [laughter]
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>> welcome back here to "fox & friends" and ten days until voters head to the polls and
9:17 am
election day. meantime, razor thin margins between some candidates in some races. independent pollster scott rasmussen joins us, co-author of the book "mad at hell" there's a palpable tension out there. in some of the races. nice to see you. let's start with california, it seemed as if maybe barbara boxer was taking back the lead now and seems that might be slipping. what's going on in california? >> you know, this is a race i expect the barbara boxer to put away, it's a democratic leaning state and the president is popular there and the latest polling shows the race tighter. are the latest numbers boxer at 47% and fiorina at 45%. one reason, 45% of likely voters in california say that barbara boxer's views are outside the mainstream and that's a tough position for any incumbent to be in. 38% have a very unfavorable opinion of their incumbent senator and the intensity
9:18 am
seems to be with fiorina. in california boxer is ahead a couple of points and the race, tells you everything you need to know about election 2010. >> well, perhaps and let's turn our attention to west virginia when i used to live in bloomfield west virginia. one thing, run against washington. no one likes washington. joe manchin, this is an improbable race running for the u.s. senate for robert byrd's old seat. i thought he might have had had locked up, and the ad with him shooting a gun at the cap and trade bill. not so much? >> certainly it's the only play we've got. we show manchin down. he is a governor, a good looking guy ab they thought they had it locked up. john racesy is not the challenge, it's barack obama,
9:19 am
conservatives, including democrats are looking to put racy in, at the end, closely leaning in the republican direction and that would be a stunning result. >> now, there's a tale of two states, what we saw in california something different appears to be happening in california between joe sestak and joe toomey. pat toomey, 48% to 44%. joe sestak is shoring up the base and his support among unaffiliated voters, nearly double what it was earlier and this race leaning barely in the republican direction, but pennsylvania is a state strong for the democrats and fairly handily in the recent
9:20 am
elections. >> and it will be if they get out for democrats there. if they don't, they lose. i'm going to hear you call a toss up a lot over the next week. >> i think you're right. >> and video of autistic children physically restrained at school and one mom says this controversial practice needs to be stopped. look at this, and she joins us live next. npr gets millions of your hard earned dollars and outrageous demand to pull that fund: why she says, free the taxpayer. mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my cholesterol... and live with yourself. right. mmm, i worry about your mother. cry herself to sleep every night over my arteries, but have yourself a bowl.
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>> welcome back to "fox &
9:24 am
friends" on this saturday morning. quick headlines for you, connecticut republicans angered after the secretary of state says pole workers can ask voters wearing www.e merchandise, and a chief executive to run for office, lindsay lohan will remain in lockdown until next year, but not in jail. the judge ordered that she stay at the betty ford rehab center and take random drug tests. there you go. dave and alisyn, over to you. >> in the wake of npr wiring of juan williams, lots of critics are calling for the defunding of npr. lawmakers aren't the only ones fired up. so is our next guest. joining us is michelle malkin. >> hi, alisyn. >> there's a slew of republican lawmakers now wanting to cut off the federal funds for npr. this isn't the first time that the g.o.p. had tried to cut funding for npr. so what do you think the chances are this time?
9:25 am
>> well, there's certainly a lot of energy and the motivation that juan williams' firing provided certainly gives new energy to, as you say, a very old movement and i hope that republicans will do more than pay lip service to finally freeing the taxpayers from state sponsored media, it's know the just npr and the pbs and the corporation for public broadcasting in the fiscal year got a 400 million dollars federal subsidy. of course, that's leveraged by so many of these public radio and tv stations, they get state subsidies, state grants. there is no practical reason why, in a very diverse media society, why taxpayers should be forced to fund public broadcasting they disagree with. >> all right, michelle. let's turn now to the state of colorado, my home state where the governor's race is heating up the debate last night, the three-way debate and a three way battle some say, although the republican is a distant
9:26 am
third in the polls. here is what tom tancredo, running on the third party,s the constitution party, had to say to denver mayor, the suspect, john hicken looper last night. >> do you believe that denver is not a sanctuary city, i believe it is. in order for us to actually explore this to the extent necessary to get an understanding on the part of the people of this state, will you debate this issue with me, one hour, just the two of us, just this issue and bring this thing to a head once and for all as to whether or not we actually have a sanctuary city between now and the end. campaign. >> and how is the third-- in. >> and why was-- >> interesting michelle, because i think, tom tancredo would prefer the race be a two way race. if dan maes is out tancredo might surge to the top of the
9:27 am
polls. what's happening in colorado. >> this is my home state, not to tell you the tancredo surge is one of the hottest political stories not just of colorado, but of the nation and it's not a three-way race. dan maes is a nonentity now, pretty much every major, mainstream republican official in the state, elected officials, retired officials, have abandoned man maes and the tea party activists. look at the debate. there's hickenlooper hiding behind dan maes' skirt and when he takes there on the stage, he's many by hickenlooper. >> no question about it, it was an obamaesque, bitter clingy statement about rural voters and i think he's going to pay for it at the polls.
9:28 am
>> meanwhile, michelle, let's talk about how the democrats, there's been a lot of hue and cry about all of the big money that's poured into these mid term elections from big donors. well, it turns out that the democrats have perhaps the biggest donors of all, who are they? >> of course, it's big labor. and you know, the left has gotten away with casting the republican party as the republican of fat cats and deep coffers, the fact is unions led by afscme, the union for state, local and county public empunions, have given millions and millions, tens of millions, nearly 90 million dollars in dues and essentially, this is campaign main that's funded by who? the taxpayers because those dues are coming out of government salaries and in many cases they're forced dues. and it's being spent by these big labor bosses whom the rank and file, state and public and county workers do not disagree
9:29 am
with. they don't want their money being spent on views and candidates with which they disagree. >> michelle malkin, thank you so much for joining us with your insight today. >> my pleasure. >> thanks, michelle. a woman sued because she put out an ad asking for a christian roommate. is it discrimnation or her right? we report you decide. >> and then president obama does not make clint eastwood's day. >> and that, and hope people will believe it so he can stay in the position. >> why the actor and director says the commander-in-chief is all talk and no action. and he's looking forward to a brand new day. ♪
9:30 am
♪ feels like a brand new day ♪
9:31 am
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9:33 am
>> welcome back to dpoks foxx p >> oush leader president barack obama. take a listen. >> yopg he's got that and surrounds himself with the people he could have surrounded himself with and he's doing just what we were talking about, he's going to just layout a certain life and hope people will believe it so he'll stay in the position. >> he's not just an actor and director. one time politician, a mayor of caramel. he was a republican, but as
9:34 am
you point out not yus just, you know, sometimes across the aisle and be part of the-- i thought it was interesting, and clint eastwoodion and president obama is a nice fella, a nice fella and doesn't like how he's governing, he's support gray davis against arnold in california and the question for you. would it make your day if an illegal alien asked you to get out the vote even if the person at mitts to being an illegal alien and not in the country legally. when we saw the story i couldn't believe it. so you're having dinner and someone knocks on your door and the person that comes to your door, it's happening. volunteers for the democrats up in washington state, knocking on your door and saying i want to let you know i'm first of all, an ill legal aliens and want to tell you my sorry and see if that would encourage you to come out and vote and that's happening, happening on the democratic side in support of patty murray and not happening right
9:35 am
now on dino rossy's side for the republicans and a neck-in-neck race up there. they may not knock on your door because they actually are targeting the immigrant neighborhoods and basically say that the motivation to come out of the shadows, usual for them, they feel so strongly about the issues in this particular election, they're willing to take this risk and canvass and go door-to-door, you can imagine they're probably going to like minded neighborhoods. there's a group on the other side, respect washington so they have no mroem with this, the group that represents the residentials. we know you have issues with it, we have a lot of e-mails about that this morning and turning our attention today to what's happening this afternoon, around one o'clock eastern time when the president wraps up the four day, five state campaign tour and he's leaving las vegas and headed to minneapolisen and hoping to excite voters there. >> caroline shively, we're both excited to introduce you there. >> caroline shively is joining
9:36 am
us live. >> zooming from fundraiser toer. last time with haifrd. in a rice with sharron anal. the crowd was small. #,000 folks and used the opportunity to hit the g.o.p. hard and telling them not to blame the democrats for an economy that went south during a republican administration. >> imagine that the economy is a car and the republicans drove this car into a dench and it was a really deep ditch. and somehow they were able to walk away from the accident from the scene of the crime, but they left the car down in the ditch. >> it's pretty good weekend for one liners, republicans took the car in the ditch analogy further and senator john thune gave the g.o.p. internet address out this morning.
9:37 am
>> the president likes to say when you want to drive ford you put your car in d when you want to go in reverse you put it in r. it's a clever line, but when you're speeding toward a cliff, you don't want to keep the car in drive. >> the president's first event this afternoon in minnesota is for the governor's race, one of the big goals this trip is to keep democratic control of the senate and some polls indicate it's likely the democrats will ke-- >> and minnesota looks like a positive spot for democrats. one positive spot right now. >> ten more days. >> in the meantime here are your headlines. clashes are spinning out of controls near naples italy all over garbage and this dramatic video into the news room. protesters set garbage trucks on fire and threw trash at police and they say the land fills are overflowing and contaminating the small towns and the european commission warns it could face sanctions,
9:38 am
2000 tons of trash off the streets. and prime minister burrell scony promised to take care of this situation. wow, here is a tragic story, a 19-year-old boogie boarder screams for his life as a shark bites his leg and drags him under the fick position, lucas' friend watched two feet away and he found the college junior's body, he died from a severe wound to his leg and they recovered the boogie board and had a one foot hole on the side from that spark bite. civil rights complaints against a woman in grand rapids, michigan, she posted an advertisement looking for a christian roommate, the complaints is thexclude people from other faiths. she the fair housing center says she's entitled to her opinion, but it's a violation to print a discriminatory statement and her attorney sent a letter to the state
9:39 am
asking authorities to dismiss this case as groundless. dave, what do you have for us? >> who would have thought in the same we are the lonestar state's favorite team the dollars cow business opened a stadium and host the super bowl the texas rangers have stolen the spotlight. headed to the world series the first time the first time in their his and 1-1, he's got swing left this him. two out, two run double after an intentional walk and cruz keep, 2-run shot and 6-1 they win and outscore the yankees 38-19 first american league pennant. ironically and a-rod a sitting and watching a called strike three and still pairing a portion of his salary. and await the winners. phillies and giants, game six tonight, should be a good one. >> i want to see cliff lee and
9:40 am
roy halladay, game one 0 and wednesday. >> me, too, meanwhile, we have to tell you about the story, incredible. one sports announcer making a splash this football season, he's just 15 years old and oh, by the way, he's blind. 28-- on the carry. >> his name is brian macauley and he calls games at lowell catholic in massachusetts with the help from pa announcer john rafferty and the pair joined us earlier on "fox & friends." >> over the years, as i got older, you know, i've always been fascinated with that kind of, you know, doing just listening to different people, you know, voicing their opinions and saying what they want to say. >> macauley says his dream job is to be the announcer for the
9:41 am
boston celtics and it looks like he's getting good practice in. >> he's nervous, he said dude, no way, i wasn't nervous. >> let's get out to rick reichmuth outside with a check of the weather. >> i tell you what. >> getting old and it's getting colder, the coldest morning across the northeast, it's going to warm up. back in the 70's this week across the eastern seaboard and take a look at the picture that came to me from indiana. and put this on my facebook page and absolutely beautiful fall pictures and love to get those and we'll continue to share those through the season and take a look at the temperatures, and you can see the warm temps across the central part of the kun country and that warmer air is continuing to pull off the east and a lot of rain across the central part of the country and that's going to become a flooding concern as well. back to you inside. >> all right, thank you so much, rick.
9:42 am
and well, is senator harry reid swooping in like mighty mouse to save the day? ♪ here i come to save the day, and mighty mouse is on the way ♪ >> i love mighty mouse. harry reid claims if he wasn't in office we'd be in a worldwide depression. . >> people have been hurting and i understand that, and it doesn't give them comfort or solace for me to tell them, you know, but for me we'd be in a worldwide depression. >> nevada is not in shape. and 40% of home owners in vegas are underwater. housing is closing and highest unemployment in the nation and i think folks in neve-- and the senator saying people would be in a depression if it
9:43 am
wasn't for me. we're seeing people saving more, those looking for jobs, are discouraged, in the work force and those that do have jobs are concerned about keeping said job and 401(k)'s and portfolios are still down. so, w may not be in technical depression or a technical recession anymore, but it feels that way and i was surprised by the comment. >> you follow business very, very closely, when you hear politicians, harry reid, my job is to create jobs and republicans they're going to stimulate businesses so they can create jobs. do politicians create jobs or both blowing smokes. >> no, companies create jobs, clayton, that's what we need to see. the private sector is not hiring why? companies don't know what the corpse tax structure is going to be and the environment going to be. what has the administration done, health care, financial regulation and president talked about that again in the radio address, attacking the banks and wall street and we
9:44 am
need the banks to lend and small businesses, large companies, none of that is happening right now. so no politician has the magic, november 2nd is going to be the beginning, hopefully, of a recovery, we'll see what happens at the polls, but it's going to take a long time and it's not going to be harry reid, it's not going to be the president, it's going to be collectively congress. >> cheryl casone, great to see you, thanks for coming in this morning. >> check her out on the fox business network as always, thanks, cheryl. >> coming up, candidates in a key senate race, they went at it one last time for the mid term election. what are the voters saying? frank luntz is going to break down what happened in pennsylvania. how are those flat rate boxes working out?
9:45 am
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over 375 million enjoyed, and counting. now available in a new value pack. >> mid terms ten days away now and suspect joe sestak, republican at that time toomey, the senate candidates are neck and neck in the election home stretch. what candidate did the base at making their case on friday night. frank luntz is an author and pollster, what americans really want. he's here this morning. they're going back and forth and they're within the mar begin of error, what did pat toomey say for you and may work for the voters. >> he put his democratic candidate of being an extremist, taxing too much and
9:48 am
supporting nancy pelosi too much. one of the clips i think is most important. why that i think pat toomey won in the debate when he talks about the stimulus. >> we would have been much better off if we hadn't launched that giant stimulus pill. i can't believe that joe sestak thinks it should be bigger. how extreme he is. i don't know anyone who thought it would be a trillion dollars. if that would work, greece would have the most successful economy in the world. >> great line. the guys realize if you give the traditional blather on either side, it doesn't work. when he used that greek line, we'd be like greece and greece to be the most successful economy, they'd get it. >> what's interesting, both candidates are trying to paint one another as being extreme. how is that working out? >> it's working out it's blurring the lines between the two of them so we've got a clip now from sestak, accusing pat toomey of being too extreme, let's take a look. >> pat toomey is extreme on
9:49 am
the policies. one of the zaneiest ideas i've heard, he wants to eliminate taxes for corporations and buying american in his took is an unfortunate tendency. if you're a corporation in america and close your factory and fire your workers and invest in a factory in china that when you import now cheap goods here to america, your profits aren't taxed. in fact, he calls it a gift to us and in fact, he says in his book, it's creative destructi destruction. >> it's working in california, boxer is doing the same thing against fiorina, anyshow that jobs are shifting causes angry and one thing that pat toomey comes back on, unfortunate most unpopular politician in america, nancy pelosi. >> last year, joe sestak voted
9:50 am
with nancy pelosi 100% of the time and accepted the agenda. his only criticism they don't go far enough. >> are republicans trying to put pelosi on the ballot? >> absolutely. that is what what the democrats did with newt gingrich and 2006 with george bush and it can work. you have a half dozen democratic incumbents saying they won't vote for nancy pelosi. i think in the end, pennsylvania goes republican. because the state is hurting economically, had a democratic governor and senator and they want change and change is pat toomey. >> at the margin of error and both trying to paint the opposite as the ultimate political insider. a lot of work to do thank you. >> a pleasure. >> and restraint known to cause trauma, broken bones and even death and why are schools using it to hold down autistic
9:51 am
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>> parents. listen to the disturbing story. imagine the nightmare finding out your autistic son was restrained in school by five separate adults even after school officials promised it wouldn't happen again. one boy, isiah moore, restrained three additional times. >> she won an award after her son was restrained and injured. she joins us from florida to talk about it. nice to see you, welcome to the show. >> thank you, nice to see you, too. >> what happened to your son. tell us your story. >> well, issa was diagnosed as
9:55 am
being on the autism spectrum and he was in second great. everything was going great up until about the middle of the year, he started getting very frustrated and you know, i kept having meetings and meetings and nothing seemed to be changing, but there were three instances prior to the last one which is what you saw on the video and the pictures. the last restraining being the most severe. at that point, i was not sending isaiah to school and so, i asked them, i required them, which is by law, to do a functional behavior assessment, where somebody comes in and the behavior analyst and objeserves the child in the classroom and only going to school 40 minutes at a time and i was in the front office. the first 40 minutes went fine and the next day they wanted to add additional 40 minutes and i felt that was too early so i told my son, if you can't do additional 40 minutes you tell that mommy is in the
9:56 am
office. >> i just want to interrupt here, because the point is, i think you were waiting for him in office, during which time he was being restrained in in prone position that has a history of having deadly results. can you describe to us what the prone position is and why you have fought against it? >> prone restraint is extremely dangerous, it restricts breathing, it can restrict breathing, and my son says that he was face down at one point, they used several different holds, in my opinion, you know, training that went out the window and it becomes a brawl, but from the face down, arms behind the back. >> and that restraint, you know, many critics say that's the only way to restrain an autistic child. you won your settlement, but what other alternative is there? >> there are many different restraint holds. there are standing holds, there are sitting holds. where the child, you're behind
9:57 am
the child, and you grab the child's arm and crisscross them around the child's body, but what is happening is that they're restraining children from noncompliance and that's different from restraining because there's imminent danger. >> absolutely and you are now fighting to have a federal bill passed which we're showing demonstrations of. good luck to you and we'll put more information on our website about this. >> thanks so much, anna, good luck to you there, and thank you to bringing this story. we'll have more "fox & friends" in two minutes. you want some fiber one honeclusters? yeah.
9:58 am
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