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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  October 23, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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20-year-old mom who has agreed to be mayor of a town in mexico. this has been ground zero in the drug war. she saying she wants a better life for the town and for her children. great courage on her part. >> paul: yeah because h predecessors have been killed. that's it for this week's edition of the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot we hope to see i'm paul gigot we hope to see you here next week. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> you are right they were looking for a reason to get rid of me because i appear on fox news. >> in what has been called a blunder of major proportions, npr fires news analyst juan williams for speaking his mind about muslims. >> they are now engaging in a personal attack. trying to introduce the idea
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that maybe i'm an unstable person. >> as outrage is it time cut funding for the liberal media outlet? >> how ridiculous are you? you embarrass this race. >> just over a week until the midterm elections. with only a short time left, will the attack ads, mudslinging and media cheerleading get louder? >> minnesota vikings' quarterback gets tackled by accusations of a sex scandal. >> bristol palin getting attention and making fans. but not among liberals in the media. >> new york time maureen dowd takes on the girls of the gop. >> greg gutfeld weighness. >> on our panel this week, judy miller. cal thomas. jim pitcherton and "new york post" columnist kirsten powers. i'm jon scott.
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fox news watch is on right now. >> look bill, i'm not a bigot you know the kind of books i've written about the civil rights moment in this country. when i get on a plane if i see people in muslim garb and i think they are identifying themselves first and forever most as muslims, i get worried. i get nervous. >> fox news contributor and then analyst for national public radio. paid to express his opinion talking about his inner anxieties. that short sound bite was part of a larger discussion in which mr. william was trying convince bill o'reilly that not all people of one belief should be blamed for the actions of an extremist of that same religion. that episode of the o'reilly factor aired monday wednesday npr fired juan williams for his comments. thursday this is how some in the media reacted. >> npr, this is disgraceful.
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npr needs to hire juan williams back. i think most rational americans agree. >> juan williams being very honest. the problem is i do see a muslim in garb and i get nervous it is not rational. he's bringing the problem to the surface, being honest talking about human behavior. loses his job. >> i think they were very wrong. >> i don't think he should have been fired. as you pointed out lots of people have this idea. the point he was trying to make is i get nervous that's okay to say. firing him for saying that is kind of ridiculous. >> if he had said when i get around a group of tea partiers i get nervous, would npr had tired him probably not. if he said every time i see a catholic priest i get nervous, would they had fired him? no. >> you never know.
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>> because it is about muslims, boom he's gone. >> later that day the head of npr was questioned about the bankrupt firing. >> this is not a -- the abrupt firing. >> this is not a reflection on his comments this is not a debate. juan feels the way he feels that is not for know pass judgment on that is really his feelings that he expressed on fox news are between him and his, you know psychiatrist or his publicist or take your pick. but, it is not compatible with a news analyst with the role of a news analyst on npr's air. >> her comments, special delay crack about the psychiatrist, did not sit well. juan was back on the factor that night. >> we are having an honest discussion. this is what america should be. people having a real debate and telling. you pointed out rightly in the talking points member know is what i felt. i don't fit in their box. i'm not predictable liberal. let me tell you something
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else. you were right when you said this comes down to, they were looking for a reason to get rid of me because i appear on fox news. they don't want me talking to you. >> schiller gave an apology about her callus comments but not directly to juan. any of you think that he should have been fired for what he said? >> no! juan and very something in common. 26 years ago ellen weiss then the producer of an afternoon program called me as she called juan now she executive vice president. and told me that my services as the only conservative commentator on npr were no longer needed. why i asked? because you have become too predictable this this is the ideological uniformity of opinion that they not only want to enforce on npr, but also they are reluctant for anybody to come on fox. this wasn't about muslims.
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this was about fox. they that it network! >> judy you are nodding in an agreement? >> i think this was about fox. everyone knows she has been targeted under a lot of pressure this is about people who are supposedly news analysts appearing on another show that many people find objectionable. many people find too conservative. i don't buy it. >> is there a touch of hypocrisy? >> you mean plenty of npr analysts do commentary and never get in trouble for. there's a bigger touch of george soros by amazing coincidence gave a big donation to npr -- >> 1.8 million dollars. >> that we know about. >> you don't hire 100 reporters for 1.8 million dollars, you might pay them for six months or something like. if there are 100 reporters to be hired way more than 1.8
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million. that's enough to make them do what they wanted to do any way, get rid of juan. >> soros probably the most liberal billionaire wouldn't you say? >> i would. >> is it appropriate on the day juan gets fired we find out about the almost two million dollars from soros to hire reporters for npr? >> there's been conflicts in the past over other things that he said. he said something about mish shill obamaq i -- about michelle obama. i think the tie to soros is a bit of a stretch. i don't think it is news they lean liberal. i like them a lot. i think they do a good product. i think what juan said is not a fireable offense in any -- no one i think can look at that and say a person should be tired over that. >> council on american islamic relations, a muslim advocacy group and also unindicted
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co-conspirator in the holyland foundation case in texas, a few years ago. put out a memo, i get their e-mails, the night before urging all of their supporters to contact npr and put the heat on juan williams. there's that element too. what happen to my liberal friends worried about a chilling effect that we hear so often and damage to the first amendment? >> under the first amendment we are guaranteed freedom of speech. doesn't that apply to news analysts? juan was expressing his opinion? >> he's a news analyst. these are old "new york times" rules you are not supposed to be spouting off on your personal opinions. there's a kind of weird now very old fashioned line that some news organizations stale tempt to draw. i feel very sorry for npr here. i'll tell you why, they've shot themselves in the foot this was a news organization, one of the last that was sending out reporters trying to do great stories.
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doing great stories. now they've been their own worst enemy with this action. most unfor the in >> howard kurtz used to be at the "washington post", does a show for cnn, newt the daily beast said a blunder of enormous proportions. i think that's the final word in terms of the way the media reacted. i'm hard-pressed to find anybody that thinks it is a good idea that juan got fired except cair. >> time for a break. first check out our new website keep an eye on the big media stories in the watchlist sections then go behind the scenes and listen to the discussions we have during our commercial breaks. >> next, the midterm madness continues. are the media adding to the craziness? . >> the gloves are off, political punches are plying. the mean midterm election gets closer is the media fanning the flames and pushing the
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politics divide farther? >> bristol palin is working hard for her money. getting the spotlight dancing in primetime. why are some in the media so bitter? answers, next on news watch.
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>> over a week to go up until now americans have seen a barrage of political attack ads, feisty sometimes vicious debates. media coverage which has gone the distance to influence how you vote. the question is, jim what is it about this midterm election that has garnered so much attention? >> well, i think this tea party phenomenon. even their worst enemies would have to say they are news in and off of themselves. they've put forward some colorful characters. plus the realization this is an important election in terms of the obama presidency. all the factors are coming together for an exciting midterm election. >> kirsten, we are covering races for governor, house races, senate races that are drawing national attention now. that a couple years ago would not have been in the spotlight? >> it speaks to the fact that you have a lot of people who aren't used to running at the national level, thrust into the spotlight and getting a
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lot of attention. and acting in a very human way. most politicians have all the humanity trained out of them by the time they that level that's the truth. they are just acting the way people act. you can't do that on the national stage. >> judy we talk about how the media show bias in their coverage. this is from abc news yahoo. the question was, does the media encourage political division more than cooperation? 63% said yes. no 30%. take on it? >> i think it is because of this huge spate of negative ads that ordinary viewers blame the media for. this enormously negative campaign. because we know negative ads work. i think viewers don't always draw the distinction between the message and the messenger. >> there's another element.
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conflict sells i've been called by boo broadcast networks in the past asked what do you think? i'll give an opinion and they say okay we'll get somebody else. i say why? we want someone edger. -- edge . they don't want common ground. they want one saying you are a nazi and the other saying you are a commi. christine o'donnell has been a lightning rod. does she deserve the kind of coverage she has gotten? >> if you are in charge of programming, i would say yes. people like to watch things go her -- things about her and she an interesting person to watch. i do think she has been treated unfairly. i think some of the stuff has been taken out of context. people are fascinated by her, again speaking to what i said earlier. >> john mccain likes her. his daughter thinks
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differently have >> christine o'donnell is making a mockery of running for public office. she has no real history, no real success in any kind of business. what that says to my generation is one day you can wake up and run for senate no matter how lack of experience you have. and it scares me my group of friends it turns people off because she is seen as a nut job. >> she doesn't like her. her father does. who is getting more coverage? >> o'donnell is getting more coverage. i have to ask miss mccain what were your achievements before you came on the national scene? why did you get a book contract? she's less achievements than anybody on the side of -- >> judy, howard kurtz points out the media narrative for this midterm he says the voters are teed off, rising up, mad as hell and ready to wreak havoc. different from from last time
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around. >> so many in the mainstream media missed the anger when it was forming. >> what happened to hope and change? >> he's out there and clearly our president is making a difference according to some polls. but you cannot chain the narrative. the basic narrative of this campaign is we are mad as hell we are not going to take it any more. >> if you see evidence of something you think shows media bias, the details to us here at >> up next, is superstar quarterback brett favre the victim of bad journalism? vikings quarterback gets clipped by a salacious sex scandal. the media guess wild with speculation. is the topic fair play? >> bristol palin has all the right moves for primetime tv. the attention is not sitting well some in the media.
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can you answer why you haven't denied the story? >> you know what, the one thing time going to say is, that's something that's within the league. i just to leave it at that. let that process work itself out. >> brett favre maintaining his silence on an issue brewing since last february. a blogger for reported favre sent nude pictures of himself to an employee of the new york jets. accusation never verified by the recipient and the story faded. then last month photos, text
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messages obtained from an unnamed third-party got the attention of the mainstream media and the attention of the nfl which would go on to investigate. now some of favre's sponsors are questioning their relationship with the quarterback. cal on the thinnest of evidence, he is being thrilled. is that appropriate? >> well, boarish behavior by athletes almost as old as football. i don't like the history of this story. if you look at sound bite it is nondenial, denial. if he didn't do it he should say so. that doesn't fight blogger and dead spin from coming out with this stuff and making suggestions without the proof. where is the pictures? >> cal, let's start over again. >> there is zero evidence. proof that favre did anything wrong. >> the woman who supposedly
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received these hasn't said anything. >> we soon heene be talking about this. except to denounce dead spin as a vile, gross, horrible website. and stop there. we shouldn't even be giving it any credence. >> that's the new internet, media age in which we live. >> that's the sore rove it. -- that's the sorrow of it. many papers felt compelled to cover a story without a shred of ed. i don't see this athlete has any choice but to maintain silence given the investigation. >> next topic. bristol palin daughter of former vice presidential candidate sarah palin on the hit primetime show "dancing with the stars." cal doesn't miss. while she is soaking up the spotlight some don't agree with her being on the show. so says liberal commentator nancy giles on joy behar's
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show. rolling my eyes and heavy exhaling. i'm tired of her getting these breaks. i'm tired of her making money and leaving her baby at home. i'm tired of her maybe getting $30,000 to speak about abstinence. excuse me, i'm tired of her. it sounds kirsten like gel of her might -- like jealous of her might be a better phrase. >> i think there is a natural hatred towards anything palin. the fact she related to sarah palin -- i'm not a palin fan but i have nothing against bristol. she hasn't done anything. i don't understand why people have to be so mean to her. since when are all these liberal women bashing women out doing stuff when they have a baby. >> what would happen if i said this about bristol palin? you think i would still be working? >> maybe at npr.
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>> i need the money, fire me. >> what about it judy? >> i'm kind of with kirsten on this. i don't understand what this is all about. except that she has put herself out there. she is all things palin are fair target, fair game can >> if her last name was smith she wouldn't get the . >> one more break. when we come back a lindsay lohan movie inspires the latest column from maureen dowd and greg gutfeld takes know >> announcer: maureen dowd of the "new york times" takes on the republican mean girls and greg gutfeld plays referee, next on "news watch." [ ale announcer ] let's throw on those satury clothes. it's doing season. when we grab a little spare time...and get after it. we're lowering the cost of weekend projects. making things happen...
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. >> i knew how this would be settled in the animal world. >> your hair looks sexy. >> a clip from the movie "mean girls" and inspiration for columnist maureen dowd when she took on some of the gop's female candidates. her column got the interest and ire of greg gutfeld. >> according to maureen dowd we are seeing a rising tide of
11:59 pm
vicious bullying this political year. the kind you see in high school when teenaged tormentors would spread rumors were you pregnant. dowd blames these new republican mean girls. angry and aggressive women who are angry and aggressive. any way, to the irony. here mo laments he of smearing women, right before smearing women. she has turned into that insecure head cheerleader who supports the . think of the national organization for women during the clinton years or any woman who supported teddy k. dowd's real blind spot? she writes this column a week after meg whitman was called a whore. after the california,000 chief said that word as an -- california n.o.w. chief said this was an apt description. how calling a lady the "w" read but sharron angle asking harry reid to


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