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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 24, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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welcome to "red eye." it is like from here to eternity, if by eternity you mean my rotating water bed. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up, we'll look into scattered reports that something is going on with fox news contributor juan williams. and how can you apologize for making a mistake while mocking the people who corrected you?
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rachel maddow makes it look easy straight ahead. and dot-com billionaire offers entrepreneurs $100 million instead of going to college. greg? >> thank you, andy. >> thou great coward. >> foul devil, trouble us not for thou has made the happy earth thy hell. >> she's hideous. i am here tonight with diana falzone. and put a ripping on it on we-tv. she is so hot she is listed as a dependent on her tax forms. he is finally here in the flesh. nbc and espn, and he knows games of chance like i know leather pants. i am wearing three of them as i speak. and bill sculz.
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and sitting next to me, the king of the corn hole. he co anchors america's newsroom. if top notch reporting were an army, he would be great at shaving pry vets. and he has no sunday comics in flunked economics. it is our "new york times" cory spawn department, good to see you -- correspondent, good to see you, pimp. >> good to sea you, pinch. >> i was just telling paco to tell him never to enter the apartment. [speaking spanish." >> thank you so much. to the greg-alogue, and it is a gar -- it is a garbonzo bean. so mpr fired ron williams. if you are not familiar with
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it, imagine yourself on a bus sitting next to jed hirsch. bill asked him about jihad and how it is aided by some muslim nations. here is how williams replied -- >> look, bill, i am not a bigot. you know i have written about the civil right move meant. -- movement. when i get on a train -- if i see people in muslim gar and i -- garb and i think they are identifying themselves first and for most as muslims, i get worried. >> i am not a bigot. racist. he brought up the times square and he said the war with america was just beginning. but as slate points out, the passage was clipped before he talked about his concerns about stereo typing. this is what they didn't show you. >> wait a second. if you said timothy mcveigh, the atlanta bomber, these people protesting against homosexuality very object obnoxious, you don't say first
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and foremost we have a problem with christian. that's crazy. >> media matters will cover all of that. mpr fired him for being honest and for saying what everyone with a brain was thinking. but i think they fired him for being interesting. that's a huge rule breaker. a place that makes ambien like ambirol. who cares the cap called tolerance? those on the left who believes everyone is entitled to their own views, unless they aren't their views. and of course this is the same media who avoids anything that might upset muslims. a group they tell us we shouldn't fear. yet, they are silent about mohamed cartoons. that's the real stinker. while juan explained his nervousness, he only mentioned what the cowards in the media feel, but denies. so they got rid of him. which should be a feather in his cap. if you disagree with me, you are a racist homophobic feather fob.
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>> we all know that ron williams is a racist jerk. >> i can't think of a bigger jerk in this building. when i think of all of the people ron williams is a number one jerk. i know the woman. she used to work at mpr. i didn't know her well, but i knew her at the time. >> you had her love child. >> no, no not even close. there is something bigger at work here. there is a force much higher. >> are you talking about god? >> no, not even close. not even close to the big man. >> they fired him why? >> he worked for us. he has had a target on his back for a couple years now, and they finally got him on something. they acted on it. you would not meet a person who would do more for minorities than ron williams. -- than juan williams. >> bill, you have done things to minorities.
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he does things for minorities. >> they walked or limped away happy. >> that is true, a terrible man. >> i agree with you. this is what makes the story so hilarious. juan williams is the last person in the world you would call a bigot. >> mpr is about the first amendment, free speech. the other thing is you cannot take his comment out of context. you have to hear it in the entirety of the argument he was making. >> bill, we in the media love taking things out of context. >> no. when has that ever happened? >> didn't he say what a lot of people think including people who work at mpr who get on planes? they must say the same thing. >> i don't wear a lot of muslim garb when flying around. but i can empathize that certain things conjure up things in people's minds. when they started asking this guy to stop identifying himself as a contributor to mpr when he was on fox, that set the stage.
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i would be super uh end fended if a network i worked for said, well, we are a liberal network and we don't want you to say you are with nbc, or whatever the case my be. it is a shame because people on the left need to be on shows that might align with the right. >> all i know is that juan williams walked away with a new contract. >> $2 million. and it is over three years. after taxes that is $666,000 a year making juan williams, the anti-christ. diana, what do you make of this? the woman at mpr said what juan said should be between him and his shrink. >> that was mean and inappropriate. i agree with everything everyone was saying. he did have a target on his back when he started common tateing at fox news. the thing that bothers me is she didn't want to hear an explanation. and things were taken out of context. i think it is good and welcome to the team here. >> bill, you are one of the few who wants a target on his
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back, but it has nothing to do with employment and political beliefs. it is more of an arrow pointing down. huckabee says we should fund mpr because they play a game pretending to be objective when they president are. what say you strange man? >> am i the only one here who thinks it could be a brilliant move during mpr during fundraising week to a -- to appeal to the like-minded liberal viewers because the economy is bad. mpr winds and so does juan williams. >> it was not fundraising, it was juan-raising. >> and juan is the loneliest number. >> people are not crying out for the removal of juan williams. there were 287 e-mails sent out. forgive me. i don't know if there were 315 people who listen, but it was a fraction. >> juan williams will talk about any issue you want.
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he is open minded and fair. every once in awhile we say, that's a good . >> very nice guy. coming on the show soon. who knows? from bad blood to bed bugs. it is spreading faster than the rash i brought back from thailand. i speak of the outbreak here in new york city and elsewhere. this august the the creepy crawlershave been discuffed across new york city. many wonder what it means for the coming months. luckily "red eye" has next media anna animation to thank for a look at the story. you may have seen their awesome animated news stories before. the question is, will giant bugs take over the city, and will bill shuls and andyly and i -- andy levy and i will come to an end. watch and listen.
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>> they saved you for last. >> all you saw was him mounting me. he could have been doing any old thing. if anything i could have come out of this with a number. >> there would have been little bill bed bug babies. >> that's my daughter, david. my i will legitimate daughter, david. >> the target was on your back. >> you live in l.a. has this reached l.a. yet? >> not to my knowledge. i was out here in new york, and they were supposed to put us up at the waldorf which i heard had an infestation. i weaseled my way out and stayed in soho. >> weaseled? >> well, i left my luggage on the ground. >> don't let it touch the floor. >> i will say this, the waldorf salad is a lot crunchie.
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>> are there a lot of articles in the papers i have read? they are saying the bed bugs factor in on who people date. some women won't go -- they go back to a guy's apartment. - >> if you are in the heat of the moment you wouldn't be like, hold on, blue light on your sheets. >> did you see big they were? >> obviously. >> you can't even hide. >> this is disturbing. there are billboards everywhere. i won't go to the movie thee at the -- the movie theater. they are there too. >> they closed down the one in times square. they closed down -- is it victoria's secret? i don't know. they closed abecrombie and the nike store. >> it never happened around here, has it? there is no history of it, is there? >> yes, there was. >> we were hurt like three
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years ago. >> it was awhile ago. >> but the good news 1* clearly they didn't strike bo nana republic because all four of us made it in there and we are safe. >> i got the memo. >> i love our new fall colors. >> animation is the best way to get the news. i do believe it could have been prevented if we didn't ban the pesticide. we have to bring it back, and i have a feeling we will bring it back because it is the only thing that works. from pet to pals. as a duo they blow-o. i speak of mahmoud and hugo. like two awful tastes that taste awful together, they are joining forces to establish a new world order that will eliminate western dominance over global global affairs. this week ahmadinejad and his counterpart chavez signed agreements between the countries. and they denounced u.s. imperial itch.
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-- imperialism. here is a tape of the two meeting at the presidential palace. >> most people don't realize you are iranian. >> yeah. i tweez just enough to remove that evidence. >> you look like aladin. >> thank you so much. you can call me what you want. >> what do you think of the new world order? does it concern you? >> i watched a lot of cartoons, and i haven't seen this much reference to world domination since super friends. i am telling you, these guys are as to global leaders as the kid your parents used to tell you don't hang out with in high school. you don't want to be caught
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with him. but that kid can actually grow up to do some cool things like wear v necks. they are trouble, but i don't take them that seriously. i don't know. >> maybe it is because you are a spy. >> i -- you are an objective news person at fox news. you have a lot of credibility. but even in the green room -- in the green room you told me it was time to bomb venezuela, is that what you said? >> i don't know. it must be something i am drinking tonight. >> there is a reason for the cooperation. they are getting ready for a blockade of iran. what is really perverse about iran is they don't have gasoline because they don't have a refinery capacity. if we are going to blockade the country, venezuela comes with the color, and who gets the headlines? >> the agreement was ear, mad with the holocaust didn't happen clause. >> that's true. >> diana, they came together
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because of their hatred for the united states. we are like the millionaire match maker. >> this is disturbing. i'm actually bothered by this pairing and i think it is dangerous. i hope we come to a stop, but not by any kind of war-like means. just peaceful. >> the intent was the world domination. hasn't china beat them too? they are buying everything. >> they purchased bill for $32. but i bought it back for 33. >> i tried to tell them that you were bruised, but they didn't seem to mind. >> it was damaged goods. >> don't you want to be their third wheel, bill? >> their access of idiot things? >> ahmadinejad can get away with this stuff bo everybody there has a beard. hugo has to be careful. with that giant boulbus body,
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he is easy to spot. i saw him via google maps at a mcdonalds. all you have to do is log on and look at the red. >> this is what happened despite obama's unclenched fist. everybody is supposed to be nice to us. no, they don't. >> only if we can bash obama at the end. >> you have to clinch your fist. that's the only thing that matters. you gu -- >> you just clinched at the wrong i'm too. >> coming up, he was the last miner out of the hole in chile. and he is about to break his silence. how much does this bra cost? better question is who the "f" cares?
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should you get credit for placing blame on an edit?
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on monday msnbc's rachel maddow said in 1995 a republican congressman, quote, received advance in the, end quote of the oklahoma city bombing. roll tape, tape-rolling people. >> in 1994, in the first mid-term electric after the last democratic election, we got candidates like steve stockman of texas. they were so close to the militia movement that mr. stockman actually received advance notice the oklahoma city bombing was going to happen. >> well, there is more than one problem with that. the big one is that stockman did not in fact receive advanced in the -- in the of the bombing. he got an e-mail 15 minutes after which he turned over. well now there is an apology and it is pretty lame. >> on monday i said mr. stock man's notice was not advance notice. it was right after the bombing. i apologize for the
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misstatement. it was an editing error and miep alone. to the conservative blogers who are extremely angry with me for making that mistak -- mistake and who no doubt will be extremely angry for airing this correction, let me say, thank you. thank you for signaling enthusiasm forgetting all of the details right. if the country talked more about the steve stock -- stockmans of the world and what extremism was like in the country, that would be good as a country. particularly before this round of elections. >> nice, taring everybody there. the old dog made an editing excuse. now we go to angry kitty.
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clearly an anti-government extremist. i am a little worried. >> in your apartment, i assume. >> just a small mistake. >> we all make mistakes. just ask the folks at mpr. >> here is what i love, she said someone had advance knowledge of the atrocity and then mocks those who are upset at .ing out she is wrong. that is weird. >> she tried to dilute it a little more than i would have. there was something casual and nonshaw lopt about the apology, but own up to it. we have all made mistakes on air. albeit, maybe not quite as big as that one.d it like i say potato you say potato. there is a big difference between 50 minutes after it happened and before it happened. it seems like she gets a pass because unlike everybody
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else on msnbc, she is considered nice. i think it is a vicious thing. >> i think it was very vicious and she came off as a mean girl and not genuine at all. she could have apologized saying, i made a mistake. he did report this immediately after the bombing 15 minutes amplt she was like, na, na, na, na, na. >> when shy leaded to the story and had done it correctly. i mean, i december everyone is blowing the whistle saying she knew and it was done on purpose. i'm not sure. it seems tared to know she made a mistake. i would fear that woman in the red sweater. >> you are terrible. sculz you receive e-mails of rolling bathhouses. >> like on the highway? >> yes. >> they doment.
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>> they are rolling, rolling raifs. >> i don't know much about it. >> in the dirty game there has been a lot of i'm sorry americas. he was never done a backhanded apology should catch the biggest mown. so, do you have a comment on the show? e-mail as you the red eye at fox news .com. to leave a voice mile-an-hour call 212-452-5050. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by the ram raw hat, and you are one click away from a 360-degree picture that will last a lifetime. thanks, camera hat.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. we go now to andy levy. have you heard about this juan williams? >> he was in the navy in 1879 during the beginning of the war. >> i guess so. >> why is he back in the news? >> people love their history. >> thank you, glen back, for that. >> and thank you woodrow wilson. >> why do you bring him up? >> horrible. >> by the way, guys, i was kidding about it being sweater thursday.
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>> i'm completely uncoordinated. diana, dress us. >> sorry. >> by the way, andy, it is sweater friday. >> no, not really. >> yes, it is. >> not in hawaii. you make me sick to my stomach. >> greg-alogue and here is my modest proposal. >> what is muslimgarb? jewelry and v neck t-shirt? >> i thought that's what they would eat when they wept hiking. -- went hiking. >> do you know what it stands for? neither do i. >> you said there were forces at work here even bigger than npr.
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go on. >> fundraising week. i want going to report that he gave $2 million a few days ago. you don't know the pressure corporately. >> well, i know. >> do you? >> believe me, i know. >> do you give it to media parties? >> i believe he gave money separately to mpr or an organization that gives money. >> he gave $75 to bill. >> wow. that was money not well spent. >> i lost it in the lobby. >> is that an 8 ball, bill? >> how dare you. >> if you are talking about pool, yes. >> greg, you said a $2 million contract over three years comes to 6 sick 6,000 before taxes. >> before? >> yeah. >> i got it wrong. >> that's what you are here for, keeping me straight. >> yeah. well, keeping you honest.
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>> you said mpr's ceo shouldn't have said what she said about juan's feelings being between him and his psychiatrist. what bothered you more, there is nothing you could say about firing him. that was the vice president of news. >> i apologize for the mistake, but not really. >> well done. >> ellen would not allow juan to speeb to anybody above her. the decision is made up. i want a face-to-face with who made the call. >> he has earned it. by the way, bill o'reilly announced on his little show that senator jim diment will introduce legislation to de fund npr. >> this could be the death for npr. >> or the tiping bill. >> or the stake in the heart.
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>> i am getting word he does president want out ofed with men or women working there. >> and we will be all a part of the same bill. bed bugs, greg, you said there have been a lot of articles in papers you heard? >> yes. >> top lying. -- stop lying. hammer you brought up there was a problem with bed bugs here a little while back. after watching that video do you think it is a coincidence people saw it working here. >> no, that's probable. >> do you have the cats too? >> and yet i have no bugs. >> i sure don't. >> i hear they make homes on the back of desk top computers. >> is that right? >> they like the warmth in there. >> who doesn't? diana don't tell the persian guest he looks like alladin. >> i always wanted to be jasmine. he can be my unit coulder part.
3:34 am
>> you are going to lose your gear. >> that makes a good jasmine. thank you, aladin. >> get a room. >> here is my advice, don't call it a new world order. everyone knows what the new world order is what the free masons and the tri lateral commission will not take this well. >> that's true. >> not to mention the jews. >> we always do though. >> i do, don't i. >> you always meption the jews. >> it is called job security. diana, you said they scare you, and they should be stopped, but by peaceful means. >> like a strong lie-wordeder mail. >> i will deliver it. >> matt, i was laying an uholog. had advance in the of the bombing and he got there 15 minutes after the bombing. she was only off a couple that
3:35 am
happened fir teen years ago. >> that's good. >> it is good. >> all she had to do was say, i screwed up. why beacon descending to the people who caught you in an error? >> i can't speech on behalf of rachel maddouw. >> they say if you are going to uh poll -- apologize, -- first apology has to stick. >> they do say that. >> they do. >> i guess eme sort of give her a pass because she is the nice one as compared to overman. but if you think about it so is getting a colon os ask you pea without anesthesia. it doesn't mean anything. >> that's supposed to be painful? >> it is supposed to be. 98%.
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>> andy didn't know. that's what i done. is the adventure of paypal hurting college morale. ps, bill want to be a gal. they started a fellowship that would doll out hundred of thousands dollars. the theory? they believe universities are not worth their enormous tuition. and it hinders what they should be spending their time on. all of which has ivy league brip lals requests. where to start with the nasty idea? the field fellows will emulate their sponsor around the onset of adulthood, maintaining a focus as getting rich as young as possible and helping others, or not helping ours. speaking of who, let's go to
3:37 am
thurston owl, the third. what say you, old boy? >> i would see a doctor immediately ms. november, a doctor immediately. too many people are going to college. this is a fact. they are not paying back their loans. this guy's idea is genius. >> where was this guy when i was going to college? >> i would skip the whole thing. >> give them some ideas, see what you can work out. it is a four-year buffer zone. that's all college is. >> you do nothing but spend your parent's money. is this a great idea or a super great idea? >> i think it can be a good
3:38 am
idea and it could be a bad idea. as an eight-year sophomore at cal is when i decided to leave things. i had a great time, but i knew i would work in television and in that capacity i didn't feel a degree was nothing but an a merit badge. i got the heck out after a decade. there are definitely careers that i will want people to go to school for. i don't want gouggie houser look through. >> i perform my own sarge reafter going on web mb. >> you learned nothing in college. >> that's all we did. we made spores and i think hahn necessarily with these kids, i think it is a brilliant idea. lawsuit right now graduating can't find a job. if you have the money there and have the idea, take the community. you can always go back. the reason a lot of people love the idea of education is it is a money-making business.
3:39 am
>> no one is going back. once you get out and you get older, it is tough at 32. >> by the way, you have those nightmares of ending up back in college. you think you are missing a final or something? >> yeah. >> bill, you went to a vocational junior college called emerson, correct? >> yes. >> do you rue the day? >> devry was our campus friends. one guy was intocryogenics and he had the ability for her to work for that guy. >> that's a man with a tremendous fear of death. so how long does it take to reuh pull sister a couch with human flesh? diana falzone shows us after the break. >> and what is so special about this bra? i don't know, i bet it would
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look good on a
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granola, oats, race -- raisins and peanuts. >> what? oh, i thought you said something different. >> new jersey turnpike is awesome for a lot of reasons. the rest stops are secluded and the cops believe you when you say you lost your pants in a fire. but the highway offers more riches for one toll worker in particular. an audit found the authority which is 43 million on unneeded perks on bonuses. one employee with a base salary of $73,000 earned $320,000 after bonuses. we should discuss this in our lightning round, aka, stories we wanted to include earlier, so let's do them now. it would be one thing if it
3:44 am
was a private company, but we are paying for it. >> i am stunned. are you kidding me? jersey. that's where the sopranos came from, right? >> this is going on in jersey, can you imagine what we are waiting in the other 49 states? our government passed a stimulus bill in 21 days, $800 billion in 21 days. >> it is a tragedy. shouldn't the toll workers get paid? >> i would expect a kickback, personally. are there toll roads in vegas? if there were you can only imagine what the bonuses over there would be like. >> that's true. bill, seriously, you should work for them. >> i am worried about chris kristy. once he is done levying the population, he will go after the poll booth collector. >> don't we have computers? >> we have easy packs.
3:45 am
i am so screwed. >> but you have chris christie. in a new book, a former top military advisor says the president once lost the biscuit. sounds sexy, but that is the car the president is supposed to keep close by because it contains the nuclear launch codes. are you surprised? he had way too much partying to do. >> here is one for homeland security. i know where my driver's license is right now, passport is right now. you gave me the nuclear code, i think i could keep track of it. >> it is next to the dresser at my bed. >> it is so important that something could be lost so easily. ? >> yes, it is like a cartoon. it is a problem for me. and losing the biscuit really should be something a lot cooler than the nuclear code. >> that's funny.
3:46 am
bill, you play a game called hide the biscuit all the time. >> what are we talking about again? >> is it tough finding it once you lose it? >> one time president lost his in the bath tub. and i will tell you, that was one very big limp bizkit. >> how fast would it take a woman to find the biscuit? >> wait on this. i think bill clinton was misplacing the biscuit as a way to flirt with the girls. he was like, wanna see it. >> not limp anymore. i >>- q. we need a monica lewinski -- >> we need a monica lewinski reference. and a bra that cost $easily $2 million. >> there are two great things about that story. i say, two great things about the story. >> i have no idea what you are talking about. diana, do you dream about wearing a bra that expensive?
3:47 am
>> no. >> it would be poking into everyone. but underneath i want to show you -- no, just kidding. >> who cares about the bra. did you see those shoes 1234* they were not wear -- they were not wearing her, she was wearing them. >> doesn't the bra make her look really smart? >> make who look smart? is there someone attached to that? i'm sorry. >> you people make me sick to my stomach. we are taking a break. don't forget to buy my book "bible of unspeakable truths." go to your nearest bookstore. come on, i haveñ÷
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now it is time to show you the top story in china. >> a common dilemma, you are on the toilet when the phone rings. what do you do? what is the social etiquette. one thing is for sure, try not to drop your mobile down the lou. and if you do, don't try and fish it out. and whatever you do, do not repeat "do not get your arm stuck" because it did not just take a happened or two to get you out, but a camera true. they arrived to find this man crouched over the toilet bowel and his arm submerged up to
3:52 am
his shoulder. and he had to break the toilet to get him out. not only did they released him, but they also found the mobile phone. he won't be using that anytime soon. they reason not to drop it down the lou, people will never shake your hand again. >> they have such lovely british accents in china. >> it sounds so much more pleasant. >> it was tie hua knees. >> it is the home of shakespeare. >> this is your life in your phone. would you do that? >> not gnaw. >> maybe five years ago? >> maybe five years ago, and this year no chance. >> they keep all your records right there. >> i'm stupid. >> i'm glad i am not with verizon.
3:53 am
you would think they would be jumping the way they dispatched the crew. it was like a chilean live shoot. the guy works in the factory that makes them. >> actually they say they got 33 cell phones back. bill, this must happen to you all the time. you spend a lot of time in bathrooms hum americaning through your pocket. >> if you were to replace the toilet with andy levy, the same thing would happen to me. when thees a mat guys got there, man, were they upset. >> we nef got -- we never got the message. >> he got stuck. >> that was number two. >> if my phone fell down, i would go after it. i am attached. i love it. i love my phone. i love you, blackberry.
3:54 am
>> hopely it is not away. >> it is. >> don't more, go to bed. >> we will close things up with the post game wrap up with andy levy. and if you want to see clips of recent should is go to, but you wi need a computer for that. pú
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don't forget to catch bill, that's shultz on friday at 7:00 p.m. on business nightly. that's exciting. >> it is. >> i guess we will not go to the same. time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks. shultz, i have your phone.
3:58 am
hammer x are you going to be part of fox news' biggy election night coverage? >> yeah. >> what are you going to be doing? >> working the billboard. it is like the moving iphone thing and you can take the pictures out and stretch them. >> i asked to be the one to do that. >> i will show you how. just come up to the 12th ward. >> what's up with you and aqua buddha. >> i love aqua buddha. i remember the old college days -- >> is that like walk uh -- the aqua velva? >> what is going on with cal football. >> we are struggling. we could use a few post game wrap ups courtesey of you, for sure. tough conference, pac-10. >> happening in there. >> i am a big fan of the bears and i like football.
3:59 am
didn't know you were furry. >> greg, congratulations for being the 1 millionth person to make the joke on the show. >> what do i get? >> to return to tomorrow as host. where can men go to learn about the ladies? >> he already knows about the ladies, sweet andy. go to imax. a lot of them talking about things it is exciting. >> bill, any hoda update? >> up deed. in lou of working i spent all day twittering men without hats lyrics and putting hoda into them. as one does when they try to host the fourth hour of "the dude show." she said, bill, we can dance if we want to, question mark. she is closer and colorser -- she is closer and


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