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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 24, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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word-- it's too funny seeing dowd go after angle for being aggressive in a debate. it's what you do in a debate. and maybe a debate is no place for girls. for fox news watch, i'm greg gutfeld. >> that's greg on red eye. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott, keep here. i'll see you next week. >> good morning everyone, it's sunday october 24th. here is what's happening at this hour. president obama continuing his push to try to help democrats try to avoid disaster on november 2nd, will he help or hurt his party in the mid terms.
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>> and sarah palin once again blasting the president as she fires up the republicans with mid terms just nine days away. >> you know, mr. president, you got it right on one point there, we are afraid knowing that your economic policies are driving us off a cliff. . >> hear what else she had to say from the sunshine state coming up. >> imagine doing whatever you want in retirement. is that possible in this economy? our expert coming up says absolutely. "fox & friends" starts right now on a sunday morning. >> . >> i'm danny devito and you're watching "fox & friends." >> i taught he had a punch there. and comes up short sometimes. >> all the times. >> brilliant. >> and good sunday morning to you. peter johnson, jr. in for clayton morris. he's depressed and phillies a late night loss we'll talk about in a bit.
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he needed the day off. >> okay. >> in the meantime, let's get after the campaign trail, president obama back in the white house after a four day campaign swing and he wrapped up in minnesota. julie kirtz is live with what he said. >> hi, this is his longest campaign trip as president and back in the white house as you said for a low key sunday and last night at the university ot mark dayton, the democrat running for governor, president obama continued to attack republicans arguing this election is a choice between tax cuts for the middle class for tax cuts for the wealthy, paraphrasing albert einstein, he said the true sign of madness, if you do the same thing over and over again, expect the same results and also paraphrased al franken. here is the president. >> i know that al franken taught me a little about the analogy of a car being driven into the ditch, although i guess al kind of embellished it a little bit. he said there were alligators
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down there. i didn't see the alligators, but it's true the car went into the ditch. we give the other side the key back and i promise you will have those special interests sitting shotgun. meanwhile, minnesota governor tim pawlenty said he'll decide next spring whether to run for president in 2012. he released a video, bemming obama to minnesota with a tongue in cheek vocab lessen so m min talk. >> if you ask them in they like the federal health care system. make say ah, not so much and when you surprise someone, we say yikes. the federal deficit was over a tral and might be next year, too, yikes. >> and the race there is actually one of the fee places in the country where democrats
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could make gains and the white house would like to take credit for that with poles showing the g.o.p. with good chance to take control of the house here in washington. back to you. >> yeah, yikes, that's a good one. i think a guy who might run in 2012, makes a heck of a bumper sticker. >> you betcha. >> one that sarah palin the former alaska governor likes to use and familiar narrative as president obama talks where the left is headed and sarah palin is firing up those on the right. telling you where the republicans are going to leads to country if they take back the house. here is what she had to say at a republican rally in florida, she was there with michael steele, the rnc chair. >> the president is now telling us that we're not thinking straight because of all the fear and frustration that americans have. he claims fact, science and arguments aren't winning the day because we're not thinking straight, quote unquotes. well, you know, mr. president,
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you've got it right on one point there, we are afraid knowing that your economic policies are driving us off a cliff. >> that analogy is just an analogy that keeps on giving and the republicans have co-opted, and putting it in d and reverse in r and now the rbt have co-opted. >> the first time in american history you've talked about the american people being scared, being afraid and they're hard wired to be irrational somehow when they are scared and afraid. what is that, mr. president, we're afraid? >>, but fdr said, let's talk about fear and said we have nothing to fear, but fear itself, but, however.
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>> great historical analogy. >> but it was a hopeful message. >> a learn message we're going to get through this together. >> i don't think you're going to see president obama go back to that one again. he's going to stick with the d and r and move forward. i don't think he's going back to the fear analogy, i think that harkens back to clinging to guns and religion. >> there's been a sad ending in a search for a missing college student. police believe they've found the body of the 18-year-old, a freshman at northern illinois university. last seen a week ago told she was going tore a walk to get inspiration for an art project. so far, there have been no arrest and the security has been beefed up. an american swimmer just 26 years old is dead. he died of an apparent heart attack in the middle of a race. he fell unconscious in the last leg of a 10 k race and
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two horse later found by daughter. reports he told the coach he wasn't feeling well. and two time swimmer of the year in college. and this was in the a fire drill, what you're about to see. 400 students at georgetown university tossed out of their beds after a secret drug lab was discovered inside a freshman dorm. police arrested two male students and one visitor, investigators originally thought it was a meth lab and later termed the chemicals they found are used to create a hallucinogenic drug and it smelled strange, the dorm. and a study says that afghan president karzai's chief of staff has been receiving millions in cash payments from iran. according to the new york times, iran has been using influence in an attempt to weaken afghan tease to us and n.a.t.o. and the payments alleged deposited in a secret fund to
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pay lawmakers and commanders. those are the headlines. >> scary stuff. rick reichmuth is out today and in his absence we're happy to welcome maria molina, she was on fox report and comes back for "fox & friends." happy you're aboard. >> thanks. and frightening moments for several families, wind gusts clocked in around 50 miles per hour and flash flood warnings were issued as well as a tornado watch in some parts of the state. so, that was a big story yesterday and for today we have once again another slight risk for weather and today that's a little further eastward across portions of louisiana, arkansas and also mississippi all associated with the same frontal boundary which is currently producing some rains across the great lakes region. and we move westward, pacific northwest, a major snowstorm system, that's moving in and
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that's the first of the season looking at the radar, we see lots of rain across northern california and even down through reno and across portions of nevada and even up across portions of seattle. a pretty unsettled day out there and scattered showers across parts of the state of the north and new england. ahead of the frontal system, it's pretty earlier this morning and a temperatures 73 in new orleans and 70 in san ten and behind that look at the cooldown, 47 currently in denver and albuquerque into the 40's out there. and provo 45 degrees, a chilly start to the good morning out there. back to you guys. >> thank you. i got her a welcome gift. a five hour energy to try to get through had a rough morning so we'll have-- >> that's dave's secret. let's turn now to august-- november 2nd, nine days away the mid terms.
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very interesting races and a lot of responsibility in you, the voter's hands. and we'll explane alaska, colorado and florida, what bonds those three except perhaps the love the hunting. third candidates. that will shake things out and deck kate where they go. it will be a wild cardment and so let's look at what's going on in alaska. you'll remember there that the incumbent senator, in her primary bid, so, she's now a write-in candidate. so, here are the other-- other opponents and again, very interesting race and lots of eyes on this. and here are where the polls are, 35% to miller. the one who won the american primary and murkowski is razor thin. >> we've got to get the wild card there, you have to right
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in murkowski's name, exactly the right way. >> the fear that murkowski and the other would split. but shaking things up in alaska and head to florida where it's the gubernatorial race that has things interesting, charley charlie crist, second to marco rubio, and i think the third candidate that shakes this up a meek. a democrat who's done very well in the debates. some are asking him to get out. he's not going anywhere, if he did, you would imagine those voters would tend to lean toward charley kris, kendrick meek is not getting out and so will those two split the middle and the left and marco rubio coasts through. >> and if the governor had a greater chance it would have been showing.
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voters know who he is and trending. >> trending away. >> that race is know the close. for governor, in colorado, the john hickenlooper and the third one tom tancredo as the american constitution party and dan mays the republican. let's look at the number. dan mays is playing the role of the third candidate, though he's the republican. he has about anywhere from 10 to 12% of the vote. clearly, not enough to even have a chance on november 2nd. but enough to knock out tom tancredo out. the republicans are actually urging him quietly to get out of the race. if he doesn't, well, then the mayor of denver, who is john hickenlooper who is popular could win and it's easternic what's happening in terms of the republicans battling
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essentially their party. >> it's complicated, but very interesting. >> all politics local and the race by race fascinating. >> absolutely. >> npr fire analyst juan williams as you know for comments that he made on bill o'reilly's show about muslims. our next guest says the move is something else entirely. >> then, are democrats perfectly tossing a helping hand to the candidates who had no shot of winning in an effort to siphon votes from republicans? >> and alisyn, what song just gets in your head and it won't ever leave? it's called an ear worm. we want to know what yours are. >> mine is, i just haven't met you yet. >> that's a great song. i wish that was suck in my head. >> i apologize to you will an of you, it will be in your head for the rest of the weekend. >> and a list. >> we have some scientific evidence of what ear worms are and the top ten ones on earth.
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>> welcome back. and npr fired analyst juan williams for comments he made about muslims, but our next guest says the move speaks to something else entirely. he says that our society is so
7:17 am
p.c., that we're afraid to express concerns about muslim extremists. fox news terror analyst joins us from the d.c. bureau. good morning to you on this sunday. how are you. >> i'm good. how are you. >> tell us what's going on, is the world, is america too p.c. that we can't confront our own fears, whether they're rational or irrational about muslim extremists in this country? >> it's an issue about education and public education and npr is the main education in this country and npr and others should have been informing americans within, within the arab and muslim community in the world and in america, there are disturnings between those who follow the path of fundamentalism, they have strict codes, they have a view of the world. and those who aren't. so, if you are criticizing one faction, within a debate. you're not certainly criticizing the entire community.
7:18 am
that's the difference. >> well, care, the organization spoke out against mr. williams, expression of a feeling of answering site and they said that npr should address the fact that one of its news analysts seems to believe that all airline passengers who are perceived to be muslim should be viewed as a security threat. the national director said that on october 20. so the question is this morning, you made reference to it in an article, is npr an agent somehow of a jihadist inquisition as you call it? >> yes, it is a political jihady inquisition, there's a statement in there, perceived. perceived on what. there's a, about the dress code, about the garb and a debate, a raging debate in turkey, in syria, in egypt, in algeria. how come a political faction in america comes and tell us
7:19 am
if you criticize these clothes, if you are concerned about these clothes, then you are positioned as somebody criticizing the entire community. that is not right and what is worse, is that npr, for the last many years, for the last 20 years has been ignoring that debate within the muslim world. anybody who criticize anything that has to do with islamism as a movement is seen, is coined as somebody who is criticizing the entire community. >> thank you for joining us this morning. we'll see you soon. thanks for your insight this morning. >> thank you. >> some counties in illinois missed the deadline to send absentee ballots to troops overseas and now they're sending the deadline by just one day. are our servicemen and women being denied the right to vote? we'll talk to one angry military mom about that coming up. >> and are you kept from being investing in tomorrow. we have some solutions to
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>> 23 minutes past the hour. time for your news by the number. 60. that's the percentage of all the nations in the world that will have their debt downgraded to junk status, by the year 2060. the cause, the aging population due to retirement and health costs their countries cannot afford. next 35% that's the increase that airline complaints with the department of transportation in just the last month. despite this, analysts say the holiday season will be busy. and 220 million, that's how many walkman's sony has sold
7:24 am
since it launched in 1979. the company just pulled the plug on the original portable cassette tape player. >> that's, aly. after illinois counties missed the deadline to mail ballots to troops overseas by just two weeks, they decided to extend the deadlines for troops to mail in ballots. get this, they only extended that deadline by just one day. military mom, beverly pearlson and others within an organization she founded, band of mothers say they are outraged by this, beverly. welcome to you, good morning. >> good morning, dave, thank you for having me and giving me this opportunity to fight for our troops, as they fight for us. >> you bet. they extend this deadline by one day. as a mom whose son served four deployments for the 82nd airborne, how does it make you feel? >> angry:
7:25 am
the department of injustice, dedecided to extend the deadline by one day and it's outrageous. >> what are you hearing from your son and his fellow troops, on this decision on the fact that 35 counties in illinois alone missed the deadline to get those troops their ballots on time? >> you know, dave, how do you think it makes them feel. when they're over there in this war, obama's war he sent 30,000 troops to afghanistan and lost over 500 since he took office. and i've seen him campaigning all over and haven't heard him addressing this issue our troops, their ballots will be counted. it's wrong, he's the commander-in-chief and needs to stick up for the troops and with one stroke of the pen he could make sure their military votes would be counted. >> beverly it's a bit surprising there has been a partisan battle and a few republicans have stepped up
7:26 am
and made this an issue. why would this be a partisan issue? both parties should care about this equally, right. >> that's right. our troops don't just fight for republicans or democrats, they fight for all americans. so many' reaching out to americans today. asking them when they cast their ballots on november 2nd, cost a ballot in no conversationconfidence in this president. pick up the phone,let them know how outraged you are and to the troops over there, we're fighting as hard for you as you're fighting for us. >> beverly pearlson and the band of mothers. thank you for being with us this morning, it's an important fight. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up on the show, we first told you the story, a 19-year-old killed by a shark in california. now, there are new details about what kind of shark it was. then thousands of christians
7:27 am
outraged because they're not allowed to fly their flag and what they're doing to fight back. and the songs you just can't get out of your head. we have the top ten scientific lists the entire world and the research behind it coming up. ♪ when my doctor told me that my chronic bronchitis was copd... i started managing it every day. i like to volunteer... hit the courts... and explore new places.
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>> welcome back everybody. alisyn camerota, dave briggs and peter johnson junior. if you think that congress and capitol hill is filled with career politicians and lawyers, well, not so fast. this year, there are some people with some very interesting day jobs running for congress. a pastry chef is running, a cartoonist, a swimming pool repairman, a chaplain, just to name a few. >> let's start with one of those, all right.
7:31 am
gerald, as you mentioned, he is a pastry and candy chef and his favorite, mini snickers, freezes them and makes them into thing. why does that make him a good politician. he can take something boring, and make something interesting, the tag, that politician is very bad for you this year and these folks kind of show that trend. >> i like that, next-- >> ivan ladendorf progressive party, in missouri, a cartoonist, as a write-in, he's running for congress, he says his favorite comic strip character is nomad. >> he also says in terms of what his skills are that would actually translate to washington and being a lawmaker, i'm good at figuring out what people are really saying and figuring out their motivations behind it. >> he says the easiest politician to draw is john kerry. that's his favorite to make a cartoon of.
7:32 am
another one, this makes sense to me, a meteorologist. >> yes. >> darryl roman. why he's running as a democrat in washington. if you think about this one, it makes sense, he's a farmer and meteorologist, he can see what's coming, a storm on the horizon and you need that when are' in office and you need to know if there's a political storm coming and he can forecast what's coming down. >> very good. yes, he says he likes to keep an eye on the sky and yet, be a realist. i met that i would-- maria would agree with that. >> definitely agree. >> in for rick. >> tell us what the weather is. >> i thought it would be chilly out here, guess what, guys, i came outside and i found a tailgate. i'm excited here keeping warm next to the barbecue, we have some pork chops, burgers and awes saj, chicken going on out here because of the bing national tailgating championship and normally you
7:33 am
think of the super bowl championships, but now we're actually competing for the best tailgate. so definitely go ahead and accepted us your pictures of your best tale gates on to our website and we'll definitely butt those on and later on in the show and taking a look at the weather for today. we're still attracting, richard, still a tropical storm, sustained winds at 70 miles per hour and it's expected to intensify later today, into a category 1 hurricane before making landfall against central belize and continues on shore and will weaken later on and pg have wind sheer will tear it up. at least that's good news for the u.s. otherwise we have a front across the u.s. bringing in light rain across seattle and into northern portions of california and also some rain across parts of the great lakes. back to you guys. >> thank you, i think you have a bright future in politics, should you want it. >> or in weather. >> and that's right, good point.
7:34 am
meanwhile, here are the rest of your headlines. tell you what's happening in the news, a string of beaches on california's central coast closed after a 19-year-old body boarder, lucas ransom, a shark attack. and they have until tomorrow to decide when to reopen. experts are saying that the shark attacked him was likely a great white. and a birthday party takes a tragic turn in mexico. gunman stormed two neighboring homes in j juarez, it's one of the most deadly cities thanks to the drug cartels. and haiti, the capital of port-au-prince. foushs are concerned because tens of thousands of people are living in tent cities after the january's devastating earthquake. so far the outbreak has taken
7:35 am
208 lives. and doubled this weekend, near 5,000 people packed the town of king to protest a decision to stop flying the christian flag at the veterans memorial. the town council took the flag down over fears it would not have the money to fight a looming a.c.l.u. lawsuit. >> it's absurd that first amendment rights are being trampled on. we are going to let the country know we are going to take the christian flag back. >> the king city council may discuss the issue again at the next meeting, november 1st and california girl katy perry is a married woman. >> ♪ california girls are undeniable, fine, fresh, fierce we've got it on top ♪ ♪ oh, wow. >> well she looks like a girl. the singer and british bo the
7:36 am
magnetic russell brandt tied the knot. >> your man. >> how dare he! tied the knot in a tradition al hindu wedding. according to reports. 21 camels, elephants and horses of course. >> sound typical. but the celebration is not over yet, scheduled to continue for six more days. >> i can still make it. >> good, that song is never getting out of my head. talk baseball, conventional wisdom says the starting pitcher fails to record an out in the third inning, that team loses. a few days away from the world series matchup nobody saw coming clear conventional wisdom does not apply this year. game six between the giants and phillies was a thriller and that's why clayton was not with us. i kid of course. the blow from juan uribe, 3-2 giants the bullpen for san francisco's seven shutout innings. ryan howard, like a-rod the
7:37 am
day before goes down looking at a called third strike, zero rbi for howard and 14 strikeouts in the post season. again, giants rangers and they start wednesday in san francisco. college football. another number one going down. this time the oklahoma sooners. number 11 missouri was the upset at home in columbia. tigers looking to about ut it away and snaps for a three yard score and missouri goes on to win 36-27. insane celebration. i think still continuing in missouri this morning. that's the third straight week a thum one goes down. oklahoma number one in the bcs. more good times for the tigers, sec variety. auburn, and lsu luck running out, ontario mccaleb, he's fast, isn't he, 70 yards to the house and brings the 440 yards rushing on the night,
7:38 am
over 200 for their unbelievable quarterback newton, and the last unbeaten in the sec. we talked about the california girl song. it was in my head when i woke up at 3 in the morning and it's still there. frustrating. >> we've been with this before, but we're back with ear worms because there's new information this morning, the university of london is actually doing research on ear worms, the songs stuck in your head, playing over and over like california girls does to dave. they're looking at a worldwide survey to find out the top ten most annoying songs. >> not annoying. >> or ear wormish songs of all time. and they're annoying when they're inhead. >> you can't shake them. >> you love them and then hate them. >> they're trying to figure out the science why some get in there and dig more and others.
7:39 am
>> and time magazine says about the study. the catchness of something is the result of a particular balance of earn is pitch intervals and tikrit himmic structures. so they can actually predict the ear worm within 75% and predict a formula-- >> that's to become a millionaire, they to what songs are going to be number one. >> they've asked worldwide for your opinion and find the website because they're collecting data on my blog on fox friends. guess what number ten is? wait, this is number one-- >> ♪ who let the dogs out. >> we'll start at number one. >> bajamen. >> all right. next. >> you should see the floor crew, they're rocking it. >> "somebody is watching me next" ♪ i always feel like
7:40 am
somebody's watching me ♪ >> that's a frightening song. >> that's number nine. >> okay, your favorite song. >> all the single ladies, beyonce ♪ all the single ladies, all the single ladies ♪ e. >> what's wrong with that. >> my two kids are like this, four and two. >> because all kids love this song, it's a kid ear worm, that song. >> that's not annoying, it's a good song. >> number seven on the all time ear worm list by 55 >> "i'm blue" number five ♪ just like me they long to be close to you ♪ >> and the number six song. >> oh, no, that's enough. >> no, let's do more. >> okay, eiffel 65, the one we were trying to get to "i'm
7:41 am
blue". >> i don't know this one. >> >> yes, you do ♪ . >> the ear worms, you don't know the words to them. >> are there words in this song. . >> i'm blue, dede da da >> we apologize we'll take your votes for the ear worm. >> and the fabric of america. >> coming up on the show is naps s nancy pelosi becoming the curse on the campaign trail. why more are turning on her. >> and the tough economy has many people worried about living comfortably after retirement. hear why our next guest says that dream of a rich future can still become a reality for you. ♪ ♪ i want to be rich
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that's the power of the home depot. get exclusive martha stewart living and platinum plus installed in your whole house >> we're back. hollywood is booming with newborn babies. singer celine dion a mom now to fraternal twin boys, no word on their names yet. she and her husband manager renee already have a nine-year-old son and actor
7:45 am
matt damon is a proud father once again and his wife just gave birth to a baby girl named sela. congratulations to all the new parents and now, the wonderful alisyn. >> chances are, you are making a major mistake with your finances right now. one expert says there's an easy way to do whatever you want in retirement and he's here to share his secret. they're all into the book, buckets of money retirement solution, ultimate guide to income for life and he joins me this morning. good to see you. >> thank you. >> let's start with the mistakes that people are making to set them up poorly for retirement and number one, not saving enough money. how much are you saving? >> well, the problem is, alisyn, people start too late and so therefore they get behind the eight ball and what you should be saving is at least 15 to 20% of your paycheck every month. a difference between starting
7:46 am
saving in your 20's than if you start in your 40's. you've got to save a lot more the closer to retirement. >> i should start saving early and shouldn't retire too early and people are making that mistake. >> it's a huge mistake. social security was first enacted people were dying at 68, 69, 70 years old and today, there's a 25% chance that you are going to make it to age 97. >> get out of here. >> a that's right. and 17% chancel' break a hundred. when should people retire? >> sometime between your normal retirement age for you at age 67 and i think age 70. remember, your social security benefits go up by 80%, 180% get 2000 a month, you get something far in excess of that. almost $4,000 a month to pose pane from age 62 to 70. ng that 70 is the target date. >> listening to people on tv telling them how to get rich sort of what like what you're doing. >> i'm on tv every day and radio as well. here is the problem, a lot of
7:47 am
people listen to the gurus and prognosticators and they study the gurus, correct about 46% of the time. if you trust your retirement to somebody correct only 46% of the time. 54% of the time you might be acquire for dog food, something like that. >> and you have a system with three buckets. >> right. >> the first bucket is income. what do you mean. >> three buckets and really, income, safety and growth. the problem with the asset allocation models which everybody does is the fact that people end up putting money in and taking money out of a volatile portfolio. if you have an income bucket, stable leilizes your income. while you have a retirement it's better than withdrawing from a volatile. >> your income bucket is a staff bucket. >> stays safe. matching your assets to your liabilities.
7:48 am
if you need to eat tomorrow, that's a short-term liability. so you fund that bucket with a short-term asset and we also need to eat 20 years from tomorrow and that's a long-term liability and therefore needs to be fundeded with a long-term asset. >> number two, safety. >> you need safe money, liquidity. the marked dropped 56%, if you retired after a black swan event where do you go to get your money? so that safe bucket is sort of like the buffer between income and growth. >> okay. and then the last within is growth and that's where you can take more risks? >> absolutely. growth is a 15 year time horizon minimum. when you buy stocks and real estate. you need to have a 15 year period in mind because there's not ever in history been a 15 year time period where stocks have ever lost money. if you never want to lose money in the market. investor for the long-term. >> and the book is the bucket of money retirement solution. the ultimate guide to income for life. >> that's it. >> thanks for coming in and sharing with us. >> thank you.
7:49 am
>> coming up are democrats purposely tossing a helping hand to the candidates who have no shot of winning in an effort to siphon growth? we have that coming up. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ a flavor paradise of delicious fishes ♪ ♪ friskies seafood sensations. ♪ feed the senses. all your important legal matters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business... protect your family... and launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side.
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7:52 am
>> democrats tossing a helping hand to candidates who are unlikely to win in tight races in the hopes of siphoning votes away from republicans. >> this is interesting stuff. radio talk show host and spokesman for the new york tea party, david webb joins us to discuss this topic. one that was written about in the new yorks times and let's just give you a few examples of what's happening out there before we get to you mr. webb. harry reid, for example, in nevada his supporters are running an ad in favor of the tea party candidate who is not
7:53 am
sharron angle. is that man, scott ashjohn, doesn't have much of a shot, but could be the difference taking enough votes away shank angle. and in california, mary bono mack, calls from a quote, registered republican saying vote for the independent. they are paid for by the democrats. >> and david, what is happening here? these are democrats who are trying to split in a sense the republican vote and using the tea party. >> absolutely. i mean, what we have here is the hard core politics, when it all costs and with a tea party movement that beg and that influential, democrats are going to do everything, they're desperate and 20 seats around the country that are going to be decided by 1500 votes, in that range. >> and what democrats are saying, well, you know, the tea party's republicans are fighting amongst themselves and it's not really our fault. is this a dirty trick or is it natural politics? >> it's dirty natural
7:54 am
politics, it's a little bit of wet. because what it is, it disingenuous to the american people and the american people stood up and said, we want good qualified elected officials. democrats are desperate. i mean, desperate right now to win at all costs and maintain those, especially those urban districts. >> another example, what's happening in florida, alan grayson, in a tight battle with republican daniel webster, well, grayson has been accused of having an associate, one linked very closely with encourage, help out, get a by on the ballot and go so far as to run financial ads and helping to defeat daniel webster. does the tea party open itself up to this type of thing? they don't have necessarily that structure, that organization, that endorsement, anyone can grab that endorsement. >> right, the strength of the tea party, it's an amorphous movement. it has no head and so it's hard attack. and the down side of that is people can try to co-opt it,
7:55 am
abuse it and frankly shouldn't be done on either side, but democrats realize they're running as conservatives. they're not even identifying themselves as democrats, and they realize they can prop up tea party candidates to split those fine line voters. >> what do voters need to know and understand when they go to the polls? how do they differentiate? how do they distinguish ballot by ballot. city by city, what's going on. who is going to represent their interest. >> two things, peter, read the ballot and be involved. don't just take them at their word or commercial and when you go in there, because ballots are also-- you have the nice line here, democrats and independents, look at it, i mean, really, voters are aware with the tea party movement, the american people are aware, but you have to be informed. if you're not. are' going to get caught in one of these. >> how can you combat against this? for example, what's happening in pennsylvania, the democrat brian lens is helping a third party candidates and he's actually having his volunteers go out and help the independents because he thinks
7:56 am
that will siphon enough votes away from the republicans. what do you do to fight against it. >> take it public. brian lengths is going to regret the move because i'm going to spend a good amount of the next week, talking about dirty tricks politics. it's unethical. let's run a clean election and state your wins or losses. >> have both parties done this in the past. >> yes, they have. there have been cases in new york state where the republican party has supported an independent. look, it's politics, the american people have had it with this, the institutions have failed, they've failed to support what we need in good policies and the democrats clearly are more egregious at this, are looking for anything. they're going to lose. the tidal wave is coming and they're going to lose. >> thanks, and i love listening to you on the radio. >> thanks, sir. >> coming up on the show, npr firing juan williams for comments he made about muslims on airplanes as you know, but how do most americans feel
7:57 am
about the firing? us group on that of frank subject. >> lets me ask you, bluntly, should juan williams have been feared for what he said. >> no. >> who says she should have. raise your hands? not one of you? >> what else that focus group had to say will surprise you. >> and the mid terms are almost here and some key races are neck and neck like carly fiorina and barbara boxer, which candidate has the edge? we'll break down the poll, state by state in the next hour. ÷çp/óm7;oúxpwró çzx
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning everyone, it's sunday, october 24th. here is what's happening. president obama with some high praise for house speaker nancy pelosi and he says she'll go down in history as one of our greatest speakers ever. and she's not very popular in the polls, so why is the president praising her right now. >> and did you know that individuals on america's terror watch list are still able to buy guns? 91% of the time. the disturbing details ahead. >> and npr fires juan williams for comments he made about muslims, was that a great idea. >> let me ask you bluntly, should juan williams have been fired for what he said. >> no. >> who says he should have, raise your hands?
8:01 am
not one of you? >> and his focus group coming up. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hi, this is bernadette peters, you're watching "fox & friends" and you should sit on the curvy couch with these guys. >> a great place to be. >> if only npr had seen that focus group before making their decision. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> and to politics, what's happening in afghanistan. there's a brand new report this morning that discloses an afghan president hamid karzai's chief of staff has been receiving from iran, payments allegedly being deposited into a secret fund that karzai pays his with.
8:02 am
>> a sad ending they've found the 18-year-old's body, a freshman at illinois university and last week a week ago, when she told students she was walking to prairie park to get inspiration for an art project. so far no arrests and campus security is beefed up. an american swimmer just 26 years old, he was dead, died from an apparent heart attack during a race. he fell unconscious in the last leg of a 10 k race, happened near dubai and two hours later found by divers. there are reports he told his coach he was not feeling well. he was from philadelphia. won a medal at the pan-american games and swimmer of the year at university of virginia two teams. so sad. >> a bizarre story. let's go over to maria in for rick reichmuth, how is the
8:03 am
weather, maria? >> it's going to be a little wild later on today, but for now, pretty quiet. we've got light rain across seattle and eastward through parts of the great lakes. lets he a take a look at the current interprets right now. we have a front across central portions of the country and why you're looking at the sharp contrast, 43 in denver and ahead of the front, 61 in kansas city, so, once again, just two very different air masses here and that's going to be the story today, that will be setting up. once again for severe weather. right now, raining across parts of seattle down into portions of northern california and even central california and later today we'll get to see some mountains, falling across the cascades, the sierras, and also through the rocky mountains and later on tonight and that's definitely prompting some concerns if you're travelling across the higher elevations or the passes. and you guys should be fine in the clear in the cascades. great lakes looking at rainfall. chicago, you guys are kind of in a little bit of a hole here, not looking at any rain there and that's wrapping
8:04 am
around you guys and basically wisconsin, michigan, and even as we head westward in that's where we're seeing some rain and definitely the day for some umbrellas. later on in the day as we start to warm things up we'll see severe weather and isolated tornados a concern. okay, guys. >> interesting weather for football on this sunday. here we are, nine days away from the all important mid term elections and you know the narrative. it's president obama against sarah palin, different analogieses used on one side or the other. and democrats you shove it into d, if want to move forward. republicans, stick it in r. used in minnesota. >> i know al franken talking about the analogy of a car driven into the ditch. although i guess al kind of embellished it a little bit he said there were alligators dun
8:05 am
there. and i didn't see the al gertz gators, but it is true the car went into the ditch. we give the other side the keys back and they, i promise you will have the special interests sitting shotgun. >> he will with, he finds an analogy he likes to stick with it. look, it must be working-- obviously we talk about this so often and they poll these things and put it out to focus groups, this has been one that the president has stuck with for weeks now, about the car going into the ditch and how the past administration drove it into the ditch and that's what he's sticking with as he's campaigner in chief. >> it's confusing, a lot of mixed metaphors, a car, a ditch, alligators, we've got keys and we've got a president talking ten days or two weeks ago in a mid term election about america being in the ditch, and you people are all afraid sitting in the car and you're scared, you're not thinking clearly because you're in the ditch and people fighting over the keys.
8:06 am
i don't know. and there is alligators, you know, the senate's answer to henney youngman and al franken talks about alligators in the ditch, sounds perilous to me, i don't know. >> on the flip side, sarah palin taking that drive analogy and putting a spin on it. >> the president is now telling us that we're not thinking straight because of all the fear and frustration that americans have. he claims fact, science and arguments aren't winning the day because we're not thinking straight. quote, unquote. well, you know, mr. president, you've got it right on one point there, we are afraid knowing that your economic policies are driving us off a cliff. >> and there it is, there is one introduced by john thune in the g.o.p. address on saturday. and interesting, james carville in saturday talking with the daily beast panel pointed out he thinks the
8:07 am
president has no concrete message ahead of the mid terms. even though he's sticking with the drive analogy, james carville not thinking the democrats have one clear message. >> the president has come up with a new narrative he talked about last night and this is one that will surprise many americans because they may not share his take on nancy pelosi, speaker pelosi. he basically says that speaker pelosi will go down in history as the best house speaker ever. here is exactly what the president said, nancy pelosi will go down as one of the finest speakers in the history of the u.s., she's elegant. beautiful and people just don't realize she is tough. >> not exactly the qualifications for the finest speaker in history, beautiful, elegant, i guess tough might be a tribute you want for the finest speaker, but her favorability is not an attribute that would figure in one of the finest. a and. >> it's a strange way to characterize people as
8:08 am
elegant, beautiful. i mean, is she in vogue or the capital? i don't understand what does that mean? >> he think that you've touch touched on something, i don't know that voters are so focused on her being, whether or not she's elegant or beautiful, but they are focused in particular on when she said, for instance, unemployment benefits and food stamps are the surest fire way to build jobs. people found that to be a head scratcher, they thought that was curious there were more entitlement programs she was recommending as job programs, but in terms of her elegance and-- >> and she's a beautiful woman. >> agreed. >> and we credit her for that. >> well, democratic strategist. >> i don't know. >> not really, james carville mentioned her future when talking about where nancy pelosi, if she is one of the greatest, aren't she hold onto her job. >> james carville. >> i don't knowing that nancy pelosi-- he's got to do what he's go
8:09 am
the to do. it's pop, but she's popular with a lot of people at caucus and i think she's fit in there pretty good but you know, the house gets down to 3, you know, what's going to happen. if you get down like three or four majority and people trying to switch and making deals and god knows what not. >> we might not know for several days. >> might not know for several days, it might be a fun thing. >> what he's talking about, he said mr. marshal, we started, democrats are lining up saying they do not support nancy pelosi regardless what happens on november 2nd. here are the other democrats who have already said they're not in favor of ms. pelosi, mr. marshal on left the democrat from georgia, from pennsylvania, minic out in idaho, mcintyre, davison, tennessee. others have indicated they may or may not support her as well, regardless again of what happens on tuesday. >> and i thought carl made an interesting point. she's popular in her caucus, she's effective and strategic
8:10 am
in her caucus, but is that reflected in her favorability ratings in terms of voters out there. >> and you have to question statements that politicians make to disavow nancy pelosi in a television commercial or in public speech. are they on the phone with her the night before, saying, nancy, you're the best, i love you, you're terrific, but in order nor us to keep the democratic majority, i need to say this about you you, you don't mind and she's almost agreed publicly in statements that she's not really hurt by those democrats saying those things and do what you've got to do. protect your political hide. >> is that a game, you know. >> and she can raise money like nobody's business. second only to the president in the last year in terms of money she can raise. that's one thing she clearly does well. >> all right. meanwhile, the mid terms, as we've said are just nine days away and the president making one last push for his party out west, chris wallace is going to be here on what both houses will look like after november 2nd. >> and maine residents will
8:11 am
soon vote on a proposal it give legal residents who are not u.s. citizens the right to vote in local elections. is this a good idea. >> and hundreds of thousands of football fans will be doing what? tailgating today across the country. we're getting into the spirit and sharing some tailgating tips. plus, send us now your best tailgati tailgating picks. >> i happen they involve a man chair. knows how to make things that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good.
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>> welcome back. president obama back from the west coast, where he just made one last push for the democrats before the mid term election. so, did the president deliver a knockout during his whirlwind west coast tour? >> joining us to discuss all this is fox news sunday anchor chris wallace, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, guys. >> all right, so he's out there in washington. stumping for patty murray and out there for barbara boxer and down in nevada for harry reid, that's the one in particular, you know his favorability ratings are not very good in nevada, but the other two, he fares better. what's the hope there that he energizes the base or that he convinces some undecided at this point? >> i think right now we're energizing the base mode. that's the key this late in the game and you have to
8:15 am
understand washington and california in the context of this election, there are some democratic seats that they already have basically given up on like arkansas where blanchline con is in trouble. north dakota, indiana and then races upe his old race and his old seat in illinois. that will get, if the republicans win on all of those that will get them to 7, 8 or 9 seats and that he need 10. democrats are trying to build a fire wall among their safest fees and that includes washington with patty murray, california, with barbara boxer, traditionally, long time traditionally blue states. democratic states, and that's their fire wall to keep control of the senate. >> and chris, all of those, the democrats are leading, but the margin is razor thin and barbara boxer is up above carly fiorina.
8:16 am
48% to 46% within the mar again of error there, we can move on to washington state and you mentioned patty murray. and 49% over her opponent. dino rossi and in nevada harry reid, let me correct myself. sharron angle is above harry reid, 50% over 47%. >> the last within he have' seen is very interesting, the first on either of the two candidates, gotten to 50%, in the high 40's. if you get to 50% and hold on to that, you with in. that of course is the key race, everyone is watching that one. the democratic majority leader against the tea party favor, the anti-establishment candidate. a lot of people said when she won that republican primary she was much weaker than some of the more established candidates. she's run a very strong campaign and as you see with nine days ago, she's actually got 50% vote. >> just the fact thats' there i think says a lot about the climate. >> that's okay. we've heard a lot earlier in
8:17 am
the year about the sestak and toomey race in pennsylvania. and what do you make of that joe sestak at 44% and pat toomey at 48%? >> according to the some of the other polls it's closer than that. and the most interesting thing there. toomey, our guest on fox news sunday, has enjoyed a big lead, almost double digits, 8, 9 points for months and really in the las two weeks, that's evaporated. i think in some degree that's a case of a traditionally tactful democratic states and democrats getting energized. and another element. seems christine o'donnell, the tea party favorite who won in delaware across the border from pennsylvania. she's advertising on pennsylvania tv stations and sestak is trying to tie toomey to o'donnell and shows how extreme the republicans will
8:18 am
be if they take control of the senate and i think that's hurting pat toomey in pennsylvania. >> both candidates are trying to paint the other as extreme and both are trying to paints a the ultimate political insider. and west virginia, you have joe manchin on your show as well. he's the democrat, but you wouldn't know that the way he's running. >> and i would have to say that because of the way he's governing, either. the strangest race, joe manchin is an enormously popular democratic governor of west virginia, 68% approval rating. he's been endorsed for senate, by the u.s. chamber of commerce and national rifle association and leading 1 1/2 points against businessman john racy. the reason is, as much as they like-- that makes it look. that has raese in front and the real clear politics, manchin ahead 1 1/2 points and it's very, very close. as much as west virginians
8:19 am
like manchin they dislike barack obama. he goes to washington he's going to become another vote for the democratic agenda. >> chris, who else do you have on the show? >> we are going to be talking to joe manchin and pat toomey and talking to juan williams. normally we don't promote our panelists, but he's been the biggest news maker this week and we'll talk to him and get her thoughts after a few days of reflection after npr and curious what the panelists have to say about the whole mess. >> everybody is talking about that controversy still. it will be interesting. chris wallace, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, guys. >> coming up, did you know that individuals on america's terror watch list are still able to buy guns 90% of the time? the disurick it details straight ahead. >> and as we've been reporting, npr fierce juan williams for comments he made about feelings about muslims on airplanes. frank luntz asked average
8:20 am
americans what they think about it. >> a few people as juan williams when he's on tvv. it looks like npr is eating their young now. >> more from the fact finding focus group coming up. lastear mom needed addional nutrition so i recommended boost nutritional drink. and she still drinks it every day. [ male announcer ] boost has 26 vitamins & minerals and calcium to help keepones strong... and 10g of protein to helmaintain muscle. making it the perfect compliment to your daily routine. [ amy ] boost drink gives my favorite patient the complete nutrition she needs to keep doing the things she loves. [ male announcer ] an everyday moment can turn romantic anytime. and when it does, men with erectile dyunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily us cialis for daily use is a clinically proven
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8:23 am
>> welcome back, time for a few quick headlinesment violent protests in southern italy over garbage. yes, protesters threw stones and set cars on fire near naples. 20 people were hurt. people are upset about the smell from a nearby landfill and they don't want a second one. and opening statements at the start tomorrow, in the murder trial of chandra levy, the washington intern went missing nine years ago and a man is
8:24 am
charged with her murder. guys. >> all right. several lawmakers are calling for the defunding of npr over the firing of juan williams for comments that he made about muslims earlier this week. but how do average americans feel about the fearing? >> frank luntz just talked to one of his focus groups about this and what they had to say, may surprise you. take a look. >> so let me ask you bluntly should juan williams have been fired for what he said? who says he should have, raise your hands. not one of you? who says he should not have? all of you, why? it's pretty strong. juan williams is one of the greatest voices of counter point for t-- why always groo with him. >> i cringed when he said,
8:25 am
because i knew the politically correct police would show up. npr for the first amendment and not others. >> as few people as powerful as juan williams on tv, it looks like they're eating their jung now. >> in heathrow, there were a couple of muslims on a prayer cloth praying before we got on board, and then we got on board, i was very nervous. >> you're willing to admit that. >> is it a zero tolerance policy. you lose your job after ten years and i think what's more important, how close it was to george soros's 1.8 million dollars coming in and our tax dollars goes to that? >> he wasn't instructing us to be afraid. he was not instructing husband to be afraid, it's reminding us of 9/11 and not something we should forget. >> we're not allowed to say
8:26 am
our opinions. >> it wasn't juan williams who is the problem. it's npr who is the problem. >> npr heard for months people demanding they fire juan williams, every time he appeared on fox news. >> made the statement-- >> it was not liberal enough for them and they were gunning for them and this was an easy out for them and the way to go. >> mr. williams said something that was real and that's what i think mr. williams is, a real person who had a real legitimate thought. >> the man was talking from his heart. >> wow. very interesting topics, i mean, points from the audience. >> eating their young. >> yes. and meanwhile, an ugly meter. yes, there's an app for that, it rates how ugly someone is, is this just giving bulis yet another weapon? we report on this, you decide. >> and then we're going on a lighter note, gaga for
8:27 am
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8:30 am
and find an arthritis treatment that works for you. ask your doctor about celebrex. and, go to to learn more about how you can move toward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. >> welcome back to "fox & friends." general generally we save the iphone talk for clayton morris, but he's off today and peter johnson, jr. is here and a new iphone app may be opening the door for more bullying in young school children today. >> it's called the ugly meter and it's kind of horrible, actually. what it does, you hold it up, your iphone app and it takes a picture of your face. and then it rates it. basically based on symmetry and rates it one to ten. one being the least ugly. ten being the most ugly and you can just imagine what this
8:31 am
could do to a teenage girl, if her-- if she's rated as ugly and is sent around her school? >> i guess it has a, based on fables, mirror, mirror, on the wall, tell me who is the fairest of them all. if you're getting messages like you're owe ugly when you walk by the bathroom, the toilet flushes, probably not a big confidence builder. >> that's one. messages you could get if you were deemed ugly by this application. you want more? here is another one, quote, you're so ugly, a farmer could use you as a scarecrow, that's if you're a 9.4 on the ugly meter. and finally, your face could turn milk into yogurt, just by looking at it. not so much if you're on the wrong end of that. >> this could be bad for kids and parents are worried about it, at a tender age of adolescent and kids are
8:32 am
vulnerable with the bullying going on. >> and television stars like-- >> and dave just handed this to me because we took a picture of his face and i think he would like me to report on what his ugly meter reported. >> we report, you decide. >> and he scored 1.2. remember, 1 is the least ugly you could ever be, in other words, the handsome. dave 1.2 and scored handsome and i said, this application has no relevance, it's flawed because it also only serves to heighten the ego of people who do not need it. what's the message it sent to him. >> peter ewhy, why. >> the message he got. >> if you were a burger you'd be named mcgorgeous. >> mcgorgeous! [laughter] >> hold the pickles hold the lettuce. >> this app is unnecessary and not scientific. i believe. >> and let me explain. there have been photos taken of the same person that rate both ugly and both attractive.
8:33 am
so, don't take it seriously. it's 99 cents, don't take it seriously. you can score whatever you want by altering the photo. >> that's a good word to the wise, i think you're having this bronzed. >> i will e-mail that to you, okay? >> thank you. in the meantime, we have to tell you what's happening in your headlines, at this hour. with we're following a serious story. a string of beaches on california central coast, shut down after a shark attack o 19-year-old. including surf beach where this happened will be closed at least through the weekend. it will be up to officials tomorrow to decide when they'll reopen and experts now saying that the shark that attacked was likely a great white. come november 2nd, portland maine residents will decide whether nonu.s. citizens can vote in local elections and supporters say why not? they pay taxes and hold down jobs, but critics are sounding off and they say immigrants already have an avenue to cast
8:34 am
ballots. well, by becoming citizens. and the birthday party turns tragic in mexico, gunman stormed two neighboring homes in cuidad warez. witnesses one of the dangerous cities because of violent drug wars and cartels. imagine taking a nap in your room and waking up to a thief stealing your stuff. this happened to a 17-year-old, but the quick thinking boston native decided she would pretend she's asleep. >> i was pet phied. i flipped over and as i'm flipping over he's walking over here. >> walking here, closer to you. >> yeah. >> and i just flip over and staring at the wall, like, don't breathe heavy, don't breathe heavy and waiting for him to leave. >> my gosh shall the rober who broke in through the back door, walked away with two pieces of her jewelry.
8:35 am
leon says she wants her family heirlooms back, and the suspect is still on the loose. >> and let's hope he's caught. >> it's not the world series, anybody thought. it has a story line, san francisco will host the texas rangers beginning on wednesday. out there on the left coast. last night was a thriller, phillies, giants, this is a big blow off the bat of juan uribe. home run, 3-2 giants. 9th inning, ryan howard sits there and watches a called strike three, just like a-rod did the day before. how about howard, zero rbi's in the post season. 14 strikeouts, world series game one wednesday in san francisco. college football now, another week, another number one going down and this time it's bcs number one, oklahoma. number 11 missouri, with a huge upset at home in colombia. tigers looking to put this
8:36 am
away and james franklin, a direct snap and would eventually push in there for the three-card score and i think the goal posts are hanging out in somebody's back yard this morning. high school football ref niece in washington are in trouble this weekend for using pink whistles to refer regames this weekend. the ref did it as you imagine, to show support for fighting breast cancer, but the washington officials association is upset because, yes, the refs didn't ask for permission it deviate from the black and white dress code and the association was considering punishing them and backed off after a public outcry, good move by that association. let's go outside to maria, in case you haven't noticed is in for rick reichmuth and just joining us here at fox news. welcome aboard once again, maria. >> thanks, dave. if you haven't noticed the weather out here is pretty smoky. we have a tailgate going on here and checking out how things are coming along, we have some chicken, some
8:37 am
sausage, and this is where i'm going to be later on today. definitely eating some food out here and this is associated with the national tailgating championship kind of like the super bowl, but the super bowl for tailgating and send are pictures, best tailgating pictures and as we take a look for the weather today. tropical storm richard very close to hurricane status, that suspend winds at 70 miles per hour and later today we expect it to cut the hurricanes, 74 miles per hour and sunday making landfall against central portions of the country and we'll continue to weaken as it continues to move on shore. the u.s. we have a cold front arriving seattle, through northern california throughout the great lakes, scattered rain and showers moving eastward across portions of new england and also the state of new york. and taking a look at your high temperatures for today. it will be warming up later on, across the south. and 80's in dallas and also,
8:38 am
san antonio and even memphis, atlanta, and new orleans, and also looking at highs today in the 80's. back to you, dave. >> thank you, maria. you can also get the tailgate picks to me on twitter. and al sen has ideas for halloween. we're searching for something. >> we got some results, alisyn. >> me, too, i am halloween impaired and it's one week away if you're scrambling for a last minute costume like we are. fun, festive ideas, and to walk the costume catwalk, welcome. >> thank you, thank you so much for having us. >> if you're not creative, as an adult, you know, what are you supposed to do this year. >> go to party city. we have a done of great costumes and we are the halloween expert and we're so excited to bring out 2010 trends out here for you guys. >> good. let's start with the number one trend frnl .
8:39 am
>> my gosh. >> here we go, lady gaga. >> the little monsters love her. the number one halloween costume choice for the girls and she comes with her platinum wig and awesome dress and the number one lady gaga accessory, the sparkling, glittery microphone. >> i like the hair bow. >> we'll see lots of lady gaga out there for 2010. and she's got the right attitude. vampires are the rage. >> my gosh, who do you like edward or jab. >> that's a tough one, but we're team edward. [laughter] >> here we have edward and he comes with the makeup and it's a must-have, and you have to have the pail makeup and the rosie lips, the fangs and of course, the tossles hair and you have to do the edward this year, all the guys, there's going to be a ton of edwards and peting jacobs, but we're team edwards at party city.
8:40 am
>> coolish, but fabulous and hollywood the biggest influence on halloween. >> our designers did the homework and pulled some big blockbusters in this year and as you can tell we have the mad hatter, here, an awesome costume idea tall like pete. it comes with the wig, the hat and the fabulous, fabulous bow tie, so-- >> i see a dave briggs spectacular for this year, and now, peter here comes your suggestion, what's next? >> and so if you're into working out and love some super heroes, you have to be ironman. yeah, have you been working out? >> wow. >> so it comes fully equipped with the chest plate. the glove and the mask and the man behind the machines comes out. >> for you jersey girls out there. >> our favorite fist pumping guidet.
8:41 am
snooki and jersey shores was a hit. and she has the bump it in the wig and skin tight dress. >> perfect. >> might have that in the closet. speaking of the closet. 80's comeback. >> finally. >> what does it look like. >> thank you so much the 80's are book full force. a huge trend. so it's channelling madonna, comes with the wig and the accessories at party city to pull the look off and to make it affordable. bring in stuff from home that you already have. maybe from the 80's. you're singing my tune. this is great. thank you to all of you guys, you look fantastic and. >> happy halloween. thank you, you've given us some great suggestions. let's go over to dave and peter what's coming up. >> thank you, things to ponder there. coming up on the show, accusations are sickening, a mother charged with harassing
8:42 am
a dying child and that mother lost cut of her own kids. is the punishment too harsh or not harsh enough? judge jeanine pirro is with us. >> and people on the terror watch list already able to get on planes. now, can they actually buy guns? next. terrorists buying guns.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." one u.s. senator comes up with a potential will i deadly
8:45 am
loophole. letting them on the terror list buy guns. >> catherine herridge has more on this scary story. >> a new report released by democratic senator office, looming threat of small scale attacks inside the united states. in 2008 more than 170 were killed with small teams of highly trained and deadly armed terrorists on simultaneous and sustained attacks on that city. the lautenberg report says data from the accountability office nine out of ten individuals on the u.s. watch list, sought to purchase firearms legally, no prohibiting information was found. critics like lautenberg warned congress about the so-called terror gap. >> because of this terror gap, america is effectively hanging out the welcome sign for terrorists. >> the current law is not enough, the report argues, to
8:46 am
prevent terrorist operatives from buying the weapons and explosives they need to launch commander style raids inside the united states with ease. there are nine factors that block illegal gun sales, among them, drug use, mental illness, illegal immigrant status as well as dishonorable discharge from the military, but being a known or suspected terror is not enough to block the sale. said that the terror gap was a legislative issue. >> that's the question, i think, for the congress. our goal is to make sure that known terrorists are on the no-fly list so they can't buy a tibet and can't get on a plane at all. >> some analysts question whether members of congress are willing to expend their political capital to take on an issue which could alienate supporters of the second amendment, even if the so-called terror gap has national security implications. now, back to alisyn, dave, and peter. >> thank you very much.
8:47 am
>> a mother is charged with harassing a dying child and that mother has just lost custody of her own children as a result. this goes way beyond bullying, judge jeanine pirro is here to to talk about the case. >> students taken to vote. sounds like a good idea, right? not if they were only handed democratic ballots, not both parties. the story ahead. . . wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit.
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>> all right. there's a truly shocking story, this is a story about duelling neighbors and it's taken a sickening turn. 33-year-old jennifer is accused of harassing her neighbor's dying granddaughter by posting pictures like this on the internet, this is what
8:51 am
happened when a reporter confronted jennifer about it. >> what do you accomplish with the deceased mother with the grim reaper and the daughter with the skull and cross bones, what is it? >> perm satisfaction because it rubs (bleep) saw. and because it burns (bleep) raw the sight of her dead daughter on that page. >> that sounds sick. >> take it or leave it. >> well, that woman and her husband have since apologized to the little girl and her-- sorry to the grandmother and granddaughter kathleen, but her children were just taken away from her and joining us judge janieanine pirro. >> this is evil for this woman to put a skull and cross bone on a girl who has huntington's disease a degenerative disease. it's inevitable, she will die
8:52 am
as her mother died for them to do this. they put a curse on their truck and drove back and forth. and why do people hate each other so much? apparently a party a few years ago and somebody wasn't invited so what you've got now are these people who are engaging in cyber bullying, there is he know law on the books in the state of michigan that allows for a prosecution of this and make no mistake when i was a da i'd charge harassment in a different form. >> aggravated harassment. >> absolutely, aggravated harassment and now putting laws in the legislature. take this by the horns and prosecute this woman, she has no remorse. and the only reason there's an apology, because people started attacking them and she tried to run down someone with a car. >> and taking away her children, is that enough, an adequate punishment? >> what they're thinking this woman may not be too stable or engaging in such fights that her own children are in danger
8:53 am
so her children have been taken away from her. good move by the judge and the father-- >> and we don't take away children as a punishment. >> but, no, peter, as you well know. >> right. >> if the woman is engaging in volatile behavior. >> absolutely. >> if she's out of control as an indication that these children are not in the best care and maybe the other parent cares for them. >> where does it stop? it seems to be something that's totally out of control. >> well, it is out of control. what will happen here, she'll be convicted of something and the father will probably get custody. >> the d.a. has got to step up. >> the d.a. has to file charges, no question about it and kudos to the father who said i'm taking my kids from this woman, she's losing her mind. she may well be, but that's evil. >> let's move on to another case, zahra, she's been missing. >> and they're looking for ma
8:54 am
mattress. they know they disposed of a mattress within days of her disappearing. they will find evidence, i don't think there's any question, you've got law enforcement down there who are taking this one personally. as well they should in the case of any five-year-old apparently murdered as they believe. but the department of social services has a real problem here. and you have 137 deaths within a five year period of children in north carolina, where the department of social services has been monitoring the family. they got reports of this child being abused, the school reported it, child protective services or dss in north carolina did not do their job, this is the reality of what goes on in this country and the underbelly of the so-called child protective system, it's-- >> what can be done? >> number one, these people need to be fired, i'm tired of civil service being a protection for people who are not doing their job, especially when children die. number two, they've already done a review, they lowered
8:55 am
the caseload, they increase their staff and said you know what, we can't get the reports from the county, we're in the county next door. that's hogwash, go to court, get a court order, get that report. children are dying. >> and the federal government can step in and take over the services, can't they? >> yes, federal government can, but i mean, are they put to, absolutely not. >> when you think of someone vulnerable. a young girl suffering from cancer with a prosthetic leg. >> whose mother takes her out of school and home schools her when there are reports of the mother beating her to the point-- >> stepmother, sorry, stepmother. it's there, peter. i've handled the cases and done the fatality review reports and, you know, the system has an obligation to protect children or get another job. >> these are both very difficult stories to talk about any time of the day. judge jeanine pirro, we appreciate you weighing in on them both. >> indeed, judge. >> meanwhile, back to politics because the clock is ticking to the mid term elections, but in some close democratic
8:56 am
races, they're painting the third party candidate as the villain. will this strategy help or hurt? >> and it's almost tailgating time for some parts of the country, a couple hours ago, they start early, you know. >> or yesterday. >> and what to make your next tailgate tastier and we want your totals. send them to us. and twitter dave briggs. >> and top five. >> tailgaters with service. ♪ whoop there it is ♪ whoop there it is have a way. have a way. it's deliciously clever. and they'll be none the wiser. new prego veggie smart sauce gives them 50% of their daily recommended amount of veggies. [laughter] be smart. veggie smart.
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call 1-877-580-afib today. >> alisyn: good morning, sunday, october 24th, here's what is happening now, president obama trying to help democrats avoid disaster, on november 2nd, by praising nancy pelosi. why would he keep praise on the speaker whose approval ratings continue to plummet? we have a live report from washington, straight ahead. >> dave: stale blast the president as he -- sarah palin, blasting the president, midterms nine days away. >> you know, mr. president, you've got it right on one point, there, we are afraid, knowing that your economic policies are driving us off a cliff. >> dave: hear what else she had to say, coming up. >> and a mom sparking a nationwide debate and she says sometimes it is okay to let your
9:00 am
child be bullied. is it really a good idea? "fox & friends," starts, right "fox & friends," starts, right now. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> i'm donald trump and you are watching "fox & friends" and if you turn the channel... you are fired! >> alisyn: thank you, donald, welcome, everybody, thanks for joining us early on this sunday morning and thanks for peter, being here. >> nice to be here. >> dave: good morning. we start, with president obama, back at the white house, after a four day, five-state campaign swing, rap swing, wrapped it up in minnesota and julie kirtz is live from washington with more. >> reporter: a short nine days to go, the president's closing arguments sound like the opening shot, stumping nor mark dayton last night the democrat running for governor, he continues to attack republicans arguing this election is a choice between tax cut for the middle class or tax cuts for the wealthy, and, he
9:01 am
told the crowd, there, republicans are betting on voter amnesia. here's the president. >> president barack obama: it's up to you to remember that this election is a choice. between the policies that got us into this mess, and the policies that are leading us out of this mess. >> reporter: also, south dakota republican senator john thune took direct aim at obama's recent stump speeches in the g.o.p.'s weekly radio address. listen: >> the the president likes to say when you drive forward you put your car in "d" and reverse, "r", it a clever line but when are speedying toward the cliff you don't want to keep the car in drive. >> reporter: the president campaigns in rhode island on monday around, later on pennsylvania and ohio, each as democrats im some parts of the country continue to downplay their ties to obama an
9:02 am
washington. back to you guys. >> alisyn: thank you very much and because we don't think you can get enough of these driving into a ditch analogies. we'll play you some of the -- something sarah palin said. now, the republicans have co-opted the analogy the president has been hitting hard and have a different take on the driving into a ditch. let's listen to sarah palin, at a -- an r.n.c. rally. >> the president is now telling us that we're not thinking straight, because of all of the forand frustration that americans have. he claims fact, science and arguments are not winning the day because we are not thinking straight, quote-unquote. well, you know, mr. president, you have it right on one point, there, we are afraid, knowing that your economic policies are driving us off a cliff. >> alisyn: off a cliff. >> dave: it is the popular analogy going back and forth and that may be the one that makes
9:03 am
the decision for you on tuesday. do you feel that we need to go forward? or get out of the current cycle of where we are headed? >> it is a tough position generally for democrats and the president to be in when they talk about a ditch and the ar e arguments how it got into the ditch, but still in the ditch according to the president. >> alisyn: we are seeing unusual rais races, the democrats are doing something tricky this year, because, perhaps, because they cannot necessarily run on their own record because the country is in financial, dire straits and they are doing something sneaky and that is, they are backing third party candidates, the candidates who are less well-known and the candidates themselves may not know the democrats are doing this, they are producing ads and throwing their support behind the third party, almost as a diversionary tactic. to voters, look at this third-party candidate, to siphon
9:04 am
off votes from the republicans. >> dave: here's examples, there are supporters of harry reid running ads and paying for them and supporting the official tea party candidate, you might think that is sharron angle and it is not. it ise a man who has 2% of the vote in nevada which will be enough. it might be enough to make the difference between sharron angle and harry reid and harry reid supporters trying to support a third-party and it is happening in florida, also, where alan grayson is accused of, one of his close business associates, partners in the past, has been accused of if anythinessentiall a candidate to take away votes from daniel webster, the republican running closely with alan grayson. >> and let's see what david webb, a tea party activist in new york and radio commentator said about the so-called tricky siphoning off tactics we are
9:05 am
seeing. >> the strength of the tea party is an amorphous movement and had no head and is hard to attack the downside of that, is people can try to co-opt it, and use it, and abuse it and, this shouldn't be done on either side but democrats right now realize they are running as conservatives, is not even identifying themselves as democrats, and, they realize they can prop up tea party candidates, to split the fine line votes. >> alisyn: can you imagine being the third party candidate and saying, wait. that is an ad for me but i didn't pay for that! who is paying for that! >> dave: what is interesting is the tea party acknowledges they almost open themselves up to this kind of tactic because that he don't have the formal organization, leadership to really qualify who is and is not a tea party candidate. it is pair of their strength and weakness, and, as mr. webb acknowledged it happened on both sides of the aisle and the past, now democrats may be using it -- >> he did say in part he thought it was a dirty trick and, he
9:06 am
says in part it was a dirty tri trick. >> alisyn: your headlines, an alarming report says hamid karzai's chief of staff has been receiving millions of dollars in cash payments from iran, iran using its influence in an attempt to drive a wedge between afghanistan and they u.s. and the payments deposited into a secret fund karzai is using to pay lawmakers and taliban commanders. investigation to see if the remains found in a park are those of antoine net keller, she was walking to prairie park to get inspiration for an art project and there are no arrests, campus security is beefed up. an american swimmer, 26 years old, is dead, this morning, he died of an apparent heart attack during a race, he fell unconscious in the last leg of a
9:07 am
10k race near dubai and two hours later was found by divers, he told his coach he was not feeling well, he was from fi philadelph philadelphia. and celine dion is a mommy now, to fraternal twin boys and no word yet on their names, two five-pound bundles of joy are healthy and will be in an incubator, because they were premature, she and her husband have a nine-year-old son. >> dave: what is the biggest challenge, as mom of twins. >> mine were born premature, and these are nerve-racking days and, they'll be fine and they have been trying a long time. >> dave: maria has a check of our weather, in for rick reichmuth. >> our current temperatures,
9:08 am
across the country. there is a sharp divide. we have a fontal boundary across central portions of the u.s., dividing temperatures in the 40s from the rapid city into albuquerque and ahead of this, we are in the 60s, and keep in mind it is still early morning out there, and so that is warm in dallas, memphis and also kansas city and even 70-degree mark in san antonio, as we head into southern portions of texas. current radar, we have a cold front across western portions of the u.s. bringing in rain across seattle and northern california and eastward our front is bringing also activity across portions of wisconsin and the upper peninsula of michigan. that is activity out there and, pretty broad area of scattered showers, also, across parts of the northeast and pennsylvania and also, the state of new york, seeing some activity and new york city, you guys are fine and we will stay dry throughout much of the day, as we get the dye day time heating across the south we'll begin to see the slight risk for severe weather across parts of arkansas, also,
9:09 am
down in through mississippi and also, northern louisiana, did you remember yesterday we had a lot of tornado warnings across dallas, ft. worth metro area, basically the same storm, continuing to move eastward and will bring in that concern and again, across parts of arkansas and mississippi and the front across the west is bringing in concerns for snow across the higher elevations, generally 4,000 feet or above, across the cascades and sierra mountains, a little bit higher for you guys and late into sunday night, and also, by monday, that same front will continue to shift southeastward and bring snow for the rockies. now, we'll go ahead and send it back to you guys, out there. >> alisyn: thanks. >> dave: thank you so much, folks, waking up, that is maria molina, brand new at fox news, welcome aboard! >> welcome. >> dave: what's coming up. >> alisyn: interesting, a mother has sparked controversy by saying sometimes it is okay to let your child be bullied. do you we'll hear her position on that, coming up.
9:10 am
>> many in california say allowing pot to become legal will help cut the state's massive economic deficit. but our next guest says prop 19 is actually a jobs killer. he will explain why. >> dave: with nine days to go until the midterms, why some democrats are trying to point their opponents as the villain, is it a winning strategy? that is next. ÷çp/óm7;oúxpwró çzx
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
>> alisyn: it's getting down to the wire for the midterm elections and in souome races ty are trying to paint a strategy, paint the third party candidate that's villain, will that work. >> washington examiner, police political correspondent byron york joining to us break it down, good morning, byron. >> good morning, guys. >> dave: let's start with the crucial state of florida where the polls favor marco rubio, the republican, overwhelmingly, 43%. charlie crist hanging in there and it seems to be trending away from him. byron, it is interesting, because kendrick meek is not going anywhere. who is the villain in this case? >> i think, in most voters' minds it would probably be
9:14 am
charlie crist, marco rubio is killing him in the primary race and had he pulled out of it, became an independent, and, got a big boost in the ratings, charlie crist was ahead in the polls for a while after he left the republican party. but what happened was, there were a series of incidents in which he couldn't seem to articulate a position on obamacare and couldn't say what party he would caucus with if he were elected senator and his fortunes began to fall and kendrick meek, the democrat has never been an effective candidate and, really probably wouldn't be come pet tifshgs ev-- competitive, even if it were a two-way race. >> alisyn: alaska, a similar situation with different results and that is what lisa murkowski is doing. she is doing better than anyone predicted, being a write-in candidate, 34% for her. >> you are right. this is a bit of a surprise, because the republican establishment was angry with her, after she lost the
9:15 am
republican primary to joe miller and then came back and was a sore loser, third party bid and now is neck and neck and could possibly win her old seat back which is really quite surprising for a third party candidate. on the other hand, republicans in washington are kind of looking at this, saying, it is a win-win situation because, if miller or murkowski wins, either one will caucus with republicans in the senate and vote for mitch mcconnell to be the leader and republicans are looking at this as one they win, either way. >> dave: no write in candidate has won a senate seat since 1954, strom thurmond, and, nevada, there is a lot of what is happening there, between harry reid and sharron angle but there is a third person in the race, scott ashton is the official tea party candidate, though sharron angle has a lot of the tea party support and he might have enough to hurt
9:16 am
sharron angle, come november 2nd, right? >> this is the one race where the third party candidate could really decide things, because, if you add up all of the polls right now, the real clear politics average of polls there is a 0.4% difference between angle and read, and, if a candidate comes in, and as much as one or two points, it could make the difference. and scott ashjian calls himself the tea party candidate, and, if he takes votes away from anybody, it will be taking away from sharron angle. and, she has openly opened that ashjian would get out of the race and support her but he has not done so and is a race that so is close, 1% could make a big difference. >> dave: needless to say, republicans are quietly wishing that scott ashjian would get out, any chance of that happening. >> no. it appeared a couple weeks ago when they appeared to be talking, perhaps something was in the works but the bottom line
9:17 am
was, it didn't happen, and, now, you have seen actual supporters of harry reid, not harry reid himself but, supporters of harry reid, pushing the ashjian candidacy and hope he stays in, if he does any damage it will be to sharron angle. >> alisyn: and, byron, i mean, are these anomalies or game changers, going forward, will we see more of that. >> with the growth of the tea party, it is more of a state of mind than an actual party or actual movement but there were a number of cases, the primaries were hotly contested with multiple candidates and the more candidates you have, the more likely you may have one person who has enough support, feel he should stay in and get his message out and keep running and we have a possibility of more stubborn third party candidates in the future. >> dave: there's another example we could go on, colorado, the gubernatorial race, tom
9:18 am
tancredo, a similar situation, byron york from the washington examiner, thanks for being with us. >> alisyn: the shark attack in california, we are learning what kind of shark grabbed the teenager off of his boogie board. >> dave: and students taken on a field trip to vote. sounds like a good idea. our next guest says, not so fast. the students were only given democratic ballots, the story is next. ♪ you look like an angel ♪ lo like an angel [ laughs ] ♪alk like an angel ♪ walk like an angel ♪ talk like an angel [ male announcer ] we put it through over 5,000 quality tests... so it'll stand up to just about anything. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all. now lease a new altima for $199 a month for 39 months. ♪ a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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9:21 am
>> alisyn: headlines for you. treasury secretary timothy geithner is in china for haes until arranged talks, tensions rise over currency, and the u.s. is accusing china of holding down the value of its chinese
9:22 am
currency and there by giving chinese exports an unfair advantage. and strange developing details about trandy quaid and his wife they fear they are on a hollywood, quote, death list, he said 8 close friends including david carradine and heath ledger were murdered under mysterious circumstances and they feel they are next. over to peter. >> thanks, ali. there is an investigation to whether one high school in ohio violated voting regulation and influenced the election, when they allegedly bussed students to a board of elections office during school hours to vote. but they were given only democratic sample ballots, and, then, ice cream afterwards. joining us now, former ohio secretary of state and senior fellow with the american civil rights union, ken blackwell. good morning, ken. what is this about? it sounds incredible.
9:23 am
>> on the more favorable end, it is about a civic lesson on the disturbing end, it is about a manipulation of students on two fronts. one, unevening the playing field, by giving them only a democratic sample ballot, and, two, by providing them a reward for their vote. both would be open violations of fair election laws in the state of ohio. >> these are 18-year-olds and plus who had the capacity and the right to vote in the state of ohio, they were bussed in a church bus, that someone had loaned, and, they were given old democratic sample ballots on the ride, to examine on the way over? >> absolutely. and, you might dismiss this as clumsy execution of a civic opportunity. but, this is a recurring pattern
9:24 am
with cps. they, flight, are operating under the court structured agreement with other parties about what they can and cannot do on school property and with student and so, given the past occurrence of campaign irregularities, this is just another disturbing incident in a pattern of the irregularities, and, problems. >> ken, are you a graduate of hughes high school. >> graduate of hughes high school, my wife was a former principal of hughes high school. >> what is cps? >> cps is cincinnati public schools. >> and the public schools have made a statement, this is what they said with regard to the allegations that have been made in the lawsuit. no cps personnel engaged in the promotion of candidates or any political party and i question i have for you, the fact that you are handing the students and maybe their first time they are ever voting in an election, only
9:25 am
a democratic sample ballot, does that constitute electioneering and, a student, voting for the first time. >> as a lawyer, what it really suggests is that it warrants an investigation and that is why i think the charge is an appropriate charge and i think given the past violations and the past court structured agreements this warrants a deep investigation and we have to shine the light on this, because there is that possibility that electioneering took place. >> thank you for shining a light on it. assuming it is in fact true and they were given only democrat ballots and voted and some would say, as a reward received free ice cream afterwards, as silly as it sounds what should be the punishment and sanction for such an act? should those votes be
9:26 am
invalidated? what happens? >> well, no, i don't think the sheets should be invalidated but i think, one, this -- the reaction and the penalty should be significant enough that sends a message throughout the entire state of ohio. peter, look, as a political analyst, you know this: the one group where the obama administration and the democrats are still overwhelmingly popular are among voters between the ages of 18 and 24. this is -- sounds like, looks like, a political operation. whether or not the public schools were misused, and abused in this or whether there was complicity, this has to be determined by the court and i think that the courts will apply the appropriate penalty. but, the thing we can't do is
9:27 am
dismiss it as something that was a pure accident or insignificant. >> thanks for pointing the spotlight, ken blackwell, we'll see you again soon. >> good to be with you. >> students are crying foul, their principal is banning sports. in a mission to increase students' grades. is this a good idea? and more and more lawmakers calling to defund npr after firing juan williams but history shows us it may not be that easy. we'll tell you why, then, it is the perfect time for a tailgate and the tailgate has begun! in the fox plaza, how to make your party even better. >> give it back to me! go, go go! ♪
9:28 am
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>> dave: welcome back to fox and friend, i'm dave briggs, peter johnson, jr. for clayton morris and she, of course, alisyn camerota. we start with the story of the other -- of the week, npr dismissing juan williams and now the story is this, can we defund npr? there are a number of conservatives trying to do that. >> alisyn: it isn't the first time you have heard the call. it has been going on since president reagan was in office, the argument, however, today, is in this economic crisis, that we're in, particularly now, that we know that npr has the patron saint of george soros, who gave $1.8 million, do taxpayers who believe npr does not represent their point of view, should they be on the hook for millions more dollars?
9:32 am
karl rove was on o'reilly's show this weekend, let's hear what he said about it. >> our country needs to save money. why don't we save money by cutting off the federal subsidy to what ought to be a private enterprise anyway and that is -- >> that can happen but you guys should have done it in the bush administration, it is the biggest con game in the world. >> we tried to cut back funding for the corporation for public broadcasting several times and the problem is, every public radio station, says, oh, well this is our source of news and information and we have demonstrated with clarity now, its not about news and information. it is about political correctness, an increasingly left wing tone and cannot take an honest liberal like juan williams and tolerate him and have to cast him out in the a particularly vulgar and pitiful way. >> dave: there were attempts going back to the inception of the corporation of public broadcasters an newt gingrich made a big push in the 1990s,
9:33 am
the republican controlled congress and they were unsuccessful and president nixon and president reagan and president george w. bush tried to defund them and this colorado representative, introduced a bill to defund the corporation of public broadcasting in june before it all started but it's not easy. >> it's not. but there are two issues, the philosophical issue, should the governments fund a private news organization and influence what the organization is doing and, two, in these tough economic times, should we be footing the bill for left-leaning viewpoints of a so-called independent radio news network, now we know as you pointed out, alisyn, there is a new sugar daddy for npr who put a couple million dollars to fund actual reporters in capitals around the u.s. and it seems to be an outfit that raises more questions than there are answers, at this point. >> alisyn: congressman doug
9:34 am
lambborn, a republican from colorado makes another point to the ones you have made, now there is a multitude of channel choices. when the idea to fund the corporation for public broadcasting started there weren't all of these choices and you basically had three networks and pbs and now there -- it exponentially grew, there is cable and so many different outlets, that you can get your points of view, somewhere, and you don't necessarily need the pbs or npr as much as you did decades ago. >> dave: he, along with eric cantor and jim demint and several members in the house and senate calling for the defunding of npr, but, it is a long road. >> should they be providing our news, the corporation for public broadcasting and "sesame street" an educational program, should they be providing news. >> alisyn: it is hard to take money away from elmo. i'm telling you. >> that is not news, right? we can agree.
9:35 am
>> dave: that is where i get everything. >> keep "sesame street" but not the news. >> alisyn: in the meantime we have news for you. here's your headlines. three beaches in california central coast are shut down this morning after a deadly shark attack on 19-year-old body boarder lucas ransom, and it will be up to officials tomorrow to decide when the beaches will be reopened and experts believe the shark that attacked him was likely a great white. deadly cholera outbreak in the kept of port-au-prince, it haiti. five cases are confirmed. and officials are concerned, tens of thousands or still living intent cities after january's devastating -- in tent cities and claimed 208 lives, a small town in north carolina's population doubled. 5,000 people packed the town of king to protest the decision to stop flying the christian flag at a veterans memorial and the council took the flag down over fears that it would not have the money to fight a looming aclu
9:36 am
lawsuit. >> we are concerned our first amendment rights in this country war taramped upon and we are letting the country know we will take the christian flag back. >> alisyn: next council meeting is november 1st. kids are crying foul, saying their principal is a bad sport. the principal, heads up martin van buren high school in queens, new york. according to this morning's "new york post," she announced that the girls and boys basketball teams could no longer play games at home. she has also limited practice for all sports to three days a week instead of six days and, made a statement, saying that her mission is to get students graduated in four years. the school has a graduation rate of 68%. sounds like she wants to focus on academics. let's go outside to maria, with what the weather looks like out there. >> alisyn, looking pretty good out here.
9:37 am
things are dry in new york city and that is definitely -- means things are looking good for any outdoor plans, we'll look at tropical storm richard, still tropical storm status, the winds at 70 miles per hour, and, that is shy of being a category one hurricane which is actually 74 miles per hour and it is expected to continue to strengthen as it remains over warm water and allows the storms to intensify and will be a category one hurricane before making landfall across central portions of the coast and will continue to move on land it will weaken and strong winds will tear it apart as it does exit into t into the gulf of mexico. a cold front is bringing in light rain in seattle and down into reno and also mountain snow expected later this afternoon into a sunny night across parts of the rockies and, as we move eastward we have another cold
9:38 am
front and, that is currently pushing through the plains states and bringing in activity across the great lakes region and some rain, starting to move into parts of the state of new york. now, today's highs, looking warm as we head south, antonio, your highs expected to be 88 degrees, warm day for october, and 85 degrees in dallas and we'll go ahead and take it over to dean and peter. we are actually outside, for the bing national tailgating contest championships. >> dave: maria we are grilling up, sunday means football, football means tailgating, right, peter and we have the commissioner here, the official commissioner of tailgating and that is not according to me, this is the institute of tailgating america. fittingly, joe is with us this morning, good to see you, sir. these are obviously the ingredients of a good tailgate party.
9:39 am
>> tailgating is the new american social and is getting together in the parking lot, in a place -- replaced the block party, replaced what we know, where we get together, and so that the greatest part of the tailgate is a social and reception to the banquet and the banquet, you go inside the game and the reception, you walk around and enjoy everything and the fun part that it is easy, died have teamed up this year with bing because it is a decision, all about decisions. like, what should we eat, how we should do it and you can bing and you have recipes, you have maps, especially, how do you get to the a... >> you have a whole list of things, checklist to begin with, right? >> there is nothing worse than coming out to a game and forgetting the food and i tell people, at the top of the checklist, put tickets. there is nothing worse than everybody... >> great tailgate. >> those people who wants to go
9:40 am
in, they kind of want to have -- >> isn't that the best part of it. >> the great thing is, individual parties that become a group collective. which is really amazing. >> you don't see the games... >> next is gets there early. that is obvious. >> 5:00 a.m., what time, 4:00 a.m. >> normally you like to get there, 4, 5 hours before game time and we got here, and, we got here at 5:00 a.m. >> you go to bed early. >> and, yeah, you don't go to bed. what do you mean? you stay up. >> you needed to know your stats. your next tip. the players on the field, talking about -- >> not only stats, you need stats about the grillers and the barbecue and recipes. but, also, we talk about one of the great things we talk about now, we talk about the fantasy leagues. and so you have to know your
9:41 am
stats. look at this. this is the new windows phone 7. i can put up my stats, and i can know to bing and get states. >> what states. >> i'm 6'8". because, i check, right here, let me tell you, i check by bing and for my weight i should be 6'8". >> tips for the 6'8" man, wear your team colors, he's a saints fan and clean up and recycle, don't leave a mess. and, we asked for photos from viewers, what they do on tailgate saturday or sunday. break them down, first, jim -- >> alabama. roll, roll time. that is really big. i scored that high, because... >> a sausage stand. >> you can tailgate in a -- this is a great one, i like that. the next one... alabama.
9:42 am
champions. arkansas. >> camping. >> tents are important, especially, for bald headed people, in the sun. >> i understand that. >> we have that in common and that is important and the bus next to it. >> and the grill, you wants to have... a full grill. in virginia they know about eating and know about food and that is one of the great things, you know? the national tailgating championship, the bing national tailgating championship, oh, look at that. that is the -- go buffs! i scored this, well, effort and style. that, you have to have an ambulance, because there is a rescue unit and you -- >> and as commissioner you banned all vengetables from tailgating. >> you may have to have some and we have to worry about the people eating it and vegetables
9:43 am
can be out there, will the people eat it? and here we have the bing national tailgating championships. >> how do we enter it. >> go to and, you can get all of the rules there, there are 6 cities that will be regional contests, the winners will meet before the super bowl in dallas, or ft. worth, actually, i like to throw that in, i'm from fort worth and the game will be in arlington, and how about them rangers, i like to say that in new york! wait' minute it, wait, let me... >> and enter the bing national championship of tailgating. >> you're not the commissioner, you are the king. >> i used to be king, kings are overthrown and commissioners are for life. >> alisyn: you guys have vegetables, ketchup! wait until you hear the debate we are about to have, the mom we are about to meet resisted the
9:44 am
urge to defend her daughter against a bully and her actions sparked a nationwide debate. is it ever okay to let your kid be bullied and those who support legalizing pot say it would generate serious dough and our next guest says it will generate serious job losses. what do you say we get the look we want, the softness we need, and an unbeatable lifetime stain warranty for whatever life throws at it. then let's save big on the installation. ♪ we're lowering the cost of going barefoot. more saving. more dog. that's the power of the home depot. get exclusive martha stewart living and platinum plus installed in your whole house for only 37 bucks. each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living but you see, with the help of her raymond james financiaadvisor,
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9:47 am
>> dave: in california and, legalizing is the claim, it will cure the state's economic problems, our next guests says the truth is the biggest boost to the economy would be thanks to massive cuts, in law enforcement, not tax revenue and jes senior fellow at the cato institute recently co-authored a study on prop 19 and joins us live this morning, good morning to you, sir. >> morning. >> dave: you studied this and found a lot of money would be saved by the state of california if, in fact, prop 19 passes. why so? >> there are basically two effects for the government, state budget, one is, once it is a legal good it can be taxed the same way that all standard goods are taxed like alcohol or tobacco in particular. the second is, if you legalize marijuana you should no longer be paying police to arrest people for violating marijuana laws and prosecuting for
9:48 am
violation, because the laws are gone and, the state would get extra tax revenue and save money by releasing those political -- criminal justice resources either to other use or reducing the criminal justice budget. >> dave: not just some money, if the cuts are made the study said california would save $960 million, almost a billion dollars, annually, if they were to make those cuts. and the police force -- in the police force, it'et cetera, andn california, making cuts are trouble, we have seen chris christie, having trouble making cuts in new jersey, would they be likely to cut jobs in that state. >> it is unlikely you would see rapid or quick cuts, what you might see is that attrition would gradually reduce the number of police and they wouldn't be replaced quite as fast because the need would be reduced by the legalization of marijuana and the prisons were not quite as full and might take fresh off building of new preference and hiring new prison
9:49 am
guards and the budgetary benefits might show up and may not be as big as my estimate suggests because, as you point out to achieve them you have to reduce the amount of resources the government is employing. in the fight against marijuana. >> dave: and we should mention the tax money raised, estimated by the study, $350 million, annual, that is no small amount, about a billion dollars over the course of three years. jeff, that is an interesting study, thanks for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> dave: coming up, a mom sparks controversy when she writes, quote, sometimes it is okay to letter child be bullied. what do you think about that? two moms square off in a fair and balanced debate, next.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> alisyn: with so many tragic bullying cases anyone news, parents are more concerned than ever about what to do if their child says they are being teased at school. now, one mom has sparked much debate by admitting that she resisted the urge to intervene when her own five-year-old daughter was bullied because, quote, sometimes it is okay to let your kids be bullied them. author of that article, amy hatch, is the mom, of two, and she's a columnist at parentdish and joining us is elizabeth est est ester, blowing and mother of five, and, your daughter encountered mean girls in kindergarten and you mate the active decision not to intervene. why. >> i did. my daughter came home at the beginning of the year and was really enthralled with one particular child and they were friends for quite a while and it started to turn slowly, that she was being teased and being left
9:54 am
out, and there were basic playground bullying going on, and, my strategy with my child was to take the tack that, giving her the tools to cope with that person would empower her in the long run and i felt -- strongly knew what when i needed to step in and when i didn't, and in this case teaching my daughter, who is quite young, that there are going to be people out there, who are not always going to be nice to you and who find it sporting to make fun is part of learning to deal with independents, with rejection and with being part of a society that is not closed in like when you are at home with your parents. >> alisyn: elizabeth, do we need to let our kids settle their own disputes sometimes. >> i think sometimes that is necessary. i think, though, that when parents don't intervene and are not involved, i do think sometimes that can create an environment that empowers the bullies, because, the onus is always on the targeted child to
9:55 am
stand up for herself and defend herself, instead of the bully being held accountable for his or her bad behavior. >> alisyn: look, amy, i think your logic makes sense, obviously we wants to give our kids coping skills but with all of the tragic bullying stories lately in the news, some with deadly consequences, haven't we learned the lesson we need to intervene early, as parents? >> i think that you have to be tuned into who your child is and the environment they're in. i think the research will show, one out of ten kids is bullied, but one out of ten will not escalate to the fact where they commit suicide. >> i agree, amy. >> alisyn: go ahead, elizabeth. >> i agree with that to an extent but in this situation the bullying went on so long, eventually it turned into a physical assault. and i think in those situations, if there had been a little bit of intervention earlier orange it doesn't have to be aggressive, it could be an e-mail, to the teacher, this is
9:56 am
going on and can you give me background, because we give our tools and if those tools are not working and the bullying is continuing, our kids need to know we are there to back them up, and, to jump into the situation if the need arises to help them, if they are left alone the feelings of help loyness and rage can increase, to my mind perpetuates the cycle of bullying and the bullied child becomes a bully. >> alisyn: and, in your case, your daughter, it turned physical though it was in kindergarten. >> yes, that is true. however, i should be very clear that i was active in chatting with her teachers about it throughout and i didn't include that in my piece, i wasn't sitting back and letting my kid get bullied, i'll be clear about that, my child is sensitive and i know what her lines are and i also know there will be circumstances i cannot control and i felt comfortable sending her to school and that she was safe and i knew she had the
9:57 am
tools, to come back -- combat the teasing and also felt like what is happening with her was garden variety and it will happen again, as she got older and giving her a sense that she was a good person, that i was there for her and she could come to me and talk to me and i think that is the key, that i was very open with talking with her about it and i think not only does that give her the sense that she is secure it gives the child the sense they can stand up when someone else is being bullied and recognize the signs. >> we hear your point, that it is -- can be character-building in some sort of small way, amy and elizabeth, thanks for coming in and debating this very important topic this morning, we appreciate both of your positions. more "fox & friends" in two minutes if i wa to keep doing this i have to start taking care of my heart. so i'm starting with cheerios. [ male announcer ] got something you'll love to keedoing? take care of your heart. you can start with cheerios.
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