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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 3, 2010 8:00am-10:00am EST

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>> gretchen: keep it right here on the fox news channel because at 1:00 p.m., the president will hold a press conference on the midterm elections. >> brian: we have a three hour after the show show coming up right now. >> steve: it starts in two seconds. morning in america, there are three headlines, republicans take back the house, they post significant gains in the senate and take important governor's seats in all corners of the country. we're waiting for a news conference for speaker designate, john boehner. for him and his party, it was a night of history. good morning, everybody, on the morning after. we'll sleep when they're dead, they say! martha: plenty of time for that. bill: i'm bill hemmer. martha: haven't seen new a
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long time, bill. at least a couple of hours. good to be with you, everybody. i'll martha maccallum. great to you with you this very big morning. we still have a couple of races that are undecided this hour. we're awaiting results for those of the let's take a look at how the balance of power in the senate shakes out right now, 46 seats went to republicans in the senate, we are awaiting results from washington, colorado, and alaska. bill: in the house, 239 seats going to republican, well above the 218 needed for the majority and better than the republican revolution of 1994, all of that last night getting the best of john bainer -- boehner, caught up in the moment. >> i spent my whole life chasing the american dream .
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>> just to let you a lot of you know, i started out mopping floors and tending bar at my dad's tavern. i put myself through school, working every rotten job there was. and every night shift i could find. i poured my heart and soul into run ago small business. [applause] and when i saw how out of washington had become with the core values of this great nation, i put my name forward and ran for office. so i'm going to thank my
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wife debbie, my girls, lindsey and trisha, my 11 brothers and sisters, and all my friends and neighbors in ohio for giving me the chance to serve and the opportunity to stand before you, ready to lead. i thank all of you, god bless you and god bless our great country. >> bill: chris wallace, thank you for joining us. >> that is the true, essential john boehner. bill: many times when he gives a speech, he says i'm going to hold this together and i guess you could give him marginal points for holding that together. go back to march 20th, 7 1/2 months ago, this is march 20, 2010, nancy pelosi, leader of the house, carrying a gavel into the house chamber. this was the weekend they
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passed health care. how does this picture look this morning to you chris? >> look, it's historic and i think msnbc who thinks that when the president holds his news conference this afternoon he's going to talk about compromising on health care. forget it. that is the signature accomplishment of this administration, it's something that democrats have been trying to accomplish for half a century, they they go off on the margins and say let's include tort reform but the basic idea of insuring 30 million people, that's going to be the pitch battle because a lot of republicans were elected to repeal and replace, they're going to fight that tooth and nail. i think they'll compromise in some areas but not in health care. bill: john boehner, mitch mcconnell, both had conversations with barack obama last night. has he showed the -- shown the desire or willingness to compromise yet? >> no. i mean, he's always talking the game, he hasn't really done it and i think the key narrative of the last two years has been when it came to the stimulus, health
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care, financial reform, yes, they tried to engage republicans and you could argue there are two sides to this story but in the end they had the votes and they rammed these things through. if he doesn't learn a lesson from last night he's a lot slower than i think he is. the americans spoke and with great clarity and political -- he's got to deal with republicans. this is no mandate for republican last night, either. bill: they said nothing more from us tonight, you will hear from him today at 1:00. now the governors' races and there's a reason why they wereway they went last night, pennsylvania phillips, ohio phillips, in fact, here's john kasich last night after he declared victory in the buckeye state. >> forget we took a step forward tonight to putting
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ohioans back back to work, we took a step forward to making ohio the best place to live and work in the country. bill: it was a very close race and many will tell you it's hard to knock off an incumbent governor holding office. ohio, pennsylvania, new mexico, wisconsin, michigan, south carolina, all now republican governor necessary each of those states. why is it so critical when you look toward 2012? >> first reasons, to 2012, remember that census where we all had to fill in those forms? now the state legislatures is going to redistrict and a number of those states are picking up or in some cases losing governors in the 46 states have veto power so they have tremendous control in redistricting and how you draw congressional lines can often times determine whether it's a republican or democrat. republicans in those states will be able to solidify gains. from years of covering
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presidential campaigns, when you're the candidate of your party and you walk down the staircase from the airplane and there's a governor of your party there with all the machinery, all of the personnel of a state government that's at your support, at your back, it gives you an enormous boost, and you know, now think of these states like ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, all of these swing states in the midwest -- bill: they determine national elections. >> absolutely. and barack obama is going to be going into enemy territory and the go p-fpt presidential nominee is going to be going into friendly territory. one other point i want to make, think of the obama map in 20 08 and how he expanded it from the blue states and the two coast, florida, ohio, indiana, virginia, north carolina, that map has been shrunk. we're back to the al gore-john kerry presidential map and all of the president's effort to redefine blue states and red states went out the window last night. bill: great to get your analysis, host of fox news
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sunday. thank you. martha: we were just talking about this, president obama dealt a bit of a tough hand last night, and later today, 1:00 a.m., the president will step out and hold a news conference. he's expected to talk of course about the election results of last night, perhaps offer some sort of olive branch to republicans. yesterday the president warned that the gop may try and change much of the work that democrats have done over the last 15 minutes. we're going to have that news conference and carry it live at 1:00 p.m. today. in the meantime alaska's senate race, folks s. far from over at this point. the write-in candidate is in the lead. republican joe miller and democrat scott mcadams with those numbers. potentially the numbers look good for murkowski's write-in candidacy to keep her job. early this morning she spoke to fox news, here's what she
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said -- here's what she said about the tea party. >> they're an outside organization that came in, tried to influence an election. they did so in the primaries and we said not again. this is our state, we will make the decisions here, we will elect our senator and alaskans are doing just that. martha: that's an interesting take, isn't it? meanwhile, joe miller telling supporters that alaskans are ready for change. >> this is not about joe miller. this is about change around the country, and that is good for alaska. for alaska, we've got to do that, otherwise, we're going to get drug down with it. >> we'll hear more about that alaska race a while from now. bill: in fact there are 154 people listed as write-in candidates. the write-in only counts for total ballots, not the names on them. as of nows the write-ins have 41 percent of that vote, no -- no u.s. senate
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has won in a write-in since 1954 when john thurman won. stay tuned for more from arizona throughout the day. martha: it is day two of counting in washington state, democrat patty murray in her toughest election race yet, she holds the numbers, 50-50 with dino rossi. lots more to be counted. those numbers coming in throughout the day, possibly throughout the week. we're going to keep a close eye on this important senate delays could move the numbers in that regard. bill: meantime on the west coast, 6:00 a.m. in california, it's a standout last night for the fog reason. this is a state that is deep in debt, tens of billions of dollars. two of the country was most closely watched races were not that close in the end. incumbent democratic senator barbara boxer defeating carly fiorina. boxer had a ten-point lead
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there and californians did send jerry brown back to sentiment -- sacramento. brown is up over whitman by one # points with most of the votes counted there in the golden state. we'll continue to go through all of this throughout the morning, many races still not yet called and stunning exit polls, too, revealing how you feel about the health care overhaul. we'll show you the numbers and find out if democrats who voted yes suffered last night. martha: and a stunner of an election in wa washington list not -- wisconsin last night, jon ron johnson never ran for office, stealing the seat from three-time senator russ feingold. ron johnson joinstous talk about his victory. bill: what is -- what is this race all about? president obama's senate seat goes republican. and mark kirk tas office today.
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>> we are 800 miles from any ocean but a tsunami just hit the heartland! my name is mark kirk and i'm going to replace roland buris in the united states senate.
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martha: a winner goes head over heels, literally, incumbent -- watch this! that's congressman mutter of california, celebrating his victory by doing cart wheels. there he goes again? showing off his skill to reporters after the gop challenger phrase ear was defeated in one of the swing districts. mutter regularly did cart wheel, apparently, as an attention grabber and i guess it works! how about that?
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i'm going to cart wheel out of here today. bill: martha, wait until you see that guy break dance! it's extraordinary! several key races still not decided. we may see some of these battles sprawl out for weeks it not month, meaning legal issues may start to take shape in states like colorado and alaska where so far write-in candidates have 41 percent of that vote and alaska could be a sign for the incumbent lisa murkowski republican joe miller, trail w-g 34 percent of that vote, democrat scott mcadams, behind at 24 percent. judge and renapolitano, senior judicial analyst and host of box business network -- fox business network's "free com watch" with you for a specific reason. you sat on the bench and said if you've got issues with voters, come to me, and you'll determine how it's resolved. >> all right. here's the first step, before it even gets to the judge, we're talking about looking at a write-in
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ballot, a person hand writing a name on a piece of paper in alaska. a republican poll watcher and democratic poll watcher and poll watcher for lisa murkowski will sit here and say do we all agree this says murkowski, it does not, if they agree they put it in the appropriate trial f. they disagree, that goes to a judge and the judge decides what is the voter's intent. the law says her name must be spelled absolutely correctly but the supreme court of alaska when interpret thank law says it doesn't have to be perfectly spelled as long as it's obvious who the voter wants. bill: that's an interpretation among the supreme court in alaska, right? that sounds look tallahassee in 2000 of voter intent. >> it can be a subjective standard. suppose it says lisa m. and don't spell out murkowski? if there's no other lisa m. they could be voting tporbgs was it lisa murkowski or the
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sister-in-law, lisa mahoney? these are the questions the judge has to answered. -- answer. bill: strom thurmond was the last senate candidate to do that in the senate chamber. >> now it absolutely will term the -- determine the outcome, who alaska will send to the senate so this will be a meticulous procedure. they'll have to go through 81,000 of these pieces of paper and determine what was the intent of the voters. bill: 154 listed as write-in candidates. is that about right, is that normal or exceedingly high? >> exceedingly high. exceedingly high. i've never heard of that number of people listed as write-in candidates but in most states the state doesn't compile a list. lisa murkowski's lawyers persuaded the election officials to come pile a list with her name on it. bill: so what's -- watch alaska, too. is there any other race where this could come into some sort of legal challenge
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based on what we've seen so far? >> yes, washington state because they vote by mail and the mail could be delivered late. bill: that's the senate battle. >> right. and every ballot is marked by hand and colorado, where there's enough absentee ballots counted yet to bridge the gap between the republicans and democrats. two races we may not know the answer to until thanksgiving. bill: stay within an arm's reach, okay? martha, what's next? >> chairman of the republican conference committee, mike pence, joins us, he's a pretty happy man today, he's going to tell us what he has in his plans. just months ago this man, though, a political unknown, folks, and now he's one of the most talked about stars of last night. he's bound for washington now. how he beat russ feingold. >> so tonight, we can celebrate, but tomorrow, we start the hard work, and i understand now i represent all the citizens of wisconsin, and i want everyone to know i take that responsibility very
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bill: as expected, waiting on john boehner in that room right now. you'll see the first comments we've heard this morning from john boehner back in washington after his tearful speech last evening. eric cantor to his right and we will try and pick up on republican strategy, starting today, and also waiting in the wings, mike pence, part of that republican leadership in the house, what his plans are for the future and what we should expect from house leaders, what will they try for first? is it the tax cuts, is it reigning in spending, is it cutting down discretionary spending, is it all of theove ay toward the white house and president barack obama
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before he delivers his first remarks this afternoon at 1:00 east coast time? here is john boehner, and eric cantor inside their house office, waiting for the standby to go, and they're on. >> do we have all of our friends here yet? >> we're humbled by the trust that the american people have placed in us and as i said last night, our job is to listen to the american people and follow the will of the american people. it's pretty clear the american people want us to do something about cutting spending here in washington, and helping to create an environment where we'll get jobs back in our country. we've got a big job ahead of us, and that's why you'll see us roll up our sleeves
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and do the work there is to do. >> the results la night katie think the american people are tired and frustrated with washington. it is very clear they want a government that listens to them and frankly whether you're democratic, republican or independent, the country wants results. the first order of business has got to be to create jobs and the way that the american people spoke last night they said the obama administration's agenda over the last 20 months has failed, they've rejected that approach and they want to see us return to a sense of limited government and that means the lead just said, cut spending and get us back to an era where we have promote opportunity and step up to responsibility so we can promote and reward success. >> [inaudible question] >> the american people
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spoke, and i think this is pretty clear that the obama-pelosi agenda is being rejected by the american people. they want, as i said last night, they want the president to change course, and i think it's change course, we will. [inaudible question] >> i think it's a mandate for washington to reduce the size of government and continue our fight for a smaller, more accountable government. ] inaudible question] >> we'll make a lot of decisions over the coming months about what will happen in january, but -- we'll save that. you'll have plenty of time to ask. >> [inaudible question] >> listen, the american people are concerned about the government's takeover the health care. i think it's important for us to lay the ground work before we begin to repeal this mon strosty and replace
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it with common sense reforms that will bring down the cost of insurance to americans. >> thank you. bill: you will hear an awful lot of talk about jobs and the economy and what john boehner just said there about a mandate to reduce the size of government. that is what eric cantor and john boehner are facing this morning after this historic election last night, especially on the house side. a lot of people, martha, refer back to the republican revolution of 1994 and the numbers last night flew right by that election, you'd have to go back to the 1940s so match what we saw last night. you gained of on seats in the house and now you've got to question as a to how they work together, which is job number one. >> harry reid saying republicans can no longer be the party of no, yet the very things they said no to
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are the exact things we're hearing the american people opposed to so is definitely going to be butting of heads when this comes down, so we're going to be watching this all throughout the day. bill: and you mentioned health care, laying the ground work, what is that ground work and what does it look like? we're going to talk to mike pence, lead in the house in a matter of moments too. >> it was the symbolic seat, senator harry reid fighting hard to hold on to his majority seat, sharron angle, close behind. how he pulled out this victory in the silver state of nevada, in moments.
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bill: just before the break we mention that's harry reid held on to the seat in nevada, this is one of the most hard fought battles we watched in the last several months. how did he do it? we'll show you results from nevada, harry reid against republican and tea party favorite and challenger sharron angle, he won the race 50-45. where did he win in clarke county, the difference, substantial. also up in reno, nevada, that's the northwestern part of the state, reid took that section of nevada, too, by five points, 50 percent to sharron angle's 45 percent. late last night here's how
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the senate majority leader said and described his victory: >> today, nevada chose hope over fear. [applause] nevada chose to move forward, not backward. bill: harry reid moves back to washington, and out of california this morning, trace gallagher is watching all these results and a lot more out there, too. good morning, trace. >> reporter: good morning, bill. we said from the beginning this harry reid race is very unpredictable and last night it certainly was. let's face it, you look at the past six polls and sharron angle was leading in every one of those polls, albeit she was in the margin of error but the experts we were talking to said don't forget, harry reid and his four terms in the senate has built a powerful political machine in nevada and they said his get out the vote effort was huge and it is huge. especially as you pointed out in clark county, the biggest area, he dominated there.
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sharron angle did a get better in the rest of the state but in the end she could not close the divide. here again is harry reid. listen: >> this race has been called, but the fight is far from over. the bell that just rang isn't the end of the fight, it's the start of the next round. >> so harry reid goes on to term five, bill. back to you. bill: what did sharron angle say about the outcome last night, what did we hear from her? >> sharron angle conceded 1:30 west coast time, they flew down to reno from vegas and conceded the race. a lot of her supporters were disap$ because they didn't want her to concede but fight on, they said there were a number of what they called voter discrepancies, voter irregularities with the touch screen and so forth, but at the end the gap was simply too wide for sharron angle. here's what she said.
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listen: >> we know how to win and we know how to lose. and we've done this graciously. look at what has happened within our state, to our own party. look at how energized we are at how ready to go forward we are to the next battle and the next battle. >> so there you have nevada's unemployment rate, the highest in the country, the foreclosure rate, very close behind. half the population in nevada has an unfavorable view of harry reid, and yet, he's back to d.c., bill. bill: trace, thank you. here's martha now. martha: senate majority leader harry reid as you just are hearing about may have held on to his post but now he will have to work with the presumptive house speaker, the speaker-des cincinnati what he's called this morning, john boehner. let's bring in mary ann marsh and kevin madden, former national press secretary to mitt romney's presidential campaign. good morning to both of you, i'm sure you had a late
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night as well. good to have you both here. let's play this from john boehner last night, because this is quite striking: >> i've spent my whole life chasing the american dream. martha: bill is from ohio, he says it happens all the time. i had not seen him quite that emotional. and i thought it was very interesting. i think he probably won over a few people last night. mary ann, what did you think about that? >> i think for the national audience, i had never seen anything like that from john boehner and i think you get one chance to make a good first impression and john boehner did that, but what was so compelling is he talked about the fact that how many jobs and how hard he worked and now it's john boehner's job to put america back to work with harry reid. martha: here's the problem, kevin madden, harry reid is talking about the gop, they can't be the party of no
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anymore, but the very things they've been saying no to, like more spending, a higher decifit, health care reform, i mean, those are the things that they seem to have been chosen by the people last night to do. >> well, first of all i used to work for john boehner, we used to have to carry around kleenexes. it's very true. he's an emotional guy. martha: he seemed like such a tough guy. i think it's a surprise to a lot of folks out there but there's a soft side to john boehner. >> he's very emotional about the things he cares about and look, the two speeches you saw from the respective leaders, john boehner this morning, he used the word listen, over and over and over, that's because he believes right now what's most important is that the house of representativessor more reflective of the peoples' anxieties and more reflectist of the peoples' will and harry reid talked about fighting and taking the fight back to washington and that's a big problem, because right now, the agenda that harry reid and president obama and nancy pelosi pushed down before the american people, that
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was rejected right now, so i think it's a telling glance at how these two respective leaders are coming to washington to do their jobs. martha: i don't see a lot of warm and fundy when we get back to washington, mary ann, because we didn't hear from the democratic leaders who said anything conciliatory, a larger message for the nation, nothing like that. >> there's no question what the agenda is. it's jobs, end of sentence. martha: i mean, it's hard to get them. and across the board, people have said that the stimulus hasn't worked. >> well, martha, the fact here is republican versus to work with democrats because if they don't, two years from now they're going to suffer the same losses democrats did last night. democrats have to work with republicans or they're going to lose more seats and perhaps the white house. so yes, it's the house, but voters are going to judge which one of these parties, the democrats or the republicans, have the right approach as they did last night and that's why you're going to see a constant
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change in turn every two years until somebody gets it right. martha: you know what, there are folks out there like ron johnson and some of the newer candidates who say they're not going back down when they get there. we'll stpaoe that's the case. we're going to talk to them in moments. good to see you guys, thank you very much. bill: we have kleenex on the desk here today. martha: john boehner can come any time. bill: rand paul is going to washington. what's his plan now? we'll talk live to him later this morning. stay tuned for that. that is on deck. and mike pence is on deck. what is the republican strategy in the house now? you just heard from john boehner and eric cantor. we'll talk to mike pence in a moment. he joins us after the break. martha: what about this, the democrat wins in a state that did not vote for president obama in '08. we're going to take a look at joe manchin's fascinating trip to the senate. what a trip this was. and why he says party affiliation means nothing anymore in washington.
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>> i'm going there, and i intend to work with everyone who's going to put their country first. if you put the country first, i don't care whether you're a democrat, republican, a liberal, conservative, business or labor. it's how we do it. and it works well. and the country will be much better off because of that. that's how we rebuild america, and we'll get america back on track. we will get her back on track.
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>> hoosiers have every reason to be proud because with your help we have turned a seat that's under-- fundamentally supportive of the obama regime to one that firmly opposes it.
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bill: that's indiana senator-elect dan coats thanking vote tpoers giving republicans the numbers they need to fight back. that's a win for republicans in indiana, speaking of which back home we find mike pence, good morning to you, in indianpolis. we heard from john boehner and eric cantor, 15 minutes ago. what is priority number one in the house? we know it's about jobs and the economy but what will republicans in the house try and do to right the ship first? >> first, let's pay a debt of gratitude to the courageous men and women across the country who stood in this election and took a strong stand for turning the country back to limited government, fiscal responsibility and reform and secondly i want to recognize this morning that last night was not so much a victory for our political party as it was a victory for the american people, and i think it's to them that we must repair, as we develop
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our positions in the coming months. republicans are determined in congress with this new generation of leaders coming to washington to be on the side of the american people, every day of the week. we're going to end this era of runaway federal spending, borrowing, bailouts, takeovers, we're going to work to repeal obamacare, lock, stock and barrel, get back to common sense and common values. that's what last night was all about. bill: let's break own the answer there. tax cuts, what move will you make and how soon? you have 59 days to get it done. >> look, i don't know if there's any higher priority, bill, than making sure in the most difficult economy in 25 years that no american sees a tax increase in january, not one. and republicans are determined, whether it's in a lame duck session or right out of the gate the first of the year to preserve all the current tax relief, to give that certainty to the marketplace, and also, to go right to work on additional tax relief and reform that will release the trapped
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energy of this economy. we've got to get the economy moving again. that's going to take across the board tax relief, working families, small businesses, family farms, and it's going to take real and practiced fiscal discipline in washington, d.c. bill: can you get the white house? can you get the president to agree to that? on the tax cuts, specifically. or will you get a veto? >> well, look, you know, i heard at the top of the hour, you were talking about that third sunday in march, when democrats marched across. that night, right here on fox, i predicted then, i said the democrats had their say on the third sunday in march but the american people are going to have their say on the first tuesday in november and look, the question right now is did the white house get the message. did democrats on capitol hill, did harry reid get the message. harry reid's comments so far don't sound very promising but the american people are at the table, they've reasserted their sovereign control over the national
9:47 am
government last night and i really believe with all my heart that what we must do in the coming days is to steer our national government back to where the american people know it has to go, and that is limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the polices of growth. bill: you mentioned health care. john boehner says to lay the ground work to repeal health care. you basically have said the same thing. do you trim at the edges, do you target specific provisions? what do you do? >> let me tell you, house republicans will not rest until we repeal obamacare, lock, stock and barrel. we're going to do everything in our power to pass legislation to completely start over. but it's not just about, you know, wiping the slate clean. it's also about replacing it with health care reform that focuses on lowering the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government. we can do that and the american people know we can do that without individual mandates and tax and public funding of abortion. but i think we've got to tear obamacare out of the ground, root and branch,
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we've got to look for democrats, even, who survived yesterday's election who will join with us in that cause, because i think the american people want obamacare repealed and they want us to immediately work to replace it with health care reform that lowers cost. bull bill it's going to be a major battle. what will you do? >> well, look, my little family and i have been completely focused on doing everything we can to elect a republican majority to capitol hill, into the state house here in indianpolis, but starting today, we're going to prayerfully consider where we can make the most difference for what matters most to us. bill: would you like to be president? >> well, a little girl asked me one time if i ever thought about running for president and i told her, no more, no less than any kid who grew up with a corn field in the back yard, about you whatever the future holds, we're going to consider the process of prayerfully where to make
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the most difference for our beloved state. bill: i've asked you that question three times in two months. i'll continue at it. mike pence, thank you for your time and your patience. >> thank you. martha: fox news alert to this story right now. check out this scene. this is happening in reedville, massachusetts. firefighters responding to a house explosion, and it's literally gone, this home in readville, massachusetts, they are over on the scene there, on danny road. i'll also told this is not far from the mayor's home. the house exploded. we're told there are no injuries. they believe there was some smell of natural gas in the area. we're going to keep a close eye on that one. >> well, they talk the talk and last night they walked the walk and now some of the tea party candidates will be walking straight to the capitol, as the newest lawmakers in this country, carrying the voices of these people. we're going to talk to
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somebody who followed this movement very closely about what it all means.
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martha: right out of wisconsin, ron johnson, who was virtually an unknown, he's a businessman, told us about six months ago when he arrived on the political scene, he would manage to unseat what many thought would be impossible, democratic senator russ
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feingold, first elected in 1992, he voted yes on controversial bills like the health care overhaul and stimulus, he stepped up for president obama's policy in a big way, in many ways he said the president had not gone far enough but last night he said he's not down, he's looking to the future. >> so, it's on to the next fight. it's on to the next battle. it's on to 2012. and it is on to our next adventure forward. martha: all right, well, he looked pretty strong last night, even in a concession speech, but he is not the future senator of wisconsin, republican senate-elect ron johnson is and he joins me on the phone. sen honor--- senator-elect, how does that sound? >> sounds pretty good. good morning. martha: you're now being called a rising star on the gop scene, a tea party
9:55 am
candidate as well, and what makes you think, you know -- tommy thompson decided not to run and he was supposed to be the only republican who could beat russ fin gold. what made you think you could do what you did last night? >> it wasn't what made we think i could do it, it was what was happening in this country, and as i was watching the out of control spending and debt we were wracking up in this country, and the real thing was the health care bill. that was designed to lead to a canadian-style single payor system, that's going to lead to rationing, lower quality of care and the innovation we expect in this country is going to come to the grinding halt so, that's the final straw that made me step up to the plate. martha: a lot of folks have gone to washington with big dreams of changing things and the tea party has big dreams of changing things. how concerned are you about the wall you may run into when you get there, about how tough it is to pull things off? >> i'm certainly not naive. we've got a rough task ahead
9:56 am
of us. we've dug ourselves a deep hole and being from wisconsin, most of us understand that the first step is to stop digging. it's going to be difficult and it's probably going to be a multi-year, multi-election process but i tell you, last night i think the voters of america, the voters of wisconsin sent a very strong message to folks in washington, saying we want to get our fiscal house in order. martha: what's the message for the tea party here? sharron angle did not make it, christine o'donnell did not make it, you did, rand paul did. who does this tell us about the tea party? >> the tea party isn't just one group. certainly from my standpoint, i kind of sprung out of tea party but i ran as a republican, because we have a 2-party system and the only thing a third party does is elect folks like al franken, so i think you've got to join that 2-party system and the goal is to hold the republican party more to their conservative roots. that's certainly what i intend to do. martha: senator-elect ron johnson, thank you very much for being with us, sir,
9:57 am
congratlation, we'll be talking to stkpwhraou thank you for having me on. bill: rand paul wins in kentucky. you will hear from the live next hour as our coverage continues in a moment. >> i have a message! [applause] >> a message from the people of kentucky. a message that is loud and clear. it does not mince words. we've come to -- >>
9:58 am
9:59 am
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10:01 am
we wait for these elections and there are surprises and we had a few last night and now we try and chart to come. martha: some to come, maybe. bill: and, house minority leader, john boehner, the speaker-designate, we heard from him last hour, here's a part of that. >> the american people spoke and i think this is pretty clear, that the obama-pelosi agenda is being rejected by the american people, they want -- as i said, last night, want the president to change course and change course, we will. martha: change course, we will, and carl cameron joins us in new york, and, take us through last night, big winners. >> reporter: lots of big winners and for some the night continue, there are undecideds, remaining and john boehner is a huge winner and he made it clear he thought republicans would not be overly triumphant and overly exuberant and face the seriousness of what is facing them and republicans have to lay
10:02 am
out sdwlaethe agenda and, the u senate, the republicans were not able to get the majority and we have unresolved business to attend to in necessity, three seats are unresolved, alaska, colorado, and washington, could be quite some time, both not likely to make a difference in who has control of the majority, obviously but votes remain unresolved and there is more than a dozen house seats and it will not change the majority and could increase the republican majority, considerably, as it unfolds and, perhaps, sort of most potentially nervous-making for the obama administration, is the unresolved business of the governor's races. the florida governor's race has not been called and there is indication rick scott, the republican is quite close and expressed his confidence that he will win, ohio, pennsylvania and potentially, florida governorships could be in the red, republican column. as we head into 2012.
10:03 am
the presidential race, to see those three battle ground states there, means already president obama is really worried who will be the winner in two years, not just last night, martha. martha: and we move on, real quickly, in that regard, thank you very much, carl cameron. >> reporter: we mentioned the tea party, shaping the election of 2010 and now one group, the tea party patriots, holding a post election briefing in washington and we are talking -- they are talking about yesterday's results and the future of the tea party movement. the room will fill up, we're told, and when it does we'll watch developments and bring them to you, more on the tea party's impact of last night's election, later this morning. also, a slew of high profile races wrapping up in the northeast including the battle for governor of new york, democratic andrew cuomo beating carl paladino and paladino had advice, to offer here in the empire state: >> as our next governor, grab the handle and bring the people
10:04 am
with you to albany. or you can leave it untouched, and run the risk of having it wielded against you. because, make no mistake... you have not heard the last of carl paladino. [cheers and applause]. bill: rick leventhal live in new york, how did cuomo win. >> reporter: he didn't hold back much, but alienated more voters than he won over during the election and, won 4 out of 10 votes, it wasn't terrible but not enough to derail cuomo's contain, described as cautious and disciplined. >> when they look at dysfunction and degradation of albany, they are disgusted and they are right. and what they are saying, today, is, they want reform and they want that government in albany changed and that is what they are going to get. >> reporter: he won in a landslide, 68% of women, 94% of blacks, 82% of latinos, his
10:05 am
father, mario, the 52nd governor of new york joined his son on stage for the victory, and the elder cuomo famously consider aid run for the white house, nearly 20 years ago and his son dropped the bid for governor, 8 years ago and now says his first priority is to clean up albany without a baseball bat. bill: go yanks! o'donnell could not win in delaware. >> reporter: no, she couldn't and she was an evangelical outsider famous for saying she was not a witch and this morning she says she's happy she gave a voice to many who hadn't been heard and blames the republican party for not giving her support and he won the primary, against mike castle, considered a shoo-in to win joe biden's former seat and instead, it is democrat chris coons who wins and he says his priority is to bring nor jofor jobs. bill: and linda mcmahaon did not
10:06 am
win in connecticut, richard blumehthal, a victor for the democrats there. martha: and big win in the tea party, sunshine state, marco rubio who, you know, all the pundits said is a big name for some time to come, in the republican party, most likely, the results in the race, were so lopsided he was declared the winner shortly after the polls closed in florida's panhandle, the western most part of the state and, what a story it has been, charlie crist, the republican governor, hugely popular, decides he wanted to run for the senate seat, and would have to give up the governorship and ran against rubio who no one heard of and he hammered him and kendrick meek, 20% of the vote, phil keating is following this. in the speech, republican rubio definitely offered themes of the tea party, in his ideology and
10:07 am
when he spoke. >> reporter: absolutely, mar that, keep in mind the year-and-a-half ago, he had yet to consolidate florida's republican party. but, back then he had the full support of the tea party and last night it was an absolute festive party, in coral gables. celebrating what some would say was a race, that was far, far gone, weeks and weeks ago, by 8:00, both losers called to concede to marco rubio but he did remind everybody listening that even back a year-and-a-half ago, he says, the ideologies remain the same, and last night threw out the graunt let. -- gauntlet. >> and we make a grave mistake if we believe that, tonight, these results are somehow an embrace of the republican party. what they are is a second chance. >> reporter: reminding everybody that last night, as he has throughout the campaign, he is not going to d.c. to join the republican party. enmasse. he is going with his true beliefs, that we need smaller
10:08 am
government, lower taxes, and, keeping what he calls america exceptional. martha: he said right there, he believes the g.o.p. won nothing more than a second chance, last night, a remarkable statement. let's talk about the governor's race, phil. real drama, still going on there? >> reporter: as we were reporting yesterday, it was a race that really had the promise of being forced to go into a constitutionally required automatic recount and that is where it remains, in that area, today. has yet to be decided. votes, not all of them, have been counted yet and alex citizens is not conceding defeat to scott, though scott temporarily has a lead here, it is pegged at 49 to 48%, and, more accurately, 48.81, the republican and sink with 47.8. and both are supposed to speak sometime this morning, possibly in the hour, but, as far as a recount we talked to an expert who worked with the gore camp
10:09 am
back in the 2000 recounted. -- recount. >> the look has to be what are the votes that haven't been counted yet and there may be some absentees and number of provisional ballots each of the 67 counties and no one knows exactly what the totals may be and there is at least some hope it could be enough to close the gap. >> reporter: according to the associated press, scott is leading by 53,000 votes and scott, now, is claiming his count is a 68,000 votes and either way, will have to be narrowed down by at least 28 to 40,000 votes, to get the recount going. martha: here we go. in florida again, phil, thanks very much. bill: here we go. and, in a moment here, one of the main story lines from last night, the importance of the governors' races won by republicans, including south carolina and nikki haley. >> 18 months ago, i saw a state and a federal government losing control. arrogant in its spending,
10:10 am
arrogant in its responsibilities, and, a need to step up and say we've got to take our stay and our country back. [cheers and applause]. bill: former governor mike huckabee is line after the break to talk about that, also... martha: two women who broke the mold, sarah palin, john mccain's running mate in 2008, and geraldine ferraro, walter mondale's vp in 1984. look at that great picture. they sat down next to each other last night for the first time on tv and it was really something to see. you will see it, right here, on america's election headquarters. let's get chinese. should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes. mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway. [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements.
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bill: we knew that it would play roles on election day but how did health care influence voters? quite a bit if you look at the fox news exit polling, 48% want
10:14 am
the new congress to repeal the law and 31% say expand it and 16% say leave it as it is, nina easton, washington columnist for "fortune" magazine and a fox news contributor. good morning to you, after a late night, last night. >> yes. bill: how did it play. >> you now, it is interesting, because the democrats are going to try to create the narrative that they did poorly because of the economy. just the same way george bush when times were tough for him it was about the war and in fact we can tell from exit polls, from polling going into this, the policies played a huge impact and, particularly, health care. and, all you have to do is look at joe manchin, west virginia's governor, democrat, who won, trying to distance himself from health care reform saying we'll repeal the bad parts of the law and you saw that across the board, with a lot of these democrats, who are trying to save themselves. and, you certainly saw it in the polling, for... bill: joe manchin may be a democrat in name only, huh?
10:15 am
>> i think that's right. bill: a dino as opposed to a rino, and, he pulled it out, in the election, and, if you look at the house votes, actually and the central part of the country, when you look at house members who broke in favor of the health care legislation, the third week in march, late comers that put it over the top, were in tough battles, indiana, barrett hill loses. ohio, john becierri lose, and steve driehaus loses and mary jo kilroy loses, they are democrats who voted in favor of health care. and there is your argument for what voters -- >> and the other thing, you put your finger on it when you said the middle of the country. when you look at, say, california, which again, about the question about whether -- what role the economy versus policy plays, california has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. and, yet, obama has favorable ratings, it is very democratic
10:16 am
and they held on last night. same in nevada, harry reid held on. so, it wasn't just about the economy, it is middle america, between the coasts, is where people are rebelling against obama and the other thing is that obama care, by the way, has entered the lexicon, look at the polling, people know what that means. by huge majorities. and, 51% of polls going in, you cited one fox poll, 51% of the poll out of public opinion strategy was even higher. bill: and he called out -- in virginia, he called out betsie markey in colorado and she lost, supporting health care, too and john boehner said last hour that they will now have a -- his words, a mandate to reduce the size of government. and talked about health care and laying the groundwork. for going after. what this is groundwork and, what are we seeing now. >> that is the problem with this. there is not a lot they can do,
10:17 am
barack obama will not repeal health care reform and sign something that will repeal health care reform and they did that as their landmark piece of legislation and the house will pass it and probably sit on the senate door steps like a cord of wood, and who knows if they'll act on it, and senate is democratic controlled but you will see i think the president will try to do for the reform to make it looks like he's tying to compromise and negotiate. and, you know, his former budget director, peter orszag said, we should have had more addressing of medical malpractice. and i can imagine the president doing that. but, the other thing that you will see, is, out of the house where they really can have impact, is this house investigative committee which will be run by darrell issa, out of california. he's going to become the house chief investigator. he is going to go after how they administer the new health care legislation. and, that is where a lot of
10:18 am
these battles will break. bill: to extent he can influence the republican governors and they can make the decision whether to implement it or not, there is a provision in the health care law that says federal law trumps state law. >> and watch the court cases on that. bill: we shall, nina easton, late night and thanks for getting up early. you look great. >> so do you, bill, love you when you are not in front of the maps, too. bill: and martha looks good, too. martha: we are holding each other up, thanks, you guys. you guys were talking about this: at least ten state houses going this is a huge headline, from last night, folks, what now, political gridlock, budget shortfalls, huge deficits, these governors will have to deal with and who better to ask than former arkansas governor mike huckabee, knows a lot about running the state and he'll join us with his take on what happened, last night, next. bill: they made history, vice presidential nominees separated by decades, geraldine ferraro
10:19 am
and sarah palin, rather, making history together. live on fox. >> you should have perhaps talked about it. the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi and remember, she said, if we don't -- basically she suggested we don't know what is in it and you have to pass it and then find out what is in it and that was a bad message. >> perhaps, and i would agree, i'm sure she knew what was in it, i have known nancy a long time and she's smart as hell.
10:20 am
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bill: talking a lot about the house and the senate and what about the governors' races that are so critical to figuring out votes in the future and, also, the key race another white house, in 2012. look at the way republicans went through these governors' races from last night. on the screen you'll see all the
10:23 am
states that light up, in gold, the governors' races we watched last night. we'll show you, here, in the central part of the country, first of all, let's start in pennsylvania. republicans won that state house, they won the state house in ohio, in michigan. in wisconsin, in iowa, caucus in iowa. and also down here in new mexico. all of these are pick-ups and it will go a long way to determining so much by what happens on the state mechanisms inside each state there, as we move toward 2012. and, florida, right now, this is a race, frankly too close to call, rick scott, the republican, up against alex sink, a point separating them on the numbers and we may see a recount ultimately, but, we'll hold our fire on that one and here's martha talking more about, the significance of what we saw in these races. martha: exactly, thank you so much, for setting this up, bill and like he said, republicans have picked up ten gubernatorial offices last night.
10:24 am
and as we wait for the results in the last, that are too close to call, these are truly going to shape the political landscape as we go forward, who better to ask about this, governor mike huckabee and the host of "huckabee", good to see you here. >> that you say, martha. martha: last night we watched this and everybody watched the congressional races and i kept noticing the gubernatorial races were popping and turning over, one after the other and you said the significance is deeper than it looks. >> much deeper. number one, when the governors hold that electoral advantage in the a state it does not only something for reapportionment which will be coming up but it also does something for the infrastructure of that political state. let me give you an example. when a governor gets in office he starts appointing hundreds and hundreds of people and there is pat tron agent th-- operatpa and, you want to tap in on an existing train track, and why have to build the track if it is
10:25 am
there and so, whoever holds the governor's state offers to, let's say the candidate of his choice, the democrat or the republican, an infrastructure that cannot be equalled and another thing we are seeing, deep in the subterranean atmosphere of yesterday's elections and focusing on the senate, house and governors' races, a lot of races down the state legislatures, made a difference, 17 legislators flipped yesterday. that is huge, because that is the farm team over the next 20 years the people that will be governor and senator and house members and this was a huge election. i said, last night, this is a lot like 1811, 1812. when the earth earthquake was so devastating it made the mississippi river run backwards and this was a river reversal, last night. martha: wow. that is an interesting take on it. and, i love hearing what you are saying about the legislatures and when you think about it, you talk about pennsylvania, ohio, texas, before, and, bill pointed out how tight things are still
10:26 am
in the florida governor's race and when you run for president, looking closer and closer all the time, less than two years away and land on the ground and get off the plan and say to the person who greets you, what have we got there, you want them to huk right there. >> it matters like it does for the president as an incumbent to run for re-election and is a huge advantagvantage and also i state that that governor is on your side and will campaign for you. chances are, the races that are won at the local level, he's going to have a a hand in, legislative, judicial races, all sorts of things, and that is incredibly important infrastructure for whoever the nominees are in the part. martha: interesting, governor, always good to see you, see you soon. bill: 26 months ago it did not exist. yesterday, though, the tea party had a day.
10:27 am
now where does it go from here? we'll talk with a leading member of the group in moments, and... martha: one guy who got help from his friends in the tea party, kentucky republican rand paul joins us live with his plans for washington. rand paul, straight ahead. >> i have a message... [cheers and applause]. >>... a message from the people of kentucky! [cheers and applause]. >> a message... a message that is loud and clear, and does not mince words. we have come to take our government back! [cheers and applause]
10:28 am
10:29 am
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10:31 am
martha: this is just crossing in the very tight florida gubinatorial race. we expect that rick scott will speak, he'll come in front of the cameras at about noon today. at exsink -- alex sink said she will come out and speak at 10:45. what they are going to say we don't know. very tight race, possible recounts ebbs pecked in this race. we will bring you all of that as soon as they come to the microphones. jon: it's a moving target isn't it throughout the day, every hour on the hour. the tea party proven to be a force to be rec conned with in campaign 2010. a number of favorites getting elected. others falling short. how do tea party-backed lawmakers go about the business of governing.
10:32 am
mactibbe is back with us, he wrote the book "give us libert liberty." is that your book or dick armey's book. >> we wrote it togethe you saw that the team agenda and fiscal responsibility and range in big government redefined the entire political landscape. all republicans ran on that agenda. even democrats like joe manchin in west virginia ran against the obama economic agenda. we really own that agenda. going into november 3rd, and the legislative session i think we have a clear mandate to take on obamacare and to reign in federal spending, and that's what we expect these new legislators to do. jon: how do you explain all the money and all the attention that went to sharron angle in a state that had the highest unemployment rate of any
10:33 am
state -- 14.4%, and yet harry reid still wins. why? >> it really is disappointing that we didn't get nevada last night, but i would point out that harry reid is the second most powerful man in washington d.c. he has the benefit of endless amounts of money, endless amounts of support of the machine in the state of nevada and we just came up short. i don't think that that one race defines this election. it's like scolding your top batter saying you only batted 800 tonight. jon: i think it's a fair point with regard to sharron angle. what about if joe miller doesn't pull it out in ask? christine o'donnell went down to chris coons in delaware. >> look at what happened in florida with marco rubio, look at what happened in utah where mike lee sit a beating republican. there is a very large
10:34 am
substantial committed class of tea party candidates that will be sworn in in january. jon: you mentioned rubio and i hate to push you on time but we have more stuff to get to. rand paul also out of kentucky. what is your expectation for those who won and now for the first time in american history take the tea party mantle to washington d.c. to make change. >> the good news is that they are very much unified around the issues in the contract from america. most of these candidates have signed onto that, most of them ran on it and it is essentially is a ten-point plan is to going to define which legislation needs to be introduced and what what issues need to be brought to the house and senate floor. i think you'll see a cohesive effort to dismantle obamacare and challenge the president. the key question is whether the obama administration comes back to the middle like bill clinton
10:35 am
did. jon: we'll hear from him for the first time since i believe late sunday night orr a few radio interviews on monday and tuesday. matt kibbie thank you for your time out of washington. rand paul is on deck a lit later too, a winner in kentucky last night. thank you, sir. martha: a bit of history was made last night in america's election headquarters. the only two women ever to be nominated to run as vice presidental candidates sat together and talked on television for the very first time. sarah palin sat right next to geraldine ferrero, they talked about female candidates and what they face on the campaign trail. >> there seems so many brutal attacks on women in this cycle. is that going to be par for the course. >> i had the same thing happen to me in 1984. one of the things that happened when sara ran i never ever criticized her as a woman. her policies obviously i don't agree with. megyn: that is fair game. >> i would criticize her
10:36 am
policies just as i would anybody else's. but i was so outraged by how hillary had been treated during the prime air row that i turned around and said, you know that's not what you do. the unfortunate thing that's happening in both parties, and in ask as a matter of fact -- megyn: governor palin was attacked grossly during the campaign election. >> i remember as a young college student watching what it was that you were going through in 1984. >> don't tell me how young you were. >> and more power to you for busting that glass ceiling and standing on the shoulders of elizabeth katy stanton and susan b. anthony who had come before busted too and thego and then opportunity that i and other women following you have been able to seize have been wonderful. it's gone great for our nation. it kind of seems like some
10:37 am
things haven't changed. there are still the people out there who pick on the petty superficial meaningless things, like looks, like whether you can or cannot work out of the home if you have small children. i would have so hoped at some point those knee an neanderthall evolve into something a bit more modern and a bit more understanding that, yeah, women can accomplish much. martha: that was an interesting moment last night. look at those two great pictures. geraldine ferrero was asked if she thought there would ever be a female president of the united states. she said she won't be surprised if two ran against each other the next time around which i thought was a very interesting comment. there she is with walter mondale in 1984. sarah palin with john mccain a couple years ago. jon: this might be a moment in tampa, florida, this is the democratic candidate for governor, alex sink. let's listen. >> every morning we will wake up to a new day and to another day.
10:38 am
and let's think about today as we look out this window, the sun is shining in florida, and my greatest hope is that the sun will continue to shine in the state of florida. again, thank you so much to the people of florida for the incredible support. jon: that is a concession by alex sink. she is conceding the race for governor to rick scott. it is breaking news here in america's election headquarters. such a tight race, fought hard to the end, too close to call late last night but rick scott now will be the winner of the governor's race in florida, a race that will be pivotal yet again two years from now in the race for the white house in 2012. circle another one. iowa, michigan, new mexico. martha: he's one of the few business people to breakthrough in those gubinatorial races and that is interesting. alex sink of course you remember from the debate, she is the one
10:39 am
who took the message on her iphone and got a lot of heat for it. that is her concession speech. another one day. jon: we'll wait to hear from rick scott. i think he may talk at 12 eastern time. we'll cover that for you. republicans have taken back control of the house, and it was a republican revolution headed up by newt gingrich. bill clinton was in the white house and when democrats were handed that crushing defeat president clinton said this. >> we got plenty of time to worry about the next election. the american people are sick of the one they just had and they want to get away from politics for a while. i think we should think about the people, their interests. i think we should say, what message were they sending us and what are we going to do about it. jon: so what should president obama do about that today. alan colmes after the break. martha: and a big victory for republicans and the tea party, brand-new reaction from senator elect rand paul. he is with us in america's
10:40 am
newsroom coming up next. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] there's a big idea happening in health care called the humana walmart- preferred prescription plan. it's a dicare prescription drug plan that saves you an avege of over $450 a year, with monthly plan premiums less than $15 and copays as low as $2. with savings le these, you have more time to remember what it's really all about.
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and don't pay more. just get more. annual enrollment starts november 15 and ends december 31. so call securehorizons now. johnston good morning i'm jon scott. jenna lee and i join you at the top of the hour. his victory barely drew headlines. senator jim demint has advice for the incoming class of legislators that could shock you. big changes coming to washington. we'll talk with senator demint about when republican wave and what his party plans to do to put people back to work. here to tell us what the next two years look like on capitol hill, gridlock or great progress. our america's asking town hall usa continues today, send us your questions about the election results and what's next now to get involved. jenna and i will see you in just
10:44 am
about 17 minutes. jon: thank you. break to breaking news now in tampa, florida. alex sink conceding the governor's race to republican rick scott. rick scott put a lot of money, $73 million into that race. he wins it appears by about a point. 49 to 48% the latest numbers out of florida. we are waiting on rick scott. he apparently is in fort lauderdale and will have an announcement at noon eastern time. it could come before, if it does we'll bring it live. alex sink the democrat conceding the governor's race in the all important state of florida moments ago. >> i'm the president, i'm the leader of the efforts that we have made in the last two years, and whatever -- to whatever extent that we didn't do what the people wanted us to do, they were not aware of what we had done, i must certainly bear my
10:45 am
share of responsibility, and i accept that. martha: remember that moment. that was 1994. president bill clinton, after the republicans rhode a title waive of anti-incumbent sentiment to victory. newt gingrich was all what was happening then. they swept both houses of congress in that moment. now is the question, right now president obama likely sitting in his office in the west wing east is about to get ready to address the american people and to take questions about what happened right now. we are joined by alan colmes who is the host of the alan colmes radio show. welcome. >> hi. martha: do you think he'll take the tame tack as president clinton did? >> i think it will be smart to. a little humility. a little moo milt on behalf of the republicans, they think this is a mandate for them. martha: who did you hear that from? >> a lot of my listeners. martha: i really mean that. you heard john boehner, you heard a lot of folks come out and say, look we realize that we are humble, we have a second
10:46 am
chance to go in there and prove to the american people that we can do what the american people want us to do. >> carl paladino didn't sound too humble. i thought it was touching that john boehner broke up a little bit. i liked that he showed some emotion. if i feel like maureen mcgovern, the disaster kwraoepb singing the morning after. republicans have to have a vision. they've been running against obama. when mitch mcconnell, minority leader of the senate, when he says that, all i want to do is make sure obama is a one-term president without anything else about what they are trying to accomplish -- martha: let's go back to the initial discussion. what do you expect from president obama when he steps out there today what would you like to hear him say, what should he say. >> i think it would be smart for him to echo in many respects the way bill clinton handled it in 1994, which was to show humility.
10:47 am
was to say we heard you, to say we always weren't on message. 95% of american families that got tax cuts perhaps don't even know that they were getting tax cuts. i don't think the message got over the transom. martha: we heard you say what last night. >> we heard you say that you want change, we heard you say that you want perhaps maybe even divided government. i'm going to do everything i can do to work with the other side. i'm sure he'll extend olive branches. he called john boehner last night and they spoke which was of course a very smart obviously good political move. the two most important people in washington are president obama and john boehner. martha: he recently paid republicans have to get in the back seat, that kind of stuff. we've heard a lot of that. do you think president obama wakes up this morning and says to himself, you know what i get it, we may be on the wrong track a little bit and maybe i need to rethink my future. >> i think that the president needs to say the right words and
10:48 am
show humility but look i don't -- martha: saying san showing. >> wait, wait, wait it's got to work both ways. when john boehner didn't really want to go and meet with the white house on healthcare. when mitch mcconnell says i just want to ghetto bama out of office. the republicans have to show, they don't have the senate they have to show willingness to work with the white house. i've seen none of that and no vision on the right. it's got to work both ways. martha: he needs to take this moment to be the bigger man. >> i think he will. he's a very smart politician. i don't think up until now the republicans have come up as the bigger party. martha: he's the president of the united states and the person people are looking to for that leadership the statement. >> i'm sure he will. i'm sure he'll be knocked by the republicans for whatever he says. the republicans haven't shown any willingness on healthcare. he compromised on healthcare. he went away from the public option . he's shown tremendous compromise and it's been unappreciated by the right. martha: we'll see what his tone
10:49 am
is today. >> he knows what he's doing. martha: alan, thank you very much. you know what you're doing that's why we have you here. >> aged lee. jon: we are waiting on rick scott to claim victory in the governor's race in florida. he is the man of the hour in bowling green, kentucky, senator elect rand paul is live here after the break on how he pulled it off last night. stay tuned for that. ÷ú@úñp
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
>> the american people are unhappy with what is going on in washington. [cheering] >> 11% of the people approve of what is going on in congress. but tonight there is a tea party
10:53 am
title waive -- tidal wave and we are sending a message to him. jon: a victory last night in kentucky rand paul. senator elect senator rand paul is our guest right now. i believe you're back in our hometown, bowling green, good morning to you sir. >> good morning, bill. thank you for your time. jon: how do you expect to change washington? >> well i go there with optimism. i've never held office before, so i go there expecting to change the world. and i won't be told otherwise. i think that the american people don't understand how we have to balance our own family budget, but yet washington doesn't. congress fails to balance their budget year in and year out. i think most of us out here in america wish they were forced to balance their budget. bill: there was a debate now as
10:54 am
to whether or not republicans in general compromise with democrats or the white house. is compromise acceptable where you come from? >> well, it depends on how you define it. for example i think we could compromise in the sense that i think we ned to sut federal spending -- cut federal spending. and to me the conservatives have often said, well we'll cut domestic spending but we won't cut anything out of military. some liberals who were honest on the idea of the debt said we'll cut military spending but we won't cut -- jon: bill: hang with us one moment. maybe we'll get him back. martha: that is one of the big issues here. you have a lot of folks saying they will cut defense spending and the department of education. a lot of things discussed on the campaign trail are pretty dramatic, and rand paul said they would have the guts and courage to go with these those things. bill: he says he's got a message
10:55 am
and he delivered that last night in powerfu rand paul has worked tirelessly. i don't know if he went to bed last night, and if he did it was maybe a cat nap for 15 or 20 minutes. martha: these people have to be running on adrenaline. i saw nikki hayley seven different places this morning. adrenaline is all you can possibly imagine. that campaign trail is grueling. bill: rand paul will be one of the people to watch when he's sworn into office. what sort of influence will he wield, what sort of attention will he get, and ultimately what sort of progress will he make, because the country is watching to see whether or not people like paul and this tea party movement that was not even around 22 months ago will have any impact on america. martha: pretty amazing. we'll try to get him back and we'll be right back so stay with us. and who brings you more natural colors than campbell's condensed soups? campbell's.® it's amazing
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10:59 am
martha: i know. bill: not to run it again. roll this here, the incumbents -- ed pearlmont of colorado. celebrating victory, baby, that is what victory looks like to him! martha: look at that. bill: pulled off the cartwheel. martha: can you do that. bill: i could try, i don't know how i will feel after that! that is classic and defeated his challenger, rand fraser in the swing district and during the campaign, he regularly did cartwheels as an attention grabber and -- >> that is an attention-grabber and will grab your attention and it worked! everybody knew his name. he's the cartwheel guy! we are sorry we couldn't get rand paul back, we'll talk to him about that. bill: there's a lot to chew over in the coming hours and days, too, and a lot of the themes that came out of last night, will be digested and analyzed, not just by us but the rest of


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