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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 3, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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plannist thank -- panelist, thau as always. john boehner soon to be the man to be the next speaker of the house. we also have a special called 12 in 2012. that starts tomorrow as well. we'll introduce to you perspective g.o.p. candidates. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, comprehensive and unafraid. >> shepard: now "the fox report." tonight, revelations in president bush's new book. and president obama admits it was a shellacking. so now what for america? >> pretty clear the american people want us to do something about cutting spending here in washington. [cheers] >> shepard: and the man who could be the next house speaker says it's time to go to work. how will the incoming party in power deal with democrats and
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the president. >> i'm not suggesting it will be easy. do i hope there is hope for progress. >> shepard: by the way, this election still isn't over. tonight, we'll look at the races remaining. plus, the congressman who was so jazzed about winning he did campaign cartwheels. first from fox this wednesday night. facing a future with a government divided. one day after the midterms that gave republicans control of the house of representatives, and assured democrats would retain the senate, today their majority is smaller. lawmakers and leaders are talking about what's next. and in a white house news conference today, the president himself was talking compromise. especially when it comes to tackling the economy and jobs. >> i think the question is going to be can democrats and republicans sit down together and come up with a set of ideas that address those core concerns. i'm confident that we can. >> shepard: the president also said there will be time for
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politics later. and he said right now it's time to focus on our economic recovery. president obama spoke about what it was like to see the democrats lose so much ground last night. at one point simply stating it feels bad. so there is not only sadness about seeing them go. there is also a lot of questioning on my part in terms of could i have done something differently or done something more to so that those folks would still be here? >> shepard: in fact, the president called last night's results as i mentioned a she lacking. the evidence is quite all over the map. look at this. this shows the vote results from the house districts. blue for democrats, red for republicans. with the darker shades indicating a greater margin of victory. as you can see we round one a whole lot of red. this is what the balance of power now looks like in the house of representatives. our projection show republicans have gained 60 seats to give them a total of 239 so far.
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the current minority leader john boehner now the presumptive new speaker when the house convenes in january. he says republicans plan to renew efforts to make government smaller, less costly and accountable. republicans have picked up six seats net. two races still outstanding but there are two independents who caucus with the democrats. no matter which way the races fall the numbers indicate democrats retain control. that's as close to a guarantee as we can get right now about what will happen next in washington. team fox coverage of the midterm results, carl cameron tracking the republicans governor victories and what they could mean for the next election. james rosen and what the incoming house leadership could mean for the health care overall. wendell goler at the white house. the president says he takes responsibility in a lot of ways for what happened last night. >> the president said the wall street and auto company bailouts and the huge run up of the budget deficit made people feel like government was intruding more in their lives than they
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were used to. he admitted he did a lousy job of putting those things in perspective. >> now, the reason was it was an emergency situation. i think it's understandable that folks said to themselves this is an agenda as opposed to a response to an emergency. >> the president said he and his team were in such a hurry to get things done they didn't change how things got done that was part of the promise in the campaign. >> shepard: he got to specifics on compromise and on which issues he might be willing to be flexible. >> he did. he said the most important thing for he and congress to do make sure the bush tax cuts don't expire at the end of the year. is he even willing to negotiate over previous refusal to extend the tax cuts for the rich. he also said he could accept some modifications of the health care reform law. and he made clear the cap and trade portion of the energy bill is dead, shep. >> shepard: after the news conference this afternoon, wendell, on radio and on talk
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shows, the president's base seemed none to please about his reflective tone at the end of the news conference. >> the president voiced concern for lawmakers. said it made tough choices, votes they felt were the right thing to do and then lost their jobs because of it. he admitted he himself to a certain extent lost touch with the people who put him in office. >> you know, the responsibilities of this office are so enormous. and so many people are depending on what we do and in the rush of activity, sometimes we lose track of, you know, the ways that we connected with folks that got us here in the first place. >> he also gave himself, shepard, a bit of an excuse. he said even great communicators like ronald reagan and bill clinton found themselves answering the same questions about losing congress two years into their president
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presidencies. >> shepard: that they did. wendell goler on the north lawn. both sides talking compromise but they're apparently also heading for one big confrontation. the house republican leader john boehner saying that one of his top priorities will be replacing the president's health care overhaul. >> i believe that the health care bill that was enacted by the current congress will kill jobs in america, ruin the best healthcare system in the world, and bankrupt our country. that means we have to do everything we can to try to repeal this bill and replace it with common sense reforms that will bring down the cost of health insurance. >> shepard: of course, the president did not lose his veto power last night and republicans did not win enough seats to override his veto. so that repeal process, that will be complicated. team fox coverage continues now. james rosen on the hill tonight. james, republicans have a few options here. >> that's right, shep. g.o.p. lawmakers say they will still stage an up or down vote on a full repeal of the health
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care law if only as one leadership source told me to ses the voice of the people. after that the g.o.p. congressional leadership will zero in on specific provisions of the health care law. staging more narrowly focused votes or perhaps using purse strings to withhold funding two. sections of the law already being targeted include the mandate to purchase coverage and some burdensome tax reporting requirements for businesses. >> this is a 2600 page monstrosity. it's the worst piece of legislation that's been passed in my time in the senate. our goal is to get rid of it entirely. but we'll go after it piece by piece if we can't achieve our number one goal. >> john boehner also made clear he is going to take aim at the financial regulatory overhaul, shep? >> shepard: you know, we are hearing from the current speaker nancy pelosi, too about what she says she'll do when her party goes into the minority in the house. >> yeah, there is a question about whether or not she will try and stand for a leadership position. she was playing coy as she brushed past reporters this afternoon and also in a sit-down she did with abc diane sawyer
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aids told fox news she has reached out to a few democrats jim clyburn of south carolina, george miller of california and also the man many say would replace her as the top democrat in the house steny hoyer of maryland. >> a conversation with my caucus. i had a conversation with my family and pray over it and decide how to go forward. but today isn't that day pelosi also told sawyer she has no regrets about the initiatives she steered toward passage here. >> shepard: we will hear more from the presumptive house speaker tomorrow. com john boehner is to sit down with our own bret baier on "special report." 6:00 eastern, 5:00 in oxford tomorrow night. over in the senate the house majority leader harry reid -- i should say the senate majority leader harry reid survived a tough battle against sharron angle. today the nevada senator talked about congress' upcoming shift
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to the right and suggested he may be open to making some changes to president obama's health care overall. we'll get details on that in just a few minutes. >> we don't owe anything to anybody. we're going to do it the right way and turn the page on american politics. [cheers and applause] >> shepard: republicans might have an opportunity to do that last night's victory giving them a big upper hand in shaping the 2012 presidential election to their advantage. because along with that decisive win in the house the g.o.p. picked up at least 10 governor's offices. giving the party a key role in next year's crucial redistricting battle. it's a process that happens once every decade based on population data from the new census. in most states, the party in power controls the new election map. and in potential swing states, that can make a huge difference. our chief political correspondent carl cameron is over at the map, the touch screen to tell us what it was. big pickups and that could mean big changes. >> a huge night.
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you talk about state legislators. they pick up 11 more chambers. late this afternoon the state of maine upset the republican won the state of maine a big pickup and florida. this is the one that is most significant. in this race rick scott the republican has defeated alex sink and the consequences have big import for the administration. ohio, the state that decided the presidential race in 2004 for george w. bush. pennsylvania, always a bellwether and very important in presidential elections now with a republican governor. and florida, the state in 2000, famous for its recounts and butterfly ballots now in republican hands. the presidential impact is important and the presidential race is underway. just last night, in his defeat, u.s. senator russ feingold ended up his speech saying on to 2012. russ feingold giving a signal perhaps to democrats across the country he would be interested in being a possible opponent of president obama in 2012. in addition to russ feingold
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evan bayh gave up his seat in indiana next year is he getting ready to get back into politics talking about independent moderate movement. tomorrow rick santorium former pennsylvania senator will be in new hampshire at a political breakfast designed for white house candidates. and mike pence, a member of the republican house leadership is giving up his seat in the leadership in order to head out on the campaign trail and test the waters for a presidential campaign, shep? >> shepard: wow, that's a move. carl cameron, great to see you. safe trip home. >> thank you. >> shepard: there is no denying that members of the tea party movement had an enormous impact on the election. now the question is what sort of impact will they have on congress? >> today, we send a simple, clear message to the establishment in washington. we're tired of what's been going on down. >> there we have come to take our government back. [cheers and applause] >> shepard: tough talk, but what's the plan? can those whom the tea party
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movement propelled to power work with other lawmakers in washington just ahead, why one candidate hints congressional gridlock may be a good thing. aren't you sick of these airline credit cards
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>> shepard: there can soon be another divide in our newly divide government in washington. the kentucky senator elect rand paul says he would like the tea party to have its own caucus made up of both house and senate members from both sides. and there is word of a battle brewing for a republican leadership position. the minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann is a tea party favorite reportedly planning to run for the number four job, republican conference chairman. the texas congressman general hensar ling says he is running. he a ally of the g.o.p. leadership. the man expected to be the next house speaker says he is not worried about any divide. >> what union nights us as
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republicans will be the agenda of the american people. if we're listening to the american people, i don't see any problems incorporating members of the tea party along with our party in the quest that's really the same. they want us to cut spending and focus on creating jobs in america. >> shepard: and senator elect paul says that government gridlock can actually be a good thing. because as he put it, it will probably lead to less spending. our news correspondent steve centanni live in the d.c. newsroom tonight. steve, we are hearing from tea party activists today as well. >> right, they are saying it was historic and brings new blood and new energy to washington this election last night. the tea party positioning itself now to wield considerable influence after impressive wins including rand paul's victory in kentucky and in florida marco rubio's victory in a three-way race down there. the tea party patriots say they are encouraged and embolded by the results. >> yesterday we witnessed something historic. we witnessed a c change in the
7:17 pm
american government it was a peaceful c change. our founding fathers were brilliant. they set up a constitutional that allowed us to conduct a peaceful revolution every two years. >> the tea party says the election repudiated president pt obama's policies. shep? >> shepard: shep, the g.o.p. and the tearpts didn't always support the same candidates. what effect there? >> yeah. some analysts saying the tea party actually hurt republican chances of either winning the senate or gaining a 50/50 split in the senate. a case in point, the senate race in delaware and christine o'donnell's big loss to chris coons there, she had tea party support but some in the g.o.p. felt she had ruined their chances of picking that up seat. another big defeat for the tea party came in nevada where senate majority leader harry reid was able to hang on against tea party republican sharron angle. as speaker john boehner now will have to juggle both tea party activism and the interest of the g.o.p. establishment. shep? >> shepard: thanks very much. steve centanni. south carolina's first woman
7:18 pm
governor elect has thanked sarah palin for helping her get there the republican nikki haley is not ready to return the favor. she says she is grateful for palin's support and proud to be a part of the tea party's movement but nikki haley says it's too soon to endorse sarah palin for president in 2012. that's if the former alaska governor and current fox news contributor decides to run. sarah palin is not the only one who helped make those tea party wins happen. coming up, the controversial lawmaker who is getting a lot of the credit and why he says the republican party could be dead if the g.o.p. doesn't change things. plus, former president george bush on the reason he considered replacing vice president dick cheney and why he blames rap star kanye west for one of the most disgusting moments of his presidency. the former president in his own words. that's just ahead.
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>> shepard: the fbi today officially linked another shooting at a military building to a recent string of gun attacks in the washington, d.c. area. this latest incident happened yesterday at a coast guard recruiting center in virginia. we're told somebody shot a hole in a window and took off. as in all of these shootings, nobody was hurt. and this marks the fifth time in recent weeks that somebody has targeted military-related buildings in the area including once at the pentagon, once at a marine corps recruiting center and not once but twice at the national museum of the marine corps. so far investigators have not named any suspects. former president george w. bush has written a book detailing his eight years in the white hse. he has called it decision-points. it's officially published next week. reports citing advanced copies of the memoir tell us that the former president still struggles with the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in iraq and the president reportedly wrote
7:23 pm
and i quote: no one was more shocked or angry than i was when we didn't find the weapons. i had a sickening feeling, said the former president, every time i thought about it. i still do. we're told former president bush also touches on hurricane katrina and wrote the suggestion that i was racist because of the response to katrina represented an all-time low. you may recall on a nationally televised hurricane relief fundraiser the rapper kanye west said the president did not care about black people. conway west now kanye west says he connects with the former president. trace, the former president is now saying some interesting coents about dick cheney. >> yeah. he is, indeed, shep. in fact the former president says back in 2003 then vice president dick cheney offered to step down so that bush could pick a new running mate for the 2004 campaign. bush says that he actually considered the offer for a while because and i'm quoting here, while cheney helped with important parts of our base, he
7:24 pm
had become a lightning rod for criticism from the media and from the left. bush went on to write, and i'm quoting again, he was seen as dark and heartless, the darth vader of the administration. mr. bush says, he considered then senate majority leader bill frist as a running mate briefly, shep. >> shepard: we hear the book that the former president wrote also reflects on his days before the white house. >> yeah he talks about his younger days and how he once relied very heavily on alcohol. talks about a drunken escapade at a willie nelson concert. one time at his dinner's dinner party he turned boozily to an older woman and he asked her and i'm quoting here, so what is sex like after 50? that woman got back to him years later with a note that said well, george, how is it? mr. bush, by the way quit drinking back in 1986 at the age of 40. the book comes out on tuesday.
7:25 pm
>> shepard: trace gallagher live for us this evening. thanks a lot. you know the elections are far from over. senate races in two states still up in the air. but we are expecting the next wave of results from one of those contests just minutes from now. a live report coming up. plus, crazy police chase in california. suspects going off road. sideswiping cars, going for miles and miles and wait until you see who was behind the wheel.
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>> shepard: a fox urgent now and we have gotten words from a spokesman at glasco airport in scotland that says that parts of that airport are now evacuated. police in scotland tell our sister network sky news for europe that somebody found a suspicious package at an airport spokesman tells the associated press that package was located in an area where security personnel search passengers before people board the planes. bomb units called to the scene. part of that airport shut down. we will give you more information as we get it here in the united states, just getting word investigators in new york city are looking into claims of a suspicious package at john f. kennedy international airport. we're told somebody found this package at a building used by the shipping company dh all -- . we're told the investigation has not affected passenger flights. dhl recently suspended shipments
7:30 pm
out of the country of yemen after last week's package bomb plots. so far no links between this incident and the package in scotlandup dates as they come in. i'm shepard smith. and this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. two u.s. senate races are still up in the air tonight in washington state. the incumbent democrat patty murray locked in a dead heat right now with the republican dino rossi. brand new information on that race is coming n just moments. the cliff hanger in alaska. show down between lisa murkowski and tea party favorite joe miller. both republicans. but murkowski ran as a write-in candidate after she lost the g.o.p. primary to miller. supporters had to spell her name correctly or very close to correctly as it appears so they did in big numbers. now election officials counting those ballots one by one. scott mcadams the democrat has
7:31 pm
just dropped out my understanding and congratulated the tea party candidate and the republican. it's down to murkowski and miller and we have team fox coverage now. that happened just seconds ago. in fact, i was learning it as you did. william la jeunesse on the nail biter in washington state. first, let's get to dan springner anchorage. dan, the numbers looking good for murkowski. could be historic win and information from mcadams fascinating. >> not surprising. since mcadams was in third place distant third. that write-in which is aka lisa murkowski that 41% with all the precincts reporting and joe miller is second. 7% behind at 34%. that's a gap of 13,000 votes between write-in aka murkowski and joe miller. it seems to be insurmountable with about 30,000 absentee ballots yet to be added to the count later on this week. a major blow to the california based tea party express which targeted murkowski in the primary, of course, but could
7:32 pm
not defeat her twice. >> they were an outside organization that came in, tried to influence an election. they did so in the primary. and we said not again. this is our state, we will make the decisions here. >> what made the difference? possibly a huge turnout from alaska natives. not only did they come out in huge numbers for murkowski they also pumped $1.2 million into her campaign, shep. >> shepard: the tea party -- well, the republican who was tea party-backed joe miller didn't speak at all last night as far as i know. what's he saying today? >> yeah, he ducked out of his own party last night. did not have, you know, tradition in alaska that all the candidates come over and talk to the media. he did not do that he did talk today and he says he is not conceding. he says the process will go on. is he promising that lawyers will look at every one of those write-in ballots to see if, in fact, they are votes for murkowski. he took a swipe for murkowski
7:33 pm
for not bowing out gracefully after the primary loss. >> she went against her word and went against the anytime knee. now she has got to live with the process. >> and that was joe miller today on neil cavuto's show. is he finally talking to the press and vowing to see this thing through. >> shepard: what happen sarah palin's role in this race, dan? >> well, you know, she backed joe miller from the beginning. she held a big rally for him just thursday night before the election. and that relationship that was oh so chilly between she and lisa murkowski ever since four years ago when she took out murkowski's dad in the race for governor in the primary. now it is just out and out war between those two. murkowski just took off the gloves last night and really said that sarah palin is not the person who be leading any republican movement across the country. and i think that that's a relationship going absolutely nowhere fast. shep? >> shepard: that's the end of that one. dan springer live in anchorage. dan, thanks a lot. we just got brand new numbers as
7:34 pm
i mentioned on the washington state senate race. they vote mostly by mail there, you know. that's why it takes so long to count the ballots. earlier today the incumbent democratic senator patty murray was leading the republican dino rossi by less than 1 percentage point. let's get an update. team fox coverage now william la jeunesse live in seattle. new numbers. what's you got? >> shepard, when seattle went to sleep last night, patty murray was up by about 14,000 votes. but those new votes we just got three minutes ago show she has widened that lead to 30,000 votes. but, this is not over. and i'm going to tell you why. number one, we expect new numbers from other counties in the next several hours. so the celebration at murray headquarters last night, they still have a long way to go. those new numbers that i just gave you came from seattle. here in king county a democratic strong hold. as this map will show you, rossi won 32 counties, mostly in rural eastern washington. murray won the pacific coast.
7:35 pm
analysts say this will probably still be won or lost in seattle which is king county but also the suburbs of tacoma in pierce county and north? snohomish. she is leading in snohomish but behind in pierce. rossi is optimistic he says for two reasons. late voters tend to break republican 2 to 3 points. he is winning by much larger margin than he anticipated in spokane county in about 70% of their votes are still to come in. we have got about 800,000 ballots yet to be counted. and, again, of those, 1 to 2, shepard, are going to be tossed out because they are mismatched. and that is where the challenge can come in the next chapter in this race. and that is why they are not quitting. back to you. >> shepard: william la jeunesse live in seattle this afternoon. william, thanks very much. the colorado senator michael bennet celebrating a victory today for his race for re-election. >> i am humbled by your support and i'm inspired by it i will
7:36 pm
not let you down. >> shepard: he actually accepted victory on facebook then held a news conference before he had even been declared the winner. but late this afternoon they did make that declaration. it's the latest senate contest so far to earn a checkmark. of the difference between bennett and the tea party candidate ken buck there was only about 15,000 votes out of nearly 1.6 million cast. another colorado politician celebrated his victory with a little exercise. look at this. [cheers] >> incumbent democratic congressman ed did a couple of cartwheels there for a crowd of supporters in denver last evening. it was apparently more than just fun though. he has done this before at parades in the district. during the campaign republicans had used video of perlmutter's cartwheels in attack ads but he is still at it the president reacting to the new normal in d.c. today during a white house news conference. taking a pro-business tone after yesterday's election results.
7:37 pm
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is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it. because opportunity can start anywhere, and go everywhere. let's keep it moving. ♪ >> shepard: well, he defeated his tea party's backed challenger the democratic senate majority leader harry reid will face a changed congress come
7:41 pm
january. the democrats have lost at least six seats in the senate and they have lost their majority all together in the house. senator reid today suggested he is open to some tweaking as he put it of the health care overhaul. saying he will work to compromise with the republican leaders. >> my job is to build consensus, to work out legislation. i have a long standing relationship with john boehner. mitch mcconnell and i have been in the senate for a long time together. we're friends. i'm going to do my best to citizen trying to work through this the myriad of problems that we have through the country. >> but working together on those problems could present a bit of a challenge as republican leaders are vowing to roll back the health care law and the size of the government. anita vogel is live yet again in las vegas. anita, what can we expect from this new senate? >> well, shepard, it is certainly going to be a more divided senate. the democratic agenda will likely be reduced. and as for senator reid, he
7:42 pm
might have to do a little more compromising with republicans than he is used to. on things like the bush tax cuts. but he says he is willing to roll up his sleeves and work with his counterparts across the aisle as long as they are willing to play ball. >> so it's now a time to get back to work. do what is needed to rewrite the economy and that is create jobs. i'm hopeful and confident that when the dust settles, the republicans will no longer want to stop everything and we'll work together. >> and on that health care law, shepard, senator reid said he was willing to make some tweaks here and there but he would only go so far so long as it doesn't denigrate the bill. >> shepard: we could see democrats trying to push a key bill before republicans take over those house and senate
7:43 pm
seats. >> that's right. we're talking about the dream map. you might remember senator reid brought this up shortly before the election. a lot of people thought it was a political tactic to get the latino vote. it is essentially something that would create a pathway to citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants who would either choose to go to college or join the military. as you might imagine, most republicans are opposed to this. so probably a better chance of getting it through congress before january. shepard, back to you. >> shepard: or a better chance at the so head their -- there now. the economy was a major factor driving yesterday's results no doubts. in an exit poll almost two thirds of all voters across the nation told us the united states economy is the most important issue facing the nation. health care the war in afghanistan, illegal immigration, all trailed far behind. gerri willis of the fox business network joins us live now. republicans made gains of
7:44 pm
promises of ending spending or cutting spending and extending the bush era tax cuts. the question is are they going to be able to do that? >> what's interesting about that is obama getting his arms around the fact that owe people want smaller government and less taxes. >> people haven't felt that progress yet. they told us that yesterday. and as president, i take responsibility for that. what yesterday also told us is that no one party will be able to dictate where we go from here. >> of course, all of this would be a lot easier if we hadn't spent $2 trillion on bailing out the banks, tarp, stimulus, and, of course, our promises to make health care get better. >> shepard: in the midst of it although we got a couple of good reports on the economy today. >> we got reports factory orders were up. stuff like you and i don't order like airplanes and heavy manufacturing. >> shepard: glad somebody is ordering them. >> index shows service industry
7:45 pm
is up as well. >> shepard: that's two thirds of the economy. that's a good thing. >> 80% of jobs. 8-0. that's good news but, you know what? the stock market did much better. >> shepard: it sold off early. >> sold off early and came back. did really well. do you know why? >> federal reserve putting a lot of money into the economy. they are buying up a lot of treasury. spending a lot of dough, printing money. >> shepard: when you buy $600 billion in treasury bonds, you are really loaning yourself money that you don't have. >> precisely so. trying to bail us out. >> shepard: printing money. >> you were great to stay up with us late last night on the broadcast. >> i enjoyed it did you fantastic. >> shepard: gerri willis host of the willis report week night on the fox business network. if you don't get it. >> demand it. >> shepard: demand it, giving you the power to prosper. american automakers reporting strong sales for the month of october. chrysler led the way. company officials say sales were up a whopping 37% from october
7:46 pm
of '09 when they only sold three cars. ford motor company reported a 19.2% jump year to year and general motors a 13% jump. all great news. some foreign automakers reported spikes in sales. analysts credit new models and rising consumer confidence for these increases. a warning to republicans from one of their own. the lawmaker who helped put some of those tea party candidates in power calling out the g.o.p. establishment. you will want to hear this. but, first, if you feel so inclined, head over to see that red map? you can interact all over that map, find out who won what, where and what it all means. get updates on all the races that are still undecided. that's check it nt. what? they think you're a businessman, using our house to meet new clients in china. for reals, player? [ woman saks chinese ] they overheard a phone call. speaks chinese ] something about shipping with fedex to shanghai. and then you opened a bottle of champagne.
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7:49 pm
>> one of the greatest things over the last few years or
7:50 pm
really last year in particular is seeing the power slip out of the hands of the washington establishment into hands of rank and file americans who didn't think they had any power. >> shepard: it's resonating these days and that was the republican south carolina senator jim demint. congratulating conservative candidates he supported in last night's races. senator demint won an easy re-election himself against the democratic opponent there alvin greene. you remember greene is the one who won the democratic primary despite the fact he had no web site and no money and no much of anything. then a grand jury indicted him on a felony charge of showing pornography to a college student. it wasn't much of a threat to senator demint. that freed up the incumbent to donate his campaign money to other tea party gave favorites like rand paul and toomey. he is not only back with another term but back with a possible reputation as a political king maker. and he also has a warning for his own republican party.
7:51 pm
at his i have tri celebration went on last night. senator mint said if republicans don't do what they say this time, not only are they out, but the republican party is dead and it should be. here we go. jonathan serrie live in our southeast newsroom tonight. john, the senator demint there facing any backlash from the g.o.p. establishment yet. >> he is, indeed. some establishment republicans are upset. they say that by endorsing political newcomers such as sharron angle and christine o'donnell that demint display jeopardized whatever chances the g.o.p. had at securing a majority in the u.s. senate in addition to the house. but demint is making no apologies. listen. >> since i endorsed underdogs in almost every case that we weren't going to win them all. but winning is important. but not as important as winning with people who have principles who can make a dinks. >> demint says what he is doing is part of a national movement not only to challenge president
7:52 pm
obama and the democrats but to keep the g.o.p. honest to its mantra of limited government and less public spending, shep. >> shepard: a lot of folks are asking is this more to this here? does senator demint have other ambitions? >> short and sweet, no. demint says he has no ambitions to run for president. that he is satisfied with his current leadership position. however, he says he would enjoy playing a role in helping to pick the next president, shep. >> shepard: who wouldn't really. jonathan serrie live in atlanta tonight. jonathan, thank you thanks a lot. nasa officials say they are moving forward with plans to launch shuttle discovery tomorrow afternoon. this after trouble with the shuttle's engine delayed that mission by a day. so far mother nature doesn't seem to be cooperating really. forecasters now predicting an 0% chance of rain or thunderstorms around the space coast tomorrow. nasa managers are to meet before day break to reassess the weather. if the launch is a go. it is expected to be discovery's
7:53 pm
final trip to orbit. two more shuttle missions remain before nasa retires the fleet. congress, president obama have approved an extra mission next summer likely for shuttle atlantis. a final decision is expected next month. if the shuttle goes tomorrow, you will see it live here on the fox. man, it was a wild police chase through half a dozen neighborhoods and caught on video. we wanted to show it to you yesterday but there was this event things going on. here it is as we go across america. >> california. the driver of an suv leading police on a bumpy ride. we're told it started in long beach. the suspect hit at least five other vehicles, not it mention taking a short trip on a sidewalk and a longer run on the wrong sides of the street. officers say that suv was stolen. the driver finally spun out and out popped two women. officers took them into custody. massachusetts. a house exploding in a boston neighborhood. a spokeswoman for the city's water and sewer says
7:54 pm
construction workers cut into a gas line and then something sparked a blaze. firefighters put it out. nobody hurt. delaware. a school bus packed with high school kids flipping on to its side on a road in new castle. nearly four dozen students hurt. police say after the wreck a guardrail was blocking the rear door exit. so the teens had to escape through the bus' roof hatches. officials say the driver may have taken a turn too fast. and that's a fox watch across america. >> shepard: now to a crime that you did not blame on the hamburglar, a certain u.s. city has just announced it's banned every happy meal with a certain understanding and where and why is coming up next. plus, as the entire world continues to mourn the death of pawf, the octopus, there is word now paul has a successor. but can it predict soccer
7:55 pm
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>> shepard: first a cigarette ban and now this. it could amount to taking a happy out of happy meals. a new law in the san francisco, cracking down on those free toys that come in the mcdonald's kids meals. in order to get a toy, a happy meal must now include fruit and vegetables and cannot exceed 600 calories. kill joys. the late octopus who fans around the globe called an oracle for predicting the outcomes of 8 world cup matches has now been replaced. the original octopus paul died of natural causes last week. paul keepers in germany put a new octopus also named paul in its tank. they are not yet promising more predictions. updating some of fox top stories tonight. the president now indicating he may be willing to work out a compromise with the republicans on issues such as tax cuts and energy policy. at the same time, he says he is
7:59 pm
still looking into repealing the pentagon's don't ask, don't tell policy for gays in the military. but the president's supporters on the issues say the window for acting may be shrinking. and the dow up 26 points on the day on word that the federal reserve plans to buy up $600 billion worth of treasury bonds. and on this day back in 1930, the detroit windsor tunnel opened, becoming the world's first under water vehicle tunnel. workers began construction in 1928. a joint venture between the governments of the united states and canada, eh. man was it ever a feet of engineering. crews had to evacuate tons of mud from under the detroit river. then line the hole with steel plates and concrete tubes. but, perhaps, the most impressive's feature was the state of the art ventilation system. in fact, it worked so well that the air in the tunnel was and still is cleaner than the air in the motor city. these days it's the second


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