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tv   On the Record  FOX News  December 29, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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your head off in the morning if the "new york times" had a negative story on the front page because he knew the decisions he were making were right for the long haul. >> sean: mr. president it has been an honor to have you. thank you for being with us. >> appreciate it. >> sean: president bush, ladies and gentlemen that. is all the time we have left. thank you to everybody in our audience and thank you mr. president, great honor. [ applause ] >> dana: tonight taking lost into his own hands. right now an arizona resident who is so sick of illegal immigration he set up his own one man border patrol. he was a friend of the arizona rancher murdered on his property in march. griff jen -- griff jenkins is on the ground to buy you the story. >> reporter: -- one man an
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army vet from vietnam, retired civil servant keeps a watchful eye day and night using only his resources not a part of any militia or affiliated group, he goes out with a few of his colleagues and tries to find illegal activity and report it to authorities. we traveled with only a camera to follow him on patrol to see what he could find. what do you do and why? >> well, there are a lot of gaps in the border patrol surveillance because they know they've given most of the illegals, especially the drug smugglers on to the ridge lines on both sides of the valley. we are here to maintain surveillance at the bottom of the valley and to keep the people herded into those narrow corridors where the border control can concentrate on them. >> reporter: with the high powered night vision scopes, you will do hours of surveillance? >> yes, we have several, two
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out here tonight. we will cover the area these are 150 millimeter scopes. they have a wide field of view. we'll make numerous full revolutions, different elevations and see if there is any activity. and then when we are sure there is nothing out there that we can report, we do white light research on 'em. we shine the light around and disrupt their life as much as possible. we shine it up on the ridge lines on both sides of the valley. 150 million power light very well focused half degree or less dispersion. also has infrared capabilities so we can do active infrared surveillance without being seen. we would normally do this in total darkness that. is not practical for the purposes of this interview.
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>> reporter: we need some light so we can show the viewers what is happening. we'll spend the next several hours in darkness. we've brought as well a night vision camera to try and mirror some of your efforts. his equipment includes his personal pick-up truck. as you can see it's his own light -- it's got his own light, hard to see over this ledge. this is where the surveillance takes place. here's the light that is going to be schoen on trespassers if there are -- going to be shone on trespassers if there are any. as well as a 50 calibre for precautionary measures. we are a mile from the mexican border, five miles east of douglas, set up on the rucker ranch. we have a clear view in the san bernardino valley. they are setting up watch. he's waiting for the moon to
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rise to begin in evening's patrol. he maintains watch on five ranches in the area. he has yet to cause a big bust but he sees all kinds of illegal activity. he says he does it out of the goodness and service of his heart. we spoke to the border patrol on the phone off camera who told us that they appreciate citizens input, surveillance like lynn's as long as lynn doesn't take matter matters into his own hands and simply notifies the border patrol when he sees illegal activity. clyde, you worked security on some of these ranches on this ranch. there have been burglaries. a sense of safety, tell me about that. >> over the last few years the illegals coming from mexico have broken into this particular ranch house at least four times.
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tearing doors off hinges, breaking into windows, stealing everything they could put their hands on. the family had to get security bars all around the house. it is like living in a jail. which is not the fault of the family, but i think a family of security on our borders. >> reporter: it is a few hours from dawn. lynn realizes that his bright beam gives away his location. however, after spending several hours through the night surveiling things, the border patrol acts on operation not far from here. sure his life will serve as deterrent for foot or drug smuggling trafficking in the area. we didn't see anything tonight. it will be dawn soon do you make of it? >> i think we've lit up and beat up the area enough that we are not going to see anythings. so it is time to pack it up and go home. we can say that this place
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tonight no criminal activity happened. >> reporter: message to the cartel guys that may be watching. >> this is our country and we're not giving it up without a fight. >> dana: from the tea party takeover to scott brown's big senate win 2010 was a year of big political surprises. here to break it down rick klein. thanks for being here. scott brown when he won in massachusetts what kind of shockwaves did that through the democratic circles? >> disbelief. they didn't want to belief up to the moment the returns came in they could lose ted kennedy's seat. after they did the initial reaction was to blame the candidate. in retrospect they should have taken those lessons everything you saw in the brown race you can draw a line from that to the tea party, ran take over, anger at health care, town
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halls all of that came full circle cull. scott brown was the harbinger of that. you saw trend lines moving forward. democrats didn't learn from that immediately. and i think looking backward at a time when they should have been saying this was serious. >> dana: did the elects of christie in new jersey and mcdonnell in virginia not clue them in? >> i think they knew 2010 was going to be a rough year. they thought they could contain the damage massachusetts ele major problems. you could look at new jersey and virginia saying this is maybe about the individuals. massachusetts you are adding on. that was the first chronologically in the big vices and first in terms of the depth of the -- in the big surprises and first in terms of the depth of the surprise. >> dana: he gets elected, sworn in, what were the
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repercussions3y in the senate? >> they had to jam health care through. they couldn't go back to getting another vote in the senate they no longer had 60 democratic senators that created the process that was problematic for democrats. democrats were scared of their own shadows going forward. they knew if it could happen to scott brown it could happen to any of them. it changed the mat and the chemistry in-- it changed the math and the chemistry inside the senate. dane dan he was then able to help the republicans and mcconnell's the omnibus from going true and -- going through. he also voted for don't ask, don't tell and the start treaty. some were frustrated about the tax vote. tea partiers thought the republicans should have held out for more in january. will he draw a primary challenge?
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regardless do you think he wins in 2012? >> there's enough tea partiers that feel like scott brown betrayed them. which is them reflecting their own interpretation on what scott brown would be. they expected him to be more conservative than he is. i think he has a shot at winning a full term. he has governed as a moderate, as a conservative republican for massachusetts. that's an important distinction. he will have a bunch of top tier challenges. i think he will have a very good shot. national environment is going to be different than i was. i think he has a very good shot going into 2012. >> dana: he's got a book coming out, autobiography that i heard is very good. speaking of the tea party that was your other big political story of the year. part of their charm right and their attraction is it is not
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a big formalnrnqy party, can it last if it is not formal? >> i think the energy that was there can last, certainly it can reformulate in some way. you will have this band of freshman republicans coming to town in a week's time who are going to identify more with the tea party in all likelihood than the republican party. if they can keep that flame alive and move it forward dan what is going to be important, do they hold the republicans accountable even though they were with them before do they say with them in the future. presidential election year coming up. the big trends of republicans versus democrats take over. the tea party was there for the republicans. it fed the right time, right moment, issues for the republican party to ride that wave. smart republicans know the tea party is not something that is a republican movement only. >> dana: what will speaker he -- elect boehner have to do to
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keep them in his corner? >> if you ask them to do things they don't like you have to find spending cuts and tax extension. you have to listen to the voices that brought them to washington. he's given them more seats at the leadership take that was important. included them in ways that we have never soon before, embracing things like earmark reform. this group of tea partiers they don't have great love particularly for john boehner. it going to be john boehner's challenge to make sure he can corral this energy that is real and out there. >> dana: did you think the tea partiers have a credible candidate in the 2012 presidential election? >> it hard for me to imagine that. that takes away so clearly from a republican candidate. who knows. i don't think anyone two years ago could have talked about the rise over the next two years. >> dana: certainly, i couldn't. my predictions aren't worth much.
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>> never say that. dane thanks rich. ambassador bolton joins us next. >> congress listen up, we've got a 37 year study of 21 countries on the best way to balance the budget. the results are staggering. according to these financial experts are we on the right path to fiscal solvency?
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[ jet plane passing ] [ swings squeaking ] [ squeaking ] [ creaking ] [ rock music playing ] from exploring europe
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to conquering x-camp... girl scouts today offers so many incredible opportunities, the only problem you'll have is deciding what to do. so... ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ whoo! >> dana: three years away. according to israel's minister of strategic affairs iran is within three years from developing a nuclear bomb. the minister says iran has the expertise but still needs time to gather materials. iran insists its program is totally diesel. ambassador bolton joins us. do you agree with the israeli
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official's assessment? >> i think there's psychological warfare going on. according to u.s. government estimates it could be sooner, within a year possibly the administration itself said a few months ago. there's reporting this afternoon again quoting u.s. administration sources, that they are worried iran is about to move to a new more sophisticated generation of centrifuges which would increase production of enriched uranium. the general who made the statement about iran getting nuclear weapons within three years is a well-known hardliner, solid guy. what he's doing is perhaps indicating that the virus was a little more successful than some people think -- >> dana: this was a computer virus that reportedly hampered their efforts. >> exactly. i think trying to put iran a little at ease about what israeli intentions are. this is complex. i think given how little we know about much of iran's
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program, it is a mistake to put too much faith in any of these estimates. they are all based on assumptions. all based on incomplete information. what we know with complete certainty, iran is determined to get a nuclear weapon, a deliverable nuclear weapon as soon as it can. >> dana: it says it is not. i don't think many in the world believe that. why would israel want iran to feel more at ease? >> main concern iran has now the main thing between it and deliverable tkwrer weapons is a preemptive military -- strike against their nuclear complex. i think they have zero fear of the united states unpresident obama. so the real issue is israel. if leaders in israel why saying we are getting red that i would give notice. sort of laying back a little and pumping up the virus, which is propaganda in and of
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itself i think is what is at work here. dane dan do you think if there is new information -- >> dana: did you think if there is new information there will be changes after the new year from our administration, the white house, israel or broader mideast? >> with respect to iran undoubtedly the administration is going to continue the negotiation track. that's what they've been trying to do the last two years trying to find some iranian who will negotiate with them. european foreign minister, lady ashton has held one round of talks and wants another beginning shortly after the new year. i don't think these talks are going anywhere. they provide cover for iran's ongoing program. i think that's where the obama administration will be. >> dana: earlier today, i was thinking about this story, this is the time of year when people look back on the previous year. most people think i can believe 2010 is over to me a year is not long. what could be done to stop this from happening?
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>> i think right now the odds are that iran will get a nuclear weapon sooner rather than later. i don't think sanctions are having a material effect on the nuclear program. i think they've caused some marginal increase in iran's cost. i think iran's economy is in bad shape. not because of the sanctions. because of 30 years of economic mismanagement. north korea is under enormous sanctions and it has exploded two nuclear devices. i think we reach a crisis point sooner rather than later. >> dana: how do the political dynamics change if that happens? >> let's say we come to the point where we have reasonable -- reason to believe iran has a weapon so close it can put it together quickly. almost without question, saudi arabia, egypt, turkey perhaps others in the region get their own nuclear weapons. so you have within a very short period of time a
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multi-polar nuclear middle east that. is inherently unstable and dangerous. iran doesn't have to use the weapon simply possessing, the capacity changes people's perceptions of what their power is and reach is. >> dana: we've heard some talk of attempts at regime change. some internal democracy movement inside the country.f are you hearing anything from your circles about those developments? >> i think the regime in tehran is unpopular because of bad economy. because of the nature of its policies. its unpopularity rests with the broad mass of civilian people and power in the regime has gone more and more to the revolutionary guards who have the weapons. as we saw in the riots after last year's fraudulent presidential elections, they are not afraid to use them. >> dana: very interesting and troubling. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: what would you do if your monthly mortgage payment became more than your monthly
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salary? our next guest brings sad, surprising and horrifying stories from both sides of the foreclosure crisis. >> later, a guest with concrete ideas on how to rein in our 1.3 trillion dollar deficit. what do we need to do? and will congress listen?
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. >> dana: the foreclosure crisis has hit five million homes. another four million are in danger of losing theirsnznç as e speak. robbie, your feature article today in the "wall street journal" was the first thing i read. i was struck by it.
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the way you decided to tell the story is through the personal stories of six different people. tell us about how you found them and a little about sidney banner's story? >> the idea was to tell the story of the foreclosure crisis in early of the phases it went through starting in 2007 up until now. the idea of being that the crisis started in mostly low income communities with folks who were victims of predatory lending or they took out subprime mortgages or were somehow deceived by banks into taking out loan products that didn't make sense as borrowers. we've seen this over and over again. a million such homeowners who have been put into loans they can't an ford or that were in some way designed to fail. -- we tried to show the profiles of six borrowers who represented each stage of what went on in the foreclosure
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crisis. >> dana: sidney banner lost a business then his house. >> a guy i met in palm beach county, florida on the day that he officially by the court record lost his home. when the judge said we are setting the date for the auction. he's from the second wave of foreclosures. the people who were victims of a bad economy. middle class people who had jobs and incomes and had no problem paying their loans until they lost their jobs or underwent some sort of fiscal hardship. mr. banner, a very nice gentleman, world war ii vet, 84-years-old. he lost a small commercial leaning business he ran with his family two years ago. right before he lost it, he -- he took out a $250,000 home equity loan to help make his payroll and a his employees borrowed his house in boca raton, florida. he defaulted on that loan and
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defaulted on the first mortgage of his loan. and the guy had to move out of his home. he's had to try to reenter the workforce and try to get an income so he can make payments to get by. dane dan i did feel for him. i didn't -- >> dana: i did feel for him. i didn't feel for the other guy 27-year-old chris hand san , extra tee -- strategic defaulter walks away from a mortgage. i don't see how society can keep going about people who don't feel that obligation. >> we've written about folks who walk way from a mortgage loan who can pay for it. it is finance any, most home loans there is a promissory note, you say i promise to pay this debt back. you can understand that in one of two ways you can say that's
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a blood oath to pay back this loan or there is a moral hazard. or you can say by handing in his keys and walking away and giving up the collateral behind his mortgage he's fulfilling the bad side of a contract. that's scary for banks. this becomes more and more common. >> dana: exactly. how can you reach the bottom and move forward if you have somebody who walks away from his mortgage at 27-years-old? imagine if his customers decided not to pay him for the next four months. >> it is a scary appropriation for the -- scary proposition for the lending institutions. it makes it harder for other people to get loans at the rates americans need to buy homes. americans need to be able to afford a house. >> dana: what killed me is he posed for a picture as if he's proud of it, playing golf. quickly, some people are
10:27 pm
coming out ahead. because they didn't own a house now they are getting lake front property in seattle. tell me about them. >> for some the housing boom was something they stood on the sidelines and watched because they couldn't afford to buy in at any price. what is happening with a lot of folks in markets like seattle where there wasn't so dramatic a boom and bust some people seeing with foreclosures they can finally afford a home because it is being priced at foreclosure prices. that's the silver lining that some who wanted to participate in homeownership game are now getting into it. >> dana: robbie, great piece, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: will president obama be listening to our next guest as he writes his state of the union speech? he might to. he has strong ideas on how to rein in that balance landing deficit. later some of the --
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ballooning deficit. later some of the best from on the record this year. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] they've been tested, built and driven like no other and now they're being offered like no other. come to the winter event and get an exceptional offer on the mercedes-benz of your dreams. it our way of showing a little holiday spirit. and stay connected with three years of mbrace service complimentary. ♪
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>> dana: congress and the white house might want to tune in for this segment. is there a right way and wrong way to balance a budget? according to our next guest there is? our next guest has done an analysis specifically centers
10:31 pm
on the question of whether raising taxes or cutting spend something more effective. kevin hasset studies at aei and joins us. tell us about your study. >> we looked at something that economists rarely looks at to see what works. they've gathered by the campfire, sung kumbaya and we went back to the last 37 years after people said they are going to do it which succeeded. if the u.s. would copy the countries that succeed wad would we do? you to reduce spending. if you try do it through raising taxes it doesn't work. >> dana: a lot of skeptics have argued we can't pay for everything if we don't raise taxes is >> it depends on how much you expand. the typical successful fiscal consolidation or deficit reduction measure had spending as a reduction of 85% of the
10:32 pm
total reduction in the deficit you can imagine if the democrats and republicans were going to say okay let's make a deal they might say let's do 50/50 taxes and spending. if we were to do that we would be watching -- matching all the failed consolidations. people who tried to raise taxes kill the economy they don't get the revenue they thought and don't reduce the deficit. we need to reduce spending a lot if we want to get ahead of this curve. >> dana: a country that did it right and wrong? >> finland, finland, a country in the 90s that it right. what they did they reduced spending by 105% and cut taxes when they did it and this successful consolidation. failed consolidations are a dime a dozen. we are living through one. çñ 70% taxes. you wonder why greece keeps
10:33 pm
heading down. they've modeled their consolidation after countries that failed in the past. >> the u.k. started. >> the u.k. as-g tery measures are -- as tery measures are -- austerity measures are closer to the sweet spot. >> dana: i think the reason i thought your study was so interesting, it is not like you are pulling this out of a philosophical bent. you stud it for 37 years, 21 countries. facing what we are facing now. do you expect president obama to present in his budget that he presents in february of next year, any substantial spending cuts that he will come up with on his own? >> i think he will. the fact is, this again is not ideology it is just what works. did it reduce the deficit?
10:34 pm
what did they do? let's copy. that he has to act now. the u.s. debt, foreign debt is 20% higher than for the typical latin american country that defaulted. if you are at a cocktail party and people say the u.s. is like a banana republic you should say you wish. >> dana: one point you made government salaries being inflated in the united states. >> government salaries are very high. studies show that maybe 10 to 20% higher thano" comeably skilled people. the typical successful -- consolidation action out of reducing salaries. 20 phi% comes from getting rid of government workers and reducing their salaries. >> dana: even if we get a backlash. >> in the u.s. it will be
10:35 pm
different than france. >> dana: thanks. next up hear what dan quayle misses most about the white house. how ozzy osbourne met his wife sharon and who is crazier. and what paula dean admits lousy at. the best on the record interviews from 2010. >> later want some pot? itching for a joint? just donate food. a strange charity dive. you will hear all about it.
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>> dana: there's much more ahead but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: one person dead, another missing as a new winter storm sweeps through california tonight. north of san francisco, heavy winds and rain toppled a tree on to a tent killing a camper. blizzard conditions are hampering the search for a snowboarder in the sierra nevada.
10:38 pm
along the coast heavy downpours causing flooding and rock slides, up to six inches of rain in california days after a week of wet weather left parts of the state prone to mudslides. on the opposite side of the country blizzard fall out still a nightmare for many travelers, shop owners and residents. flight delays and cancellations easing around the northeast everyone it could be several more days before passengers finally get back home. i'm says stegall on the record continues now. -- i'm casey stegall, on the record continues now. >> we figured we would give our loyal viewers a treat. here are the most memorable interviews from 2010. >> i'm in the oval office four people come in, they were scheduled. they were troops, soldiers,
10:39 pm
army folks special operators, the best of the best. they came in and said we've got a gift for you mr. president. i am the fella who crawled in the hole to put out saddam hussein is what the guy said. and on the person of saddam hussein as i recall were three guns. two long guns and a pistol. that's the pistol that these brave souls gave to me so that i could show it and exhibit it to -- and the american people can see. >> greta: do you believe the pakistani government knows where osama bin laden is? >> i think elements do. we have been getting with pakistani cooperation, a lot of the top leadership of al-qaeda. >> greta: what don't americans or the united states
10:40 pm
understand about pakistan? >> history. we were your strategic partners for 42 years in the cold war period pakistan was the ally of the united states. for 10 years, we fought withz[yñ you and we won a victory for you. now what happened in 1989 we were abandoned, absolutely, totally. >> greta: does sb-1070 racially profile? >> i think that is not the central thesis of the government's concern about 1070. >> greta: but does it? the attorney general sort of was like said something like that and the president says it is misguided.
10:41 pm
there are a lot of boycotts in this country. i spoke to someone outside major league baseball all-star game the other night who doesn't want the game in arizona next year because it racially profiles, the statute. we need someone, does the statute racially profile or not? >> look, the statute itself is in litigation. it is going to be her by a federal judge this week. i don't want to comment too much on it. >> greta: -- >> that's because the federal government's case is based on the fact we don't want 50 different state immigration laws. >> greta: have you heard from the united states attorney general eric holder about your statute? >> i have not. the only thing i've heard from them is on television and in the newspaper. >> greta: done you find that odd? >> i do. >> greta: nobody is talking to you. >> you watch tv, you read the newspaper and hear the commentary.
10:42 pm
the biggest hoot was of course have you read the bill? no. >> greta let me address your other point, besides the fact that a multi-millionaire somehow doesn't think -- >> that's blackmail that's the problem gloria. you are blackmailing, because she looks like the creep because she is the rich person against the person who is here illegally, who is going to -- >> hold on that. is complete defamation of character. >> greta: it is not! your client lied! >> no, no wait a minute! >> greta: not meg whitman. >> i would appreciate it if you would let me respond that. is very defamatory to accuse my client or me of blackmail. >> greta: do you think i'm -- do you take on bill o'reilly. >> i don't want to fight with anybody. if he had said all irish
10:43 pm
people are drunks. or all black people love fried chicken. it is the same thing to me. this volatile time you cannot say the muslims killed us. people only hear what they want to hear. it just -- he just -- he had got 10 to me earlier. i just wasn't in the mood for it. >> greta: you've taken him on before. >> yeah, i just wasn't in the mood. >> greta: who are the main players in this discussion of the senate seat? i'm trying to figure out who is going to be on tape and who is not. >> i can't tell that you. >> greta: who did you talk to and where will give me some idea? >> again i spoke to send for reid, menendez and then congressman rahm emanuel days after the election from this room. and several other people about potential scenarios on the senate seat. >> greta: where are we? >> right now we middle rock
10:44 pm
this is the narrowest part of valdez narrow. has to come through here to get out to sea. still another 65 miles to go. that's a glacier out there that water -- waterfall flows all the time. >> they carve these mountains ever changing shape. fossil. >> greta: who do you work for? >> people in the gulf. i work for the people in the gulf. neither the administration nor bp have any involvement in overseeing what i'm doing or second guessing me or anything like that. they set up this program, jointly, as an independent force to deal with the compensation that will be delivered to the people in the gulf. >> greta: who pays you? if you don't take part of the fee for the compensation, the federal government paying you or bp? >> bp.
10:45 pm
>> greta: how do the people feel comfortable you are not going to give them the shorten of the stick because you work for bf? >> you have a better idea? you can ask the people in the gulf to pay for it. >> greta: you miss washington? >> of course. >> greta: what do you miss? >> running the country. it is very fulfilling, very rewarding. i will enjoy vicariously watching my son. >> greta: what would have happened, do you think if we hadn't done the tarp money, the bailout? >> if we had not stepped in the government hadn't stepped in to prevent a collapse. and the system had collapsed, we would have been in a situation where industrial companies all over america, main street companies, small middle sized and big companies would have had funding cut
10:46 pm
off. they wouldn't have had bank funding to pay their bills to sustain their basic business operations. that would mean they wouldn't have been able to pay suppliers. pay employees. employees wouldn't have been able to pay their bills. >> greta: catastrophic? >> catastrophic. >> greta: nice to see you, welcome to our nation's capital. >> great to be here greta. i've been wanting to visit you for a long time. >> greta: because you know how bad my cooking is? i thought we kept that uncover. >> i kind of had a feeling, i'm a hard worker and i'm a pretty good judge of character. and i think you are a hard worker. >> greta: i'm a hard worker, but a lousy cook. >> i'm a good cook, but i'm a lousy lawyer. >> greta: the first time you met sharon had you hanging around your
10:47 pm
[ unintelligible ] >> she looked at me like, i used to wear pajamasúi>t9ó, x& water. >> on a string. >> greta: this was an interesting touch. >> i didn't know what to think. i just thought he's crazy. i mean i had never seen anyone with a hot water tap around their neck. >> she was crazier than me. >> i was crazy, he was normal. >> greta: they don't know all these books in front of me, right here are filled with gifts from samaritan's purse for christmas. these kids are about to get the thrill of their life, courtesy of many people around the country. helping tan's purse make this christmas possible for all these kids and kids around the world. get ready to watch this is fun.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's the one we are going with or i'm never speaking to anyone on the staff again, ever, unless we show that one alone! >> dana: coming up, big news about president obama's hawaiian vacation.
10:49 pm
what is it? what is the strangest place you can think of to get married? we have a couple that really takes the cake. where did they get married? you will find out, next. >> did you know you could get free pot? we'll tell you about a very unusual charity drive in where else, california.
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>> dana: here's the best of the rest. someone is having a fun vacation. white house announcing president obama is extending his hawaii vacation an extra day. the president will now leave hawaii january 3rd and arrive in washington on the afternoon of january 4th.
10:52 pm
he began his vacation late because congress was still working in session on bills he called major priorities. white house spokesman burton says the president is trying to squeeze in more time with his family. >> this is highly unusual. incentive to increase donations for a food drive. medical marijuana dysentary in san francisco is offering a free marijuana cigarette for every four cans of food a patient brings in. the food for pot program lasted from november to christmas eve. each patient was limited to three cigarettes a day and they dis ed 2,000. second harvest said this contributed the amount of food that would come from a company five times larger, 11,000 pounds. maybe if nobody had munch -- munch s they would have collected 12,000 pounds.
10:53 pm
>> one new jersey couple took their love of coffee to new heights chasing to get married inside their local dunkin donuts. they hit the drive-thru twice a night. tying the knot there was and side joke. they will have a party in september topped off with a doughnut tower instead of a wedding cake. the owners believe it is the first wedding ever inside a dunkin donuts. the owners gave them a gift mugs, boxes of doughnuts and lottery ticket. the price for pub busy, priceless. >> brr, in in ice water in a bathing suit for five straight he is call the ice man performed the stunt in hong kong and plans to break the record for the longest full body contact with ice aiming for one hour and 50
10:54 pm
minutes on new year's eve. >> households for the fastest half marathon barefoot on ice -- he says when he performs he doesn't think much and does a multi-day preparation. good luck ice man. >> still ahead, your last call. one more quick round before we turn down the lights. we leave you with a little humor. bringing you the funniest footage of the year and much more. you might also want to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights, it's time for last call. here are some of the our favorite videos of the year, see how many you recognize from best of the rest and last call. just try to keep from laughing out loud. >> president of the united states of america, barack obama. >> we're following up procedure. i will not and will serve regular order. >> it's not going to hachl the people are here and can't
10:58 pm
afford to pay their rent. >> good afternoon, everybody. some election nights are more fun than others. thank you very much, everybody. >> vp now getting rid of that chief executive guy. and they gave him $23 milli to leave. don't give him any leave. and give him a skimmer or a plastic hat. all you scoop up, you can keep. >> what the hell happened over there on "the view"? what is going on?
10:59 pm
my god, bill. >> i was surprised. >> give me a call, please. ♪ [ music ] muz i will always love you. ♪ [ music ] . >> pants on the ground ♪, looking like a fool with the pants on the ground ♪ pants hit the ground ♪ looking like a fool


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