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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 21, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EST

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taken out of con exit, but very funny. >> it is becoming a habit. >> if anyone was offended i offer the form of chicken manage nuggets and come and see me at notre dame tomorrow night. >> back to you, andy. >> special thanks to diane, bill shultz, joe de rosa. that does it for me. i'm andy levy and i will seeor you tomorrow night. >> chris: house republicans try to come up with a replacement for president obama's healthcare reform. the white house is being pulled in two directions over deficit and the budget. if you're keeping score at home, who won at the meting of global superpowers? live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. house republicans fresh off the vote to repeal the president's healthcare reform now have the job of trying to replace it with a better plan.
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chief political correspondent carl cameron looks at the start of the g.o.p. effort. >> reporter: phase two, after voting to repeal the healthcare law last night, house republicans passed legislation today to begin replacing it. the stated goals cut cost, waste, fraud and abuse. expand insurance coverage. reduce premiums. let people keep coverage they have and block federal funds for abortion. premier and per reasonal g.o.p. campaign promise. >> when there is no public subsidy, number drop by 40%. if we want fewer abortions take away federal subsidy. >> they dismiss the g.o.p. repeal and replace promise as empty. >> this vague revolution is giving american people a wish sandwich. nothing between the bred. we wish there was. >> specific proposals like the medical liability reform and expanding medical savings accounts blocked by majority
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democrats for five years. several packages reintroduced. let the individuals and businesses create insurance associations to reduce cost. and create high-risk pools to cover those with preexisting conditions and make the healthcare cost 100% tax deductible. georgia congressman and family doctor, paul brown. >> patient centered healthcare system. patients will own their own insurance policy, so it will the portability problem. it solves most of the problem we have today in healthcare financing and it will give patients option of buying low cost health insurance that they control. >> dismissing the g.o.p. repeal effort as futile, the white house warned of the negative consequences if it were to succeed. >> out of pocket costs go up if this became law. thankfully, it's not going to. >> latest fox news dynamics poll, 50% said if they were in congress they'd vote to repeal it. 39% would vote keep it.
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heat is on harry reid for promising to never let repeal come up for debate in the senate. conservative south carolina republican demint plans to offer a bill. >> mcconnell in the senate. >> the g.o.p. leadership doesn't want to vote on this bill, but i assure you we will. >> senate has a number of procedural tools to force recorded vote on any topic. timing is key because they will look for the maximum leverage with the 23 democrats up for election in 2012. >> chris: thank you. the move to the center will be tested by conservative and liberals. white house correspondent mike emanuel reports on the challenges facing the man in the middle. >> democrats left capitol grounds for committee where
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spending is the top issue on the economy. but they worry president obama may go too far cutting the national spending because national debt topped $14 trillion. >> we still have 9% unemployment. we could hurt people that have already been hurt. raids worry they will pressure them to cut more than they would like. >> we have to make sure we don't cripple our ability to innovate and provide insensitives we need to create jobs of tomorrow. >> in an op-ed publish today, senator demint and republicans laid out a plan to cut $2.5 trillion in spending by 2021. calling it the first step in the process. it plans to implement a hard freeze in ten years. subsidiaries for amtrak would be cut and high-speed rail
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eliminated. civilian government employees would be effected. "attrition will trim the workforce by 15%, while salary goes without automatic pay increases for five years." supporter in the house says cutting spending is what they were supposed to do. >> some of democrat senators may have seen the light and found jesus. realize they need to cut spending. >> for new speaker john boehner and the leadership team, it could develop to pressure from the right. >> we are optimistic they will like the proposal. >> president obama is planning for the re-election bid. closing the white house political office to avoid redundancy. aides say mr. obama is expected to announce the plans this spring so the team request move forward with raising mup. at the white house, mike
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emanuel, fox news. >> president obama's ratings are up a bit this month. latest fox news opinion dynamics poll has the approval mark at 47%,sen points higher than last month. the best showing since june. 37% say the president is meeting expectations, 5% say he is exceeding them. 53% say he is falling below expectations. the poll found if the presidential election was held today, 51% would vote for someone else and 42% would vote to re-elect mr. obama. economic headlines number of people seeking unemployment fell. home sales fell by 9%. the rates for 30-year fixed mortgages rose slightly. stocks were down today.
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>> chris: two years after president obama promised to close the terrorist detention facility at guantanamo bay, cuba, there is now word that the administration is ramping up use of military tribunals to try the detainees. national correspondent cath ridge herridge reports the first case will be a familiar one. >> confirmation that the planner of the uss cole attack in 2000 that killed soldiers off the coast of yemen will be prosecuted in guantanamo bay shows that the obama administration embraced military commission. white house press secretary insisted it was the administration's position all along. >> you heard the president in the archive speech that we had different groups of those in guantanamo they'd be dealt with in different ways. >> the decision to prosecute
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the coal case in military commissions was announced 14 months ago at the news conference where the attorney general eric holder promised the 9/11 conspirators, including khalid sheikh mohammed, the self-described architect of the attack would be sent to federal court in new york city. >> this is the toughest decision i had to make as attorney general. >> with fierce resistance in new york to the trial and bipartisan congressional action to block the transfer of detainees to the u.s. the administration backed away from the idea. asked about the status of the case on thursday holder did not offer specifics. >> we're in the process of determining where the trials will be, the forum and nothing is off the table. >> two years ago this week with signing of this executive order, mr. obama promised as one of his first act of president to close guantanamo within a year. with 173 detainees left, half from yemen, country where two recent al-qaeda plots originated, saying the president's goal of shuttering
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the camp will not be realized before the end of the first term in office. confident the president intends to close the camp, human rights group are not happy with the decision. >> u.s. partners abroad are critical of the use of the military commission. some refused to provide evidence to be used in prosecution of the detainee in the military commission, while they would provide evidence in a federal court. >> the administration never explained the delay in the case. held up by holder in 2009, as the ultimate case for military trials because the target was a navy vessel. the administration continues to have second thoughts about the process. >> chris: thank you. the administration is setting up a team of auditors to help identify employers who are using illegal immigrants in the workforce. the government says it's trying to be cost effective. they explain it's more efficient to have two agents audit 100 companies than 100
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agents raid one company. liberals are taking a new approach toward sarah palin. we will tell you about that later on the grapevine. up next, who got the better of wednesday's meeting between the president of the u.s. and china?
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>> chris: checking international news. trio of car bombs blasted through security check points in karbala, iraq today. at least 51 died. most headed to the pilgrim service. three-day attack that killed 2100 people. turkey is offering assurances it's not seeking nuclear weapons. they're hosting talks between iran and world power on friday. russian foreign minister met with the partner in istanbul and expressed confidence in talk and said the sanctions
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have been counterproductive. >> tensions between the two countries spiked over artillery attack on south korean iland and sinking of a naval ship. north denies involvement in the attack on the ship. the president of the u.s. and china urge better communication in their meeting wednesday at the white house. today, congressional leaders had their chance to talk with president hu but the white house correspondent wendell goler tells us it's wednesday's meeting with president obama that has many in china beaming. >> on the third day in washington, chiepz president hu jintao posed with leaders of the democrat controlled senate and met behind closed doors with the republican controlled house. >> i did express my concerns about religious liberty and i expressed concerns about intellectual property and the issue of north korea.
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>> some of the same issues raised at the talk with the white house. in a lunch with business leaders today, hu said the u.s. and china don't have a zero sum relationship. >> the china-u.s. relationship is not one in which one side gain means the other side's loss. >> the folks back home may see it differently. with people daily declares china is the world's number within and overtaking the u.s. analysts aren't surprised. >> they see themselves as won the world financial crisis. they emerged unscathed and that gave them confidence. perhaps too much confidence. >> figures released today showed china economy grew at 10.3% rate. fuelled by the best of entertainment software and low value of the yuan.
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the combination of china's gains alarmed the conservative like john bolton who wrote in an op-ed, "while the pentagon is clipping coupons, the p.l.a., people's liberation army is celebrating mardi gras." experts say both countries suffer from misperceptions. the chinese people are happy to buy this. >> neither is accurate perception. that is the value of summit like this. you can have top levels with a clear understanding of where the other is coming from. >> randy forbes the head of the new china caucus said in a written statement today, "we have tossed the largest communist nation in world in exchange for debt and trade deficit." chris? >> chris: wendell goler reporting from the white
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house. thank you for that. >> a rapidly emerging influence on chinese society is christianity. that might be surprising given china's communist system. but fox religion correspondent lauren green reports the numbers don't lie. >> this is the face of china in transformation. officially atheist country with more than a billion souls experiencing explosive 100-fold increase in increase in christianity. >> this is a result of the spiritual vacuum that occurred because everybody is fed up with the marxist and leninism and mao thought. >> greatest came after the tiananmen square crackdown. based on the registered churches the chinese government claims it has 28.6 million christians but off the record, communist party members admit the real number is between 80 to 150 million. many belong to undocumented
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house churches. >> they are first generation christians what are vulgar and willing to share the faith. this generation of the chinese christian growth will reach anywhere from 200 to 500 million. >> unlike the u.s., they have scores from the far rest to left. they are of one theological mind. they represent the largest group, a bloc that could have a profound effect within china and world stage. >> if you have 25 to 30% of a major pow er that accepts christianity as light, it could change balance of china. >> it could also soon overtake the united states as the nation with the largest
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christian population. in new york, lauren green, fox news. >> chris: haitians who are adjusting to the sudden return of one former leader may soon have another one on their hands. former president jean-bertrand aristide is ready to come back from six years of exile, coming a week after former dictator duvalier reappeared. the state department says they need to focus on the future, not the past. >> coming up later, persian gulf war reunion, but straight ahead, husband of congresswoman gabrielle
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>> chris: now fresh pickings from the grapevine. liberal group trying to stifle top con sebtive. left action says february 28
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through march 4 is ignore sarah palin week. yep, that is what they say. encouraging people to sign a pledge promising to change the channel if she come on tv, surf to another page if she pops up on the web, and turn to another article if she is mentioned in a newspaper or another publication. blogger on the liberal daily coast website doesn't see the point writing you can demand that this blog and others stick our collective heads in the sand and pretend she isn't there, but you have every reason to take her seriously and treat her as roughly as possible. canada national library and archive is going ahead with screening of a documentary about the dangers of a nuclear iran and that country's involvement in terror activities. that is despite anonymous threat and diplomatic pressure. the library received a complaint from iranian industry requesting the film "iranium" not be shown. it received threatening
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letters so it pulled the plug. but when the heralded minister heard about the cancellation he went nuclear saying free speech is cornerstone of democracy and ordered the film be shown. british lawmaker got a lesson in what not to wear wednesday after his musical tie went off while he was speaking in the house of commons. take a look. >> madam speaker, if we are to have a credible debate -- [ music ] oops, i apologize. it's my tie to support the campaign against cancer that was making my noise, speaker. it is a musical tie. that they were giving us. >> perhaps next time the gentleman will be more selective in the ties that he wears. [ laughter ] in the chamber and then we don't need -- >> chris: perhaps he will. zahawi decided to auction off the tie and donate proceeds to
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charity. >> there isn't much to smile about today if you are involved in organized crime in new york. federal agents arrested more than 100 alleged mobsters in a major sweep of the city's crime families. senior correspondent eric shawn looks at some of the unusual suspects. >> there were so many, they had to be processed in an army based gym. 127 alleged mobsters and their organized crime associates pimpled seven of the major american mafia crime families hit. among those napped, 82-year-old repuerted former bo boss. leadership of the colombo crime family. and conselieri of the late gotti outfit. u.s. attorney general eric holder flew to brooklyn to make the announcement. >> today's arrest mark an important and encouraging step forward disrupting los
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costrenostrashs operation. but there is a battle against the organized crime enterprises is far from over. >> among defendants, frank meatball belatoini, christopher berger reynolds. alleged crimes are murder to drug trafficking and racketeering going back decades. defense attorneys branded the round-up a dog and pony show. >> they are going to cut loose many of them. there will be low plea deals offer odd to great majority of them. >> new york city police commissioner ray kelly said for hollywood the mob may make good material but in real life they commit real murders. among charges, two men shot and killed in a bar over a spilled drink. in new york, i'm eric shawn. fox news. >> chris: doctor accused of operating a philadelphia abortion mill has been arraigned on eight counts of murder. grand jury report says kermit
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gosnell ran house of horrors they had not inspected since 1993. authorities say when it was finally raided last year they found bags and bottles of aborted fetuses and jars of severed feet on the shelves. 20 years ago this week, the u.s. led an international coalition against iraq in the first persian gulf war. right now in texas, several of the people involved in the war effort including president george h. w. bush are talking about that turbulent time. and correspondent kris gutierrez has the story from college station. >> we're not walking away until our mission is done. until the invader is out of kuwait. that may well be where you come in. [ applause ] >> reporter: 20 years ago, president h.w. bush responded to iraq's invasion of kuwait with swift military action, but the war to push saddam hussein's forces away at the
4:37 am
time was a tough sell. >> the issue is whether it can be done without the use of military force that required a lot more negotiations and bargaining. >> reporter: bargaining alongside president bush were secretary of defense, dick cheney, chairman of the joint chief of staff, colin powell, james baker and national security advisor scocroft, vice president dan quail and others. most are here remembering a critical period. >> it was as close to black and white as you get in this business. >> how long mo the decision-makers, hoss was in the national security in the white house. >> we didn't always agree. people voice opinion. decision was made and people implemented the decision that was made. in washington is something i learned not to take for granted. >> the u.s. forged an unprecedented coalition with international partners through a series of u.n. resolutions. >> the likes of which we had not witnessed, a state that were considered gratica like
4:38 am
syria, jumped on the american bandwagon. >> it contracts with history. since then, american foreign policy has become more controversial, whether it's the second iraq war or what we're doing now in afghanistan. this war ought to be something americans can rally around. >> in the box to my left, this is inside the arena where crocker, dean of the school of texas a&m is introducing several of the distinguished guests that we mentioned in the piece before. this holds 9,000 people. in asentence, several buses of soldiers from fort hood, largest military post in the country and dozens of gulf war veterans. back to you. >> chris: former president bush is looking great. thank you for the report. president obama mull what is to do about spending and deficit being pressured from all sides. we talk about it with the fox panel after the break. ;7
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if we report to pass this bill and goes to the senate, who knows? some of the democrat senators may have found the light and found jesus and realize they need to cut spending. >> there is no question that if we mindlessly do the cuts we'll hurt probably the aged, the young, the unemployed. >> congressman jim jordan and emmanuel cleaver joining what is sure to be a fierce debate over government spending. the panel. stephen hayes from "weekly standard." mara liasson. and charles krauthammer. welcome all. house republicans, very interesting. now planning to hold a vote next week even before president obama "state of the union" to roll back federal spending to 2008 levels. smart to get a jump on the president? >> absolutely.
4:43 am
they need to prove they were interested in cutting spending. that is what they were doing. they were sent to repeal healthcare. they have done that. taken a vote on that. this proposal is a serious proposal and worth consideration by the leadership in the house. we have haven't seen what the leadership will do. this comes from a group of conservatives in the house of representatives. the pledge is $100 billion this year. this group of conservatives is saying let's do 125 and keep cutting. >> chris: let me talk about this with you. they are calling for a plan to go beyond pledge to america. kept it going to 2008 levels. put up on the screen what they are propose sag.
4:44 am
125 million in media cut. cut non-defense discretionary spending from 2008 but to 2006 levels to say it will reduce the debt by $2.5 trillion. is that doable or wise? >> amazing deficit reduction without touching entitlen't. seems hard to imagine you could get that without touching entitlement. but however, you are not talking about specifics but that is safe ground for republicans. if the president gets in a position where he is defending spending that is bad. on the other hand, every sing # one of the cuts will have a name, program, lobbyist, a victim. the republicans will have to
4:45 am
defend individual cuts. >> we expected that the republican, the new majority would call for spending cuts and some would call for more spending cuts. what do you think of the bidding war in the g.o.p.? what pressure does it put on the president in the "state of the union" speech to come off with proposal to cut spending and deficit hawk? >> i'm not sure that the pressure comes from the proposal. it was a clear message what election was about. spending government and intrusiveness for government. obama got the message of the election. the fact that the appointment reflect repositioning in the lame duck session. it's clear he is moving to the center. he will go for cuts that are
4:46 am
ostentatious. what i think the republicans ought to do is start off with the plan that might be radical at the beginning and start with the 2008 cut back. the money is entitlement. there is only so much you ring from the budget. the entitlements can't be touch because of a party that proposes a cut. if it doesn't done in tandem, in agreement in advance, it's demagogue to death. medicare and medicaid are untouchable from the dem graph perspective because it's encased in obamacare, encased in stone. >> one more issue in the panel. we know what we are headed for the big fight in march or
4:47 am
april is raising the debt limit. some conservatives say the condition to raise debt limit should be constitutional amendment to balance budget. >> most have supermajority to raise the taxes so it wouldn't be an amendment to result in the tax increases. that is fine. great proposal. they should be doing all of these things they are talking about, go to the 2006 levels. go beyond. and i think the republicans should begin a discussion about entitlement reform. there is an interesting debate on the house republican side whether they'll do this. we'll see soon. >> chris: we have to take a break here. up next, the new civility. what happened to it this week? and should president obama continue to push for it? we want to hear from you. vote in the online poll at
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they say it's a government takeover of health. a big lie. just like goebbels. the same kind of thing. the germans said enough about the jews and the people believed it. you had the holocaust. >> job-killing, this is killing americans if we repeal this bill and take away the bill. >> democrat congressman cohen and sheila jackson lee. did they violate the president's call for more civility in our politics? we are back with the panel. mara, today, conman cone
4:52 am
walked back the talk points but said that the republicans are still lying. does it get them off the hook? >> lying in this day and age is a benign accusation. i say whenever anybody invokes the holocaust for anything other than genocide they lose the argument. i myself tune out when i hear that because it's meaningless with anything other than general site. whether the erosion of civility, it lasted a week. people are trying to be on the better behavior. they said this was a job killing destroying big but it would be nigh yooe to think there is era of niceness and civility.
4:53 am
>> chris: charles, "new york times" noted today that most of the provocative inflammatory language came from the democrats because they were on the losing side. is all of this attention to words sensible? >> it's a bogus issue that was concocted, particularly after tucson shooting. this is a continue wation of the liberal hypocrisy on this. worse in the uncivil discourse in the last decade occurred in the bush years when the president was vilified and i tacked and demonized compared to nazis. called hitler. there was the article in new republic, leading liberal magazine that began by an editor "i hate george bush. there i said it." howard dean, not insignificant
4:54 am
democrat said i hate republicans and everything they stand for. that is literally hate speech. i do not remember times when the main stream media wagging a finger, pulling a chin about the rise of uncivil discourse at the time. i don't take it seriously. an attempt to link conservatives to the shooting through the accusation of civil discourse. not surprised that uncivil discourse is prominent on the left today. >> chris: i want to get to another subject that is shocking. a union group, wal-mart free d.c., wal-mart as part of the service employee union seiu is protesting construction of a new wal-mart in washington. not a big deal. but they are holding a demonstration tonight outside the developers home.
4:55 am
they put out the leaflet advertising the protest where you can see on the right-hand side. crosshairs target. they list the address of the developer. that does seem to be over the line. >> it absolutely crosses the line but you have seen it before. protest of the big bank. people showing up at home. one case, the homeowners weren't home but the kids were home. the union thugs threatening the family. what is interesting to pick up on charles' point it's when conservatives are desen crept we have the brow-throwing over civility. you saw this in the lead up and aftermath of the 1994 election. there was an article published on election day in the "washington post," long article in the style section talking about the new
4:56 am
incivility and talk radio and the problems it was causing. you see this one conservatives are doing well. i think it's double standard. >> chris: that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see helicopter coverage of california shooting. coverage you won't soon forget.
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>> chris: finally tonight, a los angeles area police officer was shot this week and a local tv station got word, authorities had picked up a person of interest and was bringing him back for questioning. here is what happened next. >> likely they are going to take this person of interest back over to the command center. people that were witnesses to the shooting most likely be summoned and take a look at this person. needless to say they have a drive back to undergo here and back to the command post here. again, another person of interest here, although they are pulling into a fast-


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