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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 27, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EST

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>> steve: i wrote fox in pickle juice earlier in the program to see if it melts. >> brian: and? >> steve: apparently you're supposed to put the juice down first. tomorrow on our program, bill o'reilly and geraldo rivera will be here, plus we talked about the man cave and the mom cave. we'll have both on our snowy plaza. join us. >> brian: i'm wearing the same thing. terrorist fears on the u.s. border with mexico, department of homeland security telling us that book celebrating homicide bombers was found in the arizona desert. that discovery reinforcing some belief the concern about jihadist terrorists using the southern border to enter our country. we deep digger -- we dig deeper into this in a matter of moments. it's a fox exclusive. here we go again, mother nature socking ittous, man! every major city from philadelphia to boston under a snow emergency right now. 15 inches in new york.
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how would you like to drive that car? 10 inches in washington. eleven in boston. if you have to drive today, good luck, and a nightmare for airline and train travelers everywhere. meanwhile the snow is still falling up in new england. look at this picture from foxborough, reports in massachusetts of a roof collapse and at least two people trapped there. philadelphia is buried under a foot of snow, 15,000 customers waking up today without power. late last night the number was around 300,000. so that's what we start with. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. martha is working a bit later for megyn. how you doing? >> arthel: good morning, everybody. just what you thought the worst was over, forget about it, a new storm pack ago 1-2 bunch. -- 1-2 punch. bill: we've had a record month in the month of january alone. janice dean is working for two people today. good morning, j.d.!
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>> reporter: i'm just glad i didn't have the baby last night! i was like no, don't come! we have a few updates mr. hemmer. i know you mentioned new york is at 15. we are at 19! 19 inches of snow. bill i knew you could do better! >> >> reporter: this is hot off the presses. there you have it, brand new information. the last one we had, that brought us that last noreaster during the holidays was about 20 inches so we're almost there. newark, close to 19 inches for you, north haven, connecticut, 18 inches, la guardia, 17.3, and the snowfall total necessary new england will be updated throughout the day because a storm is not done yet. just a quick update, jfk airport, still closed, they say it will reopen at 10:00 a.m. and newark is supposed to open at 9:00. we'll keep you posted on that, because the delays across the airports in the northeast are going to be staggering. you are urged to make sure that your air carrier is actually off the ground. so give a call ahead.
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this is the storm history. it started off in the gulf of mexico, it brought severe weather to florida with tornadoes the last couple of days, and then it moved up as a noreaster, bringing us yet another winter punch. this is the #th major snowstorm we've seen in new york since thanksgiving. and it just keeps on coming, unfortunately. the bulk of the winter weather is gone on the back side, though, we still have snow for parts of upstate new york and pennsylvania, and then our next clipper system is going to bring more snow is on the way, and we're going to talk about that coming up next. stay tuned. bill we won't forget this one. thank you janice. here's more. arthel: you just heard janice's report. what does that mean? airline, car, train travelers, they can't seem to catch a break, the latest storm paralyzing travel up and down the east coast. there are major backups on roads and highways and meanwhile, it is an absolute nightmare at all the big airports, over 1000 flights
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canceled at jfk, new argue and la guardia, and on the rails, amtrak is suspending service on several lines into and out of new york. rick leventhal is at la guardia right now and rick, what's it looking like out there? >> reporter: well, fortunately it stopped snowing in new york. the new york city schools almost never close. today, public schools closed in new york for the first time in years because of that record breaking snowfall which has stopped, though, in the new york area, but it's still creating havoc, local bus service in new york and new jersey was canceled, a lot of subway lines stop running or are on weekend schedules. amtrak as you mentioned canceled service between new york and boston, and while we walk inside, i want to show you video from la guardia overnight and again this morning as they work to clear the heavy snowfall from the runway so that they could get flights running again. as you heard, more than 1000 flights canceled, system wide, in the new york region, but la guardia is open for business, and tom
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bosco, general manager, congratulations on getting that snow off the run ways, how did do you it? >> thank you rick. our men and women of the port authority, and indeed the la guardia airport community have been working all day yesterday, all night last night, to ensure that the airport is in a safe operating condition. and we are open for business right now. >> reporter: tom was one of the people who actually slept at the airport last night, along with about 70 others. what's the situation look like for the rest of the day? >> well, we do have numerous cancellations and delays right now. so the best advice i have for the traveling public is to call ahead to your airline, and find out about your specific flight. >> okay. >> don't come to the airport unless you have to. >> i see a lot of cancellations on the board but some flights have already arrived, some have left. the snow is starting to melt because the temperatures have come up but not a nice situation on the roads along the northeast and a lot of people out of power, too, guys. so be careful out there. arthel: rick, don't come to
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the airport unless you have to, rick, thanks. bill: all right. we are watching some of these great pictures coming into us from our fox news viewers. out of washington, the good old snowball fight at dupont circle, snow plows clearing the roads outside the white house. that's pretty. e-mail pictures and videotapes, you report at we may use some of these on the air. fox arthel: really pretty pictures, though. now to the fox news exclusive, an investigation underway on the u.s. border with mexico. that's after a border agent discovers a book glorifying homicide bombings in the middle of the arizona desert, a department of homeland security says the book was published in iran and its discovery carries disturbing implications. william la jeunesse in los angeles with the story. william. >> reporter: arthel, here's the concern. every year hundreds of illegal immigrants from countries known to promote terrorism are caught at the u.s.-mexican border which is
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exactly where this book was found, it celebrates suicide bombers. take a look at the map here, talking about a patch of desert, basically half way between yuma and tucson, an area calls sells, arizona. there's no pedestrian cameras here, anyone can easy walk across. the book is titled "in memory of our martyrs", spotted tuesday by a border patrol agent controlling a well known imlegal immigrant, published in iran, it consists of biographies of islamic suicide bombers and other islamic militants who died carrying out their attacks. according to a border patrol report we received, i'm quoting, the book includes letters from suicide attackers to their families, as well as some of their last wills and testaments, each biographical page contains a terrorist name, date of death, and how they died. agents say the book appears to have been exposed to weather in the desert for at
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least several days or weeks. it was published by the ministry of islamic guidance, an official agency within the iranian government. now, we are told there was no one in the area when the book was found, and no arrests have been made. so what does it mean? number one, most mexican-central americans walking on these trails, number one, don't read chronicles of islamic bombers, number two it suggests what is confirmed that the southwest border is known internationally as one of the easier places to enter the u.s., much easier than jfk or lax, especially if from the middle east and the border patrol calls these otms, other than mexicans. last year dhs had in custody detainees from afghanistan, egypt, iraq, pakistan, and hundreds of special interest countries like saudi arabia and yemen, and finally, we did get something from the dhs, you know, who said basically this could also mean nothing that, it was simply dropped there by someone who wants to promote this appearance of border
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insecurity. they do say however they have no credible information of any terrorist threats or groups operating on the southwest border but they would not give us a picture of the book. arthel: it definitely highlights the need to secure the border. william la jeunesse, thank you very much. bill: more breaking news, on the economy, we get the thumbs every thursday morning, the weekly jobless number. it is not good. the number of americans filing for first time unemployment benefits increasing to 454,000. that is a jump of 51,000 from the week before. the highest level since late october. stuart varney, anchor of varney & company, stuart, it continues the dame beat we have seen now. >> you're understating the case, bill. these numbers are terrible. you can partially explain them away because of the snow, four states did indeed report a jump in claims because of the weather. but you cannot explain away by seasonal factors a jump of 50,000 the number of people joining the unemployment lines each week. fifty thousand is 50,000.
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that's the way it is. so we are heading in the wrong direction in terms of these claims, and we are not seeing a new trend towards corporations hiring more people. that's where we are. bill: we always talked about a jobless recovery, and i don't know if you can make the case now or not and whether or not a jobless recovery continues. do numbers like these signal a recovery? >> it confirms that it's a jobless situation. the economy is expanding, roughly 3 percent at the moment, so that's a partial recovery. i guess it confirms that this is a jobless recovery. remember, though, from the cbo yesterday came numbers projecting unemployment in the future, it will hold above 9 percent throughout this year, won't get down to 5 percent, that's the good old days, won't get there until 2016. bill: wow. what that government agency said was that in the election year of 2012, unemployment will still be comfortably well above 8 percent. >> 8 percent, yes.
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bill: and we're at 9.4 today, stu. >> that's correct. so come the election, the incumbent president obama is looking at an 8 percent plus unemployment rate, having spent at least a trillion dollars in the early part of his presidency, and you still have got over 8 percent unemployment. that's clearly an economic problem, it is clearly also a political problem. bill: stuart, thank you. see you at 9:20, stuart varney. from fbn. arthel, what's coming up? >> arthel: coming up republicans promised 100 billion to get our spending cuts under control but rand paul says he wants to cut $500 billion. we're going to take a closer look at his plan and why it may not sit well with members of either party. bill he wants to do that this year, now. a desperate search underway for a mother in michigan, last seen on monday dropping her kids off at school. what her husband is now saying about her disappearance. arthel: and a controversial story out of rhode island, a mother is told she can't home school her child, and
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wait until you find out why.
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arthel: guys i. right now a community is growing increasingly worried about a mother of two missing. postings are up all over town, the toufpb hartford, michigan, as family and friends seek answers in the disappearance of amy hensley, the 30-year-old, last seen monday when her husband left for work. >> we woke up this morning, it's hard to hell her -- is mom home yet, it's hard to tell the kids no, time goes by and we're worried we can't find her. >> the person's i.d. was left at home. last night people gathered at a local community center for pray for her safe return. good luck. bill: the piles of snow are growing tall ner boston, the crews, literally running out of places to put all of it. a snow is in effect for boston yet again. you know that's serious.
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50 inches have fallen so far this winter and molly line has seen every inch of it. how are things now and what about the rules about where folks can put snow and not, molly? >> reporter: hey, bill, good morning! that's right, at least one bright spot, at least it's stopped for now. we have a couple of hours here. no more snow expected so, this will give us days and days to clean it up, 60 inches is reported, you mentioned the 50 inches, for a little more than a month, a lot of this stuff. you've not allowed to put it in the streets to basically residents are piling up on cars and in front yards. we're in south boss oranges an old irish neighborhood where the streets are narrow and it can be even tougher. here's one of the residents talking about the tough challenges folks are facing here in this neighborhood. >> we -- you put it in someone else's spot because they get mad. you have to pile it up. i don't understand when we had the snow that they didn't come and move it. especially on the corners.
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>> reporter: the city has been upbeat about this, actually, they said 16 -- they spent $16 million getting the snow cleaned up, 23rd of their budget, and february and march have yet to hit in new england and those can be heavy months, too, so we're not there quite yet, bill. bill: i chuckle, because i can! i know you guys have gotten it worse than we have but it's an amazing season, when you get storm after storm after storm, then janice dean comes on and says wait another 24 hours, because there's another one coming! molly, thanks to you folks up there in boston. wow! >> arthel: janice dean comes on and says you ain't seen nothing yet. listen, what we want to do now is talk more about that. we're going to talk to pete you are ju tkufplt ds, folksman for the massachusetts emergency management agency and take about a wal beyond there, what exactly are you guys doing to keep the citizens with power, keep the roads clear? what's going on there? >> well, fortunately, the timing is such that we had
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all night so, as far as getting power back to homes, as far as getting the roads cleaned up, i think overall, a real good job has been done and although the commute was delayed a bit, we think we have everybody along their way. arthel: you mentioned the commute. so that means folks are going to work. what about schools, have they been closed today? >> that's majority of schools -- the vast majority of schools have been closed, and that certainly has helped because it takes a lot of cars off the road, takes buses off the road, so it helps us in our cleanup efforts as well. arthel: but that means that -- if you don't need to go to work, don't. so people are on the roads. what about the transportation, up and running at full speed? >> public transportation is pretty much at full speed. there are some snow routes taking place, but buses, trains, trolley cars, getting people there. the airport at this point is sort of open, but at this point, they're basically dealing with a lot of delays
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and telling folks to check with their carriers. arthel: buckle up, there is more to come. bill: out of washington, it was raining yesterday afternoon, then the rain turned to sleet and the sleet turned to snow. so unless you get temperatures above 32 degrees in parts of the nation's capitol, there's a layer of ice underneath all of this and that can be the most treacherous. we're going to get back to all that in a moment. also this, a disturbing new report on the u.s. economy, a record number for the u.s. decifit to be spent this year, and it's still growing. eric bolling is on that. arthel: plus a court tells this mom right here that she cannot home school her daughter, and the reason is absolutely stunning. we'll have that story for you next.
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bill: a bit of a strange
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story, a group sending a college of college -- a group of college football players going to a hospital, likely suffering from a muscle disorder. what is that? the cases have likely been triggered by heavy workouts, hraol one doctor in the hospital says he has never seen this many cases at one time. the school says all the players are in stable condition, although the official cause has not yet been determined. they're working hard. ar bizarre. tell you what. today we're going to kick off a new series, taking liberties, it's special coverage focused on rights and liberties and a new hampshire mother has been told she cannot home school her daughter because her household is too religious. this has become a very big story in new england. douglas kennedy spoke with her for the first time on tv. doug, what's the story here? >> reporter: hey arthel. yeah, she says she was too christian for her ex-husband and a new hampshire judge. now the new hampshire supreme court will determine
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whether her rights were violated. >> so these are some of the study book. sue: yes, they are. >> like many parents who home school, brenda voyach believes in the importance of teaching the basics of reading and writing. >> you also believe in the importance of a religious education. >> i do. >> explain that. >> i believe it's a parent's fundamental right to teach their child their beliefs within their home. >> it was teaching those beliefs that led to an ex-husband's objections. she also says it led to a new hampshire judge to order her daughter, amanda, to attend public school, a clear constitutional violation, according to her attorney, john anthony simmons. >> what did the judge say that you object to? >> the judge said that amanda reflected her mother's rigidity on matters of faith and that because of that rigidity, she needed to be ordered in the government-run school. >> john anthony has already argued the case in front of the new hampshire supreme court. he says he'll take the case all the way to the u.s.
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supreme court if necessary. but not everyone sees it as a federal case. including the lawyer for brenda's ex-husband. >> it's not really about religion. it's simply about two parents who differ on child rearing philosophy. >> so you're saying this is not about religious freedom, this is about two divorced parents having a dispute. what do you say to that? >> this matter clearly is religion and if this case isn't about religion, then i don't know what case is. >> he does expect the new hampshire supreme court to release its decision in the next few weeks. that's it from here arthel, back to you. arthel: it's weird, i went to 13 years of catholic school. i don't get it. that's including one year of college, by the way. >> there are a lot of constitutional conflicts out there. we'll have that for you. arthel: look forward to it. bill: love that catholic education! straight up and flying right! >> arthel: absolutely. have fun with it.
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bill: we're watching all these developments on the massive winter storm that slammed the east coast overnight. check out that snow plow in new york city, we picked up 19 inches of snow. arthel: that's a lot of snow. bill: clearing off the sidewalks, kudos to the guys working in that building. in three minutes, janice dean has the forecast that consists of more snow. arthel: and an investigation now underway after a u.s. missionary is killed in mexico. why the gunman opened fire on her car. and republicans are calling for an end to the spending binge in washington and senator rand paul of kentucky, he has his own plan to cut $500 billion from the budget. so how does he plan to do it?
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bill: all right. the big apple is reeling from another winter storm, mayor bloomberg declaring another emergency, it is official. 19 degrees in -- 19 inches washington, and doug alvarez stkpwhraou we're at second and east 62nd on the upper east side and yet another snowstorm has hit the tri-state region and of
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december 26th blizzard that hit us, but 19 inches of snow definitely has put a wal beyond on the city and on some of the transportation systems throughout the area. this time around, snow plows have done actually a superb job, comparing it to december 26th. of course, when transportation was basically at a standstill. emergency vehicles couldn't get from a to b, taxi cabs and buses could not get anywhere because the plows just weren't doing the best they could at that point. but here's the other point. the snow totals are outrageous. 37 inches of snow here in new york city, in january alone. compare that to anchorage, alaska, 3.7 inches in the month of january. so we have a lot of snow, of course, in a short amount of in winter. so hopefully, springtime can get here as soon as possible. bill: matt, show me those cars behind you.
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18 inches on top of that windshield. >> exactly. these people, when they come outside and realize their stuff, they've got a lot of it's definitely snowy but department is doing a good job, the nypd said there city. picture. it's pretty if you don't have to work. matt, thank you for that, w wnwy on the street here in new york city. how about that, huh? >> arthel: it's gorgeous, but i don't have to shovel. bill: sure, send the back hoes. >> absolutely. arthel: this is a shot outside our new york headquarters. send your pictures to you report at fox take a look at this picture from a viewer in brooklyn, new york, there are more cars under snow, and guess
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what? there's more on the way. janice dean, tell us all about it. >> reporter: no janice dean, don't tell us all about it, right? let's take a look. i just want to show you, i know bill hemmer likes these statistics, top five snowiest months ever in central park, we're right there, number two, number one is february of 2010, 36.9 inches in central park and you know what, we're going to beat it because we have a couple of other systems that are going to come in. not going to bring 19 inches of snow but could bring 1-3 inches, maybe 1-4 inches in the next couple of days. let's take a look at the rest of the storm, the rest of it, pretty much over, it's going to exit the new england coastline. behind it we still have snow in parts of pennsylvania and this is our next clipper system, the next storm that's going to move our way. a very weak system. it's not going to dump a foot of snow but it is going to be a huge nuisance, because it's going to take
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time to get rid of all that snow. there's the snow accumulation over the next 48 hours, especially across the great lakes. then as we look at our future radar, our next shot for snow on friday, then the next bigger system, even though it's still a relatively weak system, will come on saturday, this one could give us 1-4 inches, and it just never ends. i'm hoping for an early spring, too, guys. arthel: telling you what, fingers crossed. by the way, make sure your forecast is in line with the forecasting or that baby's delivery so you don't get stuck in the snow! >> last day is tomorrow, arthel. so we're holding out. arthel: good luck to you! thank you, have a healthy baby. bill: i know. republicans promise $100 billion in cuts to our spending this year alone, but newly elected senator rand paul, out of kentucky, he says that's peanuts. he wants to cut $500 billion by slashing and even eliminating a number of federal problems. we want to debate that. senator paul says it would roll back spending to levels
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not seen since 2008. doug schoen is democratic pollster and fox news contributor in davos, switzerland, brad blakeman, former department stetant to george w. bush. before we go to the outspread, this is the extreme, this is, well, some may categorize it as extreme, some may say it's drastic, some may say it's necessary. what do you think about paul's suggestion? >> i think paul is as aggressive as the president was anemic in his state of the union. the president needed some tough love on tuesday and we didn't get it, the president did not lay out the fact to the american people, something they know, but they want their president to acknowledge, we have unprecedented debt, $14 trillion, another trillion and a half dollars added this year, we have one in ten americans that are out of work, we have the home foreclosures in record numbers, bankruptcies in states unheard of for a state to go bankrupt in america, so what we need is tough love. now, whether it's rand paul's suggestion or not, at least what paul is saying
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what the president and democrats are suggesting, is unacceptable, we need deep and drastic cuts, where they will be remains to be debated. bill: why not take it back to 2008, doug? >> for very i think simple and direct reasons. first, the economic recovery is pretty fragile. if we cut that tkra* conanly, we will jeopardize the recovery, it will cost us jobs and probably increase foreclosures, and more fundamentally, it will eviscerate government problems that people rely on such as head start, food stamp, but also key law enforcement, justice department, drug enforcement, prison officials, all will have to be cut if we do what rand paul wants. so while i absolutely agree with brad, with senator paul, that we have to get serious about cutting the budget and brad blakeman is right, we have to have a joint bipartisan conversation about the decifit and the way that the president began talking
9:37 am
about, bottom line, if we do what senator paul wants to do, we will evase rate key programs, jeopardize the economy and take a giant step backwards. bill: hold that thought, i'll come back to it in a moment. where does this come from, brad? does congress lead on this or does the president have to lead on this? >> no, the president should be taking a lead and the president could have done it easily on tuesday by laying out the fact that we must get aggressive, that everybody needs to sacrifice in the bad economy. people sacrificing at home, they expect the government to do the same. if the president wanted to be bold on tuesday, he should have directed every department under his control in the executive branch to cut their budgets 10 percent do what at least the french did, secretary gates got ahead of the president, even, and said i'm going to look at my budget, regardless of what is beingo sow going to be directed for me to do, i'm going to make a look at my budget and offer to the president cuts in advance of what i'm being told to do. that's smart.
9:38 am
every department should do that. bill: doug, do you think the president has been a leader on this? >> i don't think so. i think he could do more. bottom line, we had the bipartisan decifit reduction commission report in december, there was nary a mention of it. sure, he spoke about decifit reduction in the future, but what i would have wanted to see was a bipartisan legislative meeting with the president in the white house to get serious about decifit reduction, cutting spending, cutting entitlements, putting everything on the board, but stopping the partisanship, bill, getting together, recognizing that what brad and i have been talking about today and in the past is real, and we have to get serious. but we have to do it together, not score political points. bill: america is waiting. doug schoen in davos, he went there to get snow. we've got plenty here, doug! safe traveling. brad, we'll talk again, thanks man. >> thanks. arthel: let's get back to one of our developing stories on "america's newsroom". a u.s. missionary, fatally wounded in mexico, her
9:39 am
husband says gunmen targeted the couple in their pickup truck. police say the husband drove the couple's truck against traffic over the pharr international bridge to get her treatment on u.s. soil but unfortunately it was too late. eric shawn has the details from our new york city newsroom. give us the story. >> reporter: she was doing god's work and was killed. she is the latest apair -- apparent victim of drug violence gripping mexico. police say that nancy davis, 58 years old, missionary from the gospel proclaimed missionary group was shot in the head during a high speed chase while her husband tried to outrun mexican cartel gunmen, the couple driving in their pickup truck, 08 miles south of hermosa, when another pickup truck pulled up beside them and fired, hitting his wife in a head. davis drove at speeds up up -- of up to 100 miles an
9:40 am
hour to get to the border crossing at pharr national bridge, as soon as he could. he actually drove against traffic, that's when paramedics took her to the hospital where mrs. davis died of wounds. >> as they were traveling from mexico towards the united states -- >> the davises have been missionary necessary mexico a long time, almost 40 years, and the killing does echo the murder of american jet skier david hartley, remember that? last october authorities suspect that cartel gun gunmen chased hartley and his wife tiffany on falcon lake and allegedly shot him in the head. the hartleys have previously -- had previously lived in the same mexican town where mrs. davis shot, that's one of the borders riddled with violence and today tiffany hartley is react to go this atrocity, says she does not know the davis family but, quote, my heart breaks for
9:41 am
them. bill: 20 minutes before the hour, $1.5 trillion, that's washington's spending this year. it will drive this year's decifit to a record number. we have not been in this territory before. the united states is borrowing. eric bolling on that. arthel: nancy pelosi's duties as congressional leader take her around the country and around the world, but she apparently doesn't fly under the radar. what one watchdog group has uncovered about her travels on u.s. air force aircraft. really?
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arthel: a fox news alert now. let's go to lynn, massachusetts, will 14 miles north of boston. we're looking at live pictures here of the garage of a roof collapsed. this happened a few hours
9:45 am
ago there in that area. here's the story. you had two men who were trapped inside the car that was inside this garage. these men had been rescued, we understand, and taken to the hospital. this garage, by the way, houses vehicles that transport seniors to various appointments, doctors' appointments, grocery store, what have you, and it also delivers meals, so again, this roof of the garage collapsed this morning, the two men, we're told, have been taken to the hospital. we'll update you as it is warranted. bill: what a picture that is, too, huh? good luck to them. they are the new numbers, and they'll make your eyeing bug out, frankly, $1.5 trillion. that's this year's decifit. a senate hearing about to begin in a moment to talk about that, and the 23459 -- national decifit, at $1.5 trillion this year, those are the numbers from the government, the cbo, the congressional budget office. eric bolling from the fox business network, eric, good morning to you. alarming. >> it is alarming. bill: it shows us we're
9:46 am
going in the wrong direction, spending more, growing more. >> that number is actually upgraded from a lower number, we thought 20 # one was going to be lower than 2010, turns out $1.48 trillion is going to be added to the already 14, almost $14.1 trillion in debt that we have. and the other thing is the following year, 2012, barring any major changes in the 2012 budget, which we'll hear about next month, looks like it's going to come in at $1.1 trillion. again, that's with very optimistic 3.1% gdp growth rate for the year, so the numbers are big, they're growing. bill you say we're going to grow 3 percent a year? usually that would be okay. >> that's the cbo projection. they say if we get a 3.1% growth rate. >> bill: oh, if. >> then, we will only add $1.1 trillion in 2012 to the budget. they've already said $1.5 trillion to the budget this year, given about a 2 1/2, 3 percent growth
9:47 am
rate. bill: here's what i find. the government bothers 40 cents. >> yes. bill: for every dollar it spends? >> yes. bill: can you remember that in your -- >> we're lucky. we're lucky because right now the interest rates on owl our debt comes in at 2 1/2 to 2.8%, to be precise. that's what we're paying. 2.8% on our debt. eight years ago, nine years ago -- years ago, it was 6 percent. if it was 6 percent, bill, we'd go from about a $350 billion interest payment annually to a $600 billion interest payment annually. boy, i got to tell you, the numbers are going the wrong direction. there's one piece of positive news here. in the state of the union address we heard president obama say let's at least look at corporate tax rates. right now in the developed countries, the developed countries, let me be specific, we're third behind germany and japan, we have the highest corporate tax rates, we need to drop that, that will entice businesses to come here and i think that's the way you deal with
9:48 am
this. bill: you know what democrats will say, though, they will say the extension of the bush tax cuts and republicans that argue the extension of the employment benefits have added, what, $400 billion to that $1.5 trillion figure? >> yes. but they're also saying that we're looking at maybe a 2 1/2 to 3 percent growth rate. when you do the things that bring businesses here instead of driving them overseas to lower corporate, lower regulation, easier regulation environments, you're going to push money there. those are tax revenues. drop the corporate tax rate and i will guarantee you, 2012 will come in below $1.1 trillion, like the cbo is estimating, and going forward, you might even begin to show a budget surplus, and then maybe within a decade. bill can't wait ten years. >> yes we can. start now, though. start now. bill: eric bolling from the fox business network, thank you. arthel. arthel: incredible pictures now of a roof collapse in
9:49 am
massachusetts. there were people trapped inside. we're looking live here. now, we have more on that developing story that's coming up. bill: also taco bell, facing heat over its beef. what's in the beef? we'll talk to the attorney bringing up a lawsuit, says he doesn't want money, he just wants the truth. we'll find out in a few moments.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
bill: this is what you get when you get heavy snow, well over 12 inches, if not more than that. this is lynn, massachusetts, just north of boston. there were two men in an automobile when a roof collapsed on top of them. they were trapped for some time, they used power tools and cut off the roof of the car. you see these workers responding, # or four of them surrounding the over, two passengers in the car, extricated through the roof, said to be 40-50 years old. we're trying to get a
9:53 am
condition on how the two men are doing. but this was an area of the country that just up and down the east coast, whether it's boston or new york or philadelphia or washington, d.c., another storm has rolled through here and that storm is leaving its mark, and we're working on this throughout the day. wanted to share that picture with you. we're hoping the best for the two men, we're checking on their condition. more on that in a moment here. arthel: indeed. there's a battle underway over what tackle bell is putting in its tacos. yeah, a lawsuit claims the chain's seasoned beef does not meet government rules on what a restaurant is allowed to call beef. taco bell says that claim is absolutely false. gene miles is the attorney representing the consumers against taco bell and joins me now on the phone and mr. miles, i understand you're in alabama, correct? >> yes, ma'am, good morning. arthel: good morning to you. people who go to taco bell go for the cheap, tasty food, they don't go for the beef but that's incon
9:54 am
sequentialual. what do you want in the end and will it make it to court? >> it's already in court. all we really want is for consumers to have the right to make an informed decision about the products they're purchasing and as the law alleges, they're calling these products beef products, and the usda clearly says that beef is 70 percent-30 percent meat to fat, and that the product has to be that in order for you to call it beef. they call it seasoned ground beef. however, in most -- and most importantly, the product that they use internally that the usda stamps for them to use in their product is called taco meat filling. arthel: that's right, and i understand that that's applied in all the in-house labeling for any shipments of that filling, that meat, sent to the various franchises. >> that's correct. arthel: but your problem is, and listen, taco bell says they will fine with their quality of meat, and the ingredients are listed there on the website, so what are you talking about? >> well, their ingredients are listed as seasoned
9:55 am
ground beef and it's not 70- 30 percent beef. here's the miggest -- biggest problem, the usda stamps that box that taco meat filling that goes to taco bell so it's saying that's taco meat filling. it is not saying that that is beef. but they continue to call it beef on their menu and in their advertisement and that's false. arthel: so listen, you know that taco bell has 5600 locations across the country, 1.9 billion in sales, in 2009. these guys have deep pockets, you're in court, as you said, it's happening now, so do you think you can kind of outrun these guys, so to speak? >> well, the idea is simply they're supposed to be changing what they're doing. you know, it doesn't matter how much money they have, if they're wrong, they're wrong. and in a court of law, if they don't change this taco meat filling, from ground -- seasoned ground beef to taco meat filling voluntarily, then simply the lawsuit asks the court to do that. if they do it voluntarily, we're gone. but they haven't done that. >> mr. miles, there are folks who would be watching
9:56 am
now thinking come on, really? it's another frivolous lawsuit and all this guy is looking for is money. what do you say to that? >> i would say that would be absolutely wrong. there is no monetary damages requested in the lawsuit. all the lawsuit simply asks for is the change that we described. i don't want to mislead anyone, if taco bell were to drag this out and try to fight it and say you're wrong and we're right, you know, there will be attorneys' fees and costs, we can apply to the court for that, but here early on, there's really been no cost and very little expense at all. so that's the only means of money in the case. arthel: and i understand this lawsuit could cost taco bell $5 million. all right, mr. miles, we'll be following this, and thank you very much for your time this morning. >> thank you for asking me. bill: a battle with chalupa, huh? >> arthel: taco supreme works for me! >> bill a use of hot sauce with the weather we're seeing now! this massive snowstorm, we just got pictures out of washington, d.c., this is the highway in maryland, where there are dozens of abandoned cars and tractor
9:57 am
trailers. just lost the picture. we'll try and get that back. wttv is working that. the maryland highway patrol telling us they're working to get motorists who have been stuck there for hours and the plows that went in to get them, they're stuck, took, and this image out of lynn, massachusetts, that's maryland, go to lynn for a moment, the men who got out of this car are said to bex topa lucky to be alive. top of the hour.did you we're back in a minute. to earn your school's share of more than $50 million!
9:58 am
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10:00 am
bill: fox news weather alert, good morning, everybody, yet another snow emergency in the northeast, we a blanket in white, a mess from d.c. up to boston, a massive storm dumping record breaking snowfall across the area, and many airports are just shut down. schools are closed, and hundreds of thousands waking up without power. we're getting new information this hour on flight cancellations and the snowfall totals which are climbing by the hour. we're also learning areas that are hit the hardest, and all four locations you see on your
10:01 am
screen, a brand new hour, welcome here, i'm bill hemmer and good morning to arthel! what brings you here today. arthel: i'm here, martha is in for megyn kelly a little later. and we're doing a flip-flopping. happy to be here. good to see you. and we're talking about the winter blast spreading misery across the northeast and much of the region is under at least a foot of snow. at least. bill: after all the storms we have had, here comes another one and look at the picture, this is lind, massachusetts, a garage roof collapsed into fox news and two men trapped inside the car, when the roof came down and have been rescued and the men who rescued them say they are lucky to be alive. now, taisha fernandez works with our fox affiliate, wfxt, live in foxboro, to the west and south of lynn, how is it there and the sun is peeking out but you are surrounded in white.
10:02 am
good morning. >> reporter: yeah, bill. good morning, i'll use a relative term, we're doing good compared to earlier. we had heavy snow between midnight an 4:00 a.m. and had two inches per hour falling and if you look, all of the snow is piling on top of all the snow we have already gotten this season and we've had, this is the fourth storm in four weeks. we have had more snow, this winter season, which we're only halfway through than we get through entire winter seasons and we've had 5.5 feet of snow, so far and we're getting really hammered this winters and i think we're getting a grip on how to deal with it. we have no power outages though we have school closings an flights are grounded and state workers who have to go to work but as far as people dealing with the power outages and really bad driving conditions we're doing much better, this morning. if you look at the road, nothing close to what we had earlier you can see the pavement now. we weren't able to see that all day and it is good news for people here because the driving conditions earlier, visibility
10:03 am
was really, really low. bill: do you have any more information on men trapped after the roof collapsed? >> reporter: yes. i know that it was a building where they make dairy products and the roof gave away because there is so much snow, like i told you, five feet so far, five-and-a-half feet. so the roof can only take so much and at the end of it looks like the out skirt of the roof gave way and i'm hearing the guys who were trapped are doing okay. they were communicating by cell phone saying they were okay. and could not get out. but they were rescued and i believe were the only people around and were the only people involved so no injuries to report, which is very, very good news. bill: and the guys who pulled them out said they were lucky to be alive and had to be cut out with power tools. stay warm. wfxt, appreciate the report. >> reporter: i'm tryin'! arthel: you know, she's talking about the power outages, and,
10:04 am
pennsylvania, did not escape, in fact many to report there, power outages, that is and also nearly a foot-and-a-half of snow burying philadelphia, and reports of a bus filled with people stuck all night long and travel problems all morning. joining me now on the phone is the mayor of philadelphia, michael nutter. good morning, mayor. >> good morning, how are you. arthel: i'm well. tell me about the people who were stuck, have they been rescued yet. >> yes, there are -- they are fine. and everyone is in good spirits and being taken care of. we had a couple situations, not with people stuck on vehicles, but, certainly a number of vehicles stuck because of the intensity of the storm and around 11:00 it was coming down, 2-3 inches, per hour, and, that was the height of the storm and the city is backs up and running and city government is open, and, our major roadways are clear, and, folks are moving around, asking people to take
10:05 am
care of their sidewalks, don't throw snow back on the streets, but, we're back in good shape. arthel: that is impressive to here bus it came almost out of nowhere, earlier than expected and you got something called thunder-snow. lightning... >> we've had rain, sleet, snow and then the thunder. we didn't have any pestilence, but it has been rough over the past couple of weeks! but we have an excellent snow-fighting force and i have to give a lot of credit to the men and women of our street departments and other agencies who have been fighting the storm and preparing for it since tuesday and they came in yesterday afternoon and started working on it and stayed overnight and into today, so, all of the estimates from every news service was 6 to 8 inches for philadelphia and we ended up with 15-plus and they've done an incredible job and i have been out and about and folks can follow us on twitter.
10:06 am
i'm @michael nutter and it is through traditional and social media and updates and we've had a press conference this morning and will have another one later on today and we keep people up to date and informed and they have been cooperative through the process and looking -- arthel: and -- mayor, mayor, pardon me, i want to jump in there, i know you are doing a good job there. i want to check in, did you tell me that all the power has been restored to the homes that were without power. >> pretty much in philadelphia and some suburban areas, as you can imagine with that kind of snowfall and has been consistent, we have a lot of trees in philadelphia and -- and our suburbs, falling on power lines but in the city, we have been very, very fortunate, with very few power outages, and they are doing a tremendous job, also. arthel: mayor michael nutter, thanks for your time and stay strong there in philly. more to come.
10:07 am
bill: sounds like they attacked them, right... get it done. and, the storm is stranding passengers from coast-to-coast. flights backed up and cancellations are piling up fast. for any passengers from new york down to orlando, because the system gets so backed up. two major new york area airports are closed, newark, liberty and new jersey. kennedy airport, here in new york, la guardia is open. stomach dela some delays, a lot of cancellation but it is open, for all the airport cancellation, head to and it says "travel tracker" and you can get the information from the web site and find out whether or not the coast is clear and whether or not you have snow and ice in front of you, check it out while we're on the line, right here. arthel: a "fox news alert." looking live or will be, shortly, at the senate budget committee. there it is, holding a hearing into a jaw-dropping new report leaving white house deficit predictions in the dust. the nonpartisan congressional budget office, cbo says the
10:08 am
budget deficit will balloon to nearly $1.5 trillion this fiscal year. carl cameron, live in washington. all right, how is this report affecting spending in washington? carl? >> reporter: the reverberations from this are tremendous. what you see there is a live picture of the senate budget committee, their first meeting of this new senate. and, kent conrad, the chairman from north dakota, democrat, already announced his retirement, he will not run in 2012 and he said specifically it would free him up to fight aggressively for fiscal discipline and he's absolutely lamenting the cbo report and yesterday's revelations that the government is currently facing a $1.5 trillion deficit in the fiscal year well permeate all the debate now, not only about spending for the end of this year, upcoming so-called continuing resolution which needs to be voted on before march 4th, and, a hugely
10:09 am
important vote on raising the debt ceiling, and president obama has asked the congress to raise the national debt $14.3 trillion, higher in anticipation of not being able to stay beneath that ceiling, the next couple of months and republicans are very much opposed to that. and are trying to figure out how to avoid raising the debt ceiling, without defaulting on the nation's debts. having said that, this report adds a whole new level of urgency to the debate as well as a need for the decision and the debate has gone on for decades and kent conrad and others have been complaining about it and last year's campaign in large measure was about spending and the cbo report becomes profoundly important and really intensified the battle on both sides. arthel: indeed. carl cameron, thank you very much. bill: brand new job numbers out 8:30 today. they are not good, frankly.
10:10 am
the number of americans filing for first time unemployment benefits, riding sharply last week. jumping to 454,000. that is up 51,000 from just the week before, the highest level we have seen now, since october. unemployment rate still around 9.4%, and it has to be 350,000 or below that, to show whether or not we are getting any team now when it comes to hiring and bringing those numbers down, 454,000, not cool for a jobless recovery. arthel: no, don't like to hear that and jumping on the bad jobs report a press survey of economists predicting unemployment will stay near 9% through the end of the year but there's a reason for optimism. the survey reports growing confidence in a building recovery among the predictions, employers will create 2.2 million jobs this year, more than half a million more jobs than previously predicted. the overall economy is forecast to grow 3.2%. also up from previous estimates, and lastly, consumers are
10:11 am
expected to spend 3.2% more than this year -- this year hand last. bill: it seems lawmakers have something to say about spending, the nation's debt and how to get out of the hole and neil cavuto has something to say to them and they won't like that. on deck in a moment. arthel: caught on tape, what drug gangs will do to get narcotics across the border into the u.s. bill: an update on these two sisters, released from prison early, so one can give the other a kidney. why the operation may not happen. ♪
10:12 am
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when you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on.
10:14 am
arthel: to d.c. now, a live look at dulles international airport. the snow cleanup has actually been working, effective in fact the airport is open, for business, once again and you know the rule, call before you head to the airport to make sure the domino effect has not affected your flight. all righty.
10:15 am
>> i have lost my patience with politicians who are either slow to acted or just slow, just bad, very bad. so, forgive my behaving badly and pardon my french, but there is no way for me to say this any other way. guys, get off your asses here, we are dying here and why i say to those who say, give them time, that we are out of time and out of money. bill: and it went from there. kneel l neil let 'em have it, the managing editor for the fox business channel and the fox news channel and i watched that yesterday and said, wow, you have had it. >> you know, bill, a lot of times, i tell people, whether you believe it or not and we have gotten into this as well, we're not red or blue here. in my case, being fox's resident nerd in chief, i'm green, i'm looking at the green.
10:16 am
and, whether it was back in the prior administration, the middle of the financial melt down, bailing out the banks and institutions, i thought was a slippery slope, we're now with the pile-on, the spending since or with republicans coming on, being guarded about the cuts, i don't think they realize a staggering statistic that i keep pounding not only on fox news but fox business, which if you don't get you should demand but i digress. bill: the number... >> $4 billion a day, how much we are paying, essentially in finance charges on the national level and the interest charges carrying our debt and it exponentially keeps the debt increasing, so, we just paying those finance charges are racking up a trillion dollars a year, doing this. bill: $4 billion a day, 28 billion a week gets you to $1.4 trillion this year, this number
10:17 am
we have reported. >> that's right. bill: you a an equal opportunity defender and you say the republicans, wait until they get in and the number you used, $80 billion that the hole, since they were elected. >> a lot of people bill will say that is unwarranted. bill: it might be. i want to conclude with this, this is the points you make. if we don't do something soon we don't have a country. >> because we can't afford the country. we're quickly moving towards mozambique here and a lot of people say, you are overstating the case, why now? are you picking to say this? first of all, their memories are fairly short. because this is something that has been -- as long as i have been here, at cnbc and... that is near here nor there. what i tried to point out is i liken it to, if your house is on fire and the firemen come and say, well, man, that is quite a fire, i guess we could go around the side and start watering the back, no, no, wait, around the front and while they are
10:18 am
dithering back and forth, how to deal with the fire your house is being destroyed. our national economic house is being destroyed. and we soendon't have a lot of to dither and we have to cut aggressive and now, where it gets too overwhelming, i want to make this point you have to have cuts equalling billion you are paying a day to tread water and that is why we are be hold into the world and when you oh, we i the scheme of the world you are a loser. bill: your commentary was directed toward congress and this is written today in "the associated press" now. okay? it says successful efforts to curb the deficit always require active engaged presidential leadership but obama's unwillingness to take chances has deficit hawks discouraged. what about that leadership,
10:19 am
neil. >> he's doing a lot of -- i don't fault the president here as -- i point out, i blame republicans as well. he is this leader and he has talked about freezing spending. republicans have talked about, you know, the margin going after discretionary spending now, at least rand paul talks about something bigger going after defense. going after medicare and social security, down the road. my point is, we don't have a lot of road ahead of us. and, freezing something won't get away from the fact that we are knee deep. my point in time is, even if we were not to spend another penny, bill, not another penny we are spending $4 billion a day. deeper in the spending hole and we have to reverse that because it is choking the country off, and our options off. we are broke. and our options are few. we either cut or we are destroyed. i don't want to sound, you know, like a -- melodramatic but that is the reality.
10:20 am
my job is to look at the numbers and, they don't look good. i'm not trying to depress people, i'm trying to say this is something actionable we can move on and if we don't, we are... bill: rand paul talks about $500 billion now and you talked to him yesterday. >> $500 billion on a $1.5 trillion deficit, i commend him, that is great, he is the most -- and all these guys have ideas and everyone says at least they are putting numbers on the table and i commend the president, at least he's talking about it, we have to do bigger numbers and do more than talk. bill: see you at 4:00. arthel: new details about gabrielle giffords's recovery and why doctors hope she'll soon be able to speak. plus a report about what the tucson suspect was doing in the days before that shooting. bill: the search is underway in michigan, a mother of two vanishing just this week, in a moment what police are saying about what they are doing to find amy hensley.
10:21 am
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bill: now we're hearing the doctors from gabrielle giffords say her progress is moving at lightning speed. she's now on a houston, texas rehab facility and, doctors hope to insert a valve in here breathing tube that will eventually help her speak and meanwhile there's a report the man accused in the shooting, a report -- reportedly did research on lethal injects and solitary confinement and political assassinations, on the internet the days before the crime took place. process may use the information on whether or not to seek the death penalty against jared loughner who pleaded not guilty in shooting her, left 6 dead and 13 injured in tucson, arizona.
10:25 am
arthel: in michigan, now, police are looking for a young mother of two boys, who vanished from her home on monday, 30-year-old amy hensley, was reported missing by her husband, james hensly, who told police he returned home from work to find his wife gone and her purse and wallet were inside the house. lieutenant bill hucks with the van buren county sheriffs office and joins me on the phone. lieutenant, good morning, first of all. >> good morning. arthel: i understand you activated the major crimes task force and what does that say in terms of the investigation at this moment? >> well i don't put anything into the name of that. because the reasoning that we did activate the task force was for personnel due to the amount of information we have coming in, and, also, the contact with the media right now. arthel: and i understand information that is coming in mainly is coming in through tips? is that correct? >> that's correct.
10:26 am
arthel: do you have any suspects, any person or persons of interest at this point? >> we do not, actually we have a voluntary missing person. what we have and that is the way the investigation is being conducted at the present time. arthel: i understand. i understand we read that the husband is saying that amy's purse, wallet, i.d. in the house. what does that tell investigators? >> you know, it could be various different things. it could be because she walked out the door and pulled the door shut, which it locked and could have meant that she forgot it somehow or another. could have meant she intentionally left it there, for some reason we're not aware of. there are various different things that that could mean, we're really not sure on now. arthel: and the husband said she did not have actions cess to a . what does that mean. >> means to us if she left, she left with someone. arthel: lieutenant, there are
10:27 am
two young boys here, the mother of two young boys and where are they? >> they are still with the father. and, they still are regularly attending school, in the local school there. arthel: lieutenant william lux, thanks for your time and we hope that your search ends up successful, thank you very much. >> thank you. bill: we are watching these massive snowfalls and new videotape out of the state of maryland now, where the cars to the right of your screen, they say the motorists have been stranded for hours and the plows to get them out, the plows got stuck and new york's mayor says the snowiest january on record, 36 inches, which breaks a record going back to 1925. and the snowfall we picked up overnight was twice as much as forecasted, in the overnight forecasts and the weather emergency remains in place for new york city and parts of
10:28 am
maryland and washington, d.c. and you talk to the mayor of philadelphia earlier clear on up to boston. arthel: i watched the snow from my window, new york, and, it was incredible. and a desperate drug smugglers going on medieval on the border. a new weapon in their arsenal. nf]fídn/xçyyxññw8woññó
10:29 am
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10:32 am
increase in the past 6 months and economistings caution a big reason for the spike, people are buying foreclosed homes and you know the home sale record in 2010 was as bad as we had seen it in 37 years. >> a new report showing the housing crisis is spreading, realtytrac finding foreclosures increased in 3/4 of american cities, among the largest cities, houston, seattle an atlanta and the biggest spike from 2009 and expects foreclosure activity, this year, to out pace last year levels ja the kind of news we want, right? fox news weather alert, the storm slamming the northeast, and, hitting the nation's capitol hard, check out the video in a moment, from the white house. a pretty shot. drivers were stranded in their cars, overnight the state of maryland. peter doocy is nearby in arlington, virginia. how goes it? >> reporter: well, bill, right
10:33 am
now it is kind of slow going this morning, we just talked to the virginia state police and they said so far from the storm, they've responded to a thousand car accidents and 835 disabled vehicles, like this one, the volkswagen with the d.c. plates, obviously on their way back into d.c. and we hope she made it in okay because the car didn't, it is right here with us in the middle of the road on -- this is the george washington parkway and we heard also from state park police here, that on this -- about a 15, 16 mile stretch of road going both ways and now they've got 96 abandoned cars, and, only three tow trucks and their main priority has been getting the cars abandoned literally in the middle of the road, clear, because they couldn't actually plow and because they are worried cars will actually go -- plow into the back of them, so they are leaving them for a little bit later, and, it wasn't just people in small sedans, though, that were affected and we heard the president, took him an hour
10:34 am
and 20 minutes yesterday to get from andrews air force base to the white house and normally only takes 20 minutes and the people here, who did not abandon their cars on the side of the road, here on the george washington parkway in virginia, we heard some of them were stranded overnight, for 13 hours, in the car, with cell phone batteries and no bathrooms and very, very anxious scene and we hope that most of those people made it back okay, bill. bill: and they sent the plows out, to help them out and the plows got stuck and it is a tough storm and peter, thank you, stay warm and we'll be in touch throughout the day. peter doocy live in arlington, virginia. arthel: peter says 96 cars stranded, three tow trucks? imagine that. i know how much you like stats on how much snow has fallen, guess what, janice dean, she has new numbers for us, right? >> bill, you mentioned earlier, right? bill: what's that. >> the record snowiest january on record for central park, 36
10:35 am
inches. unbelievable. la guardia, 2, 32 inches, over 32 inches, newark, at your snowiest january on record, 37, over 37 inches, and, 51 more days left of winter... guys... keeps on coming! let's look at the legacy of the storm and it started in the gulf of mexico, days ago. and brought severe weather across florida and then it creeped up the coast, classic nor'easter, formation, and, bringing in some cases, we can you three inches of snow an hour, and we actually saw thunder snow and that is how impressive the storm was and philadelphia up towards new york, where we actually heard the thunder and lightning. and very impressive storm system, and i want to go over the current temperatures, not bad, not dealing with the really, really frigid arctic air, but, it certainly is cold, 32° in new york and 27 in cleveland and 24° minneapolis and want to point out it is 50°
10:36 am
in phoenix and 52 in los angeles and, will go up to the 70s today. so, they are having a good day. bill: we can dream! arthel: california dreaming, is what it is called. thank you very much. bill: all right, there is new videotape raising concerns about security along our nation's southwest border and this is a shot from a camera on that border. where you see a group of smugglers, loading up and pulling back they catapult. flinging 45 pounds of marijuana, over the border from from mexico into the southern u.s. the former acting commissioner of u.s. customs and border protection, principal of the chertoff group, has another photo of that in a moment. what do you know about this, jason. >> from my assessment there is positive here we should discuss. look, first, at how desperate the smuggling organizations are, because of the infrastructure that is put on the fence, this is out in arizona. about a 390 mile border along arizona and i think a little
10:37 am
over 300 miles actually now have fence which causes them to try and catapult it and the other good news is president obama deployed 1200 national guard, beginning in september of this year and my understanding is, looking at how the videos were captured, with the national guard assets, it shows the level of cooperation because these individuals were apprehended by the governor of new mexico, with close cooperation with the border enforcement. in my 33 years of law enforcement, a lot of time spent on the southern border there are desperate attempts they try to adapt, whether it is catapult g catapulting. bill: there was apparently a guide, or some sort of letters from homicide bombers, fox news is reporting exclusively" and it was written in english, out
10:38 am
zir desert a couple days if not weeks. >> first of you, speculation is somewhat reckless but, here's what i would go ahead and say from experience, this sitting in the desert does not connote there is a terrorist concern or any type of national security concern. there are odd things found in the desert and i understand the book is probably 20, 25 years old when it was published and certainly, does not mean that it was actually brought into the u.s. and there's a lot of radical material found inside the borders of the country and could have been placed out there by someone looking at it but it looked like it was there a considerable period of time and i recall a lot of incidents like this in the past that didn't materialize into anything of significant concern. bill: called "in memory of our martyrs" but you don't seem concerned about this? >> no, we shouldn't dismiss it is and i know the authorities will look at it to guess and see if there is anything concerning
10:39 am
and the investigation is ongoing but i don't think we should draw the conclusion there is a security vulnerability. bill: and let's draw the right conclusion on the story, a missionary was shot dead in mexico? on american -- an american woman, taken back to a hospital in texas? what happened? >> well, this continues just to show this just south of our border, in mexico, the violence is at the highest levels it has been and the most dangerous place on the glob e by my assessment and this type of violence is terrible and our heartfelt sorrow goes to the families of these individuals but the point is it is happening in mexico and the governor of mexico and president calderon take the fight to the cartels and these things unfortunately are going to continue for a while. bill: jason, thanks for your sup expertise, from the chertoff group. thank you. arthel: calm it tl it the tale
10:40 am
sisters, free from prison on one condition and one cyst err may not be holding her end of the bargain, does that mean a trip back to the slammer. bill: and the mystery of the phantom piano. how did it get there? now we know, arthel, all 88 keys. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
10:41 am
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>> good morning, i'm jon scott, big news, a -- beginning with the snow, yes, it hit the northeast, but it is making travel across the nation a mess. some of the biggest cities in america, virtually shut down right now. and there is frightening news out today on social security. it will run at a deficit, this year. much earlier than expected. what that means to your retirement. also, today some high level meetings in d.c. on our progress in afghanistan. on the health care overhaul, and, the busted budget. all that and tea party powerhouse dick armey, in the hot seat, ahead. on happening now. arthel: we'll be watching, an update on two sisters who got a
10:44 am
lot of attention when they were released from prison in mississippi, early, because of health issues, all right, follow the bouncing ball. jamie and glad is scogladys sco serving time in prison and, they can get out of prison, if one donates the kidney to the other one and now, the transplant, their mother says, cannot happen until jamie loses 120 pounds, and if she doesn't do they go back to prison? joining us is arthur aidala and joey jackson, and, oh, boy, i don't think you are... i think you are -- ready, here. bring it. how is it going to play out, arthur. >> look, the government did really what is unprecedented in america. i mean, there are not many life sentences that are commuted, the
10:45 am
governor says, at any state you did 16 out of life and you can go home and he did it for extraordinary reasons here, jamie, the woman heavier than her sister, has -- had her kidneys failed and, she needed to go and get out of prison to get the health care she need and needed a transplant and he says, the governor says i'll let you out but you have to get healthy, you have to have your transplant, and, that is the condition and not what he says, i'll let you out and you have to dig cesspools for the university over mississippi. i'm you to get healthy. arthel: she weighs 254 pounds. >> she's a pretty big one and there's issues as to why they were in jail and they were really accomplices and $11 was stolen and there were issues whether or not the jury got it right and the governor did the absolute right thing and the problem here, arthel, it will take time and the governor conditioned the release within one year and jamie would need the transplant and of course her sister, gladys would have to
10:46 am
give it to her and, she loves her and she'll give her the kidney. that is not the problem but there is is a significant weigh issue. what happens, not to talk medicine but you run the risk of having it rejected if you are too heavy. get the lap band and it will be okay. >> what happens if she rejects the lap band and says i'm not losing the weight. arthel: can she go back to prison. >> i don't think the govern has the power to rescind it. but, what is the right thing? let's not get caught up in being lawyers, lawyers -- the law is there to help people do the right thing and the right thing is, if someone did something bad and were found guilty and sentenced to life and the governor finds mercy and passion in his heart to do the right thing, the rule is, all i need you to do is get healthy to letter sister live. i want your sister to live. and if they reject this, reject losing the weight, well, the
10:47 am
sister... arthel: what will happen if they reject it. >> they should go back to prison if it is in his power. >> they will not go back to prison. >> should they. >> no. >> why not? >> they should not -- >> like you always teach me. it is offer, acceptance, consider consideration... >> you can't do that. talk frankly the governor only conditioned it because he needed an excuse and the fact is the governor was going to release them anyway but, everyone wants to look conservative. i support crime, i'm tough on crime and it was the right thing for the governor to do and he put the condition there to save face and the fact is, that she'll get better, and hopefully it will be successful and everyone will live happily ever after but on the point of your question, if rejected, the kidney and it doesn't happen they stay out of prison, by all means. arthel: you say the governor did the right thing, because clearly people could see that these ladies are large, and james weighing in at 253 and gladys,
10:48 am
184 pounds, and, it wasn't... wasn't a surprise. these ladies are heavy ladies. >> the other one has to lose, 50, 60 pounds. and... arthel: gladys. >> and one has to lose it and -- and joey you are looking svelte, but if you could get out of jail tor life, bro, no governors are giving anyone keys to the jailhouse... >> they'll lose the weight, all right the transplant will be successful and they'll live happily ever after and never go back to jail again and be law abiding citizens the rest of their lives. arthel: aha! that's a wrap, thank you, guys. bill? bill: love you guys. all right. not cooling you guys down at all. you think your job is stuff? battling flames 50 stories high, a tough job and adam housely
10:49 am
with the fire crews on high rise duty in las vegas and why jimmie buffett was rushed to the hospital and how he's doing this morning. moments away. >> second encore and jimmy buffet was saying good-bye and walked off the stage and that was it and the promoter asked everyone to leave and say a prayer.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
arthel: we have an update now on singer jimmy buffet, who is out of the hospital after getting knocked unconscious. look at the fall here. during a performance in sydney, australia. this is video courtesy of tmz and he fell off the stage at the concert with -- as it was ending and fans were stunned and said the 64-year-old singer fell really hard. >> he really took a very nasty tumble. i heard the crack and saw this
10:53 am
guy has -- thought the guy had broken his neck. arthel: after a day in the hospital he's getting a clean bill of health and we wish him a full recovery. bill: indeed we do. parrot heads! good for him. think your job is tough? try fighting a fire 60 stories above the ground. adam housely rode shotgun in a recent call in las vegas and he's live now. how did it go? >> reporter: you know, 40 million people went to las vegas last year and 90% of those stay in high-rises and all the more important that they have these drills, high rise drills and we had a chance to go along and an exclusive look as firefighters prepare for something that likely will happen again. >> the fire... >> reporter: a three alarm fire breaks out, high above the las vegas strip. and engine companies from across southern nevada respond. >> assume blue command... >> reporter: like everything in the town it is no ordinary fire. because it is 400 feet above the
10:54 am
strip en a massive 68 story resort hotel. in this case, also just a drill. >> because of the rarity of fires in these types of structures it is so important as a communities that we come together and train and train and train. >> reporter: preparations has hundreds of firefighters turning the half completed fountainebleau hotel into a stage for a nightmare scenario. >> visibility and until we get ventilation into the hallway we have no visibility and we are searching for the fire. >> reporter: we took part in the drill along with truck 17, clark county fire and it is as real as it gets and we were one of the first ones in and you get into the hall and you can't see and you can hardly breathe because of the smoke and if it wasn't for the cameras firefighters wouldn't be able to see into the hallway or the man down. >> for me one of the most anxious parts of the deal is making sure that everybody is where they are supposed to be and, someone is not lost. >> reporter: the more the firefighters train in these
10:55 am
conditions, the less chance lives are lost when it comes to this. >> it is important to -- our systems and visitors they know the las vegas is the safest resort destination in the world and we believe it is. >> reporter: they are trying to make it the safest in the world and the fire he showed at the end of the monte carlo, we covered that, 17 people injured, 30 stories up and the bali fire in 1980 killed more than 80 people, up significantly and if you look at more recent fires, one a couple weeks ago, up there, 20, 30 stories they kept it to just one room and they say this type of training is the exact reason why they make great advances in firefighting tech next. bill: must have been an amazing thing to see, too, adam, thanks for sharing that. an exclusive story with adam housely. arthel: new live pictures, new records, this is outside of boston. gorgeous. not a picture, folks, the real thing.
10:56 am
okay, some cities, gettingwice as much as expected and we are now hearing more snow on the way. bill: yipee! and did you see this, the mystery piano? now the mystery has been solved. >> ♪ ♪ sing us a song, you're the piano man ♪ ♪ sing us a song tonight ♪ we're all in the mood for a melody...♪ [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation. everyone has someone to go heart healthy for.les who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do.
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