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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 12, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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ing vi knetld t we nd t hur out the lane g ne it'se nly ten we walurd o tht wehene reazed ha'sy hade al o ha enedthe the ilfeaud padne h en t by nothha plaed. e p h by>> thla shld kp in minthat thplan wer on h ken grodinat thtan er e tin. ey we taing nde getrong rey fot tikeof f s wta theg bet o refo accintal runofnto shehe b smal or on is ithe g on ci taltunasheo dama on or healonmall ie onon t i thk it theig man er >> tllig one. th >>ithe ae so n t se e ctlwhat >>happed aer tt. n obvisly ey dn't ee the tlplanat t pp tak a tof how oulviy dhis t inth of uff an ak haen? of 've ard out hewulirs f trf fiontr lershasl?ping e d t no whawas giroing o heretr trtrsxactslng nohassung. o >>eah, reat hpene ove atct nnedsu yo>>havehe , hainerancvetairb ed e hu yoone,ve t'sainc rb38. hu ande, theset was38. anhe lanng o aas othis a sller ane,he ltecn. is sere,cr700 sohey endpcrlash0g a loo so y thendespoe in e mdl of e nihtsh aoo hepo the oln arki m fiel lhtsf niht
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up >> l ri t, we llontue tkio fel l s ke you up ariseof tt ri wt t siatio ke ouin t meaime,he rt o a se t ur hdlin andox nws siio tea e, al rt. o whil y h weinnd nping anoer fialce aershk ro edilja yn.we th timangno magtude fi ashroja thimagde6.que. is atheountas raid6. itqu nucar cr is a nowent fms 5 tai it 7.uc a rto 7ow fting th mt daerouleve a 7ng th th d mastedanowouveanken par th withhe dtew devtati ckernobn arclea thevti cob ea nuear disnuter r 86. is a sr ond susct arrted . rred urde sdus ofrrd borr age ed derobeforgewils. be poce s pez i one olshre po s p i mene oho repretedl shotim me dung aepdl robhory aemptoneim wrg ne sadu adigo e sobpect apt turede himlfn and wrnea seringdi 40 yrs beh sdcturim ba. otr d er remgns0 ateh balar .ot dgetealem is tonr. etlis on al we ne is the alte.eeshe housg apopriion affe
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. woed le in theight finazing llusheaprin fe tailwo l in heeht011 budge nangcut, il5 blion bge fr curntt, spding congss bon frur spng ng sedul t te torrow on trsda thewill sul deba the to12ow bud ttdahell prosed by paul dba e ud ry. th's eroectedto byappredl theousen fri y.ry th ete b pr a heseicto for i mhelle abachnn. shwontoor latt mllresintia ch . raw ll hshdnyatsiiaiber univw sity hn viriniat a coervaerve cferee. iv tye's adin witiria %. coailiva clo c rehind ths ghinw ke hkabe at. lilondth22.8 hbet andewt.8 ngriithnd%.wt ri ose he yo headnes. i wderow ny p olls e e'lyo beads. w rlook g atetwe nowls a'le okatweow a ecti da >> ti ricda has won theouth r iccarona saw >>e's onen tre mhee tn a otr thndid s at hpo a lot >>os t m to a wit otitid nextig t ng on he l totaboorit capi l hi. it th's w therxtr no tcongssn tab wi vot opiaishi th wheerno debng ceilg lit. wi ma ot16th thiisount is alleb
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out illish. ma thwe c'thi borwnt sllanore. t ll, ess .at cor th e's aane.ew wrd t d crib, s at wl hppen i eth dons w tvoteo ra de itib w hen ion terait >>onseence of faili t >> raseece thef f dliteing wou be t argedd likrahe iterm dof t ei ecouomy.e arddik irm t ecy. on t impt on ieres raes tmpreatnnn gwth ies ould be younow,hrgedd ild a bstg. ouw,rdd b word it wld dinity ha hug rd w d riitle ehaectsnhe bon maet a etcug the areays rito d eto bts sometionme tomao? atcheres whatoulde d b armeddoomtis noto tackhe deb atld iseeforrm ydono raisthe cklimieb si thek clorrly at b yhide is ent tget tmi de lim thcly bhe t t tised detheyimave has out wt ey'rgointo do ed b oreheyde asut and ttin spe wing h to 'rino bi beh >> he is d huin.peg ho thiss a tal bi t pre dent his isnvolhud ihis iue aost isa l 0 trent isgreeol i ins i the atginng, if ou c ve meee a cle healnnfon'te c wi it mnc alejaary .'t and wijat ary,nc yeahe hajaryis
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. buet decto comed ut a jay, ahy, ahaou kding bu dmetome a is i airspon kble ng brime anhinglse to t s, t ithe talkir onand e e prriidenis bmitng anng e ok, t're tinge tea on lk d pren itthis we'l sit , wne gnd tlk wnh ou isout dget uts 'lt xchae t fo waisi the dt eilit etnds ha hefo's rresesiativhestev kin dt li st -just ewours gohe on r seivevin -st retarso n i n't ow tt anyby's taystaball rea y wori ot n t th but the's waysyb thse ear tallea or fa oor tt gshr nthutnthns ys h althesarnetiatns. faople tre t ging leragn ch s e ofalheiesneat. le t argg en lag to y to sofei aieve thergrecoeiveo notito thealrey ha. i auld veyheth. co ifvehe dt eilitiheoesnrehaas i d in t sho rmth if dli snaccoodatasns wl beade,he tho presre wl bud iheame coy itat wbee,uild o es wbu ihreamene goveitmentshutwn forld o c.ea ve nt>> utl fght. so t nex tinc tt's aso n thttablisresi nt o tma iex going ts tbe a relthsingblissi bud ot i orgois tbean thisne nel ings audarentyoing or tout an is n$4rill in as aen oppnged to to pa$4llasryan whi ippo pa.2 trilanion. hi iis igointo btomo ow a how id the predent iloten. iin b mobefo a whehe wn' prew denthe
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yet?rent ew de ote fohe wrent wheer o not t? shod rae th debt d ceilg thlastoupl ofe imehe o t horath bt th ilethstplfent thrghthisme th06 ishethr ltis ti . >>s amingl he led ntio >> ise e de ceing andam nowgle heays is. n >> e deeindow hes .e >> rlizi now tt raing eeb cei rngziow ts so im rtanrato tg halei o ts o onomand e imlobanal t hconoal o ts thatomd bnot is not a vot atisothatot even wh youe prostin antn whoue roinn minirati's picie y caplayrounwith niti pie y ca ayu neun to thke vy serusly the ne t raine o e vebter ly li ts se tha tne tl fthai td crit othe itedtate ligove smenthas t maiainearndl cr oe edte ventaine the gle. s satorbama we gait gl. it. present ama sems or's ama good wdea rai thei deb . es t ilina s ayou' hav to rodse ta debaihe ilineb thers no qstio ut in u'.av r t ebn't t not r yinr a a erno qio halfitho raing it.. you t ve tgo at y aorge a the ma lfhoai . etty u and t the agehea tyscpel,nd theke a chn sa to theudge asc gol, a
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aheachandsa t rsehe theebtge ao eaceildg. >> r knoit'sheard t kee raig. thc.r. is ilone las >> fnoday's d ee ich ans ctinu ig t fthdr.s eeasover feny a wh haves the cnu t bi fdebteili fig ha wer awentver. wve hethat goi to bibbt.liig it w nt wilr.l e atoi fo b get cut ere othesil wa e. f bnow tu ha whauts hpeng e h wednday. spee tha thew ha phaside h isn ing giv t tdny.ou hinkeehae h pde swoulhaveiven a m onth go g iv ten itcome tonk h ulve relensingis th 12 b get. imeo sawhe rpect thaelng cong bssmat. ryan ropo law rotct ha en fom ngmaanpodetrctor who on't fom likehat'in ittr theorresphot 't thcomphensenes ke ot' whi it it hesp o 's bhiind e eht ball. it ere'a gaas of bd e .ix i t e' ga natef three replica ind three tesenars w arereorki to c epca $3 tllioin t ee na wrekio c budg. tio t at aut t predent? dge g ng a tore dontat wh is gng goato d owh ons g dnesy? i kedhe dn es i speder tha yestday. pee haha tpresent' sty. peec haon wnesd t a dvidalkies t' abt cuing stsutec w tsdking a
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d abdt wee gokig to aiseabcug s reve te onnghe ftuna peoe abthatweake goertose veon$250 f00naeo ur g ratctioe when a sech is50 g rioen sh gisoing to ilude gngth. ide lienashithgtonas spdingrobl. noa e nuelihiobleons th lt sphnggble shld d ono i e tathe ry pleplehat le sh ex dct t i tareie est peurat onomexand tgin t creeiet ur job omd neric i'm rellinto s downnd talob abt all o itic bec sem tin snal abbiggalt o thtreato ameriec t is ing thin gghatori nodeals g wi g socinial secuty. t deing th noalmediwireoc lnot dea ng wcuh. dedicag . di th e artbig, bigea wntitmentca ogra tha thillarotg,xist iig weon't do itmethntg toix t. rahal >>all stght. so werlie'to thtou sa, bria >>'sl t.cousin so diie't t predentsa orinallia relee a codgetinor di2012 trentrill yes,e di leaddia to ete defit12 aver s, 10 yrs ctingdi $1 illidi.o eef ar y c ngenou h1 e paliyan leasg hi cutt g hpa 6.n trilon lt we k. ashi tt now y. hav the predent il l mingweack i no y aavherent rctio ry ng kmodeayini'mow i a r -io-ait deinm a
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nute not at t$1 tllion tean ore.t m gog to chaey tioane.mi d. gotoha w i gngo finmily lten w tohe d it gcommsion mostf thineecomnndatns i no allto d othemmm weron not st thincled ihisomat i fi rstnol oemerotbudg. cl is iichtne i?dg iteavethe untr askih th iqution? >> y canhrow ut aitvee trki th budtquon n yanow a 11 aud 12 bget andook ke y're negiati in the aght rectn. b mytroblndk yeegti isnhe t ct whe myoubl sinteiewespear boner,heo te weterteanbor,omef ththin thatbamaantso do i nc ding rt the x hi forethin pple m akinatmatsdo overnc25ng e i hithouort,'m pe prey darn s murein erere 25s a al suck t th ou enre o dar s let yea that e aia s haksth en o off, lushea tat aihacut f,ose h tare, y knot rk sod r tw me yea an we 'l e, gi you yno rso tweaan w'l$80 lliofor giou 0 titlioentsror 9weekof unploynt exnsio. >> ou'r tltsrigh 9ek >> ithou t thun wasoy de. it'sex bacio o >>'rhegh itablouth as>> i bei hondet. 'sacbl i eipeopon whoollotheoney foreou do ts bforet g opholoe y toelev ion e ha ngre d t tuble b rellowg thmonehere g that disrbinfor
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thetoevn ha avage tle rsonowth ne>> ires li evethin is batk is in onrhe heble. av ale of e deson i the i livepint, b on e. rget t.alf de itheyhee bre an let' regotie. >> all the o teyngbrant' i sred iti i>>l t. eally ohat u tllud to i. i ist tri wn yowere sit ng lyin tt t ro andud tyingtoo istr w yo hareer oit a dl trondith tnghree me ingshan -- oour d meeting in hree ys, eeat y're srtin me togset --ong reettng. n m ta ing e bo, y te sin to esidg t, th vic taresignt a hishe t st f anthe ideake thicsi a heis's wht head tsay. stane ke he w he t yoy. leresint ama. u tw canor toyother l >> i getsi twithymnanfine. i ge toeralon wit iet eryby.g hm opn, i'mne hogest. m stonightitorwaith ybth. op i' don py gamho wit. em. stht waand hight forthhat on p bieveamit . d or is i't rtket ienc >>the bct tvet weet alon . i i rouldt t fenc >>e spec tl.we >>ou suldn.on i ld fegreaec >>than syou,dnr. saker ea anu, ser h get on with ever hody. et see lik iwas onmewh wh intidati witthe ce esid t anerchiey.of sta ee ik is wh ther ajortiyti leaitre idreanieta therand st saker erehneorea thatouldereimidingn er d e ov s that preaty muld an ay ge.idg ovofe. att heidn'remun -- g
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>>o yothink he a ng he n' th h? >>yoine a t be h coinue >> 1minus afr th p of tthe hour >> ty'recoot gueng t 1agranuafth o of ane hingo geur tre gong. t ra thinthatas t o poi. co ng uanon tng shgeow heg. in ato.p. tresiointiafiel cogett ug cr tded shw.ow thisrnin a f ilia p.siiael amttecrd . ma ng f'reia gng to tl yamho cong ma ifi.. >> nd a griely g oory. t y twmore bods fcond i a >>sear ariy. xpantwngre byod fnd t i hour ar we'rlivenan ty grnd i t tur archor ser l ki'rerve tr i t cher ki and dond tru tmpinup hiown anossioneruresintia camp tgn fin wee. hibut nat aboutsihe oersiiaeadi mp fee t ndid aes?ut setor ckdi sanrum st g id? a hu boo and illseer jning anus hm e ne g. huoondl jng hne asou kw deal was acheto kp thgovement as knnin dgoodlews e gasernmts p he k th ve anntunng sam in a od s gnmp anfore nnbad ws, ame gov anmen i up druing,ame re befe. d , oven ip rug,e ef anhe's. an's t souch. wellfor driv likyou, soh. i uld commd ounew apsh disunt. llr iviku,i d mm ou w thsh litise bat. kee tra of yr grt dring bits
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thitbaeera ygrdrg ts youan se moy. [shs] amazg. ou smo it'sike ext[s ]bonu saviazs. 'se xtnuvi [ ckli ] he'sy ri hom [ li 'show rich com the napst diountave u? w cheps ca or diick ntday.e car k y. [ ma annnce] nare vley eet sal nut ars. manne na vy th're de om w le retstedalutsuts. andipp inreamthpeane but r, w reds anpp in maamng yanr cruting for swee& say ba irrestibma ycrg r eesaba reib byaturvall.
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byurll ev wisvegebles did'tastso vetab ? evisgeesd'st vab wellv8 vusiojuic ves u a llll s vvingio icof v etabs, pl a fl ses inga sof fngit. vab t itust tast likfrui pl fseg f. v8whati'tyourumbest ikui v8at 'urbe hesusi y dot youse is ? it'sot aalcutor. thks, d. hesi doyoe ? 's, thiss thneigorho. you t elstre d yot in seet. isthigho u elre yot st. ank u. anthatust the rst arte k ansoatou wtt a idee int our tefice mony ba, eier o. so wa einr ce onbaei o re sll biness chse verin wiless an a s oth b esrelech car er.ri wiss whe's sie is ahe ethecti youle ar. whs e beisuse eey ktiw ou e sml buness th t bestechbelogye krule smbuss teschgy le giggs ] he max anno cer you n he gnif antlggexte] heur dax's h lthyears nor u he iftlte d hhyrs a grndbrking 14ear udy pura... grbrng14r y urprov.. thapuppchow en d chonutrion, ovhappow dhotrn, feproply or a feti
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cahelpxten s loble tics upo 1.healy yefes. op oa ti calpen loe csup1.alye lo livyouruddy [ lahs ] ohmax. loivur dylong ive ur d. puri doghow. la ]ohx. nge d ri ogublew.og de yo tryettetastg thanver rinaog cw. le dyo rytest anr na c knoyourog wl lo it. nour wlot. weome ckevyone he alrdy cmitt to a we e presenti debe inevne helr ctto a n hashirand st c eestiebin outn top n i ahaird c sth colinut str polltos s snar ric s cintrantom
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ll al sady ttinhimsf apt s na fric the rt of e g.o.pto pack aly infor msap12 .frhe t's rk him.f g.p pe fkmer r pnsylnia nator. join me ns fromm. frashi pton,yla tod.c. od minning no yo mnator >> gd morng,higretn,en. c. good mo bengith yoyo. or you g asrnet.ll. odyou best hh e beyo. h rten byous e sth colinstral. pol u re hlts beer t ek hd.eny les ta a l k st cinrait.ol res t rick le statoru lk oop. a 31ck% s ru foowed oy ne girich a michle% foedbanemann dond tgimpch and tt romn wh do u tnk at?bannon t d mn >>hard kwho t doe pay off? and havi cvictns a >>rdtandgoeay by tffm and bng vi c prictiple a and nd beg t a bthenc, y riklew,nd be gmeonwho s be the f en y manykmanyears tking ono boutbehe f thsame snyesnyrs in tng tut sam way thme whaa loof nlks a lot o tamay cons vati s arhalooklog r. ks a theyote l oking f somne w ns ti thar canok trt w has eeney l ng the inoo f timom wnd i thantrad w as nd ha thinimaken off ihe tgh sues nd h e lehad andeen en ffle t t diven es hlendinnin s e t dve ttli. >>e'llook ni so seyf the stw po s in he nlit >> ll cok le o smont. yre'sf queion r yo thwho st goipo toinead nn co ont the 'suen yo g.o. in o 12?oiod willt be the fislhe
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o.consn vati?s orhe sial llbeheis consvatis orometng in nstior s ltwee >> thinboth a nstiryoret v iy porteet. an i woindth a a- a v niona secu ty rtconsvati wo i an alo- te nna cu ottonstiine i i lo thathe te rublintoeomin for at residlit is- whisoin to inn isor g ng idiso bewh somnne w can ow eade hip is all ofbe thosomarea w son mee,dep llainf w os ea s be asome cons tent songin w be nsertive somee thns thentepub scan gse and e pay can bel veerve in.methheubn at t y cad truspa an i ink usels rl. b tcaus sue.i k u sewhat r goi n in e. seat washgtond.c.ightoiow an loof t cservive se sh a the rtys con rnedloheth t c forvs whe theye i lecte areyonedth going fowhey to stdctp anre fhtor in the oingsthey' goi toan whenhey n th elecon. e gsok ay'myoi orecod, i en sty dth up ec anfoug. i a goodco tmesnd i badt pr conserv ive anuginci ges.d t s whaabougoveorad ronrorvey?e a lo of peociple. a s inhaou --ve 's aouncro? 's lo goifeoe a s t- a nc ofcial runor pside oi ain 201 on the t rpublan sideofut oal ofun the pdehing han 01n he ople rhobl cricize de oimfhengay ok hatle wrilezeomne car ing ssedn m sach ettsst
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gog to wauntim.near at d you inkg aedut mthatchts go>> toll,nt a. you k w, d iu k aat endo ed gl,erno aouk romy rht at t do gnondf thom r t 28rimath cyclnd 2ma y ow cle goveor rney. y i ink 's aery gd me and ve ry. i dok a ay g mnd doot o goo this and done lotor pubc oorvichi ndi thk oba ca is heneot most pub portt thg inhisic thobcas mectit. it the akin grtthver inesealt re stem d geing in ti it thhehandin ofr geernmt ilthink s m llgeg n fdameally hangthendf g nmericigoinnkforwd and w beer he a f canmedatelyhong i out icereinndrwan w ry verbe h stragan te ipposiono t evernnt-rer tr heth ce an focu s n aosn heth ce thenterns on-ryo he c an cut on the aoverent d he cth at'stei thonk,yos a robl onhe rert overr omne'syth andhibl time arou. >>henerou wene loin atnd ose meraw ll ousult >> tnre w s a ononptiticnn t t e w li. lt ani' t a npicalki abo don td trp. li an i wa youo lienoki oneboonf tr the pridens sio waouine e enviso s vi plffe omnesof th nday sho. plree ereishougths on ump ayho >>i s ond trepugon ismp risg
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>> s seolls atr gping h i bevioris s ands ag h beor spendaclehet coup of weeks i hepee keles on upf we thers ze onhanc thasidona trumerwoulzebe hed b t eric ncoplehana >> i iumaul hne brve. t ey'r e t king nlicboutrumple an id ian tellnee. 'r tngyou,ut'mmpheir an il rstu,irnitmar t i amot t person thewantni toar run ainsit. theynow andam kno teit.onhe nt ani kno it r a n factns. eyhavew lotndfno peoe t.t an kn t ranklare ctribctors h veot and eoey t tl naldkle c youibs hare t th pern td y wa t tldoou e th ern agnst. t wa senor? t >> well i t nkagheret. oing en? toe a tf gd >> fllks tutreng th e antoasa g f iaid bore, than i ink e rublin i nomdee b e, ll bsomee th the eopl k on t rlionseativom basf th bme th he reblic parpl tru to t se iv as d fitht fo t p ncipresic ar ru tho thecare bout aoss e bofid anfo t pip thhere yutou aows wther boan it -- wheer dond you w truer can prufithat - heon hwillave ru an e oprtuny too so uf t >> erybo kno thahe tls h itllike ve is. i opnt tun gtotso eourbonopiniha o t it e thsdebt. cling andi t the gbuget.rni whatould y thbt cng
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d uld heu ve to buiset.he debt atld y ilin d >> v iouldo e dtt vot t in ise e ild ebtot t cling unls e ere'someing bstaial tacht to andhe cngnl subsntiatome has te'bemeg tal majochro enditlent refobs.ia ste kias and t mhell jo ele bamanni thk, hfot r htstkind mll thdring e li o obamannth h care rnd t ilemeatioof dr obg alire. re tthatoulde a inimme ior m ob toake .ay the atlda m m$1 btoeli thyashe necsary- tha$1 the b limocrs p ntedth de in theecryha budghe thacan' be tcren pedout,enhe at nds tdgbeha n'ere tved dt, obam are ned to t sreppedd and t aricapubl will ame o ha a sed cd nce t acanbl til ha202 celeceon t dece wnther t the wanto mo for20rd2r no .ec t ec senor r wkerhe ntsamooror, alys eat speithno . u.en r thks fsa getng ual b ght dt peh earl witus. th fthanet u b t rlgretiten. comg upext,.e'll e li an the earcfor masset .murd er o tomup east,ll coalis he porcce fr nd msse vicms rd o tasw.oa us a po f mic you aclstroobic ouimage beg trped clro theic agbetrd elevor f me th an hehour ev cellhone f mthn camhour llneerasamecord
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6:21 am
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6:22 am
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6:24 am
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
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6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:44 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:23 am
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
what you reaionl tunetht? at wd er athurtoul.ea n >>eah,t tirsit ths. wter ile,rt >>h,s reazedhat r yocan ver e,keverye hayut ieadevert reay yon r ryhoug hay ch aut mer a so eachy a my ug a m exrien a. o ani'd waysee arod a m. d aaysrown up exen rounan id ysro and . mend a somswn of mp milun i dn'teem d eliom youfnow, m sl 'tm liocki, yoknowasouw, a 16-yr-olgirls gog to kiil ayoundowhe a wor. it-y solndsrlgoorsehan o s ameddor to . >>ow shatsse nn ht t rog s d wa i >> fpstou nound tog ere' wa i wat i fidehe at.nd d it caree'ouat enoh t ieeep. you t of bo s?itre aryoutill goiono s tlndp tempu thisofgainbo aru ll oi denite. s denite. mp soisou winen'tcare dete de te >>of crse was ared so w i 'tmere'm onlyhun. >> ce s ederyo get i mearedm nl>> wt arwe singhure? yoet at'srobaedy wh you - i war s g e?anatio 'sbawhou wha i we dersnd hpeneanio ah.ha ahe that whars h prenettyuch . wha happed rht th ha >>hat'retyhcredhale. pp so rour othethzachoe >>itt' you y .ed. sou'rer n hechth gde w.u 12t g rare. >>2th ade g w.. yo2twantogi thigra a>>therh e
7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:53 am
mogh cti t' citi? g >> ya're ing ovewot. >> wt's d fo uti s goo y fe g e e ws fo uoo f vier >>rianbefo the i compitio i wto havthe >>torcanle gfos gehe mpio weali av ow. e w do rc ggetheyindli de lies. dotch be reateynd reatydees h e atshow ea thewalk up us and ked we w tedow o do helktp nds wend sai d e wdoo we ai en ty cam t bac ey sn same hmeideac we s se h ma. itdee >>itretcn: t fir thi i okzi. a >>tc tirhi tse o ange its, you ote the cdemn. t o e >>s,nd touy cane evespelheit rit. c mn>> ban: doe 't>> tanveel ri eve b: oe matt. ve befe yoget the ip u hao g tt t sui on i ef yolesst hanhe ha g tui i a ssn mute. our wer me. r i w 3 deges. >>rianyou' goi to ach i us howto 3eg. >>anu'oio h usow thw ath by b.
8:54 am
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8:55 am
utes ren: gwo mes ft! >>riannow,e hao brg ! >> an w,in -ha >>retcn: t bbers br wh do ey ne t do -ith e >>tc t b rsshin who ne tdoh ine? >>houg thinine ov tha e? bri : wh>> i'mugoingo dh e i'mov goi to ss ts oha and b ngriwh'mng d n'moio the tuoy, o ts d b silatebuoyeny, tthe sea site oy >> tree isea yr buoy t grehen:hey' goi for es y bus. oyare ren:y'oior bu tese ereal hks? m gng bk ove te he. al>> b carul h? g grehen. b lve h barren. >>retcn: i tee tone!>>tc i t te! eas you t it as u it bri: wh's gng o he! you riwh g o got to h b yoiddiotoe? b grehen:asicdily, ere no cpetion, ic ithe ren: ic,
8:56 am
fie erma cti, ie fi ma >>rianshe waysikedou beernywa >>ane ysed >> gtchebe yea rght. >>rianwado you s eno ghheea in rt. whe>> oneanfusou s couno be ncaptns bore hene youu? doou tnk y woue fe pt co bortaee wi me runng yr y ship ido t y theou opeeeas in cotawieun y ip al ika?hepesn absutelnot. >>heres noal? bselt. >>reno wayay >>ou wld me a prfec >> w m pec eenhn. >> gtche i tho htnh ghe -- ho >>rianthat whyhe sw is popur. -- it tou>>an toathy setis in hese pu tfit it ougreaseeio you gs. n yose goi t com it eaeiou g bacyo oi lov tom to. >>retcn: a rig. ac mo "fo & ovrien." yoneveknow wt'so.oing to>>tc a igppenn th mo sfow. twenminu syo aveay.ow wsngo enth s twnu a. wh was thiing? i wastilskatg on t n icwhwithasy chhiesteg?l. wailat ticthchte anyo withighholeerol ma be incasedisk ofhearatta.yoitghleol dieand erci mawe en'tncnougedfor k.ofarta ed ci w 'ti sugppedr iddi
8:57 am
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8:58 am
hesusi y dot youse is ? it'sot aalcutor. thks, d. hesi doyoe ? 's, thiss thneigorho. you t elstre d yoget in seet. isthigho u elre yot st. ank u. anthatust the rst arte k ansoatou wtt a idee int our tefice mony ba, eier o. so wa einr ce onbaei o re sll biness chse verin wiless an a s oth b esrelech car er.ri wiss whe's sie is ahe ethecti youle ar. whs e beisuse eey ktiw ou e sml buness th t bestechbelogye krule smbuss teschgy le
8:59 am
>> ban: he ddlie cat" emies toghtn b: dieat dcove ietot anne


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