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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 4, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> sean: tonight, brand new photos showing the aftermath of the navy seal raid on the bin laden compound have now surfaced. these are not the photos of bin laden that we learned today that would not be released but scenes from inside the compound following the raid. please be warned some of these images are very, very graphic if you have kids watching. they show the bloodied remains of unidentified men killed during the raid. we do not know as of this hour who these men are but some are dressed in traditional pakistani garb. others just a t-shirt. additional photos obtained by reuters like this one show a portion of the damaged helicopter that the seals destroyed following mechanical failure. other images show parts of the compound and according to the time stamp on the photos we can tell that they were taken as early as an hour after the raid was completed. and, according to reuters, the pictures were taken by a pakistani security official who
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later sold them to the news agency. now, reuters says it is confident that the photos are authentic and have not been tampered with in any way. meanwhile we continue to piece together the details that led to the death of osama bin laden. tonight, we are learning more about all of that. and for the latest we go to our very own dominic di-natale standing by in islamabad tonight. dominic? >> sure. getting details from sources within the isi, which is the pakistan intelligence agency. they are telling us that the pakistanis are holding 11 people who were left behind by the u.s. navy seals in that raid on that compound in abbottabad including the young yemeni wife of osama bin laden, the youngest of his four wives. she is in her mid 20's. her name is milwaukee dead fasa. she and her 12-year-old daughter are being held in the combined military hospital some 30 miles southeast of where i stand here in islamabad.
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apparently that young girl witnessed osama bin laden being shot by navy seals. that's at least is what the intelligence services say she has told her interrogators. her mother is also being interrogated. the mother is saying that they actually moved to that house some months ago which fits in to some degree with what the u.s. has been saying. they have been watching the house since the middle of last year. however, the woman has indicated they have been there for many years and so we're not entirely sure just how long osama bin laden and his family actually were there. isi also telling us that the seals took one person alive. and, in fact, they would have taken all 18 people on the compound if they could have done. but, of course, that apache that actually went down prevented them from actually everybody getting out obviously priority getting the seals and osama bin laden's body out there. we are also hearing that the isi had tapped the cell phone of somebody living at the compound for a good six months and passing intel on to the cia that
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would indicate that, indeed, the security services here in pakistan did know something with regards to who was in that compound, whether they knew it was osama bin laden. r., they are not confirming it appears certainly by the indication of the information we are now getting that indeed the pakistani authorities certainly have some idea he was a high valued target. back to you. >> sean: thanks, dominic. here in the u.s. despite the dispute of the death photos. details of the raid that resulted in bib laden's death. white house press secretary jay cancer in pretty much summed -- carney summed up the administration's. >> i apologize even i'm getting confused. >> we share. repeatedly that a fire fight took place at bin laden's pakistani compound. jay carney himself echoed that story. >> they were engaged in a fire fight following the fire fight, the noncombatants were moved to a safe location and in the aftermath of this fire fight and there was a fire fight. >> again, it was a highly
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volatile fire fight but there was a fire fight. >> sean: today yarn seemed confused when reporters seemed confused about the consistency of their narrative. >> jay, you talked yesterday a lot about fire fight. who was it that was shooting back at the u.s. commandos? >> we have, as you know, since the moment this operation became public, been as helpful as we can be to provide as much information as we can and, in terms of the operational details, we have gotten to the point where we cannot cross lines because of the necessity for -- preserving the methods and operational techniques and capabilities of the kinds of forces that were used in this case. >> sean: can you decipher that? looks like somebody learned a thing or two from robert gibbs. if no fire fight took place what exactly are the circumstances
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surrounding bin laden's death? joining me with analysis the host of war stories right here on this network lieutenant colonel oliver north. welcome back, sir. >> good to be with you. >> sean: good day. i see that smile on your face. look, i don't know how much -- i don't care. we got bin laden. that, to me is important. >> you got it. >> sean: but they did say he was hiding behind a woman. they have say d. say he was reaching for weapons. they did say they were being fired upon. all these things are being shifted and changed. >> i think there is a lot of filters between the guys who actually carried this out and the folks that have to stand up and talk about it. the bottom line of the entire operation is, and it's a good one. that we no longer have to face any kind of a threat from bin laden and retribution has been effective. justice has been served. now, under the exact width circumstances i have been on a lot of these kinds of missions, sean. there is a lot happening and a lot of different people see things very differently. >> sean: all right. i want to go to the issue the white house has made this decision not to release this photo.
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they don't want to spike the football in the end zone but, yet, the president will take a victory lap at ground zero tomorrow. and, by the way, i support his decision. we should tell the world. we need to show the world like we are looking at these photos that reuters had tonight. now, they are gruesome. we warn children not to watch them. a lot of blood. it's gory. i know he was shot in the head. the rationale is what bothers me the most, colonel, the rationale seems to be that by releasing this photo we will incite people that already hate us. and we put a bullet in the guy's brain. i think they already hate us. >> well, there is no doubt that they hate us. there is no doubt that we have got people like united states army soldier, bo enter dal currently being held by the taliban. i would not want to be the reason why they used to show us the video of his head being removed. they are certainly capable of doing that kind of thing. second of all, if i were one of those u.s. navy seals on that operation, i would not want to
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have evidence they would use against me in some kind of international criminal court. you and i both know that's the kind of thing that happens in this crazy world we live in. so, not releasing the photos of bin laden, quite frankly, i think to satisfy the interest of a lot of different people, when we know he is dead, and there is no need to go any further about it, i don't think you need the photos. >> sean: well, i actually think the world does need the photos. by the way, i have full confidence. i have every belief, 100% sure that they got him. i think it would send a message to every two bit dictator around the world. one of the things that frustrates me though is they already -- the enemy already hated us. and it seems like this hypersensitivity as it relates to the photo, america can handle the photos we showed. even if he is shot in the face, and it's gruesome, we handle hue day and saddam hussein's hanging. if you look at the burial on a warship where they say he is not a muslim but he gets, you know, islamic custom, buried within 24
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hours, dumped at sea after his body is washed. he is put in a showd, 45 minute funeral translated into arabic seems overboard to me. >> well, but, again, you are dealing with an administration that is very, very politically correct. and so i'm glad that there is not a body in some memorial garden some place where people can go and rally around it and use that to instill, perhaps, more terrorism for decades to come. i'm glad the body is gone. i don't think, quite frankly, we needed to have it parked in some, as i say, memorial garden somewhere. second of all, we know that this is a very politically correct administration. we know is he going to take the victory lap up at ground zero tomorrow. we should have expected he would capitalize on this. let me make an observation about the mission itself. there has been a lot of credit given and i think appropriately so, for a bold decision. it was not a courageous decision, quite frankly, jay dam being dropped in the midst of 75,000 pakistani soldiers and
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more than 100 retired and active duty military officers in the pakistani army would work seriously to our disadvantage. the options he had was, one, do nothing, or, number two, do. this i'm glad he did it. >> sean: he had to rely on policies he himself opposed. >> still opposes. >> sean: this wouldn't have happened enhanced interrogations. we will get into this later. gitmo. you know, the black sites, et cetera, et cetera. rendition. >> look it, and he is still opposed to it apparently according to his -- he still does not think it's an appropriate thing. we ought to be thanking george w. bush for having implemented those enhanced interrogation procedures, which by the way, are not torture but, none the less, were effective in making sure this information got started so we can conduct this operation. >> sean: colonel north, great to sigh. i appreciate your time and insight. coming up tonight, nancy pelosi's attempt to use bin laden's death to benefit her own party is now exposed. we have the tape that is going to have her eating her words. we will check in with ann
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>> sean: as we have been reporting, president obama revealed today that he will not release any photos showing the deceased body of osama bin laden. the president broke the news this afternoon in an interview set to air on sunday. let's take a look. >> there is no doubt that we killed osama bin laden. it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of
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somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence as a propaganda tool. you know, that's not who we are. >> sean: more details show they are extremely graphic. lancaster open gunshot wound to the forehead of bin laden is visible and it also shows brain matter. in addition, one of his eyes appears open while the other is, quote, completely gone. now, many americans are outraged over the administration's decision to keep the pictures under lock and key. former alaska governor sarah palin is one of them. today, she posted the following message to the president on twitter, quote: show photo as warning to others seeking america's destruction. no pussy footing around, no politicking, no drama, it's part of the mission. joining me with reaction to all of this the one and only soon to be releasing a new book denoe
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monic. >> yes, and i will be on your show june 6th. next tv show i'm doing practically. >> sean: going into hiding for a month. >> yes, i am. >> sean: first of all we showed the photos of other people killed in this raid. >> i liked that. >> sean: so do i. what do you think of the president's rationale this will incite people. >> for one thing i notice all the people who say we don't need to see the photo have, themselves, seen the photo. this was not a personal crime against the barack obama family. this was an attack on the united states of america. and, for ten years americans, at least 200 million americans, liberals were burning candles and singing folk songs, 200 million americans have been waiting to personally put the bullet in osama bin laden's head. we paid for it we ought to be able to see it secondly, and perhaps more important, you know, this president prides himself on his indigenous quality in saying pakistan, but he seems to know less about arabs than, you know, my dog.
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certainly this irishman from long island knows more. first of all, i don't care particularly that they are going to have conspiracy theories. who cares what they think? and, yet, and still, their leaders are constantly lying to them. conspiracy theories are rife in the arab world. they will believe this is a fake otherwise. secondly, as we know from the way arabs treat their own people and what osama bin laden himself said, if a man sees a strong horse and a weak horse, he will naturally favor the strong horse. arabs admire power and strength. they personally consider themselves infuror until they see that america did this to osama bin laden. they will still look up to him. they will still be afraid he is out there. when they see that america put a bullet through his head, they will turn on him like that. >> sean: two points. it was supposed to be about transparency, the administration. another point, the whole purpose of putting the seals' lives in jeopardy, rather than dropping a become on the compound -- >> -- that's right. >> sean: was to prove to the world it's bin laden. >> that's right.
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>> sean: i will tell you the other thing, there is this compulsion he was gutsy in this decision, by the way, which wouldn't have happened without george bush. >> and there would be no osama bin laden without bill clinton. >> sean: fair enough. we will talk about that in a second. but, here's the point. they say he is not muslim. and then they go through this 45 minute interpreted into arabic islamic, you know, funeral that this guy had. >> i'm in favor of that that's the military. >> sean: why in the victims of 9/11 didn't get it. >> no, i know. i know. by the way, if there were more girls in the military, he wouldn't have gotten it because we are more vicious than men. our military is honorable. >> sean: i'm not touching that one. i'm not going near that. >> that is why you do not want me at guantanamo. they will be begging to be waterboarded. our military are not like me. they are honorable men. during the iraq war, i mean they knew which way mecca was. they behaved like gentlemen and officers because that's what our military is. i disagree with you there, but i do think we should see this photo. i think it's outrageous for the
9:18 pm
president to act like -- this isn't even the lynnburg kidnapping. this isn't your private crime. this was an attack on america. we want to see the photos. >> sean: i want to see the photos. i'm with you. i don't care about the conspiracy theories either. they will say it's doctored. i will believe it i'm 100% sure they got him. i don't have any doubts. >> for them to say the audacity of him saying we don't need to spike the football. really, what's he doing in new york tomorrow? >> sean: spiking the football. >> spiking the football until now until election day on this. don't talk to us about your moral superiority we don't need a victory lap. that's beyond us. and americans can't handle this? i think americans just handled what you showed on your program. and if americans can handle hillary clinton's ankles they can handle this photo. >> sean: you will be in trouble for that which is part of your book i assume. >> her ankles? no. >> sean: is that right? it's not? but one last thing, there is a hypersensitivity. is there some underlying belief system in the president that
9:19 pm
somehow he can still convince radical islamists to like us? >> that's what i'm saying about him not. >> sean: he is not supposed to be a muslim. >> he is not understanding muslims or arabs at all here. >> sean: by the way i mean bin laden was not supposed to be a muslim. >> obama, our president, does not understand muslims, if you thinks backing down is going to impress them. no strength impresses them that we put a bullet in this guy's head 10 years later. >> sean: obama killed all these muslims. that's the point. why does he get the funeral? that's why i don't understand. >> i see your point. they will treat him like a muslim because they are honorable military men. >> sean: all right. ann coulter. always interesting. glad to have you back. look forward to have you for your book "demonic" june 6th. >> how the liberal mobs are endangering america. >> sean: june 6th right here. ann coulter. coming up, how has bin laden's demise affected president
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obama's approval rating. we will look at the polls. andrew breitbart and michelle malkin straight ahead. ♪ got brass in pocket... ♪ gonna use my, my, my, imagination. ♪ the new blackberry playbook. ♪ cos i'm gna make you see ♪ there's nobody else here, no one like m ♪ small enougho take anywhere. powerful enough to take you everywhere. ♪ i'm special ♪ so special
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>> sean: president obama is being hailed across the country for the death of osama bin laden but there is an ongoing debate over just how much, if any, bounce this news is giving him in the polls.
9:24 pm
now, a "new york times" cbs news poll shows that president obama's job approval jumped 11% since last month from 46 to 57%. but a "newsweek" daily beast poll conducted two days before and then two days after bin laden's death reveals that the president's overall job approval, well, didn't change at all. 48%. those are quite different figures. here to explain what these numbers mean and how osama bin laden's death will impact the 2012 election are from the fox business network sandra smith and fox news contributor nationally syndicated talk show host monica crowley. good to see you guys. >> hi; >> sean: not sure why almost immediately people ran to the 2012 election. but emails came in. i was just glad at the news. because it's important. but people are asking that question. does this impact 2012? >> oh, sure. look, war is the political act anyway. so, i think it could have an effect but, remember, wars always have unintended
9:25 pm
consequences. there is a million unexpected things that could happen. >> good and bad between now and 2012. one thing that this does do is give obama foreign policy or national security credentials that he may not have had in the past. but, remember, the lesson of history is that back in 1991, when we conducted the first persian gulf war, george h.w. bush was at 92% job approval and he lost re-election one year later. >> sean: great point. >> something about these polls we know polls represent what someone answers when asked a question right then. right? so it's more important to look at the overall trend. >> sean: snapshot. >> cbs "new york times" poll some are questioning that huge 11% jump in the overall approval rating. guess what was very consistent is the drop in the overall approval rating for the country. if you want to talk election. then, final, then he is still in trouble because everybody cares about gas prices employment in this country and the rising deficit. that's not going away. in fact, in that poll, the approval rating on the economy
9:26 pm
fell 4%. that's not going away any time soon. >> sean: peace and prosperity define campaigns. you are right numbers on the economy have gone way down even in this particular poll. if the economy stays the way it is -- and i don't really see the path for it getting substantially better -- i think, you know, people will vote their pocketbooks in the end. although i think most people, polls show, they think he made the right decision. more and more people are also giving credit to george bush whose policies he rejected led to. this absolutely. i do think when it comes down to it people do vote their wallets. they vote kitchen table issues. they vote on the issues that affect their every day lives. gas prices, inflation on food and energy and things that people use in their homes and in their daily lives. remember in 1992 a little known southern governor bill clinton was able to ride to election. >> sean: how are you doing, monica. >> one slogan, sean -- that was very good, by the way. one slogan which it's the economy, stupid. that's how he was able to trump george h.w. bush with this huge
9:27 pm
national security portfolio and extra indicating saddam hussein with from kuwait 92% job approval a couple of months before because he pounded the economic. >> sean: that's a great point. >> while we do applaud the decision president obama made. we're thankful for this happening, we also have to look at how short lived something like this can be. when you look at the overall effect on him, running next year. but you also have to look at the reaction in the stock market. this tells us everything. if anything is more consistent, it's the way we see the markets react to these situations. sean just for you, prior to coming on here, i looked at where the dow jones industrial average was friday night prior to this news on sunday, we're virtually unchanged. after seeing the market rally 100 points after the news. >> sean: we had bad economic news today. >> bad economic news comes. in huge economic report coming out on friday. again, i don't mean to harp on this. it's still going to be the number one issue for voters. >> sean: i agree with you. >> in a year and a half. keep that snapshot on the
9:28 pm
economy that none of us really think is going to change. also, i think every decision that he has made, and he was right and it was gutsy to get bin laden. you know, now we are discovering these are the very policies that led us to bin laden, he rejected. you know, i think he is not helping himself by not releasing the pictures. i don't think he helped himself with a 45 minute funeral, you know, under accordance with islamic law on a u.s. warship. >> sean, guantanamo bay, indefinite detention, rendition to third sites, black sites, warrantless wiretapping, enhanced interrogation techniques, the left, including barack obama, pounded president bush as a war criminal. somebody who ravaged the constitution, putting those policies in place. every single one of those policies led directly to the killing of osama bin laden. >> sean: yeah. >> it sounds like we could come out with it already. now the focus is now turned on to the fact that this picture will not be released when, really it could have just been a quick release of the photo on the night that it happened and let's end this chapter that
9:29 pm
should have been ended quite a long time ago. >> sean: very well said. it's almost like i continues to do this to himself. >> sean: release the picture. and reuters releasing the pictures that we have been showing tonight. >> look, the united states had a huge victory sunday night. this is a major accomplishment for the united states as well as for this presidency. but he couldn't just let it sit there, right? and now we look weak and indecisive. >> sean: no, no. he looks weak. he looks indecisive. >> our enemies also perceive the country as weak because he has gone back and forth hamlet like over this picture rather than releasing it sunday night. >> sean: he doesn't want enemy rights on the battlefield. >> willing to kill bin laden without any due process at all. interesting. >> sean: still ahead, we are officially on the road to 2012 with exclusive preview of tomorrow night's presidential debate in south carolina. we will cover it here on fox news channel. first, is the president giving enough credit to his predecessor for the victory of bin laden's death? we will check in with michelle malkin. she is here with reaction and much more straight ahead. also get a free flight.
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>> sean: from elation to anger to apathy. muslim reactions to the death of osama bin laden span the spectrum but here in the u.s. the obama administration seem to be stuck on one attitude in particular. hyper sensitivity between the religious burial at sea and now the decision not to release bin laden's death photos. so why does the president appear to be walking on egg shells to avoid offending the muslim world? just listen to white house press secretary jay carney explain well, the painstaking efforts that were taken care of in terms of the corpse of the world's most notorious terrorist? >> the respect that was shown to him and his body was far greater than the respect that osama bin laden showed to the victims on 9/11. or any of his other victims. that's because that's who we are. so we feel very comfortable with the fact that we took extraordinary measures to show that respect.
9:35 pm
to the traditions of the islamic faith. >> sean: now, meanwhile, the president is scheduled to travel to ground zero tomorrow for a rita laying ceremony to mark the death of the mastermind behind 9/11. despite the fact he did invite president bush to accompany him on the visit, many americans are still asking is president obama giving enough credit where credit is due? joining me with reaction is the author of the number one "new york times" best seller "culture of corruption" michelle malkin is back with us. good to see you. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me back, sean. >> sean: when he goes to ground zero, that's not like spiking the football, is it? [chuckle] >> sean: that's a question. >> well, you know, it sort of is a victory dance that he is doing in a way. and i think that that particular phrase grated many americans the wrong way because this is a man who didn't seem to have a problem with all of the young obama supporters outside of the white house on sunday night
9:36 pm
cheering, many of them profanely and essentially spiking the football. and why shouldn't we? this is 10 long years in the making. and, sean, have you been very gracious yourself about giving obama the credit that he does deserve, but, of course, in the ensuing hours and days since that sunday night announcement, there have been a lot of missteps and bungling, obviously with regard to the so-called narrative about what really happened. and then with the play indicating and the submission and the surrender, the appearance, if not the reality of it, with regard to the handling of these photos. and on your show have you done a fabulous job of teaching people about the concept of sharia. and there on the flip side of that same coin is another concept that every american should be aware of and be able to articulate. that is the concept of demitude.
9:37 pm
in other words, subrogation of enforcers, as we have seen from the mohammed car tunes -- cartoons on ward. censor the sensitivities of so many jihadi practitioners who have been inflamed for hundreds of years and centuries. it's not like the release of these photos is going to inflame them already any more than they already are. >> sean: right. let me ask you. let me go back to the issue of president bush here for a minute. i think this is important. the president has been lecturing this is a moment we can all come together once again. if he had his way, this is just a fact. we always had the means to take out bin laden. we just didn't have the intelligence. but, because of enhanced interrogations, even leon panetta suggested that was a part of the success. because of gitmo, rendition, black sites, tough interrogations, you know, the very things he was referring to as torture. the very thing that investigating for possible prosecution of cia operatives.
9:38 pm
without these things, this success would not have been possible on sunday. so the question is, why can't the president graciously go out there. he has had a number of days now and say thank you to president bush for his part in creating this scenario under this which this could happen? >> well, that's the least he could do. and my column today, imagines what a truly unifying, truly gracious speech would be. and it would have been wonderful to see the two of them together, of course it's never going to happen. and i made that clear in my not so gentle sarcasm in the column that i wrote today on this where i urged president obama to show unity rather than just tell and preach it. and it would be the least that he could do to acknowledge the structures that were put in place by the bush administration, the relentless criticism and demonization not just suffered by president bush but all of his top officials at the pentagon, at the justice
9:39 pm
department. there are some of his justice department heros who today get dogged by some of these unhinged leftists in their private homes, get dogged by some of these zealots, still trotting around in their gitmo orange suits. and as i. >> sean: let me ask you. this let me just, there is one more point because i want to make because i definitely want to throw jay carney's words right back at him, sean. he said there is no one single act that led to the capture and killing of bin laden. that is certainly true. and i think that in addition to tipping obama's hat to bush on enhanced interrogations, rendition, gitmo, that every single post 9/11 counter terrorism measure that was taken, not just overseas but you here at home, department of homeland security, rounding up a lot of illegal alien fugitives. >> sean: all this stuff. >> all of it. >> sean: you are right. also, it is troubling that this narrative has changed. he wasn't hiding behind women.
9:40 pm
he wasn't armed. i don't care if he was armed of the story doesn't matter. these seals did the right thing. and the same issue with not releasing the pictures. i think a big mistake. i want to ask you as it relates to the funeral on u.s. warship on an aircraft carrier. because, you know, first of all we're told bin laden is not a muslim, that he has basically hijacked a religion, perverted a religion. which i agree with. most muslims, i don't think, agree with him but we do have radical islamists and we are at war with them and we have to deal with them. according to islamic law, that was the purpose of this, and they buried him at sea 24 hours thought they were prak tissing and fog through with it. cleaned his body, feel sorry for the guy stuck with that job. they wrapped him in a shroud, 45 minutes apparently of a funeral translated into arabic for a guy that's not even muslim, according to the president, correct? >> yeah. that's right. there is a lot of ill logic
9:41 pm
demontude ill lodge going around. you are right to point out these inconsistencies in treating this man who warped a religion by those same religious standards that he has warped. there is also this idea that somehow there is going to be this backlash if we don't pander to the sensitivity of these muslims. if these muslims truly believed that bin laden was a warper, why would they care one way or another if we published the pictures? >> good point. i still contend that they are going to be pressured into doing so. michelle malkin, good to see you. thank you. >> you bet, thanks. >> sean: let not your heart be troubled. our great great great american panel is next. long before a cummins diesel engine powered a ram truck.. it roared to life out here. and proved itself here, here, and here.
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9:46 pm
the daily, he was part of the obama campaign, media team democratic strategist. steve murphy and the author of the "new york times" best seller "the washington post" best seller which drives liberals nuts, righteous indignation, great book by the way. i enjoyed it andrew breitbart is here. guys, good to see you. steve, i said i think it took a lot of courage for the president. it was gutsy decision because he could have bombed the place. send our seals in, the best of the best, because he wanted to show the world to make sure we got him. and every move he has made since, i think from the burial to getting rid of the body to not releasing the photos has been a mistake. >> you think we didn't get him? >> >> sean: no. i know we got him. that's not the point. as ann coulter said we have a right, we paid for his death. we have a right to see those photos. >> no, i don't think that's correct. i think is he thinking like a parent. he has two young children and he understands how all pervasive
9:47 pm
this photograph would be. >> sean: i have let my 12-year-old son watch gladiator and brave hart and the passion of the christ. >> no one killed for real. >> sunday night the president of the united states hit a grand slam. the first thing i did was to go on to twitter and write congratulations president obama, the armed services, and the intelligence services. ever since that moment it seems like his political team, so used to playing politics with everything, is trying to walk back that grand slam and wants to put him back on second base. the american people. >> sean: put him back on first base. >> american people want closure. muslims around the world. the president says that the religion was hijacked, so to say that we are going to be offending the sensibility of muslims doesn't make sense to me and to many people. he killed many muslim people. this is about closure. 10 years of people waiting and waiting and waiting. >> sean: people want closure. >> i agree. >> sean: that is the point though. i mentioned this earlier in the
9:48 pm
program. supposedly he wasn't a muslim. meaning bin laden. and i -- you know, i don't think he represents islam. he is a radical islamist and a terrorist. so, why the 45-minute translated to arabic, perfect timing on the funeral, you know, islamic custom and law. why? >> i think ann coulter made a great point, that's just the way we do business. the united states is going to say this guy called himself a muslim we will treat him like one whether or not we respect his claim to being a muslim. that's fair. we do not play by their rules. we play by our rules. those rules treating people with respect including the most load some vial criminal ever known. >> sean: why policies of george w. bush what we know about this the courier because of interrogations, black sight interrogations, gitmo, interrogations and enhanced interrogations techniques all because of bush. the very policies obama opposed.
9:49 pm
and it wouldn't have happened, not one good word. >> john mccain opposed those policies, too. john mccain also opposed those policies. >> sean: this day wouldn't have happened but for president bush's policies. he can't credit george bush in any way. >> actually, he did credit george bush and say we should come together. but, you want to raise this question? you are trying to make a big political deal out of it let's look at what really happened. george bush did not put enough boots on the ground in afghanistan. >> sean: oh my god. >> get bin laden in the first place. >> this is not a ground war. >> do i get to finish? this was a navy seals team. >> i'm not finished yet. he withdrew special forces to prepare for iraq. he had a decision to make. he made a decision, iraq is more important. >> sean: i got your point. >> obama made the decision. bill. >> sean: this is obsession. blame bush, blame bush, blame bush, one time they can blame
9:50 pm
bush -- be >> he invited him to be with him tomorrow. >> look, they like -- the left like's obama's rendition of rendition but they don't like bush's rendition of rendition. at the end of the day this is what the american people were looking for. they were looking for pragmatism over ideology. this was his triangulation. this was his dick morris moment where he took bush's holies and implemented them. the american people were looking for him not to be political -- the political animal that he has been for the last two years. and was a great moment for him. >> are we going to continue rendition go back to enhanced interrogation techniques? >> that's the confusion, it worked. acknowledge what worked acknowledge you have made mistakes in the past. right now the american people are rewarding you for doing the right thing. >> sean: this is the same white house that wants to mirandize enemy combatants on the battlefield. >> here is a thing i want to throw out here. >> blaming bush or blaming obama. i want to suggest that maybe we blame pakistan. this is a country that we poured
9:51 pm
billions of dollars into since 2001. >> >> sean: they told us about this compound in 2009 and we didn't listen to them. >> do you believe that? do you believe pakistan? do you believe these people? do you believe the isi? >> we should investigate it? >> of course we should investigate it do you know the truth? >> sean: do you know the truth. >> i know the truth is they have been playing a double game for decades. >> sean: i believe that. >> nobody has denied that omar was captured by the isi last year and they need to be honest. >> sean: we are going to come back with our great drat great american panel as i throw to john -- see if we can catch him on camera catching. this are you ready? here he comes. [ male announcer ] what if that hemorrhoid pain is non-stop to seattle? just carry new preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief.
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9:55 pm
. >> we continue with our great american people. it's amazing how people can hate he's a pretty young guy, and he's going to regret what he
9:56 pm
said. >> he has since apologized. i wonder, what is wrong with athletes? if you are going to say something. think through it a little bit. >> this is hitler. this is toe joe. he deserves to be dead. >> leave tweeting to professionals. >> please don't talk about twitter. >> can you say one good thing -- and i don't want to hear your lectures about iraq and george w. bush. can you say one good thing george w. bush did to contribute to sunday. >> i believe george bush prior to 9/11 did everything he thought was right to keep us safe. i believe that he thought he was doing what was right. >> did his policies contribute to the success sunday night? >> it has been a 10 year effort.
9:57 pm
>> but george w. bush's policies contributed without which his policies we wouldn't have the success sunday night. >> i don't know that. i don't know that the intelligence that was developed through enhanced interrogation but yes, george bush has a hand in this, just as barack obama has a hand. >> for yourself on sunday night, i tweeted out congratulations president obama. it felt good. just say it. >> i just said it. i said it. >> his decisions kept us safe for 8 years. >> i don't believe that torture made us safer. >> it wasn't torture. >> why did we have the a japanese imprisoned? >> one thing president bush did that president obama did not was taken my combatants. he collected them and
9:58 pm
controversial gathered them in begaguantanamo and through the systematic process. >> nancy pelosi she said the following. she said george w. bush -- the president said you can run but can't hide osama bin laden. apparently he could. if he's caught tomorrow, it's five years too late. he's done more damage, but in fact the damage has been done, and even if we capture him now, it doesn't make us safer. >> he has to be sure he wasn't captured. >> when president obama does it, the death of bin laden marks the most significant development in our fight against al qaeda. i a salute the president, and panetta, and this is
9:59 pm
politicizing. >> this is why she was demoted last november. because they realize this was the most political person ever to hold the speakership ever. >> i agree. >> we lost because of the economy, and it didn't have anything to do with this. >> that was the terrorist. >> i believe, as i said before, everything he did he did to try to make america safer, but he made a terrible decision about iraq. >> you said that four times. but the point is, what does this say about her? she's nothing but a political hack. >> i don't agree with that. >> i can rea his mind. she actually is the driving force of a lot of the biggest liberal accomplishments in the last seven years. >> great panel tonight. congratulations on the book. the book is terrific. that's all that we have left. let not


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