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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 6, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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weiner will address the media in a minute and we will bring that to you live, on neil cavuto. that is it for "studio b" today, and i'll be back with the fox report at 7:00 eastern and log on to the "shep" page at and now "your world," with neil cavuto right now. >>neil: more pictures. more questions. and for one new york congressman, anthony weiner, more heat, just when he thought he was getting past it, the congressman has a bigger mess and now he is set to address the media. and we have no idea what he will say. or whether he will discuss the additional pictures allegedly linked to him today but we do know we are standing outside the hotel in midtown manhattan where he is momentsing a from talking away on the controversy that will not go away. what are you hearing. >>guest: can you not make this
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up. the media of new york is waiting for the appearance of the congressman and guess who is there? andrew brightbart, and it was his government that started leaking the photos that are of weiner, a series of photos they claim show him shirtless and bare chested and three women have received these sexually suggested tweets and beside the 21-year-old who started it, and another website is saying a middle-age woman received 200 sexually explicit messages and as well as engaging in sex with the congressman and the photographs have exploded across the new york political landscape. he is a six term congressman and ascened to schumer's seat after serving four schumer in the natural as a staff members and city council member before that. and he is married to his wife, a top aide to secretary of state hillary clinton and some of the
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photographs, some show he is showing the photos to someone in the world saying it's me, and another one with sexually suggestive type of phrases in the photos and the last ones have a shirtless, bare chested congressman but no confirmation on that he says the account has been hacked and he has not called for an official investigation but he has a lawyer. in what is really a strange twist, barton came to the press conference saying he was on the book tour and he wanted to see what was beginning on so the reporters asked him to explain what he has so right new we have congressman weiner waiting for andrew, the man would has shown a lot of this to the world today on his internet forum and waiting for him to finish
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speaking before we hear what weiner may or may in the announce. >>neil: this was supposed to be congressman talking to the media but it is someone else, an organization that released the pictures, they are speaking to the media. bret baier, it does not get more bizarre than what is happening right now. where is all of this going? bret baier anchors "special report." >> i have in clue. this is bizarre. the fact that andrew is at the podium, it's bizarre. what we do know is that the speaker's office has not received any letter from representative weiner. we have talked to a number of democrats including the new york delegation, our own reporter talking to a number of lawmakers saying they do not know what weiner will say about this. but we know that representative weiner did not show up to a number of events over the weekend he was scheduled to show
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up for. and we do not that the photos have posted on a and one media outlet, abc news, has sat down with one of the women who say they received these images and had some sort of back and forth with a number of images and messages between the two of them. we know that's true for at least one media outlet and maybe others have now sat down with this woman who is supposed to be coming out and talking to the media so this specific tack chemical is hard to imagine. when this started it seemed at the going like it might blow over but the first press availability, that representative held, where he did not answer questions, then triggered another round of interviews, i interviewed him and he did not answer questions if it was him or why he did not calm authorities and now we have this saga ... it is
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unexplainable. >>neil: the fact is bret baier has been telling reporters, we did not we create or manufacture this story, it is a legitimate story. these are legitimate issues, i am paraphrasing but given the roam of andrew and how in of the liberals and now democrats feel about him, fairly or not, are they going to start putting pressure on weiner to just step down? >>guest: that is possible. it depends on how deep this goes, how far it goes as far as the story line. there is another report of another woman with evidence so it depends how fast this train starts moving and exactly what representative weiner says about all of this. the case of representative chris lee in new york who resigned immediately after a picture of him bare chested showed up on
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the web and it happened in a matter of hours, the picture senates and the representative resigned and it appears that representative weiner was going to fight this and we don't know what he will say this afternoon. everyone is anxiously watching. but we have in indication from the hill that any decision has been made officially. >>neil: thank you, brett, we love to indulge your services. i want to dip in, if we can, to this man who is a lightning rod and controversy and he feels vindicated by pictures he says are unquestionably those of the congressman. we will listen in to him. >> i want to hear the truth. i want to hear the truth from congressman weiner and i would like an apology for him being come police it in a blame the passenger strategy. it was clear, 72 hours in paul springs with your family is
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excruciating when you are being challenged. andrew, why aren't you on vacation? why not get off the phone because i am accused of being a hacker. he said nothing. he allowed for that to go. the mignons perpetuated that false, maliciousness and he went on to cnn to attack me and i feel he was complicity. you can talk. the girl's story, i believe, will be on "world news tonight," and she can talk to you more specifically. i have seen a lot of this
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congressman's body and he is in very good shape and it appears to be his body. so ... okay, everything that i have said so far has come to be true. i'd like to hear -- the media says breitbart lies, give me one example of a provable lie. one. one. one. journalists? put your reputation on the lines one provable lie. if i released this photo, i am doing this to save his family. okay? and if this give wants to start fighting with me again, i have this photo. but i absolutely, i'm not doing this for nefarious purposes, i would like an apology for allowing his political protectors, and this was his strategy, to blame me, to blame me for hacking. don't worry, breitbart is a regular whipping boy we can
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accuse him of anything and the press will not hold those journalist dozen account no matter what they say. so, i'm here for some vindication. i am trying to do the decent thing here and not release the photo. if this guy decides to start attacking me and saying that i'm making all this stuff up like he did last week, and he wants to fight with fire, come on, it is news my friend. it is news. and i know of countless other websites and news organizations that would put this out there.
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(inaudible)i am trying to put ts together of this myself. it's not -- i have been subject for the last week and a half and i guess the person who saw this initially, patriot, usa 1976 and i have no idea who this is, i happened to see skit i chose to investigate it and it took us about four hours with an editorial team to realize we had the story down solid. and that the hacked story really made it a very relevant news story that wasn't getting into it for the sake of the sordid nature of the story. (inaudible). >> you have to ask that question of abc news, as well, we both did, and it was sent by his e-mail.
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>>neil: you are watching unfelting of what has to be a bizarre update in the bizarre afternoon of news concerning congressman weiner and the additional pictures cropping up showing what appears to be a topless male on the computer sending along pictures. according to breitbart the gentleman who first released the initial photo, these photos are legitimate, they are anthony weiner, the congressman was supposed to address the media 11 minutes ago but here is what makes this even weirder. breitbart is at this hotel event where the congressman is due to speak and he walked up and when others noticed him there to take the microphone that the congressman was supposed to take, 11 minutes ago, to answer the charges, initially brought
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up by mr. breitbart right before memorial day weekend. so it gets more bizarre. bret baier is following all of this. i'm wondering if i'm congressman weiner whether i come out at all. what happens? >>guest: it is bizarre. now, we are checking again with our producer on capitol hill, chad, who checked and said that this e-mail that went out from friends of representative weiner announcing this event was, in fact, legitimate and it was believed that the congressman was going to be there and this was not some sort of stunt by breitbart or whoever to get publicity about his -- he may be leaving the podium now. >>neil: he is leaving. we tried to check this out, it was landed and organized and was set up and was legitimate. but ... if you are weiner and we heard reports that he is not
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seen in the room, or he is not in that room, then, you have to wonder, so could we be being set up? what do you think. >>guest: the news release came from friends of weiner, the campaign organization saying there would be an announcement at 4:00 p.m. and breitbart said he was in the back of room, on a tour, and came over from the hotel and the reporters asked him to go to the podium and we can only assume that congressman weiner potentially is near as his staff watches television trying to understand or see that their news conference has been hijacked for now by andrew breitbart. we have not seen weiner but i saw someone running down the hall saying breitbart is here, tell weiner's people, so take that for what it means, wait to
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see if breitbart leaves and the target, if that is the word, the man he has been reporting about on his website, comes forward with his explanation. >> the photos, at least one, in addition to the one that has been lighting up the internet as we speak, was bright bart saying there were others? that he was holding back? >>guest: yes, yes, he does. he says he has published the photos that similar to photos that caused chris lee to resign immediately and said he is holding back a very explicit photo and he made that clear and he said he is doing that for one reason, to "save his family." so obviously this leaves little to the imagination what the potential photo could be and bright bart says it is not extortion or blackmail but he
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wants an apalm joy from the congressman who basically accused him of hacking and has an explicit photo he is homing back and he has no intention of publishing to save the congressman's family. that would, obviously, be his marriage to his wife, potentially. that is what he claimed and what he is telling the journalists here. saying it is a legitimate story and he has not been given enough credit about this. >>neil: thank you very much. if there are other pictures and potentially far more incriminating pictures, bret baier, game over, right there. >>guest: well, let me just say that chad is saying, representative weiner's office
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confirms this news conference is legitimate. and that he plans to come out and speak to reporters and we are getting reports that he will not we resign. will not resign. and in an attempt to, this is from a senior democratic staffer, saying, trying to explain what happened. that will be an interesting press conference because as we have seen it has developed over a number of days what exactly has come out. if, in fact, breitbart does have this explicit photo that shows congressman weiner ... you can just imagine what the photo is. if, in fact, that is the case, and if, in fact, it and true that representative weiner is not coming out here to resign than it will be quite a feat politically to move forward after all he has ahead so all of us in the media about the hacking and the other twitter picture that he said he did not
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send but could not say with "certitude," that was him. this will be quite a sight politically if he is not, in fact, going to resign. >>neil: and we are in real time. in other words, if there is news that his worse fears could be realized, his picture in his heart in hearts knows is there, if that is the case, he might have to change his plan and what was his expected announcement, because potentially far more incriminating photos could be coming, right? >>guest: yes, but through the series of interviews some yeses were asked and i asked a number of questions about, you don't know whether the photos are out there. you we don't whether you have taken the photos and he wouldn't go down that line of questioning with anybody. and at least not with me. if there are these photographs and if they are him, there are some problems here for the
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congressman and like i said, it will be interesting to see where he goes as far as his defense and what happens to the hacking explanation he gave and why he depth call authorities at the beginning. if, in fact, these are pictures of him that could explain a lot. >>neil: it could explain why he skipped out on a couple of big parades in new york and why the text establishment had a distant relationship with him since this ensued and i imagine it is more distant and progressively more so after today. >>guest: there were prominent new york politicians who did not want to touch this when asked to comment on the whole affair and there were other whose said he needed to come clean or needed to talk about it. and i think there will be a number of people who are focused to see what, exactly, the congressman says in his defense. and he said last week that he really wanted to protect his
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wife, and it would seem that this news conference is going to be, well, just going to be interesting to do that because this whole thing has gotten very messy very quickly. >>neil: indeed it has. thank you very much. we have brit bar on -- breitbart on the phone right new. >>guest: yes i am here with andrew breitbart. my first question, andrew, was this set up to try to set up the congressman? and the reason for you to come to the podium moments before his news conference. >>guest: of course this was not a set up and i went to the podium because a gaggle of press asked me and i should speak with the group. i can so at their invitation, i did not do as a means to crash
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the event. i was walking up there and i asked if this was the proper thing to do but clearly there were a lot of questions that needed to be answered and given the fact that congressman we neither made much of last week about trying to blame me and the left wing trying to make this about blaming me including claiming that i "outed" the name of the girl in seattle that he sent the tweet which is false and also claiming i was the hacker, i filth(e) needed to set the record straight. >> and they are holding back a question, you are, because it is sexually explicit. why are you holding it back? what do you believe the impact of what you have done can be or will be here? >>guest: i think that the photo, the chris lee part ii, shirtless video, pretty much speaks enough to the type of relationship he was having with the woman he doesn't know down
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in ... i will not say where she is from. but the other one is just beyond victim -- vulgar and beyond salacious. although he hoped the strategy of attacking the messenger would work i don't feel a sense of vengeance that i would put him and his family through this humiliation. >> what do you think the congressman should do? >>guest: i don't ... have an opinion on that because as a human being i think he obviously has some shes and i don't think have willing personal problems is enough to resign but the big problem here is the coverup and the problem of trying to deflect blame on a jump left for doing his job. and just trying to fend off the accusations that he was the
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hacker. >> also, we have seen several politicians fall to in. chris he was a republican, resigned the very same day. you have been covering this. what is your sense of what happened? they say power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. what is your view? >>guest: i would say i was witness to what happened during the clinton scandal these guys are putting the country in harm's way as congressman lee or congressman weiner, they don't want the images to be shown whatever. you see how much congressman weiner is fighting and when you have those photos and you send them out to americans, to people you do in the know you put yourself into blackmail
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territory and when they have national security secrets and they are making themselves overtly susceptible to blackmail i have a deep problem with it. it is not just about sex. >> critic would say you do this for political purposes, you are servive. what is your reaction to that? how do you defend yourself? you are known as conservative. >>guest: i think that the media needs to start being more overt where it comes from because i never believed for a minute that abc, cbs, nbc, or "new york times" objective. i go into a story and tell people, this is where i come to, the story from a political perspective and it does not mean the facts are changed as a result and the facts are proactive. i'm not a wizard who comes up with the facts and i could net get this congressman to do the things he did. >> andrew breitbart we are outside the ballroom where
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congressman weiner in a few moments is expected to hold the news conference. and we have been told he is here in the hotel so he will have to wait to see what he says and his reaction, his against to this rather unsettling and quite remarkable chain of events that foameds across the interpret and television screens and we are getting the two minute want he will address the nation from the podium. >>neil: amazing. thank you very much. for nose just joining, this is surreal. if midtown new york hotel, the sheraton, congressman weiner was to address reporters about 24 or 25 minutes ago and lay out his case on the pictures that have reportedly shown him in various stages of undress and some, we are told, from andrew breitbart, quite undressed and some are very graphic.
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mr. breitbart did not release those but breitbart himself pops up at the conference and addresses reporters there and now congressman weiner finally getting a chance to speak after the guy who stormed his press conference and now congressman weiner in a heap of trouble. what does he could? or say? >> thank you for being here. good morning. i'd like to take this time to clear up some of the questions that have been raised over the past ten days and take full responsibility for my actions. at the outset i make it clear i have made terrible mistakes that have hurt the people i care about the most and i am deeply sorry. i have not been honest with myself, my family, my
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constituents, my friends and supporters and the media. last friday night i tweet add photograph of myself that i intended to send to the direct message as part of a joke to a woman in seattle and i realized i posted, i panicked, took it down and said i was hacked. i then continued with the story to stick to that story, which was a hugely regrettable mistake. this woman was unwittingly drag interested there and bears no responsibility. i am so sorry to have disrupts her life in this way, to be here the picture was of me, and i sent it. i'm deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife and my family and my constituent, my friends, supporters and staff. in addition over the past few years i have engaged in several inappropriate conversations over twitters facebook, e-mail and on the phone with women i met
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online. i've changed messages and photos with six women over the last three years. for the most part these communications took place before my marriage but some have sadly took place after. to be cheer i have never met any of these women or had physical relationships at any time. i have in the told the truth. and i've done things i deeply regret. i bought pain to people i care about the most. for that i'm deeply sorry. i apologize to my wife and our family. as well as to our friends and supporters. i am deeply ashamed of my terrible judgment and actions. i'll be glad to take any questions you might have.
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i came here to accept the full responsibility for what i have done. i am deeply regret ing what i have done and i am not resigning. i have made it clear that i accept responsibility for this and people who draw conclusions are free to do so and i worked for the people of my district for 13 years and politics for 20 years and i hope they see fit to see this in the light it is a deeply regrettable state. (inaudible) my primary sense of regret and
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my primary apology goes to my wife. i should not have done this and i should not have done this particularly when i was married. that's why i made that distinction. >> why do you do this after your marriage? >> you know, i don't know what i was thinking. this was a destructsive thing to do. i'm apologetic for doing it. it was deeply, deeply hurtful to the people i care about the most. it was something that i did that was just wrong. and i regret it. >> this kind of activity is it a violation of the public trust? did you use congressional phone or e-mails? >>guest: no, no, no, i didn't do -- i will try to tell you everything that i can remember
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was my blackberry is not a government blackberry, my home computer is usually where i did these things. >> usually? >> i don't have the knowledge of every last communication but i don't believe i used any government resources. >> were you standing up more than 20 minutes ago and have an x rated photo of you, did you say that is not true? >>guest: no i cannot. i regret in the being honest about this. this was a big mistake. i was embarrassed. humiliated. human still to this moment. i was trying to protects my wife, trying to protect myself from shame. it was a mistake and i regret it. (inaudible). >> this was a mistake.
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i'm very sorry. i take it seriously but i am, where i go from here and what steps i take, i take it seriously. this was destructive thing to do i deeply regret. (inaudible). >> i love my wife very much. i love my wife very much. and we have in intention of splitting up over this. we have been through a great deal together and we will weather this. i love her very much and she loves me. (inaudible). >> were they constituents? >> in some cases i initiated, generally women i met on facebook. >> do you have anything to say to andrew breitbart? >> i am apologetic to my wife and those who put faith in confidence in me and watched me
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make this terrible mistake, and everyone i misled in the media, my staff, people that i lied to about this, they all deserve an apology. >> after elliott spitzer why did you do such a thing? >> it was a very dumb thing to do and it was destructive. but it wasn't part of any plan e hurtful to my wife, it wasn't part of a plan to be deceitful to you, or part of a plan to be ... wasn't part of a plan but a destructive thing to do that i accept responsibility for if you are looking for a deep explanation for it, i don't have one. accept that i'm sorry. (inaudible). >> i didn't think of it that way, i would think about, from
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time to time, i wrote say to myself, this is a mistake, or this conversation, someone could listen in or translate to someone else, but this was, i know that there is a sense of that everything is part of a plan and it was calculated but in this case it was me doing a very dumb thing and for that i accept the responsibility. i didn't see any of the pictures that were released today. i can tell you that there were some women i had conversations with that inappropriate things were sent by me and i accept responsibility. the last thing on this day when i have done this harm to my wife and my family, i'm standing before all of you and accepting responsibility for this shameful
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thing, is thinking about next year's election or the election after that. the first thing i need to do is make sure that obviously this never, ever happens again and that i make it up to my wife and to my family and the people i represent. >> do you need professional help. >> i will try to handle this and i have in the ruled out, perhaps, seeing someone but i am not blaming anyone. this cannot be treated away. this is my own personal mistake. this is not something, this is a weakness, deep weakness i have demonstrated and for that i apologize. some of these relationships, some state back as much as three years. >> but you came out today, why
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did you decide? >> when you say something like that so wrong i was embarrassed and i didn't want it to lead to other embarrassing things and i did it, it was dumb to try to tell lies because it led to more lies, but almost immediately after i said the lie i knew i was putting people in a very bad position and i didn't want to continue doing it. (inaudible). >> excuse me? >> did anyone of the women ask for anything exchange for not coming forward? >> no. >> when did you tell your wife? >> my wife has known about some of these online relationships since before we were married and we spoke about them because we spoke frankly about them but she does not know this morning i had
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not been telling the truth about the twitting posting last week. >> andrew breitbart was accused for hacking and people on cnn, what did you say? >> i am here to express my apologies to my wife and family but anyone who was misled, all of you, who were misled, the people who i lied to i have an apology. >> but not specifically for him? >> look, i believe that everyone deserves an apology. >> where is your wife right now? >> i apologize to andrew breitbart and the other members of the media i misled and first and for most to my wife and to my family. >> where is your wife right now? >> she is in the here. >> were you alone a lot? is that why you involved in
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this? >> i have a loving wife and i don't, it is not figure like that. i treated it as a frivolous thing. not acknowledging that it was causing harm to so many people. i spoke briefly to leader pelosi before i came here and she said to be truthful and she said to say what you know and was thankful i was doing that today. she was not happy. told me as much. she ... my primary apology, is to my wife, as i said, but she made it very clear she thought what i did was dumb and was not happy but she also is very disappointed and told me that
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she loved me and wanted us to, you know, pull through this. (inaudible). >> i did a regrettable thing and for that i apologize. >> did you have phone sex with these women? an affair with the women? >> never met any of these women. >> did you have phone sex? i was never in the same room with them, never had any physical relationship whatever. i am reluctant for their privacy, and since their names are coming up, of characterizing our exchanges except to say they were consensual but i'm not going to rebut anything or dispute anything that any of the women have come forward have said they have every right to do so so i'm not going do make any efforts to characterize those.
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>> you may not have used congressional e-mail but using your ties as a congressman? >>guest: congressional time could be anything, congressman work long hours but i don't believe i did anything here that violatesty law or violates my oath to my constituents what i did was something that demonstrated a very deep personal failing and that is why i am here to apologize. >> is there any other type of behavior that in the privacy conducted as a congress member that will come out? is there anything? solicited or engaged with any service of women or anything? >>guest: never had sex outside my marriage and i have done these things and i regret them. but i have never done anything you described and i don't where else to go.
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i'm not making any excuses for my behavior. i don't do drugs. i was not drinking. that wasn't the cause. this was me doing a dumb thing. and doing it repeatedly and lying about it. and that is all there is. i appear here to accept responsibility gore this. i am not asking to shift the blame to anyone else or to any external force or anything else. >> has anyone in your office had any contact with the women since the statement? >> we exchanged some text messages. mostly from me to express my abject apologies for her getting dragged into this. >> had you ever spoken to her before? >> no. yes, yes, yes, we exchanged some direct messages but we never spoken.
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look, my wife is a remarkable person and in the responsible for any of this and this was visited upon her. he is getting back to work. and i apologize to her. very deeply. i am leader to express my apologies, to take responsibility. but beyond that, look, my constituents have to make the determination and it is up to them if they believe this is something that they don't want to vote for me i will work very hard to win back their trust and persuade them this is a personal failing of mine that i worked hard for my constituents for a long time, long hours and nothing about this should reflect in any way on my official duties or my oath.
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(inaudible). >> i used bad judgment. i cannot stop what people think. i am leader to accept responsibility. >> 21, very young. >> i don't the exact ages of the women. i don't know the exact ages of the women. i don't if you do i will respect their privacy but they were all adults at least to the best of my knowledge. and they were engaging in these conversations with consent. someone could i guess have been lying about their age and that is a risk.
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(inaudible) are you surprised by the reaction? >> look, i wasn't telling the truth. i had done something that was disonnable. i lied. why begrudge anyone for not leaping to my defense in that circumstance. this was ... this isn't anyone else's fault. this isn't anyone else that didn't demonstrate their bad judgment or their mistakes. this was me. i did it. i take responsibility for that. i'm not looking to point blame or share responsibility with anyone. i will go back to work. and i'm going to try to convince them this was a personal failing that is an aberration from which i learn the and all i can do is
4:44 pm
keep doing what i have done which is work very hard every day. there wasn't anything about this i would say that changes my ability or my record of getting bills passed or filling potholes or community service. it was a personal failing and i hope they feel it that way. if they see it as a personal failing that though would in the vote for me, that is their decision. i have to work very hard. >> members of the democratic leader called on mark foley and do you see hypocrisy? >> i don't want to get into anyone's situation but i can tell you about mine, it is one that i regret that didn't have to do with high government service but it has to do with a personal weakness, but people can draw their own conclusions about that. i'm not resigning. and i'm going to try to go back to work a better person and a
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boater man and i will try to be a better husband. >> your wife? >> very unhappy. very disappointed and told me as were and said she loved me and said we were going to get through this but she deserves much better than this and i know that. >> why come out now? >>guest: look, my primary concern about the entire incident to begin with was my concern about the relationships that i had, becoming public and what i had done by denying the original action, only served to wake it worse and only served to lead to people being asked longer and tougher questions. it is true that the smaller better thing to do is to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may even if they came to this place and that was a
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mistake. that's why i'm here. >> did you cheat? was it the frat boy? addicted to online sex? >> all i can do is give you the facts as i laid out. i didn't, i never met these women and i never had much desire to and to me it was, you know, almost a frivolous exchange among friends that i don't think i made an important enough distinction about how hurtful and inappropriate it was. >> and you say "certitude" is not, that you can rely on. how do you know the people are in the underable or they are in the truthful about their own selfs? >> of course no one ever knows that but i know i never had any intention of having interaction with underage women and no
4:47 pm
information i have now shows that i did. yes, when you engage with minute and that is true, always true in social media that you are relying on their characterization and i took them at those characterizations. >> are you concerned about any action being taken? >> i am sorry and i continue to be but i don't see anything that i did that violated any rule of the house of representatives. i don't see anything that violated my oath of office to uphold the constitution. i engaged in inappropriate online conversations with people that included photographs and it was a mistake to do that but i didn't, i don't believe i did anything that violated any law or rule. >> were you worried you would get caught? >> no, i didn't have the sense they were complete strangers these are people i developed
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relationships with online and i believe we had become friends. but that was clearly a mistake. and i clearly regret that. >> young enough to be your daughters. >> yes. (inaudible). >> i don't know her and i still don't really know her, she was a follower who ... we had direct message contact she was having trouble with people that were tweeting about her for following me and it was a mistake and i make it clear of, there are a long list of people that i harmed but this poor woman was one of them, as well, and i regret she got dragged into it.
4:49 pm
>> do you suggest all public officials remove their twitter account? >> no, i suggest you do not do dumb things like that are dishonest to their family, not do things like this. there is nothing inherently wrong with social media, nothing inherently wrong with the outlets. what i did was a mistake. at in time -- no time did i or my staff do anything to cover up. she reached out to me and expressed what, how she had been set upon and i expressed my apologies to her but there was in coaching of any sort going on. and it was basically me saying what i have said here today how deeply sorry i am. for what happened.
4:50 pm
my staff never has contact and my staff did not know the actual story here. they only heard the full story kind of late this afternoon as i was getting ready to come over here. they have worked extraordinary, they are another group of people i have let down. they knew nothing and i regret putting them into the circumstance of having to defend me when i knew. >> was there anything predatory about your behavior? >>guest: the women i have been in contact with, without violating their privacy, they are not uniformly young women, i don't know their able -- ages, but the women on face book are not young per se. >> so you have been lying for a
4:51 pm
week, naming other people, and don't you think this is a violation of your oath of office in i am sorry i lied about this. burr -- but at the end of the day i lied because i was embarrassed and i didn't want to get caught and i was embarrassed. did i violate the constitution of the united states by lying about posting a twitter post, i don't think so and i haven't spoken to anyone who did but if someone thinks this is a violation of my oath, obviously, people are entitled to that viewpoint. >> did you promise anything to these women? >> why believe i will use the social media the same way and i regret the way i used it but for my use of twitter, it is not, i found it useful and facebook is
4:52 pm
a way to get out the message but i would not obviously do the things i have done that led me to this place. (inaudible). >> they were inappropriate. part of a, an exchange of e-mails but it was clearly a mistake. thank you. >>neil: just a few days after saying he was hacked, and people
4:53 pm
were setting him up, a very contrite anthony weiner, shocking the nation today and apparently even his own wife, today, because she found out today as we did, that he to have ongoing online relationships. six over the past three years. we were told before they were married last july she had been apprised of the online relationships but that no more weren suing after they got married. that was not the case. he told her today this was not the case. and he said he -- we have no intelligence of -- intention of splitting up over this, i love my wife and she was according to him very unhappy and very disappointed and he doesn't believe he has done anything legally wrong. or anything that would ethically
4:54 pm
force him to give up his seat which he indicated he had no plans to do. back with bret baier. >> well, that was quite a news conference. and i counted 21 times that congressman weiner said he accepts responsibility, he accepts responsibility fully. and that he apologized to his wife numerous times through the news conference. he said that nothing he did violated laws and nothing he did in his eyes violated the oath of office that he took and his ability to appropriate constituents. now, there is a house ethics guideline and you could be brought up on charges of conduct unbecoming to a house member and that he could face a vote of a reprimand or a censure but we have to see how the process transpires and what the republican leadership of the house wants to do. this could be more pressure from
4:55 pm
the new york delegation after learning all of the details. it was his picture and he did "direct message" that and repeatedly lied. what i found strange he lied about that part saying he did direct message it and sent it so he was comfortable to do that lie numerous times in the series interviews including with me but he did not continue the lie to say that it wasn't him in the picture. he had to say it wasn't him with certitude so that is what triggered the follow-up questions by journalists. >>neil: a lot of you say where is the in famous picture. we wanted to show you the picture because it has been the source of great debate and we are doing this gingerly and not with any means to try to titillate but just to share the original picture that was the source of this and others that
4:56 pm
were pending. and now, what happens. i was -- you are a top lawyer. if you are lying to me about one thing, i wonder about everything. >>guest: absolutely. what he did not do and he should resign. come out and say this is absolutely horrible. he lied to the constituents and the nation showing tremendous lack of judgment. forget the sex part. he ultimately held himself up to blackmail but he did not cross over the line of crimes but he never filed with the f.b.i. or made a written statement with the f.b.i. and that would be 1,001 violations. >>neil: far more legal pressing issues and charlie rangal is there. >>guest: he is such an arrogant son of a gun i'm not
4:57 pm
shocked he didn't reline even after he said i accept responsibility, well, if you are going to accept responsibility accept it and take your hit and resign right now. and not put all of us in new york and through the nation through this continued we barrage of junk that is coming out. >>neil: but new we hear there are six other women and that does not mean anything beyond what is clearly abhorrent behavior but it raises the voracity of his other life. >>guest: other life, and, by the way, in his lies he was not afraid to say that someone else committed a crime. hacking interest a computer is a crime. >>neil: what if he initiated an investigation. >>guest: that is what i am saying it would be a charge. >>neil: but he didn't. >>guest: that is why i thought it was him and he was making it up because he wouldn't go to the f.b.i. >>neil: what stopped him do
4:58 pm
you think? that there were other pictures and far more graphic pictures, and that prompted this today? >>guest: of course, why else? why today? that is what happened. we have just been hearing there is one more explicit picture that will come out. why not forestall that. >>neil: equivalent to the monica blue dress. >>guest: right, right, right. although, again, with bill clinton, he came out and lied to the nation "i did not have sexual relations with that woman," but he does not say that under oath. he lied about other things under oath and that kept him from criminal charges in that case. >>neil: thank you, lis. and now on the phone, andrew, he did not apologize to you. >>caller: he did because he was
4:59 pm
forced to put my name in a series of other names. he didn't want to have to take responsibility for the fact that for ten days his campaign and the organized left, including media matters, and all these websites that blamed me for falsehoods that i was the hacker. >>neil: do you want a personal apology to not lunch you in with all the other women? >>guest: no, less an apologize that ramifications for spreading those type of falsehoods. it had damage. he was trying to destroy me, trying to destroy my livelihood in order to save his own and it's pretty excruciating to have a nna


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