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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 8, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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-- lily-livered. thanks for watching, i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here. we arefinitely looking out we arefinitely looking out for you. closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: tonight, you will hear from one of the women at the center of the storm surrounding congressman weiner. moments from now megan broussard will be here to talk about her relationship with the congressman and share her side of the story. first, the latest of the growing firestorm that was sparked yesterday when weiner came clean and admitted to having sexually charged conversations and sending explicit photos to several women on the internet. today minority leader nancy pelosi made it official, calling for a house ethics investigation into whether or
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not the congressman used any government resources to among other things, take lewd photographs, like this one, which were reportedly sent to 26-year-old megan broussard. yesterday and broussard released a number of photos. they claim to be in possession of an x-rated image of the congressman in the nude. as of now there are no plans to release that picture. broussard is not the only woman weiner was in contact with. porn star ginger lee told tmz she has exchanged scores of sexual e-mails with weiner. also claiming after the scandal broke that he personally contacted her, told her to lie and even asked her if she needed any pr advice? all of which he denied yesterday. obviously, news of this scandal has been the talk of the beltway today and around the country reaction has been pouring in. rnc chairman reince priebus released a statement saying:
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>> sean: the response from so of the top democrats has been mixed. new york senator schumer came out in defense of his former staffer. saying weiner did the right thing by coming forward with the truth. albeit after 10 days of lying. on the other hand, senate majority leader harry reid was, let's say not so complementry. >> i know congressman weiner. i wish there was some way i can defend him, but i can't. i'm not here to defend weiner. that's all i'm going to say ii >> what advice would you give him if he asked you? >> call somebody else. [ laughing ] >> sean: although prince harry reid may be too much of a partisan to condemn weiner one man is not afraid to give
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his take. donald trump. watch this. >> anthony weiner is a bad guy. he's a psycho. and when this came out, i was not surprised at all. he's a liar. he should never, ever be allowed to run for office again. what he's done is incredible. and what he's done to his family is truly a shame. >> sean: clearly now the truth is out the media frenzy surrounding the story will continue to grow. megan broussard the woman responsible for helping to expose the truth about weiner sat down with me last night for a candid discussion about her relationship with the congressman and much more. here's part 1 of that interview. you caught up in this media whirlwind a little bit. it is surprising to you? >> very surprising. >> sean: why? >> i have no idea how i ended up in all this. obviously, i did. so, i'm just here to tell my side of the story.
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and get things straight. >> sean: you wrote, i thought a powerful statement that was on you are 26-years-old? >> uh-huh. >> sean: served in the army, fulltime college student. single mom. then you tell the story, you saw something about anthony weiner. when did he first catch your attention? >> it was a simple youtube video of him, that i saw. it was the rant about the 9/11 health care bill. i said wow that is interesting that someone is that passionate about something. just to see a politician -- because i don't pay attention to politics. but that caught my eye. >> sean: you admired it? >> sure. >> sean: did you know when he was giving the speech he was a congressman? >> obviously, i knew he was in politics. but i didn't know his background in-depth, no. >> sean: it was april, not that long ago, april 20th, that you clicked on his facebook page. >> i liked something.
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i put a comment with it, "hot." and so, he friended me. it was nothing, you know -- >> sean: who introduced who? did he go from there and introduce himself to you? >> we just corresponded back and forth, just chatting, that's it. >> sean: it started out as just friendly. then it became daily. tell us how that evolved? >> just, you know chatting everyday. you know hey how are you. good morning, good night, that sort of thing. i don't want to get too in-depth about what we tacked about, because it is not important. we corresponded, we talked. >> sean: right. i guess the big issue here is, your name came up in the press conference. what did you think when you heard your name? >> wow. i was like -- just unbelievable. but, i came forward because i
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was approached. i'm telling -- nobody is going to pull the rug under me before something comes out. i'm going to define me that's why i'm here. >> sean: you saw he hired private eyes? >> yes. he did have photos of me, not risky photos, nothing rated r. anybody can leak 'em that's my personal life so i'm going to take charge of that. >> sean: when all of a sudden, the conversations as we know it became sexual in nature, from him. you thought, you even said you thought that was strange that was bizarre. >> yes, i did. but, you know. everybody has their own demons, we'll say. >> sean: when this was happening, did you think this is a congressman? >> i thought it was crazy. nuts. >> sean: it was very explicit at times? >> sometimes, a little bit. this isn't someone i openly
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engaged in like, sexting. it want like that. it was throw some stuff out there, see if i took the bait. i wasn't interested really. >> sean: right. how many photos total between the different accounts that he had that you know that he sent you? >> i'm not sure, maybe five. >> sean: we've now seen most of them. and we know what the other ones are. the first one he sent, you were like wait a minute this isn't really the congressman. he sent you the picture with him pointing at him with the word "me" on it. and you could see he had a wedding ring. did you notice that? >> uh-huh. >> sean: what did you think? >> it didn't cross my mind because i'm not married. >> sean: think at that point uh-oh this is a little inappropriate, he's married? >> this was through the computer, so i had no intentions of meeting this man. at that time, i was just
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talking to him. >> sean: right. then the second photo was him, with his cats and then he used the verdict knack , the sexual vernacular for cat --. >> uh-huh. okay. >> sean: there seems to be incremental. when he sent you the picture of him with his shirt off, what did you think of that? >> i don't know. i was kind of like wow! . this is all -- this is all a little overwhelming. at the time i was like that is kind of out there, daredevil. >> sean: you even said that to him, what did you say? >> in reference to him that i'm not as open as you are talking about certain things. he just said i'm open. i'm an open book. maybe too open is what he said. >> sean: one statement that came out was apparently he was
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sending you hundreds of messages, would that be an accurate statement of a sexual nature? >> not always. they weren't, you know always like that. but most of the time it was hey, how are you doing? it went on from there. >> sean: then, there is another photo that is totally explicit. of his private parts. not underwear which was the first thing that came out. you have any doubt it is from him? >> no. i know it is from him. but -- >> sean: that came pup in the press conference yesterday. when that -- that when that photo came in. this happened over a short period of time. when that photo of his private areas came in, you're a 26-year-old girl this is a 46-year-old congressman recently married. what did you think then? >> i just thought at the time there's gotta be something. there's way more girls out there. this is not just me.
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this is not so special about me, there's a lot more girls is what i thought. this is something regular he's done all the time. he's comfortable. >> sean: he said in his statement, with the one that first came into question was from this woman in seattle. and he used the term it was meant to be a joke. he admitted there were at least six women. one of which is you. do you think that's a joke? >> no. >> sean: when you don't know somebody? >> no. but that's a lot of the reason why i never did any x-rated photos. >> sean: how about phone conversations? >> just one. it wasn't explicit. it was just hi, hello. because i didn't believe it was him. >> sean: you thought maybe it was somebody on the internet, everyone is anonymous? >> yeah, i kind of knew who he was a little, i didn't know
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how powerful he was or what he really was when he did. >> sean: at some point did you want to cut it off? >> sure, i didn't talk to him all the time. he would message me. i thought strange. i don't have time all day long to sit on facebook. and though your phone stays logged in. you may have a green dot that says you are logged on. but i have a life outside this >> sean: in part 2 of my interview i ask if there is anything she has to a directly to weiner. as calls for his resignation heat up. dana perino and stuart varney join me and share their predictions on how this
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>> sean: yesterday anthony weiner told the truth and revealed he has had inappropriate internet results with at least six women. one of which megan broussard who sat down with me to tell her side of the story. did you learn anything about this? it probably has opened your eyes a lot? >> oh yeah. just a crazy world out there. i will be so much quieter. and so much more introverted about every thing i do. it is not going to define who i am or anything like that. >> sean: do i think this has the ability to damage people?
12:16 am
in other words, when people are that aggressive, did you feel -- then this story becomes public. all of a sudden here you are, from a small town. being in the media is not your favorite thing. >> sure. >> sean: did you ever think at some point, oh my god i'm in the middle of this, what are people going to be thinking about this? try to bring us into that thought process. >> the only thing that really hit me up was i have to get in control of those pictures. for my own safe. that's the main thing for me. and so, i think that really helped me a lot. >> sean: in control of his pictures or -- >> my pictures that he was in possession of. especially the people supposedly looking through his e-mail can leak that >> sean: you never sent anything explicit. >> right, i'm talking about the photos, just of me. there's pg-13 ones.
12:17 am
nothing that i would be embarrassed about. do i want i splashed all over? no. but it probably will. >> sean: it may not. you and i am would be the only one in possession. if they ever came out, they would have come from him. >> or someone pilfering through e-mail. the firm that was supposedly investigating that. people do stuff like that at time. >> sean: if you had to say anything to him tonight, would you say, please keep my photos and our conversations private? >> sure. >> sean: you would want him to do that? >> sure. >> sean: you think a person that would send this to a young girl, somebody said at the press conference, maybe young enough to be his daughter, that maybe he has really poor judgment? >> i would, but you know. i'm not god. but i would say, if you are elected to congress, you know what are you doing all day long, sitting there? >> sean: if he does this on
12:18 am
multiple occasions, doesn't it show a certain recklessness and a pattern? >> sure. >> sean: what do you this think of the pattern as one of the people victim of it? >> i wouldn't say victim. i would say, i don't know he obviously has some issues with impulse control or something. something he has to feel wanted some way. this obviously fulfills him. maybe he's searching for something, i don't know. i can't speak for hill. >> sean: if you are going to be a congressman and your judgment is in question. and you have impulse control issues. wasn't the other photo the original one leaked to the press of his underwear? >> yeah. >> sean: he sent you that one too. you are looking at this, you are 26-years-old, are still pretty young. and a congressman is doing that. do you conclude maybe he might not be -- we he didn't resign, did you think maybe it was appropriate for him to resign? >> i'm not going to go into all that.
12:19 am
it is up to him. whoever elected him, how they feel about that. >> sean: how did you first get contacted by abc? >> a mutual friend did. >> sean: and said what? >> just threw it out there. there was like these people want to talk to you. >> sean: you were unhappy with their coverage, because why? >> i feel like certain, you know snippets were taken out. i don't sext people all day long. i have a life. i go to school. i have a child. i work. i don't sit at facebook all day long and dream about people i can talk to. yeah, i just thought that i didn't realize the whirlwind this was going to bring. i'm from a small town, that doesn't mean i'm dumb. but i'm not used to -- >> sean: i tried to put myself in your position. united states congressman is
12:20 am
writing me almost every morning for a while. how are you? what is going on? >> i didn't think it was him. >> sean: but you did find out at one point it was him? >> sure. >> sean: then he sends the pictures. i don't know -- >> i thought, okay he's going to get hemmed up, i knew that. >> sean: you knew it was inevitable. >> yeah. i just knew. >> sean: how are your family and friends reacting? >> they are okay. i didn't do anything wrong. everybody knows how i am as a person. i'm pretty straightforward and i'll tell you what's up. that's why i just came forward to let people know. >> sean: we appreciate you sitting down with us. >> sure, your welcome. >> sean: nice to meet you. >> you too. >> sean: a poll reveals how many americans think they will be worse off when they head to the polls in 2012. >> first, should anthony weiner keep his job? we'll examine his claim he did
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>> sean: should anthony weiner resign? he says no because he did not
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use government resources to conduct his online affairs. >> my blackberry is not a government blackberry. my home computer is where i did these things. i don't have knowledge of every last communication. but i don't believe i used any government resources. >> sean: now like so many of weiner's statements this appears to be a lie. e-mail unearthed by tmz shows weiner asking former porn star ginger lee. did you talk to a professional pr type or do you need to, to get advice. i can have someone on my team call. not clear the team were members of his congressional it sounds like it. megan broussard says she received a call last month from weiner's congressional office. the congressman also used his office to mislead several reporters, including our own bret baier. do you remember this? >> bret: you definitively didn't send it, but you can't
12:26 am
definitively say whether it is you or not? >> i can define activity say i did not send this. it looks like a prank and a jock about my name. i can say with certitude that i have hired someone who is going to come in. deconstruct this to make sure this doesn't happen again. i can say like hundreds of thousands, unfortunately, of americans who wake up one morning and find out their account was compromised or someone sent out something under their name they didn't send. i roll up my lives try to dust it off and figure out how we make sure that doesn't happen again. >> sean: with an ethics investigation pending, how long can the congressman hold on to his job? joining me stuart varney. former white house press secretary dana perino. it is kind of breathtaking. >> that was painful. that sound bite there with bret baier i thought that was painful. bearing in mind what has transpired since.
12:27 am
>> sean: lie, lie. >> democrats are doing a calculation. which is worse, a nasty, ugly investigation, that drags on and on? or the loss of a champion of the left? i think they will consider ugly investigation dagging on is worse and will try to pressure him to resign. but he doesn't have to resign. he should, but he doesn't have to. >> what are we investigating? why are taxpayer dollars going to be spent to investigate something he admitted? >> sean: he denied. >> we are going to use taxpayer resources to go through a long drawn out investigation to find out if he used a particular blackberry? that the issue people are upset about. >> sean: first of all his obviously compulsive, uncontrollable behavior. rational people don't act like -- you don't send pictures that he did to megan broussard, a victim here, you don't send pictures of your private parts
12:28 am
to a 26-year-old girl that you only met online in late april. >> apparently, a lot of people do. i'm not saying -- look, i don't care, they do it in the privacy of their own homes. >> sean: a congressman with poor judgment? >> i'm not condoning the behavior. i'm just saying -- >> sean: sounds like you are defending him. >> i'm not defending him. >> congressman weiner was pushing for full -- [ talking over each other ] >> i'm not defending the behavior. >> sean: let me ask it another way. he obviously has some impulse issues. >> yeah. >> sean: he's a congressman. he has -- you have to have security clearances to become a congressman. sensitive information comes across your desk. he's putting himself in a compromising position where he can be bribed. >> not only that. if he were in the private sector. he would have been gone, like
12:29 am
that. and you have people that are unemployed today, looking at this and saying he gets to keep his job? and i have to pay for the privilege of him being able to keep his job? that's outrageous. >> if he were a rain he would have been again -- if he were a republican he would have been gone in 30 minutes. >> under john baner that is true. not only true with republicans who have stayed in office, -- >> sean: but this is a little different. >> i agree. >> sean: i'm not a psycho analyst. i'm not a doctor, i don't play one on tv. it is showing some really deep rooted impulse, compulsive issues. >> no question about it. >> sean: i don't have faith that he should have access to -- >> to get out there and do such a bare-faced series of lies. in your face lies.
12:30 am
>> sean: poor ginger lee the porn star. >> think about his staff. for a staff member, having been a staffer for a long time. to be asked to do something like that is to me unheard of. we are talking about a situation where he didn't just call one reporter in. for a week fred barnes said last night, this wasn't his plan a or b, which was to come clean. it was his plan c. >> sean: this was his plan z. where are the democrats, demanding he resign? if i'm analyzing this politically, it is good for the republicans, drag on. it took them -- all the old people have a brief reprieve from being lied to and scared to death. >> would you expect to see some senior democrats coming out very soon. as you say, this is an ugly investigation. it going to drag on and on. you don't want that. i think maybe there's some short term, strictly short term political advantage for
12:31 am
president obama. we're tacking about anthony weiner. -- we're talking about anthony weiner. nobody is talking about the economy which in the tank. >> sean: there's another woman that has come out. and she gives very explicit details about vernacular for sexual acts. and then he says something about, oh jewish girls don't do this. i found that so offensive. >> you have someone who -- yes, it is offensive. what is interesting to me is having looked at the democrats over the past eight weeks, really, going after republicans something that there's a war against women. that the republican are waging against women. where are they? where are the profiles in courage to stand up and say let's get this over with i think it would be doing him a favor to push him. push him out, let him recover. >> sean: does he survive? >> no. >> no.
12:32 am
>> sean: how long will it take? >> i don't know. i think he will have to be pushed forcefully. congress cannot force him to resign. >> but they could vote to expel him. very unlikely. >> sean: it is not going to happen. >> why should americans pay for an investigation? >> sean: nancy pelosi drain -- oh she didn't drain the swamp. >> no. >> spent five trillion trying to >> sean: five trillion in new debt and deficits. >> which gop presidential candidate beat out anointed one in a new poll? we'll tell you many first, key issue that could prove to be president obama's achilles heel come 2012. fred thompson joins us, fred thompson joins us, straight ahead.
12:33 am
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>> sean: another one bites the dust. austin goolsbee signing from his post to return to teaching. now he follows in the footsteps of his predecessor rommer who left in september. national economic council director larry summers. omb director orszag. and the latest departure comes as the administration attempts to explain away the struggle economy that only seems to be getting worse. according to cbs news, 45% of unemployed americans are 6.2 million people have been jobless for more than six months. what does our president have to say about that?
12:37 am
>> the president: there are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery. we're going to pass through some rough terrain. >> sean: joining me with reaction former tennessee center, fred thompson. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> sean: we love having you back. any comments about anthony weiner? >> another fine mess you got to get to the bottom to sean. the quality of scandals going down in country. you remember watergate. what did the president know and when did he know and when? now it is what did the congressman show and when did he show it? down you think the quality of scandals has gone down in this country? >> sean: i really do. i knew i wanted to invite you just for that reason. here's u.s.a. today, today. i clip the newspapers every morning.
12:38 am
unfunded obligations per house whole, 534,000. they go on to explain -- we have a record 61.6 trillion of total financial promises not paid for on top of the 14 trillion dollar debt they want to raise. 61 trillion. can we ever recover from that? >> all the good numbers are going down. all the bad numbers are going up. we are coming out of this recovery, with about half the steam, less than half the steam we traditionally do since world war ii when we have recessions. unemployment back up. gasoline prices back up. and the last poll i saw, i don't know yesterday, i guess it was, a gallup, 65% says the country is on the wrong track. it is tough. and the president is going to pay a price for it, unless he gets those back up the middle
12:39 am
of next year. i think the trend is going to be important too. if it stars going back up. he is going to have to hurry. the people i talk to don't see any indication that things are going to turn around soon. >> sean: they've projected downward now all the financial experts the rate of growth is so anemic that there is no growth. and they don't see any prospects of jobs coming in. there's never been a president that's been re ed with unemployment rates this high. >> right. >> sean: isn't this a -- isn't this a predictable failure? it is not going to get better. we keep hearing from the media. this is a weak field. >> i have a hard time seeing a long term scenario. not that long, but a longer term scenario that is a good one to bail us out on this. we spent all the money we can spend. no more stimulus.
12:40 am
the fed has principled all the money that it can afford to print. we've got a medical package now that the country is trying to adapt to. it is so screwed up they had to grant 1500 waivers to people who can't possibly comply with it. people are looking at all that. taxes going back up in a year and a half. people are scared. people are concerned. try to do something on entitlements, number one single issue facing the economy really longer term is everybody knows, everybody concedes. and the roof falls in on paul ryan. the president, instead of leading, demagogues it. people look at that whether it be the chinese, other bond holders, american businessmen and say what reason do i have to believe that in a little
12:41 am
while, all this going to turn around? and i will have reason to put good money down to hire people or invest in a company, when they have this regulatory burden facing me. when i have these tax rates potentially facing me. and our debt is -- has no hope of being dealt with. >> sean: two things. china is now openly lecturing us about how bad our debt is. they are holding trillions of dollars in debt. on top of that. you got an economy, as you point out in literally no-growth mode. the president running for reelection. you ran for president. what would you advise all of these candidates. what would you tell them that they need to focus on to win the primary and take on obama? >> first of all, i've never been as proud of the leadership in my party as i
12:42 am
have been over the last several months. over in the house, guys like ryan and boehner and those guys, have really stepped up. we are in worse shape than people realize. larry lindsey an economist a good friend of mine, points out that interest on the debt alone could swallow us many we are paying 200 billion dollars a year in interest now with rates in zero. if interest rates go back up to where they normally stay, over a period of last several decades, we will totally be swamped with almost a trillion dollars in interest payments alone. things are bad. republicans are stepping up. with a medicare plan. they are stepping up, as far as this debt ceiling is concerned. you gotta do it this is going to test our democracy like nothing has, i think in the last couple hundred years. do the american people mean it? when they elected a republican
12:43 am
house, did they mean that? or are they going to say cut spending, but not mine. medicare is going broke sure as we are sitting here. along with the rest of the government. liberals should realize there ain't gonna be money for any of their other programs that they like too. >> sean: you miss running? >> no. i enjoy watching. i saw pawlenty today he made his economic speech. i thought it was very good, what i saw. he's laying it out there. he's being specific. he's opening himself up for that kind of demagoguery. in the end of the day in a democracy, you have to have ultimate faith in the american people to ultimately, finally do the right thing that's what we are going to find out in these next few elections. >> sean: good to see you senator. >> thank you. >> sean: you want to throw the football out? >> not especially. [ laughing ] >> sean: good seeing you.
12:44 am
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. he's editor at daily caller, tucker carlson is back. emmy award winning comedian appearing next week at the helium club in philly -- i've never heard of it june 15th, through the 18th. paul mecurio is back.
12:48 am
he works on the daily show. i'm allowed to say that, right? i think it is a good show. he hates conservatives. hates my guts, but i think it is a good show. democratic pollster doug schoen is here. no democrat that i can read has yet said, weiner resign. harry reid said this: >> i know congressman weiner. i wish there was some way i can defend him, but i can. i'm not here to defend weiner. that's all i'm going to say. >> what advice would you give him if he asked you? >> call somebody else. [ laughing ] >> sean: call somebody else. >> i'm going to use that at the comedy club. >> sean, this is a tragedy. democrats are running away from him. nancy pelosi has call for the investigation. a bunch of democrats have given the money he gave them back to charity. i hope for his sake he
12:49 am
realizes this is untenable. >> sean: does this hurts the party? >> yes. this hurts the party. this hurts democrats. that's what it comes down to. >> i think he should resign. i have a different set of reasons. if you are going to put your wife, your marriage, your job, your career in jeopardy, at least have sex with the women. don't have virtual sex. he had the same pleasure you experience when you play tetrus. it didn't make sense. >> sean: seems he's got real deep problems. >> he's a man, he's a creep. >> sean: we'll just sum it up that way. >> his caucus supports him. if democrats in leadership wanted him out of the house, he would be out tonight. i'm just saying what matters in his case is, what do his fellow democrats think? they support him. ted kennedy killed a woman and served 40 more years with the
12:50 am
support of his colleagues. you can get away with it. >> look at clinton. he had meat and potatoes heterosexual sex and didn't resign. >> this isn't a partisan issue. this is a guy who as you suggests has issues. >> he's a pervert. >> for the good of the congress, it is best he move on. >> they could kick him out tomorrow. if nancy pelosi said leave. >> sean: democrats are mad because they like to spend all this time lying to seniors and scaring them, saying that ryan is going to take their medicare, which is a lie. >> i reach a different conclusion. if we get sidetracked when we got the debt, deficit, issue with housing prices, the cost of the bailouts and focusing on this, we all lose. we really do. i think you agree? >> i don't know, i feel like i've won. >> a cheap victory. >> it is one i've enjoyed. [ talking over each other ] >> i'm just being -- we all
12:51 am
lose. no we don't. anthony weiner loses. he's the one who sent pictures of himself. i haven't lost anything. >> just wait. >> if you have a gambling problem, lick. what if he admitted i have a problem and went and got help? >> sean: he's taking pictures of his private parts and sending them to women? >> your hair hasn't taken pictures of itself and tweeted it uncombed? >> sean: i'm going to confess tonight. there are naked pictures of me out there. >> really? >> sean: when i was one-year-old. >> don't you think he -- deserves a little credit? i didn't hide behind the i've got a problem i'm seeking therapy. >> sean: he lied for 10 years. not all politicians lie. we'll take a break. by the way, romney beating obama in the latest poll.
12:52 am
those numbers when we
12:53 am
12:54 am
12:55 am
>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. as i've been saying with the economy as bad as it is. the foundation. economy being awful. socialism always fails. i don't see the coming back for 2012. all the numbers we go if the
12:56 am
last week and a half awful. now it is showing up in the polls. for the first time after being close to tied, mitt romney now leads barack obama 49-46%. should the white house be nervous? >> the white house has to be extremely nervous. they have no economic message. it isn't a bump in the road. it is a down turn. after sunday when goolsbee did a mediocre job at best on face the nation, he's done! >> sean: only one who is stuck is geithner. >> they don't have a strategy. they don't have a plan. they don't have a clear approach. the only thing they have is the republicans, thank goodness. >> that's right. >> sean: who is the one republican they fear the most? >> i think at this point, they fear more economic conditions than mitt romney, michelle bachmann, newt gingrich. they are just worried --
12:57 am
>> i don't think it should matter. this is a re . the race ought to be barack obama's stewardship of the country. they had a plan that fail. if republicans can manage to keep this race about barack obama and his tenure, they win. if they allow it to become about them, i don't know. >> he has to be bummed out. you killed the most hated terrorist in the history of time. and you're equal in the polls to a guy who -- >> sean: i thought it was a gutsy call. it wouldn't have happened if his policies of rendition, black-ops sites, gitmo, enhanced interrogation. all these things wouldn't have happened if he had his way. never gave bush credit. >> he has to try to lower gas prices or every month, kill a terrorist until the election. >> i hope he does. >> sean: i would support him on that he has to first acknowledge there's a war on
12:58 am
terrorism. >> romney is the only viable one -- >> sean: no he's not. tuck right. it is going to be about obama and his failed policies. >> republicans are looking for fresh faces. they want something new. >> don't you think it should be about more than that? >> it should be about ideas. >> sean: obama has failed as president. his result -- listen, look they are going to run bush, bush. he got his stimulus. i created his spot nearly five trillion in debt. his failed policies with >> you're talking bush? >> sean: i'm talking about obama >> look what he inherited. >> sean: the poll came out this week, blaming bush ain't flying. >> wait a second, obama ran on the idea that he had the solution to these problems. he put into place a plan that was good or bad, was big. i was a big idea. and the results are in. it did not work.
12:59 am
the idea this election is about is that. >> sean: debbie wasserman schultz basically guess on to say that the gop wants to drag us back to jim crow. >> oh my god! she said that? >> sean: yeah. >> disgutting. >> sean: republicans want to literally drag us back to jim crow laws and literally and transparently block access to the polls to voters who are -- >> makes no sense. head of the dnc injecting race into an issue of voter access. >> sean: she is -- great position for her. >> this is bad. bad government, bad politics and dumb. >> it is worse than weiner did. that's hateful. >> sean: barack obama did it on medicare. he said republican plans wants -- >> jim crow? >> sean: demagoguery.


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