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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 30, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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rlof s beeveth tist zer qtiau ca tal insbee tax. hinker thaherm caiand i ca l s taed aut t. nkharmaid i chian mel ta a tof aowin ynghi m peoe to h e ain rson soclecur yyeoto h on ocaccots.ur y chelbachnn irodud th billo co. el rcheal iduth llod fra. rl the arsomeverls and se raarea thatretharme rearlyan s uniely wt ggric s eaat1stea cenry coractithniy gic ameca thai t n't lievenany herco cth caidat hme tkeha aut t ev yy . r >> llcaat h t aight y on plac>> sdhat ecur thehtorde yon macht sendt hal of tur ede y m 2d000-sedal tomeld secuty eloyether 20-d is,el os th arecu bas eyeer ins, whingn. o do thathmeanreasomeo in acnunt wng dohaaneon actin i wasngtomigh be othin i borr? >>hey gh beastogh r rain o. myoint orha d>>'ty ell e in rin mynt dl ultirill n-do ar buet wcan'findhe reurceto ctrol thetilldo bu worden'nd repropceed t colhehing one ade bilto b ofred eryop t rlyng e anily t brm wfchdy
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y wuld wa eve tther w feral quiren w anddllow wa uve toer f alfocun ir getng thendow b udero cu coroll byanuaethe br 201 collyua riod no eironntal01mpac sdies no od eonalac s comesexits,no beau nof laanagent. om itget b daue, as if laagt. it 'sar das i ti. ife nd ianpor, i wou ti raifer nave a we opo iou homnd serityraeoplinve w oom t sety arplonan to t in t waingtar, doag papwork o in eryood ide tt cowasgtdo aprk thugh w hingn ca erunntoodde t co bsta e inheth ehen tha wng ca nutoave a tain eenha e divedouse and sena. i ow t repivlica are se pingd for t na i tepubepcan causesre ngor tub n esd themocts are hingor o th dococracre hgouse if y hava divedouse dndrase se yte, av youave yivse ias seto, ou e makehese ide i more likyo pa to nkeavsedeeik neiga the pa rrib werso n o wasngto n>> sgae.he i ll g eib ws oouas ato s i g apecic
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exple. t bere tt, l me shatci myast shoexwse. we be t l ce wrkt totherin tt reanhosearse i c w rked w thtoer t bears m ihaelnd ed w mel othe. tio'nel wpeak. wehe hadtine w an theakouse wein oer tad pass t aheeagase ogra o whi t wasas ve to we gahad get a rahihirdasf theve demoats vote wit h usd ndet we dird-- th >> how mo>>s otit tuse get the billdi >>ow sned ty etesidthe c bntonl we had to s d rk in a id c bonartienadoanne when en pased bti wfarene eforen onout as eve twoemoc wts re in theor hse v tedont wh uvewooc inhe h vd w 1-10 u that dn 10 biptisa i wld urg the atouse reblics rit nipowsa whe passehe reicri webbarneasill bo demrats om bbneirgia. ll itrovibos fo delopemntts of oilndgi gas offitvi shofo dop tgisfhe l feral gernmtasffhoa tgi fe lyalt gs,nm7 t lt/27orce vge./2 sendt it itoce the v. sene. i n't ink rryndeitt i cheuld ttletenp.
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hai yout twok y c ddocrac le sator inoduchaouwo dt.ra stim orne inuc has endsed t. m if igoes trougas thenddenat i idon'es seeowugheriden oamat co d ven'ee it. the ctren os,t covet. inc ases e amicannergtnces amanrgncrees amicanobs. how'obamog tore voamans.hat? thinthat w'eoplam he toeo vo ret? inatgilend aplittl hto me fosed le atl fding m b artin fod thgs tt w fng aeeomyou b tidon' haveoth tt cprome yo w aomu n'luesve butirtuly c eveomyo rublin woul agres wit the ttuveebb rarneli ulll.grite y nopassbbnet? >>.hysn't itnoss psed bachome - >> >>hy'tt isn pd ibein acme don >indi tngs yousn c iin agron ondi >> w tgs isn ttou cone,grf yo say it n eon wsn tone?t causevere,yo epub can ydt e?mocr i user sakubn to i cr .in s fings aneacho s ise wants getin ng thiansch sa dse. t we reetockehi up l the d tiwe. >>ell,kehat'p partth o why i mti >>l, nninfort'rt o predent hy
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i ha liv thrghhis in trwic re innty lhae.iv hr livhroushis tic a ainy lee iv niorouembein t rsga a yes and as or bepeak tg snish r in t yends -- ak a ssh tpeak ofhe use. -am asakfishetene as eryo e. se by the msage inhenes yo waingt. i ink youldhe me mgen arett y wa gogt i iffek nce. ld m tnk att thagofe ate. tha neworget hav id out ewg verav bol dumenut for eer 2tol den cen ry. r t ireli on themerin 2 ople enif t. hou wer i tolinheri repl le do touer o frk, whi iep cou doo efrily. hi i theouseou wouo repl e iy. the hemerisen ppleouepould put i prsure n th demoeats theri pe sete to replldut .prrethmos he but youse tave ep getotioand he tngsutoue etiod h ts happing, n jt pss ppg, conf nenceand j p aumen. asresint, nfouldce wdkery a haen wit the mocrass ansithe, ld wpublans finthy wa ys haite cr anss te conact witbls in amecaa s ich a tont verolditillme f h jobreatn,er balcingdhel f
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dget ndbatalng retningoons et nstition govnmen et ng>> l's ssrt wh t tionov floenda pr laryate, s w beioved t to nuarlo pr yste,eied tight enatar rk ntor thaheht tught at r senc tha the fix or wha thtn, m rds, his nchaheix gov wnorerry vern s,s omne infence thaovtr e hry sethi rn to done whnfceha it. h ur tught shi aout edo fridat. t ht primy, juary at 3 i t fnkda t im jry fridis wa 3 to t t maxize eir iact d be the firstdiwa to reay bigaxe tater- i t betheyave en t kingest aboea b is lgte b ore ckeye terryngboot inhe l rac be franryy, sce gerno omnein lostache sta ane s gnone ut-s ntst hnta-sccai 1:1 i frida andai 1lost it. fda so yoldi dot kn thastit's fi i wi do soat t stesoldoknha 's deci. myfi uesswiso hat te wi s besn ci my wa orsstwiehrisas a vot o o nuaris 2 aotr o janry ar i2 susanct tt th fst p mary ll bin nampsusre tth a we ter dhen f we pryallo t n b nps hamp airend sth colin
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r n eprobly thelo t n surda eit r mp s cin saobrdayrheeek ter s tdatit an saenay wlk cre tt floda ani thk thes a posbily w th you may getnelo or t thoreth aosl th stouesay g pilgn athe s oe t mees st atis w sl ma i verylo. wma i mplited. v ydon'thinanyby wi hav the re aunt o moy li td. n' indomiybtewiav e at o thi o the ened t medmihiebat e abil ey todave essa, alled thoat this wi be e ilto e vesaal iorta. ifhoou lk athi iowwie ve ita if l watich mikow wh ikckab won he w abonutsp t w 11 iowasptnd n. i inkhat ioneysasefu but i iskteyot sstitfue f t s ideaot o peoe s deciting eu f cod behe bt ea p oside. eo >> predent obamaecg t day,cobe b ppen pde y terd>>re qntted oma to ty, sy,ing en thi yrdas qd ncurtod s g e wrh of mahi pple, pecilyurepubcan, ayinwrof a thathe w i tnk a pute, it ci ubis, n,uinnowthis s a at w t gat at gr t co try , at haswisaotte ga lile s ftgrcoy asd, y kno w idn'teave li sft thatam yno w cpeti ve en'eee
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at cededti e we nd toet bk onrack saied hat ntoo bonnck ait nbc ailia an thaeferceboua n a liiale st is anhaer wtou h li sis abbeed w h be gab dhe adlis. >>e ha gab bee tost dynliic >>ha eeuntr tin t word,eavt ynd ancono tr tor fan enoraornary cabili... u kn, th is ke jmy eorry carcar. li. jikny cathers was in j aol ar as coun'tn fure out how too solvt. secics. ou het feutowo ve lv speecand saeook were ecd goi to sa seraoke, b we can share i oiand o e amican peoe raaid, b an snorehe proem i i d ouaman theo fir hd, and rougro i i rona rean an the rthoverir hnd arteugalmo immed tely na eathe anlye rhinger st temo aboedly e ng s amera iboresint. ited tate who eresn' i dersndmica. si bar.k oba c ses ed beteo n' present, ersill art ma.ave arob r cs ery.e thin that eshatt, ishatl et e r caty.ome tinattst grs wth. dcasn'tte lea teoesngr
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list. . he oesn d't uersteadsn arica or st heonomsns. heoesn ust aca undrstanjo om creaon.he sn is t psonndan whos sofea . it's s h t p inashat ehooft caustheyof are 's hrong ist etmerin p pleusey a asre tnggh as ri pe er. as e yng man t tlk aso w e had jt c ye bacan fm tlk w afanisn an hed j ir ci ac na fonal grd, don'thinaf is antheyhinkheyir are naal g s, t. n'in th busi ssey ownkrynre s thsi wphilelph whonubs a sma ll il pheelho msl. doe't tnk a hemall sofl m. thscho oe t teaereofust talthdho tonea ita,he dalsn't t nkto she'oft. i 's back dama 'to is t sof e'and e e bk a is leas,of the d so onere wiea be ckhe on tra. >> d erwie e sei t muc onra wo>>s? heays de wds aboeiuc getng a ttle wo ofthe ands wmmedtelybo etit a le ctpletndy surat theedly ai aves ndhat' cet s hisathentir aies thght. you lkt' aisir himt itht. moun, l a toy, had snifintimi evt mo put nderisto h belwith sthe fillin evuter ofel tth al q dae inin
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fyeme tis ial fai q for all ous me to i ai orizell un t o ooomme and e u hit m or t te ad whmed t o te it w lk, ihink i'st evitle. ery ime l inkad a i comme ta geit hit.verh y e a h cadme tat' ge itpartrf thusins. le hme sbout tod. rtth he d theightin t ng. le swant toutraishimodor dhehthat. t . was xactntoism the rht decion.t. asas -ct inishe role r a ci. -n commdene re a chi while i disa ee w h himmon snee oerhi ingsleon i sa whi s thipartular sirkhe d ectly t gs rht thinhi rt arany eric rkho d ely i t r a ivel in y atic wa iwithhe uted stes, ael a teric w is wath u edoura sng ts, killg of a ic wthers e araer tans llof cleay anernem aers comtant suect eaeingan kilds aem t ofomnt suat ingotil a procted yof r cmina i jtice stem and roed pridenobam r did chena jce smnd ri teni inprenrderamg tid llinof t se t pripleniner i t inmen. if ure t t t pre pdenten i thunit sta sn. a f a trentn thitta a syndr
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scanl hapns, uld usk fothe ssigndrion of hean ap , cretdy of u erg anif y idn'fo gee gnnf it,ould et ofyou ire eim? ian yn'ge wld fet,ld e ryu peson? invoed ithe cisi? w i uld fe p then decion vo ie si procsi d plic. woul mak theheecn doc entsoc p c.publ. ul i akuldheet eveoc pertsn ouof th ebl govnmeni whod appvet, veer inouudin th the inoven tohitepp houswho, schuledinin theh nmeetgs w th thte uso,chedilliairehe et wth decrat conliibutre to e coany. thishing deatonuto e scolls.y. ere isngnfortion tha the e mohing ss. omine downheoronha he road mo ang psidein leown eishowewho ad waa conrned pde liswe fost f t on ed retati ofhe utedtate f fwoulhave cle ted house and re ti fde udte sulurevele tha heversenend wone o wainvoed ie thaha er deci won pcess >> a rige. awavo ionsurha queciion. p ssnk o f ameriig annncinag itsu will crgeue $n. a o mntrinn fint u ng ll ce it mnte ft u ardits. as predentf thunit stes whatd ass yorentthit ositn? st th gotha nice, big,yo hnyit thot baout om ne, theimerin h pele. lot peobae art veryhe uptri abt beipe. t eohaared $5ryp mth
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abr aeiebit crd5 m my aaiceit i ifou crd don wanto pa i y ae go ifo meeron elnt. pa yoare it traed boanmef el yoamere a. ifou trank b tant's o much to y, doner b if t. g ts omewreuco se. onme b bk isoing t g comew along and hav. f breeisng deb t cdom lg be use eydant t useav of e youreb c bee toan t se younow, o i ur tnk tre a timeetan t uw, mart wrk its t t a way meut. t peoe warl w pts wat -- it' .ke t eo wds i p wat--t's i t f arou i theountathe i f a iouhe watcntwher souwest dided a that fe aggtceer isoust aig ded se ingat proct. fg stheyav verunny comrciasegro . abt shiingour b gageeyeror ny freenomia abhiouthgst.r bge opleill ee dece. yo wanth.oave a lelowerecar yo t ha you tan pe aorerugge haor fou t a p higrare and n't pagg fore f lgge. igthesend tng sor ttmsel spaor ou l gg that eshye taveor tel marts.ou atif pple n' liket, d't buy . ar. >>hat pe ik aut t bzz d y wh>>t gornor a t c bistizz he den ws go or's iandhe sge ctieen of rman
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id s cain stepack d prf end anu ar not aandite. in epk prd ar re ect tdi. aughr] >> fst oret allherm caias gh had f gre ooupl ofll weerm. ai heas vy, vy d perfurein pl ftheebattheether ighthe v in v pmpa.fu eaterhtn d ver wel a.n the floda der poel. myat'heff t himlo pohave my kt'own h tmanorim man ve yes. kn we f hghtnan ye we hlary fre.t heerve on tax comssioi h crryted . theheven taxom midio0s.i hascrd a gheatutur in gornme, iid. hinkas a iron gallythe ourn gomeiandatenk only whe hail fm grgia havte me te is th e twh ofil fs in t g iaav laoll m hav mor ith tf votin t combed hanlalavor romy andot mban 1 ommoreha d per. sot'sindf 1 i eresreng t e ter so geosiansd afreoing illes t ght. tam n doi aseons aellsng t. rman but n toink iillatchll p. bui am hap ant tkfor il hcherma he's ear d tbuam hap'sr a ter hficma 's pearon f toverr chr htie wa aserc to me in, pe feer oughroe comewao n. n, asomeby wugodmis h
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me and thin he' donasveeb woodiob hnd newine'on jsey.ved undetandas i thi gernor ew jy. rry dend iiscored,hehiecon gyouno oss e iney and bcoomed, aonu s presentie cannddateyo a b e in a difrent estian ltegue. a ffert qution areinifntsked l e.ffert pe le ierestiquteone yo edtherare ffert ne mea er alpe i otir y ery yo er de . erne yoe k w,al o i ysou d yo knd tumb iusins. he'sou goo g. he as ambin eff'stiveoorosetor. g's a erhe a eectiffveser. gvern . a heoulde an entertiting rsono he inhe re. i grn wldheld sayanhe serenghing t on hin gornor ral i i wshe cayes sng i t e rgoeoral i ieide c i o n. r erybyold iuse coue o we os agn. t's ybldus tou-per on weag races now ey underand ter how silly th ce w loo uerd itill hly be deth on. thoo fstitl ve wi bee o thowa, v sewind oenintofa,anua. se othentecon inewampsre. tilhoseua vtes sta e conin iw ps in.nobo nlowseanytng vsorta c re. dinbo so,owyt igoveor cisti . nts o,ome d i plave wld c ti beonornd s elige ed thave
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m atla t w nebeor debe. anyig tve ance thaat t abody wle comen asebn y ceha ady w iepennt. me s dona tru has madehat ien . rerk, lot naruasimes met re go, rnort arah pin h bee es with noi a agoorah tea prt p hee thoi a candeaate. p rt youxpecanytng usual >> lk,f w nde. ouecoyt ual lomine w somedy, d't s anydy wh fiin ts. so am me, g dng t s beny whiaref. t ifs.e som gere te toomineobodyef oifnfurtedheeoin nserdytive thewe validurd probm beusehey uld berveheo vid angrobbee thy factd b is,o amecans grant th ct thes,mensmerin whis wt to t at pside o bamathant triwh wto at h o pdemaadlythey at t so h o commted gttinlyhimey outf a s the iteoe, tha mmd ginm thewoulut be verost e e toe aha thiheul i t most coment a thahi are y. siti aboi mo t cact ntatha i resed rettac mtibo t flowt reblics be use oplered aac m fw so ccernre thaic webee lee a u fied ord c tornhaeefe ob ubed rdo a. don'thintherfeis a space in 20bor a. n'iner t ardce parin in0 the
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righ tthermay on e lef ar nifhe heonties to gh ery n ef dec e ifti to ecomy ntinsecof tecayi theck yoy coulin see a thi pay onayhe lefthyoul t i n't eeink aere rmhi r onpaon agastef i t k bame r a ion thi gaeryo wan tm bt abamahind yowillan t votforheain b mandide. >> re y llotr sugstin notn cessily aidhird artyn th>>e yugin ot leftbut somne i ssy he ptyrdtyth chalngin ft himt omdo i youores p any of thaalin atim alouesny f aughr] ha >>t am tuggeing. i amal sing,ou ghan't >>m hav ageg. pridenwho m sg,'t thiav pr inenfecto e apoxime who hi waers arod dinngct thiapsimwh tt ke n owasense aro dhiho -he tas n gin upse a bei - psint. hegiunsup arod aei camigns p si .he dsn't sit dn wihe thesro a ngre orry tam getns any ing d'tit dwihe rer ne. t etnyg ts enomyecs uch.or and end tp emyithunemoyme goin d p,nd iouldmagi em mercumance in whe seldemoctgi gngo dide umce t rhe s agnstim.oc g de am t notayin r it t i ink emsotinnt gater p .ngerf a i khird pty fm the
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le ger prostin er a h psiderdy pthan f wthear nger leroin of h pdenybo an w splir ing erefbo lig enti-obamote. ai- toplaeda learsam kill byhee. opedea us. lly coressn ancandate f u coss an ndpreseent,on p fl isalli it est, pisnli aassition itthat comg u an a alssion new inat the nomiona heth c ue btle anlsewhend nna he c be vndgini atrneyener i vni erat. ey aners i oma now g ingan rog? u tl o n uow g g we wl heog fm t predent u ama omin w uhep frent ain up malennouer ] hearthisne? list to is. the ou of fler amouican ] ardon'isget ?oughegetles. sto . thou faman n't ghet s. so he's ve bks helyou y v8uice hs fi b buc. th's aot ogree elu v8ce fi ucgo t v8jue.cothfor aupon o ee you n cot ons. tjucor on u coon
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juni ] ilayeprofsion sketll f 12 ars. ni iodayye ownof 1on wen 's rettaur fts.2 s. ay wn1nd ienet m rfinauring. frm geapit. but al gettuff i mthatnaoes gy befrnd bgekingitutalet ffweot oaty les peobee mo by, ng helthemave . we o le[ eoniormo ge gines elfounemwayse o cumy ergy e. [ or e [nehery ] unysre cufici et liy tingelps jior ay on lar... [ry e [ ciniorli ngd sepse moj cusr mers ola.. syou' notust ttin fianci cap[ al..or semousrs scheru' ] yot're t so ginting fihumacicapiapl... not erst m yey. e owle ge.ngmapi [unio] geapit. ey' notust nker..t m. le [ iowgere bitlder y' otjunit ] .erand ey'vhelp bud myusins. w ber ni .d 'vlp bumyin. the's ly one ttleeft i'veot ttellusie ths e let thvendg maine elm isvelmos temptll ie th ndi'm ma it,e oss.lmis ospt new m nyt, s. soy ! w arepen for sine. so! renr ne
10:20 pm
let'reroe gr freo. owinbusissesse chinto-mhine echnt'ogyro gr re insies in -mneom vhnizonyirels. susi! vonel the ing chin.. siread fill. e g in ol be. adbecalle thbusi wi theest chnogyul. b cathsi wihet no ul ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ dogarks [irdshirpg ] ogks ♪♪ [dsrp]♪♪ mechicalreatng ] [nginturnover chalat ] ♪ ♪[inrner ♪♪ [ale nounr ] e a-newolksgen ssat neworce[ e in une mi]ize tego . aewksn at ewce n mie go ♪ ♪ [ale nounr ] 192 itaan fd ca to io. [ e unne-r] ened92omat s tad re f itacaan so sone.meat -redat reta sne thatfoodot fous. d sosoid t che thod fs. soso the hell i achefoyare.ll aef ar quaty iredits rervates stl inveryowl. ua idi reat
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stinryl. allheseive fe dvers a scou. bu onlallste givesaferive morlsee drs a bonou che e sixbuonthnl lsey d ve aveidenfefreeveor onheixth d aenee sohat'it gng tbe? eee, mnie,iney.sot' g t? ee me,ey mor shp le. t mo. makene cl to an aorstatagen shle moke cto aaten
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10:23 pm
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10:24 pm
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10:25 pm
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10:26 pm
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10:27 pm
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10:28 pm
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10:29 pm
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10:30 pm
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:39 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:47 pm
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10:48 pm
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10:50 pm
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10:54 pm
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10:55 pm
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