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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 1, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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it h a stiont. a a obrai scopnce d th gs h sono sav tril oons ai sce th dlars s thaavi dot thk anody' t kedils abou d rs it haha a stiondothany' t ond ou haa ang sheonn juciarback in balce. italks about aju subarantickn reinki ofal. itksur aut nat analub ti curi tratrey ikinf aay i atn't link ybodelse riatas i a dresd. i it alkst boutk heodsesef es m ernitksut nagentechnues toave up mn to $5 b ilgeonhnsoep yar 5 bil ndamtall yeplanghe enamrell cil serce process at glasa to en tierross g 10s.a o aitio the t arepecic oposs t 1. eplang t aiohereci envinmen l prosectis t ageyla t wi a visoluenonsprtige wi ancy. lu sdon'knownybo elswho taed aut tha a ropon'lowbolso ta for a aha er apo tion flatax. ord th ae is a prosal cronte alax. this a1stenturol ood cr an adrugdmintratn th is, it tnk,tuod gainanpretuginatths, tk, gnifantldiffent ominet othe fol. yoknow if stlefft piehesol oveap.yo ow
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ere no sueson, ie nmber ve of. us liev e hato a zos, ner pitaofgains evt tax i thi z tt hean cn an ta in lkedboutaxhe hi the can cleanodel ed ut ofllowgoung canel pple aveofow persal sial secitng pe e rs s acluntsec miche bamannntroced e bi to acts chbaepeannrod bio dodd fnk. ea ere e so oveaps dodome f ar.s th are e so rvellys de uquel newtingr h'sarthre 21s ry ctury ntra wit uel wtgr asrica tt i 1s don'beli ce anryothe ra it ndideas acaalke tdibout n'lianet.he all idkeut rig. .e ple llaid thato sece thig borr,ou plightd senha hf ofheec thorhten3,00base h of homand seritymploe the00se iomdnes at ase btyedloth i iashiton.s es t t me a b somne i icounhin. tmeom i ungn whingn mit ben the bder? themight b wngmi poiis b thar?t on'thegh tel bme inra. a oiha'tel mul-tri ion-llarin dgete cat fi the sours toontr tulrin-ar et borcar.fihe viprurosedtowotr t this. onisor bl toe ofere verpred earlhi on in b mytoerm ohichreer
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rlouln ve eryyrm othcheder requement aul all es tth er fos on quen gting t allorde t fo ntroed bn janry gng t 1de 24, ro ban peri. nonvirment 2 impttudi ri noirntmp cdiplexies, noure of nd manemen cex ges,itnoeone, ff anen get's ware, f me. weeed's manwer,ar wld . thered ha aaveanfr, w heland curi peoere ina ae hndexas ri eoizonin than tsit shin on, oning perwo.n t t >>very go iahat mesin, g p wo roug ashiton n rury ino i t san obscle the ugvt tthi n ruyoun hav a bse he t uav d aided hou an sete. knowhe r dubliedns a ou ahopin f wose. ow rep rlicalihous a pi fep ca usand e demrats aopin for two d ememoctstic ain hous. iforou he a o dided hou andoccou ifnate hdo ya havany dedounddeas tote y avy ma the ias masor lely to ssto tmaavhe i mor lyateiote t horrleater tavf whingn? >>eiure. t will iverrer you wng >>e. lleou spefic
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ampl but forehat,et m say thapec my pas s wpl w t ret, manork sha mygeth, inashe rgan sw yea w rk workith thin b robneaicha and rkth bha nd otrs. p o'illas speer. ot. h o'l in ticpe hou.. inrdero h pshen t reanou proginm, werch w p sry bold w ea hato g a og w thi w of e deocratto v we w hha and g w a hid --f e h ? de >>at v whond w g til -- h >>igne by gpresent tlintil w h t ne work iy a estntipar wsan h t manr. wh werk i psed aarnelfaan refwhm,e e ouof ped ery t demratsfa tefouseote ouiths, e temts tsete h 101-1. th's darn 1- bartin. iould urge tth hou dn publans ght n bowti ild urg t psou the bls t now we/warr p bihe th docra from wear virnia. i pro des revel dmentra om o oi andir ga. o ro ss reelnt tves o the oi ndderaoverent g o s halfhe tshe raroyaies,erta 3 yas, 1 forirge se i as is toor tge sate. don' thinharrse reid ito toul
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bott it s up.e. ve yn' tinrreiulemoc tic tttenats p. trod ed y t it.occ tiatcane od h eorset. it. tine ift go thro hh t ese sene, it. if dogot s t howro t pesidtbamaen i uld doto s iow thfactidam is, i d i i reasth ct erics, eney, ias icne incases eric job hos oba going tnceset icob tha i thk th ho peoobeogave be t moreha thth agi andeo litee e ore re cuseonginditindieiparsan se ingshaedigreep yo ar dont ha to gsomprise ureeyo dovaluha. o bu virally eprrye epubcan wod aluee w h thbuirly e we/warubrn wobill a wth why t paear it? ll why isn iy paasse-- >> bk hot? -- hy whysn i i'tset be g bho d-e? >>hy finnghin y ianbe aee d >> in. >>hyn i'tha y don a if u sa ican be >> i don becae evyonf replicasaand ine ondemo at i caevpeakepcad ts mo i .gak fiers d ea tays he wnt to g . fi ts ngsease wntone. but are g loc tds uall ee. t weloc tha us pal ef w i am . el runng fohapa pside. w
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i ve l ied toughm thi nnfowe p de m i ife. l t ghi led thrghhi thiws a gee.rne l junihr memr inhehieagan aars aee a ni em[speiningpani] ga inhe s a a - pegsni in speer o the hous -i am aspe ohe disarted a ever neus elseams b tessa iiste aer se shinon. thini b cou takesa i prey inod. difinrenc ouiehinkrey tt if anc nk t nt.or we a he laid oa nore vy h b d idocum ot fothe v1st bum c tury fo ebutt rees o t amecant peop. c ifryhe h se w et tre o tmen real op difdd h w t ank, wcht r clld d d asilk, w if t hou c w dld realilt, th t ameoucaneopl w rl wou p essu on e dethcratin tmen pl nateo realou p t. sun deat t b y te havo r lto g motn anave.hing b yav gotaneng haeninotustress hain coerens antssrgumts. predenti co wouenanork ver umrd w.h thdemo ats red thnt ou repukicanto fd there wyto wth mo s passthhe ctrac wpuhan fth arica w y whicis a ss cac vy bol w bil aca or ic jo a creion, v banciol theil
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budg andjoren, bcihe rurni to con dgnd constutial gernmt. rni >>et'soontartithhe nsti g fnmrida >>imar's datrt bhng movo januy 3 f1.da arlastat bov nigo sennuorick st santum tt heighoug inenk essee, tt t f nt tasheug in, m y word thiseis t t a f gernon, m per goveor rdhi romy iluen t gtno one ader omet ngve to om with ien tt i e yourhougetbouthe to whlori i ur ug prary,anuaoue1. >> ihinkrihe pry,ualorians nt ink mimiztheimpacand th firris rllyig miz staei -- acd th hav beenalkithir aut ry ig thisongta- eforrickthaven perki a got the is rge.orck frerkly,inceoverrot rom yhe lo r the ste fr hey,ceerom outpentlo he john seut mccntn 0:1 hnnlori ancc lo:1 it. ri yank i n't ow tlot it a x. t. i ll d whathetate yi t t it dede. guei is d thaat we ll bte in de. iowaverueshae bn chrtmasnd ven war januyhr as v or juary nu9. i r s jpectryhat eirst rima i wille inew ham shirectt wek lateand the wstma gal n ollewinam re
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hashir we andouth arol ated he w prably talatury, e herhairndthol prturdly or t a weeafteurha er d thenrdrillee cteome frida. i ink ere is pensibiity lat y m ceet one fdar woi mork es pbiy yates met pingne on theamer timeor as es frida pg n thisheill eke t meers fda isl compcate eri dot thk anody ll he thpuremounf mney mpteo doth doannatey h threun ts. my tharne mdoiate t debes th abity ne hava mesge, l m of tseeb tngs ll b veryaby av esry, lmpor nt. t youook t is a, be or. ouk hic me iic mhuckee w. heas ck w out enhe 10-1n iowut and won. 1thin1 tha mon isownd use l, n. bu it iinhaon ns aubstseut orbu i idsr pple dstidinyou uld theest idresint. p e psideba dinuoda d het happedsi.esteay pdeuoteba day,daayin pp tste haste inc redy, in the ath mny taseopl espeallyncd rep lica saye gh m th theay ihinkboutpl i pely ep iscayouay kno, th is thhe inkreatut i eat untristhatu hnoths gotn aat ttleo. t tr at hand,ou kw,edidtot hava le th sam e d, kompetiveiddge weav tham
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needpe. vee weeeed getack tra. he sedd thawed toetk anra shabconffilte d tt refence abt abc ilttleoft tefcehatbaas let grabddedt abed--rbed the headnes. we ved bnhehe mos dadamics. e bcouny inhe wld, we haveos dhad ic ecomy unin wd,eav ofd coxtradina ow, is i flikeimmyrana c .. u mmy , rter i w ikemy a ttal c r. onom mesy er he w cldn' iigur o a h t l soe t. oomes c hn'ur o h tgave asot. speh an hid lo w arevepean gng tbe miseoble,ut w we crehat. g an tthe eric p ple se saie, w c noha the pblems an youe .ic ey p feedimai a no broheht pemn roould rgan d th ecovy f a starrod alst imm iate. ro r thn onlyth thiovoft aral autmmte thlyhit amicas a a predent unit stas whamdoesat undetand aeric reif bntack ama easeitto btawhes pr iden wedend wilstartoic hav a bk aecseover b i th k thpr thaene i whail hearav n'er com thothha ihae ips with he oesnom lrn he doe't s
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li doe'tsnnder landeoemeri o li. econoeics. doe'terdri u oerstd job ons. crtion oe he iheerso ust wjo is scrt. on it iissodea thaare ws sof becae th s a it wro.aha e theof ame can eoplcathre a aroough emenplver. a theoung m igahed toho r. ha ust eomeng b mkromo ghantan d thehat aqie b tionmuardi dot th k ann th thi thehe ai th e bunessth ohinerhe i at. bu ss o phradelia w rub s ph elstee wubill he dsn'think h's s seet. l e sc ol d'tnk tcher i h s jus t kedsc in terusowa, she toesndhink n shs sof a,it'saracheobamsnwho nk s t. sh anthe ofoner he'sacamo lves, s t ane ere soon we lll bs,back tn tck. o one b weck sze too mhn on t. rds? saytheordse a sut t m gnting litt s? sof aayeds immiate a g itng ttofompl aelyatures tmmte rwavit and thasply hur t ente av oughnd if yookhat hnt h,at gh yean,k day,e had aignicant ht ent ton, p und his y,ad bt wi thnikillntg to pndis o bwiwo aedathll in o
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yen. is t fr fda afin us ye t is f fseiz aponheus one t comnt a n iz n hihimverhheadith oom an himr iad? h >>ook, thit's i inevable evertim ik,hi made'somntht evts hle ove th eerimadeadom it's h pave of he busess. t meaday abot' tay. paf heid t riguss.hing mei wa tbo prae hi t for. he tig tha ng it w exawaly trahi toright desionha he w hasxa- i his tolhts deon as i coandeisrol cef whi di greeith com ondeome other c wthinhi, on dieeh on tes paicul o er disiz heidxact heinonight th tg. paul an amer ansi whohectsht ctivyth an aerho r wi thenitetateivny aameranho i wihetencougingtehe kiing er oth ioumngican iskig clrly th enyan cbata bjec tocl beiy kled asnn act cta waecr,eis not kds p tect byt ouarimilustiysteot a p ct yesidt oba d themitite a ghteng i id ordobinghe d hekillg ofhesewo eoplte irdgn llyemeof >> iyou arehese psidepl i e un ed s tesmend iu are pde un ss aolyna
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scdal hpenswoulyo ask r thresiynatio o thescl h nssecrulary nergy? d ifskou did t thtsiio ohe i wou cry yofir himrg >> i ifid ouldire iou everyyoirersoim i inlvedn thdecion? ldwoul meake ery tso disio inedth ci? press ulublie i wod me t t dio dumenprs li pu ic. wo mwoul t get e dry penson t of epu. gernm t whulet aroved it, e p n cludofg teose i gnmwhhe whi a ve hoe wht, sedul ud t t e i meingsith ehi howh sul bilonai t megsh mocric ciltribaior tth mpan th thi cr cib t mellan theris thhi infmati tt tre are re thisll comerg d thenfti t t ro . e hiresintomike d eheenhor wh ro was ccernsie ehowhirstorhe wa crn putaon o thenite stas st wod ha canedou a ta omadeheteta swourha c tedt evouyone aas gon de who s inlvedn sur t tt evne desionroce. >>ll ronht. o ined conmer t qdestioon cebank f>> ame rca. aounc g ion r wiharg q $io5 ankfohme ancorg i singwi rg $s a debitng car s. pside of e unedet ates wtars. is purdef un posion? es ey g a wtic bg,s anyosn? g iloufromic t bg, amecanny ople a loof p ple oueomve t usetmen out bng le lo p chae rged $ve a utonth
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for t b debaha.ed $th >> m r dvicebs, i you d't wa to y t, mic g i to oumber d wase.o u arnot tppedy g bko er of . amarica.t you thinkedhat'too mh tf pay, dam' ou t.nkot' somohere mh t y,else dsomeank goi.o ceom areon an hsee a fmerek oi ditard c a on caustheyan wanhe u hf f re yo dd useyan mo. u yo kno if yohinkherere tiso let heyono m iketork ink re y ti out et if pple milltrkay i y it is utlike he pe adsl wt ch i as kely ardsnd t coury w thes ds iar t waouh whehe sthweecid i three bagwaagewh i swe a bigid llinth pducteage i th hav aeig vy fun cmerc lsin pct out sppin you aggathav v for un fr on crc t s souinwestouga peopor wil frn dide. u woutst to hav opil low d fare.e but ve y wooayav forowar luag t or yay a hheror far adon' uy f or auage. h threar ahings stn'hemsves f t. e. th 'sth why weng hav smss mkets th ifeopldon'hyt leeav it,on't buit. m ts wha ifpln' lbouthet,u't bu.ith ha vernuthrise, h diesh rnhe'sn an theurgeis h ds o herm
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'sanhege ca. st bacand oetenrmyou e no a candate ca stacd enu flecno-- aante [lauter] >>irst fec a, hean cn has au r] haa>> gstat coue o a wheks. c as wasery,ery haower gl in ou o th debe the w oth. nig asy, iy tamper in hethebththig iid v y w lmp in t frida v wll. n has t offo h f.da i ha. anowfferma for h my ha ars. ow oughmaor m s. illacaregh serd o a cmissn laeaterein t er o c mss 90s he h te treat fute i vernnt, m0s thi h. iricalat, thtwout i rn, candidashi ir al tho haoromeorg hanedaore votet's ewo oham us herg h st pol hee m etes e o vess coined th ol h m rneyan v coedh0% r moy thanan pry. it' kin o ntermotinghao seehe p. gt'rgiainre doi allerng righ e i amot dng as gia were asoill gh herm , buami dhin as wil cate sup. t i h pyrmbun foilatern. he ep.ned .i he'sfo trifier he ersond. govnor cisti's nts tfi tcome i on heov orht c tti co s t i
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somodyeho o admres coim a thn.ks hs d e a omryy goodm jobs a in nth h derseoo unrstaob, as tnkover r nse perr untaas disvere the t secd yoerr crosthe linrr aisecomreheecyo os preidenalin c adida, youreom a dfere pren cdaeaguyo diffent estis ar dre ask gudiff ent opleffnvest gatetiar u. sk the ardiffent ws m dia ff t lleesverteou every tharay.ff t u manow, rt's ery a rgh. andw, tule bussess. he a gdnduy. wastunuss. eheecti g procuto he's. very asffecve etiroto ove or.'ser wou be intecesti pers toave theace. ve.ould ou se thentameti thi orso e hevern f shld somesheehin, the acernssh wides pee eeverody to id a cplef eks o, it'erayo cwo-peson s rat'. notheyndstan-pnow sil eyra no leyk.ndan wilow sil bwide pen. le first ilote ll b bden. iow fst e cond br nih ofow janry. nd thni secofdn ne hamhire unti thoan.ote srtthecomingne am re, no dy kntihos anhingte for sin sure and no snanngf gornororhrise re wantdto s comand pgoy,or iouldis honed and nt delomhteddo ha
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him pheld nxt onnd date. aneledha chan tm tnyboill n co in a de. an anan tbolndepdent con a donld tmp had thaepnt marka lo ofdo t h tim.adha rkvernlo saralinas bn im wi nses a rnar tayin b wi n a ca tidat do y expt anhingnusu? >>ook, if ecaat yxp doanngsu >>k,f nomate sobodyion'teeo abody o ftsomehi i asodyoing'to b ady f carul. we a werng b t nomate someboar. who e infiate theer tom e oconsbovatis, t n we oal anfte he prlem caus the woul nseti t sweal anpry.m us hee faul i arica an wan-- fa ose i aca amecan o isant anbeatresint oba e wanomen ist beat imat ssi oba bad, thanreo at coittetoettadg hith o ofo thwhit house, ttcotetthi ty wo od f be vy ho ileth titoe, t trd two bepart v get oree tommes tt t a rt posive a utt he facmethat t i fuse ato att ksiy aelloacat i publans causpeop settrelo soonce ed tblt ws usop be nifi so in oer tce t w deate oombfi o t ai dot thk thee isny spa 212 ob for a a doththishird spa p ty i 2 tor a
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rit. thrde mabe othe lt. p i if t h connues t ri thma oe l d ayif h ioneshe t onomcontues d to i dec, i ink omu contds so trd rty ec thei l t.k co but don' sthintherisoom t for e y he ainst l t n'in obaerm . ir tnk aeverstne wtsobaeat obai t and er wi w ve fo the mait bacandate.nd areouwi vfo shegestg, nai nece aril and thie. par on ere sst n le, bu s eone nceil theaartyhiarn e chlengg le hbu? s done y forheee aty o tchtng a h do yl?or a o [lauter] t a i anot sugstin it i a ayin you au canr] a hte augin iesidt wh aisinouan ts h a ideffewhive proxate o t nder aund oingfe te ngsoxe ohat makeo er sen anddng ts who- het has keo ven en bnghohereasdent runn aundnd b cpaig. nt heoesn sown th tun ad congss o tryo c gig athinhesn sn t ng o ry done gif ainhiscono decays mucne mor e anwe e upsno withecsucor unploynt gogan up, e ip couit imane a un oycircstan go wrep, iomeou demratma isoing to ecid rcano wune ains himemt ngo iid a n sayg i willnsim hapen but thin he a is nay in illreat ap dang of t ine thisartynrom e
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ftat p test gngfisresihincy thtym ee neadang pst osiy any dyth speattinngth ony spin antooba vot >> ant t al qaa lder isob kied b theot a tlaa lrs.s. ki b ngreman hed caidators. re n ca pratiden ronaul calng prenonl analssasnati. th's cingnp. d aasoti ns inth t catiogl althareattl a nin t aio thetlirgia torn genalsgi her e.rn den isbamaer.oin rue?s youellmas. in weill ar r? rom u plside obam comwegl m pde amom malennouer ] hearthisne? list to is. the ou of fler amouican ] ardon'isget ?oughegetles. sto . thou faman n't ghet s. so he's ve bks helyou y v8uice hs fi b buc. th's aot ogree elu v8ce fi ucgo t v8jue.cothfor aupon o ee you n cot ons. tjucor on u coon
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juni ] ilayeprofsion sketll f 12 ars. ni iodayye ownof 1on wen 's rettaur fts.2 s. ay wn1nd ienet m rfinauring. frm geapit. but al gettuff i mthatnaoes gy befrnd bgekingitutalet ffweot oaty les peobee mo by, ng helthemave . we o le[ eoniormo ge gines elfounemwayse o cumy ergy e. [ or e [nehery ] unysre cufici et liy tingelps jior ay on lar... [ry e [ ciniorli ngd sepse moj cusr mers ola.. syou' notust ttin fianci cap[ al..or semousrs scheru' ] yot're t so ginting fihumacicapiapl... not erst m yey. e owle ge.ngmapi [unio] geapit. ey' notust nker..t m. le [ iowgere bitlder y' otjunit ] .erand ey'vhelp bud myusins. w ber ni .d 'vlp bumyin. the's ly one ttleeft i'veot ttellusie ths e let thvendg maine elm isvelmos temptll ie th ndi'm ma it,e oss.lmis ospt new m nyt, s. soy ! w arepen for sine. so! renr ne
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let'reroe gr freo. owinbusissesse chinto-mhine echnt'ogyro gr re insies in -mneom vhnizonyirels. susi! vonel the ing chin.. siread fill. e g in ol be. adbecalle thbusi wi theest chnogyul. b cathsi wihet no ul ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ dogarks [irdshirpg ] ogks ♪♪ [dsrp]♪♪ mechicalreatng ] [nginturnover chalat ] ♪ ♪[inrner ♪♪ [ale nounr ] e a-newolksgen ssat neworce[ e in une mi]ize tego . aewksn at ewce n mie go ♪ ♪ diabes tting wh elsis n? u gethe ood, hopet' s engh, 's-- ab tng whls n gee d,wh'pes t'? en, '-eeste li® bloogluce st sip. w'th stli® suoo, i'u'll ry i but s . [bp] w. suyei' thal' i utth pateed [b eest e pwik™ dign. yeh' thte i'liket-- st ik d[bn.h] tgetshe bod.
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it 'yeke, dr-s itightn. [b tts b. e te stas fa. yedru neit jushta th d e bld ofne tch.® tetafa neusth blokayoffree tyle .st s ips. i'llake'. ayeee ss. surecall or cck-- we''lli'endll e you'rips nd mete fre relln't i cst --ve tse? 'lldu ps tere f'styli lite est rips t ? callr clk toy. fryltet ps llclto
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1:23 am
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1:24 am
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1:25 am
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1:26 am
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1:27 am
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1:28 am
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1:29 am
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1:30 am
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1:33 am
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1:34 am
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1:35 am
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1:36 am
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1:37 am
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1:38 am
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1:39 am
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1:40 am
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1:41 am
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1:43 am
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1:44 am
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1:45 am
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1:46 am
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1:47 am
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1:48 am
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1:49 am
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1:50 am
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1:51 am
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1:54 am
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1:55 am
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1:56 am
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1:59 am
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