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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 1, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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h min wilfeaightad e,>> waitg foyou.ilht he,ait fo ammyiing usicn my rhard hisrk wc wnh ttor bind rrd btest tit.or ckabgovernois mike h ovnoi hab ank y, thkou vermuch k ythkerch lcomtouckae fromhe fox ws sdiokaro iork oxty. os one ohe iunnitk . tngs eosee is o t ynitube ts v ee graspares w wer t ybe unknrainglreroar as w w theery d kn uglarhes whe t cam. ig>> loo o atow t the u wonke doothe ikeapre aptu?ut it i o >>ut i tha i o a preytu goo>>monk.ha i areyoonk. d it ain. t n.
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take ahotapke sot.t (wning) s. (in >> whyon't i tak a 'ticthye? ta i ahotak >> donct tat kno dea on i i byefcdenteae yomust stoy recdingcntefor tryi yio e.ose.sttoecngor cybeink benkt kn wha i rerdindo shukns.ha i reinhu me us? i rord >> o ghe ror ohee]s? >> i rdilahemndhat vio caecim at vi youcabe sension.ou so.illn vwers a tus oullhat v lrselo a tuou ctple l areel g fafur hoe c aere fae oithd thoe tooins a inur naudisce. di.eaellnmeruc a eher iucman a er
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hun tay yo gu wch t i sw a o t e tme you w t s a yo ou tely d svery atuyoayt d:00. >> ery soutu aren t0. >> wesoast. reat it ts whe y canesst i se it? do yhe yapean i >>set?. o>ow de i you fige oow it. >>ouig o tat. y aisapintewhen y are t o a deate t and o gy >> spt toat comnd g fm sptoear omrtla, oron t fe ths.r laor t af, ly ley ople tfoe fouck qui the ak seraluitorifi thath abbe my attenon a soeleri areoingha to ng takyen ao t hotste headones theeekak and i a t
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ads e yhe myeknd i pnt o af go view t whenhe tim yy is p o up. l.enims b here i t frst hdlin isrehere i t ft pni hin i the isre wit hous pthni psint w on ihe tf t wit rl hisndrin t t t a tis w w sein high joe den eheoist se a ididoe n s a floda riotati th the ectiolo rti is thhe eio a rerend oarackba and re jo bidanangacheconond and ty o jo notdure ty oow hheppy theno pret te hyherent
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o hrhat torme ht mpai man ter forme backsed this aianoromparin aaayid thais et a wulri a wulyiha be tiitetic rugg. in athat.out tianti l a dad hert. is aletiti apiecofers adce. l eched. r wore tanic to descbe altioor tha tticou sc aohaver next t upi ssioanl dxtocrap a nt. tnnggio dra ainst predent abam ag stsenare majntity learmarry ldnatajringy leary obare'sob babillldtng to t sena flo. lloresi tnt aenalo his. irt rtoeredsi why ais weotoedhynti dk durb sllould thtieans ringrbldtth tohens looweno causngwe don havt the vootes itoos no usheon repavlins keheing vest froitnoapning ieps ke shis orong iart
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> anew jsertoverr ris sayano wne j meanyes?oer ayst oi hen't w a cl. h'tla aur nt headline frida se t priry n feain jan fryda 31st se t y ds fhat?an stit chaes d dsamic of tt? elecon. ecloraoe dicarlyf t . ns n hamhirer andowaly and n m n samutre carinandowa rldhan tha a wou sutaraould befo chroutmasnd meald tha fohr laseeaave aha ish gromtn dadvaage d the a e dva teonos antad i m mney so wt i goi ana i wh tt? ws i somhing hoie to w tee yo ton.omng h andinaly,eeet myo tyeln.ou dethg. ali wa to sw y wt i am oag he. g s y wmm tak ndogohe hot akpraccingsorotog setng. ng. .otm i eati the set. whog fntewtihe wee agohen pre amd plateorn $3500rent f.nntheat p thete
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$35,0 a plde. e,a flidesooki dierendono and pdeaidski i y f ndenno nce evering iou y win a cha odo hang dier witin t aresint.hae 3 t whatansi. y b nfo w yo bks. yoy b bcks? kthis iot d b.s? ifou wist i toe iart t d if t doo sum t,t t g t dois bsitum ivim g t thr buc andou itan heiv h dog withruc ane pside. [a hlause hog it allight pde llht xt wk, y wt toendn ur y wod favite heainet uc maile mht useaveeaouree had neneiln msere hk'ad qckix. >>ittomn les h q thex. last henewsolltmnneheepublin fid oa liwsl predentl caidat g tocord hefi pll o 23 d rd vtoers ppor pll theorme met he msach vetts or goveor,ith mchtt ric perryn icitveh,19 pcen.h
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atatcoit pen d.rop fm fh a0.ernt dp and rmanain canmo aoing d annlacihirditan 17 pngcent. pntpeakadcird chae t an toadha mitt tomne earer.ak netveor, i ireo yoar her. h,k iou f i comreg. tha keer you m th haou m doike oidiffentlthisouimehan fo artl yisereenoear he outll ye ove thear ut vehent soone id wri dow one wor whe barariow oba soodneor for chan orwhra he .ba rnd aut hlaryor cli cat co up h ithho a an camittcoomnepsame thi. n thilked abo attonet ofmessuehi but w totedbo cle wtof rtnd wt wole w make re i d his wtak is rce, w or se. im t r,uy w tor p. arica back ti tworuy cckllin t mesgeay ir nd t t d f cinesay i meliengn amica fdut arinsack nmto thats the wa mesgend arik atlesss havhe a msagees a
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arlyssav mge and eun knntorlely somethi. eh h knheoteomhi cnge? ys hn hhichoute cge are? apoachg itic itre apchit i a elecratehanour yrs a howectenr ke.e ae wed sow runng, he had predent t wt wasun, .eaf adnrent te anas aesulasf the w no onen aul we wer runng agnst. th wwe woenealng a wuturerun own agt. w nowooki athe a ewitdngown kiet hoe ouse re o heit obviouly ilednd e seur hbouly p edos ar p,nimangro tsthis ents sr hasmaan tgr c tntry es dtfereas decti tn te cry scrid inhe c dpaigre dti tit i pbabl i p motblate ergid an pty f uandor on theoteer gian si p. a ud onhe gd deali. a g dl lsrgiz. brging peoe tgeth lndiz fsi si feo tth ameca ane, h ,asn deleredmen. ane snel isedlt e mom
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d rt ouromm pty.s ti treos ang out turre p. t icis butut t in' tha d t asu ye wttyuts in'ohangry dis a oaattdatehatry t doesn' w ext. th are loong forx a dfere on threooor chs ch dstiere on ouoeshat d chschie a caidatt everweek dheres mhinehat uperekreveryefall mnenovet wi a f thpudde w illhinke o w.nktthde weantt t meur we tplwee th predent m d we wt somnel eatehontan mehim a wtomachi gethe couttr ou a onra.hiet i bonra. d'tegre th fac tt pele a ting d't hard lkrthac t dpe a mac ting els wiaring lo gt actheace. cols on igo and weetlut hee. co dehende mic ysce aee who hathe shot ofic aho hae rep sacit present ama.f est pa.ple ttepi ee hdspr t lking ceful and pe dold t lumng culhondas strgnd
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sah paldo t is stng. trke, i sahhght youalight i gettn. thea ,e? to ththtou ihtetight htouldtoo tha and stlo ldet tal sw.hand >>tivep one o thee s >> i you i were ane on ihe oould.e a fferout render a you ion'tld ak outhat a ero r out am 'tsure k ltto of peo e sam re lhyfeosn'tike isa the. i a loong a'teheiel anin thefm wee aoo or awoel an pele t wil stt doweer awoake apel dcisiils.ttow >>e do y fi c dngesi ythi hipeing o y w gs ce in? n?peg w chr chr gsty a lannckry t thrhryam a r hen ssag t >> i tkaman aut poly an t direion the coury ahenolan i t ouf heolkou inn m kmpai thin abo m strateg w muc time aihi andbotrdeg dolrs i m at t stae andnd am surol i thtand caulatmn chaesur dndinon i t datha com seone inwh g i t and if
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dane of omennd vivoteeay n paf meing to butdor me getut g ere othuty mesegeetnd ankle beges theact egt tvythi w she totne ence ev ishi icke s uo tough soceal mdis a ke cle, u tgh me, so evdiythi a you c, says wdeow.e, evhiouay wde. nionwe n. >>ike sa nnw n gat >> penee ng ofon ae, pee ururymfpiar o a porrtns a trel fpirom sea tor a shinin treamea td tou thehin gain ane op. touhe gn a .
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proxate we want t tal ab eoxe e ctrovsialan tal aspts thatabou bthng t t coval racsp atmass bhuse ts he tth ce pn at y ledac a suppored. otasssehe c p yedf a iticsm ttuor.t ishe brth of obaic t car and is bite bh afbaarnd sou romwe jay jay an liten to itou andteom i wi let caanouin respondotnd i g fmer ovewioretes ond f irdea gve of heal ca olan mahu ws ia n mef al ca aone.n w n heri mge fndatn a ande.hink tari fat helnd andnd newt ginick o ca ithca t deaf a ma dat didh t tt yrs aaf
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yes ag ma at wasid t y a yeonseagativ ia sang ppleave ase foronabili to re ea pe themlvesf ty c ont. em whoes tan'tar emsor vewe r msveeouho't c car if for y atorme governof meacsett and weov cnotain aee. ad ie cutin tre .singg yrr >>rai c a i aing y not wha you he aid me rigehaou the w rindaon a nthe gingri h ngrein da a you nt praes atirihe ssaach settsu ofrahet heal carfinittive and tries toe aitolfve cor itnlfndeso she's lcoothiitg. th predent an i nothe e fut theoplrent tha a i tot t f uplnsur. hae amican aeopl kwette uur team inanpl k massachuset was etng f the 8r n pernt o tasch polati ca tha fhe didt 8aveer tra oe. theraaid pcentf thee peoe stat not phingnthehang.eo atotngnge's
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dei p ern healthcareor100s perkint erhe peoeethre a chain for00 .ryo eo tellg yo ahathaoct andor treaen havlle ayotct hownd chakve a reiburowd a er b theeder govnmen eithatr a isak numerne. bhe sdduereroven to,ats heum. raes by hal t aerilli andahat tped obyal sw dwn thelindconot t 50 dwnheut mdica byno hi mcay bi ion dolls. llarside thaiutned . tthe pde iha sigarfica di s anoneheore, it is tgcaeder rr teanverefe,t wts a fstatesnsib witys constutially nsti elelyed ifesidt. i i wilm dict ale idaiv from oba cail ti a every sileiv stroe. ob wanca to ttop tha b elryi and stop ckop andtawitsnd b bko its whe stes a tnd indidualhet aad t realonsilityor hlth car >> the twa sreet resi joutyal hhar was itic inhewaheetassouhusts idt icnas loer waingsuse an.
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ireasoaiosts ha anhatonhat ias its masshahuses?t is ttt in auratssse is ass tssme mehe aat unitendedonseencess >> t t gh seowedowne ter ef bil was pssed gh sedtn ir a silma p s gma c ce.ditor thot. nu bile g c dtn'tocus o th il loweng cts. biwet. c. hel o a little t geoing ele ctilei geg c of the heal car dows eenti.f ealarowsill wor e pretiy wll. w i weoverrlorre.t uldif i wk wer bett. kctis wave dnseqnces w ivetteaince tise aseqes the heit feeaceoverr'sha and thinhat isurreers in wldn't e ve rnere were irovi wonn' tha d i ted. der thevionhaere i orridn. d. >> shhes?e s o fidnstae. sai t> fook,ta a.ern who w toai b iurcek, a shld bnho w ate to ettoolic iur tth is b n ae to mprensiv tts but n deals
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reiv whut cata drophls car n'phar telldates insunce mpans whe mte they su ince de.anwh t a . mdeol leslate oh n w'llutn man leatoh dat n and cov wagesln n msachettshey veatndoves dia mentchtsy fnvit polrticiendha mkes fit mmores eensindnyolie vie th oug tre esieakeoutie thug teut thnasc natnwidseri, thsc rii kn ple ing ns a t priity,
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'c se wknhoutlehe fg s, ere' tbe nrinascy,. 'c wut f e' nsc justike it ren' focusters, th e'd st no e tiont de.n' fosts, ds,th t shthehol wr prheits.rv n be,use om th rept toheirustors. toand irat'stoust .e mo reanept toheirustors. why e eahardfami d 'ss trt ted motioneade f morea thrd 30 miars. trd on for th0 s. naonwi is youside nawis ou de ♪ ♪ wn th thin♪ ♪at y nee ♪ ♪omics.♪ whe ght eed, tha'logi thin yee♪ ♪e use t d, a'gis.♪ ♪omics.♪ whe ght eed, tha'logi thin ♪edice th ca'wait legabrie the by ght,♪ ♪ictha'it gaiehey t,♪ ♪ tt's lostic ♪ ♪ freht f youbox r me box at kps y heahy, ♪ ♪re foux me x k yea, ♪ tt's lostic ♪ ♪avintimecuttg stss, whenou u ups♪ ♪inmettst,en ups♪ ♪hat's gists. ♪ ♪t's st
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ad. abonth owe provihaon tha a we. pple o ar narpoo tvi gha a an pe abort t low g ct is nmhingbo thart thow cur p cs in m plang.ha th i c pidn' get tn chae tola. hainn'nyet s tremcour juoiceshen i w apoverr and semur nmber jues ofn tings my werupanme cot di ner didtf tgs li.y uay iodi rellhide btlin. th is one b don ongreesne w oh tm. crt' cisiee. our w bil t had no m cntiot' of si eo crt didethat miohis if sothinthat wasoroing. c d tdeats i b ininstedatnasnng ttat t >> w wlock t aay a way t th adm tisativyr fcingck legi aturthedm tiv creat feng enabng lislatn bere thgiur t i cat ab llatbeffec exthi i toefor our bilec >> wapass.x theyor surd ppleil w sss a preceeing re wnnyay a suidizceg yoverentashe rit to suiz getbortn aert par o riattoare. etandrt aar tha d contitionay quirha. onas wo cngeontnay tha
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isir arryon w ctehasry amedme. >> wldoumee he h support wthe lifeefitio at incptio inuprte fe aolutioy. a itould h aeut ot tile thugh etld maschusts h thh isccedeasusassauset sl t a rht cde ofsaets a centef cte sta hioricly >> itaefin arriesin relaonsh weamannd wan.rie erela oshea vnehy w. ihe thur oe o vehy beg ich to urake o otat to thebeextg stepcho it wle ve ruirehed a ttete ohe peopt. w am opould pfer o m hav l a tld crtsecid pr av t csid tha divials therhanhe sthaes hehe vi abis ty tern stave h desionith rardbi to orti. >> bdecauson thro rifed tissues r>> tt bus t ie muchue big our t arar igo mhecse oig notrll
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thcono cris the. oot ue i thno tt srcihe. nser iveishave uewould y te s aci erve pve-lif esid yt an a whaould that pmeanif f youidan an g fe aouuran that at tyhasoun g aan woy abt ifittomness is t th psident? >> i wo wabldif mitene sur tst th the pde i tt w m isur t madto phevide re fo tif as proctadumano lif pde s pfogrs tha a irosaneveed.if an pgr meha i sure jus.ce tha goan ha theeupre crtur aus juoiceshat ve he convictnre c to fllow t a l ctndjuest ot creaon f fromowhe tnchnd oulde fm encchrageegistion th prodedld to incdigedua,ison i orthtiro thad tyo need i a mak, meak iiceorndtiha tenf oi aaut ce whethe orot ha anhher aboion. my vw is tha ha thenbon.upre urersshahehrld rerse de and rse serd bao t tatend ecif se ifats t leg ote n. seeg o s ntes ul he s me ss
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erific artio hndh m stateecis i sprensic of aio wth ndati irong snsf 50 te gin bkng yes to the c livil g warin bndyi heto meme ctateilar its is oayyi andm testatts it is ond notom attould be i a challenot ae t eersinhaen row v t w ow makin us o t stas gi wsaks atl a immal.tta w hav t dece a atmm. w isav tec litilly s cessul. you turnsack t the stas tiy sssou rnsponkbili for theta decsing whetr orot artio is gal.onlior ecstatg wldetor r atreaio fros t at w st rionearo sa tng ptial brt orti tisstn illaland pal b srtin llbortns afr she f rst imesr andrt lheftate uld f bt es bettnd tha lheteurre dsettg. tt wld btthaeondeulre iit w everne aeed th yede a ie er a bd egi yn a cceptn ad th sctite i b ofgiife tha is cpt
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drt o a sit afe cilizhasocie and o were if ciz aiend goi to agef aoi theo i ag no leg heoron. thhaity eegre amican pple wou go,y th ouan pet's leo, t stas meheeci'ssio and y le t woueeta u m pullioac om y theouorell eanse hero eoiceecisns me b ens thee sueme urt. ceis m bhe sue t. areuildg a bsit ourlves
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myom e and undetan s hatust l m inhe to d deant mo outeoeakin ha lculor a ceekeoosin ying don knoutif wan ul ma c it.ko i u ng theonno wmpa and i ma owacktoitpand tak to ge oork iak igeomete wkhusinss a suc h ty ed aie w kinw a hwhy ey t takuc a job awa fm k ak nd. >> wtobwaoesm it te. w bunf thest a t weery eke w heunhe une aloent thaty w h a ehe lesnet at es expted a leshan dere and wn odexpd hav aesn g de numbnd, i w iav not tt goomb at c i w dot >> the reane eing c w d s j>>obs eatraioffnd t reanre y are sng aihefnme tea y notisin morere and re andndr motdlein rgeize o eerpres i is me bettnd tt busine eewhere. heeyook at toxs anduneegulio en iokey ofkt t endrgyolis anul th factanhakfurra eyoiciean ar th notct openi up nraarke iot iettnip t n
8:33 pm
du aney iacil iytt elshere a e ma mailusess alsre n abl get loanand the big a n buness are mvingetoandway.he b t as smbunyssre mngan spoy. the smle busnesses. sbigpo busess andhell busess gussnd heuss.hat w t madt erica h lessadttraive icce to gwwesobs iausrage thece ecom g to hes iusheifcut ec timeo h it root. as pside t obaeone rt. ythi rig >> pdebaes >>ee deierstigd ifn he>>es stythiif rig. i ink hs a dreat h hind therd ndi k giv h h cdit atr hnd thad er >>iv hood ctxamp tre?ha >> >> nitnk. ot amain len an nit h. he desion t h p la l ontherigg h onhat .de coratutionon tt. imgnt you .ive cotuon c tedit >>oueor t cit llnwal-afaki tac facewa aa akiacng -qai opetiveand ae aouldac ha spped hat. ped ivedldillive ha h sed pt.tial
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8:35 pm
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8:36 pm
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8:37 pm
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8:38 pm
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8:39 pm
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8:40 pm
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8:41 pm
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8:42 pm
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8:43 pm
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8:44 pm
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8:45 pm
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8:46 pm
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8:47 pm
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8:48 pm
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8:50 pm
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8:51 pm
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8:52 pm
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8:53 pm
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8:54 pm
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8:55 pm
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8:56 pm
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8:57 pm
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8:58 pm
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8:59 pm
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