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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 2, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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t s a ou ed2-t-old wl deler h ast essld thi ws welk mark a tdf esshi rstetionkha mtrkeg d i978. rteti egwe wisim w l.i8. w tha wtl. is wra aew ieesk.ra thans o panelewee i'm on ans cott. p w m tt. w >>udgeeani: toght "jtice the bi a sta dertme iss new arni s>>ge ni to t r a "jcacenshe. ata de thmessewni il ang ocafs th aak couldilng o sparreveettks a c ou us - ar ve >>heidttksf case aho - e j ge >>idn'wanthe juryf ho to see. j whatn'oesnt jury shoee. atand.s >> san h a vy tub d. s hildh vd. t e wauicida dh mis singom s an wa powelsuida faern l aw isusngd. s ow s wh was going o n nfaer law thad. om wh as oi did hn sethi d t th d us han'shi disaparus's pl -- >>'m jistonme d. pl- >> jnsum witmed.eabrea k. umit
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jud jeane: rdern eassacsettea an lleg immrantith rudea: er eeac statts an aegusmmed.nth r whwasn he ta depord? ausd. whmingsn ue tonig ojuice.ep ng uonige. llondcome "justice." oi'm dge aninmejuic pirro. it w om ee innthnkabro. an w eeric out to dhestraboy a uns but ic ut th is dtr ect ulys b thshat ectnwnw alwliow to. >>hen n ad wasal brohtow o.downe wathe nt o n t>>hen nadas b st wnwa e t co oider t al-eqaeda's st co er l-idedlogial lder. man o ploed or i nsidpigid lder. n p o bomb iome the bdigst attas onhe.sin the l as tbombe he test yea ludita t l od stehooteaing,heluit hw ted sotg, chrimas y boing the planbounfor hwtroiteind ri s bo g he20. an un it r cleoi thathisas a20 te orist leloha aised amurding teis arins. >> nd t 201 rdgttpt bomb g o t>>es t s01are.
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bumbt unl searosterror tge bu onhenitestat moseos er ro rwant l onheteatos awlaki nttas out l causee aakasi h grown. out us e 11, h is gwn. bor inewexico, 1 h i sraisy bne yexemo,eniartsho isy yem artualts med bhoac tothe ho coury. al b tohe hoou. 19 al-awla r ur 19 sty at col aado awate univsity ev tual st becatominol po ace iv ty an slam enevtealec ininac falls n am urch vngini f ls>> aricaodays on b dch vni acaayon kneed >>udgeeani: afr ptemr 11 , th fbiee >>geniaf em11thi dioveral-aaki s ti to at lst t of e ijackeerrs-ai ti o t no l tf charges a eveij fkeiled d t crg fed t followingear he move f lo20 yngemen. he me put ysen h. fir sermons uts eronlins tpi aacks and usinthe b t o lipi aksnd recitew
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ine to teoris. r fo yr a aw kiteis remaid y usiv aw ki rumo rd toe ind yenut ner fivnd uil tee w ksmotoin en ut o. w dinewe g f him u t w was his di gim w hkillgeg ll ail author. >>aseyarndikeut al iaov >>eyarnde operaon s al iaov ficere wh al righ guy ce w ke, ormeonhtia ov alghuy , meia ofovcer. whats haenin hodid is g of dowr. at ha>> winl, b thod im gehe-- d th wgree bn tim lhe--he drone, dee nd ttp,he trome, ous amou of trkt hlready been do and youou cf krghalrdy theeen ha rdes partdof thjob ndou rg doneha he u ha to enti the esrt th b targ, fi t of llne. nd hha on o e grtind ahe ue rgsourfis, ofhaver e src es hn gr a are,echnic ur intr ersptor hue,nechnervices. nt
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rnin people wit hin ohur snomeerce ere hisrbit illi tinoeoe it n repo s oomim . e is it thli a tble totart poim. vling th a toandevelrt aatternf vli tivi and erst anddelhatat f is iall out nd the yo uvi a nd st mad thetecisn wereoi il t t he yoake is i ndivmauaheisweoi akute is i iv thdronstri itsf as falouss ttut thnogy is th on anrits as asport t a s fa iuss tig thnogy s w in he w nanerros yourt a i n't want tino f wge there hroasou been t retndou wstmount of fge he h wo l eadi u toenha tou mo t jud eani : tawo us l thmome. ha o is irecng t ope tionud whe isnit betag dis cted thme is ec tpeon om? wh is be>> wdil, edis ia cole o dierencommd ar s. ?ere the p la w ico o he dienmmhear e he dr pe acallyiftsff fm air bas drdaclsolyts ret fur ns tir b d th t r do is et-- jud jea ne: uld at b th r inemen or? i i on't wudt teao: d o bnt inen o nver tion s like't w to that.ont t's us say t haiterson le t t.clos to the act l s aytrike oszoneohan hee ac aualomnd. tr ites th hande or to nen ac om nd .rsonho iflyi an itth hde oncont illinyi thenronence tsp to cerin -- ntinhe rone e jud jeane: ke t ts to de csionnd dall e inteigen ork. ud ea: t
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ap rentde traoning dm fol tereen wksor. they ap outntrag foro . es h knoweyt th momt ut at ihapproing?. >> n andhat the howthom iscppating?part n nd t hehe dsn'tear . he oesn ee scinrt d'tr i he sn >> jgeeani: he jus go. i jusgone hen ey a juall ge ni he hiushim. what oes at d go usnen jud a jeallne: u do t him. hearathe ds ne d o theeludireae: do ar dsse? o he sitng i taar. >> jge jssnine whats e itunds iike. >> sartingn a ar j jneat dse. snga having a convsati andhe it's hing ov. nv tiit'sndightoutt'.s not if u t hi nkov what i'sshtut tht , yof t knohiw.hat i jud jeane: at d s th yo is dnothenall e otr rrorudtea: d denl otannabe s, t se or nnecd to him ty htoanbe s, thk ee fecheto canim fdy h to m, t yth can feed mf an i wodt b abl o g o a tan celd phonwoor bheblo g a ier ct. jud jeaonne: u thhek it has detreer eec t not onl y udea : thit s der of eecotnly the l- ed er o opatiobut termsfhehel- op iot erfutuf. theongrs rohes tu hegrros cockroaes
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w scat >> iant ask y w as at r. so ar d i tt getsk thiuy. w you did ho o study o tet tim. u d>> yid, i an i tnk reaytu o itasec. of ere yi i w tas ry it w hitd tof e gin ad w hd t anitad wilbe har d ano w h get g zwiri. thin weeofetngin zw den ey g clo se tinee gti ng him d itas r y a at n g lo t ofust erong c ar m it r atando ce tha hofapt nedrong c i d thinio ce bec tamhacl hearis d rein numbeeced.ris d >> jge jnine and,f urseumwe aarend.y kn abt himor hr j jned,ee se aen kn uld w e ab hime hhr gund ntat in y em wdhoouav he sist us a tinck yinm wav h st s ck rig. jud jeane: oplen th grnd? >> m e lily tn noig uds, weawent: leacthto gr? mli tno l e 09 wnt acto en wstard u the fir09 waru t f
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efrt against l-la ke ief a in om t groun campaign.l-la on thinint es ti t gun aboutamig onintesti aut yen an autriti autriti is e on yean ut tiagaioff gaperationut intis on the r on t ro ai f >> jpege jtininethisnuy i eric bor e on ameran dute j j neis i why d he tur nicor erte n y heurn u wl, tt isn ver ntrorsia u iss w tis er think i f ou roiassook a t --hi >>ud jeane: t coroveial a me.-- turn on . >> ud eaucat: er eco avel we.e rn gn imate g holahipsnd n he wts to kl us andlaot tps onl nemericats kat wusts tdo tt i' nd tnlca af ra w. t t i' s bagrou evein t eaier ys whe n w ra baouve t ear w conside wred morateonde his terptati o islam as te s rpti i am prlemac. r hi isl wasot a pr ligi butathema p ithialslas a gi ut heeolo and wal o le.
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loce ynd sta loong a w isl likehat u ar gng d a y ta oopath ahislch can d 'tket arlws a but n leth toiolechnce aand in't his se a h dev el edt holeolee i ids tn h e t s k arwarsomeev t id m tore tk earreme t m inrerptatis. heecamit inot tuay that arindtio gure o hheam it ay me e bemes ike hiats.o gu a t ofeoplwhoav h bes e hi view beg an a aofsplhoav h nvien t eweg islasts t we a n laaduas d toe t violee a eruato tlong piencwithhe io epolicaler pce lo >> pou anc agrthing. li >>le isot a nly cve ed >> agr is mi >>is. a haseen ve thied sce the is as n hisol bbicenghe si e ptem r 1 h.sol b bi>> jgeeani: heas sipreae ing em a m 1que jnge nihe rgin eag m oqunle >>ight . in jud jeane: ouldnle visithe rst endmtht gi ving theudeaio: ntld hetori c sie t dm that t g uy wgiasnghenvntheri ic >>at'm n t sur g wouasan t g i ere.>> n sur >>udgeeani: i . >> w l, b thee.ore portt ing whe was>>higenii guy w bhee rt preag ingheas ihi g jud jeane: thenite st es.ea g >> b onle.
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and e reudon heawas : rehete st. bpowenlul a whye.e r re ntd re hs e fure o aqaedwas e we ahy re nts inyber sfuce o. aqaeds in er thk abo binad. he was the thaboin. heasouer b d an d guin it bir dloth an gun i tcirng mrn mies d th vide of mse tc m>> t ms nks, wil have hard de f setimeetinthatmage o ut f ts,ilvear my eadmeinhiatsgeveni o.f jud jeane: ybe at i d hi howe suld. r em beudrea h: ime i ho s d whewe ceack, r was thi hs he cac asll t lal? and t jus r ea d y anony tus videohe jgeidy an y nt t jurto s v we het her tur t sig. h pl, at h. pplromiasirad killed y dru pnkmi dveheil ru he findut w theamilsay thgovenor olemaacy.sett s nd whe il ay shar somof t bla . thvermaacses arom tla.
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lu? don't ade luc tradon fdameals. ? analn'is. t forme ion.uc ad fmes. i trale t. dearrmitecn. thiss webase adin re-sualtred. tareciswese ine-al .stamin reatimeuote earngs alysi stineamete probilitanalis: at'r's aat osiortuty oks ke.obital: 's ' os altuvisu .s . intuive. d i'avai ble e'alsu erev theeb i tuis ade stragiesitre 'lt.aie evhe i tradrchi ct. on i frow td aeritre.raes b. adhi.onro atr lcomto bter tre coissi fre
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jud jeane: 're ck th kand ke a we e inedy cr inalefen udea : e to ey nd f new k ld al ae edcral en alys to few lal ys arthu ahu aydala. thfift amendnt fords t aal thft me vernme f froepng any peon olif o ibmetyroep ng a wiout e ro ss .pe of ibs thtye klif this t ss th klif is ameran eritizen al-awlaki lega it its leizl.l-la thesare tize whoere ga t balecallenncedo d thes e ze howithet a ial keep it as balled d th mple s ptha sibll eeit afteseptber1th esid ent le p bushblnd h t eam utteptr1t id put toget r sh h t ea m auttforand theut tr usedd a sectorn od t unied ste-- se us aec o f e uct.not u s -- chter ich aussim of u as thechr h bully ithscho yimar a s whe yohave rig t e bly defe youhors anwhd thyoe isveig b tically hr feou anth is b is- wathe reato amica
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by t emme.rin cizen iswae at am a im mine t? ich cre iiz w. was heim iividl fneig ing h i w . ongse sl-qaida?l f whicthey wer egs l- adshe -ther w as aicnyey ere y to adessthethiveridua wl a sideto killi himnd t aest iv ua lansw iso. de k it liegim b tut to ou r swso. qu tion as rt ardi theeg b fitour a mendment .quon r di he >> udge eani : a fiolatn a nd nt of >>genia athe of cstitution b y ill s it legal. c st ut >>iohis n a n kin yof w l th st egec.lared war o n >>s n in w weorof d la th war onecre r n th. is wediffrent k dlaar onf th. s ff ntwa krfar itoesnf resctoundaries. heoesn wea a uarni form . itsnes ou ar s. trals a ohesneahe uniorrm. >> udgeraeani a: ise an o eneheor om>>tage?niisan ne absutel >>udgeeani: le?l, me? do ar bsel >> geni youlehoul mcar as o americasar we houl d ce.ouulars a>> jrige jnineheres th we ho obled >> i ue j jnereth le i i suld be nob iy shldul be. >> b jud jeane: are obsh talkg abt hie.bei an >>ud ea: re mine lkabhii a tea
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ne whatvidee, hat proof ay dil'sdv ocat atde te pof ha o his d's beingdvat an iint ha reatisei a he st at aivel e nged ne an hisriryesnsib ailitiv e san tiso sttegi andrylan esrns it attas agnst thestgindn es t.taagt amera an t erant's allies. t' jud jeane: ver pled a ie e tri gg. udea: r p lejustiredeoplup. >> rponsrile f the. stedpl.anni. jud r jeansne: fere he an overhe a you ee i thini udea: e n er aou ihi >>bsolely. >> jge jninedo c see you see a>>noly. j jer tne c aee ou s i d't he th a kind t d hth k acss. i'mssintheredent ac . of t uni d stes a the 'm hight lel ofrede t oniurst a gheernm t gh leof haverawnhat o germt c vecluswnion.t >> ty to a vw silar c thaclusn.ayg at tto vsir th tlhisayg at kiin o a u. t csen w ki o no a.egal. w >> ow r ponsnoleouldhe itedtatebe iegtheyet >> rnsm coinueo doldhat was edte iey
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dog? jud jeacone: ueagredowitht as you t i' bei a awdo ud ea: re th re. u i' ei hers aawue io t. er tst m aerandi ouefio t t t mandi of t counlor fanrshe gulati s, t re iunran he prisio forny oneho la ti t itakeup asgast t he ioor neitedtateofmerica to ke a havestheir titizenship edteevedme.cao veirizsh no ifnybo ined rent stor nofbonuafied. or jud jeane: vokeis ciuazensfip, wed car.? >> hy wldudyoueao t: hat kean ci ns w ar avd t ha t >> ridulsu tt argen av tout wasthis r wle tngs ag gal?tass w t ng >> jge jnineand en kl m. l?ay. wait secd. j jne d k it oo.ol itec i wld d o t tt. >> jolge jnineand t woy out ws be dg anmerica tnt. j jtinezed is woat w yo u ret beanrica ayin ? zeyou s e sa wng roke yosre tinshi and tinn ll? h im u sa re d we d't have t o wryhid t n ll ab ht kili n a ri cawe d'tav e w >> ihinkhe k abekilis twon itedtatepres ents ave ink loede at two this, e xami need ttehiestse halotwo atferenthi emi t admisttion fro t hao fent ffertolital pties and mi on ro t bo agrd this er is it-- pesnd >> jud jea ne: boe qugrtion t
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is n theowerf ths ex ec ive >> doudt.ea: qu on th q nstioheer ith is tre exece o pr f, th theiore any rie twre his ing pr t thehreat.nyie >> t bot m lin e. s g in t his tryhr oft.he totm winorld tis flf-dense in w simlde muer ce yoare alwed kil-d sseeone ho inimmu c yoe comi in ur hse tkil ald ilne mi n u. h t il >> jge jnineviolion inrnatnal law j jneol n >> link, iatthe law tawhe actl piec of l is laon l i isne t't aere,ind , get, ecak leon i e,d ge . ak >>udgeeani: i ve. you e adttinthe w is no he re>>ge ani ni w.e h t ou adine is cr teno it.he w h t tere uav i fro cr t i e rrifav t greato av y guyif p. he. th an ea soav yuyuc >> hank than >> jge jnineand ming up, e stnge se o misng>>nk jut j momne sd usanng pow ell., ste oisng poli mak a duttuomrbanowl. discerin t hom of hliak fath in rbw. es h real knoscwhater tom h haened o thn er? h >>alandnoathe vid t jhageed i >>d he thidcaseanthy trl digen't nt t jyo s eeth.sethtrdit hav te ito s here tight. ave h tht
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a he, tre a this i'supped tdo. li, ke onef the ov you head h t ahi i'pp t. welli wa't "lipposke" tone thneedlood nsurovceou ad llwa "osto edodur t i ve i fr ovehere chosnot havit. i i frvere ost av. ♪ ♪ me, ve g a pn. fr he ... fred hat , you gplan p fre . edt ouan do loolike have pla doooke vela t rely. fema annncer onl ood surae corers f.ods. mannernl for d freerarochcoe, f s. ca theumbeon yr scen. r eech cahebe ysc.
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i e brkfasand t hetbur thi dayhis ek. i brasd i thek myurearthirn payls .ansomentacs. tmyrt pwe'rhavi mexanan tmeightac so atherill en? 'rviex tht aer l unle? we t lar, en pl lar? if iet anackow, ll n? leske thelanackpill ater p. la i ack, n skheckller la dinr, pw? aghh've t hetbur iny he. lain p malennouer ] hhe sthe theuradne of ineatihe eque heaburn leou ] sthenef ti ue itea simrne wi prisec c. itimwi ri onc ll a ay. twen-fouhos. on a. ze heaburn enno hourtbus. in e fit ple. grt. zeearn hbun fipl gr pp
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e pl thienin t diurbi dispearce o utah> om splanhien t dibiis parel ol. t arahp siceny cser pel solv g tarspe cr as hasee n lvost twos yrs asncetah wetndwo mher sanowel d peeedhe mhe thou a n trace. ed liceay her husba nd jhoura is thecenly h hsoba of ihert. i theedon'ywanto lo atso o f y oterr tht.ry e xc t heen'ntlo t possotilitthor wt th thi e ishe pblemeor ssit wthhi is pem pbali t her husbdil p t h h sb il jud jeane: t he faer ilaw nowhe f us nv udtigaeators: .he fa i w oweven fas b n attac king ernvgars. en barac ar sacce snganhed. ac s s sa thaheanherobly r o
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sawithhanoth manhe ro bl he teate rd toubsh h erththan t teperstoal jrnalubnle. in tntvi as trs jal anluguse.t, ineven dropped aviombast sll aus cl ming e haena sexuaroled a s lllatishipith s da hter cl ng ha law sual ti >>ipusanh asda verery, ver y aw sl with e. >> an v y, sh vas serly th fli rtat mean'm h fhe in lliat . and s wou do lanot ofhe an s ouo l thgs tt i meahe was just- sh did itht, t ii d mt, w me st intshidacte i i a lot of me sealntte a l of seays bause sus enysoing tt. bau s >> t dayhe iervi air en pongce rtd th homete n tay ivi ir shar witjos and h po rthomn grarits adson wh thefinds on whhendsisrbg. agesnd veoisrbg.ou eswome and cldresve has secrly ror overmehend res harssncdi hotoaphs f cr erhesusa st en is aestohs a jos h' sa ilsten i arees tak a ioos il re otec tve ctodyo >> tre i ec ctody a sio
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us thr tea it o sutantl ha to se chioldhr o >>teveis padinnot sunt hailtyo ochhaes possess n >>ve pint ty of cld psen porn and vriut w ma areondeng wortnasnd uting inside heow l ommaerede w t as an what es s vegnnseome pell an w t knowbout wveteall hapned el ow sutan?eall h jo ine nownn jo bremnnow cosel theox filyndre . shp, a syiaiscot l dhe fy nd ofesr athe sh aiaist esatrestigiousrestio harvdedicalchl. thisrveek,dus' tsot isk, custy ofushe's cldn. artsot ve ty su este or st of incate theknownythn.g abou what appe td tosuheirte in tem?heowth the was ne qoute tatpettoir idommys i he mase. q t eyave b eenmyi kep eway.n >> jge jnine kmommis ia ne. and fac the j jnemm i ol e ve. d beac looeng ian areathat ol ine volvve a m ine. beoo i re a>> shace tt ti the h in lv beenothi. e. th hav beenept way om s ttihe th gran a aenhi ra pa wthitavent y stra ing dths aana rapa
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w herwe. ra g nall athathey ve en rw tan i o ro ct cllustoatdyy e wilsee i fthe s rtta io ro ct sa cngtoom e ile i tfhihengs.rt sa >>udgeeaniom: les asme at t kid tdo ss. s etng >>ge ni le as co d ki thi t yidng s s et dersnd oevenememr co ki whhi thewereeein theyrsere oo anenfouremt t whhe re inme othe dappear ance ?eye an ur t >>ot rlly. o hetheyay deapblarece? comment o n >> r y. some ing ich eyems ebl zarr c thamet they mu he me g h s actuly s n or herrd ha he mumethg anethe rangit i th more ikel ittu sor ihe th ane ng i >> udgetheanire: i elmembit in a hocide thr-yeaold sa dad was>>geonnisti er ambn h e hodehread sapaadted asmmy roned. a e saw h fhe rta b h pad yered moth to d seaaw.he ta h>> iouldollothats a ma r le .tho ea i tal ly gr i wlditlo youata. ma le m sang iis not cometellygr wou re liab . sa i s ot areorri cmel aut t the re ab ki are re ariorng fil the valu kirorewing upngit fh tilhe fa er a ralundfatherrowi it tthesare asonwhy ey fa a moveawayrandth ese on oriy nay. ve ay i'mappyhat thhireareri y. in aeparat e emnvironpyme.hath ar >>nd w did aar t eudon giv >> w idcusty t tud g susan's starts. us 's >>teves inarts j. f
12:25 am
>> ve invoyeism f and ye tmhetty genel sa josis auspectnd ty netoo,saos ape >>n thchil o, p orno gr phy>>thil the was a broth w pno hy an sw ed t dooheas aro ak ed.answ too a noe inhe hse. 15 cpute. ak . d, ocour , tha.g.tood no in h . and aid cte b elieve h e i osurthg. od volv and as i nv venddd bie h e sa c lvnd ioel mic ce.oel ice. >>ud jeane: c, aoo a na d g >>uyudunniea aro: d swerg thoodoori me you have ot cnald pgn anall uy nikindroof lerunthy.ormeou ve wh c is ping ann l the nd home? l >> ithe justwh kins ofg heom ex eme r >>hestin exe version or sothinterrle oit's vsi soinworre. o's uld evesomeind brk wi reaty. rd towo d vemenod brwi ea . >>udgeeani : on he p tt ofteve orjhr >>otgenion p of ve>> drinity onhhe prarf ot stev. diton pf iev henxanehim a ne hi aglad >>udgeeani: wh kinof ther n lasays had
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
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12:45 am
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12:46 am
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12:47 am
the atth p vibl ove?rsy. e guwho mped ouhete bouorde oer vi otenrs guo eaedrshe adego >> jnge jninewast ea sours? a u wa to lk aut j jnest reururce -- wao she ari. ife d idn' t lcernnyinhe . st 91 on thinwe l ef dn' t ny isinhat need to 9on in lerytng wecould toet a ist ee to ch iorma on s ringyt w u tweeetstat a loc and fedelgencies nd i tma s bngottom eeat oc nd li is at idea guyge gss p b m the lis i agunds p o veta d ishe sa ahoul k that. dis ablute i suld no wul k that.ha >> udgeabeanite: of soursd no th shod. t t. ga iel, ou w t to talabou>>geniofrs th horeso ces. u knl, how wany toericals arou ling i p erso. kn ow y 46 miclionarf th. liunma i ploentver. 9 month mawelo shotd weve treratehi probm wh it n ot us ahoweat hi imin b den, tobwhst n econic urde n? in b n, t pesle hne be payg thr on tas arur't goio get pe hbe ay thsocial ec urit taar goi o g >>et iigras pathe tax ciit >> ialsorapahe t >> jge jninedo ty fi a x re rn? so whatoes at mn th pay jthei j taxne tfi a re? exc e meatcans mthay eiax hxcmen say her h s >>lso docunted iigras papayr l teraxes and
12:48 am
>>o cuedra a etpayr tes nd aumr th the irs t aileet a xumr thethens iil e >> jge jninei wi bet u $1 thans gma never p d j jne wi et an t es.$1ha ma >>evf i y fis thed poi an tes weon'tnow at a you>>i f is t edon' koiw at eit he we't w aou>> jge jnine that t whn' w i atll b e youitnd i sayt j jnextneatwh wi k. bou i ay >> as matt ofact, the re xt somk.hingalle the >>s ttfache earngs s pensfund nomng tlehe ciecity ust und.rn sns ndn th is l thmone that i s y t d. dedued f rothms ndthumneteatd is du f miantshat umratepayheck and y thr tas. ts t ra thy money sy there's d thta. is th mey she ts $5illion and ey wl ner sethat$5ilon a wne monseeyat if t 113 millionaidon fxes. t 1>> i13youilegalized te 13 mlionn as. iu compregenizve monmigr aio jud jea ne: migriongr refo is rnestor udaneaay: sgrnriff ab rifoels st rey, hankan y ff ab ri got bet o tha yy, sonk y muc ud .otet o judha jeane: d who is m on t vid of sey .thon th herawye did t wa ud ea : wh ansone see tidf y on we ethoieryehoidwwa you. ane ee tou he t com e
12:49 am
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12:53 am
waitg r hoo.ating a rep or w c anya it r at rem aainsepad b fnd cl e toer f ily' homemns as y f cnd s she i c ss g clto f y'om r ar l oo ng u yp a sheg aroo u t tv. t d no titv. lksike s i hype noenlati aik s youre pe gog se that e isti aou t t gose t br ithe andhenhe doubles bre aoverhetppea drsbl tt s ereat s ing. sor.ha rp wha t is oig. on th csoeyr.hahais antho? >> t c difrencl he isnt? ethe s s oe tl d ornche i worrhednd bvuslyl o rr she coubvly be bot whate arseeihe a m core lik a pacttk. at ar eithe mndor l overwin g pa ttk. an ety at hpens hen oue vee surise by an ny hnsnou it is t lisu it seyadss. me mor ik itit is lit e m it i coern. >> jge jninelikets we ery. coliken.t th poi the j who jleneke w woy.d t ught tkehat theoiabyheho w wo tshtidppt edzani whe pped
12:54 am
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12:55 am
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