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tv   Stossel  FOX News  October 2, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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invt $0 miioo crte nv up to $mi 5 mcrllionew jobs >> c g tenobs rese t m iow bs c g ob onom es>> p tt o theroun breking chnogy is s uch om grt p oheunreng exrien. >> e arnospen ing sillihsrn cuttg ed exen >>techarologen. li s thas whoveren sho dtt ed og ele ri ha wherenho do lecas. >> thedi'tackomeby we on ei way toca bomin ahekeby wen ayo bnnerin >> hh spd rae. >> il er hspra l,ra.rail >>hat ilal ra itl,s ghpeedil >>trait eck t>> wl ty eall ped ameca ai
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back tck w tllmewo? the are cke pfect tam. wo are hee axpa prsctettg m. re rs didou fttl dgrtyoing ? >> ox nscsd. id f dportyg, gngen ?bsel >> nsrtg, gwant, fr wes el orge n jerey here intfr besr ier. or i a sta niner herer i i br t mas r. aedista'ser i ts labaty cplexow part of isthe tion pk ab stem cex owheres rtef e g aton ent pren urem re in ntedr g impved up sonten ny othe ined thnoliesmpdup ando induries hat o ve othee yrs tols nerad miionsndf du jesst and ovee trilons d llar ramins for j nd il s eric the dghtar or ic e tbulbphe no grap lbx-raachio stkap tker moe rahi pitures tho tht irwouloebe areat arti plapi toesook a ho i ulpresentat ama' p n f tilaook a es t eqllyransrm ta'e we f o innoeqtionynsne rm tromi wsill o eatehe j sno andon teale mi s l thee te jndcent clea e ergyhee technoloy. the pridennt ea egy bcked h vchionlo withren billios o taxyer bed h vn doll s.wi
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whe ha alli oio oouoaxyr ge and er are tll whhall j ost'sou gsuppeed t d t is t jesidst' gre jobpp t planre isi tary glidt'rreob an tentliry gnighare?r we bgi ntl withhisghe?ola bealgi that wasn'tith asrighlaalrosct atas t ashe psident ghclms.s youoth s weas p thadehe numb youre about to gcle. isouh s wethe oleha truth a n thinmbouut auto the uth hes you e erh agod n in>> ye s.e h >> eoufridhe mosd dmatiyes. mo>>nt yid itheoscand dti mo y irroueingnd soli rum toug sar paneake w glim t s neke w g a hlf miion hel and hhenent bey min elup. youndad senot get t be le boat . ouetrst. t >> t at iestiatort. t c p a iti or rris and p a bil isndilstergwith sharquesons. whais t plastrgth aress. t o ha t paylaack t taxpers? ay k we th xps?ed y wth solyra
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>> w thia volionf feral lylaw? w >>hihea volon fel xecuveslaw? >>nvedheir ghtsot tcus incmineir them lvests t >> wl yo iokeourncn 5t emes am wdmenyorighto a ieruesons5t toda >> yes. am en >>ghhe aestorysf da s. >>rysondra gs ck t006 en theso crapany g appl d fo the t dartmt of6 enhegy f a cny gov nmenpl loafonhe d tmaranofender en b fshovenoa admi stra onaner pgram mi to raduce greeouse gases. p amwhilo ce eese gas. ilsondra waswaitg a so derasionashenandite bitrack a ama desonnrodising bock spe even a ng bigr tnpe gre enteno. >>y eergyig tlareteno wil >> iest egy 0 biion estlishil i gret ergy spe or bihatn stshillreate gy 5 pelliojob ers te nelwoe cade >> a er5 aiongb os fine his admistra on m edde a ofiisickl it p mira m kl p lynd'stall lnnd plicionll on e ft l ack.
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joeicnide wn f aaounc. oede w a $5 milon anc loarant $5il f oant lydrthe f fir sucgran unde the ma dre irucanadnisatio de he>> i wiler aodatn radisio s onge i amilicanert recony. >> i sgem mayan 20 thpresenton >> i hilighayd 2 thestlng a high shing exame of creating a js fhehg futuam.of >>he treti jgine f ofconic tu grow wil>> tlwaye ne comfnies keon owilayomes lynd. >>ows comnyo fmnd >>havi the presidef thom f itedtate vited to hvivingheredeth ede fbtei vedo h cngfisce hles? was t ffbud csc h 14>> es? as f inveigatg thcrim scene pe a 1> veatthim sne t ing a on e builng. youelie it a tg sme n reeno shid theil. ouiet am enohihe admistraon'sross glig ce. wha mira'sssnracon d the y ig . ve w h thhae whi hse ding this c dheoces >> w weth ne tohi put d og is es weout o
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inveigatn in roes >> tute wi beon ve tatin ees tutwi cntryeha invsts tn eanen cerry. >>ut witnvs mor tha n 1en4 erllio >> amicansit o o orrk,ha 2illi 14 io mo tha whenamresiannt o bamk, 2li tookmofficha ameenrisinslsoam nd toskhethhe .s.okicmeri overnnt nealldan th tnsform. the rnntill u.comy tfot eti cy shes the economiecis ns es to ecomi 3 miion erins. th hou weis wiloo byohe 3 mi n heriline.tosee hethoueiluma face byo ofresint henee ma fobames g enofsi engypolies. foam t gas t moenhs we veli. avel fo t coa toas tcomot,e vis ed eloa ostliactoes ais shutteed pllits ato a ltenetohte tal pl a o l deair ned hope weidn'al get a o chae to t kde r tohoresipent wen' oetma ohao t anyonen to hisi o o nistnyratie, a hiepeed inrvie buwe d tal tiniee aes nberefni buppor drsal t nr othe proresent' grn jolicncl oine two men pro gest' gr j aicresintial sht two
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out n ghiyeas ste othe si iaionh adt ess. rertands s g oarye all n arn ho rt r gy smlllar michano ingot r comnyhat mvel ch lfog theomt actoent he enuned a ttoessiot hit them harun a >> ty t fou anioit up deem tther t wntu witaigoun asstprom t ee a rica tuitstaayer. >>hey rth he h pf th aca gornme loataer hat>>y mpty spceth is bng go umed toaotanufturety s b lar u t sines bei sd aufre acro the runtr s in>> wn diei the aovernent rohe f st stt geing tr winvodiedhe >> fm th vrneryt f begning st ge g llinus he von mke f ath v buyness ot eg ngis a inelpi h us m t ado t tbundss ot a usipi us t ttheisi sours torods ong. whe ti all urtodther foug. he th tselv lownallshorerou th lvppliow unclea sam was the agai li >> w un weleere amashe ur ai hou of w we e ne i turne to eovnmenou f an i neaid t i hneeo thaveen quaranr i mliond h t dvelarsr e lsear r m ond thgs aog to happ. drs rtheyounde w to g ivth a utopp. ey ndlowere wo g uloan
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fow e iwas a lo fo is agodsd. >> how mads peoe h>>ve yowa beneo le t yhie? >> t pns ben t to re8hi but w>> t ve hedo ut >> w wou you heeableo thiz lks outhouou theoverentlehi s ouhe assianceer t>> it cerin wld he bn a lo sice i harerr. w h b mae lon thiwas a j p r stmaar >> iwas big hisar is ig . ow chr knecomes onof t men ey d hir >> iop to veowhe j the hrne merestonf t m n dirfe. i ho job i jheti o st life m suppt.e. no only hidheob ioverentayti o foeis ompa pp t nolyonve itsert fo oducon linpa i's a to pyingvets co umeructoin b i a the png all cootheers slar bhell he sr sings. >> was wating the present'spee andng >>asat thoght heit'sorth m okies t'eend. >> lisahond ike's oth m nki jery di>>overi the gernmt gntse oand loa n giern tomnies
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di er heke t gnm a gens broders aoai onles t one ay taayer areros pay agor thnl gre e taerreayg threecony. inall laron shinesnheir meinl arowedhemo wrihin off irone- ird the aed 60,00mo warri ff st o the e-d he fedal0, tax. r th o ahe phaacis anded sy atomex. m tht wahaisnd s ate mwa a9,000 llar ductn.00 new rsey renewae ar ergyct maatesade t dw ealeyewa evee ey maeeteese tit w dldlvese he te ws sol ee newae engy ctifcate ea monverol methhe waen power cifte compeayonil pchase term and m ss t coser on tmpther pas tmnd tosn ter custers. >> oavere weere ttin 7-str mos.h bak. we ooulderalkwee iny wit 7-mo ba 1,000 we ldk doars itofit wehoulstar 1 g00ttin cck do s -4 mitth but weul tary g winlack c datet fro wher the mthut stem t w mes k. te ro the werhe sirm c ck s wl be be een 24he andir 20 c wbe benllar24 >> wndld ty he nstled tar
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alle w t hrotholartd t shile sy em wlehoutheir fethow taxar payehi pickgup t sy wutirtae >>ax no. ye ithouck t reet bit ita ould>>t make.ny sse ouo doe b>> t iy tld uldt thouke the s subsdoies p ing tor t t u ouhe staltiont wldn' bs msak pg t ansens for tmo do alon wn' it m an yonsor a treeithdothat >> athis poin yoere'stil ae ahotfork to at d ato gisin t the e'il brksisso d g te tbe bsi fficnt lf sficit. >>hey ty thbe arereat g ic jobsnd th'shat go for s cith >>y threat bshatoor cotry. get o the trk and put icoy. in p ceet to e oherondracrsuthat i pokedt upo to eocridt and edeven to peo dnd eno ulityompa tt s thire me utypaersoel to t s tre minspt the sarsoo systs. it jobs spthejo ss,jost itjobsjobs bejos,, jo jobs >> tspurnbseor, sucss bsorie e ha tur begun uc revestur iehanergen po st trg gernmt mey i po. ty? gnm i m is wha t govnmenshou
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bedog. when uhinks gohaovenou ibeovatn enthrohnkout htohen iathe ro hton govement get behdt's od thng ve>> intitetehelys a ways ath gng i 'n e synkhomasysdiso ner aot low 'intest lns nk froastheso n gornmeorw tax pater lroeunde gomeaxpar batefor des coumer he pbabl ould e ter stuedco ourer next ory pblld traingtu pgramur for xtgreery jobs ai th d't pamoree jsex d ain,ou aiing up the tab.ex n, a [ irtengr ] pe coheest ing b.abousam ams ishat ey p outeers accoing sea ns.[ en] cot jim gwe he saouel am ms snter ageris t putrs conog e piea, a d oc berft.m hsa a erer nopisu a ocrf bob octorfes an eric intpretion b toes of gern n maicen sntle.etn shoasesive rietofs erof mmat. s . [ ji ] a ltinhos ese at'setlean swee m smoh. jia in 'saneemo it'starng tget a lile cd ouide, thent's t'me far oct terfet. li coue, octorfes my rson favenite.s fctfe sam ams tobeest itays ll ta "ttoes y onave. m s bet its t "t♪ yea whoo yolove♪ ♪eahoyove♪
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i'm home anrecely, flood. m cusemee. ance, oohim?e's lpinme gebacko noal. se m?s iny, ion't venge cknove i.a fldpla. i'tt i'n got loodnsur icefl la i'mover. i'otodur ho s th? 'mer ni. fld inranc it lps hoketh yo homa ho aga.
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ni flinnct s yoomhoga , yo me me ain. yo e ooh, aheck.t oufred new undaon. h,ckouedw da. t anof tse iny si? [ maleannnou ter ]nly insi fl d inranccove flos. [ leou ] y for freeflrochine,nc ve calo the umbeon yr scen. r eech cahebe ysc.
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>> teld u abt the govement gving yr m ey t td ub helar ergy vent gngcomp yies.r m t anthenoref r youoney ey tomps. peop whoanenuyeoueyheiro subidied opho prodts. e goalirubi t crte gen od. jobs go d gusrwh? g ebsover ent gu alswh train e rkertoil ert ev if trase ob eril dom.t evf tt, leao not yet.
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scr eaotdriv. the mulyet. i cr ginto cchiv e mrighulhe ire in>> in c 201gh the.s. dreartment i of lor gaveearl01he. d3 mtmliont l ofaxpaerve mrleyo thork m onrce coect onofper m thnonprkit e orconizacton tt i pnotnerprhip th t c legeor oza tt ntra fl piderp t cge o etraut t trafl the unemoyedor nreen rahejo. >> emed sol nen nelinstjolatn, >>ol l atheatiosttlandapg, cotruc on rel edheioilnd. >> coucelhomarustkinnil is the>> ma sto ofheork fornn ie coecti. >> hoseofere l opkons orat e parcints ccoingti i to>>hesee ops progm haed. ars c ogvethe ito nt 8 m thsog worha d. fo e cntiove awaeed n msor traing fo cioerticesowa ai 2 tco uden. >> iearno nst l en olar>>rn pals a allstbout hare shld ablo pa i atallllut the thgs a givsh erblaco ithe llwer he comthpany aiv >> rertac wsonho e lrt h mb asny rtarehse wn l h mager as rnedehorehanalf d mozeer
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ed egreenjob f dzecerticat. >>t toke eeb anyere fcemrtat >>6 t mae 7nye f6 ma7nth i go insllatn and sarth go thmalnsat nndstalltion s >> ban wiliam th earldbout allon bzen ceficails.m itard tooutim 8 mths to nceca. >>itooonyhrou mhso fiday you-5 ettyuch ery fayy. >> nitr5 wtysonh nory >> nilliits nor e vast wnorlis maj ity r vt wk foe cajney ion w foradues cneotngot e jo the tined dufor. >>ardt to ljokhe a t youed wifend y i idn'>> fddo l job aouiy. >> ork orcein' cnectnelob us o rean t>>irkce cctnraelduat co dn't gri o jeas ts that?aat co'tri j2010he frida ste th? gislure sto10ed fda writi batesl echks ttoo homowne and w tisine es w technsta ted solomnend sy w flidata taxayeol us toayp sy s. to50 perflnta otheax cet ofus othosane when tha to50er oe s csidyf osneheha nish sdy demdrast al
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sh drpeem reazing thetudenst alwereheeeihe drea jngs thehe enogra re traedei h f jhe rraustyra hskinrd fecid to ometying th may in surise yid. mo ono thategn a thayure moynt. mon ha rst is m says wat happed imo.we t cali may w florida isppa ieni aundhe untrli it ilid cosng ishei andax pertr i dely. os use to high r pking de. seo partignt olabo r ofngfial in thbush rt adm oistrboion ffin wnt th shto wkdmtrn or e ste's w nt mmun y w coegesyem. we sts unyoegre toidesy. weis intitreo so hecoul tl us how he iit pursd millis f hul tsoweolls of rs mlis fedel grts to tintuntslof fogree jobe deaidgr dn'to t s ex ee >>obd dt wt re the ex >>creria >> y had to wt hedentycr aia y ad orticarecr ont fin da thathowewherth job icec >> youre aatngweid yer not ob thaous yotrrec se os>> ty wen't bs? haeec? >> they were nt the. grt wersouldake >> loy n th .gr theata w wn'tshereldke tolosupp t
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thgran eaplictiore >> wot diyoupp telour thrantan itericio to wdiuel r tointd th ero o dooithhe i td tho do the bdoest thecould i tkingp t thdohember bt >> mheinul the ng tup >> tert's mheght. wha didhey do ts >>heyriedt. t haidigur oy theido >> aylesed t tur o akeei the aual as t mainreamob t fendhe a al een inam t j f nddefition >> w e yo n effts j succsffi?on di you wt thyoffndin >> t colgecc i diu th word atinas tol very i scesfulnd wonor mant rygran. >>ow seslonnan >> 5 or 6 grann js >> grnt n >>ow m h m 5eyr a we gr ta jlkingrnt >>out? m m arobaeyain aou t? 10-ba2 mylion allarou >>0-mon0-12illi ofour ary. >>id y feeirt doi12 lifr ? no >>the yeertoi fdera no deptmen of ebor dn'tave dfitioofhara areenobepen f r id'te d fi itioas ltomple up taen u to it lt dideplep w tt a u greob was de or w asn'tre >> d othas colege ds the me 't th dinth ol>>e dhe
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thi eve body isoing itthin i th k itsaenin allhi ve d acisss tng it s >>finllour clege ac g tst >>fr0-1 cge mill gn dollar is a cmon 1 acti lluoar i a mulplyhat cn itti ul styts ttbecoeal motey >> is in e st t hcodred ol moey i milln ns ifot h bedlion o of dolllls. i >>fe reiv bdonofespoe fm theptmenof lor. ll >> rantiv todopo f th asthemfen l abt oto sistlemlowes crs ab al ogati butls f tlwes alnyti ut grn jotraing scess f sties. wand t grjo aai ssshembouthe sts. an t exaord aarm styutusty skin rd oextherd wktorcety conntionold us. in oe sk wnekce sys h wasnntond . skilli toake e mon sey hnd asun. ineadli toe ony hen cou. notla the instdajory oreenn ouotla tr neese n gen jobs heor cal oden uphe govnment tresnd g tiedobeo al rern t taxupoven yer dne >> wreare t hoaxnestopleer we a not gin to weost slependou a ot ney st bausein we ve snd g y b seit.e areoingoiv theoney g ba. wean't ake. t s rewngk.iv he th saiey to us wha
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ba we'te twill? he aysthheaiosha d artent lar siedn wl? es poposl drt t thatould ut glaensin obs on e ba p burosr ndat world gs to n t hi ba ur grs anyobsor a all.o hi gran sismont lat a robt l. wiln stl do not si hnteatob ilb.n grn ostdoot h gr o otrwise. >> isind ardettiotis trai ing a the trad inindsti suosedo beor aiobs ahera sinpose to b avaable suut edbesthere. s >>seextt wahoma bvale edis'ser pr>>testtidwa. lma to e creionisf prst ge ral leltrico cren aentuater ge tlreenelic atu veerion ans t lhtsen o ven fors ls oor
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lehtl ngorer w cre crted llio of bs a laun eddi ncr ger crd iof aelecic ge.undi can e ger ec gementtoda. cea n grn js b g beningntda c eaedis's gr j ligh bulng and forngis conumer to b gh aul morndorostl oner al rnat be? a it aortluinguestn in alat it wincstergstin ncerirgia. f 35 ars egi g.eral eltricamp pnt i f5 s gal ncheeler vicginimp irovid huredsf amecans wit gheo vni highayvig hudsbmens >>it g wheo i ghayir got hir on he i ot the we h00 pirsnples. eryby was ad thwe ppl. job. yb wa ad daneorke flaen fb. almo 4 deyearske >>en f i de mo $304 an withhe p iwas akin30 it sn th p i stwo t in her rds,ou we dog well. o ame we icrey.oing r ln r s, w do .od. doie ngl rea goo unt . oi eaesidt gege woobush sig udnt the eneynde nde e a idge w shsecutyigdct e one a cu o (alaus 2 heawn efect
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(aus bnned t ect inndesnt lghted tulb gruall stain i ines lt jaary, b gr ll 12.ta e ma ide was tojay, red e . ma grdenhou asges.o butne thed meaeres grou. te th co-snsoreas congressma fre ton id-st woord creeonjobsesmare o. th mich ann wodreepubbscan wrote thch i ares rleasubn wte sing que i aes ras s togy'su nndecent bbs cotoain se bulenthom b edon con eateul 1-yea omagod thomm ensetey 1ea ptisago proa thmmsearers psa witamer an oa indury t se eneys we s aselpit ferst the du t s crtioneofwe as p ne domststihec mufacurin o esidtma neomiredict m meacin .bs idto enct d mocrets bfed u he to ght bul dcrill, a bdea and ua lf tlaulter. tod we l,eeand a ouncg acons atr.ill reat ode job in anc g thshor r ac ands selatob mony an thor rnd s redu emionionsan thlong run. witn a dumins monthng to n. ncheitera eloyeon heirobs o uld hipp to he eyeirmexo.
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s >> hat sd ppo t reaction fmx >> t rker whe teaio you fwerall tol therplanwashe cling? ou r it lsn'ol a goo thanthsg. itsnever aclg?ood tt ngn' wnoo yoare ld y are itve a gdint t wloseour yoe yreb. >> hel gutin ose lr teaso re hel o ltso he ossility of retritti thesity wifncheer ctor totrti makhe newihe oroak kin nofull in lbs at cform to e l naonal mandad s crm o requemen. na >>alhey d tean runda and chked e qu menines to >> seey te iunnd theyouldun chd e mesoee ithend geeyldsed e planevenhou ge ie eplgeeesd e offed tanenulash tirage epl as befits o safe tir t sh tge abs. > wh did thebe ttslsa t you? we uld ve. whidhe t to rk fu? e d nothg befortheyouldo hink f of csideng it. >> t ath boreyldnk cde .nsulto >> y are tajurye ofr too ke someul yf three sory oftoke setho be emp losodunploy ofor abemp lo exa cole wks onl ifunoy the or a traid thr mexan exco wnl freplemenhe to the aithexjobs >> dou v untepl to eno he go? >>
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to g d v dten ano train? >>. g sombody danaio do n jobhen am losgy om dy jo i cldn' do nobnamit.os >> o thi s msjo cn'oceain, hower,. i he ohi s lhtcen,ulb b we i esreateb new b joat iewjo l ioks ashougit wl creehem ls as overugas. w wha itree hasm shu down t ervirg.ia p nt ha tgeas wilhu cwnsid t rg p geil c idnufaurinhe cpact fain fluoscen bu cs.ct we me ruoeateendntervwbu requ ts t m generallectco r te getheirvidef th qu eyctc geeclieid oure thoffer. wha t d youhinkheli lesdnur is tbe lfned . ha dunkhere? es conngres s hou tnder landd thatassi? s hones souerd at legslasion s untend consequegcesa >> t xaunnd repblic tnquesoe t hasxa leepic t theoechaeas ofains theleight buheaf proisi of nse eghact. bu theerhing ofroif consuencare a rica hengf nsnce aca areut work. >> hate do u s tot pelerut
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>> thte io soe asth io doomhing a aationo cseredongergy >> whaveo gioe aericns a cer chce wn it ces tgy wve e gergyic a ficichcy t wit c t egy feral cigove tment sing uhl g fal vent sg u g to gen ergy caus the's t gogo ben altnave not he gay e ty ushe gobenlt ocee ot >>ast ly t p aong witee >> mat rityf p repblingit lleaes v edmaty tepi a peal heea v babu itllow aal demra to ba staitit. >>ow among emhoseo ai votg. formheg se repe one ootthe ban'sor pene opropeents bas cgresman fre opts upn. heouldt tk t cessnre on cmera abupt h he chalde otf tinutn i c ratate nt tabt hoxha n owsine ss i te t que itas ner m noa s f qu it nshin mon teci what kd f of lht bulin t ty shld heha kaysde l and rulubli tnshus he s lleaes wl kend rli phing ea wke to real the pngo n. >>reow wld yeelhe f t bi was real >>nd>> w it y wl beel a t bilaas ithe rl>>ace.t w
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be i c ldastep upn fronla of ie coe.ressr w oeve casepdp t r on fll o go off coss w ove t it owould.o theyouldffut mn o cfsnd pumet ul in d.e eyld m c pun car. n anffor t move tcar. uned s ates greor tnergov t nes tonderand ere e un ss gconsreuenc forrg netoerd e nsncorleslatn. th legislion affte rea le atpeop. >> ou tthnkhosee jobsl anffoneea opreve > i thinkhosese jobob f aehose 0 pevele i i virnkniase areob theyre n ominpe b ikir to aereg uned s tes.ey n siinle faco is theost un m ses. iacs he myob.t m my. pridnt back oba is r being bg ok gee obasbs. be g onsid is. g when. id. ene sitsheompa ouideasngtotspa oue cncestore has a greonneionnd a ces dera as arebsidnen leadto ra o innidatiothom ad edis cou nev qite mke o nnioom rk. esidt obam is thious heevan qe m wi a lo of. ourid oamy.hihe kn wha it wi lois?f wilr swou aftethe
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brea knhat ? il swftehe ea
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1:33 am
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1:34 am
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1:35 am
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1:36 am
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1:37 am
hab. heas g thef oi einee ng eesla he vecle grup. hpi t e stieelatehela need ve e r tgrs. tec hnolopi t dvingt titeee forw td. >>earleclo dngt $0 millio of go rnmerw >> rl $miioinftervtion go methat howuch u .s.aayer rvanedonesla atounowd u. ber edlaun i bert mogu he lan iermo >> w do uguhink heedeean mo x pa r woneyo atnk hdeall? >>et m re nd youa it'rey a l >> m loane ou>> wet'antedo intduce youan t wed omoss w sdutntceou donions tf nely ss 1,000 wolars ofonnsf 201 ne 1 al00e. thvastajorstyff whi wnt01 to al dem ratithst ocandateshi w tenta offedp theemti vicnd espresent tefe comnicaponsheic est omcas ricao raez >>tesls allctri ca rradstez artiriceslllri 1,000 rst do ars.ti ceou 1 h00omeigdos. rofi leb h brmets buyig thefi orge bruyclney, atte mo that ad t gehelcl y,>>tt we tmo to at t rpect the pricyl
1:38 am
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1:39 am
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1:40 am
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1:44 am
dica. >>ail,railrail ca >>l,il. ilil.sp spee igh eed il. we vespee 13 llioforighh d . e 3 io r eed hil. thehave 84 d ilein in. heve flora.4 ein $8 milon tstt or consucti onnoth i $8il t st sconn. annsfortinth lifo ia on anr bllio morefo >> rht now isioroun re r$45 owbill ion. unalirni 5 cgresmanll. lini cesnevon n nuni is 4 onrm p lic. who sni psingorthis >> rhtc now thehos pedeglax is par is o rg to payow forhetutde axe rem nderpa of ise mneyto wilayl or ha toe mad upyemerf yill ha ocalirniaad wic inybo hapaid tent nliia calif wnia i alsobo haid ntbrok >> halifa o osesso theprojt.ok that hasn' oeshe necssalyeenoj atn' ea. secan ea ont th timstuentsuffed a muchs an theim pnnedstntailff a le romchan
1:45 am
an dioo th pedl lmaay di artheahroh the stri.rro eri ighi dowwillrea huredsfhou n ofhiowllea tempary nstrhuctiodsunf mpjoy bstrio pois ou it' a bf jo bsstreh toall oiouhoset' jobs b to l anyimeou ase js ung n. nye a coretend cote buldozs is new job. >>e bulievze iny js aw enb. >> bev j jo >> kt prgle jo k thepre fmer airm of e caaligh spd rahe fr armhorif theca ganihtionharg wit spra delopi the aristhete's high nieed onilrgitstem de saypihe eve job'sig d iem ayeen jobve ob causoncehe hh i speail up n andob uscerunn hg,pel pnd cnn emiions ll dro by a cs mmih asns droy a mas2 bl pods billn pods p yea thatssumbl 1po milon pple lla ypor w plea rid atumlifo 1iail p e hi spe tras. y widfoia
1:46 am
hipera that abo 4times mehan e nuer o atbo 4 ridmes menn nu o amtk highidpeedhich runs fm bomton t ghed nch yor t rs f bo tshinon, c. n aorore t denly inpopu, ted acoeidor. >>ou c'tenin any cpudid ecoor >> c ineconist nyat i't bng cdi pai for oneside or on tt i other bho ai llhow your hothisneillde r ter wo. >>ot woue? o notisl one. wo >> triof? otgoe. gerno > sctri walr ofgowionsi john gno sckasi ofalf ohi a rckwisicottohf si foridalrey ohient ck a a r tt mbin idret a3.6 lli i f derain hi spe6 iail fra ants. th had eenhietpe aidorl theits thstadesn >> tse aid proctslwa geio orstes t in coslwaroswaos g o inoswamoneos >> govnor sott aznesa theovr s otproj at issaheay trikyor his ojis t stat >> wriconsisoverr wlker at welsnshe sam ery. w er toe is a was s ofam n. >> eowis is aeould meas ttf ca for ca>>ifnias >> wt woldd yo mdo wh t the caor
1:47 am
billns o blioncaofifia wwoyo wollahe the ll o bonla th ainisati aistiaset ase? >>s th eve og toetff e ound as >> loo>>thveoto i ean nd tore $8illi sitnghere iight n w. th will tre $8liitreonhtruct >>nd so. cotruccton c ws athg. sch dul>> to bre roucouc c achl bre inou20. >> comg upn tride20 >> sw omainup ais gre t jse sw n are j iniratn. wahe takenor ri? afteinthe ateak. wa ten ri tel te se gk.e sa drirs a diount butnly lsta ves fe dversore. t gsari a dionusntheckry ix mtthsy thta dri accs ent- dee.rse. a usckry msthricct-. so wt's goi to ? eeni meae, mey.. ws oio niea m.. orore. sholess gemore ke o calto or alle.ate ent.oss gere a ot ofaleopl thinfibellcane o thi andne tng oy, and ose oplere wha i lofe toplall n ohind t od e le wh ltol g. ke mamuc. su it lps u ke regar muc but doe 't ssup tht e.
1:48 am
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1:50 am
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1:51 am
r - distbute tooes -acto esstte o ross citio ates to untr s. imsse homanyti job s thates cr im hos,nyewe mobhhaf i t t macrd. edon wwe b milthe i t tmairst commcialower tatied n w b ft fr her inst mmalerti n f n yok ci tyfrern can brack oamahan t n yo wocid wityreen n bck oaan t wowienener? is ather coury has alrdy er aer ouied. thias abo whaisappelrng inountes l e d. hibohaa. pe >>ngheres a odel fnt l present >>obare's p an tode f trsfor esamtica'a po trorama'onom >> ai >>om spn. >> hat spainsoing- >>spt is t rue>>tpain wpnhe ng wod's eadn the eff>>tis tueoin w bud gre wos eadnomyitthhe ff t lp o buremy o masve subasblicub tiedsi des. solit tthe blicayin icit w ld c ate ch nedde si bs.s. en toly cl tme ict wains w ce nworkg. . but his tclwa rk m say it soth gts but mayt th t. >>abrile c ns a
1:52 am
sp>>ishri ec conicrofe or wn offed sp shy oconfe w iactf fe spai ss gen o energo icieton s ai gecomy. erg foue f ev ryew genobecy. ou crea fdev s gint ea s 2.2 noneen jobs an.2onn bs alzohalnge priden obams bliefzo thalenger en abity engyan cree am befha millenns o abdditynaln rejo. ll oitl caadjooncded spn's expe encecarovecd obama'ssps tor pe cesvelaut a's tor lawrng. i tiedo wrn t wr ex.rien o sin td w t i st of ex en utio s it o m ioe -- cautioar m--ta. >> talaio obata >>alba smied. bertibbs tls wenll ialerd. t t rtbs tain'reenen chno gy eeer to wo n' herwene thu.s. no wldn'be buwong smuchf h warnen' the rebudent s nch to t tit flownehe nt nain's t t exple.
1:53 am
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1:54 am
ofesrcifi shacalza esdid. >> nlzdoub? nott nall. >> iub ot sepmber 009 i bnner viteeper9 ber ca adateoesti t the caaticommtee t he e rpeed h warmmng e bsidheing rpe h rewle gen arergy doe s otidg prode reew g jobs gy>> ioem su spaasro alotf bsonom goo th igssu topahow a turount b t s omoliooho w late ont b r tewabi specical is t te one oth r ab >> demrats necal turs n o oammedth him th he>>em dtsartment urme enm gy dtmret rt. >> ty haoncled tt y ren re. tha cl re tarch yasot recheceari the gold standad ovaluinghiseihe islde. ta wedaill o folwing youlugs concsionand mving fisward wel ol ng wiou ths. >>s ncheondng frd oba wi admistr ion>> sejeingisba finngs hisdm tr n n g ernmentasegoncling he s insgis. in g nmtbruaclge g inua011 ainerely rtaid grn ecomy1 nely
1:55 am
aigr suidie >> wcowerereatinore debt e panisuie wreovementin wen th verge ofni colpsebecaeefnt w thrg ooleca th syem. asth the presint stoed spn? >>hef cosere hesitotopp reg refespncin >>coe spa.pp spaiis an fein econompa bas tai ase. e rasonhis hn'c cauomt oas isecau i 's. meuch ron mors hn'au pense to is gauerat ihis mhind or e ctri ty whensto you gat putst d l in e erihe capalound tut n suidy. heraps the t adminitratn arsumenty.he mar ter w'the bdni at esblisd wi out arme hntpar fr the b govenme. esey siswit iv h i a ufrmpheet tvee s ivmark estlishtsel i thet kes toff. how rk mastshel bheps dot hey s ed? ow whi briass boackyo th? hiri ckth sondraga theyot to end so theraeptment ey eneyotrogrhatondssuhe loant negrtuarte tsu an resolyra a otrreen ly a otcoanieens. tha turdfrid's eingsco
1:56 am
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1:57 am
maetple itead to00 mi grn neicin ma plcapiitlismtestndador eonic pism t distert rse e on ashe deba dintieres, soseoe as th dba isps,ndino ithethcan g on much spin hennger gn thath our progm. i er att urr. thks f watoging. i loe 9on s olth fatg. s is e grtest thi eve e onol ss grsthi onvelitt smi one ttleaughonttmi e le ghney nny. babbs ] [ lahs ] y y. we wld danytng f her bb]la ] na is m brnt nd m whusb dd anyti fer nas br ma a w ml onsban itas rlly sy won spit] bothaugh it ry o. it [hapith ] ghe cratelegazoom to hp yotakeare of t oneyou ve. [pi cregaom go tlegaoom. hm toyoy anke ecolete tour nell iu minu.s. tgam.toan coter inu weput e laon yr si. lzco wet la ysi [ ma annncer to t 5:0a.m.chol. thewo t ins d a mas nner ri r. t:0m.ol he ts a rithe 'll eep en is do" acemic e l p idoacic fo80 yrs 've en ipireby y. fo y e i re y a
1:58 am
we' beehonod walwithou ae' ee no hel you al tht whe yowanto be elu whyontbe ♪♪ beuse ur ment now♪♪ bee m t ow l notng snd iyouray. lot s iur. len mo at llerdu. lemot er.
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