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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 3, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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ink. n wilschrichrimie te theou advi frosomedy w k. ilrinowsri t or whel h te the viro pmenge downws w the teepe hed? pen alrigh an -wal strehep d? prestsre gwing b the da algh an evaly reday, i eemspr petsle gng bhe are not vingpntil evhe bany, i ms paeupre t tng rospnneila has sanethi pa el in upnd for th e os greey baasers. shi eln orhre bas. go to t reedatio camp goo t if that don't edlp,io be mp ifhaotp,e beheed. thas wh hapns wn ruia tay bks you. he. hawh ap "f w & fendsstar rig ru no t b u. "f fdsar ig no roanne br talngbout chopng pple'head ofro?ne balut >> op pe'adofrit. >>hat' >> cing uri >>t'nbout -- c g u onef whh s is. verrichutrson ->> a ut a newhour sago w. aw erch meon pt a a dratic tringsgo w awppeng in it y. >>e p.ra cwe h te togstart wit eninoxit ews>> aler o h oftortit
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nvicd m dereer of amaa kxit fighng bk te rs aic s mre maeads kor h freomn an gh bte a s aliaappes ds hurt. re now shenus wai or aniapet. owitaln juhe to cidef s'lai ben auitt for the aljuo de s mder o a tt or brish udenhemereth mrkeher inbrh enre ker2009 >> t main-up ha jy i nd 09fa inat j gregurke i is l iv and knofaat erytng aut ily ndeg thke s lcaseivndno hoeffe ive s sh yt a ith se hofee sh ll s was actally quitgood > s itas ver ctterelying. e loitedod eaust andou c iter undetandhat,freg.his lo desionay w ehst and ma cer of de nd t, ght 10s urs, s shoded beon w a arni o whaherateis t 0 s,now, shobemand w nihar ceokin uis a w, e ma herandse w a ite a cin u aconvcingne t the ma jerysen a e the igin trial, nv sng t dn'the se j caple of e akinintrl, s dt a se saportfin st clartiveentee sang i didn do . she id iidn'kill ar vete didsat i dno .rape. e i n'she soll sys thaid shes nope the ee sys theha mak h outheno tbe e ashe w cald b ahe lawrak h utthis tek a heas wal b dev aastawr is
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ek.evt now,he oer def dant. td he s al preyood i w, tking o ef nt the tury ahoue h was alre dread ig fr a triptng hey ahe louked hs trifi a h adfr earlptbeenhake b all lhad tfi atime hn jail. rl enth oke the bavelloween four me yes in il.jail o henow,t'seeen anou fcinang yeinil ca. anw,d issneall agried fna caeopl an is llbothin thunit stas an ternives in ple uni dththittaan kingrnm whese it kno moren r thnidviim t mderf ngwhitno e redi thvi t mrreruch les di inrestn amdknoxhues in in thstvictamoxher milys exctedno co for the thct rdicr lys finay, w are expectedg thcoor he veict t eforic na 8:0 w pe .ctth ve t tnighorcal. that wld b:0noon pster thgh's wt thjudgsays.l. ill at six w p bpleon oner t th wjurythnd tdgyswo l dgix pleaston te t cam aroury tdnit, s idg t uld a veryamouon ni s ida >> i it ued gregt's ryon jorida? th i neeg'smajoty disio ribut t me thske jo dyio a t meesk dges decion wth morythan a thjuro tt we selted? esecn woran thro tweeld? >> yoreightbouoth
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thin. thmainyo htjudgherere touot dgesnd s inn th tindg reju tt is a rityes secis tn a tju is ma jud gettytwo vot. soisactuly a ias t talng t ma ud etmeo t crina l yersso htue i i townalndhey tay ri tna lrsey h peo ie thiwny areay actuayhe t eyjudg.eo th may hire bo wellua fy dg t thay knox becose t ws jule d f alw th view tf e oxec t.n.aju d evid ce aal thatht's beew f nsided vy.a id aavorhale fse th idfen v.or f of eg bthke lnivem ity. th e's f storout b tkere l asve wellhat parely se it ths ort t s waingshow llt re s oretwo has a wagsw jeout theoca airrrt read towo hake h away je as t on he o ca sheir fre if at adoppen h >> ty boxaypers s ff he ref en treadox so ipuesshey' ant sipatg yo re o of here >> aood ad issvey'ict.nt at we' waiyoand of seeowrehat a d allvet. e'airansdres day.eet al meanme, uplef otr ns s adliy.s th morng. the portwerewr ongan, leot tur liouthor. e rtfortreatelwr ng th al-ida' ur chi boou makerrtel th l- waa'not lledn thit droo stke inar ymen wat tedt tille dro rrorsteade i ynnwarl-awki o t fridle. orde bo u.sandaraw o id yemeni offials
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y bo.sdenirahiffls hi-lasi is sti ale. as itis beltived h al mad tomb iteld usedit had tb edundeear mber. dense crety ln panderta is ier dee et lanta i isel athissoutshe he iued isarniou to e i isd elis >> athisniramao c tin t mile et whe tisreis h e a is bema so tiny n tchanes mi ewh t h beo t isan not a gd sittio for iael tisot g bedme ireasitglyioor ilate il tnd be i asthaty whas happing. ite >> panta wl be met g wathhappg. rael>>analesnianan le wersbe m et w try torestt el peeesane slks. ryo he als estecte t urg te s. iseliso im oveheelatlsns e te rgth tegypand rkey isisimeat ypd ey sere tbuleenwo para fli ts fsece ergen tle landgs aboon's l gan rali f een rpor ndat l ast ne pele wboe'surt l n a j bluligh fro or l npeuert w tricoo j bboslun.ghro the he plaasrt cos e la a ftan fod rigitednan
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fo chaotte bod fogerma.gid peoe hu onhatehat mo e losieohunestinyt exctedt thmansigught trmol of m ehaelsitijason' exed th thetrof mtandel jarstn' an edorgen. he ro docr whnd gave stn paredic een peroissiocwho ge pnounacks ar icad ihishome pesi seral n pdunksmuay's is me rlfrnds e eecte d tsel dtesty th weronmu's t phone wi himfrs ete thort befste tth per tho ne ar swippedimreatngrt seefral t pgifrie s? s ed thate aryouradlis. se ilopeha wast agi ie mispthnt.arurli ybe ie d hase a sevspal. e gifrie ds athe s he ti. >>hereou ev. giieat s ti's kg of op.>>re . let' t kalkof. aout wt'soingn do on walstre low t' kmanhtan are at wscrosng the dountrnas wellalreow it'salle dnhn o aupyos walhestre an no wtr i wasll in 'sle bosn oy thalre anekennoandhey das ccupn osh ston ther wereen,000deoply >> u weup presti? >> i waon j sterre dri00ng plby. we i s trprng tti get o>>wa jpperri by . an1,00 i etrle t we betweenme and er sea andinn.00 w b en anay d s proeasts wpreannng t n onn anew yk bros ea bo on, cupy n nlumb yb oh bo, py occu mbicag oupy .a. cupyohovidce r de icuandag oy.
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py id we r. id >>what the ssag we >>theyon'tknow! >>athe >> corpate ageed, th's wha >>ey't ow is. cial >>rpe d,hhaineqty. gl al c.mate hang aal the's roteoingneq.n gl cteng a washgtond.c.s we .th s i antehengn btomneere' sh on c. weat o of e pei le ys. b mtheottoline is thee' f ling o f pe th theinanal is.ustrs hee ontoin wl stset hehe fng thhean itr hen wst he caud theconic pblemand theye no conibutaug thr thon pfairemharedoolng theeyno th'sonutthrrett irre mech t the s ofth the oup'tt rsoni for w m tey a outhehereof in e allp' o rnior w ese ffer t ci es r ht autre n w. >>llnd m ot ofhem e ung, e erci rwe unrsta is >> meenof abom g, strght untasnbo d n trte unrsta thenionave n unta bheeguone bacthem up i varus citi acrs t bgu acem uuntr i ar>> he inhe ticr tcitwu loltr hin 100,n fa, suortshetwuo otesrs a the0,gotfaeallsuyts gry at yterd whe t y es ha athisheass trestll of bch y of peoe yrdnhehe t haiss stf bokly b ofeoe blyrifr idgethe psommaeere a uplefr o bse ndgee madmarehe twle o
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bmbersedrivthemo tus ad statn. th 's o of erne.ivem t in adtion at numr of eath of . pay pe le hine swnadonp tumof supppatpe h s the tuysoth pp gups areheedne thestatuhquo d a gs coele oheceleitie tu o re'sausan co olesaraieon a 's an mi ael moe. >>ur arra a broers diste mi gel aymohe >> ors aros tehangg ge ingshe >> i glathatox i a nghere fox her gs ilaat i re x er theris aod i hean! >>is iing? er a i >>it l ks le iteaast. >> i ve, ve t. >hat' l litt.aming,o, he'veve yingox i >>eret' andusanamg,e' ng i erandnd is mparg toan the arabsprig. ab s ing nds ryinartotohe thwt ab th srickles o entu ses og in hw pres on, th? s le we oon'tiketu -- o thewantdemo acy. es , may som owe'te tho peoe- he thnte arupt themoy. e th iayom o gehoing teo ccorthng taroup heth e. i geg t ore , peaps, tt wl stetgr s le tn fai r npes, t wst le tnai08.n is ithelowe devopin. prott i' eveseen b i it ewe evininin ment. ot >>i'ome veopleenre bt in nt
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>>e aleo figing ouhat a wiligheseg ptest sout w ilare t the anse pstuorti esidt oba ase m ese thanti idobas m towas re-ecti eve tugh he ot awa le-tive th o he a h lonatns om w ol stet pple. theye us hg se of eat wchnostgy t pt me.beh d't eyus sef cessily ke tse c panino t m at d ty've devopedik ssy tcompers d cni tveptopev aed iikt mp s ems be rtf aonfungop a gume . is ete wtfu they'rsayi abo thme--he ietweal. nothat w'mhe'r agryiingboith th. alundetandhat at'sno tatirgrg hargunt b it's s ghtl dendt 's t gu bs s tldisienuo. >>t's litt muded. dpeakg o siuo >>s ddlett lisudn. tothakis. sean bar tokleis pa ntothis o an thearccupwall ttreea otes ond hen she he shoupdll uee on tesevisn ansh tald n he lile bho abo how u the pple do on tisan wl stalet a acrs li b bo thowcounhey whhavee made adon lot wst acr of ney th howunwh tvey m --e h lhey haey an opptuniowo tay it- h bay a hanpp ini thet ban't, get a ihe outt,et the ut egoliti, list.
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>> wou all the guiy gotist >>oullhe uibanks th alit tay back anhingver nkth ait t bck anngr00 mlion rson weah. beuse belie in maxum m onge o on$1ea milon andbe ie liin ax th're able o o livn$1 thailnd i thounte thenlehey oouldyou iv ow, t thehareedatio nteny ldu , he campandedfiohat dsn'telp, en bmpdbeadedt >> ieard df'tp, hningour b meage r tbeed a ienc i butrd h ng res s feelhat's mee t goin to anc utget r mamum see ratt'gs fmo hino t chiemarivam onussiat tod. h hodoes rus a toieyvanet si roannedarr'. nbe ohoesreusto theyow gting h roner' ntcombe? o toy eyuest gn ing h ow som's a to medine o ustse i to s a. >> thi shedias b oing o funn >> s'sookioap w ealt>>hihe bg nn skiap wlt whh isinrestng and e'sooki tbehe whisinst bankd s.s >>y qukition is t whe do we ce what nk >>qu ronosease ba w osa?e c at y doe geo mu aeaentiba thesa? cebries a what do ey sgmuan ati he cri aharann do sere, mhae moor reannando e, mae or r nnbarr mostmerin pele d't we upn thmorng ansay i rr
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wo er wsttrioseapee d b wr sid upthrn an y toy abtheadg wo wea b s toabad catalis. >>speclly nce t oange untyousevesave tca li ighe>>in oecy teis t ogeet. betyrese os ofe them ore t gng be . bere ofthe t g e prence" w eand re w. >> e watalkg abt then" supe d weal wy. thisade headwanes lkab sthurday rninpebual iseads a senda in buft ke aho athe wte use saidyou ufowtasn' a a e w lkinseaboubeam ho m e idu n' inouam m 00,0 orabve. he dsn'tant t xes ,0rais on. peop makg a d'tt mill tn.s not isen n0 opak amillion. say the t per chhemin. trarayh.e r pele w maklike- well he ar didnpe eve wak ke-y.ll e >>al thr o dnve em. he id >> the arehr o0,00 m.peop in te ounthohere s00uld ve tir tes opisedn tnt not at t predentnd sd whi t thousare lkinedabo. >>t omet tng tret contd aecthi use in ouliveo o >>et tco a at dilyasis is th warn ouve tror ondvice d y is sesidt di cthneyarn w ba tr on tce tal hows aga iddind cey wba tal ws gangralatepresent ama
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r beg toh onterrists i an whave t ayratees t a at be to on atrrts cerinly wve this adnisttionas bn veer lys seris. th tooout usaad binstadenon bve annow ey ri too out thoot al-salakiin en onrida so y oanw knw,oout hatl-ki ofonfda tosohis v yyoeriofforkntat get d ofhef to tersrist v ayossioor is na iont of bt th se erst ass na n ti bth t veresint ti sai t th v predentsibamaowai ow th esidt bure anntpoloma fow idbunlo fo stkingack his o stngk is haj ndli the w oerrohe aj heas ithe whi e lihe w orohohee. >>he he o ima aeinisatiohias cleay rehohed >> o a aisiooinwher ea retheyde aged theneedo be intougerandggreiven ey ag fendheg thednati andbesi ugdre esomef thsame t hniq s ndthtindsihat the meshthmedmistraon tiqsdidt and e ey ndmirao goac ad nd re nsid n somd of eo acritismshey fere reid aboomf e ou polies it omsvery reheyersbo ouols or styeyear >> a he seechnar a cao i onof t s keych thgs w've
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a tten iw fmur on tey idesthnd we lues dire sho aten bus ades es re bahocall we'us tak ag ou tebaorislle' iaknouthountes and ing the teisxtre i tothont it.d g saitherheso dieren in re kingutool-awki a . aiersdi encaptning al- ida rrorngt an ungaw a enh cedptg l-a or an u inrrogion. nh becdse othe ole ea at aawla was u. in og n.tize and ere ecy o bee le gal alaas. alle es b verzeinted stine e ll coaris. it a vy in rest g le bertein compison >> aco he'isthe ly o it tha vinst can it d chompeson ae'e o tha d n t it.ho present sh d not tpeakp fo dhimsf. .that hisersol cice est . dotak fohe tmsed t kill at preisdentso ce rona rgan a nis t t k llnten coure be ntt sht? na rnye ap. n >>hen i pire enoue sh ter rist>>n ound i thereorld bow tt er amsticanleri ndhe aldar a bawla isad. t amwillanisri fo aower ala is ce bad. for veng ll at'sfohe nertuestion cndbaor ngthat nexon ts moay " x 's & niendt"son atex tmo " & nd"
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malennouer ] anbey jue? we up ♪♪ leou ] beju wup ♪♪ that goomorng, vegg sty. atoorn ggty hm [ ma annncer fohalfhe corie--hm manner fo pllfs ve cie nieriti. cld' haa v8 plve nti cd'hav8 stery don't n. g don't n. erdot dot tles es corn offes dot wirnff
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doat wwis? igin win w frh wi. inin smar winsfrwi e wod's st damic compiesarns knowwohat s ns i dbusiicss mpday.s maybthat whyo ma choowe t to w ik wisi us. y. yb atwe'rhygranmathorhoon. dit. w witax.s.dvisy.'ranor. t. ♪t's new y ♪ i ner s mysf he.
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i dn't. but♪ith s ightw atch♪s, n s ysi cahet se mysed t.anherelse. th htch case♪ isem fe ing anod re♪e. yo can e he too ifeg feme anunce] jon nofor ee. yo an hehurroooffeendsctob 15t emance jo nor igh.watcrs pntsp s. rrfedsob5t becse iwork ghtc psp c irk
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amicanorn -qai leer anw al-lakihe late ter rist amann ai lellednwl-ki doesis dth rlly dteiveerast bl to e teredrist es d ry dvea blo etworerst wi itnly insrewo moreome wi tgrowyns eerrorts? ow t's kur ver o genalor? ck s en whatoes eris m onnen the big pictene? we ike atis gs is mgone.he ig at ds itean r t ctfit? wee g s go .list h r lly d iitn a t key fi lead . st ader hip mes a ry dferee iney y adganition er m a ceainl dreoein i al- ida.nion ce nl te out i-a. tsmerin glis spe ing teut jihist o t haari ispe vgce tiht he esthaa and inflnce t pportnallt so tt nd ery fl esiifict. a p rtllsen s te ecay the f esiic t. of l-qaa afr nin len w kiedcahe ofqaaf sohis som l maj wor kiseback r thm. theye no goinsotos omajorseckecov th imme ateleyfromnointhis.ov
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'sn meelomis ealo gy the ma daeroubut ey a llogelyhe a ma densivorgazati now da ou t aokinou lly for aheirwn deivgati ow suival ompa d to inhatheyor usir to be >> asu nowalpato lkint toyight tt us o war the arabbe aowninsa, l riginoht t r heinrahe nsyeign-saiborr, t fit th war nyesa yemenrn t fithar solia,n th remion,ndron arthe oy soa,thwa ren,on >> we arvee opecylwaperaon forc who >>e ls opeectelraheren rcho erounpere conrt wth eunocal mmans anon w lal arm frcesal so it's a ananrmonceed fes ier a ncysot fortthisce war ihat 're a cy ghti. rtis arthe t ntrae nteltigencgenc playa lar e ra rouel snc doenc ecia aya oarratns aooe oth ia inlligce ancielikehe ot a naonalecury thagcy. evebody nowsinighat a yie havke aery clonasealur ratioaghip .th ve dynerawsl petteus yavnd ayeryolo i riop hoperaetusnows yreyyo iol in the pe rgesws yney ira an psiblhe es afanisn, y werrealra a woied en t pbl pside anafunceishis yw pleralorwa wo d t pde afgnist. an hoceis ts s plpling t?wa
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gst. ho tplg >> ihink our forcesre >> inkurors gnifantl hdcufd by thi iftl praturwithawal hf thufby surgforc andot aehi t ke prurthalth rgrc thend a lelf keorce a thehe apprimatlevetheye atowce athroheh nt ye's f ightprgat veeyat asoni thk th overroln ye fhtg on th thssioiserut a risko io nece aarilby tktithdwal emurel so'm v yceil tt concned outhdl .emelo 'm>> vu ha a b ne ncverd the weend, to oha ber ovehelm by wed,to alwlaks kiing t thvelm b al ak kipturg of ath k qqan l der ur a k d noan lr eveone sayg who ishis novee ayho issqqanetwo ahy ha theeeanwoo a leal t ha heist eee t t ghantan. 're ghti agast tee oplethe kistann. e tiga ti, e tali n an thlee st haqq, i liantwor >> wve t ned e siatio agait thqqtalin inhe sth to o orv. w t wed ave sil tio aithliin mom stum ere w ond t.t's e owee he t sur foomes am whae they e een ts e dog fo sthur las8 fo ahaeymohs.
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e efnrt tt's fold gdofonas ont mo. i theef t ms n efftld agnst e t ihe mhaqqffi agt two opatesast qqabu tthe wo pakian b der opdes ot f abu te ki br osancary pakian. nc y th wilget diropoionae ki am.nt oourtten on athilt that whyou'rgoin toee di po nare ctact itham oren a athy'rhainqaniond cct hmore cturind klingf ha ni eir ader is w l bereoughightor cri k thngnextear nd a hr lfer tt w be wel beghealiht wit the thxtr h tt li >>itnd yhe prect -oou suest at w guanno >>in y ire - at tror group is sut a wowedo no ext? i t r >>wellups the's n dou aeded exout at if wdon' bng >> ll em thethe nou n otiat ng tlefs wn' b resu of e orce e're te nia t puing esuf thecere war gs pug eprotctedhever me a by ar th, i g mean byo t otedr a y litil wi thathwe hie to ppor b.yo t d th's w re t ti mwiha hsionto risk sor th w tasso mated on>> geral sk thank so much >>soed galok.ha o ood lkino ch you. hava grt ek. xt u ond thein ndowu. mcavingr an chr.tie utick.he it allheowc buzz ght anhrnoe ck ist i eeitll ssib?z t r whingnonnsids a pis i ne witib?
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r wngid a the neitoop. d thhe vie o thep. sun le th yove ner snie obehere.un l yo nincr siblenhoto aphsaken be . frretcn rlsos crleto hs enlesce. fr shmusttcave e sc shste hu. my me iron sini i'forteighyearold, i ve swiy iann i loni to lk oside i'rtghard, i e wi anloo ode ost bi- h reay heed my k.sti- heahe os ko bi.lex s be inedib fore, osbix be inibor ani swr byt. [ale nounr ] teo -fle t gluansamisw chobyroit suppnt [e un] o le tith luloximi ho itadva ed. pp sws irovent h xi in jvant c.fortithi7 da. s ive j crt hidasteoi-fl my ees ank u. eofl malannocer ostebi-fx.y s k t #1 ctornd prmac talnor te-f re mmend brtd.1 or pac reenbr
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capal o's n sh rardsard gies y a 5perct nualonus p o n r dsd youarn pergint y 5re crch. alus yooure nn saterfied ith % cmoreash,end bac yo natedh reh,d ac ll brighhere waing r it bgh rewho uldnwa wang moreitash?o dnanre h?[ sectchirng ] i'l ta it. i'll[ ake ct raiirup i ]here i'tat. malannocer the w lle caaital ie care rewds cd. alno r e e ca foreoplca l whcawantew0% m ce ca. caorpl whnt mca at'in yr waet? rry'll ean is ut' ywa? sho dn'tryave l de in rain uo 'te iin
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>> mines ater top of e ho. quk hdlin f you in ate o tthis mond morng.f hoocksre ankqug h ainund fouhe ois worl thisndornior aft. more ks k ba anewsdrom eece rlisniftor day, heba gwseksm ce y, g admksted th wot meethe defitdmd h rectio target swo m raietngears th theountef won get reioaret
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
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6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:44 am
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6:45 am
reve ste? st >> oh yeh. yo foocoul s n boh gting ye litt blaer. dsrery gyoooulo bigur out gtg waystto shlae th. alt ght turut of ysshyourth dit t.t d th begs theuestn - sof ithe urgovement roldio thehe st - relatehat ea it overntol shood we dide at retet oueaelve oho dfor fr a de aland deouteve we'rjoin byr ahean predent f de thsaltstite, ihink 'rin we y ow wre s com dow onrent thlt thisit i nkande erti wed h sltomown ounsor is d mimitiro h. goodornins toot ofyou. mi gooromorng. >>odet'snitartoith otyou. fy ishe goveru.ent oorackg rn wn o sal>>'srtighth u. iser tw?ck wh are oal tyht tryg to regule what e - wh>> beausehey ve a t arygtoda rthatuloes ateyon -scnce. bse y they ae not b aingg this o ats scnce. on>> at'sschee. ageyda?no bghi o sce. 's >> t ag? and sms tbe to t ert meonrol ave ind stry t inlmos eoveryealm hat t selvend y d th in bigosstry pblemlm witt se salts th thige n pctuaemyit provthat hey'lt inthiolaon of t laws itomesua t t ovaty' n dilaar guiline on tawites tsoum. t di thui'renen iso. viotion
6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
as arlaou in temigrtits. f d th iss i desalves lo re care nd gr. t ught lthss ess scuson. e ofarhe tngs oplendove tout htris christ i he tusls. it ike of is. ts lee t s hand stthinby t eend ofhis t ite s. ek, neeto knd w,in t eouf s ing runr , notee? knd if soou l et g unusaket if ourso l desionne wthere're ooing de onuppo u. w er >>retngoundlike t wilbe po >>fortominthiseek. nd keck cney s oil one o the chathows wit hrtin hisisk. cy o nedaug oere they ppeaatdwsitnisandem and ty ug ditalker a ittleyeea bitbout tde ndterr taste inddinlk atlmenitut t al-aaki ing rrken t.ted anenit w tereing,e're -a i g ing n plahe soandbit wor re g,u bure g ssenlaallyhat hwas sasongit buwaou enknlyt hhiss oba sa adnisttiongoodob ting wa is g ou kn sbut ey'vbagot ad lotstonod o tg ne e. gou theyt e'vtot ohycrital theyave mplaed a utey argu ofhyit nhaneyde la a introgaon chnigues, fd t,an herntheyga go and ni, apore th guyt,ithery coupnd of llfe orssilth.uyh he's t fmer ce esid t.upf fil he t fr id thbamadmintratn h th clrly achethe int maereinat
7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
>> itheyidn't t him off, hoves mae th hava stkerip on i ey n' eir tndsim ndf, they need to maothavstrn meth g abr t ths.he nnot dosu. >>e kn youl be alki th ab abtht th anduch mort hensu >>you knoubeco-hkit "th abthndhorn u fi"-h todaytht 5:00.m. ster timei owe'lyenjoyou thn. anks00. 'ljou da ksda.nd fdaurotrs, is thathe n fe ias?ots,s >> an andatour other n i? >> anwh e,anndr oter aawlaay b >> dewh butis msages a ver a la mu ali b on ne. de cautwe eect s fo mowergeto a er co bac muorlin ree.nge? ca eat'st fonexter >> a coace's e ore e?erics 's favoxtte cntry inge a.s o thicing, voan cryge wiiams'on thnk j is here.g, anhe's talwingms js areut his an's al mousad footllnd ais if w ca we'us seezen so ot potics.f w cae' szeso pocs ♪ it a n, ne new w d ♪ eve days a w da onweig waters. ♪it nneew d♪ i on'tee wve anyaye a dauld ant on
7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
>>welce ba everne. amicanorn >>lc terbarist nwarer . -awlami, wanl, hns dd bu er mastnot arrgotn. s lwlacy w o h dbu he a mat ot ly o hradi alizaon les o on ne. on wl he rema diza l on rel ant . thworlof wheterr?ma we'rjoin n byelt ya thrlorro rr 'rundeinof nbyyarorldteatsom a nati al sdeurit analtor the chrdttiantsctio a etwoti a sditalr m. e hraniorgerwouth otheook "g.iere."th oek goodorni to u bo, .i ntlen. >>good" o >>boet me srt w hleyo >>od immeatelrnwhene fo d ou>> thatel-aw ski w dea w onyo me elfriden, wefoeptoulayg ataw vid weafn l hirantseenn y ubeidwet yand l ovid hehint eninte yetnde d ov t rrieme ttet may hwoul contue tbe eecti fro the ave. ie ttay hul nt yo t thghts etiroryan e e. th'sbsolely true yosthtsanserms contie to tholold y ue i amic cents, arm l ctifo d iic surmarts sit'sntot j at thinteet. his teri is evewherand su thar s's jast th ptel. tt i s riawsveer sdwed th tat % o t imerin sd mlims expr s % oriavorle onion of mms -qaipr and4% refe t oransw o theonuestn.f
7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
ma al ostsyw. knit sitnd iosted o a ther nd i's just u knw, kndte o o p ababler i 'stter opend or st resknrcesn k o some ping blere hav a be erernd ochanr of eses nninmeg e >> davyou beink al qckly an f th in a w apeop goin o du k thos s qesly it'a thay tn at wur aopo vernnt c os s mitort'ho i actu tly sti loo ng urnto c m? mor i tuti >>ohoo u denitely the vernnt h a lot >>f diffent deys ttet ily e rn h canot monirhat' h peniff ont t i ne. w, yan kno youave ee ni r t' h minnithatnorldde wre . talk g ab yt anootou ofe ople toin whoatreld woing to cck lk tabsaf stufout.le ry fw toho o themngo a toingo be uf t. reat so fall t o tem a cllenngbe is figaturin ol who t amongis au cenceens gog tour out tigin obehong a auceat.goto ut d th's verdiffult a ta.. >> ll r he ill ive erom tff t grav i gus we ltaontie t find>> r. e l t.e t ry ndav guwem.ti t thandso mu fo yourim thi ryrnin >> tnk y.ha mu>> ank foyour hi>> h tri to llresintin trona y agan k yo hw hiri seno ncsi cou getut na ort?an waitntil ou h r whhienouet t? ande's ountitil hwhclasc. haillis j. thind sntmorng as wellhanoli hk j wliamhi f rstr d this llon j hiorks her w am totk bout is dadth fooall j
7:20 am
r anlitiers. to hey,ood utokinadool anti y,d in yestday esn'win. big esn'win.sty n'n. g n' coer oices n't con. oes whatt ins? origal s? esh ns.ig w
7:21 am
sm t wi.h . the rld'mostynam co anie smwi kne whad'winsstn buamness cotodaie mae th 's w so ny cknoseha tonsork buth ussda ma thwe we gro t th cntoneaudito k ta u advory. wegrthondi tadvy. dietesesti? 's althe me. noing angedi esti'al e .en t thi frstyllite® ood noucosg gete str. thi fryl te re, t itd'osnot nna-te tr [bee wo , itp, 't't s a- e panted frstyl zieeik™ deswon. ' d itpaust-ed fryl [bzih] t™get ese bl d? yeahdrewitt rit-t in [b t t the blst s rts st. you ed jt a ahirdew rithe inood oneouch® e ss .u ja de d thatnes dicheren® soreesle le attedi strens ma tesng.. soes l sy? tetrma grea cal orlick we'? senyou stri and a mer, f.e. eaal or ckee i goodwe 'enu rifrndstyllitemeest frips iod ca or ick day. fryltet ps car k y.
7:22 am
7:23 am
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7:24 am
>> ok.>> e i'd ratr b tre loing gr>>chen. 'd rwellatther byou . tog gren >> od m ningo lleru,u too. mod mngningo yoo.o. les ha a ltl in mate mngyo discsionightere. d le t lehak l youin brate abt po ticssconhte. l tkou yera abpocs >>all ght. ye so il sttithn eas qu tion>>who l yout. li i ist theh g.p.asra? >>nobo .quono oui ihe g.ra >>bo by? >> ou rembe the- y rember he g f rbehe gamtheyad diesnd gtlem? y reer gam eyremeer t gol gamees gem me tolme th wasne othe bgest th as po oticae miskes b stev. >>why? poca is s th tevned >>y? ot o peopth t ofd oop of u kn, tchi y kn it st dknn'thio er. y youeankn whe ijohn doehnt play. gol with resiount n heama?hn hn>> , ye! ayolthsi a? ye yeah and dend kasi, ahah. d >> at dou n liksibout. ? iteemso be a divot nomenik ut foyou. >> me o itmsbe co aotonen foit wu.ld beik o hitrlayi co go witnetaonahu,k? w b
7:25 am
it nohard.yi goittau, inhe cou ry tnos shrdet's , th sha thi in couryous t shs in, me thhanohiou i ds't tnk , . me >> noyeah d t i d't uerst d th . analy, tual. ah >>ell, i glao do dt, ustth otheal al becse >>l, ilalot dofeopl he doec theye th who thenemy do eyth y. ho he my ama! d den! are u ddin the a!ree ooge n! e on e e hege one tat meshe m t on o. nse hern ca o. tat m >> e y doerca hav a favote. y ormanain theavuys d ga thatre rvoning.or priden >> ranht nn .he s rigat no h atakes rngore sen an apr ofen r n rithno. h >>esecau lase timen ar aund,fou weth uppo>>er oauasim overarr d, sah pa n.wepo o >> y, w sapa >> youant her get n w th. tim outer >> etdon'know thim yoknowlike i saidn'ow gs, ey'vturn lotyoow ofke peo ieid g off. 'vrn i an lotkfteo f. "ustoda i an po l, 89% said conessusda suld com etelporepled.% sdons sd om elpl withem. yoow t h eah c aegr whll. yo's n goi to fly t hea cther
7:26 am
itll goio b noi hotorily eleceron, know hat.itoi b h ariot ofeopl ec, owt.movate >> son afpl ting'm gherimote from sour rympha tcg gri statents hisom morr ng isha you arnot a b f f thattssor paress oumingoget r atarll tt ki b f of tth tfindomprarise. nget at t noki t tndpre. no men, w'reore pol -- wee mo weeolared tne'veol - - er been yo tknow i'mve n goi to benur co it. yo weowe'm noiolarid. yoknow rat. cot. we >>didn becse youri used theyoow t. na of e othe st hte d>>dn ec peoule i adhe of e wonad tof o e descbe t hte pe i a -f wo>> wtol, tha 'ssc ttr. >>he pr -iden w>> wl, that's is t i'>> telng ypr liken it wis, ts tr yoknowthat asn' ai' goodel yik t thg, is,didn fly yoowatn' >> ol righ >> so th iywadnly youow lik fred hompn ghsaid you s don wawantoou askik me a edmpuest nsa id u oncausi'm ing givnt you a t strght m an aswerst usm g ivou talkbout ometng trt n erelse let'talkboutometng lkutet el. >>et's stchse to sot'thinlkutet th hapnseln >>'s schoondayin inartilar ndaythnighap. n yobelieay it's been 20intir ay ghyearsince y hav aske yo li pele itheyere t'ady fee
7:27 am
0 so fooall? arnc yavke pe ieye y f so oo>> l?ly iamera! e ieaereahat tuednto sevesupebowleaeatu o andhree emvepewl ards and a th goo stufaneem a nodsiddind. you aill memb theth dooufou got e ph e ca ?nodi u l mbhe d >>neveforg it. t phca verorge >>itvergt. yep. w wod ou ke tr dge itthis? p. i sa woh,d i d t't bieve dat. th, yes?. sa d bve. ye and e yeaeal thaeep o d goinsureeas fulhaep o inrefu yoalsoave somhing else -- nex ek, yo wsoll heeomngetrols --e'lle on-- t ex fk,he w hro frst --ll etimen 1n t yars foingnto the ft me 1ndayight y gamsngo athe 4-0 wit ay ht onamof myt r4-dy0it on mfries, mid r ro ande'lle sitngp the hang aooie mtime. >>roso ynd're llingoit the game thha a th's gmeat and g >> ye gcomeheck itheme foth th g quter, he ld ns me0. ie o see le qusprr,t l b it'sll ue. ee llet'er t bkbout y'sr .s re t' and tutunreased yrcordgs tt r arnow mingd t. 's crelededrd tt arhew ng lend
7:28 am
cd gins l dthrec.d.setrrec >> nsat'sight >> ere d yo fredd.tit?ec >>he leg'sd behtns rht h e. e yo fit >>egbe r >> h very >> fro19heery rst ngs .l he wroay t19e y t 1952 thes w tthrec.d.'s itamaz52g, yhe noever re say c.ver.'s it'sitaz yno aerzingow m y ofy r. the 's treares ve bn fo ad inng m theof st fhe yea. eas bfoinhe fea >> ere e se of yr d inacon. e e w, w shof t y inac . moth w's bt t coecti, i dersnd se of thosth b masr recding erecotii rs s of thwn ith garosgendasr ecsomengdy fallyoundethem? th iar >>that tru yeahme flyndthm? >>atru ah the ar cledhe hlth a thar c d hainessh.h a anth ther bt shaesn an anotr sethataser bt 1 otseatc.d.. alrigh 1 if pple nt t chet d.ou e alghther b t p e thererdin, as u saou, thwn er baway now u careget inemas sath a tay storw .ca t soank wiiams he a gre a t otbaor seaon. sok wi ms hve f a at ge gare! >>babye.ea.
7:29 am
f alt righga! >>e. >>iustant to alaygh tte >> disatw antof theomme tsr analies at h s masa, atan thleasi'm meing s say als hmaat divow e a logyas m tweeg nay tler diw a agy eehe esid >>ext thendow a as theid cloc runs>> t hedn,owshe highchoo locns dach kes ontrersi ca. hh weeedoo g rl th ks ktr thesi ca. we ed ga-winng fld g t kkhegoal >> lders fm gain f amera's al bi est lsinerses s t pridens joerplansaren woing thebire st ppinneup s t th se idsfhe prenn.joanen wewol beg ightheack. sin sids we behtk. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ dogarks [irdshirpg ] ogks ♪♪ [dsrp]♪♪ mechicalreatng ] [nginturnover chalat ] ♪ ♪[inrner
7:30 am
♪♪ [ale nounr ] e a-newolksgen ssat neworce[ e in une mi]ize tego . aewksn at ewce n mie go ♪ ♪ malennouer ] anbey jue? we up ♪♪ leou ] beju wup ♪♪ that goomorng, vegg sty. atoorn ggty hm [ ma annncer fohalfhe corie--hm manner fo pllfs ve cie nieriti. cld' haa v8 plve nti c sod'ho ohaderv8 theerea tht cahelpoweostel andho derso ohe yrmy cheeal?ea thca lpyuey. otewoma] wer olesrol.nd r y cl? yu ma [an 2r yumes.l. [ 2iumot at wng dn'i? [ me anunce ] wa gre tas andholein atsi w ' m anhat cen hewa re low chossternd?leins oneyut c eriot he whoer ey cio
7:31 am
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7:33 am
>>let'take loo at yr shot>>t'keoo otheornit yightnow. ot kicks up ondeueni atht is w. go. a ckameupinni footba for at i mi igango vsit aenioba fortbal te t miancker v ait yng ly f alwho a te s tcer plar who aoer y l y kis foth o ftbalteamut s r la whe a 31-y dkifo fie g flalasn'am r on aompl-yhmendof t ie nit be guse n' on aplbrennn t w nibee ao crnedomecing br wquee >> w she aeario the crdaraecg wh sheeeickeit? wherihe >> o cas.ra l th mat rs iwhs iheke? wen th ugh theat i ienuprits. thh e ngralatis. >>ob wl dori.. yoknowhe enomys sputraringtilong >> w do stery on he cyoisow wal ecemy
7:34 am
"f new utngngsuay" eron cograal h ha "fewwo innosuteor" a g wra h artethe ack nterinme no or tevisi g, rort wjohnn. te e k ana bierme oma tesirosuppter. hn anabsobitely o >>ppr. itiay,e wa hsolaryly >> clton'suppter d fr ia smwah, t guy h tharyt srteded ex acl n'ppr frgeth sm the t tuykedha sed a abouhow, y knthhe td.ds ouw, ynkn d. grlocksight now andhat' not lpinanytng. sten grckhtowndt' t inyt. en we eitlents veo be werermed a eles youan be eher rermreed aouhemy some s eortr o remom sratirting o rulatn o y catido ig by marke r forats a o ans stin y ca iarkeor a but s in rardls of ichide yut rdlchoof nei er h e ca ybe scessl nlesoo we n ei gethe ca s essnomy gng ates re e thatgese ae t pay emyor gt the r at entlem tts.ayhe ihink the reaenlem. aweras avai ble us the inkheea ar aie s he simpn-boes cmissn an had th t repmplicabo cssnand d h t demoats bracthat ep pacaiculnhilophy cting
7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
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8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
ri t? u yogop me hed ri yop awar >> lt mday nig my hool ard noremear wit leda m oyigy ol ou tandd greit aievedant o awa. ou nd grehen:o wh youook back an tves, whewa ou get ore bn:wh ou klike my ge o somecking tke th, wihetet be m e imkertan yto y o thame yg gotthwihat nor m thaim anu w y theha ytt r ha ace? w he>> ihink theost imptant ing s tt ias able? t i nkhe hetmp mant o g tibl t d 'm rllyhe atef thaima owa ablto hel ry efha meon elsblut.el >> gtche wow thos areonondeulls vueshat . yove leaed gherowiow up tosree de in vst minsota ndyo marea iwip jus t wanto gninta uatenar i you usare yoing tont b geble ue to ouill in t e yngoteam be yeato i' actul ly tchededam un ea is a ernoi'tued th y tm. ano >>retc n: cgratatio. wh a wderf ttory softene ha bad >>tc cat newio twh w rfrepo thrghoury the rlsoenha andadew t pore ihr amouicahend th ind eat ory o imath i t y o sposmanip. ank u fojoing uspo todan. .k fo in >>ushankou. >> gtche gre sto. od cong.p, >>nk i.sonda and g ss ghe reto wh cohat idaeansnd
8:25 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
oc cne an. >> ban: rman cain ayin b: annhein afcan-eric comnityas be afn-icomty berainshed not tike repuican i bieveint's edtradotion t ebeinvery lbera pu anu bves adn kn . inry th lrausi a notown tn thddle so i notsiure atn t brawash is le e ri t ioteord. thinooleis therash rigis ri d.word inwe'r jusleheig c ler. rd 'rm 4%us blk, by cr. 4%bl theyheay >> gtche we ow f su gs hee th f youtump r priden obambefo hesu th wasouresint mp an pren the spanamfoeasote si an>> ye annow bare bama yw ar lledy hoe a he saima ne the latedo vhoe a a ieaiaid, ifneouhe tnk 3ote wiat v a make d, if t 3tei difrenc theaki wi go p the and wilstumforifnchewioou.
8:37 am
t it'th andilumr vy.opur t vt'e. a u v knopu vhat. ste : itu arowino nori. t. >> h s ou firsteitatinwi esidt. ri you hoursin kw ste : th 's wu you k te andth w wloucontue to ppor hi or. nd wes.lnto or i anyby thas. ybis mother-ilaw vingith m heing m rae hi ks has mo-iw vnge. h >> sheve: g u geplenrahi o k ha shotat t pre dents w v ee s: ge enre. o >>et's ot trent wake . >>'ske lk. >> l's a reay rembeow imrtanour te is. l lr aea rbeotes hav aimeadyanr s. ecte our rstesav ady te l inor t pside! no,o, n lo no. p dekeep to,ling geoe, bak n obamis n . ep tngeo b atinam n. i tl yo wha hsot allin the. sig t.yo hahe h sndsoneyll he eig d't ssey have. lauger ] d liv in aouse th'sote. ug ] ivinseh hi [ lahter eryby wa s tohiee laer ybwa histo bir rtifate.isir
8:38 am
la noife. >> glatche very fun. >> ce ! ghe er youn k w, t's c hyeric . evythi is tter ks whyic evmedyhi s er ste: anwe lov w yr how.dy w wh areteou uanpov yrw. whre uo? >> lkowaucaan tevisn . ev l whepeop dieheca co tis evheop ie backvisiarieando a g tha s wi pse cksi aiey,dhe mes g ck aha tea eswi h p h a s a t opate.ea here a sw h t ope. e swbc alle itey- nole wai it'eyno itne i misadait' ne t. is i' sor. >> gtche nowou'rgointo beoing his nd oi'or s ndupn gheow'rin bengs o s up rniv crues? >> y're ry gd a iv starung? oint y e g >> aretcn: i tryg. >> ie be ask tta br g huntr tohe >>tc iry se i.besk tbr huto thi evethinshou be se ken theea. hi vewhatiner souys oehe n heea oulde tan the. at s o ld botaner,he ama,akinit t theor,
8:39 am
a,in ss.he boner t of s hebor of su bri: it a pblemou thght at ppleereu on he riit pem ean,ut n tht pee ughi. >> ty arlaugng. ey n, n nd tlaug hi tarug. mor n th tcruiug carval s de a eat b oor thuiarl d a uradi it. t >> oriando y havto wk arnd en to li the sck u di linet. a >>an yav w ar etolihe s neake a pele lau? aryou ing be worngheee au au ence ar u workg g theor auce ol? rkth >>'ll st aoss thidesk d jp yr ? >>l ashisk j y (blp). at a you tking abo bl. aou gog toork the tng lboe? i' goitoell gotorkhe l i'icle tooi thll peoen leo th le! >> ban: eom nosayi l b: noyi chlets thas whyou' sitng o the end >> schve: ts's g ng t h lphawh u'it pi o end s the: g t h pi comian. he>> i goi to t aardable om tre. ioio a wee clrde tole tanksving twe'r.movi youo theweclto tksng k 's 'r virdouohetabl bri: thonlyeasohe kn is kcausi askhebl ri thtouglyso s
8:40 am
us >>ave u evskakea cise? ug es bris.: ye >> e didevou eoyke ce? i riye id e >> ban: s. i goo burg pace is b: oo eingrg pes upngaded bri: yotouchim lo iped riyouc lm e tso uy. i lod hi onndy g lffit tands itill. lohinovedy gitd h.illve grehen:h, m h gh! >> hwas e be depy an ren: m g ever hs beepad.n >>retcn: i lovif y woulerstic. aund. ll y>>? tc i ov>> w yh tr p c ingulic ad. y wn?tr c gm getng he hl ouof re. >>retcn: wn weomeet hou bac . dona tru>> wiltcjoin ws owen ethiseek' na >>ruteveilaloninwith oeorge isk' lope hols.elf. >>veonthrg pl , it pe h bn mohs sf.ce plit mea maers s bmo s exped f usg memas tax toxp at fckox us new whathasheax g ternmt do tabou i yogotewo at hrs thi to b gievenmdo ou iit. yot h righio bve . bkig b [ale nounr ] forastious brarn
8:41 am
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8:42 am
fiour beoynd rt.ognion. a [ afibencone. fibe rni. bee.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> sve: cordg tohe ruown,ou we suosedo be ne a the d ofhe s: rdto ltrun, w su edsegmbet. beuse wen so ae of ll, ant l gm be --e en >>ou sd go o, texic i sa i'm - >> sgo sying ste: iticent wel wesa 'm he him or to c st --ng urns teit t elout,weou'r veryheoodim iend oo c--ns th dald rump t, 'r ry he'the odeate i ividndl inhe rld. 's t ost d podtivemperso and e' ree lyte isid ain d. gre ttpove manso d greehen:e haens be the one ghtreow. any reellon:ha s e >> w t a e eat e atemttrom. gege. loorges a g wata t em guyom ankl geogee, i. ovege tha g can uy us tt sotime kleo lat i?e ha >> a olutn y. asusoundite trsomeat yo aut asndinge ne.o >> oy. thk yo geoe.g . >>retcn: dald,ere u li oenin gthyoeo to grge' >>tc dd,e rifali in ttlehilego?o g >>e' wou ner msnythg if hang t dolele wh?geor. >> iouearde wa n m on,th sha to i w turdor ird evewan,arli s. yes, iur hea himve grehen:hat li you s,ea thk? im >> i notreuren:t ou weh i agrote
8:45 am
poticaye00%. causi kn gegrge wlnd gege i pocay%. onef t funusesknge w gu aro d an alsge i ver rioune tun rsongurohichan geolse esn'erwanto te you ou at t hs a on verchyeo sern'usntteou h apers. er angeor isernhap wi what goirs on e woandors and ape einomynd at eveoithinlse n anwowe hend prlemss a emy veuntrin but epefu y theanprob hms ar ms ing a g tr t futhob a g olve g bri: hean cn isoing toom vis youveoday ? ri he>> y c. isng >> b an: en htoman in cisesouay y to isitou b: t hday,n c whaare u gointoto bit lisning ty, r? hae yohave bus ess in b baisgroung. yo u ha yovesimirus cscumsnces i thk headbaou yohamilong cli cmses u thhe >> ihink thahermngli ca u real sho id benkery haoud rm amsel i th kal geohoebey ouldd agr mor th a bodyel hermth caikeo srtedld witgrorery th ttle anddy l k rmhereai he' sedit comry an he'sleoing l rllyreell e' theom pol. ianhink'se'sng do ryl r llye rrif job ol i lk foard inkeetiso h. he rustyeems likifob lfo ad eallti nic h y andhetmsik aoodll chacteric. >> gtchend he' be a hed ha toerrrow g youhel ase'him eou t h meetg. toow >> g tche yepouwe dasinitm y tll. >> agr withat. etybod thatas a d gamhethisep d itis t
8:46 am
. >>gritt. odgreaatst c antry do leis t in thiss t beaiful-hatea cry l e bety o in meri , isis t tt eaul wh youaveat sothin hat beu ori is wa t to conywhour yoeso havin a t umesse to se twaso is ton yo fravst c antryn th sstose wor t ght, fr c mry truth? >> tt's actlory rht. >>t,teveyou' livg th mru am ican ts tl r. >>veu'ivthream am i'manivinthe ericam eam, 0% t' e ic >>eorgis areatxamp of . lo howelle's m,one t . i do t kn>>rg e actlyatmphef loowls begineing, ut dokn elyno h wast gi bog, i bucngha has palboe. i'm ilmosuc donha whhat wa at ur hou balhe 'may.os goton t wo stat a lttlewaatet ou b day ause m.ere. t t the endfta t lle daye y'll be y se e. hend tppyay ylbe wht. >> gtche sompeop in r y cotry nt t get w rid gheom ofopn hat co y many teem b theetidofmerint eam,nym he capalis therhas enri all tse m, ap prisests oing ers nalleoccull t watree theye spad t prts.a.,ng ccagolecu waee eysp t ., stonwash cgtongo.c., ohi now lor onshon ions., an sohi lebrwies ckinthes l ns an oprotters dona, wh do u ma ofbrs inest? >> t intotestirs thi is atnawho maf t ntti obhia was real bacd larly
8:47 am
wl ob strwat, aalleasacthe rstarun. ny w o the fridstr of aasine, don'know ft th'lln. ontie o toheack,ri af lfe, the n'owren'thlti tot wak, strt baed lobamfhen' avil muchore hvily watrba tnamnybo ilse. ch nowehey' hghtily wal t reetwhicbo an .nter tingow y' litileal dethotoic. >>teveand norgeit'soterng li st wl seetheseuys d areto >>ve d gefigh'sng. ey'rfighng gl wal stseys warreng hi gasgh. p'rces,ghtudeglaroans but hey' weahing tasngs p s,fromdens uty'ea ts bney om's th by ptests ofhe's th60s a p prstest,ofou c notreakp wis pper prt, s cay.otak p u sp ywieppespra pr u s it. spst mes upera ut m u huny. [ ught ] ll seet, iun [ htevastes e olehing s t, and he' iass eng ight d e' bri: i' givyou exame, ty blhtked e brriklyni'ridgiv u so ty aeste evebody am700 topleblotd bryndg t arr ated.te theyveaiddyheyalse l0 edles to therrd. ridg ey todeyse l bck to it.hedgo theopshinkhi b out t. whatind of es pnkotesisut t t? atd f >>xact. lienrote peres dot g teir sis >>ct mad atlitedo g ki os.r i th sitp aightad andt tey
8:48 am
wre thir. th oit ahtnd t sns. wr th>> gtche so u dot ag oe wi in? >> don agr with s.t. do ou ghe thio it doll gag win? >>ongr bitter, do hi t . tr gp? wh do u sein t br, tr who se tutur theruthfwhat geoeis sangsome ofur hem arheeth wlateo esse sa theymee weing florts ofmar w autil clhing somesef t m, eywe ig tsof sof ti halyng me ey ton bause wa i too fnd a ouwher the gey bsea it.o f itoesn see likouerhe geort oft. prott thit geosneee hasik en er h le. t isfhat ightotth eo >>ashat' xact h l ght. ist >> sve: e ofhe thtngs out >>me ot'thect t. s: of ts t oeprotters erotes ha beeotrs enrsed lab uteonshandee sffike at.n ed >> thiab it'goin utos b-- se i . th k th>>'re hiallyt'avinina od b me. so are iery riouththnde ilyin te . hat ff tso trem. y bu otheou aown to te hing at t t od tbue a they're ano hgooki fo t a d lauger bri: dold, ki las foqueson f ds. you ugs, y're goinritodo, as es fmeetermaou y caie in tay. u meetrickmaerry d miai romn. whis t. meckemerng, ry y rmi mmnnd wher, y
8:49 am
as m pmiere psideial ont per nner i d't w pt todeay rl ht t no i lo forrd teeti had rmanerai t ay a d w'mto r no lohonoord th t thetiad an co t t a tmp no th hewer. >>o yothincoover tr t cistie shld r. run >> yo in it'very lere. he c atiery goo fendshf me,un geor . t'ry an li kn heyoo fdhim m pbablas w l or as nyboanndkn he grt g m and ing pbl w gasatbo jb.e own gr lot gf pr ertyd ignew g rsey j i so ofon't n wa himotoprty i ruw he'soing oodey j sof't thae. im i ink 's vyateru and i'sngod j rsonly d't tnk hths goi g tok vun buttend i onet's d t see hhat gotout happs. >> d'syou ink ee shotd geon thexerse bik >> h pphink d u . k ho i gell t lth yer. ik ethe he ds i h ornkot i t y he th d's - ibut or this - t >>tevegeorhiopez- >> y don fin >>hisveorinez yonins maerry ste: whe i myne lletma ry geor tewh lop, thk yovery iy et muor. >> topnk yth. yory >> gtche tha youo yo dona. >> grge,muake re o t yurse gheha keeouyo i na ge,e o geoe. se >> i wilee i grehen:hank ou smuch bri: heeoidn' ask u to i epil ren:nnk sch ri touhe. n'k juto fcingou juours ffngrs.
8:50 am
>> gtche we t toove on. it bee mons scee. tol g heu ae uttoen. mitiaeeon m stersakin ol fabrea o a atackox m new mwhatrsas tin irs donfaeabout ackew at t irs on we'lfillutou i bri: fit les chk in ith m'lthallccal i lul ri fi leyou'chin ma enal ulandi by u' lieninto grge opez di ydo y hav anytng pliparein g efor urez sh ? y av>> iytidn' prealree he r wall reet ptests we lshking for in'aldate al thatas et pstwe l newngto r m >> btean: t th inat yur promer. ew >>reakg ne on m b: hat.thn y than . om go. morng very>>dy.ak ne nt a ghow mingt. p. an goor thcrowry.lamong a w ng f chr chstie as somthowmo bra-new fhr delopmts chie tomuel tmra thiew depm morn tg. brl humwille he t to igh hi on t t. rn thhundbrds oumllheo h pro ster on tll seet athorend se oous noterodoern th st pr aendeses te anhing- poh tenanytng mord dgero? he in e uned anngpoenyt mo dro s teshen un. we wl eou ss owe wame ca's o newsme's roo" t ofhe wsoo tf hou
8:51 am
ou mm [ le aounc ] r ha thealors -- [ anc haus heggieorutri--on. oulve d a . s ieri. l a llowhe wgs. ow w.
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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