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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 5, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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ns re wain nfen now o as dra arch for thi n msing teraon-o baby gch f t pare mntsi snatched tfte hon-o aby cr i gn a q ui re k sansahe cytf h cr i suburb. q ui lcomeo "ame kca laniv"'my lsurb. omo me l"'m megyn elly the f.boi mningyn day of ele s rchthor f l.btle lisaoing e irwi or notlorfisa aubatial ad s.wi theno mherf saysut taby ainal h c e mheateay mday tigab when h husnd c homeromig hi s n ightwh job h aome ro:00amm little hi li n wht j gon e.0a itacee allaer flilowi this li from o w conoast ac wsrola fm.wihi atli irom what t carstts say th atro m.her put er dn. ha by the tarets t she fthher c me hher ut sh w nn. n hbyherieb, t c h trash. >> repter:rio thk abt th mynra 10:.30 >>epr: nthightab th t momutshe0:aby down, n:0ht0 i th t mor ng tmadheab cyesome ow fror ik b ab is gone. t youadav ceesom thefr fe kd a b half is ge. uavhe ho we indod w atalfic are logt faa when lho wdo disaiceared. loa nghgr rt ordfa seeainn l some e saaea man n r corryee aab in at mee aanround 00n t n
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morn un poli cnck t that ou a s orn r thatip has otlione tt t haanthere. as polioton initily t heoranizhe t.ha t li anntder inted a tor bro rough mainw. w aered aavehecking ughaht ndw tinyw. an 'tw f anyav sighenin t or d tntyry orny forceigdn it so tdy ant n oearllur f wcered thats oi ng . t th ae nomeeaoe bckw thaotes wos ngd arethe as yo c eb the.o e refighwoterereow seas rchi os t. aas. fi a l orehiea uer bsh aut. l th oe. hither t bshut boy tthomnd th d not mri inhi bs cas by nde way t lotive togethehind as ey hhi lday fro lre touets marrge an hd bothild of fhose ilen woue inside herr hse b en littl of lisho enis wparedinde an hse p olic letl l havpent hpoursed inrvng p tice pts. h sten tnto hrs them. ng t >> a ps youts neen nobody ows more abouthehat soi ayo onu ihamatneou nod thayn t s mpaentbo do.s oi theyonere chapetiouithah un all dnt yterday and ey interoe ster eitveni ung as d yteaynd ioel ethni aerse ierviewedll t y upntel 1 30 ier ovi11edast night a tyhe were oper30ative. itad b oee11 aast gh a t wlondayor
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er iveveryby anitthe b ieraview en abo tontor time. er >>anepete i theer few.i. hasen beebon tbroht i tn,e. the >>he far.ial.s hasav b en ugrohtht ihe iven imalgr hio and c toenugve imgrio a foemt. thiss a all han d situ ion ying o fure o. is a thell was by m ditor side than tngoof oe not. ghheasowhay is verory de unc tlear. oo yo nu s the icrehe left v yhansid oncf yarou. see yoha st he heef lta, blo ndanid o yha hair, b la,loai eye 30 incs al she has a b eye ibite bs owal h seaseft e a a b birt htear bk oner right thigh. sh h b rtn marsikortig hi leas t hshou h. cou heeenor as eouarlier thaoun ee00 torng. wld he eernowhan w e00ov t theseorng w hsesonouchhe f tsthese2 hours in seso msiuchirehens c ast hsors s oinrical. hiwereent b and w se'heed rica and chi ldnen b bngnd auc by w straeransnhi tnir auc byedrooms, raersn exaodinedyros,ar poli continuino nves teex in ear amliil on agnuaiheo rees note seuspecto persilon ofntagert i thehire no speo rsse. ntmegyer ticehen you say tt
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th lead, tei gh. cal lsgy he po yliceouaynday stheagh sawal mn po ce tangayabsy ow the rod in s the middle of tig whetan you y ihetrod th h mn'idteonfeighen u it ywre wt dts thonea th piceave ruled out t tyw re thatw dthea thav red ot hpene >> reporte thas theoi r isoletereha n tryin to inve tigate thnd toi c 'tisere nry ond a ny boveigte wthng aroun c 't ywren t are w aith a wbyngro 2:00 thi the mnni tng. a wey a are not se i:0f t0he t nehb mni dngn'.tee wha srehe n ot claie the sneawn'ut theeey hha s be heaiing localaw sve tla h tebehein tgy havbeen lal t terviewingvery teigh hr in eeat aa trng find out i te iemebongdy wry walghkiinro a atrnd insoarut t are saying body tal lead a tre s in gs absoluty n goneaedny whe. th areotayg t om bs way n g monakineg it uwhp. methgyn:ret has tom b wa mingonfirm uedp. oracn:tas up. b repter: ty ve n on rmevidce. orerac is uotng s poeprtte t y that n id .gyn:here reoi b ng al s qpostio . at n: revislinny kin o a ase qsto. li kehisinouny s ktartith te rent thats jus goolidoleorou s th's tow i reon we ilat joloo tdhi veror th osely, trace, wethk y t
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th vrougut t hour a we elway,itra , thiskole n confeugrenc te.ou a wdoe theywa have n ise i norma ctife?nc ar they tartinhegyo hoihe n fiern ior onear peytirtlargoi hedire iofi nwe wlpe d oectly wit the reio poli wepltmenpe dectly w captahe a we llli askep hen aboutny cta nea ll an h autpdnyes andbohis eapo from thepdesnd nghbor. hi swh idhe sroay the moo t nghr. ke idhe wa s it sheeb whooo appeareto a drifter? d thewa manteb matho t aheea scpt n a o d tfthehi lds t an ther? m t those a a tngpts tha tt t pohiceld are gng t oer? l ooki ngos a ainto tng ws w til tsk hempoboutre that t w the lyki join us ltoe a w w thn whee wilbol at hheeayr moin as thee a sche wdudil pl conference. in t m teante heand che pck ontreure. w si te a tselle f u anto he minuttnfurma wonsi o an s ellitt lisa, o inmaon o tt fneis.comneom two bnd-newobsep a da d in go t cllge f bornd ew ouobrs strugglg comy.g t pratllege e floye add inouore trgl jobsgcohamyn e xpectedast eye mddonth. ejobsha adp exptedt pay mth cpa timating a that arica p's pa wofo g wmang b,0 j tobhas i an ca ptembe wooeati becti,0on j ob
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sof emecti 7000obain. buob aer reportin r ningbu e pade perdict ring oratke in anne e layoffs t p mctthg a i neayfs nely 1 t16,000 mthosio to be cut. that i moreha nneble 1he,0 nuerio t l bayeoffs t. in atee a us an l aaydinfsgo t ihe e anous anconcnsino terinesmoro the enohairn of he fncederal rervere on citro hel.irofhe fer re rvstery nbe beritnke wning hatl.he udtates ery comi bce wng recory is in rdeataltecomian cory isf rea stalngan. >> t rovery is csefo al fa er tg. neeert i mak se th theo recory c onfanuer and d 'tee akdrop b skthndhe tt t co c onunemnuoyndnt rt't con tiopnu tkond t t emoyntonti downwar gyn: metownw n: marhis aetor ecomtor tarsntnaortional ectradeor cmiiod a profentornaon ad of bioinesd aatrohe universy of brylainnd. at wt doou tnk o thahenivey rnin la . the fweddoer t r o tve ikin ofate ominin i it hhehat fed vernin i st ecoofnoatsts womorhedt thughe uminme tha cos w wed th
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teetinonum tme e tef w receion. te t e e f, 9000 priva scetorioobn.s otot we ndo a90 pvarob a ut 4,000 ot bswe erydo a mthor teeears gut 4,0 ne emploryyment tho teeea 6 were rea i a lotnelofen oublo andithon 6 onswe they a l infurop ouith aonsir thonomey a inur fteng things are very om danro. f temegngyn: tng ssore w try iben d eger:na s saying w sthoul do? hesee to be yiinngg, don'tulit d o? th endee d boot that iins d't notoi ng tthoend d woor b tt'has iwh aotno of peongpl toow wt' ot w ot. p eo >> b bnank is of wrowst.. ere b not b mucnah tt t oheyfan ws e nuc h t t opyatiotwisis n goio have muc se ence io ishe nasoi sldg the con essha m haveseen bet te g o surld finheans c in ve o btop g o sllinin arounsd daving ttose perpetu salll roreatof closu redinndg so fort t set oer wtuithut ngreheat d cicsuit and shinglik e rt that. oh the rhel dic d phiblngs,ik though, thel aen of pblems,d.ho dend isoo w a tt'ens o de because w w a impor st'o m oil the d sbeuse orayinmpsouc s f mor o th oilthe we d importndsoucur tde
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il w decitmpith chinaasotven veryur lar tgede. ti wdeeit cixnave tse ry sarucra.l wprobemswe aix goverentse retira and so for thob megwe: w ahy ger i it jreteoend s or e uegne wlo and i jte e a the are nt spdi. >>hat tircurelar. if we taedsp. >>t icsiircur. w me domeic and oilsi g proeuctn meinsad o abettiiln ectri carsenea fm p now.ct at ouns o pouetr cnem et,harit rs ea wo fd quowir.e ste .ouou r th wemldt,utha ptpleo worwod qu ireye'd stendhatoney it ut wo pd sewop i restauran tsy a s dryleanonersnd t ikwoe. d wpn: iha rttaan d s ndryan bernanke t antikon grs to daut ihat seed bneernk s cotinong tr d co ireor n sot dng ath anin s taking toco there seror n mmittee thsang vean i they s akme ug withhehese savint's it noe reayoihe dy an uytitnghe s avmeanst' no rdvatg dpre dentbaan'sobngs bil ansdvatg rentba'sob s what scificallseantig folkwhto do. sci ca megys h an ti >> tnke's lkry dino.g gy h avo id>> nk ade'cangryingnyin nernavoe i aread theng cuenincybl nithnahinai. e that tsonsidere tro ncecu of tithna. t as y.atonde rothnced al
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r teserve nerkasy. ouexanal rat r here c kdiscusha enerexgyanolicat ht'es asc lightng d. ergy ol's not gng to a dscussighat caus e een al iotf hng t tald abuout thase t t ngs us beeingen aal i re tblican hd d bab t t t takinsg bng sides causic h b that'ssstilyak idromn's ustfm, energhay, tde ssti lyth mn chinatf dm,ereg eulrgat tde healthcare if y c loona a d hegisul princle pots ihenth hreco mi c ylaoon a hthat'sri i po i n ben bernanke isotla a po sitiat t'soome downn f oren bna of r iomy otght a ow.poti tomeownnor of gh megyn:ownteresting perha yo we ameren:atet. taknt cesar pmegyha yo t ea are aestal l ak stet carould be egych dangounewevel word nal hatst the c onlldeeacker ng ev ou ano rdmoasha mhe tnlhreats ketoaunch a noas m tea potauenhily a cataroic cotyberttk agns th e tanewro yoric sto cybk ag nsexchthgeworto ch[cgent men: tove wld appareny beme sw of spo a farory hebe prwesrs the o occupfy ll storet moven e sayrs it t h recupved etve ml re ilu dingf. aay videtapehat rromieso
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ase th s e ihalung fro thdeepetroo th i enehat on f monroda y tober 10th jt five d o on fr now. ain the tor .bth.i. fe d frow inestiheng. we.bre w.iting hear fmhe ite us iesti. we w angateansrm our e us count'sop lns forc em enrtff t cnt l atrn ger iercdemt t tcongss while at ueried oh. ng sshe w wasle testiing uerhe oh.ot ch ases guhe runningtiasotchnd riousnd tre a som un ouasagnd ouslaw arsomow l evinoug some preyeavyawrsowccusions atsohisre could myeanor thecc usio admistti nexatt.hiou mor pl what isadsttiex next f or aplndaha ox nowhatexhet is bkomore in seatt . n sohe is arekom peleating a osok deal cod a binhe wor. what wlouldng h aapn iof droease cutorsco d bintahepp. at h werldn acqttro? to ou c a ctlltay dohapp aiv heep i n aext. d i ct a s dsha a lepomhi n ght ou of is movie. secher worng on aou n pie o m techn.oly tsetch c wld a n pikeeny p ttthny myt c dippea ptty di malennouer ] anbey jue?
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we up ♪♪ leou ] beju wup ♪♪ that goomorng, vegg sty. atoorn ggty hm [ ma annncer fohalfhe corie--hm manner fo pllfs ve cie nieriti. cld' haa v8 plve nti cd'hav8 [ me anunce] it a ft: our tritnal eds n go p men yan're ce the oad it f recery. r it l prosr nuitio can golp y get ck o yyoure eet.hed ecy. ronuion y t o ur t.thr outf
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men: fox newsleajor sechnd way rmeht noxows ilen ortrnaifajorn for se rhtun nn othe loose.rt a thrneor a le picture the sopeect ioos.cced othfe le ptu llinthg s twope i cwoed and ofthen possibly sotg ainomgwo i anwondhe attessteibdg a caromjackin a n californ poleay s tartteedted ar ckthisorng lirn peay srt is allegedlyngll ed 45-yead45 sef aman od fi on coveman workersd at r ockfi o quarov ie coupeorrs r ar iou cper tee cpe t coereen coereecuperto. allegedly ted to cesus ch acu womrtan aeg slyter ces chomheter leg. whe g more inforti we
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will upd eg. ou e g aossiorble rpo ior fhe itllpdouod ove aewsi f hequesti s heodvehe ew attorney gener o f eshe uhe states liehed to atrnon ggress. erolhe accused o fat l tmisleang ionnvesesti ol all aus gs ck o tois sl te iimesonon t. failld gun ru gtite known operaaitiond stun ndrug k fnoio. li ostenraonohat sdbondis knleioe o f tlien iha sdayis kne tay 2011. mr.ttory 11 ttor gyere hav tw b gorerreatl h ants who a dead ho w berrild l gun asnt w hoatere adhoild lledun, s f a s were to, f asdel ibat w talk o of gshsndelat w tkhe of prram often callesdndast t a pr ftrious. c le dthistgr a you kw,nd si ntis hasgr a y beensk outw, indt, ou 'vee bsi antsked h about ieen aow ort i pulic bto aed s ou t io sawor ic torchasend u tltoat many saw those wporeod ayha in nd th hanltat ofany d ho clsre andod thhean of crimi dna. en cidlsndou fir know aboutri. id ir
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thnowboroamffiall i b ieveth ll ft aam fusto tffhe ia be ist bfiee y rt a k fedusto w tha be stte. f >> i nr sur ofhe exact date ied probably eabote st i andururfusheor e tcthe f stte irobl y mevebor he l t f wureeksus.or t gyn: t probls, himesvert f wksem oyn tro nts, dirtly to erem holder' sk almost ao earefe. handde t msksa aoseet a pttearef e. cl r dit says,uo tee in pstttatn ivol ve s aclr ay t inphoestatbasend fiarmsol a afcking ring respoibleor th pur ch eoebafims ckg of ng15 fpoealerm s thur th wee thenupiedf earmhe th w mexicanhen trafficking he caels. med tcasnemo tffki rerences ftcas. t em anod furious. r noer tceheresretlaimbyhe an dojur no treimhe that ec d hder misundersto at c th hdeuestion. th mun wayrs lawmakers sre th iso w tuehaiot tholdeayran lmars instreat e hisseolfowha t wantolde aranpe cial cnsel h appseoilfed do nthenvestigaingpentalo cns ppthis. in din me nownv iess ftioxngews is. in linaleow i falystet johnsonewsr. pe dre ystsseta c jamns onhi s pe prog draremesrd he'ss ceang o up theve ightpr comtt he'rds
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a rubca h e suphe that ic ve iglderas c underathe' wn he rgave ts h t stiny a hha feels ersnd whe ves t ti asled h iee aed him wtbohe ed j'iedla wthabot icheol st misundeto hehought ic en youolsked im w mheun did you hho ug ar aut youpeskti fasim w a dndou ri auts,peti f t you dre a ri i an t theou sff theea i t contvers s stuffheea aha er ol rntas ting ttuff tell u i a hea ahaut aouerpl of ras tweekinago. t e w iho o hraonut aou iplelf ekcouro. he new authat w monhs on anmont earer. ure aut hasaon wn'st uyinannt e. i >> c grsm mi's sn'tatemeuy that theres i a cmi's q suetestion hathe sabt wther mr. h qdeuerion is mi ea ng cton wgresths, t implicr.ation bng that it wmieang c wiesful, tpliciompncation t bt ng thatt w twioml,io o t pempury,tind there is suchthtt a crimom men: how o yurety, tresuc thre? im ho me h yo y proetve pjury t orer? obstcthon o juscerove pgaryst o the a or yst ost genther ay. g reporter: eof tmave a tentiaiv. ep yeater po eteia tlm esentence. nt you ke t queion d t answea togpoether a y nt kcew u g tuen gre t l
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awswer, aogweher gat ahorre lr,we i t' theat esti answered tet i not hens the alone es en ynsou treak t objec iti e vi t ns anyou lothem en y t oec se--svie, andhenanu raheuryakes a terminatio-sn e,ethe td indnictraur y esa pson whar rmoio thehandic t and tn p jursoy,n ih itar goeso t t trlak an tnur dertminationoes about w he erlhaakterson was dernaon ou w he willfullhayter asoas aol ll ll ygaging in a aalsehood. meg: gi i hnowo ve eg lllnes h the ojee y touro sayin ok we w e te inj tok ouayhe we ctrer talin a tspoectsk rti fashendurtruser al a notts holer fperaonurusel no tht seeto sinhog it wasra on ste,el th sis sdersintaitg beeen e pa tistese,. >> repter:hat'the isramars tegioin aben paer ry crgepr:t'e ma te ary spiayoeboln struio at asp congryessioealb lel. nth easie st tatng a c dgro iesn t sele and is th eeiie aer d i nre tady t t re wnds stake, there w a y spceiore t w what takhee,he esti on w. t w t miak that areont, ti miakes.hat are n ot wmilully ha renteingonot,eceive amireeshatrelly
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n ot te nsgeroecve a perjury. sohe n a opp porjutunity soorhe thttneyeneral i hepp nilieves ttor htheen merspe, t saevt listen, m mspisspe,e,t's sa mist letef ft, m asp mtake of mi ctef n mta cme. o meg: hat oiously canapn n a c cgressi.onal eg:ha oiolyanea ring a. c ygr knosial h may heeen miakenea ng thi tyhano m issea aee thermiak em to b e shiayin tgs tressa ath patt ern. t be th sinreg psointinreoom o ather stcepas wren. t hethelverehe pnto o doj oer m led tcehe wre abo tuthe wt j kn o thi terbo ctoveral toper atn,knast a tndurus wheree wteer bicly ern, lasti bad gsav eerunes aend take bicly them d t oexbaico bsecse wune a w t tm go tdra toheex guns a b get w theaduy s bgo w the g dsn' g they los heead gs,uyhe by dn't gethead guyths, lhis isad s, wh dn' iaad peduy i amoadng oth wh ings heays inebaray pedmo o gse of i eb01ar ty the depent just t t den congrs t it hastd ner l guns wonk,s t it's whathehayaller l wunn suet the tgut's o ut at itadot done tt. w n
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suai e guo, o w d tad tt, don e at is f ru s of 201o,1. t no t ty i psnt oan01no yoctobe2010 m p thatame rom ne d tt's jus tto b m leashaed tte m disssest''mus ntot assureow mtuch gefe'reis goinges to n for guns reow w mkiuc.h maye'reoi moreik feorun fsal t ar.oi ftayer people w soret nsown the . ar he ssfthater tplet ishe. ntra sdictory ant w tt ishe real i story. racty an i >> thehere wo palieces o sry. it ttherisrewo a p p oital dynamic it thr aeg aay nam pit canal dam thiis aay n vialantu t program inyie hatppetl r es ulaled itunro gr dehs.yie ate'atetl ral ki 2,000 guns acsse' mexico autting the alintoki t 2he00 huns of acex aut gtigs t and to cr timinals. megy it uld be ita to aack tt. cr wouins.e mpor nt ngyt o b i ta lo t tock o fk tt. tho ouunes. or n >>t'o hri ble, it'lo t wors--ho think hunde ras >> most agrride, wt'ith rs tha--thias st d as wssitnth th thare ishe secd asasssnth t wth ihe withhecd. gyn: w k new abasout it,h who w authized w abohh i n: ww h k uabp d ihot thedbo go. >> c on hmpof uonpes that is stetng thao. is ou c on esthe.
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at al sheetngomhaee has thes ty, anald is bomn doee i h hetheas it was de patyand wit bn do rer e clenass io w wee w w t rerot e cl a ao cmi wee and makeot a a rerreeal a m f prosecuti frerr the attoey pcuenal. f thi wre toing o eatoreyore om thettor gen al on oi ngthis.o ea r tnkhe i sheood cnceen al othatne' is g o bk i beforooe thinc ate' committeekef aor t tti. if ias dvmmisintege himif was a t ti .repr enngiim i wasoulddving h sas prenng wld ye mr. attney ger you' thehiefaw eyeorment m ofcer ger thi c nt ryu' ahendefaw we e or medont ofelceieve y t a w ce dnto a li weveth y me aelve mta d ut tliel y a msa t whatent on in t thsas as men: ehaxptinhisen oem o v su th swhat was me eai-- v su>> iterm o t he catas we l, a t ofmriaicans--re g oi o irm t c fihi ls, a t ifremblns g unrons ndfihiisleading swer e uvenft'sisleing er auafbly false it'ss not necessari auably ls i rjury. n theroecemsa he, thoh, is uris que st ioenhaemt he, ia kedue wery cr.arss
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d and straarightforwd. wasot -- myn:nd saidhereas ra anotherfo as - m: s ai dchhegeha anonoerer p ke th the ichs tgeno mo, tre ar e ake f tngths t they t are gett conceo,rn tedre aboarut a t ng chetextyat ars. itt thinke'cesrnhe attneboy nera l, i t chixt we esihihe a esra i t t we ahelso der an ders hat t b w geiv the b aef thne dbt t poi ntt gt's shehaeft th d s toioi t' rw sd. ha men: aolutel and doenee tpe to th dirtl pmeer a suttateme d thioesee poi rothbabl dy't per go sinte tme c i hi oi >> it'otro bl ymeg: goet jns jr. goo t o se i you. eg gd to see you j ns megyr. aooleur se we aou.wain g atoee yol n ewgy coleerurce rightwe n onwaheing toinola n tenconterolcedigaby who he r p entsayto wasa snatcheou tt d ofaber chob in h er ptsayan w city s tc home a ltlofmob tha in houit me aago. li lisahaou irw a li disaeang from h cbat ilast night a ar tlco u sa we'eallngalrokm aeab inasst nigigor a bo wt c ues e' th he s aoea finarst.gort ces the s f arus. a bck b bges nt pennan b hgee psractically making a mout t hipe h
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pthcte sryly of h ki at tan. sry o h bely na tscehr mut ay. >> t bear hitehrer m goiutngut . dr t heaerutitde. eri woitsideo sutee the br on op odr her.utde i w litteralde d se t otorhe b r, op that'ser w.heth e biitertaede o to arin bg e ck mat h'sea w u btaed in h wheyou ve dbete.. youroctowillay t smt abt yo weit. eu dteurtoll sm abi yoriedeieighlosslans. butheirhakearen alws i de fed peoghe wiss dianstes.tirkeenlw feowiias. at'shy tre'sew ucer hunr smt shes. 's t's thy haer carunsteasm cbs tt dist swly thhaarea c tdi sy tohelpinime ood gar ikesto lpandimhey ve 6ramsd f sur withd5 gry s of 6rotems su hel.mana hunr... thgrofte elna lounk wh..s geing art abt heweig.lowhgeg tab he igmalannocer new ucer hunr smt. sma wayalo heno manr e huw er aer maayhean hu a ias.
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1:25 pm
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:44 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
rsushe l ding, timmpettrive rand. w w chmin sic workusfor l botngm li . ete d. chn c rkr ot lian my btom. new armibasi an bm. w mi simale nnouer ] inki a sothi with o vetablnutrion? ♪ ♪ leou ] ki shi thvebltrn? ♪♪ [ ong stwbery bana![ g malennouer ]or smooie wh re fru ster ba !plusegginutrion leou ] oo wnew re v-fruion ooth. usgitrn uld' had v8. w -fn th d'ad 8. evertime loc busess ens s dos ermeocuss s do orreat othelapt bag orat he pt hirag anoer eloye irit'snoot j et goye r buness 'sit's jood gor the butiressommu ty. 's atd ank ame ca, knoe there mu. imct tt lol buness atk me, noe im tlo bu ssve o commitie that whye exnded $7 bilon ommie athyexed $7 smail bus esseacro e cotry farhis ar. maussero coy ars . causthe re whelphem, e mo we lp me oppo unitusposse le. w lpm, moe m poitss.
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1:54 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
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2:00 pm
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2:01 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:09 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:14 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:24 pm
2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:30 pm
2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:52 pm
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2:54 pm
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2:55 pm
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