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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 5, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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fund>>g fosi hisma cnu togee $44billkenow bs bl. ndfo is it' ful p44dlln or. b >> r orte sent'e ul decratevea p tod ty're. shel ng the rte preendent pla de attoeaod rse tax t ore filie el he makire oventla 250,0 o f ie repling ikive wit a0,0 so-lledr. pl"surgargeon iit mliono-reed urge mon >>e wiropo to payor is skin peo>>e wwi mpoeoay mo tha $mill n to payineo w% m r to fdmoobha $ ay >> rorte at e whe hotoe, j f cary, tat r tet wh spesma reatehoy jugge ar t th t pside is fin spma with rhete th >> te sa all p alode fsmin the th benninhawe a ope t >> sall loffer ft wa tohebein p aingpe t erwaoor pg e ve iortaroad suppveted iasurtain t ameradan job act rep ter:ne p blemppd ur t sena dem ratserant eob newct x to epr: kic pk iemhis naemomintst ew nuar thotoh tic iresints in insied l tonth ar heho tould sit alw teso go p sihile lth e thld ecomy i al str tglino >> ile woun't kk nthco itr untin iout knt 20. so wn y hea fksay we 20 shldn'rais taxe w yightea f no no onee ialkshn'isboutxeht
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rais g tas rnoht ik >> rutorte is ctatra r n rte conadicon c inahe pside's pt on icstatent. in if pw tade o p milonai att. f tasilai we the ansr t ecosmic wehens t grcothc wt gr hapnedn w007,apd 20, 20? >> rorte surarge7,as no cncef hse p kage2020 re rblictes saurchange chowe h a pge ep sit a ng demratsrenic sa anthe bs plaw >> t predent new s wel alemts as ie id myla docra i tre contressw elon't le his i bil m dy mora t incoss't l replicasil mo tnepca replicao. >>n myaucuisk depca have ermiion go>> tmycu d throomeo wouay vemi n ono t wel ge mos o ro theeoou mocrs. >> eporr: awelewgefos ohe dera demrats recr sktish note>>in wor aw ideo raem ts bymeri nskshte w croroad eo >>s yo predent skinbyri n u to veorronothad >>yore ntin stimus to veth? im? you can bng yrselto supp t itu an
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xiareots b b ckendpith t mostistr sed aaet b bnph t incl ingst gtrekd govnmen a nds aranned a cladg g baov proened u b s and sta baro u b tands. feof theworld mt s.easod fe mihes arrl cfortle m prsoictid miarexia wil crt b the pr tilasturopn ba baid oiail b orhehe c tagist wonopba eaien o acro theor atltic. cgi on >>iffilt t ejudghow muc thro finhecialtl strc.ns aff ted>>fi t dgwuc u. eco mic tivithinaltr thusffd u.coc vi hur. t th houholdusins nfidce ppose ngoi th riould tins gidwth. pseoi likari t selfulfl gh. iking prhecyfiscel dlftres brin morg fprcalcyistrscs. des tuesy, oodyinor iesto fl trserve esowngdyded ilyond ito ting rvy teengd notes id c ing ng heig tenediskorothose c g inveing dt-sa leediged k euroanseountes. ve shag on: havmore dnsaed roe pal. thntk. y jam osen ha: av re ere a arge pa th ydemotratamn gog onenn new > e yorkge rig moat nowgoonew theccup walrktree groig s bnowoiney s eraleupal eeothero nclung
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b lorney uons sal for todhe' ma lhersre uet uvers wha ey frlodte i unfmarnesrstohe urha f mile infeslassmiss th haveto annnce ieveenssrthav sutio. thwhit hou isnne vesshakir sio thitousff queskions outhe the minirati kneaboufast es s and triou he it's nitineoustncomssediffent d ou instig ions'ssingiffent techomquesed fe willm la eunee ha theinignsngfe upda fro whing n.ches ll la theneresihant bheieve h daro isn exc wlentng attney henerasiand bsvereat h nfidisce ixcntttim.y ra >>d nderongrats fi for idrema is th aear. t o >>er grfi orntract jtice dmaartmtht ar t docunts, oday ra the j wcete dtm hoe bked attney neracus, ay ericheolde wand sai hocallor bd tty raecia couil f mic ded ngremanaill lammith iaou fre ren neceary amlitilth tater >> tre h beeneall. ce y tiihink ter t hee it'iannl cll. fnk pecit' cnselnn c b this f rtic arci cgresan. c el e evy s mon bshi w ic hea c es. so thinsimi r.ev s on>> rorte whi the w eapresentdmit dsoinmi miskes rte hire mhee in opetion astestit anduriois hsde may sti m i pe onve tt feongrsion dio hayti
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arin , th t fave notgreenon nd t oths. in th>> d youhinkte wasot an goo tograth >> ack wled d nowou wenkas madooe mistraes ithe itiat e>>ckedowe andad st ie iate ogrand i hinkra weillcknoedge yore rht on tt. i nk as ee agt ilhargnoe oge yo rthe o t a e w s ag i rponsrgle t o the dminetratn anfor amanyeppea wdo be r tns t falluy f theeinatanr nyeead faings.e t arehey ll lyi fher aais.ou rey yi lyg? it'my opion ae d n ly t' pit d n guno. >> tay ty sh bunk. callg th hse tvers thtsh b arinllwitcthhuntgain the hrs atfgent intcnt inhe desied me tofagnt hds si mndo adli hs th heatheruth thehamethehamef liat cthgreseaeth shemeeme cesoing ng th ruid tm, tingo in t th ruiutat tn tg t rat they hard the ey pubcafetar it'sitchheunt.ub et >>ut tre aonflting 's ch
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gu toheet t cteles tguos. cl agts s beta suldave ag s en aestemmedtely et s d wheeoperion st a a te furis wa iedtiatly heern ahey riwa i atre ny nterctinfire ar n and the h kwled th gun weer tinfficred to ar ndhe me hco. k ed >>heunsun b wghtn tichoento owedpme. in >>s b mexto wreen t ed n olen ealatex. w evidce s twed e t en ofcialknewt a d eat not id sstopd t oft.alew a dot op >> tnly litime argunt t t co tdey me lsim at coul hav gu b tgecod on mhe or hder atulav b t n s. aorneoffi to llow h r arre and t szure a >>negentfii spoe toow dpute rend thatayin the sreake tops >> alntthesp timto dte bas atin onhe e reaspsable uspialon oeim ascrimaln a ivitaslepi o trkloaof im gs ait prodes obabtroaause for aest. for g t torn genroals ab i'toldse eveor i at. spe al or t uncirnisen appnted i i'ld wvel i pe not d con essm cipped i ia w ersit heing fas andt onsm furis anthe i jtice siparthent.g as ndck t you ri an >>ehann j: muce morto comert.. tou >>nn wimuiam,or me thaou. wim,
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ju reaseha eai. sju sw rse e solyra weountg s on ener bil to plys wo kpnt thcompny gog. ermmunilatioorele ped b k decraton thethmp hgose vest atiounio andle b versht de atsub mmitehe heatu stio nd exangersbetwn tw e rgyb it dertmetu advorexgetwtw eydemes.dv e bl syndr was hing fo neve got p btl sdrashe hg foveot p sene. solyra ien n undeder inveigatn. >>demo atly i nndreer veat >>mo fiousit reblics ov the nancl cmitm ft tous t relawsict.ov he i'llellou thenc rt c oftmtohat t ory thews gpevi . lll t fihet, c rpaig finfcialt repo . y hewho gvi winng t fi ciginal oney po o in t w?ey e ! ♪ ♪ w e ♪♪ th's gd moing, veie sle. th gmog,ve s .mm [ le aounc ] r ha thealors -- [ anc haus heggieorutri--on. oulve d a . s ieri. l a
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be iteddoicto predent esn'wanto hr rums torent the n'ntrant. h >> i fusedn myum jo rig e nora. th ans ir i fed problyoingy j ig e aner ithsnsoing i toroey nng e le theoor an o n forore tha tleher yrs o no rub ornsised hehaon't t y rufor noub vicis peside.'t st o therur psideial candicatesay pde t ohe pular pdel cu nndes arica.o.p t p ar -andomerill the topcu aca choi.p. th havno inttionf nder acl ptinhehis opor a oi th avswernt on shan n? ac>> sinnnons all ght. aeaki of er car an jus s ontl het. wd kif in sarar us palisayshe w iot rning i ar nextear. whatoes tli doyso t cur rnt ng fid? xt r. notuch. at pesy,o tomne herurn cnfind ot h. hersllpe eentily neer ac cowleed tt sah lin' prersncenhe eti campacgn tleil a tssa a n'ndideree not s nmp t som ahinghey pay idttenon t s ptot os n omengy cou shipyf the t paren t p ters th palouip hasthe h tarn ganition rs ha 't bnthal comtingas hor st nioron ollsha or bheomng s dates helsreparrerom tace to d es the xten shehe warm tidebeo in it, eenhe w neb ver.t,
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th jus nover. o othushe sideineakin nois o thatidemporntin is andhe wor at she telraphorgndllor e elph alo. lo >> snnonlooklikehe fid ma be stled son ok ke repter:or t s we.fima e >> snnonthan sed ep your: twe what d socraon earan rayombl ha on theou govnor'job at dra tuardayayndbl wil eserha onheovr' b th raini eatu wonyy joeiler o mahin o le toth r jnin theon sete.oe mbliman leoepea jd bihese. maley li bynoffeaial biunt 5 to 47al is p misibyffl ot 5 fhto ag47nst deragove ment s p sifortto it c off fheag t ra veate'nteconic rt i cff lelin >> ie'illon fig f the lin il ste'sig fhe coasts indtry.oandy. [pplae we wlppos the eortsy the [ epala a oths to wtoposhe e tsoducon othe eostpa atho p efcien uc oetuel ourountef en ows. theesolion al borurrnt r ov s.ater wil heringoln big orr chans to peop i overilng ig nortaste antoop
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sitebonn per ear. mes 00 eo >> t clo wilng b devaatin to htenner andtherr. ar tloil b bines svain hnder ar. bes. have t cnt on tinte avcome to cry us cn thr tgh thete me c suer -we he tsount onhr hesumm ince to cars su - hroug tthe nterntn i'mmnc protoblyar he tuge er csei'roy he mplely eveuall t whoets eater cs le vell mplited d hos eronteious youave the fedliald govementbure ofteus oue reheamatn, tedee vent difrerentf reat t stifesnt studubocie and reeatialli. ub >> awestopulion contieuesndo bmo illretili ght aer tstulrean nts b litedl t ta l edwate te ther iothi els todo ound ere. er th i is theointhils o >>s thwate is nde. dthpeds bheynt nnie>>eserthir ite wils fw wn r dublidn b riv ie toer iheil fo ourt rli theivigh crtoay itelon
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rtheoh c. iton iteave corad itakes mu ofhecono wit tve cadtt. es as onni lakmu sfteark inoit coradoalic acu fox asniak sk i news co do >>ictillcu aheox -- n th gov nmenwstell yr >> llhe ch-ch w to h e th andoven flle? y nex tch wo h lnd tt f cou ex t t th pple who m le the t out busouess. the na l althrgie p ee spholing mur cniche t uss. ow whth worna difalrentie spngr ic an my otr alley me catis.owwhorifnt mot lenameti omnis, theose. id y knonasasympms ike nges onmn, hee. y nocan sa caumpd alle gic esamtion oariselie s yon symauoms by llghtic infammmatonn. oisieyoyms tinf atide fect m incde hdach no ble d so thrt. e ct mgotncller h symchoms outf myay. nole sohr terymst myw li. aicni [ ma] omris. ask ur dtor. li abaniling nas allgy sptommaoms.k dr. mnar comts t cauba.ngasll som getmnar fornly 1 t omris. m.arom tau etarory oms. rd fion s nobeenamed the st dendae miize r byd por an as ciat. we fo ton imbenoy.enede dda mi e by poany th ghtsasn that newwetobe
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6:22 pm
li c ge ca, th.perft weing. th♪rf ♪we g. ♪ iove , torrow♪ ♪♪ ie toow♪ [ le aounc ] wre ming em aettefinaial ture [ anc w mg atena l reat c we ke wh yo trsameca. tr sfor ctomoe ow. w yo trme. trormo.
6:23 pm
>> snnonin wld ns, inteigen offialsn afanis n sathey oile son w n th late att pt tteenffls afis sasasseyate leesidt had th tett tkarz. to ss sse aidstriha kild a rz . seni sommaerf the ariil a libalink nimahealka errost bank neork. kaon pettaays e.s. ron no lgernek. mak ptaps . f no l sirifictak srtfas tha f haer opetionsi inic t sfa ghantan d lhaya. ha pe onrmern rev tutiory fces ann l .say e er btleevio fs for y irte be isor
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enringhe falourste s acr se pnenngas f irs trili d sa heacse aires p lyans i ri for eoura sae a ines l ns erthwinguamm r ran gadfi thng mm >>the sovo albian manad o cfess to>>e volbnillan cssoing tl aien ttifi heo lge beevesgn ji td. he aid heai t fafiene viim t lbeesji extristhedefa pvipaga ta bere his a ack. tr t > ba at me pga mbeerf s aclask.cuita are ingibat m th bes or fed alastare gulagions atould cos th b othemheired busesse las niorldatioosl crespdent hn r ertsemasir ausse llowp to rorortio cespnt roug rtss ow ltot rtug mo lh. mo thiis wt a 10,0hi w aqataound,0 ta liknd hicraf teated afr thik raid onibso gtar hiaf d tlarete af thmuch ofid t woone usoso b gr dre ch fille tloo u b. le. >> ise tam enyhat re i conscat i t augt. e t >> rorte a oss
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6:26 pm
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6:27 pm
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6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
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6:56 pm
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6:59 pm
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