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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 7, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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othss aca as insancepoli ains jcth asen t prnspectceli ns othis commtee t sllin outprctroingis intommgode sinut rbid a dbl dipng tod id ressio d ip>> nif yreooki f a b hreeio are n se yorsthatki a fed hrkerlastreesatn: aeal erst car al 44,0; coartrucon u 2000; profsion and ,0 teconicauc u serves u 20; ofonnde 24ca00. t ste d lorvcal u govementcut me4.obs st nlol ve ntptemtr, mwnbs34,0. em manucturg wadone,0 nuurwane wn ,000 e wa strt ptest coulhave 00 a imctn wa vtrer pst with uldesve aayingm modate ddle vlassswin th svote inuld geodinge lessinurneteoff. d dge nogtheneoref. t no b-li eitets t wor itreould be t r limocr s, d ectoofts tortldbe th univ sityr o cr d vtogini cenr fo iv lotys mend re vni lien a mobfo tol ys. ay,lo m larlithat a adob fothe ywingy,arat foe votng.
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guesot we.ou rembe theld sayies bee rbe refu e aou dingyihee tigr, youfu aoulend ngupnsi. igat demratsouuld suld besioing heem ists kping sd tse atng hems ngthsor thime kng be tg.s tthey th othhte toncouge bee ungeyeopl andhethers w o oareou ther g in t gplnd tieser w to e unerrtakin tonvtion plitil eso unak tanvics.on p tipportandites. gotas. or dooto-dr. maontrdiutios.. do gotheoo-d hin imatrpoliiocs t tdo ke oenyste im wk. li t the is o raldang hernd te we ar w this sing it rasnghinger in wear ou of cmina sgit inomng pl es of cat tna merat swiin vorsl ll g t murnat owi juas toy g haveone dingrn oth ou memen like this vee d tgth men kes ast. t >> rry, wehave ard nayt. pelo tody,e sveying goddna plse th loodprotters s tngyod are pl ands th ros. is tsotrs a t mstak byrethe dso t makye decrat >>gut: icoulurn ito a miake thi gode inat
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gu ieuln i wron aireion. at tmie higon dem ratsre dog on t tryngo kp themts o obslry ei kh sid beca e th arepset abothe idate ca ofth ecomyreheet hghbo eemplment e ra.f wellco ge, whis h pl powntst ra at w ll gwh elted ow 28? w sothey ntlod mke surhat th 2efocu oey the murt dem strarsth notcu plice o ohehe docracem ra pay. ot butheyre pce i dnorira the pa buey broar potica ilri piure,he rgetng abt thoapocapi ce,tica mo rateetwingaboter tat with term ce thca mo wintersnger in t wivemb of lnten to mbf caornd8. th lnto a respsibity geticanne thwhit houth okesn, op e spbbi g liicne thitou atm pheresop arnd th e li preste. tmerar athrte ineasily coerne abt t a gwinginsiobsone ab t g ongupyi wallbstreean te otr ties acrohe oyi cllntryee tt es iro rember cry iemr m. caor deribeprotts byhe t mca rty. and debeot b ton' uy.erstd
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wd e mas moisn' a utherst w mamo aer mas decrac >> lay? ma >>est: w l,deacemoccyin acon>> cosla in mny>>t: woc owoulnsay m thexte fs. uly thathee therroupen byondhe boun thaatis aad eruphing bnd d haunbeenha bad thg. bu theng haenadth qstiobuhe is, whe d theami qiogo? toonves,ionahe d eolitmis. ere the? ongeop avena hersit e he gop pr aesti? in co entirsalpolics. have nopr htird ino ttidemoatsli. courveing em tno h do t so. mos >> tha urg tdoo. >>ha u, lar. otes epand naaron-we, es rerts w th e somnd of tna-w res th omprottersouldofe t ttin pai to she up. ke a loootrsld inai atohe tp.s. a areouoopayi ahem? t >>ome there ayi vonteem?. so>> ofe he aem ar't. i nnot idtifyoee sohem.f wl in ther. otidfyetm. io w inidenheficaon tuatn. i>> r orteenrca bke th at sty. michle, r teidome bfth the st
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are. me o the ch, aret. e wh did hehe mea e. >>gu ot:he ll are actwhllyide tureea i thguk e as macte jyt sca d re s thathll tm wersma j ingca paid s i'm tha se. t buer it g seem no oid m ha sthe bu t stytraiemt. o ha >> andedid i eadst sewheai was at yr>> rndport thd i somd o the sheasroteers w yer rrthaid? om so o wer e hianicsteins w ey oke lyd? spasoshernd tyhiic d not eak e glisndpa hoin t signwrit nn engsh t k hatis th cod no tehoou wha gnheitnng at sisthcono sae? ha >>est:xact my ofthem si s cod noaspea? eng shnd>> it:ct m y sttedofpeakg temohem cono ea spngish d th w ie hstdingd uak tem sign the prospsth th wgns th h ng re ngli b the gncoulhe ro no rea stth ili b elishheul >>noea so, we tk a iound be esh fro o, youre re trt.k a t ound baudice rosten to ur th. re .and u canouweig di entothfter d anig therth >> (eaki >>pani (ki)ni)
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>> wt waheayin a at re y wwain asng? a >> was ryin t y clrp threlatnshisto?the man>>as atin twasl thrat ohianiz thiean otes d sse ofhem id oizhi athey es we ired s bfimem a thatas ey weeiredoss. b othe a saha tis who gro s r ornizes.throh th cherch. sa it tho seero ikeo o orzero ths the c h. st strtghthiceekeade oit vyhe stsusptriousto iic fallyde ques vonedyim and esp sayuss i tat fly s, esedomend oay th we taid. so,me tha s o theth wentlean th you oked. to t tho,ha he bennin hetl asth tou oneewhoto wath iribe tinosee ople t ne dioyou waind oi who te he wle di uwith >>est:d oes hhoe w th rked>>t: hfor edn adcacyroupn waingt dcrn worngadcyoupwa sgtport dcentor imin. srt >> wht wasis pnt inbein >>has p the? wain h-. >>gut: advatinthfor wa hore re esengucontl andvinrdvocing r ware strt to gi reen bacntanocg watrto i eiac mon. >> goahea
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ason loong fo>> more haea outs moreuppo frooo the fo m govementa poinng t finertst w l reporo hereet i'm n ve sunt hat in t iin w is. et >> est: mish n iut is. co d>>t: sh iexpln. >>hichs ico gues i pl stern>>ch i cld expln i whtheyere es i er advotingor c b pl itwhasn' ey reely ear. they vong b canttn' artilatere the r. eyhispics anuld ntite ticuete tme t reanthey sp swere hered nwhic is cu t tea watey ma rere isicsuspious. >>hank y ve wa ch spus mich>>le.nk yd,thene tre is tchs.. en>>od t bss thor teir t to bh trto -- ontaousns, iisyoun sponneou tasn ifocud, d itun will b onoucu it llffecve. >> houdemoat lecder. prsinghe wl ou seetmo lr w t to lg ago tey sa sthist abou ot.he t to lag par t. a >>is th in iati isou t fundyar th hi>>thntisund en we cthllhit "kne c " ur rson byomeof
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he wealiest eoplone bye eric youe alstpl ic tu jud. yoube t tjudg ud uodbles you tf ydg lly sp dore butesou y y ary espd e astruturf youant yto briar big trf gernmout. anntri ignow, gnm thane a dole w, anda here h whato yo a mado of da isre of atyo ncyelosa sang g blef u to of thealltre yos sa gprottersle >>gut: i mto nothelreurpred is any e otrs s prisgu na iyoteopl sl apr isnyypocte? s isrstnapl slheoc? t caed sang whave a lotin comonith tca teaa wve rty.a ot ere om agith tea y. h piese girubbg oion tmsels a prang t hes thbbodsg oi per tel ara pa t and th maryods take out phe t rty mopamentandd ry ke isut t ot.y >>mo isnt tdis th anistea. is tthnarta >> tse a bchofrt diffecd kids to a cnnot b get bs, ey a diecdsota yo cot unppy,et d th un ns, aar ttareny, rowi thunoney se tm to t
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t t js wi bilasseey w ch t isoanotr g toveren j spenilng tt wsel wever ot ev er lp t en tids. wler ev y re t y uonss. y volv u? ns >> o rean an one rson only lv m ey. oe uneananne bo res lnke toill ly thr moffe. unenbo jo loll pi isthtimusfe opacked uer atheri nam muan thawill putck uuge aeram nies to uonhallutgeobs. es u forc unis. stas a the neyill ey bk to he brc ni uniota a boes ahe t onyl bto b oio othei a on worrsill g o einythorg. ll g tel us e dieren beeen assth els roodien ben s oanic aoo otroticf whpelo a caed te tepart otwh asoturlo cagues t tertverydangasousur ink esry herng mis th e ak th warm oreri hipes lthe a nanh rmlosi orom e 's antheyip l an t li peoeike sim me,thean ey mi le css lieoke amecanstolee, e thr mi c plaook. we wt ba tomehensle 60 athlak. wao stied0 a radals,h docrac std
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adsocis,istsnd w didra i for ci tsod w >> i ptingor theidey-si o th rig pnghedesi y o ha teaig pay gathingsnd ilbe hest if y a eau lien t smepa ofth thgsil htf sund, li tyou sar uf cntednhe sd, ckgru nd u si cinged trioc sos an on t grleft looighat io usoann t havftoo atbupri ngivil unavst ople begriil arsted i dont se cps a restlegbe peop on eightide ar theed do se c scen. a st ly o the opeftn hte he sc. s de. oet >>gut: tse kiwere s. gu t isednkire maoeingall ed betthanao whingn angl ankl. th is ett trh. n se wnd, ng ayou kl ths lrk se, uthis, is i levolion. rs, as, rern t i toln. nstition a to free t marts. t job eati. antithaton ean fleindiardual. ob tie anat proancted dial equaroilyednd tey ua ynt barre ma trial ealit whshou i w kto givou bre maal sothin i wi e beit one whou w thaiv doe 'tsoin rk.wieneha oeridilous >> d n wi.apitism. at oes
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dius dwiitm. t tea parthins teaarin pitasm? >> am fe maetarri. >>hank ou ata? ha >>m re. fma weri are own>> nkcaus a tha . are aywe re wn, ne usthresintre bl, ing ropeor aricasi pai rig newandbl grope pe acaaiig pliamt w dmemb pe hahearnoug pam mbhaarug he's he. d th 's pside's ownumb twjustsay ee of t seth pguysde wn hawhatbt twakessty of be tys haates hisbe is bo? bo thinng ] wonr wh oth estiablehoic i'vmade in ]onwhth tileic'vde [ '8 dan mus pla ] [ sis ] '8anusla malennouer ] ooseastechoo pre. si] leou ] seteoore
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di eaut ath delclere fm pson pern. aelre and, ometes,f p n evenerace.o fa. d,ets, h e aenreatceay.fa y too or se othe st wys h toaonneatt an.prott.. yoo s oe w toneanot. its alin t ma. lea morat us.c/mai ital ta aor u.cai >>id y hea ts? >> i >> y aeatron eugh repuican rty t to bt thi ion e prh iden pu an absyutel strtog en bgh t hi beatothf s.pren bseltren t my at guht codot aree wi vice resiyntguo bin,firm a eg.o.wi pcesidesiial candatebi rm ckab joio. u p de lwereou suriseheante sathat aboi u >>reest:somemessuoesea bdeat is o>>t:mesones b wasan hon stndis es asccuteon stemen is no a stamentcu tstaten a
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po ticasonsunoant atantould sa t yes,ell poeryoca wesu at ld vuerab butsahe are s,l yoe a vuerab, ani avuprecabteut re den r vuaban aec h ingn the h cagoro say s,he ould bca been. y tr.ld b w he eying. ler ther w e expengatio >>gornorucka le: ihinhe joe denis g uinepeio goorka iin dece e nhuma bei gnd inehinke wan ce tmalei t tr ihandnkometesan he tann he tr himdlf. et thi casehe asnn h beimoreim . uthf thin se eireas hf tolitnal. foun i rreshg. it bu.i ha aun i feengha h stafis rsh gebuing ha goo eeessi hdown rom af e whe hoe sffgeg oo th si atern n. wn m t whhonemp symenrate was th arn reasednd w saw tor tmp en teird nth as reedro waw t d h 9 rcen graedhe onom crea 9 addew bs bu enifra u omke o eadd vizon thbuere u o ,000 jo vonh ceatee andothg la 00onthjoo, ts cte endonom isth latrodungth johat t eoms we du nee >>gornorouckae: itthis weren arpla thwe engneees
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goor ka istald and oisy ne re ting alath ng ppenwhen the al angine o tgtall yo starenaenth spito ne thell yo grarnd. pi asayi re he api br. thissyi e pesidt wh a bns thisisecony wthere p wanidwh to is adont it wrer tolod usadit u pas n ol tis stim us bul tasunemoyme rateill g do t lowim b t emrcenmeand ever te gl bac gup ando w notnear 8 ender pernt. g acwewithnd ve an 8ot perntar er .empl ment igur th he sanin 8er trole. plbecanteurhe ecomy hhe benro. casmaneed. co h b a nowone of t an. caidat a thahasoved up owe of th t ca polathasinceedp floda i hermthainitholntestince tlo i rmplan somnyou lke sohoutein t n't. ke a iste tanom whu lhe sao cole o t. ate twh daaag witneil co oda it ilvuto. pcentales to t. and peent cor pratent tx,es and tnd kepetorte tnd 9-9. >> est:oudo n9-pay t >> t:saletax on n ud homandysed t lecarshinkxhanill udomthat didded rs tonkll
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unblatk thid venty th hve in ustohomes tt is blth penint uth h as ggerarke f neme tni u h es. erke >>hat f youhingne of tha h>>go.rnoruckae: i m>> at ou ng ir t guyfnd i tnkha th goor beka way ifor a to tuyet i t rethnu be ay tr tosse revueate t tpoinofe csumpon.ev t t th p ntin c prmpucti.ty. t ne moreth p oducvity norti .ss. ewe suldre n ucunisty and . pe lize shed n oducvity this creands th ecopemy.ze uc >>ty wath't hman cai n ea tth fairaxco. b dwag for>>a hnai t whe? >> vernir hucbee: he bag is.or rlizes thwht >>rnuc hae:eto exs.ain e f ir tax rnzeh a a expresn enti fax ecti. an a so wt heis es stiying an i ti haveaneard hso sa weit sngubliany, i he s ll i verd h asafair tax gu thatisli er he s i wanoiraxgou but at e im diat stehep isantheut imatteis-9-9e d frly tt aeali-9 to frople tecau it smple. pele wt ali ao leau simt ifietax s cole not pethe wimie 67,x0 coot pese of de tt no on7, uerstds. pd itsfillg u tnoon beus we sp udst. it so werll uimee sp colyin
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th t sodeer rther thco in oducg tometdeng. r erh fa timaucdet h.f illia $00 ma bllio h aear li ju $ comyingit te ta bior juomng co tta >>ubioco tld u ts wee wanot inteste>>inio t tse a vece wa tpresent ot intteaske woul you v be >>goesrnort ucka ie: rht noit iske n ul somhingou ae goor ka rinki abnot oanyois nomng a kiab el oyo. l i nsided ws ruingforel pridenand. i i de dedid n wrugrto dopren thd. it i waydetod n eayto lk do h abt n ber iaywo. leeas geya mber one g ab nr . pied.lege >> yerne saiit g pi. octer yai alrey, aour shct 8: m. tmorr ightre a >>gorrnorsh: hu tabeerrhermht goorhueerm ca. ca jon htsmand mo .n hma ropes smmed wimo wngr es ape thepresent sed wi bling eure's gr aheest blgursrobls r ourwand eupean pliamt bl meeras
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hrrdduan pam me n hwspar. st npa tun . stun
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wenow placwher toing d tuing haveivenay tslee ng.we w acer tog tug vewherenslee tess eeghts. yielto rtfulleep erees tsel rulep and nestcan lp y gether d st n like yt ha forge erso m y pele bore. kehar mwhenpeakin blunee.a, d't dve opete mhine eninne d d pe mne til u fe ful awa. lkin eatg, dving orngagl g infetherulctivwaies inat dngile leeporwithagt inermembiving s theext y, e epth mbg het haveeen port. abrmalehavrs m incde gresvene, agatio ven rt abalav mnc esneagio haucinionsr cousio inepreed pient harsening ofnseprecoion,io inre pinclnting sk oensuicofe, ren,y ocr. clalcog l ma o icin easeheseocisks lerg reaionssuch as tgue co thrmat sw lingin seseks rgeansch t e occuhrraresw andngay b fata de eectsay ilude unplcusantreastendhead bheta ets ideplntte adzzins d moing owsiss. asinyour octoif lmoestag issiight.or y.
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asurto ltaisht yen g lunta r $0t lusta.m. gun $0lua. thers a nd o reful eep. we cer hela you o the re thel ingsp.f lusta. celu he hegslua.
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>> rublin leers d pridenal cdidas tang a eak fro he e nomy rli toles utpren cdata a k foros on emyoalue carlamer is thfoe wonh eue rlersth w last. >>rl: ere aot o ta abou thela .onom and>>: e ota ouhe omndjobsnd e taing ritil o bs present ama, the tag fled incies ati o alueesoft a, the obam f dminirati but citalk ag soalue iues th t am nitiutlk 3,0so rist ins cnsertives hen waingtc, for,0 st c ereve h vues waandgtor vor coeren v. s toy we hea drom ck pey,vo d headcoen a toweeapirid dens m of heommient the a secehe ri bodeer i hlecdmit pre tdentut diec ne bo iecalk rent di n greegr
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k abouthere immratigrosion wh h heou suprtedroving e mm-statiuitisi criwhcsheouped legaovmmiggnts i tatiri teos. he gahenigs i tned to hte ife ng enmmitnt to t tlturdeto of h fe li, an it tgges td the w eur fsome candateliinan esthhe w re blicme rachoante ha note reenicac o lillha totir lis, feree i mit tomne ire y g. re it mene y can gdate ro lfe is ectio yeante slon, lois phical he eioelo prailiph al policalind. to mprlit i lilndbou t bso mte i incieouhat tsoverhuma becig isatntitdermabe isoitife. carl aboion pitic are e. portt he at t isrlbon smmit picre eartyheatoday r tk ssantitum the form ea pnsylnia aynato rk oughhisamint ohet onstag e rm to tal pyla to out isghsi o cotitmen tag thtoe calture oifend tome attathed creferesubly,itt ta romn for chging posions assuy, t gornorf mas chusmntsornd a hsenang osndidnse inas hegoorasustat
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4:28 pm
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4:29 pm
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4:30 pm
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4:31 pm
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4:32 pm
act whesomee chges nes wit ut w mningance dou houl t hemechs s t wng orhen u'reistrted? orn retrd? wheyou' falng aeep thwhee heu'al ap dothou keew hoyou' rea? do khou'ea exusan n preselyest thmostnprectab varble a c -- us nrelyt thstreabare c-- t drir. wh youursuperftion yodon'justnginr tri whousurfon yothe n'rld'stmostindvand dring mular. e d'stan drg la ou eineeamazg. ♪ e♪eeaz lot tim, thgs a rht uerneh ou fee andll wnee to ist imchathe th away r uneouee dwe'r wthineng a ut tsm.ath ya oupldecas ag wdidn evereale'rin a t a st plw muca natagal g wwdn traveed ialrock t muat g wra ickous ofeet low . tehnoly hamadet po ible
4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
ennger? re wht rongreith imp tingener wh t ng od fmth aica?mp ng gues the ise is t aaw fm aa? lledeshesis a theacy t edheyayincan yo not bical bak theinlawn yo ot of a bounaly u bhewource ofromun trcomovement pos tion s behat t woo thaventosn beat te oo bohthaaslleg, in bohe la lainegndiaina and yla l inia rica >>ound coendhe l reonnou were rided ca i ou acode re nonion sho red i >>est: a welwe re,no wondidho >>t: el no knoe, wdhy ha one nono evythi lgall d we havea efida ts fm bevhhi lhell wevendi da f b gornme a th magascdi verngont tmet athasc hern ttxpord od boutsord ouegal >> ehere oher gualar >> rempans un on orrotimpoing gu thood? >>gut: i uld anayunor evepog guthard?compy,
4:46 pm
gu i dvees gump us sewo fier bards g uat wofi indi and bds g dind eboand st gtar coboanied g hrve pchascoie fr h magasc. >>re th pas begr aidemasc >>gu>>t: tythe e node begug t ided >> a ey no ueion? >>n so ed cas a y ; insome un? >>caseso >> te y us;inboume te te se pty? o. ey w t t>>te rsly inouuppo o t te your p ?mpan wwill t roun aend?po o ur an >>llest: am gogo ad?atte. th hav aed me t>>t: plmote thav ame t l guit. soi wl here it so>> what d he w nt did do?re whato yo wt tatalk dhe w aidut? whato? doou waat pyople w tkknow a? to rrow atdowa m prnine o aftnoonowin toow min nashlle? o guesftell,on w juant t she? esl, w juthroligh nthis t tolly rogh is to unyirituaon w reurun compy, gibnuita iuaeing w mpib seletaivel ing leel psecud ane
4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:51 pm
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4:52 pm
idarlogy o pastan a ty idst lgy to upa aney a mus t leeto our feat u and heyus mst try toou attndey mry uto to bmitakeus fee uo ite ee suued. d unr theircutanc whe there sud. teing unthheircunc ownwh peophe thaoopteating wth us ir n opha aopin w cime,ts tason tt c e, theteas weave ton tto heas nditn foard denve rrecve aioneing ta n. itfo thd isn earl ec anina thsnacctabl >>rl rrecve aconn wha specccbl >> est: ecell,ac ey haha t pullecack om whe t>>yt: are l, heedha tnow, w chllk he tre hew, i w incrsing cusin eir iopleo vius as crng t cin r enemlevi no ass the tem noly;s noasfolkhe who e hping to;nonderitealk loto hng delopnt in teir cotry ere an ttherse, ping dopin trotoy him provthean quityer of , eirngim liovs. equ yoycan'contue tf rplayhe doubli ga . yo n'yount tay c nnot ub rerdaad b
4:53 pm
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4:54 pm
johnall decrat sta that is hnroe aatta leatt, demracy and, a ink,as a meleureof theuleemcy o law d,nd k, a freeomend hae aelot o awearre ielf omhat thr bsine tts ilf th b getneng t ort shrt andweet aret rk t putnghr bnd eye tnd there r enies.ut bey the ank yoens.very we. fo newurni15 a evkyone yo isryoing we foewni aevne isinpart ert.
4:55 pm
the's ly one ttleeft i'veot ttellusie ths e let thvendg maine elm isvelmos temptll ie th ndi'm ma it,e oss.lmis ospt new m nyt, s. soy ! w arepen for sine. so! renr ne let'reroe gr freo. owinbusissesse chinto-mhine echnt'ogyro gr re insies in -mneom vhnizonyirels. susi! vonel the ing chin.. siread fill. e g in b adll . b .
4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
ap5telie aer. itar itooesouick. 15 yiersnd tre wil it bstck ast othe y40. t ju kee uil t goo b wk. t yourhehow.sjuee gat. too w ur >>wi,eil. g. ngralatis on5 yes a >> fox. l. as hinkg t ayrabouttion ye yo a d th e arx. a lot onk thingut yo iike abo you thar a ot ou le meome ng andalk ie boou out althhen ou hav le noee nd k tere inhe ealt t stuth inavo ta abo at ll. ren lt >>tui, n il. taearsbo gts by. in a >> nurry don't,rs g bn b ady? u aaysryot n' csolaon bknow?gou'r a aholes lot cla yoger an ow'r am. le cootratutionto youyo r congtulaons foxm. wa h yo all tcotuonime,ou bud . ngla s >>oxo my warienyoll te,ud >>myen cavondav everne atheox new chnel. er angraelatisewchl. o5 rati niveary. >> cgratatio on gre o yes atox new vey. tak m t cfat tion creret f yeat is.ew ak mf t re su forti .ou pumng usuti yo saly, makg yook um uke aero andyoalhenak yogerk we out and aumpe allondver n .er we'rso weutuckyndpell rfox o
4:59 pm
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