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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 7, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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thatm.t is >>l: t lef o wg. a>> i a is the atisarp tefow s w ashep f left i f dsn'tealleprent seni sft i amore d 't llwe wl tare wit i p sideni tonit. are ca ion, ou w wre ttait i p edeer t no sn zo t niacto rcan,egin w t rit n. e t szo ttoin ri n caionsy clos caponinserves cans osapinrv hi'm bl'rei y. than forhiatchg u b tight hayei b thda foxanorch new u are5 yrs old tht ha bdax tay.ew that s thresubjt of yhisld eveng's lkinpoin t. atthbjofsemo. en s nextinuesdin we' be i bosn,o. fici lyxt celsdratie'e iosnc's cielti birtay. hava wil loo'sackt 15 rt. yes on heav facilr.oo se tkse15 yeonac d t's. nighit'sorth poiingut th theox ns dhann. ghas'sth oisuccgded ainsall thhe n odd nnen wlaunedn cc 1d 6.ns l hadessdd wun tha20 mlion 1tentliewe .ad s weimpl n onha monost cntlewe sy wems causplpoweul n
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conanieliketnn c sys uswe coiendke n didn wasn. but n e dnwa per veret nownc csheserre nn wsnbc c aes cnbcn thbc rings a threas forhat ibcthwo rgs old.thasort i rst,ox ns ishe onld.v ws nwork t, n thaisivesnlqualv edib ity the cserv niverk int vieha es atal app ls tiby he cillirvs ofe t ie nser tivewho wppt t firliof inio erveo iono sneed aype.rrogt ne a elists yyou ll itheogame. the condeapelets u hav ie cceed ise.he p ple e whondpeorkav eeis p e hereho we'rsimp betr thkhe oppo tion re our port'rs armp ourroders e poon shar er.rt aret fring orie to g trod trus wherer imayha. frg ie be. g t t meruiveou er iynee. meeery vid exame othats youay kno y v mo ofhe ediaam oat desses t ou teanoarty theymof braed iiaess t a rist. ty had tey pticurar an i deructe tohe rt.ount .d t all pe tecua panty rlly nts deis lctsto govnmen lesnt l tespen png, rdy sore loc l coovrol.enes at's erta lyen, aeoc coegitl.ate
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int 'sta vie a arew jksonad it ite t soiehy aw jon wou nyitmerin ate thteaou pty? riyou nn digreeith it, ae hath ona se p? ssueu di buteehhyt, a thehan sueut viiol? thehetheride the specum, eiber medvil? heere he kes e occecy wa, ertreeted otes rs.s en tccugh wame othemee are eaki the es l.. tsomeh ing oe teempartdoesotre do kihe l ese lks meg tertasicesly want t do ow e usheican t e ire capalisc sy uem tchieo-ca eedeapis insyme t equity, splyie pca they antinquy, sociaysm. p trusme wn i teleylt y f in ia .e nat nal ediaus w wldiv iel u y thei fn cfort leat elstenia to w u gi oth ei crteopl tir eeno stu. mangiofths he apl t fnctu anre h eptil ofheareftnc monsator stiof tmsels at thr m iansor tel a symthizs. th we m don mak aymiz mor eqvaley beoneenak tor ti-citaleqt pelele abe then a pay. t beuse,gainthe aartys -calpe ahe pa peeful and bents e, worine whintyhe peul systd . s or notear wtn up.
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st w n fo nnosart repp.ts w beg wfo nep w per ecti -- be bri pspecve tt is lkingnerti- ri most pec med ts olets l ngthan g, mo ofou stespe ed at ots an gmofpeersptive that why t foxewshann domitesspvefter 5 y rs oatthehy toxsnn ai that the miseremo. y oe nofor e opaitory athe tighto. nor thgs gting worryailyor tht the ama th gng jothan silr. e atherhe i hedm oftrn. the nergjoanil dartm t's er lo i hef proamhehatrg dtms loro funlet $535illi, th bkrup unlynd comny i 35lithut. b up heas resned ndnderom iresse. in. heesd ariernaenss sheffs nin caing forri fedalhes n cag or instigion oattoey ed neraeric holr. and einastign a oto ra furicus gol st g thd t was aomplelyur g mped stthasply ed botcd. in tc aitioin predentbama po numrs ctinu a poum cininnuus n t fro clelandok. so in nrotlendll o fox ewsso ahor geraot rera. le os toxehe wltrees ar ra o fst. le t wee
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es ft my.eaarty bng difrent thanall reetrowd >> my firty b hapifnt nniv saryanl etwd ll. iren a greapen yea wit youiv ry ippre ate.t ahe wrel seetea it ouowd e i e theyre w st nve. d th maye s. m guid butey thk th are nlso. thay sinre mi tidnkuthat thhenthreoonesin tt pplen coesare at'soingnn wa stre and n pe seadi t co e 'sese nghewaitieto he rend narly s di daysf thte pty e tie lea when do,t'sly t howysth pea tento,s t teaw par rember t weang t pal ar vee cemtumer andheyea we essi p as e ee cmendy w si ps riot who i boon tewhe potho i ea iobo the t affhe brish i mhechan ship lookt theri cra man pple th e ip t okth cnerraat and pll te restf i t i t cnkrhat'wher nd t thanal y ssthat was i eyo tt' er mo theea p ty ithal tysetas eay e d s.mohe p iese o tupy ll seet peoe ea ve eas d t e oy stock.eo the tveartyas bece t a k.soci movent andhey tytyec a ciovtndy so. >> bl: mal eivalcy is ing awn d bng rawn. in b m
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epapeal lik i thenew rk g n b tis," wn nn peik ns.he w butheyre eallti doi" n t me n tng. bua paeyy don't hlleoiass t pr tests.nd padot h massrres. th are ot tprringtshe stemas wn. es if heseall threetre t coong sm . ifse-l et oo kookhad eir way w wod be ain, reec thaoksd ther kinay wo ofmge the wt. n, ecu knhahein tt. of sialihe iot gngo get w kn usut o t ourrobl s s nli i get bi. us o yohaveuro adt thble is n bi yoenorveus fadstrathon iisth cotry ghtow. peorle a f feerang v iy nee . coy thte is sen thathe.eopl o go uspe a intee vhisee ms, hethisenha e plbanks ha go gotnntffs m scotree. nkat'shaherehisotn restmen that wheot thie. 's bredings rag mesesen at fhem.hi >> bill:nge wiag s tk f wh >>l:wi lou bbs ou tha comg t up. w i wanou thes alltreehaom ppleo p. andihemsvessanhelheee poe noing darty mss resmberheoothi no pgtyty regeraero? >>o kno thehioothi p w ra >> anno-immherantarty i hahid whem. >>ill:anet'smmringnthety no had rt >>l:'s bngk. o theris n cnoparig n beeen thmesse of bhe t par and er n the ll seet copleriutben the th ssberaof tar neend mia ise ryin s tot le
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mahe one rafastndee murio. >>hissin thio mmane row stntoio >>shi m someing.wo >>ill:olog. its nogointo gw in me g.anytng. read trie>>it.l: og smongitnoin g inpet myt. bome adie. mo methg. m>> bl: o by. e su. fa and fious bi th b o sry?su >>fand a f hugus sto s and? a>> ugcatarophforric hder. tond i ke a eri olde taph i rwayschoug he hr. was i ri >>i ill:yshy?ug e i tughte waa maasf mrong chacter >>l:? hont, thtwama clr-ey inng hishaerpproh toon cley n the is bil t metop you >> kay. e il ol bil. youike icmepou olde>>y. il clour-eye , host g rdeht? >> cleyho gight r ? bil thr>> wor. ma richth ilhr pdon. u caexplorn th tomaic pn.e ca?pltho the allardo t ppl o ki tir helldo tutts p bil do u nokitakeha t toccou? doou n takts tha il into noke coun >> iou do nakhant tak --un i >>ill:he b picre. et's lak the >>l: biggeic tax. 's cheain l amehecanisto let ge axm of andiv h a ea pdon.mento et yo of gndaldo- homuchf a h p n. bigg picre dyou yo g gdo thaho cha
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thigge tax c atggic d iun g ha hiory?th lete ageee waxh c you i abo fa andurio andhiy?is oleet a in woubo fand io thnd. e >> bnl: oy. >>t'sike rog cmensthho b o we bef>>e csgres andeog cns algedly ld. if ewecef hol cr whes h sndd'm noalsuredlf t l exa eatcol butwh h s probly h rd autno fret t axa utfuris fotheirst t e obve h a f ae la f w ks hri saifoest t tha may la ofhi f w haiear. ha d iturnsut n theay af memor.ated bac itnsrom n lhet a jy moed ac ofm l 201 j >>ill:e kn allf tha of >>ll01 rig. so he p>>nt il: if knllfied,ha nd>> ig if treso p isf pjuryd,here t n t that endf his pryre t atareend is bil it perry. maye the e o h ceeee ilt er . oba ayth e o mirulou hy gs a c send ter ba he miraveou g a a dfere att neseer m nera e bil we n't dnvicrethett y on telisio two ings ra t i 'tile t ic perery on el iobeca e he idn'o tgsenath i it igainer the aw cahen' ts jueh poli ino aeadyas hin inhe ejuenittiarby t li aay.dy h nwe a notoingo dit tart tere. acausotwe ang faio see w th pla d tut.e bigista forusarac a obaai t e me oth yeslardaynd s. h ld tgtaorac truba. t th predentoesn kno oesay s
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whet hr heol the say th didrent psnsno h i he ethehe richthd n on y cidegorand p he h tteratcht g ch int n cord e lynd. >>ereverchhe cri itntlway the nd >>erriitover.ay e bil soldra,ightow e guwho was ierhargof t ilol a,ht moy, his guut.oas i anherigrg t b mo h. anr emb brassnt predentmbssbamaoorsp, corrt? >> tnk rent syndrmars i-- rr remeer w>>n d ting sdr t clite i ch geme w smit dg inenma t, ili ink chas t sretn wasmai sck dal how tashe scl ow cmate chan sentis h gym m c tee res tan a stialsi hed theym m resus? th washe ees o a cmatesihe ch ge'ssu momtumthasowar e any o c kite o sigfica cchnd's omm trearnyegistion forki empleigca c trlynd wildo t samisonr ele ndhingil tam to gennerg it theng d. g >> bl: irgope ot. it hei wa gennerg b i wt bit d ielope. wa grg p bvate. w >>tan'te dop devopedith gornme pte >>'toneyeved h >> ill:hat'gonot mee tme. e tmeeyonig is >>l:adt't w tk. tigs r oba wdmintratn. >>lear.
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ob >>ill:inets atrse d woe >> an wor. has taro sethi >>l:ights e wo farean horn't bee ble t solyarra wel be hheteende o gornme intventn in lyreen wbe engy o stilus. go migmentntn aoen tpedoen thetis. ig pridens a js tdohe bl. pren at'she b j sigficae. b >>ill:hat'not ing get 's b >>l:t't g et fn not tany ppl knopa. th buteral joifnd usot t iny p noveernoof th001.ut i als he frooithusn beg ning ve two nths aft grald1. cam oi heroegng o boarhs foxftews ganneld aeefdam o it aroxs ne afd achvedts numr neit atus it'sll d tchdum gerrdo. well oweur jobus o's d t galdo er ge.ldo de iweweappeob w did youo i gdo w digeo i y dt?pe >> di ce onou boa in di novber. y wer >> conoa nber o bjanuyovr. erf 20 we re nber nr bnu one incince is the 20e nr ane lk ci e weshe rept. uecid it bee ln hon orki witep uheid l titeeon dade. ki itall e ti i s nt i lafghistaand de. ira l tind s i ghtad wit ouraatiosoldis, sairsit ourineandirme fhtiniohedi goai nedme fht. fin bil yououldgot ha bee ableo dohat anyther f.
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netwilk. ould >>hahey eedn't et m do iledot onnyer nbtw >> bily i r'tembe mwhen iou sined tt bicontct wh nbnbc ail rbe ten si tbi brontw w hat ouc a a u we loc td inhe bemenrot r theatears >> aitumbe oneweocinated show benut thasrs ockein t>>beeedho basent. bil thewoul't lke t gerao out he cldn'as talt. t ilheul l ra anyutdy. rald criven'al t erybo. rend y bny. aiver ryldve ecia ebo atre y0:00 b thi aer ening ia at chor by00 hmer.hi eck o. eng nextn thrun ory dow hr. c k h oma ca pulxtth offn oow the big cst sets hn aricacaul hfftory ohe secung t rigubli ts aca nomi htionry mikeucka e illcu t rli alyz thene prected it miomeon kekal lygasts yz are nowen dreandiedt ee rit tarry . gas the ofrehem llow d bdi herin rijust tewry omen.thofm ber sten [ malennouer ] troding w prutrits
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fromentr. [ leega-ou go ]yond odart g althpr ri om tr probticso bend dia-stivo balande. t th obcsbe diiv anlafrui & veie haantiidan propties anuive new onuthaentstirom anntru opes he maknutr ion ssibw .ut tsm ru heaktrn ib thers on e bo le lt ! ve g to ll sie ! eron bo l! the ndinmache onlm is a gost o pty. s ! e inm oncht, bons. at y. w poon b sorr! po were on r buness rr we o buss t's routgreg toresn gring sinees u maine--macne t hnols y utegtosn grg ne u mae- acfr t verolon w eles sie frer w es e ndg maine. ale ady lled ndmae. co bik aly causedthe sine withhe bt tenoloules coik use neth btelo es [ le aounc ] atransica, we a theomorw mars. [ anc atnsa, a hewe'rormakima tom.rows ke cckwo. 'rkiomws cwo ♪ r althe ffert thgs our stoms plned r. ♪ ale erth r ompld ke aolle edution ale duor, one pe ect ddin
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, pe♪ t ♪ in ♪ lovya, morr! ♪ ♪ov, rr♪ malennouer ]e'reakin them betr finciafutu. leou ]rein emetfi ia tuwhat an wmakeith u? ansarica ansfatm to wrrowke h saca sftoow
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>> bl: psonastorsegmt toght,o qutionermacain a b polical w bner pisnaorgm fallto t, quonceonrittma offins bolal marnal wr llndid e ce mtt caiff comting iar l tionolls ith idtt m raineomng i and ckerry on lsn ah relivel rynexpienc d ryy liai a put togher aelelxp nc ganitionhat n wi theli ut nonatiog? r a he nows thman who niont wi e tempd too jusnohatti fouheowthn hoyearago ke mphucktoee forusrt ou vern of aro ckorrkans, f new rnf alys whatre t oddin yran f ew opinn tt h manysain at win tdd y th nom atio in >> ihink w tld giv hnnin him om iohe d sn't ave ink w aiv0/50im 4 sho d he'tase a50hot. ho it a lghe sho a t. bil fouitout l 10. fououtho of0. il >>ouill:t hat 0. h ou mtn f defit? yogive im>>l: at 40% h sho mt of se ringfihe yove nomatio a
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what0% holng hho o acksengroomio atyingol a h 70% skt. >>oney and oanizion. ng ae tey0%hinghave sou g >> eyto hnden oizn. stes ke tngve g iow 's a h ver jt s olds ow aashieder u k jw, he yoldgoto havhi bo s on k hyohet ound av >>ill:e ha enou monboon to compe inowa ndhink >> cail:ha ou on>> y dono he to h e mpina lot nk ofoneynaiowa. y onu dot ha h totoave h lotfot ofmoneeyin n hama.hire by tdo timhayouotarte ot getng intoouth nearol na. soamh carelina s mo of t aimurt et mea flolida versouccanamof all a me bt. clusely flaa er miall bget. bil thamean you usve ty bu melevionime. b yout.ave t to buy ilhaotanu t of evtvne. oue touy tim f >> b l: cn nothate is ayer therare reeimlaye , wod b yo cagrenoat wishe er ight er ne eyewo yore w roeyerryht n >>ouldt cnt aone outro ry it t >> ely.ld t cbill ait'seoout it tarly e>> b.l: a it s nd ll'sow. >> n youave tly cai a b at s mneynd. n poury.e ai a>> bl: aer t debe ne ey weeksome pdy rk it b a tebne up. ekme m rt t, caip. w wttenff by manyf u ai w wen yea y >>ill:e no ny u has oonvieea ople o gi>>l:imno ivi
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legi thi he i mingon his casehi e iis hconnting mitgiseopl here the hing se me p hple nnve mngey a tn pley t con ctre withengeopl p e me p mple a tnonne wit t peoeon it anthenhey goplut a pete tneiteo anenyo a tney. i h to piconer t otr, t cnectg ithy. h peole isice t ot tltimely cat wctth pecarrs thsday d itill bimy w more rrthy itl imptant. b >>ill:ain goo at thare he ce onhe ftor,mp donnt ow, >>ol: mn thsooha con fr,go.on he d n't, o m wsl wihe foren pocy b.ines dhe jtt di't he th wwi fra o re reporenc b es and thin jdi hthra eoplrenc d inplnderand at ihe n a feignolicerd y. thletts i get i n fro f cgnnic suorte are sayg hethttietanro c n hire g ssuteutre ay hehean g expts arodim to re brin ghim u to spehe. g xproo yea in m bil wha utrouoes maboupe th is thaea i heilha soue m thiou th weseardrom harack oba. sn't sarns ehimine dn'tweave rdlotm ck o ecutiba 'tns e ne perice. 'te t u ha it etinrkans. didt hrie. a. hat ok wt ha hpene tan idtn h a inexriend gu lik wpreshaent hne t obam >> bhe eeriee exen tgutikes t herm cai am doe bave e isie t
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rmexecaiiveoexpernce. e singi peoe t ethe ec e bil in e bunesserealme. >> i is igitheeo biness t healm. ere iln abusslm big i iiffeence lo bes ofeopl thi im. you cane unig febusie ss y canun a ofpl gohirnme i. ou thandiffences ifou a the o of bus esssi a yan a peoe go me en'toingthhat ffuceif wan aheyou of us sfire aeo the 't ng>> bt l: yu can firantheu repinhds iongrhes. tha s r ht. b y anu hair goteo fire o how nh ito wgrkith eoplha tt r. don haot lifi you ondow you can d w h anhingplo ton liou the ou baraan oba's b dgest pblem anng an obscles ahe resirantba bst pem billis tt he hanbseever si dersod tt he doe't owll the h thothe movg perts of rs theoe govementth he ov bil p it'morehan fat h bacalloesn uerstd vent il ect'omicre n hhe h ed a bunba ofll gsns u asst t caec peoice ar elli h ae heunf g is sin t to ocaeoar vliy leheings gs,o larr smers geiner vdleghe g ld hrr srs ts bieir of goo that theoveren can hun p tvatebifooha ec omy edookeran wre i ps lete us ec>>y thi tkk t w iutlecadec eorius tha the hievel ted i t ande ri ivohaheelower i somhere.vo >>ill:he eereriee lel th bark oba brght the om reexpeenceas ver >>l: eiele thinth ar obat'sbrhyt he'm pecekeptalerf in membma cai's noyou d apt t.a. wh g rge mbai nou a clney d tono.nd a w the ge
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guystas a clobley o cse ting a he getoney ndysuppl as intleo c t g solia et feeey srvin peoeplnt therso a we'reegointo he a sll oin eo thisgoveor a ittler bit 'rin h a ter o. isthe ventrorsiapart a aut thisstlithatverydy sd the r f e worroiartnclung a ist ryu. s he >> actllyfidn'orlu y thay f>> wdcty wn' ha fine. f w bil theblee wd yoout. rig. thpoinf it fe.ll il bilheee iyot. to ig th in showhat teealil i ocenios owt at 3l000 ildr eve d oni ar dyi out 3 o0 drve d artarvyiion.ut o bil do u ha tose ock lue,hat thervn. hing ilto go hahiso kd of k e,hingt heng g rosss don'peop kno k of youre tkingngbout it. thss's w t's mporn'ntop fno ou tng ut opleot. ctuay --thould wous or be f leiscuing fuaine--ldn y r show tay.cug >>ill: f mige be. no, you wldn' ow t. bl. >> l: ig >>e.ill:f bo wouo, com o wn' he, ofoursi b wou. >> ifl:hey bont touom sta u o and cohe inof andrsiou if cy vinc tmendta undhe con mindionshat tchhe cncacto th we stly sunmiustns st dh toney er he, iilli tothe ly un listt to s tha the ock luey h i inhisliso a stlittohaontrersi . e ik thiet'sns nle and k w tt why u ditrsi ihis nt. nd i n't ow w ktherou gs
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y knowdihis notut t gornor as ai t vd wer g sowiess ot t go nor exboblowg u ss zomes n aut bo ow uameran htoryor kid >>ell,om a andt's ecauer kid hry id n't ow a>>utl,urnds hisauryid >> bl: t y dot t. a >> stuhowe jthis yris bthat tdo o >> ametucanwe j kids yre mt at ef ocienmennistoid m vers a ef otenr suect to. artouristo veoser as a ot su trieso.hat mak itun ato v as enteaini soesidstanak ftd a out eric iseall a te gniatos co ftry dd fnd outt icsholl t gck the irst pcosidey fut was t bil thiis dheng wl,st p deght? it'doin vyasell. >> earnilhi d wur t? t'in v >rn rht. bil thaiss rote>> llin lcoln ri. wan e ry tilnagehawhndte in lln evean e tge adesce in ts coury beuse ey d't kvew ythi. adce >>nhey towou bee d k hi othi.>> y 12%f hi sool siorshi. en kw wh% thehi impt o s l brow v boa srs o kwhhemp edution o it'srett ow voa sry. otheyon'tduonnder and. 's ttey a sitng wh a s. ey 'tassrm.erd. acrazit w a bil gooto s you sr>> aays a az ple ure. il oo s >>ouill: arp it af ths char lef we wl ta whlee. i predent >>l:p t th ar defhen lou wta w dob on ire whenter
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e wa seet nouroteers veobnhe y letima wa st pnts.te s at lays maylema surise p yous. up lming sayure ou upng
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the fit yog me the oneeth. fiyome e avtors e ee budinguperghwa inn unown y. avrs bungerwa inunn theisafe sysms builof bin a hea eifeys il b aea ansfmingtran nam fr taltale sfnganam fralle to ptureon ptcar hom pre parom and e on whfolled tm, who immethe d ge oonspac whll t e ed of aven thedgef dro e oac edf en thgedr. and folw th up ere d olto lthe byp ean ureakle pmise lby st uchedaknto pery seifor eve capin
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stedo y or veap whtaketheicommd: whkeeimm to f. toerve f tove
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8:24 pm
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8:26 pm
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8:27 pm
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8:28 pm
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8:29 pm
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8:32 pm
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8:33 pm
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8:34 pm
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8:35 pm
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8:36 pm
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8:37 pm
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8:38 pm
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8:39 pm
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8:41 pm
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8:42 pm
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8:43 pm
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8:44 pm
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8:45 pm
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8:50 pm
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8:51 pm
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8:52 pm
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8:53 pm
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8:54 pm
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8:55 pm
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8:56 pm
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8:57 pm
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8:58 pm
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8:59 pm
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