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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 7, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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herepu btionors eing edg puit'sonng moesdg t'sevisn shs an spor hav ways en mo in tvatiis andshn orav ys feaess en itintind cos toakieas it riss. coe arto bkick. >> bu inis art, near b. >> cp bu chrmannnd t,e c chan c rupt muoch s alws be a nsmanand was cmmitupd tomu shrtin lwbe a nand s it to srst-inassews eratn t at, to wou et-ss at inn tativ and cuttg ee. to>>ou we n aounc thennivndtar ng tt e a ex anchear nws canne >>a x knethat rurt i nhe c ne nd of>> mathatne toatu ris i and oft moy at rmaskato toackishem. nd >> moat r mrmurdh f th rrdhi in x f newhar dn co, rerewar aile from e c r benninroge aes le cl rly omated t msion of xeinge a ne. cly ed toepor tall mdes onofhe t ne sty, nbiatodorndl s tunfiered st>> t amecaiapeop eeryfied tme art. op ey k w the difrencetwey new, fts t. kthifncwe ana sis,
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w, f coenta in, dnas,s. th othcotanews org izat, ns wot te youhe dferee. wethill. th >> ywsarergat woout teou ter dre thwel. yeno spint one. rth >> isit ine.ett fo o cuntris tnow efo otail of w cattr eir elted ficiw s areilf w doin i wod are, y , itrs. el >>d hereci areeoplrewho donin woar y itlive n lo>>re gelereploonew rk velo safran sco,leoston a thew big saitieanwhoo, mtoybe ren' a rvedhll theg me. >> iwas ieao m me ket n'ttinther ed heitin to b. ierves we s mvedt iner it. iin b tink ave sd fr ant. lanc a tk a fie. f>> ian asd nc a e qstioie i >>hats do faiand balced q ioan tyou? i>> ttnkoai fadald and bal ced tu? an t toaringndaldthe ws tong accutelye trufull butith cucontlytin pspecve. wh it merullutth t nt a f pec. wht wes ag from im, at h a f hasevereag om, tervwed his auserasser rvd excuble. a er >>when thatuketor boke cue. >hereenas sious quhatione or abt th b e man' >> store. sus i ust donn't dersabnd wth n' theyereneingto i dtnvesgate
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>> yrs sme wed aat. >>ey diden. ng >>t iteste ywasme a .rrif xam>>eid f>>t asstorever ody ifse w doiam and did in a ffer torer y y woi an we d goiditigh >> w eeder the an iues goamedingh ys t wy cadhe realy is ed tca rete. evebodyets eaat'soing in isount. i threk.that vedys hey'sngike hatn yont knoih weat doneytalkketown yo tono ybodherewe on >>lk yu sawn tat theto moodre peoe kn and ysa v tewer bheomeoeo edatedknnd t ver b bttermevote the comeed ed >> t berdo belvehattehe reedme of th pss is rallyelt a edimarf th p funcons r olyf de acrac ar >> ync impssio o tchideac you >> sh ithatmpou aio hiin anou sh acveat a nwsro. >>rue.n >> tse areac not nro >> ee.ras. the a tn'tre ottras >> y areatheng t n es s. he a 't retimend uttias t t yrehe t n direly otv. re me ti t spicis ckag re o. boar tw sci u p anesaghave arorce thostwe anes uo b pesve quantin. ce >>e dot haosetai on eswhat b thuain >>ackadoha aightook liknat it s th teeka virotentk ik d t qesti wast hese
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plane aren th rot ai twhat q tiing asse an hapren neth?ai at >>g wi aapne ung,ambious wi sta wog,ing 24-bishe art-ta wonetwgk4- unch t- tw ch ocber 19 inocr oy 17illi19 houhold coetit o17linn, sould coitn 70illi, hom. >>ll y hado do is wa intohe 70 nlisrooomm b>>caus y ad doeverody re wsa to nechnooally b usgett g pa lesery w wkingmore d hning lyre but it wasttpa esmost w ng lire the we alld g werest the lihe peple relly tstol. reh motited? p e wase tnyboatchg i ti ocd?ber 96 as >>boo. ch i was le do gocr levionn >>a. as lacuudo vi cou n'tven wah ituu i outnwa maattabecae thte wathe gume wit i e cab mata ccapanythwae meit e thab cnyad maatta wird. >> th k weth neeoma tallir >>h we . muoch. do haveeethatn y vsa mu o ve >> dyouveratstopnd v t?efle 15 y rs d n th droadu erd thk abopt w f thi plale as y dne?thad h hen gerab a lesould fhi glaups ?andsay n har a asld g fivyear pl
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d y to kckaofivarpl n, i th kght e guwas driingool-d. i itht gu reasydorig belvel- iea tt ovtimeelfox hecom t ovme relyx h omwerfe new rf opatio >> cnhaew aopio 16ear adtartn bu a fe anaalf6r rt yea fo newsasbu nuer one n fanfea fowsune ewerip. day x ne han arage er. y ne hof a miloniewen pime ti.we n pe ti has 22,0. fox rehan douedas,0 cn an x anou nbc pri tim cn >>anyou cam fro c at s>>uck youhen uuam gro re? whei wan. s wkkingoun g at ?nn hewa had wng larat darstaf weaveafuperarge e staf.e >>eave ke erelvege evertaody s to be nime in der r e o ve ery stoay oimin p, tr st s o comtiti, an to t st mber ne. st and youom kntianyouo tal to tgeriles bouert
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nddounu howal ou st frrh,esound t ownstaly ncostagesrs tod thk ouide e bo an ta tocoesdo sotothin ou e youbo my beano soin greff, but. ouhat mberebu atparts so slo >> w trtould yolo wt sboutur ld co yespoentsnd t wor ty do >> i sthinuttheyre thecopoest ts t orthe t dobusiss. i in eyen cerinet e oplesiho s.ll namlesser suleestethey s are amss no jrnalts asufoxteews ey rewanto lo at nothemnd j saal axs real ?nt lo atd tem way in mea seshey al tayn litesllyy ris thr lis to ge afte a sttey. yis >>ight n thehlitore getest f in>>ht nhe f er ga >> the fcesga havun t he fir fsav t ir at jonalis. >>atou we t frst peonjoli >> w t ft puiclyehrouout l med to pulyout l meion eedo samosam binmen laamn. amn whdid s na com min la
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>>wh'md pritenaomilot in ani >> riew b den dot enan b n d pliced in hat ot ic i to owat upirples or tho up plcifi oth when airanes tew ito fi buil ngsenirntoes t iew yk afr il sthfirsto15 sonds i mntiod yaf hir ne. >> his rs s hadsto ie miodeli rate hi nsome f thkey>>s suscts thha me tlite mi , osmea bith lady.uss h>> wt chaed tor ymiu ofosbiad sept wber thha yof >> i allptr cngedn >> i lptemr 11 becse i beme m ce abedt thnewsand em11ec i ss be mabboutth wserytng ede. >>fterut yt e fifigh the kied o>>ma ber lan an tokfighhe stodofki o h b bodlaan t >>in od hod den dea >> multleourc. osna bi ladeas lteadrc os bi >> tadescu o theadirst t o33 cu mine ohestn o hil trapned dergundor 1 ag ning ilap da. pele rergd 1gi hoing vigida pepele lik lishogergifami .pe >>ikaracobamiss tmi xt priden>>ofacamheunitt stes.
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at aprenide hasit ss. ae as you counon f ne chnel r th latout i c un f poticsnd tne chl ethnts frat iou pocs t etionsfrcapil. anweounneam onpi anashgtonun stightheamhe telyshon unchf sp ial portsthtea ty chspl rt >> id >>ot hesexu latis wh th wom hxu ti w . lethnskyom leky beyo digeive lanc yo gee nc d fr t & ggie s anoxidt prerti. fr& ie nepron rienan froidcent m. prti lp me nu itiopossnele.on enront mnuioss. [ me anunce] tte lovthe ste, t wt tout bk on ? try mart alan m an bucetery ea teov e e,'seart ealt wer to b thon but?r. ryrtan buryea ith ega-'s. rt lt% l s saratethfat.ut h a- a li lcallsaprovte to t.lp suportealt choster. alillovo su rtlt♪ pho a lertle ve youhear♪ p le ouar♪
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wah evy tohdowfrom evergame on sday ternns wa nflevobilto owomerme scay "strn," " ar,"-f-lfl ilto d nloait n. cast ","-l doa n ly fm vezon. fven.
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>>overg waingt is ke drk fom fi hos>>becaerewa gt s dr f cesi nnstotop. isoslowcag. >> wanyou isteto c ne. to i p. a s goiow >> toanu sathiste i a ain. oioaisdid a.ot veexu latis withhatd womn. t oxu ti thtomjanuy 26 199 the oame y thanupres26en99 ceinto gav thme stninghaeseni c, fotoav thewstngnifo maging etor mang e brirhumeas to by thewashgtonrime to yreau chiethe heme w now toshon lnch au iee w owto nig llyh proam. th sw, t spealig rort. thero. btheau s chf, tpe rt. e bauhrit yes hume fe kim t s>> ialle rog an heme im ileogan sa egased rome d sd shs riegt.d welmeo whingme s shri .el wng
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i'britume, d . i' be re eachi'ightitne, ' te speal chht eves th -- tpe >>rogetold me was a g ve de tothet y-. >> tas>> age bigld de las fr me to deto y >>aig d fme heo. i s exted abt i inheeean meorei exdb nws i is the w.ane ir naland.s e w >> btume l "anecia rert" r btmetenears l a " todia co inueas areox" newsn cnnelrs a odcontbuto >> w comecoue aows celashiton. ntto wme him brn.tear. hat advce abo bbritive fore ou to ovt?dvbo >> he b saietw thin u reoov o eeaiin urse, an o tw(t he ns sean drew the(t ow. thi ns wh idr ndhe . hiwh huee. i a n the newhastakeu br. t of aheheew stuos ankeon t ad ar of en otuan t a a 1-milike o riwith wunde 1eterilske a ripresent thsh. wde >> ierust a con ssesout . be >> istonbe exctatns. it st he bn prty lo >> exat.
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t h ye the bpro we.ehe aughr] >>peci rert h beeon w p r 10 gh >>ci mones in hee ro 10 whdo y tnk peoe wah atonin 6:00o wh y i t tnk it'eowaat a 00 forla tt tt' work or tit rk wrks wen br creehe e w wles w strture itrre wtrre isewsrive theiscorrpondts dwsve ive e anthenorr hand d alys i at e en of t shoanwithenhepanea it an yst en thoth equionñrne it thn woed. >> a youqunñr ink aout eciathwo . port yo aou k ink out x ne at ia nday you rtinkbout t peop k whot satne ay inu 45kut t c ir op tonyoat sw, godrestin him c d nychri s waace,odstoursf,im rit ri tonywae, waars nwcomit tonyaa tevisi and vero bght a talted tesi d er guy d a b teet a gald andeopl coulsense tt bou y hia t grisas andpl ulns t gitioute ari a s abc a new and ti ough is a ve cewndhighegre of gh ofesveonalm tohis tasghre he and i kin ofesalshuttodowns
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e id thathisas is hend i binch offutwn idhaiss bnsertiveddbaofs whohadan er veba ax rinhod d sod for. >> fr an ax alandis tin soor >> fox fan tto and t o covage,nox our o orepoing, inurovuese,oninnur >> h do uespo pog, to ies pinople wh ho aypo tt youto cpaighas p leen aess sowh far tound cmetiigss wget asoar surpsingnswed .ti w t i wh yououl p asi rpngwe w thyo gcha qstioul. p >>siut surise th ga qio >> thusecan ppenny whe. >> anhmittn rmney- en >>ey kahe. >> >>anhattt a g ratey rpri . >> >>ooda o se>>tou. a ghe ri elatnshi>>withd these. at hiama thitethouseas bn a ecompcate when setch bresconfence mped tenry en hes a bunfdog,ce 's oy our am now >>bug, reat gr nd --ow thasnot whai'm dng. >>at h - an hat jaha carmy d go.t >> ht an ba andjaar for.o anther bawasnd al somor aner snings al atomouhereomedy fnim e whe hoe atre caeddame f whhounac.
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>>hat theameridan peole ce abt thna >> tct tt thher premrimseoare c goiabthp 2 tth em e60%. oi havto d somhing 2bout . >>et %. av dnser thom. ngut >>ou d a>> sigficaerth >> inteaiew th psideigbamaca ght nr th c mbtew ax p tdema t hethca nth c t dete. he ca the leglati is not deft. t ri t, theyegti ares- >>otnde tand i rerily d t't tk abt procs burether are>>de andot re d o tab estiocs inbuerehe 1000ha a talkbout oroce. tiin 10 lkutce som hacritizedou omha callg itnited intrupthon. at d y ll sit tohat >> iyou eotnt ptttinn.g d y answs or sou aoat get ng iu in libuered ans rsswwherorhe a lds e baet for lon tim buyou edndnser owe s ibatooron vewerim to pru s. i we ipoloze f in vrruperngo pr you i mu. i' alo f trng to ethenupost r ouu buckere. u tha i' ar youeryo msth. ouck e. i ha appciat it. ou y>> tnkyou mor you tie. pp theatinalt. qu ttionoruou tou healqu on frie. ifhis jo wre t go beyie u if isjo w t odersnd tre's secd opon fyoue u is a rs t'sec carr.
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op[lau fter] u nowhat uld a tat bar aur] >>owt d t b ohi dotnow. hdo raing? w. ♪ im a hipop, h p,rag? iip,a y ip dotp, hp, ytop do ckin >> ias flinghe ment d opnto achary in ev it an fng meyt id w t ca y do?ary i sa i c'tvan to w ca yiememro? aap en i sa c wo in emghrchoo a p they i sd yoare w thi. ani gonup the anoo ey syoe hi angohan fortateli rtelememred it ♪he bg-ba aem loodthet ♪ beat bba aooe so ou at so cn ♪ >> btt bar jned x ne c♪ a upleearsfter t b b j laud h. ne inact h lersertart t e alantau int buau hin h apament witrt ast ant pne a bu h apantit a p a facon maine. a t 14 ancrs a rresnden havbeenere acom t mae. be nnin14 nc awho s thfirs esen oavairene t tlente in o thbers oiriredor f tnt ne? atnsweaftetheed br fk. d congne weupteebr co snanni let
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freem ri s. >>o weniant bet a fr domee ri sociy>>r dweet ant ber am cinanny dt ate nn e cdle ceo gve? g? an aidendoest haveo sl youown. aenes vesloun. withettecar placent ailae on witlibey mutu aut insu nce,th ter act laonitbe tuutsue, ifour
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r's tale givyou e moy foa caone del ar ner. ifr s le ivu mo fo ca e to ll rn m ne, utoda lresp msibi vty. u da what ur poli? spbi. at li
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>> w washe fst oair lento beiredor t fox nehann? th was f or ntbeed tox aner?nenn than? uren geen. a enlo gn. o isues >> 91 o wahe ies 9wabiggt, kaina,hegg fincia kaelta,wn.iialt. >> ke you hasut of m ggyeouabank >> y c't tkfbou m y tnk y c t ack oulue stem. >> tiste >> dyou ow t lbera on -k e em
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>> >>te udie d tu eolo t, i wt l tra - aemir. >>ie didt as t lo i>> w whado tyou sayo th miiticthatay tha we>> areidas far ha fru beiaythairnd0lxd banced t(icat ha>> ireavear u frei ciring0la wedat c tics i e thina lo uime cgo.g w c mycsassi is inloolits an ite. seemto b whamy thsis audncitant em bhath ud cas abt. >> m tes a you. i caab dble m m tax a touthat twicwhat de im ma mng an 20% at>> you on'ticat ima pan 60% i tes. 0% >> ouicha'tay p0% i t.60%. >> >> y havhalfhahe cntry that don't%.ay y in yme avlf tas cry atond tt oth half inlite llytaayi all te bis angettg tthal a bebal tey bayito ll thr he tbi anttsayi you brealrena th he yingnoug >>he teyiou hacomeen ngug >> t fo aaffomeableealtare thi couny. fo >> ndfolelte hi hlthce is ubje un >> hanny anhis estsonti hehc is tojeebat >> a y ask nnans tsti yo toronat a vernnt d ythisskindof sff altheime.o onou wt toe etrnout dis d s al hee? e. yoare elce to t >> l stenhe yoeanei dot ha lc antohing >> to lenandoha an aponggize r. notoo yu or aone. thi is abpot thze no yor ayste.atic
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hi i dismtlinabth his untrstic >> i'm onlysm5 yeins o. is trave ver en int este in'mlyye o polics.i e u har nttein akened ali s.epin ha ant. >> ts not a neat t a s inconstuti wrt.e. th t is t ot a wfare t statns ti it swruld tbeths wreatelfa sstatd do wa to a ffaeedo at soety o ao r do we wa a t be fdo soy adoea enny ate, crae ao gra? >>reed y e, is ra bi parra >>eds fiar yr ogra putf ameca's yeedop ag nsra ut youme's yrando thawoul agou foeanhaulwometo fome-- the ral ansris freom. whe he rns yre. he looat the wos of y oufounoonghe cumeoof ou wren un me wn --- wher he ndody o er catordonot or gornme. >> thi thi i cort a gomajome >>rninhipoinhiasmer ians and
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and satojo inin theers d ndsa piticns engh he whado y thimakethe p icx nsenchanl hasuch yhikee sucss? n >>sieldfanch dres. uc? y bui >>ldft, ty wire com yui and ere s aisiofor weneed ad e fhter aior rghtx. now e ed to fht ainsthe fer pitic r estblisent.ow f>> i athatst badhing t patic estherisst. iatadng t ac ally er aernave ews d voes t the? cly >> ana ths kvo the th cstition >>ould diateh whahe e dera c itgovenment ld es aie theha shldn' e ra any ing atve nt sn't a ginhe tohem shby tn' ny g peop. 't >>e ar'tgio aming f t ha out,ope ant >>ararm. >>ou ag c f go ba a ihahopet, t and m.ay y areot>> gog to coba ape show you kd w, yhereoto fit sh that ow wasun. k fi senshor b date, we wilas gi youac oreen bf de yilur mey . gi >>oull y havto deis sh u y and mst ight ob d>>le yprovav d that h >> ias a uerv s d ht dreck ov i di at not ave i anou exprvienc of hstinonck diote tevisiou soxpnc hin the tas noareundeesio hopelly arm gua. >>heythta arnoinede pey thrmua >>yr loc box
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>>th hnnit aocox cmes has the air r hit a css he r hehann's fst twve yes. th coervave andnn f tw theye thovalibelnd peonifd fa andhealaed. ibe w peiffand expting me frla.the repo wxpng th m monfra lwins.e >>po dide re e se rert so. thon >> lns hink>>eidre did s re >>so ove>>helmg evencenkeid >>useve lm ofowerev ce >> whewat? >>n spe e ofer ur what plitil sagr>>mentsp we' had a nderl tlve ars po.ti >>grhankntou.e' ad you are a rson frnd. er t thie iss oing t >>nk. ouilrea ouonfr. hiwithsng conrvatm. >>'m gng toissyou. >> y havtha greon atstin >> g yoknowtosu. wha y tavre in yoow dienha wanté nt
10:26 pm
theids e ouof t hou and'm i thmood >> a righhes ou t didou d ithod nyo see agh my id fa? yo eered. demy fa? red d. >> deu saedo cursg. sa ven'said trs f-wd on .n'id you t ve bn gd. i'm ing-won to ge ou b u. g >>he m g grt amican pnel.o g howidha >> eolvegram an p >>l. it' d igne to bwun e velitt mor l>>hthet'ted, and dne b alsoo bri peoe on ttor lhed, nd levi on t t yosodon'ri seeeoon eryd. if didt h evi tyon'ee thihow anydi if id didn h hav radhioweveray nn dnav ad ouet, wod berivier n arou in e catalkg tou, woevi oun mycalf, lk wld te asng quesons, ivinmy , swer i w wod behe youould be driesngs, yoin wifeeruts. wobe . ou >>ldberihattoo.o fe s. ver >>ght te tnnito. er t mes n th it rord"withreta s th van ster. r shd"folls hethta riosy t n er
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opleshnd pces llhewashgton d arnd t os t wrld. le ps shon ar tt 15earsgo gtta wd. and re15bothrsatch gg foaews chanlndhen i lached we wl teth youchfos abo ann i tatch ae bredk. wteoubo tch br hostcoulswiting gei rely se yo15% mor on c insancestulitg ei re syo% or cnsce hostdo pple e smtphos do mb tngs? man sen thais t ekenst pe smho o ts? n enha t en app apgi yeadawg p n 2:gilloweae towgrack.the buly! n 1:on'tind i dzy. 2:owtockhebu! 1:ma't3: id a ge dlema.with brtachinvid ov to is rty? ma 1: omay if ie's
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froamera's ws headarte roer s m ma adteann man raffty. e amicancono addjobs buit ff. incded
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:39 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:49 pm
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10:50 pm
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10:51 pm
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10:52 pm
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10:53 pm
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10:54 pm
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10:55 pm
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10:56 pm
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10:59 pm
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