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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 9, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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so rs manes a oir aies t t ma s a yo have en ihispiso t t and ke t se hoyo sere ve idhi soforehem, teir is a ar d t ho s orytes ve tre bm,eirsold. aar mylitveesrveor bthed. go n ht . li ve ptiod byloseorcaptning rvic , in go n ht. iobyseptng icin >>welce tor e is. > >>lctor e y, what's comg u o night' how? y,>> a w youhaeadyor s ce u o otnill et'n w w?hout han k aoudy s williamsunr, ot e w ariutan k it the llhomsin sto that isustriike rcllithe pyiinto hat nn is wisitthelin. rc lldhy ty t nk nn they w nen.o be more or ls ley t nkthe a patyhey i ibes mer l e stpanity stoha cld i shand theruth. stnitoha c ndhe d herma ce los to capitaze on his recen s h main t clo t pol ls yta ooi hngis uecs tan ivi.olyoing us eg? >>hankou, dy. >>appyoomng nic eg da >> gnkreg., . >> >>py didom yic wil see i tda gen yg. get he. >> d>> c youive a y wilint? it
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>> y letd. he. i was c houinge y t ahe timet?ou go>> omethiingas h g tniceay.e tgoypomal a greatomhohiw. ce . i shall m fen yp go gway.w. yo a srell m disgust ing.goy. >>et's elcoyour a gue. is steg.s so h her>>'scoasuse wesn eit h h asi usme here whwe dsne mna sayit doh. i m hehne m s e adohors busess n way atooho ely. esand ns li are w consided o e lypersal ftaon ev d lireoronsid cano rs arsonev kayakers.or no p aayercc- is p au p - mccuo. p anmccu an pleaseegiars tryo talkimnole ledegs.iarsry o and i f lk ielligencn was l mphl hwoulbe p sedd i elout ge thenctrt. sihl hul t hetrt. nt tosi m is jai weintstn anits t poagre jgoodaior all kin in pagesst.ans goodre to e podinorchll. kag odo p
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ere re n ftu on th> newe tu onph thwph 4 b l me sh yur newat c 4 b l m the sh y rpours tewhat rpond th vce comnds.pos t ha tmy vce i rmypo pspt. c v iysp. >> okaalng paper. we a n>>oonal spengaking to peacherther a noonpeing cher hermanane i coming and i am lkinto aaper rm e >> iorryoomg i a dnra in aater >> >>ryo,oe hankynneeradat spky? >>o, apre hlyee ehi s sp? omaply pli eank william li nior'sondayanig wliooall 'sondayooal sequce bau ofomnts onresint oma a itqule b onomnt msday's onsi o f a ait friends. y' e for f yourself, srieeds. eor yoselrs. yrs f, >> wt didn' yikebout yo el
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.it w dit w pival ment.ut it uld l h witleivr men ayg lf t itd h ller etg ya nohardy. inhe cntry thishaet iya inno trd shape thiins cnt ts countin's tha inhi no.sou ino. m gla youon bther beuse lot peoplo. mlaou on you bnow,er t y abee t heplnemy >> w ho i ouw,he enemy?y ane w i ne ? oma andid. ar oma you a. kdi? ar its tou t stoog. di? aftiter thrto. ooges? awhatftaveheyhr de to yge? is atlaavyw. de y? s w. ys jiornis uh ysn -- - oblito quote s things e oft mliisuntodeto qodte. s tngs my a loogyft wxt mreunme w trygimmyy to elainxt hotu i sryeemegd toime, ein an h i s te, licus t p
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airingh s. ery me ty brght theus t p riteaartyt wa pai nteds y t brcistt he atywa ped and e mist. the wa nnd bash. to thethwa n coarason.he coar. yo me yo m impornt w sul ge hans mmpon night sul ig ifge h s itse. monig theyig havf lrdyit mad ae. decion. thavlrdy m ci. >> goo te togs are >> ge t tourgog ain. a pa, weomek. ur g hatto b he. pa >>o yoweehi en was igatht b to do thi s?>>yo hes nona wpokeigsmanht. d>> n t at l. he i not heolnoician.poan. he ia c ntry n st inr,nd it ol icoun.w, s houl i hcerye talndking politicsu? proba sulyotee t ng
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t is i t he p licsrobl witro ourotultu. if i you t h pave abln eitre view r tu yoget red oou h s ependeediew it iyost otd lik he sin spend aryou ady r s iot lik h sin ar u ivaty atio s o socl secuty? anatio o soc metho r cu? w anrong. m r it t he word w obama ro had tito he wor mmit od ul h heenide again stit t disturngly tan en idit ietoo gatre and too t f. sturly ju io letend the f. c g g ju et i wearilaes gnside. not s iureaeri understesoo hnsf of wt heot sd. s e >>ou andstfhi g tofhe whe d. xt tng y areoing>> ao say d yo neverg tis t y>>rehen ngu artaloking i y yo lister ->>-n arhialng o st bes cause mes me happy he s bsesherite percae on, m meap t s sshe erispave rigerht tn,o precs tirnd e ave tighe t do't wt h o prec causndhe ss stu d tng ts w hwhy can ty? us the shave s rig to, b tutng we ave y riganht tge the heve foigit. t b sh notwe ae igawmakerr the fo . spokesma sh nshe coun ay micawkergerr, anif t t's okat hma thinks, e un m he suld ablgeto s tt. an t
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s h tthe nkrst endmt dn't s d bl sist pple ouldalk e about dmdt t p pole itldalalorct ou spch. itxistsorolhis purposeor scto peopsp canchalk about it st contvershil th quite opanraklybo d't thi nk ntrs th .anytng ieveroing itetly d t relv wheyouk yt iboernget reo oplvsiteheidesounles theybo y wh is the min. op teiesonnl'tgr t wyhhat whs he .sa, an i hinke'tgrwadh ery portun ysaoanlafynk and h did n dryo that at la fye trng ho bkp aldi now n. do t a he ullsed t a lotrgy oo bkpow. purp e, b uut tdhat bei s ad,lo shust a count rp b mutic thatei d, sier andshe ussh ald bableou toay tict. siernd wshha ble doe ito m tter he is cnt wus d singer? h>> tes i n isir usamdmenin iue. t i >> itirot. en am .st sayin t he>>ncal it fe s ech vm ery s in imrtanncal > f e fepeechh i v gyat iman ifou a goi to bge fepe ec ng a the gat mut riif aoioge ahe g ti mamet remk u. and ve aighto fi him. etemu.nd a thahtfiwasimim. beforhe show ha s im>> beor h aight t fowirehe guy o ac l e ceracter aig thateillhearre would p y y ace craer atlre wldy
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ihink what we leaed f is gerals t t wehink w we shealdn' f beak pital gal s vicet romweank illishams.n'eak itits lale taking cem fasonillis. vice rom citaw l tin qgda or ff orceld wro ii c is yr tng of i wi l y trakin tg it f ing fur >> wasn't him pli tur >> co wn'artons t ofhin hir did tt s predentbama is hcoler.ars of n he wirasaing t reid w ser trentma hle swn ene es wsaolgng t w ther ill swd onyneolng er l on -- b analy. b >>e dosn'tnowha a aly. anogy >>do't no sy hhaeard heas cannd sobeyand te that he w hn'rde hian on ndife. beanddureerre tt ae hi din thereen oodmurer re therare rtai peoepleho dise caalwahe weaoo s ungl asere s aaieoe geca awawayea wh i s gl hank aillis, junio r iges nwaotyh i e t hose nk pplilli un herooksike neot i aslp a e se en w he yksoue g i b aype ha w ywith b ce.e >> do yha r intol peoth like tha do r allhe t ie. eo th aren t bchliha in ntlll taran d sthtireng t therech wi i thenar glaes a
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whe sti t re i al k bwihe awa wckhe i al>>kou are arong tm,wa that'shat u ar doing >>ou re >> am t cio t o seeth w'st t iaroi in t ir w>>lem cio tsee i in t >> w don't dcuhings atreted in mo won'tng -- stupi dtenyrein. wehut opleown. spinyre twet leomen. antsohe cotituon tt sa, y ou ha a reht t a fntrese soech colesstut is tsayom hingha r ttud, f s hichase whyssisomhias andy been fchire?hy iasndy wh en fai ifebody is ehassi m at maiplacof ifod issi w k, i m donac't nt tm the. >>ho ioffeed w v iieonwe m tthda nht>> ife v m footll? ve y hunout th pple whwatcmonday n otht? y un t ot pbae? wh nowtcre yonemiz nin te ople w otba watch mda yowig yemiz footba .le wat it s noing ig do ith fe nsiv e. otba the iso obligatno ht nog o h a iv -th ais oigat uo hing h o bon e sh. >> tre iin'tutt i b on unfounat tha ashtime t iut i fo soatmehady i a stimeing the puic ty ha toditha tsome i eyay baug theres pu tha aloys tt fe thehamay ose ey bau t
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eir job g orald. tfehey r j it sul'tor bd. >>aybehey ayitodul't b this guy s a>> mor.he >>e is not isuy a m >>i n aly f esnd he f a es damnd h ged joat iamdjo i >>oure singwo sfren languasere. >>ou yoargewo sayinfr setng t hat nguas e. is corre . e ofinoursyou souldete abng tt to tk a ut s ethior ofrsu ldab twi aou shi aloging. but if amuning a busines a angithe .y isakgn ssifmin b out ofes him selfan ie avis rigghtn toireim .ouof im>> blf w c rig fm toeim. him is b it b c. mif bilmarim onl iy.s >>it bba t hilitr he uldnl be fine.>> ba if y go he iere t uld fe.>> ion'tnow y. yo codyentrer ist e wit it i'tw >> k w whyco.dytrsit it hbo i sn't>>edhy. rghts it ibase onhb iubrirs.ts ise if prseoe stped crib ing, pstdecause ofark ibyog,u wouldea se they o didf s af thi w touldyt. coul hav d eyand tidt'shy s t havwhat teave. ul av i tnk wdare t pskind
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av atchsingave. t wre nd i would l e tng pic a ooseou o ono t ou stet tic >> okay i wse on h tou w h mstyet cane w on yim aslee h wh myh m nengla wes. theslneedhickhki mn on th ses .la. he thaeds nohithe issue o s thess- hanoess >>thon't tl wha mise >>'t >> t yrha d mad nere hugged u. it i n aborut b dngug offe .ed. is >out i you nre runbong busi ss a youfeon'tant . at ps son t ereouec rse the sasistup a toung'tt p itn s neec asebo t saup ffseitn a >> ink it stupid.ffse i i tu itd. wn'tffsive. none came utt a said n'--ff si. >>o one o ceame a sd >>o o out -e- i they cameutnd sact o -- he liy someone was hme ona drs anct aed l ikliom ane w h co olen moron thadrsanhy h aed l is ating irco, i wouorldhas mp telye wing, iou mp ly>> twi havoue. a tra ror o in -- t evebodyavs ocus a o tatdor o hitl c omment- vedyus od ey htlav a r cigmeht. hav r tki over e other
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es not m e thiki sw wver eth weer. esotehi w we >>hat difrenc doeit ma if igh haifoeot? maf i on'tet tght. >>t isot? g ooi e'tus te.t. >>is >> belve mou u gsedt e ous me. >> b i'm morryou a uri, ditas highmen th. fun pills 'mry ari, i ghthunil >> don't ierew me i t moing. d let movonhaerew we?e mo g.god, i detn'tov tnk ihawas w ing bonovsi . d, dt it takes iors goodne y.g bsi. ites gy. >>t uld be van jes . ul be v hectllhasome nic wordabouthe a pa tierhe llspeahakiso ameutheic ak brdacoue pa er the eric dre conrenc eai he s, somebyak i te icreonnc n sebak i moay.n whe thtea rtieare lly d th wors mo. whtha iee lly thrs ogresser cou learn a l whent coesorg anizing. reerou l rntake lten, ppl e wenhoco rg izshoug. take is l n, >> ty ta who indivual nd ouak acistn.lect ely nd w e ttandnd actlecty weo
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i he say it? he sayt? s it! i wealk. were i tesal tkeher. we tk res e r.lirityor er.we ty >>onesays he i ronebuiin hg i thdrea touprtea r rty liredomthea works t. andearoesves ed t o lrtrnlir om orfromksheir.istas o f utdngroesve s tall l the apps i n omirbata ng sk. l hepp i say somngbo t tea . rty. ay sbo t t y. er no tea par. erea p.
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yo c'tand at t airrt d a g et iyon a'tan cat and srt take e t a t g p aarty c a s adquarrs. ke t buthiss anraty and let qu ar s.hou wbuis an aet su weynded not aerson, but a nrk .nd nso b n rkeyidn'tnd a divial. ey bnded n wo.idn't ad th didt vi. i bed nwo on a thid sile o pty. eyasedt priips. peyty. ui aed prfhnd ot aui sdehnd ot go f ing srfish. theay f orho g w hin srf fogottenho v an jon ihe f h do w orryfoot n ce pside bon hlary mindou. dory and s pdeou h hla onhe o nd. handan nd s h on jes' guys, nd wev hes,ki about - j-esuy w>>ev h ehe ukid tobo i the mi henirati. hesed to be een zar. t owe all ight.niti hed e n r. oig >> cld bhe greatest ce priden ever cld
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doesn'tven gematembet the pele iprhisenwner oeadmistraveon.embehe diane, jpees iswn galni themira. prog ssanes t w jeaal partshe ogavss t walni rt ople? thprinpa seems toe ryve d felere. th yoin hav s pmseoplo tealking aut ree smlov enyo but h theavypl tng ut ar gvanizing smor tngen uthe yat a alrdy prese inarvazi r >> t t's e alr p p t s e couny is soart .ey d't hnythg to ecoy is unppy arout. 1* aybehat d hthtos auny t. maybe1kha*best alight ag it ihard tolighrum a oppotisiti. o emen iwharen touo a poti o enewhhen onen power. e he theyne anro tow the stus quo ty --he aro trotest tin t st stat q quo. --he a byrootst t at quo hemsels to eern nne is inheel t char er >>net isrgic i ahat's arwhatakeshe sucss l.>>is thihahet's key fe rencate eshe s theris aot ofif ferehieshe ey tweefethe nca pay aha er a o f wan to creree. eee pa onhalen d ano c t people whlecom o dut a ote, the eooplewho reut hewhre oomn o e, wahe strt, theyil lleo uthe otany wa
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hotrme ty smo w itate >>hoouere at w saltreellte we>> wt yoweretr jt y weret evwe pteg. yoyou rere lt. y reev u l at leaou were worng. i know you re loingoayere ng sothg oen ve k awboutou tngo ay te party so >>his en whyve d aonut'tike teu asar han bng. >> s hy>> dmongonther thing as>> no, ictnglly think t hengerhi tea rty as n iignd thell t nk decratare veroing tea y asighe ga anizdeate r ngit ia pay of cri gaan izd rit no t t' s ipa obama and riu can' g roun ri ono ba personike t ha d u n' g toro pve o tt itsik one ev tybodhalov opr utto no tboitysantso w atch herevodv o twor its li it the samtso w pchnciperith oma . or it lidon't t heok s at me lik eptip oma di't me see. n' it a one mfeikhose di mse mepho thaim rocet ingne ho annot re wt it meansmeohaimce g >> h leran wout ldt haveea apected wh i just le siouave apec d wh jeyst are nnied. th a h hardrely thrnied tothth like a a ikerdalyrehre.tothik i >>ei o y for c>>tizi
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the iikea yressers.orzi billth, lae i worked toa yndresss. th woo lllaorto-e h thoo tmo on-e h tmo a ythi wit ameca ia potil sn. im s si afhi iitme t ioegin powithti iiooke sat t tapfnd i t oin wi telyouom et hingth. gli beckemay tve gap thatnd wiy field, utomethong gl ec y not gsoha dferent. fi , t diyou tice tis sak t st de?fe nt waser di au maced s and a st e? good as pubc sakcpder at goofy od pcak cp erexpr gessifyon -spear an the goofexpssio >> w didnpr seesihe te, - beautanhe afe rwarof hexpio wdnee t ee,te bdhe are tap theydhere that much ake t >> omeyg u t phaict u mlin bar work? >> u pin arork? an macedo dcues her new book " wit mac dcues h bozo.ew book "it and hma ceoz an h i talng abt h cpaign. ii wl a himue ioabh c peain igogetr tic a w a im pe hiolike pen et a hke let telyou out very imrtanphoncall mad t elu t ryen iimot man on llmediadre cd, real ed ieede i m an ap...di c
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dica supalemen i de in ranccard atoo... ca upmedienre i one in thencreatrd o.thin abo turng 6 di ie heat inbour 6 buit dsn'tover erytng. inact,t on payup t 80% youpartbu exp dses.'t er yt. int,onay t % ourtxps. if y're readon orligie fomedire ye ad or gifo cadi nowo fi out w anarp. ca ow fidicaut supemen an inp.ranc plan inred unidheahcar ca upinsuennce mpanin ncan ind ni eahelparcove some f su e e meancal pens... lp ve menot id b medimere pl t b.ns . thatan se yofromayin up t thout nds b doldirs.. p b. at syoomin t ou s t ofolour ..n po et. the arthe ly micar suppmentnsurce pns.. ofr po. thare mar pp exntusivury en prsed.. by ap. when ou cl noex youivl geen ed ais f e inrmatn ki.. en cnoouge wi all fou nind at ki to eoll. so y canoin e miions ofeoplwiwho llve a neady . el. y an n put mieir nsust aar of pl o dica a supdyemen insunce. t r t ar ca up en plsu youe.l gethisree ide tonderandi medare. plougeise e toerdiede. e pres e coetite. i cakeep pr own octo coit and don'need refral to s a scacialept. wnto d n'edefl s s alcall ow tget a fr infmati kit ll pl t youtl ge thisfrree nfideti it tonderandi medare. plougeise e toerdi ed e. and e adntag don'end ere.
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ch se fd m a adnge ag med are n'd sue.leme pla... ch fa e ed e at asu allmeompelative. pric. hava pl ar alllst eperyonve ic so y canind e thav fitpl ur nalds a e budont. yand thit n a wiud all edice suppmentlans therare rtuay wino cllim ficms t fill ut. ppntns erpluse ou cua kee cur o f doc tr thatccep medare. us cee oocansp atepede. and st oall, the pls ar.. e on medare pple nt d pl os enl,rsed y aa. thplar onede le plenedaa wh thetolde the pls we endsed aar.. whheldthpl wendd ar i d on onehingo sa.. gn mi up.on nengsa callhe nber youscre m now.. and nd o abo an ap mecare upplllent n rinsunce an.ou reow d obo amereplt sue . u'llet ts fr infoatiokit. anguidto uerst dingll t frdica foiot. to h p yochooan theidlan u st ngat'sight or yca. hyo oo he witnall dica 's htsupp yment lans u cakeepour n door anhosp al titt acl ptsca dicapp ntns caepr do ansp tacs ca t he payg fowhat dica doe't.. and ve uto tusan heof daylarsfo at caoe.. d u t ancall his ll-f de nurser n . lls -fnu n
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ameutfowre ke a cet m> defeiciofowre zza. a cet my neft gestioon the frida zz strapoll las nt m gthnd he he f surring in sever stolllas itnnd h e th race urr th i repevcanol inomie fopresent. th re th were pnasoav e a mifo 2est. we pefuas capotain af instrynd m of e fu moapta mr.f hermane. inry m f h dmoid we oerne. oa >> y had v d we g on oa yad v vy gresverodur. e bo slaedy me to es du r.floo hrea ned bo liflaandto id yowille o ts woo ead orif ynd w be yoll aswandate or wry lg. b n, true. da>> item a n th nma y l est tespoe. to reats ia th t th timiy figured i woulgivetn.poo ea >>heou th bimre fttur i ulve gr esve.>>heou sheasre py convi he sh ened her rsey. cvig. we a not g in herne aerai r. thisew bsweol hot yieder a thitromn aist 70%bs twweies ago w w he aittom%.n a 7 tw
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so a ishe c aera%.inone sane? so s whathes capnirang he? >>hat'nea god way o pwhs ap ni. e ce tra>>t'sgo gdayng p insa. . onceeopl get c o tn t ge tr n, tsay dot g o . cepletn tr tdo g . iove georg will' aime nts.ieoil mes. enern caneonhe flid straen polerga cinesthe convtion wdom, flraolgain libals' coon m, brai exploded. ibtheyal did. it aisikexpdeic wave ey d. pct n, oe erywoicwa mites. d so ha happenedrywo whe mis. opleet othe train thesoy peknowe h subst anle o.erahey ow pre h sutio snstcp prest an ers s --utio in pnt olut ns a esans prest ans--rs. ut ns whe ayou e gng u es rris gngow he u wh is hpening to p ry rr ow firstf a i h many niof the pry coervati irasf-- manyy he oplen t c se rvativti asbase-- are misveng w re hlee cse at ivstan on me o t sesessreis ve an wd t he don lik i ann o sessndly t danat tes wonhich l we haveone bout ivndef tmatesch vee utivefm w yo can tak tho for
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grd yoanak t f gr.. i happed to thi the biggesthingrom ap t thihe substce bi esin stdpoi was t l debateub stoi w debe d w isour ob pldan for e re of we ount irys >> hdidn hav f >>ig .ref nt anby tn yo sho d h havdn av had nemeth.g to p o th>>ig tyo ashoou snoavw, e id eetht p o thtalkg abtta as siee lkab99 andt renang wh th a99rica a petle a it kes renaexci wd. th a >> thocaht tt w a c pe at pls . act yciig ned up>> fho i tw c pl ctigd g 9free minutes gre mut >>eems l y are hing n. >> im. ishimss f l r yeal?re did u ex ct ito g thi s i sfa f r l? i d expt i t gd ex thi is ghi r. i di d't expect i to tt th ghis bot th ear to e di e pet rfo ectlthones bo thar ol alge petleshe sat egalashe sat
2:23 am
slow bl,eteople ow mmitted bl,eo don'tave e mey to itd spd li somof t oth caidates.'te m t spliom tth caat. lon as w continue to on moweere happy. wti t as rt, as i moer hpy. as r t,litis -as youno politi caneickl ti - yas aesulnoofhe pfo an litian iniche sklaw pl a aulfoanin ses pt a of howome prmed inhe t bate peopl reowoong prm nthe ng st, a they re teeo yi, maooenghatong sho e s a isheot sh a lonho tyimae t anymnge.ho is sat'shat a are l seeing. >> ave toymsk you, eou 's sat re kri sstini i't >>e eonterin?ou sari i eer >> am notad cis i sn't>>mot ad tering pmari oris't ri p ri christie the rson riie eei is yousoan do ts becauef t media iyou pe t thmediec wryf t teduck ispe thdiry- him into t amisig i n'tnow- f gom rnortoigi twgo porer gosuck in cse o the medihyp p
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2:25 am
garofo sals,.obviousl mebo is gayingfoerman s cans,e to rob forouheub bo s nomingnatima."nane res rnseorwas miti eseas "ms.arofo, iyou re t se me t "mof iu t ersen'es pne mber, thn' are b in pne their ayntth b i uld ve f i somneby t th ry me i d fomeb t me iould lov to he oni."ld l but tn te w of my tgranath, wh ddn'nt tava o lot education anthwhn'av "i doe st nca re." " oe >> i nstrue ecically ar a r ikestt sciruenst?ecicly >> iorke o nr r rtke ci bais?ticsly i n imyke c oeer ast mhe ticianba.iscs ly iso y sroe peo c ml mheetian. a cko pociti mst becaus ck ballciistiti aeclyst msy jas toigur oow t o ullseti aly jas -o-ig ho tw u to propey lnc a -- rockho fwm thi o arocrync drorl hro thi t oarge at. at is blirorl h and t ts tge ali di >> tt's lou need toli snownd s wh dea ng whaldi ira ts nee t a sll y neeo kwh wheean w
2:26 am
deraing thra yee itos k whe tno a .deg whe to m the r w t otterf fa. tt'sar thefo t my rtrkeategor how w erconfaar ir. myegor hwon we he a capil cald we lleistimisse decon c cadbili on series of tiss decon calin s ie swahips we c upgrade that such th ps wilhave he cpgdehatuc ilve most phticad tenolo in e wod toe ab to potion hoph scapste ilonnhe wo toab oght art of t e wldpo aon sps i nite ankl de i tt t of t wre a u as isrl. e kle welave t cap aabily to ock out b orewet getse t toap ilwhtere is oik ut, ande wl gets have he abie tys t oi imanmedatelel vebity t immeel ralia peace throu strenh.ia ac touen itas peace tou sgt and arit. itea sgt i d itant to make clear toan em mak i cfar the attked o to our friends o irff t ty a o tack the nite statr of rien ericf t y>> te foone st q stion. ckhete atur bfk is omin out .ic is tpfo 1e 0 qio azon. are bou gisngin oook.r s 1
2:27 am
ring ahis zompan? e g g >> itktaed tod. ng s pa ft w e it ltaveed he t go. to orndt toro e gthe bk t tr sed odor o its o a mazo n.coem.k t weamod u with a it oery azoco eativeweamam u t w ihs hner y . ea i tveughtouooama t i s lotimeno co u w ith t thtoo lomecoh at lea yidt o a l pun y likeaingt a ce, cdyne. p keng i ledy ine thks for cgy sho lrte i noti. >>y plsureor do u ha a comhortme on e shw?ti >> ple-reil s. o ha cmen shfoneco s. orea n -mail.neco ill om or t half te-ml. repo fro l ts dy h levy. t podorot ke h. tonht's hf evim repor is spot ns hedy sna onhe's ep legles replesis wpohnshey s aly od taperinow d heeseps he le idy e t aernddhe ofte e a ftveemousan th ksus snake th na
2:28 am
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2:31 am
l'sin outfave t ythi > wro's soar o.fe now to andyt hievro ar >>ere you stn a ig w t dyter at iervi. >>e u n a go fr i youvi but willeto that igo f ou a nut >> ill ut?leto at a t >>l >> still c'telie >>tiie he mpar hbae to etar thu. to it ske mhu u she wast om
2:32 am
pang m amtouhe hitlehitpa great with buam hit f golatw- thmmenbu iicates tt's wha ft heas d ng.en iat >> t grabbinha fomhi he d ou.ther that h t doesn't lraein hi and tingtouerha hntooe t'tnge desng like.nt tng ik >> tt'she only rule y >>have tt's rember. onlule veemr. i is a 2condong i a 2co and a four-ho tec at.nd a ey wld he been betr onou movawayrot. w h bnet o ovay >>ourove tt. >>uro t >> and notunhed a >> banished. a nied
2:33 am
a you ready fom andy a yu >> rdyou sayom the dyaphoras wrong.>>ou s tybe at'secau it s aaphor analogy, iwrotg. e 'saut a aly, iot >> i is just g et in i--ust tting sed. yosaidt gxi g f.xa yoidt ishing. it dsn exi soou c say g.ingsithout d e xi consouenc. >> y gsitut nsnc >> the principalf fe ch a the reasohen t pncal f fit amedme exis is beuse aoplehere spose rto t have o bfiam meorxi tisoler ant ofbee le sseo ntrsia sec er t fitoe'txist so ntouania ly tol ere'txi so panolitical ol coect peh. >> nt p iic s h w liamcost esn't to j nl.t i h wliam s tt' sest o poit. but t ist' diffentoiro. eoe noliki whahe s dut and ir h spefeh aveoinnogkiha s d co hns suenc. asong tavhe gernmt co inssnc no put ng has ig n t gail.nm but i tnc al behinutd i the w ipeo a tol eranutt ncofalpe becindthey n
2:34 am
e io le. aolan t >> n o ipesheoty. n >> yesits. itasotngoot d with yes s. lerati speecothe than it theyave here iitth because it ilenot tileg.echean >> ou cey'te terhr iowom bodecsein it jaeg forometng ty do t>> c tke. buteoe c cos e njaoret tdo tol erat.e ertaut peec c and n mpans casay,ou can s ay ol atat y want btakt ecarndou notanca py,ar c o sf yan bkt our tompany ifou yt ur >> treomny if i phrasteolg of >> lentpe i whrithin t o ntext t analysiof whin fit amdmen i ow tt hat b tecse aly i an fiam en at rni ttey >> fst y areot a a torn. yoatare comean, d notey a f y re aod o rn yoe me, n o>>s that you ut isha y urt? youtinkut >> pttyuc t? uti puc i was argng tha ts was irst ias t i rli h is nowatoiiro jailss. and bei r fliirs y ao ivile c ampannd f undetandheyegitie a t thiv c estance ofhe f irstdend ieendmt shs ou th c oouryhe fst dmshou c
2:35 am
suortsolering eech suts itoe notaperpeg ich our ciy amo reit ot e seapnd spe iody oys ytng t atmo oen s ebodse s y el t areng fedt a oen sod el. t a fed a >>.speciallyf s feive. it s al bla>> and whispllys >> inie.ll y,it tallandhi tt ha iilniliamlls,y,unr as t agnst s thdiscssioof hail am diencer agt thsc io right, whh i y now,ce ahnd hero rig, h i ysnoost n he roim. but ias ect ig. >>e w as agast tm p yit s ct lfogetigr an hig. f ei w aga tyi whillfe eveterybanyigs sit ftingei aroundit job s.ilevybitng arnd th's toi j hobeas trying mak >> nhe wtht. tas tin ak nt. >> i willait uilou a donend tn te you why y i il lare tong. uila >> ne t steayoug was o mae -g. by ayg >>as s hler a- nenyahg u sitasting d hnlee wr a sang he yotwo ys wnenyah sngn w shousan't h syoito ng woghe sittin toge er aou talngt . s he th's wt hes sin g. tt in ge>> b a andalha.t is lt on
2:36 am
th w hes yois sinsp n einf bndce is lt a yostupid thinge w sspayng infs opleho a a difrent up shldn'nginte wact saynd is sh oulen't a difcussnt- no,shheyn'idtet.t >> y, th dsh.out d ss th's exact o,hatyheyidret. y sathng. thcttyre yo can'tsang talifou don ree. >> iyo r c't malcdonaloud donas ing oundnd e. al li ing obama mondas hig tlnd monds wouldal havli oma ery ght fir him. hi monds w av b iy st tir f he of t and. b is o t y gysou d. gs. na mond is nots. rl. m on di'msorot rl. and if you weren'toing or inteecon tt, w. y w't >>ng wasoing let t rete bece w an i.eresng cveat>>ion,asng let buyou lled a chanc of i es at. cve atn, whapart of buatu sedai cha nc wawron . no, i is thartoif sat sai waart on what you s o,d i wass stereing. t tou sdas reg. >> w is the cerst o ? i t >>ne what y andaul we say ing is wasne t shat ndau exsesey t dweie saygs chic t shenhey sai exse
2:37 am
ysomeing dd abiet pride ic bu, ann theheirai rord sale me g ok aab nprdedi buanhe rorsa >> ahe complainen th des. >>heomplne th >>he sta eds. mingt >>ee s spch issuehi i mt iinsg t. ey hsp the right iue sayhi i w its ey said an hkhe wiligliamsayt sd janirilams id. buiti dsnean there bu arenonquces. ea t>> irean sll tnk i en stupon onquspcen's.s p t o mak ie s t such bigea l o oupfn i a p t akfiree guyor say in gchig ea ometh og infn ierew t reuy s ay has gthinto dwithhe thinob ew t heoes for t he cs pain. dthhe >>ob crs y ou the itoe f t he the are>> s ydes ot gray. >>st n.ha the hree i opewi gy. >> clhaichetcan he m i on?wi hen m >>ts hait is. >> >> y, s whats. i i van nes, s at ilected tea pti van s diane,t isle hctd t drum u pti posio mem endihee,nis d yoruare per. sio bu mt emdon'thinfor ampl the opleyoccupe ng wall rebu thit tn'yin ar pl i e leup w lwe >>reell, t thehi w tlytreet i vement is ainst t p ple>>l,he l
2:38 am
tree wmealsst p setree n jos isryin torum w up prt f s aolital jo isvemein, anodmig uht now the p fital decrs are me iann pigerht.ow t >> rig ht utcran aon i is not talk>>inabouig drumminonp s nmocrs h. tallknginou d mmabt dngp w ha t tcrharal d ng. dng >> b w areoukingbout rall ng dng. brengbot b eh inll obama >> somodyas talkin b earbannoyin gl>>ie.omy isal n talkinabour lyin rnnin a.roun ama.tainou in i d't tnk his tking a cessilybo a.alin d t hobam tng ssybo his pntwasalin the miske am t prsre pssivas madwas t the m p t alof tir es o nepriv adsketasit th p obama. al t e th heo oeali the et vemeba nee to bigr th thanehat.o eai inhe simar wayhat he wasmeeeo ig saying as tan tt. p tyinim w iay'thaheas ti t o yi tne ptyarticula iern. it is baredcu o iue >>ithes b tedea party isn't td iue a pticu r p>>son, but tea pty sn agai wt a p theycu aren, tryutin to ai i wshaeheoliciehesy ary ing ssedn th c irys.ehe ol thiee msajity t pic sg edth pla iry thintry th majy are pic t lefla b tausehey ery the rtyren per. t
2:39 am
ef>>au youse sy aid the probl eme y p iser the.emrats ren'autou sd he pifieso they can ev bisehets ke tn' teatartind ie t yagaiyou e andi. t eadon'tiknowf yo didt liaien tu the anory . dn't n'ow liyoenidot v jeslir tdie 'ty dn't lieno re theesr ditory. thatas v jon'ho he potot,. tem rats areat voton'ho if iepo t, he sd them neeto btsre unifd anthathat heyie ne s tth week b on. ifanat ha >> i s itshey an t imssibity or thm. ere e to>>man sy mtor a rces im tiby divther. e to an meyor can never c omeseether.iv. coerti s aaniberevs c et hahe onehingnommon. co aer co vatihas hneatngnommoibals d coti h libalals h ibals. l indersibndal t point irs toi andy itust't hdypet w doou he movent t firstimeou menoned i do h twyearovlate t rsme mened twarte? if jt hed o it t ars ter ?iouave zifo jhe o t tractionight ows .r aveo >>achermaonht cowe inrvie er egpeininieg hibal head wer e lodiibal
2:40 am
adou w said edi "i ws l microou s popc n, e ry t mut l."ic thas the rul po e t." hahe r yo know, it is o every20 yo sendnos wh youre iopng o e poorn wn its ready. se wh thouatasop mtake .pon witea th mta . >>lso, i lovehen >>lsane said lhe had feweoe onis an eshor s ldistor ve padside ew and u we o sucd inis aing sh who ey wte. v pde d weucin o w th wasar whate waed y too, s ithla ar yohadidnt doeha wa >> y do't pla tho ges. yodno t hose>> dther ps do t le those oth uy sethoheer do story.t. thothethe sty. ime. i d bre se sri i bke some iormaon. dreeri ke se i madn't. i? >>ou bkeomng. 't the tle. ou b. coming an giant lips c ingive youlit? gia paips mccion w veou never ta kes apa plane. firsn i s w dow w aev "red tas a p laeye".egar rs sow w fredntvi
2:41 am
e" th canemed.ntvi --e th m cseemed no --e jok no j
2:42 am
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2:44 am
welme bk tored ye." he was k>wn m aels btod ." anu womin.wn mut t are is aerious sidi t o t ier us joeosid that isoi to chan t johas haitteisa n boo chan t ig roniclg hi eeriejoe ass te ooan adoptedhild it icallclhiieas "wh o a aedldnd i ll ereid i c fro "m" o ma n's ejouridy crom anonyromous rth recnized mas us arelad h oeczed j here est disss ts re ilatad booo j he e, is that mta y bouec to writ ehi yec t ite >> gg, i is v complited. th i gs ihes v sje o li d.option. its thomet ing iaveal skeje out ti. initetub ilic,e butal in y t act. iubc, bn i oy discussed y morously -- is ss>> g, i c bieve we
2:45 am
roly - agre to thi g siegnt. bie we treso thi s - t- the d the e ock? the t eier w thishows aost over k? shld iet ceine whiow a ot er it in? cne maybeexan suld d. whatits toay'sate anywa ?mae ex s it d e frth theatto'sateny fth? t f thopetion is hehe th, aboutth 10 d athpeons ve or , bo take, i d't a wait. or t e, wilba wt.y sound lik thisfterhe hormone hiil ba wi be s grend.ik iser hg,moik can't venwie re image. ik ananayjoens stilltalng ? ag shou i ust lanay he k seellal goin ou i twh later, hwill k justayea in unl hetopsiue. at, ll jea unhepsi. at aim doi her am iid o nowhe.imoier i wh is tidt? o n. o ar you? wh it iur arou >>urt who ? i >> ktoder ur >> whaar?e youoing er k i ahereecau ierm i n>>ar uurng dre, an your d ream areau takim pla i iroly ur re isanou dam gkioola you are he s causthe ream tha g is y a ayinis beck mot caus se upamha i rainw
2:46 am
ndin i b w mil te no s see em. in >>houlndi be i w s ncareo >>e es.. >>ulbe s >>. >>hy i he inhis bathhyro? the is ie wedest dresam ev. th ro wh aimth ds oiwe hstere?re . whim doi he? -- wt am i doingere? >> iav e aangeam for i u ds tngoe? >> i alkogeimor u und teropeal circances. >> lkehaimndal rc s.>>he w ltiengor us in tt stl. he wting us tt st aig. i cado tt. m y handsig can ca t hands a >> tughtou we gng e bhroom, but areou>> ug hidi in wre g what the beal?hrooutre din >> donat'thel? >>onike peopl tonowik ppl w-- bauouan ouan lea baccat he. is fooeat andidus .cc h s heioo atndidusus human bei. he aidusan b.
2:47 am
>>id youxeie? id >>ou know, wt i w yasn't di >> kw, w i wn't ow iua wrotehe e thgowsd oua w te ggg o g >> mia mtstrk.s theum i mlitsen tosvery dhe tha got meo lo 30 pou nd tory t ha g>> reay? meloou reay? >> h wou describ i >> i h i wmu inhe d wayib ar i and t>>he w i wt it nhe toe. ind t i w i to >> dyouaotf >> du drugsot? no. youon'teed to,o y d? >>o. >>ouo't yd d ton't toake?ru >> an e? o yo ystopd ta dng'tru i haven ver. yo op aretaou se?ru hen ther. are re s no cual fanf t hebl ak mothr tobacoco cua f f ty are not mhyr forit te,ac t i ike t the n f
2:48 am
theyit arehe broi guysik tehe me. eyrerouys m th are le, sawou ithre "rlin stone s d to ce n stoutend g d toe leepru ep >>as tt gre or wt? t>>haaswa le the g greates ow er.t? haehe gates e azi. i c't bieveou jt teremy wld.. >>ou m s c m bagveai j somereti w.. t toght.>> s mi haag oth dreams be n.meti. i'm gladtoet.ould hav eha tthse dam e n.ment together. m ade ou i wav thieingay we nt oguld he cat a mie or get whi g soaythineg to eat . d atknow mhisre o get diner sointo e at-- ows w dhereerid go? wre whereo? dur erodo?uro? he just cam a wt like a por. j c lik po thi it ally opens just hit oolyr o wnsholeew st worl a i finalooped wle
2:49 am
th dooew wo a i f al wl, that' thoo some el,itinha stf, e eelit greg, eayst hf,op. th youan g o a ndeaeld re e bk.y h p knowe oy h ath fewou g a nd eaminus he, bu eve rybthing i sano oh a wew -- nu he gbureatveryin pprecisaate y shinit ithats. ppyocican uy yheook sh oinnhs. amon i yo pn me.k alrigh on anks joeam. i its time toak balreghak re sksffoe c.oming uittito b sff cin ípñ
2:50 am
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2:54 am
>> apparentlyhatas rwian >> aartlyas misrwsin tt. >> ynowissit.hy tt w >> rwian,he pla w ast w fasts t mle theyn,re n sup pposead wtose stat wtksrem ey a reey nposeupto bsee quic r. wre a >>seem bine t he ayictimeo look a>>tem teme the veo to put ok at in. bhelame t outewnter i . bla >>ew wntthe hl was tt? >> >>teho ht w ofhen itit >> t>> i a opofgi theo everyboy at ho w iho had t toit touvery a that it s 30 inho thehooradng t ou ey he toook t tatt? it 3inheng htok t t?>> aropria t herman ce thou. a youprre fed hmane th ou f inter >> m brother-ilawes int dear >> b th haveri nooncernesi de
2:55 am
>> w eav wnoilcellose tngs out th aost g wrap p wromese tngout tv and ayt l gy. wp m its su a gd sho and tv seendli ly. o rect itsu g sho shows and hen w ed uieeit ecwith a tushds vndideon. we >> ou a likthspn dwingd veo >> aikwi
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> iill s youackere 5:0p.m. easrnim eiill souke :0m.asrn.ime comingp torroon t next. "redye." it s li ming troom tbiexti o f ed." "t fivitli and" tom onion." "tiv nd da t and bobni."eckl a da a bzannec sna. nnna >> the iexynd the iexnd b xy. , an. xy. an dye a whasoi on ye. w w o plang aroun dnd . ant t t w see what olang a un dprizwi be t teehat for bat tlize wie e bas an we hav beenet f at
2:59 am
st l of onealls ba an donav you boreekn lf eals on iou tk morng? >>sn'tt a t of conflict? mo >'ta of poll. nfct >> -- i olpolo gize>> >>hat'why didt gea i prpolo gi jaiha t l>>arryt'y sid dgeid pr ai ha figu lry didelebted? >>hat ulde myfiood frieel whoebelebtete o >> t tuesdy.e m oo heds arnd yno er yieeahoebte o tor nt t es world w hishear y no erut n ys. or torhis nluttness anyther uominlune lsy ny erowomin >> nembefouhnd l sy fth whyre ouow laughin at m nbeouh h ihyl beout t lhe ginot tm m come - -ibe t g t got hemem cedylu d everybo iots comg.ed e e>>boavs com ag. cple tles. avs a cple and dnk tke nd >>ounk wke b marked idiot. i'm>> w m wkee cdould fin iomote sp e. cou f sp >> tt' srue. te. novem


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