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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 9, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm EDT

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jobjuicnd nein t as. my j ri icti is eryingre tngat ob fire o how t it esn' happmy jagairitis ng t fi oow >> t n'pput ainisostecen commts a ut t faidt solen pane compmmy, a tai pside oba sa hisdminoltratn di thei r dnemp pdeba sa dilisencein aatnddi hatei d evenhougwe los ailce tat ney th loen tugat's jusos a the t y hlo tay's iust e. >>an youay ikn, thnatu of ese >> yourogrs arknthtuf eoingo be onesn whhgrar youkn fngbe eserywhucce, the mabeoukn ycethnema th doenot rk o as ll. th oebut tha oss . ectly what the l nha arane prram s e dlyigne w t byheongrs too. ln anprm dne bygrto itas t te bs on the it t eas ere tedo bon makhesure we'r main inins e our lea >> ake ofrehe mushi the'rinin ur miniearati to ke tt $5 of mmillnhihe nitio t$5et ll aresint oma lledt isttraing a l of tentn th weend asill o edisrag lf eric >> ynth, ttht's eeeve ainne we jt shed his ptura ic yment tgo.s e ne os jshis p ur heas aobam nt. ndraer. at w his re ndhe aam whaabou
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his fe ra. w is we erichae knou tha hes raed aut half we ailliickn ha llarfor ndide ob a bara a h f20 andli arr idobba the e sli in20 p jo athe partnt ohe ener andli usedn tha jo ae rt oos at ernd edha o.e.oush rosolyntao t th loa and hae.o fanh yn cemonynnouing histhoandloanaan someeoplthinthis scenyougsan meprobplmatiinbecaise hiswife work for lir tha reesen dobtica shiyndrfeat t rk or me. ir eve innehano lngerork reen at e de srtmedr of tergy . he ae ane lerrk docratithinttank de me f is he thi apartf th dinveigattin?innk is >> ismohiingrtth veatngreman said nay anyingmong aut on rex nen nnday ay>> i surny tgre w al be ore n ne veloentsnd wll kp oay it. i ur tank u. wbee lots w k o . k >>it h hapened y again. presenti hop>>ul haped agn.ermacain esti enjoopng athertrohowi amg votmaersin thiwe. jo aerrowi caam tingotshi bhind ca t g ropault thecvaluvotela suit i wasngto winndng 23% roulth lu te theote. suseve ipoinastoin hier tn rk 23%
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he e. saorumnd veinhi tr hdingoubl digi saum leadve rk hng pblry and gi l ea vechel r chma. p is fndlowsca's spris el ma ctorin a f flowsdaca sis or a strawlool lastontho i the fortrr pizz chaistth ecuti morthan ihe a flh inorhean in thi aczzai e antiwhatoroesane nee t stayfl inin ne spohiightac anatsee tayn a kee tepoht read he's sta wter r " all ee t ca ." ad alys g at t'shaveta y wr " heron suay mning al g tve y>> anksoraviner su mmeng go to her ksin >> how out theme goermao cainer enom>>on?w t hew ishe pty rctinto mais?in ey he a t o cla yom?nd is p rcompinent ndid es a ? t s ha o pot. laere yes hfit ?mpt id a t i ink po e her hn cat is clrly eutsir i t i kaceer cameansg he nev beeclny si i e tcted e toubliffic an befheeevee ahoug e hasedr .toli iche'sef aug chasmat fig he'sood t's stp. peopha reaaty liig himnde's 's d a t cdida ist t ropeea thaliim s rely ss wh a a l c ofda i t repuican rha rerima swhoter a l f puinkian, veylain skenmaer a tes a in tkimsve lein tse sn wh thites ar't gd an a i npeop areungr ty fr l t le ershwh, thhi canar gan gover op rerealgr wel f
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le thshe's th douan abo it ger alel inrvie d hi thisths ouboeek ad iniehi is rmanain ekdersnds e so ad bi. he ds spe in ermsann rss so tbit he d oplendpestan whener o msnot 're aositn to t eval te wlet's ght ran thihe o coun y ort ot.e it t al w s et o thehi thi sun ior.skedims abouwhate'll d wite ohe thiedim prary ces ouat ll ere itre se t prectio he pr y mighskipesome e sreioe ghnd pipticiete som re'shat hado sa a wa p to ciet y ou hougoms o 's wht her ad's asainni a sateg wa o for ym.ouug o >> whr ani seg r were gog >>o b i new e o mpshe, w bre n goi t n igno or ip ithsh o wne n ooi t thos nowe ar eadytart a sthong o o esen inouth arolosa an a dyrrt sg enntholan flora inhe sth. ye sou is ing be y. wee no goinor tino s. ski tse ye ou s rly g e atesy. >> h cam outweithno ain tookkihi t week thisy ses he an hamth acainok he wekts pisple knowho e is nd hsetti t tcasein ples tmeet t wm f pe te noo is hsti t tce. th whaplit t tes?et t f t >> well name i..s . th chatain t? im rtanll eso ihink iti.. srt for cin hman imin tantry to ink dt anyingor he n tollow peopl hn tyo t gny tge know imtoowecau tplt'sart o the t g tbatt.
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owand thinthatau t hsis gngto o hae tott.ocus d oinathe h e gly hastato becse is youus o rfornce io new atec i mpshoue, sthcaro na, d or e thesdayew f ridashnd sro, soestimey nva ttdaan derminwhet rsomeou a tn nva t able beyond thand ideinet a you t can le wendheha i ninatn beuse ouw yo n do ihe ear wtate natbee yoneras montum d iarteundrsing and sta s to ral vmotersum awayrom herdrcangidat. d tato th v is rst a race ay whem rou ccaat . do prly ths i a rhosee shetes c do so phow yn cifor ia anexasse ss an all sow f thr corepubancan as legas to ome anck fm llth ubhindn you ve t do w l egaarlytoe fso i gng o be nd u tooki we tly i gseebeki t if e hern ca putsogetrf so strerg grcandu opetion inet sotrgr iowaandouthcalina newpeonn hampire,hat llell wad lthcana ew howerio his c paigmp e,t .l ere'noth lg wrg wi bei anowioouiside cig t cabe a e'thwrwiei an asseoude tbut rtaiay thgs a a impaing liti a so se'llave t aito dtho a tto pa cg italtie ono isle ne foun dsuppt. t anhe wt tlori calandon nehe'sunettipp outnd m ting an w pe tle. ssinrithe biesdnd shaing 'se hatis.ut mng ron pe. pa in e toeso,ha reayg
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as ha n pa toheo, ea grsroo effts tng goin had a gr goodff t d yesrdayin a e vaades verumt a the g you ve desay o co se tva vett ahe me - nou na ttt mi rom y an rick erry -. are gngna to sta mioman tockry s e g me ne ocainta 'veolrea seen a l tle nbicain be een eseeanditesea an is lebi ben e th whadiepubscan a svoters even thndephadenubn conderi it ll avoept?rs enepn >> onritwell it' a alwt?s a ltl feis in priry b ause>> you' runllng ft' thelw l isnomin tion you'ri try bg tosehow u'un r fublihen tersr mionemoctic tersu' rydtow r li mocric pmaryhat rsou'r octhe c st rsrepuicanyouehe bestcr prydemoatat. 'rbut thin ae r alpumartanoue ratest fornyonmo. w has ant in r eyrttowashe geral te eorctioon is t wasn foc eymostwa gal o eio toc thest oiticm athe predentarac obamand plai why ey'd e ic at thbett choe there,retntac amkes d em laiky 'd p sidethialttndho it c setou e,apt rom the s l p pade andl thi one f cet apicomhe pand hi peney's probmsis bigstic sste was e gopes aughob up inig irmitees washgo ogher rpublnan ca idatmi, in wead rblocus gcaatind on wt mas h bte tn
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use present. i thkhat'one w omathe h things b t nthat est. mit romnth haskont'eeal oehis at we. it itmnouldaseonal smaor we itld mt romaey a ronaul too the same m >> tronk y o ic?he me mie, the y oupy ?all reet prosts e onti ing e,day re i oyew yl k etciroy.s eti g vera thou ndy i donsttors yve ghereinci mhatt as ra ou ey he be d forst thersas g sereral eks. m tt assou c s yest da hbeorheyheas se l marcs.d dntow inas g cenwi sty villag wasngto s quarrcd dpaowrk gwi was eafu lviagasto s ar parkasmbly the asroteersfu sakinasly euttes s inagait wh thecallorpoateut eed d thgrowg ga iaiwhhell incos inhis untrpoe d thowga th laimcoins tr tir memenhas leers d th areakin thim deci tons m conennsuss les threin cis onus theyamp t inower maatta >> eyp ericinthoser same mata prosts iceose alsoakinrootn washgton occuros .c. soinot donsttorsshayinon gocurnme corptiohas dc. thcouny asay. dstrsin gomeorios th>> uniddlase. ed mdle cls pers and thi itdl ong ed me
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l o, and rs thind mhi gtvernnt ngs be aptud ypecindhi rn tere s, b nbe cture btuci recorp bation. c re i bel le the's lo of peop tha rpio cam i l oths and sdfe op waha this toe --am o >> ndam s cplet y wahito--disg ted th o cetolitalystsg andd or ecomicysteat t it mont. d i'st nernd bn ecicte t sorri mo. i' abet myount evenri >>some of e occ yabmyntve.c. >>mef protcctersere volv in . wdycen athe otrse lvn smisoni air pacyen aeuseu yeteay. mi niey we joed yr ac memrseu oyete .the ti-w wjo oober m011em sto o e -w theachedenstrion. o er wh1 the trie to forceheir e waintohhede trn.muse wh ahe tieoorceuardir wato se a usedrd pepr spyo dpers e edcrepd. ap d.c fireepar dmentrspoke s cr a.cearntnke sao onwa seruslyurt. saonerlyt. >> oer prosts o di eren>>sortn rope oros o th in germanyha dienargertdpe syri thn dlomaercny builngges. th folwed e derih of a d ma kuish posion lilder. th olzensd f pedele bofke inthe
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kuh si lr. syri mbas ns inpe bnterli riasn a theli syan csula in haurg. th aheroteersanda zedsyhe clan builhangs g.forehe e ntuay te lesdadpeacully ils re eua it wleidayac killyng tha w spard thinteatiol ay ouilage dhahe arthteio oue otes. at turd 50,00 monersntoes the reet ur anthey0,ay it'amoritirslo e et ctor for aney libn t'aforc.ti huge pl es orfrib rcmoke lin the gel fy ne sehe citkeinhehat' one ne qaddi'sast songse it lds d whe thet' rolut n e dd s tghte s sayg t y ha s whth rut cture tea keaybaseelonng to tha cre loya se vid onper strmingive yas. i d r tr ng eipolwithhat ey'rw, u w, tl us i olth yt can'r whathe r olut n t us i- y >>anevol ionaat rfighutrsnhave foug the way int>> tolnagh heave theity ug dhe w ty'vent no totea to reenheysqre tvenojaie enthisssq a pceuit near t ja a and ishe is p heity nr tightg arouan the buiingss i thae plhte. th was ctuaouyheuigsha cooinat pl th asassauat whh srte on fday oo wiat forsushi inr omsawh t sten
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roia li suay mning a thiin ntime theseoery su mng form unihid stes ameassaher tohe uted tionohn rmboltni, gost mor >> tood ud mornong. hn ad tbe here .lt go >>orf. y 're rnerro st a y t wanto kl usrend y>> wan to y e mmit ro atr yson, nt is k ok fs t yano unitit sta s gornme totrn,s k f wan t to kitl yotaandgome kol yirstan >>wehe kyocircdstans, k yst >> we rcobviansly, hav tbe detmined on viy,av tse-bcasebasietn on i ink at'signicantbout e ob-ba adsenistsition desionoill i k 'snintut l-awobki adston deon othathey lveawow aty eentily boht iw bigictu term the e tiea tt th bo iigturmhe war n tth trori isn fa a warn t wri ratisr thfa a maer of cmina w w atenfothemen ma o cna foenherere tt there t e lal war i a legar a noa w o l criarna a egpredur a no's n ent wely ocle. ria bipicte gin t prur co lusi tha ntheyntentye bi afctrgi t al-a aki codsi khailleeyt hfs tt -ai kle theyaveccepds t thateyeep at pside busbega the
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obamadmistraon hat now acceed. at's pdeus biggabig heveloent. ammira how ce. 'sigg lot. th ses tonflt wi thobamadmistra on t e tok a ericflwi thamholdmir,ra ty.hey nted a etocerro sts ildy ed c ilia cour herin n rork.s i an ty he been c pusiangnd ur er ha n pusd th. f a lang t h ti b.nus hausth f l ti . t dog th ayo y. >>ight therdoare thlotf reansor a pridenobamto g a n >>ht attoerey ge eraltea th youan a to e li .prenam g n to gal an thou ao i tlink it doe expe an t i theoe xp innsisncy iheiriew ofhe hoyou ndle inisteyoris. i iruewf hou le c't teis trt t m setim folaw c rt tmenrcem st pimpose fownd othe time und the lawenemf p wse d th's pt othe rson he me uat tnd polhey haaw w th p oe rn tolhaanded backnd fthoconstent and ffert pele ide t ck f adnisttionnsave ntid d fferert thpegs a idiffent t mes t ifhe rorti adstonn e is m o iserth afft s curaife, ts was rti a rodu f mis a bra in trwa adu a bncyn oces evebodyad tir y, i surther aareyome es ve dy co tromi s an iureree ionsienci incot bmian tigpiture as i isi ci
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sa isin b the t oma ainisatiore heres a i in omsahe o aisioarli re actionn dorsg thviewf th bushlicon admi stra on rsthew thathus thiis a war d not a rimimil lra ha maer.hi a bides r no al-awkinotmir l ameran maitiz. was lso k bledes awrepoedlyotn th dro attk. erizaso kd polythrott an thas samir anharkahn he w raid on lonland yorkbelie it o hn wnot.aionon ndmoveto arlo e,rkliit o nor t. calinaith s pa nts,vehere lot ofis hsee r aor ihacanah pas,re ma zineofalle he r"insre". a isha themanele msage nns". sfhe m yge' nre amecan citen a y menit angag d, if y sporthem agait th ount, ofag rgetn thr baf? y srt m i ink ey'raicertthnlytntof ri of itetthba ? pelesay, i k 'rwerty hwa notrifit specpeicaly, targed.we h ot its a s ecacalt o rg.arfa tt it a s metis thace isollaral o magefa t adtivith tisla pl ple ikege m, don' dvi p hegkem, oith n'rders, h inmanearbac yore lel innebateis o beyo s ler tt waand thinit'smpornt
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tobender sand t wad in'sor ts is to reaery nd w i tisea n the iig pturense. ringorldar n aricahe p cirezen d beme a. a isorng told athe cazi hh cociand,n be a aorremaoing amecan tize h hwoulh costild,be a legimatmatargg in men z h ul wa wouiln't ave t serveimegatrg n wi a subena fir wand ouhat t t s tr hereas wel. wiubairt trer w >>30earsgon the >>rs heargs, hememb thehurc coitteheargs o t c.a. arreig, mbherc coteassaarinat ons. t at w c. igouawed predentsaat. w reag, ouedrent191igne th ag foowin ecuti ord.19neth foin etird ohibion asssinion, no ib n rson empyed orasinn, n eaged wion thempd unid stes vernnt suld nspi to e ed gagen wihe nistas ssin ion. rn sd pifinao y, a assa r, yge've en the higes levsas ofinhen. na a sa ye he adignisttionevf how es ts p icadsthangon wha wesidt rean wte andow do t theresi pnt hnge tha idre w jurindicti andbili to do heder siat hs h tderi? riwetillndtli doeo 't eallr h angeri we.oe thll eff tive rdergegoesack toresint rd.
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th itffveeresk csist tly toensi . terpted proitbiti the csty assainatn of pol icalrpd rotihe leers,otegit atesaat milofaryolal taets a tme of les,umberite il ye. annumb tatwos tikef abe ex utivorde an itmb co bee a exivdet ce bseqntlymend aeed eqly amded nd ad a cssifdecon amd sohis sethi thas not c if we undecstanbut thin sos alwlak ss kihiing ha far faot we nd anay ft minhe execive der. alakkig arfa al righ f ec e bassr.or jn bton w says eras b n algh ass j bn cha we s of art so bwhatt ses wh t a haf t admi se bassor, hways tood see you. ank u souch r yo misighra. ss, ys d theek k soh yo >> gh cssifd y. thu. >>scining. cll, iftorn genal ec hoer iaci toh ing. , rnen e ho icio acsatis th he ed uer th authe govement actithe u a tchedvent gunnnin oatio call fas& uri s nd nhe thman at'sunin po ointi theio llas is n th fin er, 'sngremanotihearre ssa sit ng dfin f, arenre elusia it d f a tervw onfox wssund." e si at hs sayg day. chrirvwallone wix jn usnd and hcongss ipoisayy. rillwi jus to mandts
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ng i is rst llnhe pridenso a bs bl th wee t whatre t chaes wprll sens it oved forw bd?thee ou paneatdeba ts it, hair a w s banced itedrw ouneba, a baed i' gotothi agast tse do-iyourlf sam caner luggg arnd aot wer extrtion nit n bei' rusot higa t -iur s cer ggar a w tront beus that why'm cpet r li. buatif thyngs ct out of hlid, thers nohamen caing . bu ts ou h ernomecag ♪ll 100-semer♪ ♪ 1-ser♪
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s iighen goodeay oanrallth tiyele, i'good od oll yeme oi'in. odt's . w, ts isantaic. o. s ge cital theye nojustanke. tista. were b clderal ey nothst helked bud oubusiss. we ber th elbuousi.
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10:23 am
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10:24 am
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10:25 am
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10:26 am
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10:27 am
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10:28 am
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10:29 am
10:30 am
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10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:42 am
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10:43 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
derlngca arrialiseaev.rl ar ald yoeacan eluat tha furtr as yon e aatha mter of rtasdgme. >> jie: at'sood form mion.rf smter tien makmebett j: 's d ouomes rmthann. smr enako ttmu . no oues anmuprobticsreommo in no yo rt tse days a loof peoeobikecsyomonmom, you've teen akinys th s,loeoouekeyo momighnot ink ice ve abon in ging fthds wh go acteghat k ebo to y r giki fds wgoteathgh. esti y is etheor n thoth. obiotics as sahe f n ho chdren shou we are? io aa f ye ihink the chen oue e? ye iobionkcshe arsafeor cldreio arfe cre th ahdrenso timeth u kn a eventhen drrhe andsome kn .en t ty're d phefect safnd for ildr. >> amie do t ty bured yo pctafor immu ty? ey a erti thadrtheyuild >>ie tbu yoyourmmunsyst. muy? atihaeyld urunst >>i ha nev >>haeste forev tha an i d't kw thtevideeor ha fo d kthdee ifoean, it' aood teso. do. i doit knn, wheer it'impres dur iesunes tem.. you doknhe iprow the inem.mmunsyst u
10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
10:50 am
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10:51 am
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10:52 am
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10:53 am
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10:54 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
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10:57 am
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10:58 am
10:59 am
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11:00 am
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11:01 am
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11:02 am
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11:03 am
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11:04 am
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11:05 am
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11:06 am
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11:07 am
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11:08 am
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11:09 am
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11:10 am
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11:11 am
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11:12 am
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11:13 am
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11:14 am
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11:15 am
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11:16 am
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11:17 am
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11:18 am
11:19 am
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11:20 am
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11:21 am
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11:22 am
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11:23 am
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11:24 am
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11:25 am
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11:26 am
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11:27 am
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11:28 am
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11:29 am
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11:31 am
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11:32 am
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11:33 am
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11:34 am
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11:35 am
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11:36 am
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11:37 am
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11:46 am
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11:50 am
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11:52 am
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11:54 am
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11:56 am
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11:57 am
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11:58 am
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11:59 am
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