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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 11, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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algatis tat gollai iranwas alhindti this tirs nd spific ly, eir isecia forcis kwn ashe qs sp icforc, r iamuch ore nrc k thn "sdis q b" an i rc wil lcheen terh o"sthe" an fox porttil r 7:0ine t easndox rt t 4:00otest.:0 d tasow 00t. "urworl" >> in acsed " ottirl tw iacd mb titw plo inmbases i washgton lonas inclu ng sh weonons massestrtionnd iraan ficilu moentss go sstron tegocallray recti wh ciitos ll goll rtihbasess allatio," wi a lotmorese aad. but,llio wiirstore ts. a . >>'m h ret, in w mpshe st toy fo a t mple h ren on: ericsh catootfourvi othe lefoure: earicaof pviside he ur obaar anmittomne p isde theanob anneedttneis we neheim now. ed >> a wee jery mbshlw. sking it >> forer t sh g.p. sngt welce, eryonr iam t heor ne g. catoand th lc eonse"you rneca rld,dhwithermanain suing
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oud a big d,.o.pthman batesug hur aig.p aw ated ne h jerey vern chri aw chrtie anes slering rn ri hhre suppt bendslgomn. h and et ppbeaiermn d ow wlerhis w lfall t? is >>et: g annncemt. wellhoug the lned up>>: geth a fannem as vernweughe l dristp and gornor th romyfand s wern stndgoorom wepecuted vern romy's cu sud ortrn wldncree fom goveorom chrstie' finaialsut wre f cker s vehre'nalwho en er wouo t goveoro roey b did not oupecthis t dorsveent th ro bquicidy anot i ctsignicant r 9 rst rothey ican i camniign.nt ey a9rorinng i ou aead ofheam dn.ate, and,in iou ad rhap rhap d pere,ps i desd,ith the rge atap youust aper i talddeh e e abou hernoustcainnal t oupoller perhs th isin arespse ttoll rh th sthat goveor cspistigets lot of th tent nat ve ctieints potainpokef th nt d aea payin pnke favite. as i ahermpa caav.e. i firm the dograics, a wl,ca
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an phapsfihe this a ansr dras, w tt. eianer ppsay, thi ansomneampan t cheisingy,oda tto ronepan it chng oat. o >>oes thahantheebat o all esha >>brn: no ally itats foculld th conobr andno ly suoseditobecu cuse onththnond ecomy nighsu andedt hermsen ecy ghnd c in's momrmttoshin heasad god c'som dbate aninher rsonheould ned as g od debe diste vernanr onld per ns obviebsly,nd h isrn ht byer cent debe viy, his p hformtces. y t gerno nt romyebarguly h p rmfelts. gnoomyomfoablengu the h ltdebas. fole anookshe to dotbagain anks t o thorm lilyin wil n b th fectrmiil nby ctthe edorsent t it ingsoe t erst ore ontowit gs por wi g ternor rney retn thg.o. pmarypowi g nobut, ry cy, the istho. a wt, a pry t, ne i cg.o.hesrima a vers w a to fi ne vsan toi altnati t mit ti theris n tit mn w er no fecas he
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wi nrou w wi fas thie wi >>nou spriswi thgh, lot hi ople>>honollo t sisis wodayh, t thathris rist le do linlo t upo beer ang t atis st lisdoinfp a ittbe a t roey tn, s a irman cin or aick at erryro t ght? s an >> cet re. a khe iry t? >> noreast . i replica a lot forksst talng aboepcaefo wasot f pottialal goi et bo ino eace ashimsf,otalnd oi gornor chrtieins te as ms nsertive he isgoor mehre as modete o sia erveissuis d m he ssue de oand sline suore ang the ue d nesfne gov nore aheomne you lo stov trisoll,ne go rnoroulo roeyn ne tl, goorro hpshi ne isefinely ahe hever h hi herm ain hinyhe sued hoter onlyrm ntoseco h lice herut hue isly sellco in t ceer hisowa a tha ll in tuld a ccern forthe mneya aha cmpai. d heas crnore eyone c ait he of, gerno roey, net o cricizef,erman gno in, is c ld bro, a wayrifzema go g a, er c bome ofayhiuppo .go a >> wase ocked toof hea
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govepoor as chstie kehento h outseae he ve sport tgoveorh ie mneyenenti the hssu wit ts sthert mlimve jge eytiheoinng tsutit ou rome mm j thin t m diumth um. >>br: heas okenf ts bere a heas askbrhe a utenf t be aesk a region andwhetr t reonndet - mney rigion wouffec ey rythiio and heou ansredit thecway, hindhe nsyingdhat itthy, is the ngt s, tharaerof the peon, isw tyhe lend t ir t ra cordhish m ters andpe, toty e their t relion ndrd hes u medrs thnd as ei exple.elne he h uh use asha bore jusxe. t in the case h se aswerg b e quesuson aut govinnorhese aerg mneyes a ovr ank y u, beyt bar. whyow? k wh y b d chsachriie p k y day? to chri p dors mittyto rmney rstt r eyd d byryork ceout timg. whatyrs the prpos rkwe h ceethetebaim
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at cthing pos u h herme caba sowin a cgot st ungth atel inrmhea sin ollstthel washisery vryll refu y ss plnedry ting? v >>gut: it fu d got ba tg?rom gu teit ns nfers.ce wre gerno rtba mneym t n er w g no anunce goveeyor cistiand isked e anceve ctid adsorsiwhy ded yoick deteday dooad rsis y d t dey oint oundck the rdeomy o and sd, whe telse doount tndinkth r we c ld gd she eryose inoone tk c g yone ro. th did forro ximu mia imthctid r >>mu som mould im say >>omldbyro iay h woulupptro i rne maethey h coul kee pul tat fopptnoth r timemamayb wheye ulee need a tfo thlitt bitoreuppo i themeybh posne be auseigh nttit aleoughpo rmanainhe po ieeghtro n ralegh kni ann ads mo iro rpollni >>gu t:s hemo anot, e ll roey gu a pelet,re no eall ro worrd out rman cinpe the ont tll ess rr thr t advaanage cheon ri terry s forehe nths cevae out thri ry afrnoo re n cuttheth wheafootephere e
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was ck per. ish heepead willree do s betrerhis ished lldoetis dete. has h twooor de. as bate h is i woke ororrea now eryo is tealki i aorut chshriseea w anyomittiski roey. a ch >>is ande an ttarinat t hof roe.-mai a >> almndt a in imdiaty afr tof th eai pod amlm im anatunceafnt bchrithhriieod we got-mai gat th rickan ce brryririsayi weish otmai l gckthck yat'syi h g lat but we'sssum goveor grist wiutuppt e ri per ifeumgets the ve st winomitionso tppy rierfe etshe lking pamion t ts. gues lng we hepaothe t ing,eshrise chrties illhe ki g,ishre l of kintohed ater goi rough t loroceof to ddeci ang wrtheroio run ug t if ho hce rn, t mac nesci w eruld bun if high har and r t lotacs d b attas onif himndgh h nd avoedot at b not taonim rningnd n h he vo asciat so bot rng n cesely wi asato clyi mitt rney thether cas wl
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look t tt ryheiser potioncan w sial issuok anoon sl su thewillan timhell ose. >> nfficls montsago e. alleng t men ith niciesmotoso an pl tedle toenhbombs t iaeli land dudimbases i mb washgton t d an ili they ared ias i accu dshon of dan pttiney thre cud assaofinatn of pinth t sau sa amatssadof tohe uted stes. jeiferou h teau amado u losdt stinfo.atio jewhaters th hos foio atthates >>rerter thlot was foesed wn t reerthtasf.b. fo w trresdb. th suectesdettg o the th sut ple, att ohe plania a bo cizen ia a ited satesboitiz c aen is a ed om cpus sristes iz asatulize uni d st cess citi n wistan rann tu zessponi, anstwas ar stedtiwilast inann inew s iaredst ausedf orkgin whnyo membs ofn aed armrkof wh trani mbofrm t
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nirevotiony gud cos wi a vo onmurdgu-forcoirwi tgetithe udi abiardambaoradoro ttithe eitedtate i iabaor >>port: thplanas toe edte sass ate e ar>>rtthan ing t a exosive evicsse aar grestrant wasngto dc,exivnd ice aeds werest antre ofastoc, the elot wsen re a e of s. cizenrie he me wthot w mberof c wenateie thoumet w s the er wzetaou drug art en mextaoug but wt meting ex inrman and rt t w m in tinan p t,d attck t p he iaelittnd s udi diffult ili si emb sy fftmbnd t israi amssad. afr a riesf meings tnd a raip tamad iranaf whea esheme agsused t callan thehenitestat seval ames edd de we ll trhesferteat ev $ 0,00s as wr doerpaymt $fort00 alged sr asssinion, edo f.bym. a este drtld asinn,him whhe .b ple ldedn ne ate yk mh septber pl ldne yk 2 pt r>> t dayince thedefeant' arst h 2 has tayceheonfsed tfe hist'
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ar hrticatioins teallnfdd pl t is wel as icio pvided oth tlll elas vaable pnfordetionndth emen o the i aniavaleor on vernnt'sole enhen iia i rn's >>eport: thattoey geral id te u. i gornme >> rtuld thldto th ge iral an tu. govementome accod table rthhira vent foilmentnd hidcobl n sa ho theyilouldnt h hoit nsa accotablbut e de nsehoey ld offioals y ts i coblt no dee tip fi s wireyor t se soof u.sno t lita act nre agnst so.sran alsompornt tactagtto potut tt an the econsoor mo ausednt t e theon mmains stlat laend i aed beevedo behe i insta i in. beedo be >> ihan yoennir, f im waingt dc. an ts jusyoni f twagt tc.he tus t t icebg, aorme c.i. operive oinie. e moeb rec at nmes.i is ere thni mo ecan ns cegorallyth dies the legaons. c or lyat ds th mea to dshe y? >>gut: ga s.llf d cthrseeao yhe gu . the is c onle o potionhe thisnl o onon te. an is is tll an curry ut
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accoing isur e juice part nt a cog all sa ju eday, rt a ir illbehi y, w, wtherirhiiran t begehin th wer sassanation aempte in mbinth aempt ssioeans aatpt it reapin all aptns tit apllway t k tomei th suyemeead k oei th ahdined, o botsuhase yeado o be termed buthis ahne oot is,s iye o an crme,ut as bis, i boyan mo c. and aibiustoytello you thid lsost brllgs tirruhi visouall abr t ofrrill a f thears i ha th h andany lleaes he ha orrs the iha hnd y ars. e we estea hlinkhan ohe thenite stats. rig wwet isnkhe sther he tebord and tatisig is is evinced by ser rdnd t is irannowivied actly wheto sendhi opativ to getanwiim tlhe acss e nd boer.opiv soet ma ac mving artso. omathatin mng tsfactwhoer iat bend th ment ctoe i wos wh ebehntmexin d gwo w carts mae etxi w dapon and
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tell encertnto mae uned stat verery won imndrtan lk tllusceo un bouat wer imryrtan m an t is tat theou iman irians wand pllis th tff heir p soih >>gut: yes thabviolyoi guesha the stoio. heandit goetoitho sayghe meand wom doeho ofay medomd.e. a o a.t. and tf.b. ande.f a the partnt o t.ustind and t yettob.ndhe rt otindet beamed iellince be soces oulde mmend foed ilie whso s uld veld en fotentlly en a act har s ed woday nty a t sot d alady ifalyhat w belve ppen didifin ctat w helpen. is enid bol azen h n. a bi yove. ol clrly en bindi tese. thacly iandisha i coularel s ul th peeive we e waknel leersh, th stateentvee w ft. lesh an whe atthey btter recve f anhey berec-- th prcei we aeakand
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join us. t so fom norli seing the dct ins. ptureso the s nggarbhe mot i'm pre sheing sine rbmownerettg m at'm e srotgters waneingto uer tteir mt baotroomrs wawhog end u rupaom pic ngond uphe t r l theleanicup?p tgues nework ty.he an d thtab is getng? bi esand ewk lks to. th bndset di d thisonve latiothiso moing th a caain isveiois dnmoghere the aca n are gting drehe e $ g0,00ngnto a webse th has $00 cps ereto a oundbshe-cthck, asd cnpow dra ede fr otndr-c, gitite ow ne s rayfr vimoret gititite nds ne ad, ofvi ursere the tiosts n e afkyrketi. se ets >> ardyrti nuer $ milon as of he d weend,u ss $ tilis goasfn w wiwesed, s mtipl t of gon w wi millns. we mpl arf ju gng ll. bi e ear ty? ju ggues the bintestin t ng is i i s? becoesnghe a htemelein t inter i asco wel a h sle it er isas bemingel nrve stente tis isgrou that beng ex nndinegndte t
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ouha exndin andhecotsxin exinndts --cost are ing u and -hey hstve e g larowe a u at.ndey h the cop rowwe ado t y. fee he >>gut: a wteop o tyee ime. gu aere wre beer svicee. the e uld ey cld bnvoed s icehe cri d ovg. c b fitingvoin iri terrgcrim fing proving heresse ialrrim seices thisovg rsel basitt gsehises g upis tt has natts g ldersp, n t drectn, no mha niffilty, y ta lrso n te dct eopl mtherfi y,e yena reass th arete tere,plsoer in e asmorathyre wel te,eceid. >> whan doou trankhenel yei >>ha hear the menor yhis morng, thk, h sd th an ar sy ms asor , ng a theth w ht. s h gues i re sand is ahe weard esred it. that..rd tt's . at.. feral ts cotituonalightnd h is encoageshem fal uiliz thacotual ht h rist, bt, the is coesm a uizroadha picte an tatri bhe is th asafe of thad ct broaner t ith scietfe if eentiof sethicesrero bing set etiees
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hear of t oueax gor pblem: r ramp th ar ta tsyst. thidea pem r thipth standin anherst th ealf a triions gng tohi mke s inan difrrenc is n ahing morrin gano m p iticlyifncis nngorotived. >> wt, picait, i thghtiv. $8 w biion sointot, cre ie ath t the bsnd a$8 thebin orks rin reion a mem rs lee you aelf. hedidrk it? n >>emest: ltdidouf.ot d thehovelit rdy >>t:jobs bd miss n th thve rdmintratnbs re ns ss sho leadyth as thinatn n thout. w,hody aefoh ou i snd aostfo $0 billn i'm gng io mke s a sut havehe $ lli' gcto uront mu ve that oney wnt unt t sica y,at theey wanks a the tbig casinees a the tocke mart, nk ad it didhenotg hp ne a heck ysar tritng tid tke a h ling. >>angin tr t aher listen. o p>>sideg oama frer ttsbgh. enke pde oa lrsten >> t obssb. bll ths len t enrelyaid bsr bth aking thos of us enlyd wo adngave osof uwo en met rtune, w haeen in medibtless he un w inhaen
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amica,o continbuteibess a h ttleore n ama,nt ttee lee cuntrthat t ntriteo. our ctr suess. >>hoseatare ion ri urus. m bers>> hypsee n mbut y mrs noyp aee and t woul y no no a aplau thnd sech. ulgues ino wld a bauth ha sh. expr sed es w bha app udprnyd seech becae it theame ingpp of sch lecas spitd nohee gof let leaysp f o it lar. aseet ap foach 15a illi in bt a as wponticheto add li renlatis an auless a w thti somddhinghe jobrebilltian wi es do awethare omng sanglgobll pivate doe indury. s sgl w pteeed t samthin thdu we.ave be sed com taini amforinear tthteee isomni mite dr goarrnme ttisca is reonsility whicteis laing gomeca here resi anty fr iclag maets. is h to bre smeanregution imas.agre ho bu b swe areguon wayre bu errelate thissre notayng mre th rete po tica yiss crect veionotf mh imul. po ca >> i cctaveven to aume ul hanng >> oute t e ameocal uon baan y doot ut
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4:27 pm
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4:28 pm
4:29 pm
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4:30 pm
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4:31 pm
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4:32 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:46 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
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4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:51 pm
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4:52 pm
4:53 pm
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4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
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4:59 pm
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