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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 13, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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kinstam omaly medofheias. is is st o theibered veron ofhe ts. s pty? were ohe theeroadero of t 2 p2.? eanni o"head stas 2 rig ni her ght n. >>ith ch ataig ery psinger t da n the is re a>>h aor png prfhat n dahes on aan we not prt n affon fou me yea wot o fo ou pres ment amea bar yest ffd themaingar predencff frth syndrto tai ftrenc and fr s fudrous, they a fnnd ver seris cafualss,y a fmn aer pres ent ori vedcas a est iso priden wou beheost anspprent enoue hisryt hast spt takea suisoenao gisha atrneyener to kesunag coorate th t fas andatey furioerooote in tstigasion.d so e fcio hder ll b bk ninign. e pitohere hr b b befe tore drell sa. ef theontrersys tha h dll swor.toe he thetrsys truha hhe whe trh a othi orut theru trut wh trwhen ahi h taid h onl ut earn en out a f h weksd hnlrn
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t a a, heas ws dodgg at be. ahe ing? dgat peaps. e. e hg? bee pes. srned b all vels hf ceefidee. we sedave an b a u mplolsent te cde fween 9.1% u lo t 14 millif amecans cnot 1% mliin me ans ctob 49 mlion amecansin a aob 49 mon mens unrempyed. aenoind oan't help unmselmp frod. in o blang a the'te lp wo in elero wld othe rebliclas. ahe >>he replica hav't gwoenn w oe a odnswe areico w >> tepycaav g a haveweot awgree t toanti to ve reildureeooad,ti ouroridg anre ourd sools d,theyave notur gen usdg a goour reas as to slshy eyheyeoott gants toutoo asseachos bk iny the t ass toro. wechre bin hap to wk wihe sro we publans,aphereohey wewi wiing p bls,rey wig pol pic bend th intest the arican ol pele. e n therntpst hene aca day aracpe . ama ll n rlizeer thatheris nody tolameorayac a rze hhaer ec no tme ilur but hielf. h ininme n wit reaion, urtheutiuthof.of theew in n yitork tesean, beehoheelle cou ygeknd
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benseqnce, fmerle adverou eq ofe, f rdv pridengeor.fush,arl rovepr en or>> tnksor hingh, me.l it eem isve is ts stregy hge. is itwm s --s dongtrys notng s con-ess,o ame e rubcans en iotealions,he e d rocraubns dn't uppo i his blil. >> dra yh. 't thepo isis b >>undantal yruth he s miing what h isdaal sayg. th >> mieah.g ha loves i theay p side is>> bmingheh. repu icanvewhent's e i e p de silurof t bng emoc tic punateanen s lead to this ur throu.occ te ok ado thes incpetee ofheou admistraon a itsailuhes nc tee atofever mira atslureas. ey'r faiatres er poly,heas 'r stimaius bs l di't wor. thol affdablcare ctim bdiveryor th omisabou heah ce reffrmblre s turd outry notiso bouea crerue. ere the urutresint's oot b persale.eade hipe he fauressi 's o ledtous elie hersdep wald es chge t tonin edusie wasengto we tughtt wod beor t w ch ttteronnot r thasto w se. t ht woere bee pr tlemsith the ert exthutio the bckin and w. e prmshhe ckli of eexiohe binnd admistrion. en fallytherare tlif policaldmtrn. i fptnely of eree t
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admistraon. is wlik, yl kno goi out inef an mbra ngmirahe u. o wall ynooiut stet anra movent,hich u o tnk l is goio stostovimt,ch t isoi tcredilitwithhe ect votee n ds -ed swiitth e te indenden n -wi usin s-ordenteden mocrs an cturayinored cocrervaanve beolla tt chera nes to incova binla t 22. >> loo atneto imas 2 oup>>n oo wa ama strt, obaman wauppoingtrma po gm. debb . wasrmaschuz and bb i lookt t sig aasmahuz thendubl opinn ok t pigls a 3--hel w hat in3% 3 w tthinthathe u. is wor3% an a aedainat u sat'sheor demratipartyou aareuppodaing? 'semtirtu eeahpog? . is is gouah. d inats by g daty oks. is ia tocgrou tha --s. i th it esn' reay knoou wha ha wts hattht n'ean isha wnfilatedty extrse elentshat kno
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whatheyiledant. no ing cantrakeeltst or ano atyebelt. icke thannogomebany we o knoa whatheyant wheelhey keanre eb w deing th pple whonoon't atow wytthe they wan de g >> l p'se thok ab'tt t whe scdals anwe h e t lked t lab t a boutscls h td l solyra, 35illi aut down t dr n. ly, lio t $1 milon fodrunower s e$1ilfo stor erpolicalonneions buys or cess lil meynensours dn th drn, lo ss money urand e f dtth a droey d urio, ma a 11, e attney genioalmaaid, ote, probly ard abo , tty then forhe fstime d, t e, roy ladbo few thor feeks e t we w havla five spefic amplks tha prov twet hat avatemt headee befpeec plngreha isov n tt emheerue.ef >>res n yea llf it ie. ea it i tru it i a pallgrut incpetee, wre i the is nohief of sff, nllg nc toteaide w toth theisoefttorofy gene sl whf,o n rding to thedeseoheemos as tory ne comwhin t r doong andhe y, yos k w, t tre om n toond relarl y k t sedul senr n lead shipreeetirl of the stic sulen deptmenwher admeboip canay, tifeadhe
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ichisepener me and boant's, deepl troisling me and mend it's addplssedorong e atndrneyener. i ink t'ud t kwddedhat ateyer i k founout out t kthis tribl unt prtram. haveo gi himhes benit t ofblhe dbt bause prm. is vegiim extrrdineny fo the tornof d bgenesel ofhe uted ates igoes bore on ess trdinfoe rn neof ud knesingl esies. bt ifees didtie tha kngl s.fices if bng runid bha a bun ce b run b iompeunnts, kstoncops witho cs. ipes, konps th mn, hing c bn in gornme , i am m hg astishe tha bin go meere iuldmehatsthehauchape e ding thet attney geral >>uthpee g he braed aut ttty gal pr ram,>>eimse. ra aprio ttoim s ing,prm, justse io und out sg,t. i spec hest lie id hinkthis oingo be i ec veieig nks scaal. ng be wilsee he is bleveigoca. ilrvive e i dost heeill. let'moveo th iv do g h.p. l. no nati . t've wethave tchea nberf g. sues o noti wee canhedate n rthe st rectsu oue ihermante e ec in. n hean cn, irm tdr abo. mitthe comne-- c h t stain
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this mombotu tha ttne c hhe ha s ginne in isecenomhaha g weein? >>ouen kno we' see bui dotee t. >> yoarenoe' hav seebudo therump sgeyoe thig avee bacmann sge themp sgeerry sue. ifacou tnne th sreal tlearry potics avege, su's 2 if tth foralar ropoey, csve, 2 for cn, ro, f c for perr andhenweaveor pl an rr girichndtne pan 8 gich. but ere e two . this. let s ree mberhatour ars wo ago thi eacthi lereertr s o omenhi ocber et 13,t wasen ry ocriuliani 3, 30wa a fre r tmpso alini 0 are 2 tso mcin a 14,omne 2 a mc1 a4,ndne mi auckae w me aeal od r at mi ika w m al 6 rso ttse t ingan cnge 6 amat tally what ts thetatuof t p cls e inhe atly earatth stastu a t h p stroin and eecti ishear tas orniza aon tt the h rond etiandite s is bldin bot inor theza t ethly statnd tndi is binot fincial inhe eder hav the esouates t t conv theinaln r essaav? eou
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th t i wre cn, who nvashe drsan assith and i e whusim comhois date drsinderfo eancesi im ink d cein uphorfoce 's n bee raik si cp muchor mone he wl p babl n seepaisiucphe ne pace ecau w of e pbl sntert. bu am ceauf mysfied heer idbuour stonm texs. ys edtoda he' ar buston bweenex go g a unddae' useste b tenness goich adoten rchte tiss hean,te i hsn h sious h nes toen,pendg sus vir allyneto evyakin mont innd iow newirly ev hainshir sou carmoina, i florowa anewevad haif hirouara, a't in oranhoseivead hates ae bntterseee es b inertlan gettng hleean and ttissi hisife. thon'tee hnde a hpysi end g. s >>hat ethakef't h hhis? ttndomne has>>eent tehe t s? ti nes then eire time, se ti he nuers. e egoodebate,erfo ance nu t s a ttleodat bweenfoce ta le estaishmt an b teaen pty ta hm antivieas? th did pt liomnearer ar theyvi loong fthidliometngne e
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el? arey >> looo, i fhinkeet a -- we el are >>shinlothisihing tonke eect a -- eit tbe deced e binore isngo et actuly h e pe le g tngoec be vo. agn, io ba ttu hpe fou gyear o.vo ag iba ru giuani t wasoun thar ruiuiead, ased tthmpsowas secd ace,ndeitrne o tsed, tys wsoes theec e, whet the ootin t warte he we havto bhe veryhe cefulboutin te this.weav b v thy const culs ruteal whewe go t ois ia, nthon rlampsre, uthhe ca lina tevad f ilori nps, h nd cana th towd thad end f ori fruar ariza anthowthndichi on. unl th, lotf farhiss izan ving ahirou .unth ot lo, fosexame, t lest ng a ou ll tt lofoamshow therm lt towrm ca he wl stet jrnal nabc wst j al po, itas n36 poit pele repuicandul, n eeven puovenan ptlnrima en vots, wit en a ps prismaf 5otit 1/2 t we are a5 flingll/2ve we re ou aelvesayi it fng reesenve ou scventifyit andreen pcise havto esciferynd pse carul.
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avrmanain s ayump let'seeow dableart. ann s.a mp but don' thint'it'seoingo drnle io -- tsehing are t tn'inoing'sng to tter itil-- w tngre acallyngtarturnio outero l wte oanua 3acly inrtniut iow and the oshuan ofowrimandes e i febrry. f w mma hav ione ecembrr. w m. >> yh. av yoeknow wha emi tnk athe >>d ofhe d i y thinyoow atheha e of the t ae of d i daynew inmpshe wi a waneto b ef parhe of t pcessolloayw shwian b iara an t ill he p assomfoloable stan betentnd ianhe l hextfole anet ntes whixt is pablof doin if it mves i eshis forblrd t in ijanuy, i sus mct tst iodor t ke mt roeyappy butnu i don'usthin tthat wld makdthe re mblicros happy. iut a n' notinat cer winak it'e reic gapd fo ithe aroce.ot er kart' rov alwsoodo gfo get ece your arnsig. ov >>oulw betd etthan. >> he urig r e i>>s stilet u f an >>abs ent ces r to i s wil u wl f take on racks co w oba w? fr k ken ckuntz i herwith rebation o thfr evechanngtz ierth re onth g.p.vean fiend hmanain g. and eie js bill hninouldtass ed e sepmber jnd senilelds
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publansnveid tirwneperen an. il cck i blsei w thwn ktuck . sena r r cd p il who i were to kck e lain na r p h.ho i ethatnd to me, strght ein h at mhead trff ytr no. ally maleadnnou er ] y no ka-stzerlylus quidels fits y r wolet ou ] co sym oms,-sers ids ps itelies yo stuy no .fi ywo coyms, [ eep eathpitie yotuno ankou! at's he c[d trp h!th nk! 's ctre naar
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nionwe sees na nnw sei ow pasinfans is aop porit ausei itho p theinans,ns ther ad be po naitar. sehohes,erbena. ju likif iweret r cuomer ere'jube niknati iwidere cuer at'shy ty see thr custers'eeds e' ntide not areh'sder tofitse th st s'dscaus as autua natnwid don't porto wa strt, t ehr it us auaatid dot rtwatr ey rort the cusmers r t anhethatus jusrsone re rson whthe rnhat faly an athas usustee nati rwidenor mwhe e haan 3fayear s tetide m 3ar tionde ion yr si. on i ysi
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♪♪ [ fele aounc ] ha youver en alaci♪♪ fe ahilencunba ing?haour aci hy n? le bahaveg?ou er clbed rockall n ven th emidd of e occln?d ckl otriesomeing allyild?
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thddf oc oie mewhy g t?lyd? it allossie inhe nion whyot. y itllsi in n ron l cahybbea.s oatg nion rocaea ere atu'renree n do ythi youant. e ree o hi ouwhit. maye noing all hiaynog ll royacariean tertiol. yarin rio. vit rolcarbeancom day. viroaranm y. >> n t replicafie ld apars be t anthe ce fowho ll te onresi nnt t ep caamae 201 ap s e but anee foo f tntruonersi wel tha a 01 kes t cngin fru el nohaherm cai urgeke 22 cin pnts the atesno walrmaige2tree ps heesal jourl/nbnewseeoll, makg him the fntruerith urnbwsl,akgwech
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mhe rmer fruh msachetts gerno chmittomney i cloerehin mchts gno ttne texa i govnor lock pry i inin thirplac xaovithr p i 1n%. an irach a 1ew rasanssenoll cam ou a tod andt swsasenlam ouodnd s fmer spker the hse nt f girrichs movgp as spr he h n gichov wl a wl >> jning e wi reaion,>> esidt ofuntzloba poller, o aacks pple jngwiean, in id offocutzba ll, aks peroupn cu oh, sn. i upn't ow wt toay. h, >>elco s i t wtoack. >> thcohermain pk.nomen is terethinrm toinmebecae we p hame hadis re a l tt ofo smegca. we biqueshaonad he -- l cof he s gsust nbiest? h-- yohaveeee d lingsterma cain yolet've sow im dngmaalk out is in t' s 9-9-k t pla >> tscono is oife 9-la tppor thatnos w m oe or at w9- mlans a
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bold sol ion. n ittart wh thw a out he ld ol n.rren tax coit andrt w path tut %enxonda tbusiss ft tx, 9 p sonasi f come t taxndhe 9 pna% nat nalme saleax t. th is e mo imptantartatl le t eli nate oths mo rlacempnt t rporenco li taxte o pernal r inceme t orcoapitaxaierl inax t wel as theitaistat elshe t. th itat tres a t binesthst e a >>ow bes he's oing welaromhe ow begiing,ut asoon hssng h el sa thrm ohe rent gig, aon ce h sa hrand sooas h oxplaednt mo, th c umbe d oo heptla isinmoth >>hererebe teet rul inin litil co>>unicreion teeoruln ticoic n 20. nuer1, but 20 nu dicrrate. ut nuer 2 be visnarydon' icceptathe w ay tngsnu 2ere. ey aisryn'ot l kingpt w ts for. a crem ltal ngangethey waor radil eml gehangey ado sethi thaaffes pele di in tirockeooksng a the shihafepe t walls. anthatkeks ahehat rmanainid ll an at tha cl.t an nat'sne o theeasoe's
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ing hacl 's o whel. so i sten tos t intview g wh rl w rov i i thenk hos tntew rig what rman in dovsn't ave th h t seig grt srooan org izatn as d't oeer t s ca idat. groo buwe arg in ate prasess puttg aroup caat ogetr nbuxt a n prweeks or ur howtt inaupevadet n so ek man herwn cnn pele comiad outfheaner cpe miwoodrk peop whoutadever bee invoed iodolits w t opho ts er een a voheir i nt preitdent w t new ggrichas een horingir n aou trent ew gicsn hong 4 a%. ou t noe's 10 h dble 4 nos digts. ost0 h de objtive beiggs. wit t veryoodbj appveranc inheeit deba s. ry dlet'ppnchow nwt ginich,ou died h on ba t t' isuew oinh, di j hbs.n t >>f yo iessuashiton j . reinshe ay>>yosuashitons hi nright n.res ithin heles we ghig as n ellit y gr hk boesseignds gol grbo togeer. theeaga g ainisatio ge. septheber,ga983,e aisioreat ptr, 3,at 1illiobs. li ama' soclists.olits
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a' lici, clsocstit warre ci andcl soalis wereatarerond. i lievwith sois leaershi weat ca balce to i ev bthget. diea fhie foucaal t concuti bt. rs.di f >> t toungsook tonfti. at - thumowork i t asigk waand ing ater e - mopresrkent id hi aaile wa d gpolies see adr es tot hi ronatlevery well li>> ire reehtsean oi am itin r foratry o of ll the i r anndid es t lookm inheor o cfera he raig in eye nd tid tokay toll ca ofheir ign olleyeues, t sto to attaing eachfirles, oth. to no 30- condtagachds ainstth no 0- ndrepuican abidby ral asteagas puan id rga avengthommament a focu on tenhresint. 's cing maternt y. a 's t e ocu tespo. si >>. cg rhene per n t whopo >> see to ve de th inerhovery date ee o n heeeps sayryg, y de kw, w t. l upheere ps thiay y sta wou w upe a.,hita b.,ou ., a.,., and.,. >>here is andimplhall ge>>re forisim, ao dooupl wllto r andoe t t, do witbara w t oba ineptber
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nd odober t t ofitra obin 201tr oer whdo y wanto b that rsonhat 01es fe twh f yean b at an ont hall fgeshe t f pside's asrtioll, assmptis a p de rerd on tha asioasti a areribu, ne ginich ha ns. all rht. t' go,itt abuneomneinhy a . ll r . coun , alo,t hadne ano aer vy unaladno go debe v ts w k.goeb llowg th t ltocus group w yo ow shothd hi linnius by aup yohohi ni conseraby a marn. here himou ial ns himabn arthe sue henreim hs tlkgalim out, qe ote,e then h tlk ric t, q e,>> ahe whancom doeomeoic aha om ach ur dinitn ofoe ric >> ion't treo tefin eh who ditofic i ri't speral w isot tinhoich. want everionepen wmeri to ish. nt ve rie. i oplenrio tisount to ve ri oprtuni ies.le want t erybo tonto op tuns. nt ha th eebo o ndpporniti thawon tha t ethistage ave had oritianthan peoeo regniz tt is thgee fute wi bead b ghte teoe tn reiz it tas f th theut wi ei kn btetresi tnt's artyit f was tohe trykn to tasi'sty fro omwato
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pele ary gi tooa oers. ro at'sot t wom t o lpeft aio amica. o s.e wato l t a'srica t ws t t l gi peo eama. opwartun ly a acaets t em njoygi teo fedomhatp un a haet oyade t f omust ha the ey ofe the worl >>hehe eof upltingidehe of tt rl emedplo gngeeim tftigh t war mar >> y are ed gim tgh rig. miwa romy haar b ome an yreig tstamiingomhaebate. n he home in. e of hetag reans i becatse he h heen. of ea i haecfocud onarac oba h at h has hacuonac spebaficay has pe cadresd theailus ofhe ob aesdmintrathen. anhe hluof onsttlyobndinat an hfectely lkedbout st seyn-pot pl. he h bome cty ed mutorubst tiv se poandpl he h be me fosed whas go mgor st iv d in mshinfoond ha dgoc. that onef heeaso w hn in d ored atne 29inheso wa w h strt ed jo9nal ll. a by eay ytr cane parjol . y fnk'socus yan gro, buarou ha to ve f'shickus sn arobu ta the hao heack fran agive it yta. he th c d ttea anve b t >> th c d t b >> gng t g t lunglal.c.
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si up theext8un hou. weglill .c oing tosip hext nada,ou wewa, l wngoampsre, uth roli n floa,dand n , feeps, h ke li howdlo n dean fee owe signp. >>ll othosdial and foc lu logrouco wil be h egn >> oos oalnd oc "hnity ou il hthan. >>hankou. c in up,"h thety p side 'san >>nk. jobsill nt cinp,he dwnn pdelame repubsicanl areropong o ownme eirpuanepo o o own. n itasshe r sate? plusit's oime r.his itss wk's inst slmene? of us'se s ws stenedf mash. thtaken theed obaani msh thkehe medibas lastnittems to dilantla yourem tnt new straht ahe .ur ew rahe orreat othelapt bag orat he pt hirag anoer eloye irit'snoot j et goye r buness 'sit's jood gor the butiressommu ty. 's atd ank ame ca, knoe there mu. imct tt lol buness atk me, noe im tlo bu ssve o commitie that whye exnded $7 bilon
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ommie athyexed $7 smail bus esseacro e cotry farhis ar. maussero coy ars . causthe re whelphem, e mo we lp me oppo unitusposse le. w lpm, moe m poitss. fordusiohas w be nam thmostepenble dsizcar jd wer d socies. rd go io kims rly.beam thstene izr d r any ough on ciis n. s?o imy. y ghn n i ve nideahat'goinn. we a out i neat'in aut at w tha theyold it'the st pendle m sizeedan wndha ey r bacintoheirittl boeyd t'e nd mzean ractoir tl bo [ le aounc ] wn yore a coh inhe n... [ ♪ a♪nc wyo coin n.♪♪ ..herere nsickays.♪ n♪ cks. vis dauil. de ats cold fluympts. vidal. des ldlupt snorg ] or] indiinctalki on ]
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dictkin [ orin] malennouer ] vis nyil cd an flu.[ in e nittimsnifing, sn zinglecougoung, ]hing viny c anver,u.est eep u ev got ni imth aifold.g,medi ne. snngug, ng r,t p evot a♪d.♪di . ♪♪ ♪ ♪ re a morfolkare ying ou snapot fm prresse. aorlke ng ouap fprss a talldiffent y to se onar iuran. a llfft son ian the tterou dve thmoreou c sav e er d thre cav no wder apsh's catcng o wr sh tc o pl intthe ving u derve, plnt e ngth spshofrom rogrdesivee, shoomgrve
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>>epubcansot oy vo d do>> theresint'so-caed jo billasteek utubhnse ovo dohesi's ca g.p.joilstk h senors e breing planfg. tir ownohnens brng ccai an t d b ptmanwn ahn rd paulai veil b thaplanarly pan e aliera il ly natopaulill einer m but fstet's jt say ty.s toull mes wtl f'seyonthe say tresint's mewh wathec ofrfone asi's secowh stiheofcplu m a au ly co crtite js m proses a cr j bancedudge.rosmendnt tthe cotitu on a itba wedlge rea nd t
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9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
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9:34 pm
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9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:40 pm
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9:41 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:43 pm
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9:44 pm
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9:45 pm
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9:46 pm
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9:47 pm
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9:48 pm
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9:49 pm
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9:50 pm
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9:51 pm
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9:52 pm
ma aso-ch ce. p iat he the cice not t h ech an. hhe ce n t abtion h e>> in tt cice ten abon a y i fr t theerso ford c te t pay for t, who a frhe wousoor prer t notay r wo.ho that thessu whoureotundi. >>ut t f dingathesu w ges fthedi if y>> t are fng gooki at fe yrelann ki patntho. yoare t jt tking abonn pa abhotion yoi coe d bu j in tnghatbo wehould abon nocoprovbue fenral ndin forteul aboron. thinnoovfet'sl inorrive morter.. tinon'take'swav breas mr. exam 't >> te oragesas comnts am nex t oge om sd upn waex strt. ne on upwa our greatmerintr ne panl, saighur gatri sgh d.
9:53 pm
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9:59 pm
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