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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 14, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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snd o'srot a phe tasur gogo s o secrary meit ter.ur 's g ng tcrgo oy r g t o th >>hank f beiiths >>nighnk 'll e you f on gh o' illy ext.l ouon my. go ton o'the lycordt.or ope read see u mo tay. e rdpe ad eekee . mo. >> bl: "e o'illyacto is o hant g] b " >>o'hoselyto o nitree our nt >>se seet. ee >> b l: t occry wa strt otesrs a sidt.etti kked b t ouccofwatr nework cit es par a ti we kaved twotronougewkitpinis on thear wee gup.woon rst om gnnnion bece g th. frogerao rira. t g the cecwds throrari.asy t he c moc >> sheaid hisy the tosoc >>nserhetive canddaten th h heracend ihe a cisti. >> eroverver ricantetherry sti ingce i a upor h c wifti who saierheic ry gornortig sup hettiifhoai poued go beoruse is an outtiokenou ristn. mibe huce bee s tt.nuten woust you ike miuc be e t on attat? >> wouloubete y a bn t? >> wt y aaychk? [ ught ] >>ill:appy tooch [ htt. que >> sl:otoupyast nig ono thlonger sw.qu we w sloutign thng s
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let wrmanhow. >>f win done yret payaneckw. >>inon y ay khari. [ ught ] cauon you here tori [ entht the spizone ] thfact auou reginsoightow.nt e pine thct captnsns bht . osedaptiing rvic pt b edtig ic >> bl: h i'mill o eill anksor wchinus ton bht h 'm lthe oll fksst 1 w00 dins o present oba'son adm istr ione at itheubje of is f 1 d o es evting'batalkg potsdmtrn m io.e jef moay mkshat evg'lkponnivsary let' mo a nmo mpint asssmenofivry t' thpresent'a ten ne thun f.ssen thtwo thesmostt'mporennthussue f th o are est ecoormy a figueing rrorm. e firsco aigaddeg h h donor rs welde d g hs h areonn t ruel ggitm rainspen aren t t mberf truror pts he eentm rnsn a t foiler. tr bo p theia a the hbiren dogxcelnt job il highboarksheor t ahe predent do elhere on t ecoobmic de ghks thingrent rein dis l. re tcoc ju thengacts reis jk. sincthresi nt h beejuinhe ficetsthe natnal dt j
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nc hassi hee ceeatl d tincrsed .2 tllioas couny no crd tiopend g unno $4 bilonnd ery dayore than $4il itakes i e ay tha desn'take yhar breithes i aw, noing wilha d'te y re so awno fg 2il milon jsave been ost n f mr. 2bamail j wech. even hougen w.dded 40,0 en uge jo to eoverentayro.ed,0joo ert neroly 3illi moramerans ve i pertyhanhey d fore he pneside 3 tooliorers i ptyny d offi. re 4 mi piondeoo fi b krupmiies,n 4 miionomes b fupeclos,d. gamipricnesave risore flo tha gaic 80 e isheal insancee phamium up 80 alnsce pump %. arwe a getng t pture here the tuatn is ar aet t pre urgret. pre idenatobamiss sategis two-ld. rg rst,ry tpren sammula seg the ecomy speing veo- mor. t, t slahe ecy peg onorn frasuctu job reblics wi not okay the as tuspenobng. condrethe icesidwit wiot try ka connceheou, e en. fol ndhee idwiry tuatonn woed ha bee, wse had nol spell tt atoneywohaee w s
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d n ecomipeolic sav t baney ansome c co comniesic av demoatanill ayan theme cpent thcompomyes fro mo anoerlreat he admistraon bntausehe b h th admpnistytionroas sno now memimerirans bsere g bng adst on sbuy atvenhoug bh n.e of t w caribe g pron. the esidy t connnuesoug r nseof castouing roount o mon e id on foeshis rampan. en t ughisoboug nton arova fotionsontie topa thfall. s peonal ava arova ontito hower ll il rounpeal 50% avaow un0%fter,000 da on t j e priden iuc wearer 00da thn he t w j whehe pren s irted ea bustil has the wheightg chae to s bed bueeleiled.s eresinththahall gerillto b ha a l ofle. ecomicsi llmuniron bl h rha s l shofdcoc be rdy orni bolital s w.ho and at'she mem r now rheit t sto w ton ht. d 'sweem w tto weron. hopg,opin toring u ri pryhiserveni butop in oe gornorngouldotwork tri ps niout. ut is mningerry idgoorld a rou rkt ofedianhich e t. def ded m ngry hiwifehoou sd yofterdia tt ch e isef bdng ttacdhi becfese o s y rds t s bacec o hrisanit >> wel famies aays tak is itese ecti srobayel asam s a tosh asnybo.ak wif saie tiwobahingss to asyestday. bo e s d heifsai t mostng
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cons vatist cany.daten th sracehend his a tos chrtian i ca t arnse witi eitanr ote oth ce h ahran caarwiit o o theacts bil witus n to alyze x neth guytsnd orme il it n pridenoalandite m aeze neuy huckmeee. pr en perris ldie m you he i a lck.ike rr l wer fouou yrs i l agewhenou we dog thi >> ner heou y staed ath agen top wdo bl.hi i st>>ted t n bot mheheresta a a grt bop biffence. st youd t weotm pttyre ucce fulgr bnfe e. arka as.ou w we d a od py r.ce l ur a a hf ykars.. e >> ba l: iouldt pu i r tha a h y. y. yo knowhat m ta bing ildpu abo i. hau idtifi ver ery yo eowly t ta thg youerebo idfier a chrtiany e th manoue you ow, preher anhran sean u , rer s see. andse pry h bee in d tha cagorysell. prry' hwifeee saynshat' theha reasca hisryolll. nbersre y'feayt'he comi asisl nrsown. youuy tt. >> mi n i dot thk so hideban. ouerfo tance hav>> en n e remedoth lesso hahiba fo ceectaavlar. m be g chity emees bei. bil whyoes istar.ife tbenkch y haso dei ith il chrhytiansy. >>nye timyou te t fam yas d ofheh candatehran i h>>ts wnim u t yoseam this n gofngante wel hck p wryn sta ed a theyohi n gop.
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el wenin a the payta ahe he pear .nound en a heheas ridg tope ar the unolls andseeid t plmeti sin he the lsnd reat date plerfotianceinand hee fa thahe h not b nre d e le tin hfoce fdting nfa keyha hot b sues i t jt h me peoe fngtartey loing eslsewre. have jee in t maseo thrert ffer t tis thlo weeg aew. vethen int testi thihr was hater ti ththeee buz a w n e abontheirtihi as gotrnor ethe uzzz w w abo nermaboir goor ain.e w bo >> bl: bma theeasothat thinand saihisesteayn. bat p bryhe hassoat in impd dedsai s becateef ille plasmpdmmig tion ca bil thas aleig bigon ilhaaacto howeigandl theebat anwhate santolleg owe dl hemigration ich not tanatsa eg orthoxy theepubc pay rigrtn h ot tow. >>ill: he th cy servheivesub pa the nserritivetepubcshe .you n't >>l: suprt t crv boresr e feere anveub u tup tor wnfeouanre leslatg toive w iegal alie leat ttotione insteuiti i coals ouof t ie tpaye' tonns ticket co>> aou t the tye hssue aset a ther ahe hue one. a er >>ill: don thi i cld berongn. th i tnk y aren thi nee. >> l: oncaushiit ceall beng th t yrehiffend usll pares. pants ok athatndenday w
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woultheoverr ake re pays aat chi w it d d and at iuleer hav te opt t rathirhan t dimpld iav tay it ava ablet nd iyouatantnpl ityou n op iit va ledo i thiu thats a itu op i fac r. hi ha>> bl: dyou ahink tt races b dunk tevel rflleg imgratn. >>elf neg it's timat >> cumativ efft. i thght n was 'sn t ande iumivff th not asso trefo the arend sti i sh ping no bil t youfoon'thehinkret ha ti anhingo doith h shng il choustia'tty?nk ha no, donan thing so doh hll ch >>iaill:?othi at l. o,on i hiink o at's plus ferry he>>as al:hit i k 'slu fry heppor anity to rea inorty thaoea evaelic bine whh 40%f theha replicrimavaic bwh ters 0% th bil nowepthe coble thama herm cai you menoned rs il ow e mr. lein, ha goi to rrmaiou intoened is f. drai, ng.oi o rnt yh. >> ill:epor tod is flessaihan .milln olla in e y >>l:orods ssn llnlan til ganition >>eah. >>ill:ilkay. w, nion h. a >>l:lso y.e erceion at h a io iologalce cndida h t i iogainseam c candadate isn'it eabouiffence, nsm gornor an tei wa you on' e expin tout to
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e fos rningnfee, goor waou pmaryxp tto li iow a wfoch r yng runndhin ru ping ry liow wener y ectioun campngn tiffe ntrug erdiens. e io but mp t hernfe caidoes hene tut er advaage ai tales theangue h of pple tha tnder and isvae al talkheg tohegu and s he pe ha lkin forerd s lkto the nd he>> bl: his aood inor mmunator >> ihehe gat b h ad comnicar. un isore i gomca is wsome >> w som >>hat uld bhe wor wofme w theom >>t dador he >> bl: s youant dineda it f the fks. >>t mea tha byou seout de fhe peal fg,. >>eahau hatou al are pertn o is aracterender pleisant a ctrsonity. >>ill:hariaticlet? t >>oulde vy ony.hari atic>> l:ri ic>> b l: tt's >>atld verma cn s gogriic f b ts im. maat h chas ainshim go n f gisl.iv hs nsmexpeence n doest kn mucabouorei sl afirs is opece eskn aucissiou. geei m afdviss s oroun ae wsich geis m exaly wt baisck oma diund w econ y. wi resct txathe wresibant h o doest kndi athin abo on wieconesics. t e si the h difrenc i eskn h amain caibon haons.un s ethiheifnc i scesslly. h ai h run sev alha shiorpotion
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sa.c.ssnd ty.k the hromunailuev po toonucce bar k obc.a t hhem luver n emontoecearob sta. h has nev adr a hoton dog carta onasixthevvenuotogar bilon theth is dferenue subctatte no ilhes dreodfaer ubte pizs in audi arn yafahts ere suldizsdi arya be.s e sd >> bl: tt mit be goo phse. mig be goodhinge. i ty b tmi be ooer ted ph. ig ie od ng bil i i d't w tt toarp thisecau we tanto i gil d wto gop rnor er i on'tisnderauande t ograut g i misgoor i'terd fin ra i dot knheth you iis memb thi t iinhase youdokn dowatthou mbhi iholiy inseorouow somhing itasn'even liinomngolid . it hon'day enn exess inew hashirwhenou wepid ho y exere.s i wd yowere ore anhairen wappyp ll l's s e. e you ve mpy allheime l s eded n. >> i eggeu for oortutiesllo bee n yo sho f theimpl eed re ion tget ifrou oanttues beyo tohoalk f heto vers thepl reepub tciftok v s he prary. ub >> bl: 6illi peoe wah it >> pr oy.eill do y fox b 6li neos.wa it >> ill: hat god nam i oll yppenoxg wi theerry n mpai whe>> thel:willt odoam i ese ttle enwihowshery wh aihehe all d e lews w rehect. lauger ] a d weet gim? d loveou as ret. a
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ug ] we g gue b? ves h aue b h shou be sitng he tonht ornirdome pla. oueit h on i'm or gde di't baused ite la. ga meheppornityo be 'm gddi bset e >>orill:tyhy dsn'tee co i here >> y areot gng toet .im >>l: d't co off sy. reu wi not hrow yre g t h f .ftbas. wi yootare owir b tgh. h doe'tatte ba whe eryoe t's b track.bama or mik oe hkabeterhe anodys ckmalse.r ik bil he hs bebe on e pr ramany befeerry and hee. as il e be don fai yprmefeell.ry nd edon'undetand thise ca hand it?doai it'iffent wn yorul. forn'dendresi nt. is cae evnd thet?hingthat i t' tfenk wyo ise xper ncinrand isis. not evhengat i ou t eligisn.erind iit'ssboutheot ft thunni foig predent s li 's sutcking f yoth facin tnilade fheforentli s infan. yo >> bacl: s tckinyourace de the ade thean >> d 't tn. bhat sinure he e.e he >> bl: iis d tott winme. h >> i sot b iinso and n ettyin . folk runn ig fresint isond nnot hess ty lknn f gamsi i ll ct tactssportam pyed thou cctrt pad ugh perice f p a ld of pele wn th ouirstet o ad of h ri the f. l f >> bl: wpehope whe gtherno comeston. o in givyou ahe lite lu b wpe gno goveinor hivkabeu has ait gdip foyouaren. nd ve hbeas g grdparts fo
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ilill pallenneck has a new illalnnkas venre cled wbtv dsen cd inrnetaily svw. ds heas bn wa ininetlyhat s t oc py wl stheet bwa ptests tve tegit atehreaocto t wst pst nason. joi us thnothit freeea t sweanahirt. >> toiy kes senngthre eart the tke en got thiff auyn wahe thi reetwa >> bl: ptests wod we someing kehat. et >>hey mht. if t y wo bd pu ptstwo owe smeeg t. >>otheyfromime m tim.that tuld wopuice. o>> butou s areakin t mheome imat d serie.sly? yesutre in bi, i ts onourhow, don'riknowy? two esars o ndbii onr tked abow, n' thow o omins iurreion. t d talkbo abo thi for thongin time thiss th iren. lkbohir eginng og me isth sothin ini do ot knf soin doknhisrote ngshrou told mons, hositte mutes s bou were t d heed fon a hout be he fery a tgh sme y ke tseeople t serioly. t pl bil let walthroh it who behd,n yrio opi.on o is
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iletalroit beho >> ypi is sehu ste n lrner s>> bl: uons?te paroft. l er it iglob b us? ar i iobaturndou i knowurciu a cod pin w e ow eru r a todin w uisinver i t uinr i egyp wexpostast sing. we yp hados uercortape o sg. s venwead ucoe o sn arnegivi tk. >>ill:heead thenevi serce tion the u .a.>>l: d >> ihe oheer sim balcall n nowhe u . t he i w o talngboutimal howel ow e gog toolla ehe walutowe gotolahe sysmys nopay the blsnd mch noynhe fronof wl strt. et b cera. m cera. ry w lon wtr et pla ceda. c a. bil you hink whe scila oplere fding he p pleilounk who avehese gciups. le fng p e youave o ese gs. sci havyou oueciavu alf-o. yohavell kds o gups. >>ill:ho a the
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f- p ing? yo vethey kre n o payg al the gs. >>l: a he denstrors. p g? no. eyu ha n theayal whekingamils de tr o. weust howehahe wng oily rt wetwe o badca e scen sts t btca he bee rubb now fm sc s t tt h ierneee bbow cra fsliswherthey we t re iuitine peoe an pay graiserey w em 3 retio $6 pereoan wayk to come rote 3 for ts. that$6aser a w couef tonth gometeor it w t pa y ato --ou we'f goioth pay u to wpaomerote-- ainste' oi ll seet d the y oete ast st th bks. w itore o banic.n nure. itve y peoe onhe seetse o iccallg f ne. yeoon stsevolion. e me allsg f dng hriblolen. me b inxpla dinghat thi ally h what he rintslag a.thi lys. hoit i glo l iat r nate. a i'm llin y bilho i ilo s id atthiswo m yinrs a yhatt'sil i sd comi . is al y a oftts is. mi bil porayinalitft ass. dissilisfaorion inth t ecomy bad onshe uairn s. ss fa it n tco n. bathisons aarxi u rrnolutn t n that sis gloal inxi rut its atslonts nure. bil thewanto cree
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archis t nt the. il strheegy?nt rees ch tthtr y? arch you ve t ldersfhe ch u t lrsf veme of e tweeks ago on me msf c satwng weksre notere togo o form mswe asa goi w to llap theote o syem. are notearo rmefor aoio aphet. they asy re opeotyror f ey aal pevoluon. >> fill:nd inew rk mazinehey d a rveylu. a >>l: iw % of the00 tmatney a eyhey a inrvied sa al qofda ahehe t yu.s. are t in samie sa q >> a yea t>> dyou thi thaam the >>omca rporeaion,hich now duhihaheca r s orn,chow nbc becae msc asou jt r mentned nowbc proting camsas t js. big ntd ow timrong >> bl: ty ar tpromin i igdo y thi tha cimcast b tar om ders inds. y no.hi ha think e crybost i-- heyrss. o. thk in ebo iy tt histh t is i sethi th iponteous it i s nothi. th are i pinurntus iot ititu onsre p our gher lrninnstition itus i octrr ateer our lidsinntotion i tre maurism. sy ifhey e so woriedbout theistudt loama wm. ify so i wsedut n
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eioneud aoaually w i ptestg i n f nte aof tllnive pitiest theyre t i onl o fs t thaan vefectiehe p ce ofey tnl o edution ha whyre the uctvers piesllf oduon ythuddehe urss o lame ss? >>deill:o yothinthathe pele tmsels whareme? >> l: yobunkinedat unkepedown telhewhe pas an all o thi k w nk kewhat gn ngn orpa areanllhey o hi k begsed. >> iathinkome g therre do.y me obehem ared. inke ery, vheyo. clea o msomere arey, i valiscnd tnk ea th rea y imere aut. i isc >> b tl: ty arnot llin ththemeahe l iders o-- t are. as b to teart in lea rs. em lt trsling the w ore t toarxiea. tng he ys. no. me axi bil i hav . o. a dumenil avomorki famy. i dveen ki docentsamro i sci haveocts dumen fmci ve anomous i ha den doc fents >>ill:hesenore aus gro s. ha >>hesere a difrentocts gr>>ps.l: se ame orothem re>> hse a we jiftnt grnt h.lth car oem me o htheme are j revutio and hey ahar oem serreusevio thnd rll dan arousrouphat erar ithide, rhey areanusellup t or nize and i thee, ayrel orgized all orvezedhehe arged
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glol. >> bl: wt's e gegeoros faorlo ere. b ws >>geeorgsoro isosonneed fawithhie. thr gh>>rgheros tesne thfountion t thres t fountionhi unon on t tocie and unon coink are o iolvein whatiend cokre i ve ishaalled t wal strt isle jourlccup t"walalstre trjourl." d it ur i-- is aupal frel curor" it newsper. i iu kn a wha it f cts corint wsr. newaper knha t>> bl: s cebodis bind ntat. hug mey. huewer b sod bdoney . >>ugill:hat' mthe .itor l hu nt othe nspap? ey >> >>l:t'e or oe rolut nn.ap bil ovehrow >> ynow, rut clapshe il veow sy em. y >>w,ill:ou s thi cas aps owin memen whwoul eoplwantsyo. sn >>pl: s hi aonce ouin expe mnden whul iplnt expe s ce ixp why uld ey wt t sign ixp >>ou a getng aot i of y d wpeopt tha t aig -- i wt o>> b aet a fry, ry c ar.op ha this as a- wt b grongovemt but, c .ther are oisa tes throeem areut two bra hes terthise t thee.e reu arseeiwo theirstne.ra s tthe isrst oere . ar iseihest. e t oe gwings rxisevoliona gngngry is olcrowna thsry tresint - he ow is th as t
11:19 pm
stet orgizer sihe k -ws evethinsg tt'soing a st on rghe kerws a the peo kehatve arein tsng on volv k. aheeo te otr brrechou wl see on w l tt wilotbrom w ee tnd wil wbe appr to teilore a pay tike. il dpptoe hatpa oneille. b r byan t nenes. lese boplere usel rydiot th wilbe b ughts. e lese up. therwille cosot andthil v blencht in ttreep.. erd thll v conesndill aear vnc t thiseeiceittl th v es ganiltion aharooks e fartl me nion ks reonab. th's w the desoyedar e m te re parab. thd e wrythheg tesyed ould tte deroy e tear eth t ptyld t bil tea artys stdel y te vile i >> is. p buthe edia tri ileaoty dsttroy vi i and did eves.thinthey coubu e to diatroyri doy i ndtheyidre dng tvet nointoey tou doy i eyuntr d t no bil t we e gog torove at t smentown. we h e stre ile go stutoesve n t sntow tn. h s mea cored theea ptuty as pose tto ts. meco aldrighheeck. p areoingo bes se wating t alghk. gbtvre ng be>> tnk yat.g >> bl: kp dog th w k. tv all you theckut b yk's b kdoth w uff l gleouck b bk.cos et me jus f le s bco bes ooeus "kling ses lcoln"utraousl eat ok. "k ngad i lln
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bil i areciraeslt. t you. i ilet aci ou >> bl: galdoets lose anpersal wh sehe b gdos seprotters annot rsgrea wpers ss fo him heille otrs t earsfoim hel her ller and [ tephonring]er aaa aaaaeraaaaaaa ndautrepa?teonngaaaaaatpa ry. hehungp. .whdo whave smany's iour me? y. heng we' li ed rstwh win tve phos boony ir ? ya ow giv us edge'i tyoknow tedexhoanoo gives andge. how? vs dg yoow exwellfedeshipveautoanartse. fr facw?riesrounthe rld, lldeiptotsfraces uney ce ar ed, thugh stom an thall hp us fixars ster c e thh om greaidea anha hyous knoyouxot s erbrit fureea eahee at aaayoaaaanoaaaaouaaa. rifue heataaaaaa. [ me anunce] upplchaisoluons. feex. olutns t t ma er.mance plailus. fe. ut tma.
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11:24 pm
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11:25 pm
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11:26 pm
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11:27 pm
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11:28 pm
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11:29 pm
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11:30 pm
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11:31 pm
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11:32 pm
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11:33 pm
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11:34 pm
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11:35 pm
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11:36 pm
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11:37 pm
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11:40 pm
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11:41 pm
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11:42 pm
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11:43 pm
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11:44 pm
nttotoon exivn cpany >> bl: fendlto oba. e cny bas orall b fhilodlphy at t govnmen the feralba. govementas ollakeslo oury taxovenheolla fal and stventesur plala egasd whdon'youust g toegaslaas wh n'ys?u t y do gt yooaset on t whe. ybe ?ould rdoseyooney ts o t wa he theris n e ld rolluon fey t wa er n roette lu ther fis a genrote erhing ahere is grn gumbe. >>ahmngres enuelis egrsedbe t >>m sure thi eselike td t gbage re hi diosalolksne t chigo evybod gnowsge ectlyow m hdial ks ney hi tes. evthosodwho tswst, ely m ihs y a t. oso i ry - a bil younow at i talkg - abo ilouw i lkere ey abo galingith e feral budg, the aolla. th are gang gamh ing fethl his t.dgth w an ilas thrensanam g >>sambl.g wh an tax iyers mey surean t ng f theonor tobl w is admaxistrrion, mohe re t fmocrheicoroeade. >> bdml: ntr a sn,e thg fo theolks e focrs a getngde b n sthfo eks hos. fo lo adobbetverydy. os billo combbg rit ba wit myhoott wi davry. ette anil om
11:45 pm
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11:49 pm
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11:50 pm
ctuastyive the 50htorore o . my tuffou ifuae he is wheldpend 50etyfffe w resnsibnd. [cers] howesboutib [cs] owheut $16uffi day do y knoabou16 t $16fi ay muff ? yno doouou kw abt it t16 s? ff do k?abit ? mayb haveigonfences the partybnt o ve jticefeeswarn he hote rt o>> cfee j andcern te muf cns.end bil mufns 16ucks. uf co. on,etn $8 iluf muf 1n, aks con,$8uf a ght? bil notoo db. he d nodea at y wert? lkin ilot d e bout n.a y er bil likstew t lain wee >>hat' bauseheutave no il ik ewoblela weeh gernm>>tt' b se spdingecaue to nemhat' theile w chaty. g nm ey d't he sp tngauo tot'pend t ei lg as he g dernm ht ispend tgond t i ne las g>> bnml: y is snd. >> ias surisedou i dn't by go y for s iured t d $2.t goor mufn. bil i w bei t2. facious uf tfel made ail w gooei pnt shocacng iusntsel >>el deoo p woc. i el >> bl: l>>term is evot liral. w wan ore b l govrmnmens ot
11:51 pm
spdingso ds lil. an swarte jonoventewa. anspneitngr of dhem kw srt abo nwa anitof th$1m kuffibo the wrd thi i outhbsess fioverhese he whi ies muf n erseuf it' a mapho >> no ey amall t'you a donikemall mho hing>> o >> g all uonhe $elluffi atnghe g ba g. heres ththir $fit ba o. g roll he taprethir >>% ofhe aricaopulion o llddicdap t >>of acaubstce. ule yongointo h pic them? e yogointo p allheirst. yoin h bis? ishat at ym? wt to yoino? p ll ir wel fir o bi ais, i t n't y w toliev youel ir o[ lahter >> ai t ev oka ou that omeslaromer he dartmt ofealtand manka ates smvice dtm of i clt'td n pve s iceut ion't lievyou. c wou you pike et men i th i't evu. ououe mtat? th >> betou a payt?eck? bil hap to >> a me o t's gay k? >> oh, ilapo t. o no. nos no. g >>appy to oh,t.o. noo. >>pyo calng hluff how out is i i w alou h nateourff aych kw or at i ieek w to crity >> kay.terch ak to cty y.
11:52 pm
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11:53 pm
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11:57 pm
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11:58 pm
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11:59 pm
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