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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 15, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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ti ti one pr lemball f i ohe picekeep rcpret gooye prm onhe ding i e yr, pe buthen ep et casoo lik n th d gey jt ygo wdutn and e asliceik thon't pus j w iood far ce in restg to't usny of the i whh maarbe t tng tn d st to bu ther ois aothe o wholimacs t t t plahere d to bu erif t a pice are ooolitronin lare atto th qui t low pereeton i huiow i oubl >> ahel:olitsndee than you blry mh. a l: it ric as e oceepy w l an u reet prosts m sprdrou thic ws ldoc the w et droonststorsprou taki ove morth whe ofework dst cirs hting skieralveor rliesof ink nhat n wi theci h larngst sal one ing resn oatnwihear rht nne onlbloc g fromur sdios o iimes r nnloc uareom. sos alof ts ces i as esw yo ty p ice reke al t c ather0s yo pe arsts. tang donsttor ose a er stodduri a ars. marta thr dgh str grenwicvill eodri rgetgity arhr ba brah negricll etyu. saniegoy pice bara uneing pper.prayo brk ango pe ug a humeraybr chn foed aund tenby a anum-wal strt chfo p atestds. ateastenneerso waanaltr aeste enemonrato pst r used toatstso a te leavan a arounontothe redo ty's
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mityastonth t al-qda aearso be takg t adntagof tth olit al-q a rscertntyeak i nadag tit rty yem. i the esidt habeen deeraty trng tholdemn.o e idha poenrere in edeattridst tld o an po upsinghaten stast eig on mohs. upngthestig catal, mo. fces yal thpresaenl, one fe on ousa fss l of thes o fon proster illsag s atf lst ne androerll atound lg at nnd ast80. ny we takndato t. w hostals. akdicaoffials id sa's rcesosls fred ca fis ptest sss uing es ri fesd a antaircft psts ug riguns gunire auldntrce hrdn t cityns thr ghou ne d h tfter ton. ty-qae lind milhrantsouave tanver t mh er. aeouthinnilts emen. ta thrfears th m thecoul gainth a gwing n. f tholthrothhoutar th hee reulin of aemen gng folro becutse othe re infabily.en ri? ec o e>> rk: rnionrena ninil jerulem, ri t anks r r on na >>rthe u.sspecl foes heing rum,fri. t ks e l ds>>he.sec fosist ceheg ay, a grouri acc ed o l st dadesf a a ou man ghtscc o vlatis, desowf in amica' n ts vti csshas.
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prideninbama ama' csendhag 10 prtrooen to lp amais i the fit agnstnd t10m. oo afo r a iheear a quaerfiagt t afcenty ar ofhe l.a.' butaluay, ny nt ar hopiof lhis .'ost bal il ar pidelir mueedes t kckou moll henberg i limude ve kou w wi llenrg mo. hi.wi >>i. the 10u.s. roopmo mos y. spec>>l eratns th10 fors.s,opos wl ec be elpiat govnmenndor litaes i cenal wfri tbepi ov en te down ta th ienri t vlent erri ta grep, the lorowth sistcermy, v ont rigrhera,or thas be trori ng tst peoe y, the foa coue ofa,ha be tri teoe e fiout off th100 oopsdes. fi of arridth i0 yps ban on dnesy wi morto riollo i y soan ofn es twi speal oorp fces ll beloen so tofouth sud t tpe o f sntraafri n rpuble ato thethud t rari rbl a he decrat rublideofathe rongoli to pvideraing auppogo pdeai a t noengapo in batenles noinga defse. n esidt oba sa i bieve atateseplo ng theef..s. idobarmesa bve forclohe furerss. u. natnalme
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rcsecuty ieres anduroreis u.poliat andl wil cu iesendei lind sigilfica contbuti towd coter a ig efcarts ctral nt aftica.owco r epentefon ss s t m csional r u. tros if. t nt s t help mon loc i t rcesendethellra a itsoc aderesdea a tssephcone quo er ph innefecte. one reblicuo stregis estis,houg why t in ctpresen deidedreoictris ti artughy t es coress date edstery ev thou it a may be cosse ortherilev ou got to tayeth ridgoo f con. >> hs aidon harti alarlirult rrort. ketisrl aul or ke a ham -arem h you - ville glsimprses chi soldr, ruireemthemou llo kl g eir rent forprxampshi ld r redem k he a v iousr uynt andorhe mp uned stes isdoing uheful v us ingnd her un sbutsgainsng why the u adlnisttion hoseger to or tinf hy hihe thi adstonseto o fray hi nig. hi >> t whi hou sayit's ollowgr a010 lig thiou wheay's congowss sport a i0reas l s.he e ortsngo e sminart the ireatas posy the
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asm. prpa hyslowe's coectis toitchaft e oble htic.we e adco celtiratito thecht rocies coitte lec.y ad elti chhestopr cumbuis ciote sultg. he is at sche ofop cbu t idslt hes sof ink. t >> don lik its ieleatedallo enk.sinci >>on ik waa lile kit a ileon'ted lo ink nc's rht t ban wali k it. i tnk i as k'tnd k r of tant. t i k ri oculo becsee suld lebre wh we w triloec sdo brlebrwhe.e w shodn'te td wh we br ouldt ho't twhy wotheeopl ld that nothe evepl ouratotami. >> rk: srt ur tehershereavemiet r kid s k ow tt thte arersotree to dss id up t forthre llown, ao lea d up nor th ow aea yea n >> a hel:ath hbug. beinrich isn alwsea al: beer. hg. ll, leain whechit cessnlwo bebeg. , eahe carri. be rearchs fod thri c.uple wh rech sayfoth tey val cle havwhg moyay t anlotsf thgs a maleavmo like to veantsth a m utable marr o at m es sse rearchs usaybloney rrs. iues m srintto erorengchyey
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6:19 pm
woul y sayould b sabhe mo 'sevaiicngn, uleeli yayld b the? >> ihink ai thli preilinh feel ignkthhat rein wod hav woulel be tt tt peoe whodav aul t t eo cupywhg wl atree py wrealreee rectontiityoalur aempt bri t oorctti pyple' campgn apt rio tor p we'hing n mpn 196 >> ahel: wndngoun kn tha n bassor, 96at t re a apeopl: whoavenha proemwith sse, wa t a tophoeroteers,rohe th curr t dawaroteers tretes, berrvingdaif ytes wil ifr. kg we beng y heril wifld h k weadvi theperhs todotn sucher w h viherhto ch way- >> n artl: gahea i tnk wwoulhave ay -gani d itnd we n rt gea t wulve niit de orgize a we wld d dermi to rge noiole , toe ae w dmio noletoonvient spirvi as tll a phical nvioirnt.s a thin tugh,h whaalwe had he io. in i th,ha wasngtoadmayb hehat' ihapping to weyboundhat had a lt' pp ofg vernhent antswendt ad a l infftratg
6:20 pm
rn a sour donsttion tha wnfat strringp d tstoublonha w anpeop whowe h trastedng t blom t anopho h sratho be tonvlent re iusedith sroupthat bnvnt iedhe diup't katw. wead a vy har timee di k contwellin aour var donstimtion d th wasack ntinr dstonn thas 19k. >> ahel:nd tre we, say e lst ry dfere9 a l:mes, tir w y t are l you ntim ding reat perhs th is s,appeng i ar thisouurreim dayg rhth tst prhap pether i a isnfilreatesay w e t er papryi toertir the a potiles w you wil yio r he >> iot surther ou a. il and e of thehing w iureraid a d thatof abodyheng tha ws ld ad wron at ady andhagnort an l a ad cati on vlencsndoran n adti in v nc r n tere. in musshun the reside bu usunhis ouphe inotde rainbu. wead se 20s earspf traingt theime w goin we s20rsrag to heego shinon. d tho gro i mo in . spon neouthandro io ihink at onoud at's ink ange
6:21 pm
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6:23 pm
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6:24 pm
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6:25 pm
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6:26 pm
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:48 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
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6:56 pm
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