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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 16, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> od mningeveryby, it'ssu oober 16 i mnger alin 's ocaerro . a c icli scenne icaro n y k ic cecits tim sare ask p olicite tar sarstozs mor pice ary st or cu wl stet so storying nks d de ndcuing wst sotog o s take out ir demonendand g havthe te on o ke is for yoir ne>> d ve: avd whe i casng i on f on tace or> : twhhi c hou? ne nuers e inndorhi tu oou? om e pnupls ein cotung upmptyom pple in phomp mpgn ifers, they ea agn anjefeic, ey a>> me: y've that ight histic m ye y,hat t htarn
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st uthekingy,jr. t memialaretn s he e pjrroperia dedication ettoy. eon phe civilight dsat toy. icon he cil fox frids"tasig on nowx . ri"s ♪♪ ow ♪ > oorning, everyby. hi >>ike:ooeemsrng,ev le were hi st h e.>>e:ms dav we were. wer me:ye. >> have:.nd wmadet ave rethroh t cc m wyell re >>e: wde ro w wel anag to make it to our tes. we agbuiing. me i t thurladyn r is a uig.nd thdyn layt isrr. >> asyn:nd y're ying weade thrytou herr. a prn:es ye ngecau se ty dwe be hrn downt w all st prest's au lor madatta band ty've wn w l vedpot' t es ua relo tmahatatd t y' couveehe dpoua cross tros ouhe o c tss srl > da: inur b rdt alin:rlhe da minajorur b touris m calin:he is mor here inew ur york mndca the werui ersruinive. we'ltellou w trk hapnd tpene w and fac l srurte. w 'lll w turapne d ac srt w hdlesec
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se oy wa strt hatake appantly viontecsend o u watrha ke tu palllyiocr the u wod. tuhe l's srt right heren n orkcit 4eo el srtig w hern n rk it arresteed stery. w the pst s in re tes quer witheostly ppl pe wst iidet out c ontrth latetly i whe et ening ut petrle wee bushetedftot eng pe w dispusrsg andft tyg o topple pice b risperrs inan g dto tolenhtan. b ri tw onic wer onhta urt in ttwhis oic w scufe. nowcrsurhet tatslanticome uf is nowstahe ofatntchao is protesteta t ochfing chrs pr es temari store w tinchinws ign ars fig t say iris ctoorpo wrate i grd ain al ig i tqualityay is cpo antethr rks a nd bgrot atles atin poli i whoquitesyponded w th anhr r kster aca bno. est lk tliho tes sceponeed hhe. r cano thes a nlotk pteafu tlce. prests esanor pe. eaful in prndts fincienanor on i slightly fessenll a sghsera thedull ? asera hell
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seralcuffs ledo sealff fivedeo arst peoplehe fook to the reets. ar teo united eatessoioong t ter e iran'ss.uc proam tnid es r ir 'sgain trying poro gamet in torsin t rgeleaoseet rs rea ased cents goblesyou. > thank cyotsu. goes >>lisy cou coninyo >ha nk wh'sappe >> in syis ou on olat coury. per d lwh wpeith n mo atou. what wpe d n t l wh owmo rorte thahe wee we n after the tror lot a redte c tked w up b the aer ranith g toverrenott cwasd bunvehed, t united ni g atesaid t wod trt s rtheveisod,te t ute ir . es dwo tr o y, by hesoskg t.n. goubli co why, s bylagssif tied.n. i el tgohali tcir ins speors las thif shoie thadti tha tir i is ran is thho ha exrimtingith clea weon in teexnologyim. ng h ea th spokmaor the nationatelnogy. suritcounl sa thok yeerdaor quo the uniatted nal stastes itlievun thasa a yedauo t mpnired nsiv as evha a assessment wld mpreivinvaluab to thesssm w inteat iol counitand e coiniderluion of heiran's te at nueaioprcoitm.d co erallonhis ve c odayanrom
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a stnuy them.ework tim lls c whicayalsoeporm tha sthe t im ad o the uicsoorha inthenaon amic antgeasau a cleg ssi ave dat aasut an's ucl r ata s thesive d pas ' cl's wriedatfe dohe. thera n wasld k them t. wed e d rdoht. now, utng t e wld k poheibm m otives a r iw,ra t l the u .n.ntohe mtes untr t c ihe ohe l tnuclher u.ivieshe a tr t so cthing elshe tba ma cliv ie smini arati is rrie abousothin acclsdi tobahema ni ti s rk tieimes ou t a ic t hsh sanctis mig jac hup osh ices i the u. a eop e ncti anigmakeac oin d es i o tfn. a eope ec icaneckey even me diffnultnd a say the ec reas eonveobny ie the oba ma fft adnisttionhe hase as yrwar iwith thisba ima about adnistonas e ran' s narlethseans progrbo readis bause they thk n' n at aeaer tns unitegrd ates adld t bsehethhok world ara tn uteades t weaphoonorof ms deructn n back iadn ap mdect 03baand didn't fi anythat t inteatnalommuannid mig d n' not lievfiwhatny wate've tot to te somheniigig not tt stevat wve s videe,alyn n >> asyn: boy th 'sde sham th ak yon:te fhe's
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u th yo develmentin t cas otef f issi b abue. evelnt tasir on.f p icesin bans ty qutiingir an. peocn helestys qumatigamed jnnoc t heless am poed doi oddobs thneigorho theight th lised doiapddars nd thighoheht th unrelate crgesnd picear ind sin is ' not a unla spe ates p eth mont n s n >>e want atoday tal k t him >> nan mort lesod taynal wkeidim sobo wiv two hounsesor esn w e own. sowhathe rultasiv i t'tou s kno allyn. want str sathe rt 't guy i snoot a lyan srssuspect. y ali in: rsht n the gornorf miour is spt. sein 25 emlibe r o nfhe the go or miatiural grd hp ryse to be ond lf ttlehe lisa. ti g now,yehsterpday,he was a l a e sa w,yeery,delopmenast, ayore a tchi jud pirro's swdeloen youyoaw break in hiudneolicpieo' sw sech an abaundawed h bak teolr receving tip a boutsenband h dier s a nd rng t bipkp akutound dier a si the. at smeou veryig fi lastthight day lice sreme very say ng stthht leady urneceout o nothing, s g t sta tunefor re adne t delopmts toughtthin tahene r moin
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depmg. t gh e grnd zo moue h to y uprheov mo on gr z mo r heporo ts t ha tupco n-edison ror t told squeevop theco oweed on1.7 t mi ion dlarsn bk ren tt we anthre1.teni t erminaon drs b thkeneatnd tanreni tackhe th nd operty. t c-e os hf a r e oy. to tos dceloper os df r o raed the r d feler 2800d mont to ra t f 00$4000 a momonth? $400 whomo >>lisy thas que a ho >>syachaqua in the re. >>inave: tak te l at freme.r >>e: take esint l at i ge bush hsh us to own e rgend st nht us topn t rhegeyound ge n itdone op t ady it lk ge ey do 15 i. t k rgersyco 9 rs inhe third i15nnin. to utrrscout i ohe ir i rinch and the s world seri apprancn aow arndnd t lostasort y as rippnonc n aow a thell staceit yr m awauksee or s ui hehatllas veritha mfuluk g s
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get t oted var bau g is g wet overed t ir ginngver mik 15 . wha dngo u thin h eikas sang tthepi re ha d couldin has you help usas the ret. c ld>> ve: ey h a uiveelp mike wou py > : t h e. the hadw cveatyiot . cced s iet sd a cveat iointeresng iertion and ed suld gatame ler ntes itodaer. ti nd d yo wastcd e l>> isyn i dn. da i n't yoow h i msed .wa >> m e: t ranynrs b k i . it a in ti st ec hd mead i.n a m tan b i a t ea i nro >> de: ty lo to e il and omeh get ack on a d t mlolio dela nd prollehets a li dinla ric kpeillchth in in ita ecickei ch i theneath. ck, d yocatc a of eita ec ga las hethni t? , yo tc> o f dn't. >>gaave:as shnit?ll gh t. dn . fantastic win>>e:orhe sh ranghrst. nol r ya nanatstithin he theorme pren an ol>> h did you likat ith yes rdemeay? en i led h dit yik las t nig es wrdas ? l itast nfantaic. w >>ave:weatwi? sol an nic. >>e:we? ol nic night t otes >> sid. > da: nee ndhteaito esea tho f s.ks of da
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>>ee tdt's enoaigotog to happ enho f f yik st tday, as g t mirppay sti uchl. y e testeratdaes a ayou' king stich up te at c alu' a osshe nor thng aarup inhe s toclnd soscatterhe or ar shers rossartsf the he s grt las an smaybttmoren towa s thshens trss platssnde grla an ybone re thi i was tthoo enry,la none is ge ng thio ise t ay, hu roneemsor i yoose a cent l hurt of emtheor uny, mid atlan c lking ntt.l of actlwhatunou sy, mi a yestanrd lng m ort.f e tlat sicaloiste seaming st in, mnd this wie get he ie al st asotmi o t mst n,nd ts wi etscre inheiie aoss t a m st stern pt o re count arys thgh t rai wl re turnst nt o tuday oudnntday, and th t aithur way f parre orntheas tu ay the ightdnowda a sndil t ur fwhatar youe sas ye t sohwescont uingato be y snicend aittl e byestf motusoesntngbe sea mingce i aotl te f cifi northst j usike we s eang sayestoday. fi ortempthatur jwiseuslmosthe w me. coolg dosa a lsttleity. ac ss pmpts ourthese cosore o . ol rdokies l eextmely warmohe ac p oe sou ando i n ct r ses e axtlyar lmot o ofec ou bndro in a crosshe lsout ghe yofou've snro f t a oss date in this utyear . e y'v eand pnce te inhisar like arns nd p ce tas downward t l soe utheasnd ou towasow tnar t
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so kaheas city cng d andow t enig changapns oka cy tungday dnd t a b toenmro ng ou o o n dlas i tyhe t 60' ro and tay t dla w iay for t a f days 6nd and t fee he coole rysir fierin in acrossee theoo ceral part otheou ntfiryin i a anoslet'ssee the rain me cera it all eright,nt ryys an t' e thehe r g med tng i abollut tgh rld s ie t g tngbowr t-u w s't have eam wr here a w hsnow-os a reconstant raou. ow owns ns tntast wirallou sy n arm. tas wi >>lisy i kyw th. >> de: tnks, m. >>syod kay mtharks a d ts, verod mar spe acial day a er y a kn. pe italhe d ded aicion the kn d r.itheed tartiluer kngjr d. mori in shinon dc. whtih kis oflujust koue ofrin rsin d from nowhkiof st > mike:e rsroo mar e more a himilega: wre jnedo are re hi ga s wniree. . alvit in "howe. can t drealv owan dr sve" a veryood ok. s door.vea ry d ank u fojoin g us . ie n b donr. dn t sk foin ius
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i n bn s e meri, sms perfu, it'poweulnd it' lik sms m beuse wasp vfuy t' werong mannd a it' lery bee as humble nganer hbl eman. so it's n. nestl so bween the i heonesents neathe b wwee t aisg o f thatonen n hee mouaai tghe mount oainhat of ope,heal ouy of t mnt despr, b ieve t doe, calture ohef sppirit of d k whobveovdo thhelords he oved t heri o d pe kople aho i bievehat th rdopleheilov be t bpessop ahe in vet ey go le e alin: a yetdr.he king here s li l aitettler.ontrovsy abouthe morleckiause somereeopls said lha hee ov wouloudne 't borl csertab wit me plmethidg is he uln imp bosingab aitnd thisg gthere. mp inatg do u thk h a wld makef ?the. >> ouo thhkn wow has olkeuty? tr becse hsimou wandkn tos serolteoynd tr iec h smay to s il en ato a sll o y usnd n t s to miil a at's a twonderl ibe, b imit' pot's ubndit for nibote,av bg i m m. po if h weitorree'gde stim. hing whee w tha helwd e s d becau h did not wngto w tbe reiz.
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b heauante t dott se ve.iz. otha she teue ave:herere ao somee. ohas ue gre: thare asohe ha sculpture marialcamerom ina. we wt geintohat. slp reyou ntiod thfam maalmem a. wgeto t. u asioctthm ande asctndant to hear yo peanpecttoe. >>'ll ll y thatven h r th it yopect c m>>l f yth nch a, it c ki l a,r. a of uman lity a all ane o commutynd h um at a loe n l om ound h. d kinloeas a wderful man withnd a c youeel nse odf k a wdeul mhumo wonrf th coul ceer o wo fulmofath w wondeul c unend he made isworencleth w unnd hknowe m re hencnd mey dd, ow he maz king ad az king nmi ty well pares inur les andven n y do w to th gr dpen. rein lason aul n, gre at do tth preher, genat. ense gre o mor,relover, a g goose sce o r,ve gtatopio >mikeso at di.pi > i wike i h oneow. t d hi.caedou wi hne.
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specia ed thouk ofwhe yove beec y rthofamwhyoy h om fir bbed yram h ring t fiv right bbed memen todado y t thi youivlige men damoti yhiou. >>'llee emiol,nd knoti he' >>l ae wdeul l,nd pce noalle h hvenit a of wurdeul amil ypemlebers h intho a of veon before amusil emrs i wtre going to veonef sepo rtin ma inw a gndnghrtind'm sport hemae,in mot aheraomi indserend wee g nghe to otbe lkingaomit is er e gnd who gave swe gng t marti a t nkgin gho ghatsing had m dre. t >>lisy it oks ke yin ad ha a ne dafor it re >>fsy t s yur t hawa ndar poitstpone as you will t remeer bec po rranerene w ouill movin bec so t rrene postponednd sov op wried because woret no losgeoninhesummer k op wed ec arseback i sc lho. he su erople a acarkck a scwot le a on'ttt tache cwds tha two deserve s 'tdatt t int cestiwdly e tugh,ha it was dererat t mordaia yesteay nt antither ewerh, imaasan rt peop m andoriate aanskedererhe pmason wh asopnd grdgthis aed so gone rewh theasre tatrdygis
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peop herall e ti. go rehe sd thhee ar tt peoplye operl ti sthar p plcomie back d foh althe me a i bieveincet's week d rimit in bhe mdlk efoale a b chuverccehs ime a ek sriin mdl we're in g hu hav te aay too, e' and p is thein lg oravd wle wee toer b ut i tnk an p tishehere l w le wl beany pweeopleheer bt t tay t . w >>eave:ou syaid hplouhe be proutd of . e: sdhimemorial. ou woulfhe bprouat wt hies ifmo haleereti reul bou obvusly whave a la i heti psint, t woue l ikev lyve holafar w e've cein t p , ouorhi le t hahor w ye wld t imagine wou t bothe ldhi agine ou > wotha heou be pleased ouhiis tt pele a s wllou b p asokin peoe s ll h e a tpe a dam. wou n otin l peeos t ho a dmori. izednt ne h e wouou ne li t forhe wdsha h e ri ed usted h wu olior eoudsgeha use t us speso agn. eouge u sd i ink at'shy i a e s od taghan. ts tere vei nk 's i theime,utha t he w torha t re ar tvere a esout hhaet w wld ar still a be prayin h woue sti b fu il be wouayld outi ti be ouencourin us tseek outha tieae co t s tek out t utlo ha i lieveaif h were hereit
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ht o u h w ousa i doevt, hreonere b ld au mon wumen tosa doout, byou ado mt neen myo ag remberouhe wos. so t woru ds ao nethy tagak e tierme wos. y go and tor r aea he t ake wo ys. g nd mik r a gat wl out 45 wo f ik g lg wl 45 f lg a 14 or w 15iffent qte a fro 1m he spechent . ki hav qe a groatay he oday. sphe e njki.av e >>hankayyo h e a ay g d nj y>>nk a g oo. >>lisy howporfy. >> me: iwille an . inte stin>>syow.y. m > idavell: i anink itet'in a dy. >ve i thk a iot ppleught do sit th back p andpleatchnd lrn si b anovndnor hchuckabe sai ldrn lieno t spee es ovno hi lkarned w iidt klio tsp befor po rful lpoweedul. w i alin: is a teat k or po ulemiweder.. li iona t that loft n otier. halo l bring n it dn to rth. l> mi: bmongy. d>> ansyn:o moy art po ticsmio t left lof an:mo iss. a thnumb s arpo csino. t left ofyesrday the cpa nsss thmbar in released es tayihein canpacinsl repos anthiss legnifedant causit eie in yonwho up, ho d npondanis
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e neifwt us e tha ayoeao dyp, who d n owes on end wnehaw the ha nns waveenpe esing ndeir wney . t >>'m urniss how fasntpehe g moner y cy omes in a>>'moes rht is h as tck o ai ne com i n hey soepe r ihtt fastlik e oai y mt pe iast ik omne- >> t trsu. mlisyt it'le you r ne - t m. >misy: et'xactikouey when m >mi k ect a i town. en it r kne has s 1 ilon. wn ck p rry, rne h.2 1 . ll n. p y, spe jt 2 lln. petmiio >> ve: atuts r 2ic pry in > : eelnt ric posit n e p bins getnhe mesgeo resat b ros pauletould mowell. es 8 milon quiroteul ald ulwe, . en againpe a a8wfulilon l ui ofitul, ainpe a a ul.5. >>lisyof andhen itere e candidatesn ou . >>syndn ice le bandmannsesn a b le trobalenn. a e raed 4 mlion dolars ro s hera spent 2il mlionli drs dla. s s sai tughpeha 2ilon s's dla prd s baiau ther the avagmo that a d divieral h t avhagin, ihink vi h s $4
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soa lot i ohifhe candi date s$4 so ae pray--ot thhe is rea cllydi gtesss rts o n e that a--level. ths >>eaike:yxact. ss r tsthis os whn's ieresing, at lookvet hma ca>>ine:ctmb is wh ie iesng, lotf tokmapos,utcamb look at is mo iy. ltfs,ut oorai ad 2.is8moy.illion and snt a s.9ntf itbut hs dng ll witfho aiitbu mt s d ngoney >> ave: e hall h w say h m ha had aeylion olla>> case:ha onand d y son i ad that eughon tlao casampaig n tonod yon comte at e joh mcc tn w caspain tghe econ y anombustg ou tjorecc w th heheno onneanyst souit can tre pp eone a se itgo t he ppe omin tatn. >>lisy he' ctred in >>sye' 5,0edf h o mey and a0f wlthyman.nd a >>ave:nd htsm coitte d 2 w1/hy milmaon o his m>>ey.e: hm >> asyn:tehat' 2righ il ri ois s tom. isn om aen:t'gh ri naialrole s ato w n iowsn now. l>> me: aro thale numr n sn'tw.-- he m ahaumr 't-- eaid $60,000nd sptaid ore tth.00nd >> mik
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aspt nt t ik a ose.t >>lisy there tking ngabouriho t y' spe in g e. mo ne>> andsyhe tng ouakingritepe claims tmoo thne tnd tune o aking msth t t240un00e ou he to and wt 40 youee d hto ndo be as oud campaigno bes caaignon te, b prite je thecaet aipeive. ca davgn whe tyou' be tri tjeohe go tnevapeiv new avhempu'ir te, uth ca ro tnane ew hermn ca ltmp nirightn t h ca ck ee sw tarminca l nanswerg nme ois cti ck s wh i comes sw theerg o 9-9tiax wh pla thhe bgest 9-9 critiq la critisth ofge 9-9t llcr it rtheid class aitndisf -9 il hllthe or ss he ht i s w rorpoed to he the goverr st nit. i >> wt a poeed to eotov of ppleni t. do wua erstdis t o-9 pple do st pl aisndheal tax piece pl a is repcentaltaaxx. p ce e're goi ng r to rla visi blereaxoihatre to rla emdded i n asieroduax ahandt em in du sevices, withib tax and as a sece ritulhtf ibax d ath rultf fmgoi
6:18 am
to tthakut the invisib flemi xes so tut t invib the cos g dsso ll gdown a they pay t c g tds gwnheyayet tax thewit sentialletot t t pg a mo seecaullse we'reakg the ec auinvible'eaxhat areak t emdd and wvilaaxngtre it wiem a v ale tax o alang i9% wi v ax retaal ta >>alis:9% hs l you taal gain. >ike:ise's:s yostme in>> d.e: he s>>ule:hasve lostost me d you h ul hait wt l fosrotm ou w fro splto--pl iisle --taxes. > isyn taxes tha oire tails. in n i nynaxhe tre ihepre. >daveand vern huabeesens that tpre. ved rn pr iceshu wileens chae twnnd erpresil 9-e 9. wn i n't ow hnd 9-. i t houeoi to connce erices th it goi to ppen hons sue ppicosedth itoio en ueil a lot hsu mored i don't knoin uei lth-- > w tor ibo dnoer n in not
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thing-- wtbo to io an eeinms n gnt t stay inenneeeo ee semslloo at a b ook tsitagng, i n nethineeik that, buse hlleoo at b adessisethat lastight in what, huc bee, h >> s state have ucbe ce,ng to e schede a s>>to s wtan h they're ing old he sed as o imary. sometate th a're sg llryghe d id eimy.heth me ttey' sll gog t u seidth ppo trty'nal go alcaon u f wever wins venausinnetake al all. wevins sve wneke it's neal i h s w t'mpsreed t camign eason leing to p ri rympre t c n so caus sleeasog no a tt pea at s tate caikuse s tsoennnesseeret oingo ve m atte big trss pact tnghan ty m hav b haradionally. ct t ha no, ityak a tavhe sense i n haad iothe nawoy.rl tpe i a teen s t e in tesee. s t >>lisy karrove ayn at'slat ong. i teanese >>syarvenoayws a l it tl'set g. i meg no a l meabout- he intouervi wh ovnor ntckaere.h >> asyn:hat'happed ere e ovnorcoention al a ndid aes in:the t'ce app e think tcacoen do on id ie a uncoveiol instra ttegy. ca o
6:20 am
d ka rove saysou still co ha toralatey. by the karuovs. say ou > smikeandeihe haomolament. the ' >kendhe mont. ' ghe9-9 pl. dav she beeoowa 9-thpl . avhe bti. owa e's ee n t o sthcaroli, . nehamhire and n ev as e sca ess,, he's anem lre aga eayo go s,inhe's ter ams ofaiaing thiayso go bnce,er wlfllaiai ng>> m te: l's tk abute, w lmethg th hpene m l t yeerdaon t cvycouch. th ithot hicneed some yeda t cvycoemistry, i ot icoun'tomring iemt tr. istourri i wife w chisin bwe wund wch jia u hoh. >> isynor cldave b faw ng.ynr dav b shes a vely la. >> mik s heaw. in av fhea ly .oe. ik > sdaveit ites ttt ios a>veem ttt is -- t two bigoie thi week t tigo t ee kootloose ahe in "t tlinses "t s reme ter reke a r
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6:22 am
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6:23 am
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6:24 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
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6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
nnw n s♪♪ >>heas an arica hero >> whas f aout ari t heleressl t ft f tghtel for eality a ldiht to or eny asegregatn. en . msetieglutherking, jr mti mluer than ail rhts ki, on he m thaasnil rhtscl he asdoctr,hank y for bing cl wi us. tha you or hcting , ha y i'orsolangd to be here wi >s.mik c grhaatouatio h bg i' lae wadono are new >ik cgrat iochildren'sbook y wa ancreew ilen okmartn's yrds f amic reay, rts rd f reallgrt oknd ea at w notour rst. >>hankou. r >>ike:hat t sok the mssa ge wotr t. >>nk >> e:t s he ofhe bsak,gector >> t mesge, well aua ll of he i bve t orok tes t, hewefirs aua bo is "mi t tncirs ma 'sbo big"m hea"he secondnc bk is"my b un eea" hert'son wdords fkor i"my er ca"une inrt's w tds
6:44 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
t a phaym lize t heymlie tchk, you now, t about ak,ou checkhat w, ter a hadbo returned c ck ha insufficnt nd ernd adso tu ed i'dinffic thindhat he stloldi thahee stl to t satamera, we you know to wesa came lon gwe y, yut kn we'v g ong way to c.e l >> mike:y,ut 'v tt'foonsure w. t doct , qu mkly e:re'm rut'info osure ofme s octqusoy 'm>> ea tha t'in ookay. of mike:hen uy. s t o eaha somay a m . mking'se: n niec >> y. >> m e: womt ishe actm io ki's ey w t to hec y a nd y tou m wisct you w to>> t hy y anddoand it' azi ou cause te' just ruldoaran i pple.zi we l eusee'ustpeope' p pe.ple l pele,ndheyop alwse' wtpl to kw pe we, do you rem aber st abt hi d kw w dsoyou that'be why abhi irote y thahy iyroy uncle main b ig heart" t mor ule imrtanigtly, i whean mchoren t reallimy uanndery,st id w th h eid t rll ay g uaterdork thid and aat a
6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:18 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:23 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:33 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
move meth eheowed wnsomen o to e li morme fuln'es tha n iven ow thede wasent liorul t hanhioral the t won ha- maiageas anecessity, ioral asn'an woha- onma. ge a ne issy,der gai soc ia n' stnding,onnd fanci i str ilitai youad t sattaoc yourlf t ast mag, fci d n tstit wouomen ttareble tyoour t acieve n wenblhose t things n tir ac veown,t mes theessho tng t lely, an,nd m ty theessst t l y, a by thappie- >>ouon 't nd ben an- pp >> extly. >> ou on dav theainsdyhe won's>>exovtlemen c nc edav hensy wi wos lseovsen a ofnc medy wi brethn, mseingess of myoney re minand paresly t datg po is ler meantouons le guyd sre tatoipong the lrongmeants l g oihe dictionen you didictioioand u saaru on men's ecom ddiinioced sa are psing i nti time. s d arine wcee going t oar p esierti. ar weimoie wh eer m' econoc wh m miconais actor >> wcoulbe. i sethaall the ti . na a manor w fulri. ds i nsehal aragti an. co lean whehe fom i armakiagng moran han he ma cole w anomd i ihi t hat itki-- m
7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:45 am
th teinou lrs tettoleritter. th ere re rublins le yoselfalon wleudy. e ili rani,lind l yolfondemocrs, hord ii, governormo eov rendell . kay, e wha was oenll impo ant th y wand to kay, w itas t prent obpoa?t th y w >> coude o ingshi p ob ga?ou was >>ou desig naedin as a rrgistasrganatioin t digd a 1rr0'st as aan siotrat tegic dice to talkith t a a iria snsat. ic ious thatot halkn' twork. itas kt onirhe liat aer us ha th h ihe bn'ierk if it t kon l a weeraken offhen tth bief t anwe wouak getff upsetnnd t dohisike sporthe an ouet tepsortsn i raq a end se srt te ior's itsntn i iraq w ach ofen crse,they'reoi i iq wyw o. t s gcupe,headreeeoinersecute iyw. t gir. eeercu thehave a groi o o. the who aereve aivgron o encpmen inhe hoir a a areg now incnen an a are of beng i reay lif terad bgyhe r iraqiy ar. >> alin: ifa wve sraee bnhe iqi som evide e tt mali i already wve s beapping. se etaromdgvi tma jlr wdyan betoppg.ef se far our vweha jt w
8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
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9:00 am
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9:01 am
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9:02 am
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9:03 am
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9:04 am
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9:05 am
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9:06 am
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9:07 am
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9:08 am
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9:09 am
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9:10 am
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9:11 am
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9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:15 am
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9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
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9:23 am
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:30 am
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9:31 am
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9:32 am
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9:33 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
oueselveou wn aonier ouve pan of digny an diipli. p fear m fatgnran dili sangreatust ha a sae ricalt ha revutiof vaes a a ralevioorde ng ova aur priotiesn th our ioesthat iearyathe sing a w irhe dica thi sg wmoment caehiustmont radlyent t sift fm ray a fa t oentesoci sy tt f a peon oentesociy. fa oteci t pe oteci i ar my fherying i m one frf thgreangiabities ofne our th ea hiory hatbi allesf toour man hi y opleaitll tooanrema leawak t thmaugh eat perds osoci chge.ak thh ter oci ch. evy sociy, he said has i ev oteccirs othee sa h itatuquond it ec fra orniteof t tu odiffent witra ait t fft wotorus a r slpinghrouor slngvoluouon
9:43 am
but toda hsaidlu our tryda surval dendsn ou hid ality ur sta rv ddsouawe, t aty djus totaew ids, trema t usogila a id t to fema thela a chaenge f fhechae. thes hagerds,ha es driingith tths, andonviions mch nrigh as th wer anvi wnn mch nsrigilly pokether wuld,f wellowthm,giy pkepel d,we usowth intm,tion pl acon tt reonds tonton t ac tredso dionte othe tdiinrite dite oe conving at wdi stainteogetr seenvngg w ata dtribedet ee a inhetancfor dall.ib acon tt he refncctsr url. ac t commmento no along aefs fos on mmntno a gailong athino detefoon us froai in cpassnate tesro gagi c pessle.te acon tt gie. rerbetes th a ac t coon dsi for the rbes a conife datiosioforhe eedo acon tt feio ronat wit hedo ac t r at it sconnted msesuppong cialonhangedand mspoemon rati
9:44 am
al ng d th we elertontiurin th thie sert time of ecomic revinutio andhi so say me ifcoc evioclnding, le tsay w ik cltogeg,er, chledren andotet wk geary., cht uenndorkgeth ch ldre y. an not ut wey.kth leuschre sanugglt we tother le ildr, annot t sgltoerwey. let hol ddrannt tgeth we chil en, t d noget il, not y. let fhtutetver it tot ther fchilen, dot g r wey.t to er ilt mo, of g wel,e mu mofray togeer, ildr, oru we ll t weyy. ge, dror andnee y wee'll all be ab nd toay -- flletllla. b fr at st. to -- fet thkodla frt .mighe arell th kee alast gh goarblesyou. ast goesu. pplae] la >>plea welme marn l>>hereael ng ariii lr a
9:45 am
ompa ed by andre iing a apaylandrerene king andneng >>fistet me >> thk godfi for m ethpporodnity t b heornty t bhe th day tha many inuratio th woayd sahaa i in theabba dayio wosa ihebaay to ehndverigniry ereerni nd ioulday thas evybod ildha evod everody,ut to ery,specllyo brotrecy har johon otndiar stfoh fhe tiress rki to
9:46 am
stmakef fhisirs memoial ke isemlrealy, we rstlthanyou.ale tl ansou. to the mtin o lheher mn ki fountionoard lrndki i unon rdshar to eh and evyar ean contbutoev ery rporion t, phaps mostf nttoll o y orn pps st tmass o erics wh tss ohose to ic cowhribu to this effthat se o uld t be cobuoerehiffutt by td be e ntritionof m ayome tn and rion mmili. so w aeme thank dachfou ali w ery haonefh you onehal af oy fe y endreoua a o oal odahter re a o yonda daerren we y thk yo yoaene thyo toda we'ome t parcipa in tdase'e tarpa ueili t cerony to uliy fath andery t celyrateis thndgacy t us noteltecy fort that us n haid or
9:47 am
thultiteha pce fid o th ctivil rits. p was f o chaio ofuman cl ri .righ and asociahaf jticma for all ghnd ppleia reg jdlesicsorf lace pe egnderesf sualce oentaon o natialit er sl ota o tiit weus sandup for socl wend s d onomorocjuste. 48 omears agoy fherst 48 soo inrs go isicity in trhado soon of ieninco tdo moria af g ave aco eechhat so mia a ge a resate choundt he r. heaidese that h nd . hedad a dreha h tt wafaitin a dre oselv and in our tt wait olvndn r couny, we ll bble me o of aun mntaie o be deair, sto of ohofpe a tt m ai othah we deuldr,tof ho t ebl toe d ansfm the dcoureof ur sf he na don iuro aeautulymphy of na i batherodutphnd isteood th witfai bere wod b ableo wotedtoge erthtanditiwo ud b r frdom le wogetothernd knong u that ne
9:48 am
frm da toe woerd alnobe ee. at >> daightwoal >> i . ht repe >>is wds bause i lievthat rpet imp wtantdso bse i ev atphase th whit's gatmpnt to he asth thissemorl to his h memo and it' gre t tor t heis a monatindalt'olidre t and is gat h a hav tiid seetsnd i g andchoo a av sts hoitalnamein hndonoroo a all ov ourhoalmeatio h andorllwor ovurio it nd also imptant t notrlace toot muchmphas on sompnt mtinotceuthe oo ch ha kion, th mnhe idol b ki nth enoh emasisn thedeal ofol b marn n no luer kg jr emisthalfar lu kjr sohile weommerateis mery t ay wsoh thle gatemete mori , leme us t n wthonfu g nor foet wt h rilestood nfu for and diedor. fo w hod fnd ed. theoungeopl arod t sengpl naonro t oanizg a na ver intestin but o lizas ner rget tein theut i lal n ethe i haveis
9:49 am
fe for, h pee,e uali , jor, pe ucatn, linonvlencjo at nvnc dect housg a an end tar eceoung us annd tar peonge the oupy veme, aloverhis untr and eoroug ut the wor o arey ekin mealers tr d ug torre injuice. sticfor e eloye sechinforonthjue. for icobsr eye d the am g thseinraventh or ven psin thamthdespr.en n juice r wspkinglasseopl arinmakg itju.e juste wngsspl finorak mdlelassolks sto an't ab toay the f mlessks a trtgas.boay he sticfor elds ga terfied ic thr thereosi thealue oldfer ed ei thhesiheavin anueheireah re juste fo theinnoungir p ple sthofoheng gruaterom pcoeege, are empled a grte burmnedcoe,re by stud t lo spl a thecann rep.urdy udlohennep juste f eryone w are simp st a fskin t eon wreealt a mp ain tcorpatio to y thr fa shlte. a rpioo thfa
9:50 am
sh u e, setim weget cught up i the s braime ot m cht fher but fort i tohera o m fus o f therut or liefof mfath.o f ohe ef mth we mus sta u f socwel a mus onom jusce. as a staeopl in fhisoc a omus. sountpl i ha losisour vent haosr e, o tr for. as matr of fact,ou c make ohis atrumenor tt e haseatf c t, ctimaly lt our kes uls. aen t he we'v lost ur ma loous wn s. s at a 'vst w-yeaold, s49 ear- d a blk majame cra aersoead, wa btall49r- blmamera aso bllurded in misssippnot 63 butde inin ju of ssppt 32011ut.n wee lo ourjufouls whe i11ee welo ur chdrenullngls oerhe i childn an you chen teegersll kiing ch cld 'veou losureersig r. s lse wnos priss ararowt iustr s a w nthe isonare lledvery day isar wt wiore itr a e one ed prypleay thany wi othe p e inhastriizedatio the areth re bck arown fksn prinon trin inedio here bco aege. wn fat mt chge. >> yes,pr tinyescoe.
9:51 am
m ch . wee lo our >>s,ye souhen we thlounitur stas supme ouurt,n thsupre la th oitthetaandup t, deded rown th vprs.lahe oend ded wn v tertnmen rt aenociaon to stke dn th lhat aia t regutes e sa of v lentst dth l tvidegame to gus ildsan.f v nt've lt urdemeoouls wn 3ld arse lfls w 3 fil subl poly ve redced reg fssiil txl ol brks f the ic ed wdileegsi t eaki t bac of bre po f.heic we ki tacf po unio and t mideclas iond sendg thcoun ty aorldid inton eclcoasmic cris ndwe'vth losun aurldouls to ehecoc we cr 'v osntin to ght ols ware that in o t ha warauseha haseos us $3 u tllio and st tusan of eric$ tiond lis, iqi t lanesf ndicotrs. weust and upli for iocia a l econic juotice.. we t knowde'reporia a he t c ebraon ju e.e li of my fatowrre and h t ccommraorat my f her utlify wat needndo try tive mmat fr lke whim, to ed loveike ry thim,e lhindm,o to re le
9:52 am
ve hie m,o l hi ye my therada drem. it w a dre tt hsaidas yey er a derely wmbeddn thre t ame hcanid drm. thprob m isde t ameca ed drm ofthmen dr thobis tme ydrrs aofgo w two rs, uwo kids y a wndwo dog med ot, huurne int kid a ghtme fo millg nsd hnent a tmfoll fo milonsfamican tre iso hoe beuse tfoy ha noil s bs aherere n'taman tiv is ho be eeir thao kid aree thetrope too t prepre thorid betr lihe pe oo th t thehad. epth so iet slimit t tthhed. weee a new i serict tdrm,e a damewf ic d inteonneedne, a eam tualurpo a damf tenene a carim andeing alpo resnsib for d each esiboreed lche up t theot omisketcd ot itod tha l u t t istc o iha mageical haid an tt atuehat call ge thaleaian tt uet al stue of hamera. ich ysive me you se tid,er yo poh youemeouuddlti yomasspoou
9:53 am
yearng to bdlakee."ss we nd tundetandhat ar t b ne." us e f ne uilll tdendt ous n beree.e s f ull o bee. we ndoave aew srit of coopatioin ts co try n e sed s tflo resct opio t acoy d seitiv y tlooeshe least o a thesamonus. seiv t lst o eson. thats wh my fherante fothiscotry. ile atam pwhud oy thi fr grtet fo is mori to co y.fher, ee t p o hi llr s er a rio fr, catyst r us to apt h ser adealatt ndus aelie denewsal ofie ewcencf nsitity d ity lo lo heo ofn taed aut. loeofta a. weust sndp forhat we jutice sor bause nt is juheeime bse n sr a humanmeind and f a eric thiis o chaue.ndnd f thiss ouppornity o sicowhi oha theorld of o isougreaoress,tyoo s thw of eldfhe oeas, shales thof o all o
9:54 am
thehas o conrvate pociesllhat o ex udeeonatpoest ex mases o as o peop. weust fallyetid ofop ra sm.we t day f thilygreamomeidfn ou racoll.tive y hieame ou histy,llve ask yoto jn mo stastpsk for yo j mta juice d sorial rest jue sl eryw re, musstbuila brhter yor eveon and yw, usil breateerhe oortu tiesor opleve tondnc agn cqui te otues we th.le o thas guight. and we. th eforhae wit. nd ulti telythriumor overhosewi tr le etil ofly umrposerty, tr eof poy,acis and nabedemiomilirismhat r faer is ampid ed obeen.mi t uselebte o legy an let lismt elebfate d 's lpiif o. a useb o eg an leus lt e as dr.geb d lif a enlesion whe lhe dascrib d how al ofur enonhe dibow estiales af ted totherwe'r lkedogeer ti a t canehat itoerugh'r to l d ge til u're hat u ouant t be a youtan't i b wghto
9:55 am
l yret ou t aoughouto b'tunti i'm w whatt i y out toe beuse r gh bti iha stins artiedogetr is outobe e whate sai inand ar aedereta toisay l at ui d erto lmeethe u chaengeo ebrace and comehat w k owete mhatge eac beco. and met what is k the m boved co coanunit so ntmattshe h b faredwe heo coit go nwe pttbably dav a l hongar hy togo. go p itblay d g lg wor befe to it ts . tter it goreft er notet anyayire becse we he tr y co moth too far ny fr whe were ecarte h yotrco m ooar nodyver frheete yo tld nyrnyf tha ouroads wou bas bui kn ourd, haurds oouas d, obuknur godid d,t brgny of u ohi r to lea os. go thd k yobrso mh.f u toea d god thlessyo m eacandvery on of y alw s.d godssacdryon ylw pplae] alin: wve bn lienin to t speers lath e, li w bliin t mpetins th lot mn lotheringjr.'s ildrer.g 'll ing renl o .'mlk dr d a l g nl ospchwrer.
9:56 am
at dmlyou kink you lis n a tohe sechetoda?spwr . i t nk t d speu hes k eouis to sheda obvisly ry aropr te f t t thpemomes . viy apr f thme the onehing tt i tnk shou be hemphanezedorengut t t thiss as i'm ouehaistednge ishe isas ques'mon otheportcehete i urgeesy of oeolenrt that igeofen tha regnitn i oow reit crical o nvionce t our abiityoril dony of tse thi s ioe tat ur ey'rbitalkyg abt. do o thi 'rlkab vience is the vice tereat ta at cupygall reea py wlll e tentned w and ntd you ow,an ofhe ndobctoran of e y w, mplats a ver of oborf la aeregitate t uess tha moventite ushaovt is totay coitteto i no ioletae, tcoy'lltenderne theiabily to attct aroad nole t ll erse o peoeie wil wtoldtt aad
9:57 am
otheise pporthem it o tereing,eo w w i w ju he e watcorng oem telisio it ireg, tha it iust wu taketc o elio igus,ha som it t oplen rekehataygu he om be abo le400 r ot h00 peobeebo in o ro whoppartly wereeo respdingo thn oupy rohoaryer wal stresp movngent thre b the yrespse w toal g ore andovt urn bhe spars w d soorthondrn ans soth iou rely w ntoay a i laingribu te mar wnay lutr lagbu t kingar .ut h lting ng legys h an un lakeangeommienteg to noiolee. uneamito nole noiole purit o cellce noleurno oiole conic rellluti to prov the qualy ofife.leon retio ovhe alofe. vienceill ly dtroynd vicel undeine the doy most wl deeheos tentned wjeors. dav sin his time nt ddeath njes. avin68isas tmere bn at anyo lik mtin thering? t yoik mn erg?
9:58 am
>>no to awer sime >>esti. havenot ansred i ar im ess,t's en stid ov vensd i and s, s s ovov aga and iaidho -- whenomeby asd mendhat ovgand id enebaset qutioni sa o akinde's qu onsaunr.ueg o o il ki nd asyou toay'sun asu toho toy isost keost may gelo shaspea, none.aylohaea no. >> me: none s his ingrit rig? >> mthanyou. ne this's crect. one in hitig >>anu. th cct his ne hntegtynd hisisegis mmitnt andis mral leadship ithis mmitnt tndnoiolee, ml the adip purit s it tnole of thersalur exllen andfs the exennd comtmen the persal rponsilitfor uromen condt is tnshaable rs rnsitr ndis ha >>leike:ersol sponbili. gog ba to e le 60's>>e:so w on liwoul gobao atch lhi on b'sor yokids were ulchnali b. yo dsw die h cmi tohati di h co nvionce ent
9:59 am
ricaamerans e beg beat , hiioe whater caers be athi wcanns,er do sicd othem ey we beg lcheinhenn doic o em's. w di he s ck wbeo l he? he stuck t i. bec sedi f sst all,he htek iec remied a ofl, h pele hwas minterf thmi agosp befee oas t ivipel h s riints andr. kinsp hef a tvi pfo rid l r. beef i his h a head arofo pd bief be is ind. t he afo b f tehingofisn t lrdesus teng ve. ris beef w tt not . wi stanbeng w tot he wi vioannce tt mayioe b tt pertrat agast u, y th basally b youeradat tga hav th as ly th capity loue theav person thwho s papy trat lg theern violce ainst u.o s p u haatdth to hav tol ast apac y tohao avdure the injuice ttac wto bein reerpeatedgain jueu. t w inpeedin hav tapacy t av tachow at yr tndurceoulde eatew y tnur the cacit of eld peon t t te ppetred ainst t


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