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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 17, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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mart: go mor ngve if nii' evllybod i'm mthame rtgoor macclum. u taev a lodk at'm ts ma videand is e mom t ccm. taof i lactat t capred a ded s om mera f itaptd a iyarriver at t traf re. lo i at at hhad frove him tt thomen r lo t raci h at d eedsro of im th 200 enles our, p s, ci ht ds o r we 0 s r, airrn p befe h crasgoina we fry wck ir thef waslrea goi oon asin thtrac f bel. w re tionsth pasringea inoi oro allthac oelr, fmre felonw pngn drers, rol o f fendselfrom drs, ns. re'some fdsomt: >>ussk . 's evee bodyo >> praybecae thfami isvedy th aycath onemis ttas sfere th st fmne it. t it'a deduc sreport f m it. knot' we' d cse tuc thart evy da andi i nmalnoe' clife tshaell, ut youevdand i nl kno you fen't ink outt,l,ou d toy, y havno t o hinku t k t abt it to yav tnk abt. e lo oonef m bes. lofrie os,ef my mes grtestea ate. iee: wcan tmy suchgrst essu on rsele.s toin wn ces d chmpiohipsnd su thn 's welt wetoov to d s cat'siohat ps liv forth wwendo d
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thenays ke 'sodayt ivtor esn'real matr, y ens ay ow? n'we lalt at y i lt, we l?t, a od l l wrien. l >> lite bi of eryboa in iy cacinen die >>itbi ebo toda i cbill wld ion'tinienow oncealle it t bigdast ll w i 'torti eve in weorld cele tig anonly ti mvethsn fter takldg the tle r a sond timanly m s erhe dakd bindhe e e heel. sdim wa to t to d c beyd sgall but elnt to showwao toou o the c s llreenehin us w t wat o hoppeng wi o dhe enin w wwalon. ere s acvity nenhewi d boom, e toof t tur wn. e acty therand wn bo, to terur nerd the -- wlo chee ov the top -- w c ovreenheg,opoingver e ll, ove the en fenngr e at'shaz cald - , ehewhat callen a cch fen 'szndal -at wh don lld cirtuly nen sh o svivi whn dhis.tu n ere com sh svi aga. drivsgatout s. thear e anomtheyalk awaand youga sit ere hom a ivouatt he waanh iteynkvwadou t e andom a thi waitow inhe wld wtndhi po ible in wthisime was wot poiblend dan wheon spole ise as dead pocaselesteglan pis ithe up om test coa witad
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seegpiitp more t t>> rorteoa gooitmorng toou. at cch fce tt yo we jus tre rteoorn to.oint g c - f tyo we uspoinng o the i sign to ge a ttle nt bi -but cerinlyot in o he sign t wit tandgno ga le wrecbiliketer thily eve gn it ndason rac car rive ecke hi vey th hav ner onacar seeve somethingav qtehis nee bad look t th emeg qsictus, 1 carsnvold, y cadee okth someursttug 1 rsol y c int mestlament danairkmeatris onof nathe krst meriono win ne e oft hendyo re, sin ofscris tcenesy r s sothinstraht o of ri t is hpenea lile aer soin 1:ra of at s ve.asotor hneli a spdway1:a cha rctiot v oreck,s onof t spayriveha rio loontr o k, hison tarve lo hitring oishe sond rn o lap hi ag youan s seed rom o th p aouideoeem tha cshen th arteslidgoineotheha tain cg wanome wt teidine inwa eairbne. u ca wsee om t sti ctur, aeam rb o.more cae tti than 0ur datorsmorken ore danheld folwing his an drske hoific n csh.ldolng s on he s pued fm th hoic c.
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wrecgeone pue fth 3yearld brish iveras hen ec 3ar brair-h ftedero thn unirsity medil ceer n la r-edth vasniit di ce out o hosater newla vof h dth ast ho meerew ubli h d m >> he seeli somhing li t>>t, a h tee awer iomsng li yo t a tever ar i -youon'tant to s s ff leyoer - tut'tt s s l t. iturts.. u do t co to e res ts toee sff. ikedocoo e rhat. w saw to a m ssiveet. explion,awnd t b mveones pl n, teryby b gped inhates ash d noybdy ayunds g dd se an csh ttt b beh re inothei adives man se c t b was aolutbey ieiesan destat g. as i an, u co ad teut tha sothing siousad deat i , coteha soin ha senedus everody ounds wa absotelytunn ha.ed er y nd inwaudin solyyselnn. repinter:inow, ere woel thi morngha. somep r: , of te driworshior had aprent expssedonceom t aboutriadhe nber ap ontxpedce car thatouere nr yesrday oar atce, e of emndesayhe
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spee at , f wch ty we tr elin theeetndy cars w t we we gng me trinhe tnyar 22wemileper gur m at t prtice the main22r oflehatr ace t s ccele yterdprce e in ofll, tmetheg th is cle yrd exemel , thths re. dawheln is svive b exel s r daelifeis s andvewo you ildr. e bi:ndhat'ou- >> tt's drevas tingor bi the rt'e >> wld. t s ll: is,tthat poiasng th r tryi to vep inhe w. : s,atoi ce, ward the d ofyit o angoininfort. , rde of ca steaninr sgall- cas cate st sallll-as from st. l --arth and h famys om deva--atedthnd hnd fat hr inamy law,peakg o to e pe o vaed hanat danin w ldon w,ak oo as. he sn'tust a o gatan dr wer, on was han e 'tt a g ing.dr , as waslwayveryvery g h siti, alys h someing od tsay out g. as ayry evryybod and tial h meg ver ty t evodnd pole, allernglimen aol b he w ll scifillylin pol ae, ani ju ban't welie sfi y th he no lonr wolh anju'tie the o on. r w ani dot kn if mentnedhis, but heyandokn f sang appyntdirthys, todut fomeyoday becse i hngepy th myod foayec i birday, hnd ie wisd
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my m gooiry, iisace, oond he we, e. maha: at an h awf w agedma : looknt thpictwfe ofim wi hiseautul ed ife, wookthct of younchilwien, iseut youes is onltene, unil, mones oou, isnln thk. the thon ore. is awf aul d thfor e rangthth comnity .he ao s ss hwf a fher d lawr ra thaomty t ay sshad h fiscur ed fetywssueha a a fher t d in lawcu ouldtyue wit a a a fr in awn-inaw iolvein ts ld kiit of or butan reas red inm th icarsvere t ki f buutt ser a songe and asd thrs bubett s. a soest pea s dgend eldo tt billtheysore bt ger ead d th aretronr an the ar doafer lley br utth whareonan che ar erwithand at and4ha car c on t tra at at te, th d itasnd t rawhelt n's tath, t mosit rocent.n str g ofels h, tososse in t nt iyeagutr bofkse tn 20 i a dver sillengu b raceniami 20 dr irolecall ce neldowon at emint i at yr,roll in 2do3,n e yenaasn lled 2 inndiaolisa i edn 19 broiaisreyt diein i 19ro
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wrk,ytie in 200 awr meoven ineasethembanent00 m anvee at turinseean.t rtha wanldonat w aouur. ha knowone theost w on pula w arive on e ind owe het cilauit. vere'sn spoe pern fond dy c talng aut hci. t. >> his'spo iserfo a he oss calo a h in>> carsso hs theo in sarovme ohe oers, t smeea memrs evybodis takg t oss, tem hard ev odit's risak w thport b rd it's'sis wrtoss r t b ey ar 's commity ds r fam ty. maha: h e hady wonha mmy raheldam ma: ad w ton spl rald a $5illi bon wfrom ts a pln fr newerseas pt of $5liromoonon pomna frew these. p of leas bind, awemo phe meione hiseautul ea b d,fe a andwo you meneisut bs. bi : wel havnd morou throhouthe swnd b bi we cludg retionavroor raciro exputts w s are udraisregonerio conrns ciabouxp wrehe isioon lass egas ou mot spdway tck andasashangot thatere plemted er spinay t neva.nd so mucmorengn tha ate emn ad ev sot. uc mareha: lhaa rig. tohis w, t u.s i ma: okinto me inig payortos t .s
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the legeplot in mo inay assa inate thegeaudiot bassor omerin saatedi ss ori of oif the is oirepo t unit stas wts in thes repoaseocum tts ittabout whe i t an nreleareum pgram.ut he's j n craary taing out thipresent s be he j ryratag t f.used hiest ben oldi u fed aniabehaor sit idi u earlseeny oer iaha s itionarou the rlen oorld donhatouhe ebles uoorkld t ees coop uativy wi ourk terniona part rs topiv wi isate d puur pssur on ir in rnaynart t ttis ie pu nev p ur nhas en chieirdn t bef ie. ev maha: s sveie ctannjoin usive efom t whima: s chousnn in stev is ere y thusghte t hiing ven ts poto a stuske gainevs hee tht g n tpo eli st in qudsorcehat s aprentli behd th plo th 's bdsncet iscuaped.nt eh th repter:eah,loell, th b l oponsre othcu. ep tar:e, ah,you ar thel,hite op shous o reptedl ayta but au hete usecifallywhetepr thdle cod ber wod but a rikegain the iflyetth cobeudswo b a keforcinheenat diaes
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feinein,hairman the rc natentelgencatia e mmite, w ask tha inn,ir n he ov theeeke and hers teel nc wh she ad tito wskha ovheke saynd er >> ie ner se awh phen t t doay ine ise p t i itrobay wou escat in a w, and t qitstiobaou sc isdo want oin go wan t qoio w is wth iratat thioime. w judent srahio. e. weave r h dsudtullo wee wit hl aqit whafghista wit e weterratightait retionip wh pistaerti >> rortere andoneins win al say p staoesuppo r thteideandnsf p tingalay ss nctipos on i n' centhalea png bankti on backo y i. en maha sve, ank u ve mh nk ck y ma st se, entak i, joivengs m liverom shinon wh sttaoi mo. bi: on mon y we e ofve m in an w runngren' w mo abiononomenwe mofe anun sriesn' w 're rkinin ners meen m sroomes e w deinlopmts itheer m archor la iin omhe's n mo hsdepm iounge ichludi l i new revatio fro'ser mo ownng i ditherbouthat e wa w dog thevnighioroisaentwn erutt wa do thssingh stayunedaor ttt. maha: w inrmatn in at, at'sominup. in aystayeduned tor ma tha: in at in the meaime, , he'sin.
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ayedha pr> idenhes heeath ce,e overul sferi a gnifantet prenhe c myu-bak erwhy seridmintratn ju ift scraed a majyu pakt oy ein at juthat l . ra a aj ll a p mor tod o fro at hean c ln on a tor 999odrolan, at phen, b cthe ony, is t99 dern,ttacfromhe rht d the p be lef i cainays 's a rac somple r aythef to g meriins ovin ag segain but ll i gri wor in art lafr,in onsu edt i himor art laf i ouraf gst insu im onlyhree ar mines-afur g i lfer ly ouree guein. >>et mell lr y surethiue >>fore go tolhat abo y s behig inhe t t r ofre theootbo caidat , cayou belin s t tof he that b caatcau sull'eye atn my b backl'ey ck
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rthahere a snnin ne admsionrom e ha moer orethe sin misng 1nedmonm montold moby g ole lisis ntd g irn,is dorahradl tellg ou ir own dahdl myn llouelly e wadrunwnth nig her m dahterlyanisd, s alswaun sa thaigt picersked erdaeris sls sheille dsaha pis but sed says he dhesn'tlehinkut al shol angetheerso oughyso do d't somhingikenk al l
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gethate so the ssou nat nal gharddo om inngehe srchffor at e ou heat, lol ing d theoods n foany cluthat sshor mht helog he dsleado ts litfoey girlu andat m findg h. we e goada lo tmorenitirnd is myn w l bndhere h to we golk tlousrebout t n m w breo t deptutinteiew e diover t e weend wit the rentpt newtenforw tiondin er th caswecomidithe up,he'l nt ew orjoinons ne thasmiourp,'l inner billso hern cais ll raing iner daiendiis 99ratax g an t tubli ddi th rublin pre99dentx l t t caidatlidenyg th it th rwillli hitrent arica iddlcaatnyth t anlowe c ssesllheit acadl rdes ancainweays c's aesimpl sotionbut me othe othe candate nowes rai ngins apl soont oe doub . he nean ginteich wai o: >> if ub ermaneinh f our t>> o fw to ialmaightnd f tcan o o xpla iht pernt ses ta so peone wa. hlaas er sa gd ch ce tbe ttaeowa h nonee. gch t therm has as peonoe loe. atrm9 anas dsggreteeolot, atit gans toe har dr sel re i tnk. witthe alit of t gstoar plel, th weahies t. it e itamer tans y le, th ploresthamerans diddleaes claswoul pay ers leth me, y
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esers ddl don' dispase tult. y >> d diste m yhat. u an oth sn'sp t are akin>>ist. ansumpthon abo wharetin wealy amicanwoulo mpboha th tir meynd alamanul youe kingssumions bout t m wh theiddl clandou the pr. ngum ns utyou n't edicwhhedlla the e p u t ichavis. bihe: arlafo forr onom adver f prviiden rona ragbiinar isfoor withomedv f pr nowen na aggoodornis to u ar welc e ba to thmeri's owwsro ". od >>niood o rninar bil lcow bao arriyouoday >> a lero isle>>imd dinngil ar u finethanyou.ay i ale kno he d csult y on thisnend oaneru. inoe c canlt yn c sult is o yoas wl, sou'rnotan exclive c herltn cn an yo w s i ow y've t'rtndor d cl e erhim n c leaan at e i yomene p ani doort kn m wheereat at wl chge dnen the an doad bknome fkshe a w chsayi dheo 9 the re be f sang n ano n yi at hs 9 singhe on "me sa n th nress wha does h h sg o anme by u th cant pdictsshaes y peles'ehavr astan p ct plieto ts pn? >> ell,'m npe surs'eavashat ie he teans by tha p >>l, nurtxact . he bunswhaty thiha h mns is th thehavect buathi exeted - m i if y reathis p n,thheve ty xe dve - e mpte yveryeaeiselow p t th povey lel fr eteryow
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ying thny ove ofle thefrhree ng tas. i an ofhe liteeally so ty wi note hitngta i itthly p tr.wiot e th jusisn'it goi t p ppen numbth twous then'oihole t rean fothis en mbwo thiheleean, it fois low marghial t rat to, getit ecomicrowtowto cate bs a torg hav t aato,et lfer ecic wt ccurve well ao wavtore l rx rv evenu but w wee jus d't wa them bec se tnuute ecusomy slu dish d yo wa raheeates weec tant the ecy luh yo causraiteesereattheobsnd weolle tax us natallyat i ju d'ts uerstdll we thleeaxatly c tici s.ju d it's uery stch inine wthh c ci >> b l: l's mey alkn toughe this wf i c ld. b lek tgh sur billisfirsofll jus so c. r viers kw,ur hese llrersuso thvis 310s of khese pla plac thethurre10 taxof syst, pula a 9 erceaceax reax on corratis, st perpunal, 9ce naonalalesax onhat'or ti ur #erl, 9 fai na talest' replemen is #art t 9ai t ea. plen he sd yeerdat that tome opleill . s the t sesyeda at goep. le lo arthos she t pple? thagos te aros p. e? th 're haobab in e ddlerou t bui he eveone seethe ab n eir xes leou ireas bu h
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causve fraelyheee who r s reon f i doias thiis to usra crhote enomigrownd re f oimorehi js,o and cr e tminsfeow -- re jnd th teforfe mor- tes i the procs o ringthg torsor t ihe buet io li butn t oc o stic lel, nge toor,he bu iwli incute t gros, sstul l , not e anyr, inc ase nce xes ro all snd t mart eny nc e natial t atess eingll t ar lowed, y won see any ti t mo taxesatesngn twese yonee ny pele eitmor. ax ifes theiddl gro t tha pe ll heit if sheedlro mhae, h e busisseset cera, sut boom le, tt's m not inudin grow , whsih ises ca, reboly t l who t pursse oot do g th andinoinowwhis g re thour o grow, mo job anddothnd moroe g outp. biow: atmohe bobinnind of orur ansr you sd y tp nt tseebiat t besni gof u fornsou s y eryo, ishat at y te t o sa u? >>orh ye yois yet y i rely d bill whysa >> b>> notyeax rat . ye i nt t seere tax d o ll uhyp bot becae weo toullat i teax u ploynt, ca iwereastol outpmploent, oy, ias oducon. ere' muchtpighelo outt,t an empymenand uc. e'oducchon, he'll t hute ineasempin tend uc, revl ue. h ll: t yoknow iinse t le flida evey h.e dieren t : yo laow in iattate tex l has iffentfla hdien laaws,n ewte ex hashirdoest ha a s fe sas t.
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s,how youell t sha ideiresha ringsa trima i s te w ou l t lide tha i ng mema i s espiallnew li ha mpsh e. >>meell,et meryspllwou on e sshling and >>l, m mn, o rry own nith sng d methg silar thi m in y n h 19, heam thnsir hiecon in e dnocrac 19he pmaryand onthinnhe wld he deatera bi linn h pryd in w h hte none biin h her ingsuterry ne rownr gs hasomeing milary in thdemoat olock wn prary, hameg la biln thmo oerryck bwnpry, dibeaufullwithil lowry b rate latdiau taxllthow rond r te t ai 198ax we d theon r86 tax t whh wavery ai98 e milaheto wt hman cn x whwary la wropo hng.n c younow at t vot was '86 ohat?po . it ouw tot s as867 of o the sent?e voitd fo it andhree vofedhe en ainst. aos evevofo t mocrnd votee wit v i we cns a theve cr hothestit tat i c he fr8 peent i h mstn t from0 peent t frpet m 28 erceom. pet an ttheyctuay rsed t westax r28ece aneyua in rd the t ' st r t. n bi: sohe wn ' whayou' do g, y're biach soing w her rts theconohau' pul do y me eyh ghe r s heno
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ul pernt. m exaly. ll: e 47erce of erics whdon'pay er . inco taxxa a. : orti47ce of icwhn'y corcenaxge o athemhat ti wo od, a that rais en oem t reve ewo i aoha whingn anai yobelie thtimutes ve i wngan grow. >>yolithmues.s ll:erma ow cai>>aid. : idayighte's ing ma co outaiith dals the ay htoples eg onsued wh a couth s he morenfor tionleesu w a . -- o reorhis.on 're ait ank tod. t o lfer,hankou vs.y ch. e at k pasurod bill19 mutes l pr,tnkhe v . p ur ho . ll maha: mu coesdn't piss m ifou lked the ho ne pape orma: co'ts anying if ld oher the ne weepend, rll seetnyg o protthts, ttli iee, c siet arou theorldow a the ot, li i priden cstepd a t ouoserheold emb acinghehe vemepr oveenthe epekena erd ermbng ctorteppack me ve e fromenisritism o theer crppk grou . om sos alhatti o wisee ou soal t poisticay? br humon wt it real all aut ithpoca br uum wit alll a lks. h ll: d th s uies ups u be t st. lis s. : th ssps rdins wi ingbe the tt. light pendt, ting the tex inwigheht rangs we esda nd t nigg heex me ngwedane.ig milwkee out
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bill23inutasthe ll houra mony morngut t toy mas he f sturaonayor candates an sn uptoorma e ne fhampire p maryndes sup tenesmanmpon pel t fir fil his pry papwork tean p tir ilis tw5-ye-oldirls aaprk dead tw aye 13-ldar-ols a crical wou ed w n had by a areigrain3--o i cralou u wh, h apareigly tin gir wer ion u e tras ting re t picresir theer te. >>enewra tgtudiicinds c lhe t ph es wh>>w ks,di brasd c sorbwice suchph w k radiion ra adusso, rbceh ientts bieve hild n din armoret ridu becse theibodi are mallnt and bveld arre ri ecskul are eidire thier.llnd that ulometreng tt ca bhi. de ted,at rig? et >> tarthca intesti to ow t extt oded,hichig >>ll pthnes ntfecttio txthe hanch ps ct bo. ll: h trygo g bo.t
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: fire gurery out mart: g gd fi reeaso tutay rt g . th do lot so texti whicseemto hp. th o t let'talkbouthisti for icem hmenta brd ne y t'lkutsoro kentbrne mucof thencerointy ou f yrucell phoheertyill. on you wilget y arrtlho wh neang t limsl. on yilt ur c al phe i a.whea t likeimhisn ide c phter wns ins iive keoms wasngtode pe r, tr y'res oings o te e us wn th're oingoas to chge umore thape toundrengte etty wthengoood. ch rep uter:rehat'harighnd ty mart. th is d.r all w elesepr:t'gh deces, nclu ng mrt ths al wes id, foexame. th des,lu m i f, feforalam mmunthatio comssio a jor andajor f wirfeessl unio om iorrie wiljoiny r nd anoruncehis ograinirs abou 40ie miniles.iny it w lance bs erao wn onsuoursin. wh the ware rching b nthl wlimi onsu vce whhee rin xtinand ta hl sermicen an v inteatioloami ind acerrdinto an fcc teiomi a r exple,ccn mypad, have mthlylan tha fi. ex e, mycostd, me ve mly bucn aha mon ste fotwoigabes wthucfon datafo o in tab fut we, ii'm ing go er tha il gea ta t utnoti i from myg o irelhas ige
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mpan tithisros a vunta proelam 's sn as an ictois fora v ta ero weles i sustras whi hatobeenor lob inge ainst w anes itrhi c prosalhahat enuld veobg ast n eate fpreralal rt ed re irinte welesompaes to hp fal ronsu rsrevoidin wespa th e su rise h i thesu id cellhone thsuseills i it'sll sposeheto te ll nefectn apl nels y r. 's ma sha: se tha t is tctapne swer yo th wnma: hasuest tn. homuchoneyre w er thtalk wg abt he? >>ell,'mryin tost hoch getey w lkab so big humbe frothe>>l,ino releet indtry the so fcigberout weavot lendy he anfcdotastors ab wt pele gtingharg thounds dolrs an tacausortheyabe npe gngrg ware ou s ol th there or usey tir n mitsren thr thhe w oeles t an. tsrthathnterting w esthanyou ter,lwaygood see you .eter ha bnes,erng an u r,ininayfromods ashieeton ou tser bs, mony. bi :inom hin tlreaon etbi a art ea en i runng o of a i giun. of i readgene. ple nds out gimart :hat'i ad goo. e s you' probly owinutg thrtugh at lt'it a theoo u' ro y timein billthh l ahetheyovee ame ll ape! ey >> micelee bhman a ting toum ap s>>rticther ban tg
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mpai, hoto theinneta s ercongsswon isryinto ai-- sho's theowinout ne ump rd t tryngwo to ist ain s tin t mp ithe p ty polo . a ha youeard i h a ie wonrful meengol withhaourd mr.rump u tair h w haona grultee tim he u ir hagrt wderfime brefastweve hajust a greeeti a wrf wel coreinuesto wo ha stgeth andalk reti a h. wea locoof pueple wove gre th ndrespk t fo himas i h lo p do.e re hava onde ulspfoim i retionip -o.lelis av hundd andee jtad reon - ligreatimehi ndanorni. j eame ni
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9:31 am
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9:32 am
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9:33 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:43 am
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9:44 am
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9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:53 am
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9:54 am
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9:55 am
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9:56 am
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9:57 am
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9:58 am
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9:59 am
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10:00 am
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10:01 am
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10:02 am
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10:03 am
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10:04 am
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10:05 am
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10:06 am
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10:07 am
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10:08 am
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10:09 am
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10:10 am
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10:12 am
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10:13 am
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10:16 am
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10:17 am
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10:18 am
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10:19 am
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10:23 am
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10:24 am
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10:25 am
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10:26 am
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10:27 am
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10:28 am
10:29 am
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10:30 am
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10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:43 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:54 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
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10:57 am
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10:58 am
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10:59 am
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