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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 17, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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e them ed the eonom l disedter i he erica isot em thee omisr pside's i fult. ic ise it the pde ft. fat oforru ithe wal stre grefa no wheer h knals i or rere not e present ama t thnofusehe for h n th i plar bot est a opethy stseing orat co oratnsthla a b the wethy e tpestaying the coat a fher srewey in inhe tas. taing ints foesn kno s whetnr henewhis ta ta rg etortssnno et woulignihe pubwc pstest but ha ror an suly th p sideulniub p stdersutnds theaower anfsu histh pde rds.rss hestesteeray athe rtin therising s. te ae meminial,e s derg isem l, s >>r. kg unrsto tha >> kace unthouto jticeasha e ou no j ce ace all, thligng ou alititho e llth ougnou ides ofn it reireshhe sakinofoudeof unremforesble uthsan sin the creave tunsionorfe hs nonolenth otes. ifeae tonere iveonenodayi beliese he ife eouldeminushat ayei lihe uneloyeldinat neye wker n ritly allee th exanese of wal w strr t riy leithothxase moni ng a al wtr wkho the. >> t pre dentni use af th
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word ju wice w ihe t inrerestntg.seth whrd's t defuitioeof justine? st so olkseliewh tha tef it'ios maki sur everstody sos tks ie hasamet' amot ofkiureryoney t me at'smo t inme ealitey grou 'stheyant vernnts oundhe t woind to eake itney awa ou f om eyt rns nd wo tothe e flueynd busessndwa f ve i to e e ue qteuss unqte ipeopo . spred byhedemotrat qnsnq in the opsa spd yroteer allvermo at th wrld inehenotellr th dandi wd d dicial aluste st what pple veto uerst d at at tseemonrato pe ce fr a viety u ofst tonto pl ces. frme a hd aore vtyfcommists somerel. a he soalis. somm aretsust nfus and me lookg fosome is st othessoret eoplusdon'ndtnow th bi okfo picmere. aey'rn.justut t re oespln'ow th prottingichate.r 'rst bee t ty the cmonnlityere tt t ma ee. pro ster desese cnntye tt
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ca talie, beevinitroeres unir. sotimeit i juca liklieverbe othin syemanun. besome infai juik er ththe eedysyusinseoplho ai vent e dyinpl the nt gntortge compy, of coue, they're villns. g queion tgout o tou dou't tre seehese ll. preste ue scrn mingtbout . t d coeetrielikese prtecrngut eece paincoie ke portal atherocia ce justein naons ing rtankrt beuse a excersiveia stas speging onkr bee xcentiveemen. yodon'see tpeg prneste colain g ab ttien yon'ethat t andprte coinabthatthatankrattcy dspecums hrtintheorld atwideatkry e onom ecar hore inaneld nyde eom mortge seme ere did we ao dotseehe rt srotee ers idgry th he a demdorati pety re imeri fortes speing thy emti p coury i inri neaor bankpeptcyg ba y damthing tounea nk cucyencya damg riremt ac tunts no, ne of th is cucy o rem actsispl . , o'sth as abo o the ut a i manboocti. potesrs i e amicaon't ianike the pes i am acoun'ty. th don wanto cpetekehe i eree un thonan ctearkelace theyant doe thr ow ing.kece d beeyt do garanedh finowcial curig. wle d ngbe i g
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anain,heyinal rion't wa to w d mpet i theyant t n,y't bewao uppoeted. eyt t metimetheemonratis are stinpo txpays memee onti miarionsf in dolorrs. tneyay dn themins din. onol. an hery d fnt, he's inruct de h the len r wingedian arica f, areinctto h suortihe thee emonngratoia. thk ba a aca yr agrehen t tesuati pahey waon detonstr ing forthba y agalle gnernm tt ndtepa wa respsiblde spetring.g or d th le gedianmuppot hatspblpeg. theffo? ofoursnot.ia po tdemozed the tea pa y as fo ofrst. cistnd iensive tmo thedheeaaas needof t st isi t poohe so wt appe ed t nw?oo we w, myt pa gle becpeays n thiss ju the weeginmyng oafleec rld sde ristsjuhe riond roltin o d desied ttearown r theio pitastic rtsyst. lkinsipoin t barlievn thehe taotesicrs wl inhesthort inin bun evhe ra i win theye nort eolded ra. and the ey nowerf peo ee bedend pdside obam cerinlyeendhie rfeobe as pnde amerly oppounit if wl stet bomeshe ecsomic iss r. o mapoillit w st bes arecicettess o. o thel predentcampgnte chi o davidth elro gav usrentmphi vi roavrevis yestday. >> don thi a amecan isvi imprsed whsty. tey se>>e gonernohi a men
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roisey a llpr tdepubcanh t se gndidnoes she f stthinro a theyouldo tubn is idoll sck wa f instre ref ms aey goldack tos l wherwe we beware reef the arisioko and er w letbe ll seethesi wre its n dules eti tnk t t wi s betrts n anssues >> tnter ttingwirighbe the decratn kw thesu can defe>> preerdentng ghama' eeconicde ratcord k sohean ferent a' t y'll efleon itnto rrd anher ena tllndle iheo neei cat wi buyanr at. taing. noteeuyin ca iwiuy tacapig.lismotivesinhe mtmount i of peoe th mst portpiitysm es m suctedun of oneoheirth m ort.y uc eupe's colnpsinir oconocall eu's ol incausof rpantocianoll justependg, us eitle rnts.ntia st the ndviet uni claps. eles. cuba nd v ezuee etreni cps ba disa vers.ue cialm ner orks sa s.but rld de tre a llio alner ofeopl w wanks stt f wid out t a workiog fofpl i w anthey re cablestwi ot ung fcerkfo tryo i ey g cle o u fhat ry sff. no gic picre.t at's s. no mem in a momict,. 's t ldem sto a juom andary t l kheri wito ju anndyze ye ocpy wl sreet kri fopresent wiama. an e
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catal e's w cashewar car ges y a % aual nus cal s sharar o yo earng0% m ye caa .al us ccor ng treseyochrn ev mryboca lik morcash or tseevboikorsh we mostverydy..we stry.. ♪ ♪ woulyou ke % mo cas ♪♪ulu no!moas buit'moreone! malebunnout'er ]rehe nne capil oncashewar car le outhe ]ard nr pe le piho wont hed pe w50reh. at'sn yo walt? ah!'syoal [iggl ] ! [gl >>ill:e coinueith r le sto. >>l:co ue h what leto. bin t occaty wa reet brotes. tcc marywa k heriet anduan man' th htee. juan yourydisaee wh k mrind ten n' h he an puiticsa w m t
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rate p ic deecti atttion aw fro the resitent's conocdetitton trouawes?ro >>eo, ihinkyou' onsi'sno taet. if y loo what ou goi? in >> ink u' manachutts th eazabe. ywarroo, whatoi n w the mahus c esumebe ladyhat e rrwh oba fol whe ough cin ame dy not rning ba agaitol sco bwn ingh ano r ngssac sett sheaitcos bsingn claswarfe actt rhetori ands ang as rfresu, ha vau red ariadndaof ott own nsuha ose llsau and a t n raisg e snd uealeamous of mone terr ic fisg hr. uleou of ere u'rerong b l, ne rr f w hre you g wro ite ot ireng b dersndinthisross w u po gticarol ltes. i at a majityf rsmeriinnsisss poca ri lt no. a thkajy thri replica repr ent erino rh,thhat eth eptaxecashou be ised on prt hose r o mat mor tha 200 00 xend oue thedn these cla w faremaorha00 thhela sateg w re ofresint oma ty sa it' brginghe cntry seg tetheof si o pe tle asat' jus mad walbrng cry reet t he bilpe i m an, ithatere e caus, whd al iet her n caiil m iat ine ca wh new i cnneraioln beang pside oba heew to hd? thnnolksre gng, at'sea pde ob he oght. h esidt obtha is corksct, 's nohis g, 's fau. soall t. id sobeet isor, nosau ysol st now.
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y >>hey' sicof erybo. >>ill:hy ipresentbamw. a bu if>>y't'sic wl ebo. >>l: i strest'stam bu fat? s w>> bauseememr, hs thtrs onthat fa bseem h suprtedharp, t b toonat faindeopl seeimupedp, t b ed - a lai eoplpl whoeere - l inplhothisccupwall seet veme are notoo inisupllleas st me re otthatbama hast be mor aggrsiveasnhrowg ankeatmaasteor gr veil.owke >>ill:ary katrine the . moment suldn >>l:yatne heontaousl hap n. mo thnte is soo mdnh moy hind them nd utaons sleap ehinthis the m oit's nd orgized i th k it asem us rganeed, mberin onhe wit h an 'senrged thit anttin, er presentonitn oma reecte okin nuesert one.eteok nud orsea is ahole. diffenttory o eathey ie jt archis anol anksffver tereryeizi ey jhe a dahian rig. ksr e yeahzi therwere0njur sda irome a sigt ooccu ah erreur ime s ocuall reet spir otes l etwe c thk ir es o c lefthwing fol fonot in ere. thi the oefisngol legfoimatt anr ajuan e. saihiheegat an aan paryai causthe clusn of vernnt a bigusins mas aaroty oeopl us ae ryusof
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ndrn aig in itoesmarossaines othe lutipls fo a fin t t,its ss estall d ffere t. tifo buther i a f t litime ll der buer anger lim theobamadmistraon rks twthinhere ere, t asurd y of thetham gmira r otwinook re wlre seet t mey a rd ofthanheny cdida g inthe k w hist sy oft man mnd an run cngdan ae stof anantiall reetampan, hunll ge a aass in from lo oftil etpa th h ge med. thothe iss iss n omo tat t rethed th heare messis rea-- a t t lotf re e eadica and ahey' eplicot out .re let'talkbouthe fts. cand thy''re eic ou thet ayint' welk ut wantevol fion,.ot e theyouay he oine nt peoln,ef req ntlyey you hav a lot of en eq colyunis and ociau stsavot f taing outt. co iisnddoiahinkshate run ta g t ri in etti a lnktle too atoseuno t osrin gs. tinow, l teoo eedio t i thk g ha --w, t it beeadi i snninhdoub stanrda for itee the sinub t anorpart >>ill:t's hef t thert chas. >> r embe>>augul: 200s when raisheg yoha rbe voigu at00en alth ca meeisng ayo a pubc to oit ha meeng th casee a aonsired keubto ha ee rendg theublisi fabd c of t repu ican nd w itheliabof t puanike
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iteeface onop ca. >> bl: b iacon ca ubm b b jn, th predentbamahe liev thabmthisovemt is j thinrentma t hp im ievhaisem wisng. tnk t at hhe i indende w . mind amecans most tmerins tchindde thi ndmens onstriv, a hiarhi kaerin sai then isome a mp te th thekainaiheigse wal t th reetathe ctsot awawith al it oka andet m c to. kam chnding meseuysown e t yo w.reet youust id iching oure stalkn g pots me tha et a l out ir lk thepo fmeksha l are- inmuch he f but e sotionreinch i --t soon >> bl: b theolutn isot blowg u i b bheutis owhe u citaltic siti. df pridenobam cthroalc with the tie lienesprenam aro l of thhe depeenteneopl the lepubfcansave to b petpl ca ful heat tubynson'te bcomeo entied athe rol bckca al t 't bgulameons,whicis wt ti a e elrowasol b a la tals,ng aicut w yestday caus remeroers is aling a b stbamay usmeersu i sobody g if bhemaepubcanssure ostusoddy
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if theartyfhe rhubnd tns tubankds an wa hety stet, at's r t not od nkan fa tm.t , 's >> bl: t oba t admistra fon -you n't t rol l b ba tballhe r ulat ns.mi ra - buu t youol crtai yba d ro bac rat. somebuf toum, c maiy droac katrine be use me's t m sanglgatne t bee onom severglsmalbusiss pson t knowever sgle om one eralsi p inn y ow er to s loeslan the wasne almon a relt toll theo an hesmalasbusiss pple t mo geth and aaid,reo,l he w al cansi p e do binesbeca eth ndud,uys got ano ma bes regcaatio on s usot ma can eenegion hveuseopl an park eg ouidewitht yo h gspl on o bac . rkoueth yo ge g off ur oac bac! ge at's wt it is. ff 's oba 's's fav wite itraw n tos. s , yo wigto ba rlave w bactok syo wt r alac regatio. >> ill:versale on nkinndegio inve ment>>ithl: srseon be, ithin some bi. here arthe venth se b rul. h so verymedyi mea e, rear e undetandul t m.soryea anwillnfor dendhem. tt wee nogoin t nckel an llor andimeou ery tem. we younoin t tur nnel an meound e oh, tur riatois lkingou ur you t tohutown nd , for rtowo lng
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u totn days orblanyou. 're yingo doome ys baninesu. e ngdoe re! >>hat bis iesicat is at thiss a he' go! and >>'st i gotatns iss ae'nthuasm p, goa d igot on accdingothehum conccng po, twthire of rublins be cg extpomelytwirfxcit. rli so e's t tobeaybe txtlyndit rnessoss ometobe t of thi ese bil he' got tfhi il cre'teot the boog t m. he'got t acvate thr bas becahee th base sog m.ot a tha e't t c exteted thoutas h . ca soth he'se t aing ha exd gett h hing so e'ginn tg u et t ng dis ngui betnnen t much uegulion sma busiss a he iseeuiet to relate hese chuln uys mao si a i ent re tenancsel itrums ts - bil youot t h iet nc ov isiteum - that wha theilou secs suosed h to ovte athao.eec sued >> y h. alofus tha baidhe ig y alys ohe haeragguyai yinghye me? o w co i dag't gyelp? ng d thebige? guy o co d g wl stp?et waysets heiledgut?uy owhenhe ste wisstigan yss coedlex,he b? en s gu geto w co x,beca be th can pl th stngs. ey he thuet w cathoneyan pth sts.
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>> bl: psonastorsegmt, w h rd b ad pasnaorgmyum, wh w the ha par fdst ce o them,wh e ar sc fe, t cre a ohe not t man scrica tamer aans rticate t guty tt moment otsame thinganoulde sa forhe occapyers waice reetgu tmont cr d. meng yolddon'saor s oc tooany aack et fasin tcr yon' s donstootiony k so ifa tere raal ement dston i he ? e wira ent us, he wir. rk l mnts, hil teacs. l colbia milnive ity. ac plai olahe lk of ricaameran psenchereve y. firai of l, mthinis l i' beeart offoci caer mo pmentnc sinre i ir wf min a kidi'eet f
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unciss t remontins aaciay w tivad movident, l e un tivil aia ghts vaovt, lrotelackersoilwas beat ts u ion'teeteck blaso s peop a mats u ptest't op a>> bl: w m is t pt? st >> ian't payd. ectlyhat is b wbut s t tnk w e t id't t e devlye t ouener tis t iss ts w t tev atouer rectss aect fes. >> bl: cil rhts i ues?ct >>eah. a's ntfe to saye bn't c r cars abouothe is? >> sh.ff. n >>ill:oconoyc juice, tar ou hecertnly imp sts t. bla >> l:commnoity juthe,he hh rtymp tla unemmmoymey rat a lac h ucatn an emmeat a aac o th . atan soou wld tnk tt mae a theh so w wld tbe tma th a w dette. maybi'll beeachgt lumb soo >>et wou.n'to thybllechar. mb biloo probly t. >>outth >>ou'r. w too il modroate y r at. thin >> t'r iue wooodis e afcan-eric fol s. thoin t iings as nnecd to afn- thicrol sho gss ecto agda, thl tho this cod conctedo rialssue agbut, hohiconlesd oned rlt'sue tess dirtlyiry rial. >>ill:hat out e unbeevab rl. hyp
11:21 pm
risy>>fl:t het mea, beab bypndinsyhe teaarty momentmeallights ts bineaty mo ntcistleal htcausof the lac of bck stacesl mongus indac en b iorinesnghat ts i sid iin t >> wl, ion't t thi theid fundentareas whyhe w i tea'thihe rty ndtaashy w mard asacisea was caus theryweret bck peop in the warasis crd. as as sai userre bhey opnhe wer't icr man asai crow.y the erople is panpleead me of ow teheto c asles peraci.d of >> bl: le tat? >>avintopictases ofci nkey b l ? >>nginin--ctf >> beyl: oy, wre gngo do in a seent th b o w g antsemismdo wi set ernntmi golerg wiher thi rn occu walstre cro isolg sayi allhiserusiss. hi u kn as cullalre ros i yioll isyoursi. kns cl s, i a pla you fd iur a nut twohatre cl g ing t a dola ou thgs fhatare a t wot gnapp tpriao. th yodon'tbrane thehole thipp.ia >> iaveyotn'an sn onhenutle in the cupy memenhi. ho h bee ive scialontnhe py men hee motated aloted. bil comn. you hav't seen. a thinilgom direed tardslack >>uhat'whatav'mee sayg. ain
11:22 pm
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11:23 pm
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11:24 pm
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11:25 pm
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11:26 pm
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11:27 pm
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11:30 pm
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11:31 pm
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11:32 pm
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11:33 pm
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11:34 pm
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11:35 pm
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11:36 pm
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11:37 pm
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11:38 pm
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11:39 pm
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11:40 pm
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11:41 pm
ca. thtothe -- have aqueson ca r mythurishe- ve f aends oes the. onmyofis the qstio fds is: owho u thk,he onhe q bioidess:o thomneould be bar oba bes aneld bearbaeba? i n't ink y o tm can th sondba i uestt nk o toran th sd imstrtan na t nsertive pre dent inimanna the t erlastve0 ntn nahe t. yocan' ther is o yst b yns. na t oyo. n' ro lder r ogan. b n bil he sn'that nsertivehen cam o ro rn. iile 't t he ern paveialln becaame of e conrvat iism. e bupallcaof bause onatm. hisersolity bu bse is so ty bil rig. bui bievethaty aienc il igthat fbuors binveouldatay t u, h amannc catn fs wi wiptheld t oor hn wh ba ck obia. ipe >> t re irnoues k ll tl whob you lse ey s t ibecae i ar iton taes. twhou e s ra o. ca thi 'd s sart pin wld d a the me thi en thragh th s ar lls p w d ow vene rhiublins di e't wtht sahali so r. n r billi i t nk sah pdiin wssali o a ffert peon r beiluse trah s p lin ss go a lotf a erpe baagebee h n go ot d ca doe't. at saratae t t. in a
11:42 pm
caoe. shetoatcal t t deb e, i thi a cainouldold s owto wlheb ihi in oblda.d ow w cai-- ion't kowf he ob uld mybe. t ai i't khe'll d sa me. t s, ty nt rold llagan therare rond re tans tt ro ere. chmaan sn'tere ones t e. maperry'tsn't rr 'tsantum i't. oevethether are but'll ll y nt i t. ovee w er comere t l ose, yerma t o w meain e, ma>> bl: trona rean? yes in bil we n't ow y. b t >>nan thea meesay thahe's ile t y >> thoptistic he ceha u'srom h tidn'tic ow c ue um ealt h. 't bil no. u he a bt stp gu he lts a. grt stily. o. >> b l: ion'theee bstgu e ar him at b ibein't rean bauseeagaadim a e ca forn inea bse expienc behgad hias t govno carn a ver compxpx stnce. eh >> ihi tal tng aovut h youer mpst ial a hme aoss ou oinar-- a i e t ats w od inarhe a bst se e -- tt ordary w ameincans b cainomes aoss theeaso se's d--ngso wrdly i themens ines pol as heso he dmes a woss, yea ihe st of lolehat y. e s >> aill:s,e'sea not s a ltpoli cian >>l:s ott wh abo whe wha youli an
11:43 pm
callhem purt, ty whaybohe looha whatouapped wi ll mmain? ur ty cmprosedoo atpe withccaiand mn? crod gotur bt kked, so aid dot wa toohat otgain b thas ex ktlyd,hat o ey sdo. wao leme s thi ttin a my haristexyt s frnds let shi t ay stere. hn main st ffr as rson. e. i mn fhope all remberll rn. fou on'tpell tritioelly erect e saou par thr tim in't ario ry . t th'ssaarhrneim nancl mtdowis r two th geor bus w ncl mowwo or aus w a traorou arou hi nk anjohn a amccara. ou yo ouuthi nanhnca upyo spl scen o one siup andecombecoplnc ohene siher bar oband oomcothe otr. >> bl: m ainr idn'arba go o e afr oma. aveot him b mnn' pago. >> ion'taf o. eimthin rney,a ith il'tue resct tinjohn r mccy,n, i n'h thi rney johes t hn cain cc i thk hei a lhi betr. r y oh >> bl: rney ll g ainer thhe l obamet he' a lo tter b ry g a amndid e. hee' a llo er srter bil youhinke's ging id he t lo s er get e ilounkominsion? gg t>> yh, i d t in ifn?e y doe i't, ill d ow ifoe,
11:44 pm
l w to bme. willnow w t ble f anot wr fo yeaf bak b. oba, a it llllw tl f e th otfoeaba pusts.ob a t >>ill:ll rht. rnietholdbg. pu res.ity ech dec>>l: r. iedb rey h ec ladyagaingio bi clinn onisirth y. dy yoamay vegi to debi inonth theyoy o ildr. clt easood,he appentl present sh e eder dr was clas d, nsiding m foppvicetl es t esid et. r weasave me te on idg thfo.ce checis id wee tonh. next ec [ nnis altateantsverye toe otecxtd onhe rd. whetr yore all ate [ stomis or t.altetsryto econ retyo llalle ou home tor o isall. [ felle a houncto ] isl. ca allate w andou'lget free ifet e mefeersh anc call e in gd has ro sidendssis'lnce.t eeetme sh[ deis ]hop ss. get re. gha rodeise. ke e ca an lsta agede. ]p .t . e ca n i'vetaot ngehinggain the -it-urse ste cleers. gginarou a h wat tracon u t ca be aveush! n nginhe t-seteles. inou hat ac uca ah! at'shy i cart folife but 's thi is gearout fo hanfe ere'no sme icallg us t higet an e' s illus ♪ca 1-8-steer.♪ ca-8te.
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11:47 pm
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11:48 pm
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11:49 pm
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11:50 pm
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11:51 pm
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11:52 pm
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11:53 pm
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11:54 pm
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11:55 pm
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11:56 pm
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11:57 pm
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11:58 pm
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11:59 pm
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