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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 18, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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us rts t o ocpy wl stet ptests we inteieweocis wctuasty a tst pst nde b y. te we fouuainga t fatrsave een bssindownhe orchougateono inthiswn geratchn. o >>e wi tt is gatypocsy. the oad>>wi to 20annioc . st ts rhehtd20 rmanain isstetti r a l of at nntio.fromheains eamanns ti dia let lfust y ttatioom unlnsem eir eatmat ofheett anoted t nl eone r tmofhebamanodania mia e are no shomaringr. cn wiia m prai orre easg isno phoh tonghe cwi ai r ke aook his ptoun-i yestday th d idna. ak is grery o-i "m t tsty dre pss." o "m t weahiesmerins w pld." y le ndeaesri mide wlass le and wer assould payidore. ssyouon'tndispu tha r s>> ild doay dpute e. >> u't thawe apuha not i jot re dinte >> wspar cls heha. a >>ot uerstd. >> jheyreookeat t spaclhe b ed>> o u st at's>>vailyle oheke tlan b t'sil o innntrortib. th doe'take a t seno mein ro ibthat s nothoeorree aavid en try is o meime. me at no youre sreing uanid b ld y o m e. suort thr outhe
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eouire sg u x cod b yes thatsuhatt ihrut sing. e e>>asedn od wt? theesat atinte i o f sg. his art ed ispend wg thette he parof ate o f thishisist wee i ndth pitteingar js plan o yo is thesmerinee i peoe. the bsitglanlrea j v ed an dyon he inhe uri.eo e sene. n researect the v dad in uews b en ur esct andhe hrode onsown b tnd h ashedelle,ortharola ann n heres wh he hado t say the are hing he wee,thhoulolan do rewh e adght w toetay heherengconoe theul o lt ttt t to he so tt's w t i senoeeongrs t s we arica jsenoct. gr's cplety pd aca j.or cby aeting pd our agur wlthit cizens fol mingore tn w a hilliodolls cinsol mge a t yr, oa io pll theifair a y phare ei seair so ad tsee he has redeveped unieaeo essa te for e und aso o ts ved or ariza s atord o tohns main threin h t t cen a utiz s torn mn represent' hbad ws b ten touon a t thsena flo earer est'odayd b ta a louk. >> mussathnalogainiarave neve seeayn ta l >>usninieglie b veee tn the canianne iheie b tveli t arou on eann ianadn bus t tliting ou nameran js.adus tng
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er j sea joing mwith alys is e autear ofoi mth the ysew ys k tis" bt slerutofhe yti b t"revt" sr dk m ris sevith d u m s welceh bac le us stt lc wh hernac ain,lest w ersmusn po tod sws hn, is fac eatiuspo oodma hd to s h ad.s he acing betible o do hto whaterryasot . a e toe g eoe oo faatorry ato bhman ofa pawnty, se itheolls bndan stain o itaw y, is h abl to ioels tha sin y .it i'm ht sbling h wil beaha y mney thi t m sginalwo h wiil beea eyhi r tney agastal wieain. rcausyhisgan.purts n usasedsrt n onedome psonatyr methong,e se stastic p inan his cordromet s's bastaic i oisery rd sidet . opos as o h 999y sropol. os yoknow whaias h99 thiing pothe heryo dowha sn,hig e n 19r d nald seagaran on19 10--10. ldat wganhenempf rosax0-0.
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w bi. 10taxut forpfachos o thr ye s. bi he 10xor pashd ohr 5-110ye and heheatesas are np-1 litend sescehen e ey ud tit be s an u now theye a e 35owy >> sn: 7 by t endf hipresency ey35 wer 2. s 7>> tndhi er th --he ccept 2. hat r. imat cai sthplan- c iptt so atfundaientaandan io s mporndnt itad angi the say t uniord i ates gihecono tnis. i thesk ise gngotay the annoi thi hat this glan hy th an tremhidousttraionston h emrepuusicanra ns sea whado y thi of e pl? ase isebatg hi fel wpuan eapublhaans ye gohig affr th pl as plis. athi >>eah.el welli le it blrys goafthuch. i ave pl thi on>>h. ll lt my bh. e hi sne torrowtalky g abt itn se dept firstoof aow, itlksabit pt rsreve ae-neitral. haveone e mand iave it imy vene cl.umn. vee ma i no te lef s is tha cn.rego justno taid ef wil s be d forha t mile cgossnd or stoord ile orpeop t. no mi c te.r ke the op midenolassa terso he maki 50,id0esso 60so00 yea
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curr tlyki0,ays 6%f h60 ince ea ineder incrreys% tes. hnc in aner6.5%ncn t..i.c. and 3an%5% i dica. th.cnd 3ollaes d ino ca 9%. th th sesla tax d%. o th s 9 tax busiss comnity the 9 emoyer the t anuf turesi ometyhe retemlerserhe n lonufr goreg o haoetrs wit noldongoheir 6.5 haf soalecurity.d sohey e gog toir.5 e ahole so t ofur hatsoy go 9%o sal e t alend of tmpetive essu%s wialorce t em tdo it. ete cosuervawivece tret.orri tha cova setng u a niona sal tarie ihaite the et u a feral nnaal ta gornme. ie >> sn: y opehethe or. to fpandal it. go me that non snse. y pe e are.oingo w to nd t.presencytheenat theatone. housreng and w m tbe ies 40cyeathe yrs w us llnd m la 40 ves i ithe0 y wsena. it appe onc eryla0 t vee ier fo na ecadit. pe buncwe c e t sto tho foad bu ctoho incases and tnkhathis,ou knonces d t pond it n ts,owes tno te i thepo i n t ttopate ihe 18% w. po nd ipthee onl coury fm this8%n eupe tt n er hpo a ie
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nleceson.ou f it d n'tisntereuhe t n rec hsiont a esl. . ifhe u te sta dster pec taxon ras if 9%, uta usinses,ax ra %,corpatioichin ps,ple c be rpioh pthroeing com int the c eited stas. ro g >>ean:omhat nt youhinkbout hee doletand d?ed e medtareatnt c n>>n:t ounk vs.ut dond obam e ed>>ell,at thi cs. tha the -am l,hiha eyhe repsentramacall diffent empleepnt of upwdmall ffmobitty f minity elef cldre pw onthroh th pubbic finy stor, c remmun yonrothub orgizin s r,affiativ ctiounoverent ficergin th oth fihrouivio worng uert the ce ivat thouor uectohe >> sn: c ing atom vy, vy, you knoatheto had hree s cg v job v u eno aheadeeobanit. cuffe a. >>ake rack oba lkit cfeich. >> ane ickba lhink tha the ish. a -an nk theris ahaheear, i a t -ror he er ar, a decrat par tha if tr lack get e pnt tha heyde canatarhaf mov upckitho thet p govnmenhayan handovts, d yo donup havhohe tovoen elt demrats o do nd, yo tt, tonyav argoin tto lo elheiremts wdole tpoli tcal arinlo mirorit w
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sea we lill gl to at wi muchaitn. writea a ce trov gsialo bk. iswi heoingo joha us the neit two coval b leeme ang youjos he newo autegs. oba le aou msel bad ws ausbaour. knowthe ll i veled dowd in th sr.ate. owe sa ilass vow warre alkith s e. ints sambrassng t oarupy llki stre nut tsases is trat goi t to bk oy fir re >>utf cose i wiles ttoio bir pele>>hoco iil jn methors pebetwn ocpy wl stet a j nthe aetartyrs the ffer ce itwsoc w tst a amee cansa ree th t teatyarty e er i t objeivesme ns theyon'tgree ithe tea thety occy wa strt jeesbjec ves. ey 'teeehhecc ccupwawalltrtreeecs. onfrts ama th aup huglleeilem. ifefroesn erace a ahem, heug emse ifissn ece bm,e. e ife doe embce tm, he beco bs if rioacoeve tmbthe t e ddle and, coherere r theac te ns med le sad,ng o thereheeftas nedts sa o mojhe backt the ct othe matr th is aoj de ly c llenck e o toeatths oma a becadee ei ceren waye io bad o hurt caeiaye iad rt >> sn: a rig. on thi w tkedboutefor we w t on she aig air wonehi s w wha td ut haenedoro stt wonalke ir w th seallha pus haed s har wh alke
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ethllusepubcsuppoedar h wal the e weret suessf. noubyou e spoing h thatherishe eff tresusf tnou sg ahaack erhn kich infft ohi the uons,he lef ak kh to inhihe repl t us, pla heefut ton plepe t ausritylaeasue toetn a pl e bancedusudgetyin tsu sta of o io wchy theay h was ba edsuccgesful ttta dfng. wnow u arth singhat h ttas i ccinul jpard d . >> yw sthegt uni tst iav jrd l>>nche yall e outni tackn sate lhelill ut ck whi was sel kash'shi agniwacent bl. what tha bl ds isassell tnint b atha b d isaches unn yl c't t r heun te yher c t rure. you ve t adoterchoo choe. t e. u ca tu h tedo mantorynionooho ca hanryon du. itaseen so sucssfun du eaki theitowerf thno uc fuaches unireei ki he erucatthn an rlly henieiromong at an ucatn qu rity yd tnion mo areerried o atquy this. in wconson t ueonsriav o hs. toay wffns t hf u thes horkf ce. to lff tir hhedmintrate. antheykfre. aempt g t t repe at no i hane seyethi on apt t m web
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pehi te dicl. no h shin mb mor s.cotoniict sayiow y c hel in thaorconi efyirt. y 's celn ifhahe uons unef. i oof itillill us rorm rougut th i o coury. if ty l e,it ils glngo rm ug th spre throughou.the t l i gount. rehr ou>> sen: wre gng tbe i ohnt nex edne say w g t nig. i ande'llell u boutohex tha cone uig dck morlls, gl d toeeutou.ha >> ocoo ishe uattlroun nowor gto anelecon i.nly o thris weetlunow an ec iaway ymosteopldon'hrevenee kno outt. ay sea talstmoreplboutn't seen no you xt wtk. comi up, eaalctorre seautse u enn' w sumirp,ates leralantorea an' sues lalt deep uns atling accatio agnst e te pty. we ill epll y whanshein saiccio ag fit t, itethe pery.utur ofwel yha th coury aai s ie ye aurays con overalthou pat a s. buchan. say a yess on joier meatext. docht.orge ayes te intoie hnity tomot.ow ightdoge t one tnt h andty oy domoldht t tmp ss dn wine me talnd aut o do t s d thewi012e fld and al a cupyroteheers,2hat f and muc re torro py nig.tes,t auc some mes tfe cro be llig a ttlencom rtab. mes ce t wh it's rd ohurt too tohe ba hroole
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omab wht's o rtther'todulctoax bstoooosoft er. dulcax sol stene don't ma youero, 'lc ooft. lc s sne itdoust'kes ma ou easi go. dulcax sol stene itt s si o. ke yrselcomftabl lc s sne yelmfbl malennouer ] anbey jue? we up ♪♪ leou ] beju wup ♪♪ that goomorng, vegg sty. atoorn ggty hm [ ma annncer fohalfhe corie--hm manner fo pllfs ve cie nieriti. cld' haa v8 plve nti cd'hav8 pitaone'new ca rewds cd ivesou 50% nnuabon! tae'wcaew c so u ea 50%esore sh.% uan accdingo reo archea 0%erye dy me ca. ccngrech ry l mca ll almo evebody. movedy ♪ ♪ wod yolike 50% re ch? woyo keno% c t is mo moy. no [ ma annincermo theoew
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catal e ca rewds cd. mann ter carhefor ople cawhol ant ca% moew cas c tarr le hot moas what in ur wlet? woahatn wt? giges ]ah ig ] [ emalannocer ageoesn loo theay iusedo. 's re g dual[ alno r btl selfeonfisnnt.oo e ied sho dn'ts nti- gingal ju as btle tllffi. o'ti-g jusculs ra alethet. th injtablthateplas ul a et lo colgen aduay, thnjblatla r aatuallysubt loo. looln uaand canast up ttwo ars. atulybtoo d ant to yos.didn agevernht. y a i-overyoght?dngern. inctiositeiscoort, dnes bru ing, aert? inio teco blt,edin swe linges bumrug, andelay lum se wi infmmat nblinwengum maoccu thd typayallyumesol .swinfat it'snti- e ma focuthe dernthge.yplyol 's i-sit culpaaesfoetice om.rn. itlpes ic. [ inr voe ] estaish nnecon. gi me ice ntroinvo]tah ec. plicionsp. gi e chece my eroil d te mesges. icns ecnds e pos ion.teess. airbs. s osn. teof '. rb peect. te ' d bld sp 43pg, ce. blspon. 43, . depeabily. yh. y a bier d. [
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le aacouncte ] . inoducg threinntedbi d 12 tota mry.[ anc inuc thined it t reaa . ♪♪iteaaru?♪♪ juni ] ilayeprofsion sketll f 12 ars. ni iodayye ownof 1on wen 's rettaur fts.2 s. ay wn1nd ienet m rfinauring. frm geapit. but al gettuff i mthatnaoes gy befrnd bgekingitutalet ffweot oaty les peobee mo by, ng helthemave . we o le[ eoniormo ge gines elfounemwayse o cumy ergy e. [ or e [nehery ] unysre cufici et liy tingelps jior ay on lar... [ry e [ ciniorli ngd sepse moj cusr mers ola.. syou' notust ttin fianci cap[ al..or semousrs scheru' ] yot're
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t so ginting fihumacicapiapl... not erst m yey. e owle ge.ngmapi [unio] geapit. ey' notust nker..t m. le [ iowgere bitlder y' otjunit ] .erand ey'vhelp bud myusins. w ber ni .d 'vlp bumyin. >> sn: awo yr frze o all derasalaes and medi se m aator ym ofr o new l raland migr ion,dionst mutioorl o amdmenewmaki engshhe fici gr ln,guagst of ioe un edamen king stes. ese e ju a f of e ci thgs tt lagyf un nt gue ssst. e we mjut fof i weth w ttoave ntue s r mount. ie w herwe, aericas we knoit coulbent dd by the rw acaweno ul yr d 2by5.he ll, 'll lyaveurse yes 2 bme, ays. in, isl eewse ook b, s. "icid of ain pek pow" fmer pside "ialid a ndide patow frucha pndel args id ileursuatg theerfehan
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emobleme are t s eep ob bnke and lere enpmic,'m n se th cannd be sved enc, n sthanolits. s sead youalk out divi in ameca. youookt itit fm a l eaou ofk t vi diffmeent.ngle t re iu akit f rea a lf vide half f thff coutry dlesn't t iay ea an feralncom axesde lfthou d'tight an f al om sea we e wh's hespeni occy wa eae wh hni rig. cc wa sea do gettro the poi ig tipp g poi eao etheoialco glappell'oi boippi pntcoalfhelal' boothe coupirys payinforf t heher oulf a thetherin hrf of th cou tryantsorend r aheer the hof untr thou ctslidee >> halofhe the coutrry t consers cdde o er alalhe taxpers.ou t e t connsmerss h oe no xps. inntiv if ty ar t nonrs h paygo xes allyinoivet tar t nay vernnt a sller s lyy shld they? and you avern aot t sser sh emenus cflicy? in socd tyu e buit'snly tne ofhem, en cicn sea oc ke t ibua, y'sy k ow, im, theea t i 19 y's, don'caref yo k wer i rheruman or eis19howe, orn'reyoer athe ount had amar moriswer nsens. nt itadad a mor anityororal en de. it asicaory bad inheoldty dal w tesment . whi cabaeoplind
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belied i a elt wesnthiightpl and li i a tru ter sce w t sialht d cturaru volu son o the t sl 10's,hat' cra colulete ohe claps. an 1withs,t it' thi tcote c trpsitio l faly hanthihi t collsed. eas triofa r hht a wro hav llap d. ll i, avs alke r a autroav the i uesap i , gay marage ke a righ tho i lse and artioay and are al of gh the l tngnd aiond proalscuif. one deheays wel t thas roui prress e, n mal e ds natal.el e otridehas sayhat' prss nl at. otreayt' wron sea howo yo ronci. >>ou don on r onci . ea yoow canyo. rci >>on 's rci rrecyocilaane. th's t soue of culre warshatecla th t culourallof cp u isul thrsfundtentaelie bindul ll cthemnd us benth the thndtaiere bd emen recoheilabonflt. >>ean:wo cpterthe d of co ab chstiaamera thflrisi >>n: cfere o ch si rht. >>ean:ou ge olm.amou r. >>eechn:992. g >>992,ou rig. >> s n: ichcrea2.d a g >>2,ig ntro rsy. s i eaoteda pat, t thi d. throy. stain gedt, thi pow of d uchathn s in spch. alloweriofews,ou aha talkspg ab.t ll ciotura dive ons, a
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maj slkle.ab t one ing at c iraeresdiv o me th aj s boo. y e g menoned ihisesd wase th oo y dere, e eenedsasf chriiani tha mande a, e diatorante riunihaan a quo d kadior martepen uldn telof t peoeuokaarn dnel teo opte othe opler th mass. as'm rdinghis i tnkin gop o e manleth ways pbabl thess is as r long ofs ieopl tinelebting anayhat. p bl >>hes istelo, >> we foutteou commism rondw, rgan'eou d mm anm georon bh rn' fishe tha d co war p.anor bthe fhehaommu smcoarongu endmu lingu hoiblecollsed was faile itas a l greucce for hohillell d ase c muniilit arece of antr iohoil argu c tnit, lk,ef wenntto egu t siet len uon. eplacisaili p sple tte thlace ha a u. ac lon marlihrou pe he ce inituthans othe wt.on ar thatouong mar tohang heirinut o e wthinng a atgarongir b iefs in and a basilly t pele s tha bey wfslnd acct siy pe sultuhal w rxis cctheyill bracittu asheugs is ey l opleac rejtedhesther- s th's wt leejdapped.
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it aer th wransluatn aspe icheit said o allnsatas valhes. whid wasrong is now oight allal the whasngs revse.ow ht sea a youalkeabouthe ginneg ofev. he u ted nateansoukeoue a natinns thof srted the. ud at a ti 5th s 5ed he >> sn: wt ist. 5 >>93 5 s wis >> sn: 1 now >>you tk abo s 1ow u tk volebool lcanatio talk autow ahese anio lk auntrs bre u a ise trbr u iivid molulcazati aid ecomic mol ca vutianizion ofmeri is a thacoc a g dvuizn anafsis? rishathas a exc glent ananasis.s? t meayt alss prectxc andnt is iwhernayou s.t intmeolsre uchy nd you ve g the ieru nthapt on whe nhy u ghe whitpt arican he sea savg th forhe next it sment a ca>> i ean, eaavthor the xt vulnizaon snt th 's t e an i asn,e taedhe ul zaday, hav a chter th thereansa ofy,8,00av wchtdz,r re of i00s wz,alle is et
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ni nionasmndlet now ni it' nna ibal predted thend oowt'heold al ed d r thhe the o reaonfltsd comith up heuldeae bween fl opleandribeandaces andmip d ben cuures atheled thabedesnd iologs cu lieshe cmunihand cital im. og i ink ey ali cni rig. l ov the wor we cal s i k a counies igeaki dow ovheor ebreang s art. un s kie benow jtroke i ea h af.. behiop bro j ike hal i see l th tro hles i oproenyaal yo seee thros i iq. ya nni . yoe s kds. i arai musl s vs. cisti. kd ra th a i-chslstias.n cti th pan ia theiddl eas a erytng. an isc.righning ut thesdlsas a wh is hpeni to e wytld. itss algh brengin t dowwh s hen ini euro e is mor w italre peefulow otla wan iure is oor. cat lonian't peul wts o lafan o ton't sp wn. o noherntaly wan out spf nornly italanut cyprs is spl inalf. al rds wan out f tprkeyispl i tse arthe ttleoff. the uturs thisans thut fut teyf t are mlekind he that wha makur e soisthut coernein t mextnd atha segaknt o out at'sappeng i ourcone t t own cntryeg
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>>hat t 'sredipe wil i prourbly be the n mos cry con overal a>>t u ha tdiilnowroy thi he goioson ier a hau ha thewhapt cald thhi end oihite i a ricaha he whitptalthmerins d atendan aredca it ecieriyou wri. a >>and ieuri ight>> >>ean:et wh th me wh ht pa >>n: wth m wucha n. pa will arica surve toha ll 202 aca an penurnleaes otea paro move02nt. at e enof ten day the isea oaar big bube ve t of t en t aytheihehead is sing,igou knoube can cg of we ust ei ladch sg,noan wet l him >> sn: vlentimnti-erica anantiem m sti str t s vnti-ic anti m titr fr antwalltree memen one the ptests wfrentllee men e he tervwed. p st w rvd.
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12:24 am
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12:26 am
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
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12:45 am
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12:48 am
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12:49 am
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12:50 am
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12:51 am
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12:52 am
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12:53 am
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12:54 am
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12:57 am
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12:58 am
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12:59 am
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