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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 18, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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r p paltinis hd y thalnis hsrae tholdi ctive nowaedi cveow shah ls fallyree. ah >> hav l bn wting ohi fly fofive yea.e. we >>llav cck b wisngondion and ee wfot heveea ss abo e is c yearas adi d w prihener. s thebo dlhat w ar a hisrir. rel se e d ntt wundrsfisel fre mitandr uredntore gaz man lebrionsn thmidd eas ed ostres aewaz wningrom e brns thdd isaselis re a wngm e isis plhe 12-ar-o murr pl suect.2- -o urosecors y th are chginghis b sut. as ecs th anredult ch ng>> iss bot my jobosn fgivelt it's y jo i t flow yeob law is st a fveid. 'sjo >>onig t, th fw casof taw s ch ad acc.e >>igthas t chcceedf kilng h fothe ilfox is h tsday nht gd eveng fr ushe s diumx n tay n g en stfrloui sum homefstui the lmehamphe cdina d tes i tnmp getng cna rea for te t i t 1thet flea
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r claic ser bo t wor 1 serstart f torrowla s bo nigor. xas ngerseter to te onrt hetoow cardgameneign b s foxert shood ton be rd mmehtyn boxhod e itin be two ams veet mypnce ein inceo s 20 andheirats aree msive cardhavece j t20ndir appesre u m ve acti on e firdd bevend j m pe u wiers thetin fibeatiol m lgue wild cardwis he reio eoy lome eald aradvaage r thfirs r tim e tch l th sers onhe vae thrs foxim oadc th ther nonwork of crse,ringouox dc nrk ce,ngrevi. ch mor frousch staumsvi x reorrts t,ta fir, fo wsresson. ericsirfo lectn ic heauartsct threpuic predentl coende areeart getng rdy for thpu aigrent code facreff. etst o rthemnyor aay. more o whos misngacn a. oem mont. . e re o fhomerisassa auset goveor mt moomne. lrea on fr e outveith m arandne neaneb ideo ak. gointh a aftnd nexaseo g ernoinft rk perras cpaigngs gno ameca's r to jobrr creor. cig lo at's to b ♪re.
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♪ lot . of urse lelyerma cai haseen ef se bigst ly teat to ma ttai omnesn the orgiigusinsman tst oo nedefee to ght ter e at hgi callina joanbout o a feto t r elec hifie bord lljoenceut a d caaignar ecammeien hrd ce all ve tonht i hecagnme h ll dert. on i hi dest fo tight de .deba. cahi isesfo apogizi but t iht don't chound baike s hecas po zibackutg do a i l. do t >> tt'nd rhte he and ckdo you w l trobay r hea a d od b abo tsou w tonht. ba eea aebat b abobo nat tnal onsecu.ty, onom seceity d bordat sbouritat l th is stat wher e tcu, om ecy ecomic ecur yrd i in sit ths at er topar. ecicur i 13%n uneloymt. thhight in the arount. d th 13%neym thghinhe popationnt h eth mor th one pern iopio fous hor th ne i immrati is ouso a vy big t but nla. immue.tis a v re ntlyg ermaainutays at i . he sporta borr encere ly mabetwn thn u.s as m ico. srt orce wld lecttwfyth.s it a andut mo. si nex to wtct ttt wou snd
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cautsin, iexwillillot tt y.ou s ll, ere as utome ill olense takeby tt he y sd , e ine ose retrkepect tt wahea jok s b he stilnwantaence and tr hectwaok b wlde il ntelecify ce ande isndote backg do fro whatere a ec y nd liisle b o his polo .ckdorote li bis lo .>> i apogizef iffend poze ien anyo. meculp i'm t waingwa fromhat i yo juston'tmeantlp tm wagffen ro anody.t i >> s he st'tt w tlden any. s wlect p the nce t wi enohurre toct p kiheomeby be winolectfyreo l ofeb ts btartct becset.hen of t texa govnortickerry ented thraceecnt xaovkry tethce was sn th he opped aordeasence a l of s r ublinsthepp adece lhink f th's t rlirongnkositn forth t congervave rublic candate it or>> spardnot tonht'scova rli bate aante srdt on'sewre te bcketngevad >> y are tking abo betad forr y re vern jon tngbo hunman skioring rn toonght'deba and ycotunng tn sverki stag in tot'ba nd otes he ot t srta andn
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fesr he oer wil joind tomoow aer t febat o prilommidooitten mo a t prmiden addion. tha anua di nada's lectn of janry 1hhao ua eay it na'ay ctof foran the 1rima ea iny dectber thi yeaor ve rublihens hema deced inthatec tr thiea rli hec isat tt uccepble ink th ithoul n hapnands uvadaephoule chank its th dte.ul napd thertheyre y s da theulants dther threpubcans who h eerey y s he fusetoake erhrubnsheho h boytt see edgerickoy geckerry mtomne and n pau for ryat ty m cxpecne s ious d au crit ism.r t readbegu cin tec sus newaper itm. adgu t ew inerewampsre. tt rney in maveplaing ps to.o in t ry apted m hetowef neai toin t aed how hpshine. >> spardwho scrmingt yoarl? th h's nhi srdighto crng yo l?hant g] th >> nt's e ocpyht fol. ey accupng l vegnt a >> s theyocave aivedere ol the a upbate legite. a eye aede he te e. sherd: cupyg ves ses li theighthingo me hecarl: pyve selihehtngammen tak me
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rlare. me neakpresren replica to pa par ofhise. job illnees afepr thcao sene pa barckedfs tobl tireafthackaen jtast bedeek. t th predent s sre docraka j tll t nth sretnt s dra ofiece t by a pie s wayt caferia ocetyle he ook iehot theay.o.pafia allernat e whh inheudesk t anhe .p onew overentalatwh reginatioes. >> t epubc ponn sayerthat eg iowhatstandg bet en u t aub pay tfull atmploentnd isget u tha ae're prevlltinglotsompaes fmhare evpollnging r aiand o watpa f mtoo ch. llg aid oat o . we, thetherand,ave , heerd, sd eatet'sut teaersack s the 's claroomere nor ea sroli andllk acrs elaheome or li nd couny. cr >>owenatemocts sayhe are un >>at plaing tooc vot as onays theyean on the firieceflago ot s e pridens pl hat' ey oheircef prenplhe t' $3billn toelp ateseep cops and firights a $3lltop esp tehers n th psndirht j a. wepubc leersay hatte rsth sods le lot j of ublesttimu sso lotf ich the claidn'tmu wor
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at me h whe saylaheresn' nor educ iont theecon wayre kicof a n mule ucwe hne alheady neonhis. ic we aaveriedt. itle f led. h al y hen s. day wewoeedf itis fd. us n tourayhrou nor carina d virgia, litil tys pot ur out thoreartatea ould be rg , cructil inty npotear' thtelectn. lde anthe replics ucrein n accingr' ct thpresanent eepcs cccpaiggng o the axparthest dim whi i cig o e gupas, eryresintimhi i ds. atny re, dgu eenrysiraveng withhe d at p rside. hesrynve th eoria virnia pde nighheit loo lik aampa eniaira tripgh oo th'sik apan obvus. >> hat' sip thight goodveni, sh. thbottbv lin. >>s tht' i aht odnish tathayerttinth fancebus a tr and taer the ite use aid kee fces t yinghesendreot e campe gne id eeeven so g ss ingsemp jusaw en no g i camign eveheusresint n d he inamirgina whe hvet si onpoinaid ye he cngi thewh h oganou wonlin rember dom y thatampa cnbouthe tee yea an w emo. r thpresent so atpa trygut t outea somethotenesalt camignry linut meenamn in r 20 at is eve. dasicly 20t chaing veat t ic reblicobs bilould hphag t
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corpreatioic, tas a lilten.ld h let shat y havrpiota ln. got d he is at tet pla st yavotoils dohes tlao. weels do gon weutnvirmenton relatis.irnt [boo >> wre gng t re dtill mor oo w g toos] dore'reoing t s] rolreng b tk wa streefor >>ow, youol mtion t bwa pr idenreis hingors sn>>s, ou m onis w tk totartetti promeen hg s s vons onhe sate a lea wtort ti pies oethe bs bilvoon s e evenf so of ahoseea paspi ohe e wait lilks rigensoow ifs hese n goinastoet athinwato l thaig ie n in aoriginal 4 bilon-dlar bsha bill maybhe wl beucky t getig 4il-d r halff tt, hep.ll yb w >>bee iskyavin a t veret dficu lf ttimeithhep. me cserv>>iveis in threpueric par b dcu it ow meh m cappervs the h th ipuar bavin t troue teing t mpeth docra iin ou teobleg at t wel md. d ra>> yea ev aftle he t beaelng up rebliceaeade asomef evft the eeaventpn noh reicaroldea, ame th herinth vginintheno esidtolept insthtinger loo vni i wa to ridcht o witnsngoo publ ans,waork oth tm on r oit me sorof a obsbls,k t bl.n e o tho y wouxpecor a
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shim wor b oho yith ympiouecnowe m or y morate rublias bkh pi in wwehingnodayt aeari mo te randli gav b a tgue wng lasng tayari the dav treary s areta tim teas t geiner, he take lisn. romeais staimeir, keis bning . om anithecimio ofur bmmunngies d tyanhimf un wans telp and ey fl th a nan p geing anyd f dtheren a n frohe gegny denro minirati andes i coressor tt matr. nitind i coss tat >>he pside m hav >> troue wi for prde mav dem ratsouwi or johnccain not attdingemtshe hnai otent y ofhe entsomorwttng even tug t of es tor crent en mcdoell t not t goi. cnt bott lindorepul icanthinot th'soiecau ttinpuanin thau knes rning r a sateace. k >> reantnge pice na sirgiea are. r orte y iestitingnthe pe gi thefof a p tago truar fl rte i ti engipme thathe predent efes w an h pgoru spes t frowd on e me hatheerent roa w h ong e itspe t thetellwd us e at a inhatoa tru g its thehells
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pres ent' a telnromptr wchruhe viou y est'isplelsmprhe wpeecso the esidtid rea touyots pl of tk aboechat w re e tolidd theatruclsos tbot wol conined th uc esidtialoealsnd podms ansoundoned eipme. id coal foulshe tck butod w havanun wor e yetme o co woutherhey t ut cove wd wavt w oret o ins we.ery well atve l wst f w the ment,ns th mide t ill he lo fhe m t, lebrion d peaps enthde i h biof oimis brn pe s st hrsgo tbi iaeli and ois h pastinns w tt foard th a ili nd ge priner xchae.pain w fo d e de a rir he,hane desrae soier r h morhanae sor a tusan or pastinnn priners theyound tanopsid painutrirshat ey ndraelsoldr issid sobodyery ecia tjustheadof t elldis homominsody oy ia st ad t gidomin o gi slit and par forhe lestians stndaror at's tsday fox eporstns liv 's fr t busayox staumor i st.ouisiv ere arellfrusetti rtady i r ga onet.fis the wld e retierie r on t ganeheox wroadst tadet.
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yh. y a bier d. [ le aacouncte ] . inoducg threinntedbi d 12 tota mry.[ anc inuc thined it t reaa . ♪♪iteaaru?♪♪ t ua, we lievhon is t elusie tohe mita . u e evn s nd cmitmnt i not mitee si to t monea mil ary th. ctm it te teily . he se s of lueshat ive ur nion'miliary ssf esat e n n're tli oneywe ed touilusaaank. tne e fr freto cheiling aa k. toredicar to ans, ur c mitfrnt tree helitg y, etetonsdid thrr fo ilies, cit te it eth fie iwitht eql. ♪ ♪ iisitthus oeqine . len wh mak ourank dieren ♪♪ it oe ewh akurk dien saa. wenowhat mea toerve a. wewt eaove
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shlder sherd: extordiry d in t mide ea end wit the shdnaperd iseli ould he: xt di dit i n tideandfit sraee ap aiseri ld mi tant atta iedis tk morae a anive yea mintta ago wen tkightor rosshe bdere stcheea him go and ok henht ss b crtive she im wasust outd de hf hi scol sving cn thve m itarast utll ihiaeli sc s musngth moffiarals entearsryin to wi ili hiselea andusoday fis trsins partwif a al tis fre meaehannday rta tre m na thoandalesnian pri ners hodesan la shatinal walridrsree ere s. ha ofcialsaal heale sho e sns ofofale mautrihoon a he carly s hasn seenuch sunmari a ehe t cdly i ervisner teet heh fes goo un he aid h t fst lrned if thvie the de afe wees aoo ahed h f led spethays de woeeying a i wou a all com aparpe sjustne onthfterwongoullom mil ants ar to stthhalierway bacn006,ilts i to y doliithyisac fher the6, nortof do isrl. h we fr head no rt ide tsrn ho lonwe
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this oealo woude lasor tho on whetr is his o sl wldouver comas s faer td meist th stime wit wrlreaom takg an . fa t me thenormeus t l on weaisaknamil >> or tnspeclly hisilothe m >>ecyishe m fe. . shuffe vermuchshrofeerch thi peri. it a mht mor fhi her ri it wou m mike fto eer oue e sn. asoon posble. s asn ose. sherd: re imy son i thk i ulde eggi . he: i iouldoon mt aththini d ei'm re youldsgi ild m wel a in i d 'tm y knold whooeg.el we d d'tno kw who kps -.who we dkeep k w k -o ep him the lyhing i wanim tm too is te bringan mon tto tri bacac
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morrot i aear t. rr >> spardhe wr ted s t s. backomorw noin a yr or srd wd o. s inst d, i sck beeorno fiv ae y yeaor d fou r st ieeivea onthou uthililad alit fatr cou uave thiad mont. is v eoitnatrouehi hougoathe mo. vand n fallyounitehe fi lly d hom team foxlyovere ofhis te devepmen and at ifiy mea in om e bi g p tureamo alerofofss. veend iean rebia preinanal inaza he rease re thean palntinia ree healni isons. lend vtertt shat'some. on>> h wleked vrtutereouplha s of hrse. ago h loo wddike apl cnged h mango e weooht of t wor h fi clly edenan l tedwe o tor h fi ofy f l hisd shouers,he nhtmaofhat isgan re tnive ars ous,go n ma istver. he n tha ted eryone sho wked so hd tor.ring h sonha hom eon h wd sa heelt h ltoeng h his son hadom h been saet rorn. l is as sad gil shaentame rn. asilha ie he
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toy inar dven by i isrli h dense toinorce he l dkedn likyomeo wsr addee ce tr y ha the ightf the l dik wodeo w lifd trhae offhtth his houlwors the wanot aif d eye inhisffisul thplacwa t awhatappe nex d theye wilnbe s a g dier fim a s acome atpe heexheilus a inisdid f tt anclud e so astaheis wh tomatlu so stace chken up a wer latg revery sor h schn e a b lins re ry htomoow. ep, eck t bs mo.ou. , t sherd: landitte. azahe: nd iseli rhe fetea paltini isi f proner the owd shoaledni theeopl pr waer a newe dhohepl gil. inwatherords aew ctureil nothinerds iseli ldie correore the th gis mori iee herisors relsed that howt gor wor.soeld atow frd 47 prinerssor pt of e de wit hamfr.47rirs pof deothe550 ithedud to go fream ne mon. amon theshee0 dutoorerisors rease neon toda onassesso r murserersccorng srae das serngifeurrs or seencefor ae aackshaere llednnoct cer toy, t aks isrli pme edoc nistae benminto net tyahu sr
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pwarn tha st eve relseennethu rn ha rrort wh retns t terverel ll p wh hi lif orwhet ter th e wo ps o whi wningif aprentid nhingo qthetwo o e wngelebtionin theapnt pale niniang trito qes whe someebon prinershe we leeeinia t tirtohe memili forhe fst te inrirs win t dedes,ur rna lior n fan t winh at par ofhe sryde iss,ive r in t gaz n w onig.arf sse t rea? az >>i,ig sp, gazns sayhis re the bes>>hing tt sas hpene aztohisay ares sin eesell bngore tt h hanes to ove sre ininl 200 b e anhama s ishato lveghinn up00 anma ts -- lin ppinup theicto fp ts pr ton r-ease >> t inheto psone fers famie t pr r searri d sh ting turegar to pnesam mas' ilit yrishng winar o >> lite ueralf t s'ity in pr onerbein>> reaseit u tod f n't t b alled t rurn toprer in eir rse homod inhe wes t banll t r ney wl beo r exid toomnesaza,an wbe rdancanxitoa,atar and annurke amg tharndrisorske eingamth releed tound of theso miliryng wg. le tthoswhoidnandedfhe and k leli isra wi solers a osonandivil kns. like hose raols i aolved i scideil . atta onke ase rtaurt in ive i s de
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rusa m. ta >>nhe l ader at rasurin reased toyhos at the sa >> hea lofr he rse ha s mitarto wins heantsea me ha mraelarsoldrs knappin so ey cts met mor psone outelld kpp o isr li c jai.or pneut shep ?sr ai>> spardreenninalive th ear epedneay m sningrd en nawordveoday tha tthrearayavene been sig ming ng the c e ordayha th t mesing b y enigg he lis c o is a the mthherho cimse mng b she sis d anke m offr csoxed win e whe he daughrff vanhed m edveinreat mor tro lewhheghoran d mhersf afr a at recortroedia to. we ill rsve yaf det als oec thia. plus som memtors o conesswe l y waet ooan a therth sub.ance usom em o fron majs lea ewa bebal a er e thub evecebodylse nfrajeae b alericwho th ivedyfegean use an has iceno usi i forfundrs ofse ans si yea. or taildrss n t as fox rortseaive il nfromtuschsox rtse sta umomch itat. lis. fobroaastetwo. l. fooatwo
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úyúy looat a thi tuffor cfee others to. fnch esse esessoamps, f terso a hi ff ce it on geerrealto co flicah d. se es sonmp nea fy arscomp cate ashipng , gh. geal i oan caping s aassl neaamp tenot h aioripy ma flarat. boxefromthe stali ervn e. ng asl oth rmala atf it its xe shoms ane herealn vthe ount foa loflatate its hanre hento loathattes ea . bet ne i'v ard l da i'soooampe! ateabene'v d dai'oope meanot ped.excid. we, so of ped eat we soreaf y kied of beeen. haveyou er houg abo decf? akif ben. doou ink at w uld velp?u ugboec yh. dopriou ty mk l f wt rad ? hippg strts jus$4. y io m fonlrafrom he stal ervipp. sts us. simer y tohip. nlom alvi imr top.
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>> sparda lile me th 24 hrs ay fr fir pit of t wor srd serlis, mthoing o be h a frir coit i tor ser loungbe tom row co e lo 4 sou at geomw tim lo 4 30ile-r-hoindst g stsimo 30e-ho 45. ds t no a c llys ashe 5. receion meno a bal cylayes mit gi to a n opos tcen al ye gemajor leae bmiebalgio n t os ban t allgejoea bal tobco. dianhewi l tobco, obl of. di it. doway thwi theigob, of ws.t. s. sy atoricheurbi fra w sor okounberbira hken,icha ouer umenal. ked em tgree hn,ha t voltary en .n. d t ewineeolry taccoives kins wng preson dpitehe tcoes k wact 's es d tea lel pduct a siging t a bab who as le enissi pct f twoigg weeab. ho ps s somodysiepord f sewong tee. you w en s wit aom y chd thor se tooke a l likou wit chthhe ke 11onth lik o lisa iin 11 14thmile w otisfansa i cy 14le wher wisa'saaren c cim
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er sobodyidnaed h froa'heen ho. c th belve tir dghte is so dystilnaaliv hro ty s ho thelhoev t dte took iliv her tlso stole tirellev phonok. >>ere we toloy lale t forclent urcehat ere ons a all>>weol olan your rchonet ce att e a lound o 2ou0 a. thane nht.t >> wwere tolndd ttoo. 2 a.ha n. wreol t yea. >>as tt y? no. was eepi.ea >> t y >> w o.ould tha s piaveeen? w>> weverldookhae her i d't kw.n? werker d k >> spardnow,et ts. th say theyever en cled thos srdw, t honewhicthayheyheelieer e re cd s len oshe kidneppericto y seif somieod mht picp on sn the herider seomnd m ner caedic tonm. acee r galghern our neestca t ast ws healeronign. ur did m st whe d n't h cal igose p nes, d s wrace? >> dhe ss at falst she se ps, cedn't ven ink >>out sat wn f e dihe s sheidn'ant t et 'tn ink he wt of t w pole di he n'inveigattn. t reme er, e reinon t wyf t ol deyed cal ng 9 ive becatse me , re th tmom sai ded t cel pnesal 9 ec re msingut thmaihey tel lat ps real med tngt da h hisork y ll pne aat tt's h al t tyda his evenallyidk p aall ts 911 h t now, emem r,enlyolic l in11stiging thi w,ase, theomem ic
7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:48 pm
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7:54 pm
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