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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 19, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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gs a on tth dic s ne. this aer i was i s kneansa s s ty a 7er iouasgo i a k ssakesor altyst tworsitgoh a theke parent thal is te osiit the f rehoment t daythss agoe. i t wked y the side of f use, omen eaygo wa y w wd re t s e fremy usual e,eee h dvewa c re a as youmy c u ssuhere iee hhe as u s shhe/gare at i the focus of shtoda/g searc ih.heoc ming arounthback there i sda s rc cpe ng hirondhereba'mck p tntrein i nsow is thhed. i'llhiho a'm pnt n is differe shet in ll a son a th paren haveif brebred in fr thea aa f nowen borahndbed jerem yfr hheeotf sted nn tom eraince tnd j em ybyeotll egedlystisnpeed tome weekinago nd they spoke t me lloued why i'medoi t t o p laeko hat shend s fke t eu sho w. mmioi up te preoi to s hndav f a u li r seport f.m mi k usaps c oi t wi t hgh aetai ls onli rortm tsa c wighetai on sech a lf you h been wonderg y 'vese heardver thou pasee ewnd dg ybo'veea th the pseew dbo rents, quehestns aut their or pti larers, q deborah's aut t irmissn to
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mehat he w drunlaonhe nht d heror b'sab sssan re anday w e un acke nouththaer n bight. she sasoolredndehes e kengt sha n ahtbo. er e oldesry hat ng saw a hauter avery at30pmhat nhtte. ave at's hat s td30pmhat pice, s 's stold t e it w pic:4m a nd sheld it nnot we she er saw a hhe otagain. e laterhis hheour ewe wril sl spk th t h pritenv ti toag n. o hte spehi horr e w tspeith tritito hpeore t esa pents than a onsae e siehe as first p bkets. han da and e nht . ey h ayirs yho not rh dato a judgmentn t case. yho n rh gmtn t ce. w deils ergi nown a veerus publi sety des giow are in a ve bizarreerus subryy volving l aizre t sozen wild vo l animals s tetoz f e on tld stre oo. ama s f eronf's es cribreing aaro. in aine svillef' es ibtheyay t a owner of wd ai imilal pre rve s eyhe twn weatusree b eforime partl syhe tu coitsting bore sde. shiffso fcoarit pngde dsha f ar
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bengal tig.a onbe neialborid o in t b. eiborid lns cha b horses.ha izzlies, hse leords, a ie money ke spark ledon chaos ketra s grklagh i live. >>eporter: o the c0ha or s ra gh animal lete.ut >> oorfr: o tirag0 o ep ieims are tli us a o izzly ea aepiesourentainio an and a onkezlyyre teanl a ou aianimn the b el ved a okethy lonle. ep m indimhe e tct n bber of thanims n tlo farm epit mtlde nbibet o ims t ywre from 48 t c 5ud1. en the sheriffs aiv oronm the 5ene tir he pma goalheasff ts iv oephehe eniirlsnse t oa propaserty s tha yepou sheaw ls thnse, celearly mny adopty alrdy ha y st en o theythide, cotar hadav ar en o t nqlithr ns so the hepies began ootili ni ls thesng theirieeg tindguns. ni lseyay ts s thoir the ama nd tns.nt est o t pub sc t safety late r on they camnt iesntonctc wife a bteen olhe c iern theyctried wi a b tralnqzerer g theyedhe ter go aggrerassive. they eed u having puter tha anim aowreniv w el
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ey eed u ave eir autrea, the imouow was w l ekdirara,ning signsn ou the w ntst e. deti w pteardng aign tthhest e. trdeces pte sddivions in t se t ama went nto publ areviason indn the t schoo alsma en wet s bl sten thehe soo wen. en she trihe. >>he mn iact s t. >> we ndidn i'tac want ks ttaing a a w ebustoph morning nd dn'tan steegs ines ae a big s aphmals mni wk by andnd sg esig apossls cau wse tk he amar th schooiclsere tremssdo c au t thup edth ssoo 1icls er we w or demitdo t athnd commiced wsh tm a 1 it s w ad t a mmiced w t a gup decisio n fhe bestnterests ovedy gup ecio nrom nibe stnt es>>orte theolicknodyw this r etic animal f arm very teheicno thwell. o erhe p a smaeven f ym ry ey 'vll o hhe p com splaiennts fm neigeyor everyin fro t ne misomtraieang f tmnimals t o ig orth eryinronima run ngooisse. t enima to wn ererniaoose ewner tmpn, 6 yes o just g on, of jlyes just o weapons ofl ces w. po ohio wkn f exotic anim oh iid fts. sie 20 e03ti tcreav e
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eeimn2, inud. thr beasi20ree aac2, two whrdcea attks t eeo snake atck thoe foutt h te beeee sn fatal atin007 y s ee t ft t b btomat a00 y s t seeto a pet ln escaped chin prs downlnhent estap bere aschinrsown fally rapred st ai n. be ve aountain lio a f bal an mon keaiyhat em n aonou then a bose. onem n ifhes at cnges w e' y know. gyn: ifnbatie cblnge. w ll thkou .kn. n: riebl rese.earc h ggthg ou . formation oo' law resrc garding tirmcio ama oo' aw ohsnef hdf ulrd o g stesma w h soneeg hatdfns thstesss. o wnlho regulnsates th o ohio nie sp rieuls sh ahiiob ts spie sh yos,la brs andobts rattlesnakes. th outgoing bovrsno ar sned tt sn esorde.r t o ogo tempolynoan t nershi p, derereding, slingrem trading tf dgeus in g,at executiverd adf e dxpgeedusn ama ri co engcu uvep welsk t e ctn of the ol bucosngoo u t tel usks the f bge thaenbugeoo ci thaeaenms hng down thes nilseams hngown
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es tay jacknils hna is tre t h dlck th crisis, a he wna i tre join live .h csi w jn ve. to camign ailowhe gornor rick p ry oamn exlhe gornic hask ry su olyext ait of fire e lt hasrs a sesu lks to ait o fgair his rot ntru hnner as staetus. theex gaovernois sakin a roru erw mit agotats. w tetheex ovrepunoicin mi ldegohitp nferen ce puauichi a n de athickn reer n atckn secrary. [alaus i wt toake heax cod e cr ar [aus s im e wtoe ax cod t se en moy geithnan hisaxnmo itanis ntime. heering] pplaus in me erg] laus im e.n gyn: pryameut wit guns bling astgyig'sut w opblintig's bateisop mos aggreive te perfrmat de. no oos was ogg lit s. rfat d no o mitt lits. you lell of my stst.ngrom it mouyell o p meryec nguro hed illegalsn in sher hom peerndec yve k. abo
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u hed it i feg a yalear.s th e i dether y hou stand he y k bebore us ait f yr. th ideth y snde talbe abouts tha your song tutmmig tti is o ur s face theigti iseigh fa t pois >>eiou d't he toave big po is al is>> t do h tigav this thing ou ig ght ren evis y tou'vehishi ou gt 8nev y've ps% 8ou ps% w 9enoun to of that. w on an omof ha 9% me ocia a sury. i don't think 9%oco,er ma iit'ons t nonkt gng i no g ng t o the 1.4t andnt allows at the hehi of an andegntlls imgranhet rnere ihi of aeg aummatiancayer i.s. cizen. letauti mey.s.ddss cen. her ma s et m bi i'dssater yous ask t bi 'd estions. at >>ou a undstan tthat u get to t tion >>ndanat eto questionsnd iet toesnd like l qstns to. foromneetho has been esndike t l it ted statefosonneeshos h toee ct t me on ts ueitthatta areois o cthae t bder issue th t e r iight
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t. men: r w br baimeshenc of tpegs rertbr sre w hadhe tnche ofpe re wadox theebat ckerry saideasog t ox ceeb out ton hter saideo c o swingong dn't sngg hpe but dn' last nht h>> ipedef buiteldid. d as wasuch re ergic vely e imedefike welted. asto bh thereic vee wdchide n' bhe ally -- heaschid aractezetheu w t the ly - let tasir f ac debateues w. t ea h is ettiir f dat hselfp ea hse ti t rhthf tt r ney ande continue tof tt rney att acmian cmntiey a t trontrunner. withll ottf the cash mn a o hand ro thntnn t.he th oheerashamig h has athnd t with areower iamigheas a debat th screduleow lookor t a d war sc roreally t sp and e'tep the rllypttks ondne'ovnortep t roey specatty. ks o annwe s thaovtnoeid ro g sndca vernan s rhanet sid a lea aple of tim rn s l pl o t setng we hadn s i pvis
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detes. etng men: he d w hapeopere s ount him dowsn deans. out ofme h t ds racope. e itntayim dn haveut j ousf turnedac int a ay av emere jur lull i i rickaer's battl to reecome the rulepllin ic kmine er 'sall bortstl p osit ivo eomuzhe about n himnd ne is pfotsrmance pithiuz bo morn in hi >>orte i wl sather pfoce i rn stinl pt sis>>imte w hissaerbity ptrstl ptisisbity himse lf a somne wh has toly c hpsse tlfo get thashtle tfy cps to g thhtlef with prede obama the isonrnit re amodeng ma analtsthe lt hrn campai amoay w hy daln't lou me t t eb e mpstig aht ay wi d tcomiouc p lan, t w a stig yohtu aywi itutcomi againn, thr a da latyoer oayr how i mty d a ga la trft t daater o dhoatw y th de are s rpbsrbo hft t abily to ptray tt. th e rebupbbo d hin itelaby cye w tit ptr lott. of ey, nd a lot din of c wit tf bas. y, ndgy a i wasot a d oiffefre loing icba perry tha tgy w ieasaw on t dhefe sgeas nhtlo. ic cple oryf thaimt h didaw m ag te to g nht under m ittplom oy' tsim h id sk. ro gey the frondnt mern omsoy' many pls wk.akg a lroey ofhero er inn miso l nnyight. for akheg a first t oimf he tookin
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lome n ht .inco ming fr rom giru who t hasn't hooom co ng relyu bho hn'thringombs a tre ace flowepli on thome at ag nacew florichho wli o th erespding t somhi ng r nomwychho w said i a sperdiy intesng r y exangeatch ts. id >> tre ierlot i b exge chgovernmes.nt d t rneytare, b t as mh vemed rnebaca but aare, ckasfth lotore tbaouca b a ckft camp lgnas t admouit weothe mp igndeasor adm indi due mte fm you. > ithats no a tao di>> we go m i fromm youou y>ouat no t ro tmaohe hit ag wgoro y founda ytionou. t >>ou jt saihedt's tagru you d n unetda tonha. fro m m>>e, j aiud gott fromheru eritagyoeu etunda ton. ro m e, youe ne erot fmerag seuprtha daon >> i aoueeneith sha t>>mit haveyuprted tm ave paed indidl mandate. pa >> ibs iolelylid withhe darita fndat a gain i hillolyel carye. w h >>hat' wharii'mat s aaying. we gll tar idee.a rom y >>ndt'heham herita sinou atn.we t >>dekay,a a ytlndhe broad . he egyn how didatn. y, romnetl b far ynowid om br? >> rorte f he coter punched we a numbrbe? r oorfteifcoferernt
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ptimeuns,ed eushewed a b thataseay oonfifref t mes,ehe d beer c ntateay pches t so the 9belantwi t pch applndranges a the shel h te se g d pl ndra fongllow-up les. eleree h iese mos gtdul rae,foow l however,s teessueos raalthe,care, andhehove sssachusettss hltar th hered ac cseonnuo sltasart n ht he that h as govnor d cid nas n pusthh h g foovrno d a nationaccustae fo sothing keom nio care,e but soin otranda pointedohe ar li b inh boootk trhatasdaedohe lin oo tremohadtot from tard mod cove to far t apveba te ne tt sa itou work acss t natio eer have ee t asa ctploue ofork ss ttervatws i20av07e iee wch o goernomne y itet cou be i20 a wch gornom ne ian f nationaeahce. so tre i an f nio vnebility heaerhce e. at other treandidates vnebity h oerandites aoing to contie to tap io. a megyoin: t nk you sto monh. e se t yaporpecial report agytn: y s mh. se 6:00.or peal weep are foltlong baking devepmts in he00 s. h f were oliseaakifinulg b irvelpmnisa f eaif birwin. ir
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llicend dogisa a at wi tir ce hond digow. thearts a aren' atthe theyho ig han'owt.een he eincets an't she hent ishangn'.t thherein srcng a isarnge th a sd he bac of ofhe hous whe aot? bac wh o aofre ty ho whft? a man wh ahoy? h m speore te ith thearts t h anyon se, lloreta nth jheoi meiv te to aon ll act. aectadt jiv tbeor t. amecaans d th t countrybesrn the me wrcaonsg t tckou. ry cosngn up t wr nexot pat tck ucnacon lls us uhyndowext w can turatn is anaround. uhynd ow thvi pandent at is i sugg ti hat c priment a wtl get outf contr i fggtiha cme wl prtid ent' sutfs cill i pridt'ss nl es n ps. s h gone t oo f nar with phes. ras a nds robbees if it g d t f w nh ra aob i i p d >> a ren isei held up a g un as pnt atei hel dead,f a aop sws pntt d,f a u sphat n teorary u toha store owner. gi n m a bak. tearyhatown
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i [ ma annncer drinng amoote wi no getae nuitio ♪ ♪manner in aot wio tanuio gon] rawbry nana on [ ma annncer for a smthieith al fit wb y na pl vege nu itio manneror smie neh v8 v fusiosmooie. plegnuio coulve h a v ne viooo. ul h v
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vezon lte amera's stesand st ven liabte 4g twor ers esd abg or inver 0 cies. vezon. inr ci. builso y can rulehe a. ven. il yanle a
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men: actressdsohan fangme new leg are drama. an afaiveew lk l d aheyeld k hears om audgenhe los angelesld cou hohee.s a e cgeourt wl lec wther t geaccpt hourobae.ti p ro cesrtslr se wndth h bk o jcail. h shero wasbai ps se okrded jo ai h dr e as of hours of cmutyervi oce ono chge st hminrs from of a 27tyvi o ndrunkri ng arrgeessttin andro a 7 rent the ftunringon actn. prnderty queuesers s srenthe re showe un.p. prwhenty gueetse a r inrewe s wwe brin it enou. g 've g nolngut today wthat shoinwst nea e record ol ngrcenutta tgeay o f meatcahihonk the u.s. isec deenta incahik t wrong u.s i reio de accordg i t wng cord a rasmuss pol o vers aas worri ped. ju 15% aie that wereor ri e rht tck ju lo aiehawethat 78% say rhtro track lo w.ha 7 ayroraext uest saysmeca c beeadextue02ay s hi n cw boobesuide of s02uper oo power" esulaids o wf a how we ser
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can sllur t hiwes es w hroowune nll tree-me presintlro un caidatat e-uc pnanoi me live rcaht here onhe s it'sleuroie m te h avvee you h.e > a ple urtoit here.le ur megyt' hs a yitf > pto doo hme. gyt'nd aitf d gloom, dayfnd eckong stat glofm,me dencyfeaf t wt, dko nng at meencyf t w weave s ci of superower. s> itci not th kin of g o yf wa to pe inviteer to itot athin b g ycu onwaonv sard. o megy y a'recari bcu o tn ousard. gyeri o wt ofou us. >> 7 o tohe wplte s w o are on w ung course. 7 o we't dend sur w a borders w nglancouee.ur budweget,'t winen ourur bde rs wars t nc iur docudkt, w uridlockn on gresrss. imuch o dockolicss lon on esison . ch u o wat tevisn csable pele a conng eac other w the kisds o n camabeshey nerpe di50ngea ego o. er methn: i kit ous nt am a ter liticadi eeairgont meu t ilk autusvet spending, ti unt t b amerevede buspehin in rtpresident oba in p inre de yourusoohk.n wh aree pprtedoes do?t ba i y p liste inn ur toook. thewhre docpptsed d y lten we've t reignednomts of tha enng. are t'v w r fgnor it,n ty do t
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telve tenng les s srependin w f or thet, way tyo d t n o tve cou tntes s ou s.nd you el veheay i t aon o cticaou post ou .>> ware u s indg cti 24, st we 25gdpg both4, cservativesndea 2dp payers wthe haveo b cngseat es th 24 d and thepaemra w avsaye woveotng t daind t heaxem ra le ve uyp t tothe 24 a por it. heu'ax otle u t eye 24or it u'ot eived there religivio erndocia coapsen thiselountry tndoc collapsehisoufnt f illls,he r ofrifs,he r of rihostity one person ain anothe st th is at iean wnen iay p son amica isot gng ot surve th s or iayn nn iayur veamois 2 g02urve i d't mean as aveo pit ical d mn entity o p uit. almbta te aen ty aatower ieaas theta te untr y koea used attoow i be, one hetonnder tr koe ud o bne itndonisndle. at nions bakoing down i.nd nnsak in disiegrating. d megy wheyou lk out tsiheegti. gylthealu sp ect o i andhe t etspicecy as ipe a oft. yo write tene et nicaty on,asnepe
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f ople ou n d a m wsutefene naonni n when,re y le na re f ove honanihere dfences ande y ou ho emo be dfenc sak ag y of etoicity,hatoes that mean.g w a gng etit beoehatea by 2041 a ae nation entirelyfy 41 a morie e mtiv setintatynf onie e rtth,se rigiouslyn o aclly, rioly spanic0 llion, afric ll peons 6mi llioan 0 whitesio a dn, wse nbers are pegoinong 6 dioecli . it esegyn why ishatse n abe g aoo in dli ing?yn hy i s welt fir aff gha hdss ge therg? i he k eyel ir ffseto bdsehens eer w k n seto b englheh speakin naten a wll thenol c f gl i sland inat an adtallly ath eeasrn c europ fee ha i olane canulturenern eop teeti onha oisry o ctu language. we d'tne anyti more. on megyry s o wan areag m elti dng'tny pot ev iforhe re a regy serelack m ti than p tre are whievtesrhere mela thhispanic tsreharenhi theres are m wte e are sti oi spic spehaakhe aglis b ari ns a s have s melt pot is ofrins socieavtye >>alf plteopleotn of s anielespe ak>>f no perplen anguage oth tannpengsh inheirwnanag
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th sh the iaren noteing taughtn hoolho the is ryheeot we we ei gtaugauhtthanis ol ihe are wee aug isra courentry everod ount basal f loerod th. h peopleas floiging itth each otherve r iueseople moratyiging rig and w roch oer r ds raig comndg wo d detestgondet sses eachth. rit ssoesachif. ritoad 50 milln kill ishat a rhtad0 n ll is a rht rits? thri thitsse had thatled us togeth?hat lethdhihats hadha t migrant ucountry t etgerthnd tde ilenedtation grt ndtr t i einher kennedy a dissin gei a k disenpeing en a w a ecssing minor and a mor diveise. emegy let me yecinbo m thend m onom icveof i gy etbecauseeou t aboutbo tha ahes om well. y say ouca w tbohaimarly pellim tic dyuraying the w c yearimsaruthe n y pe fimti d bgr.he you c h r onal darean che i y fthat'sig ar.nd y ouer h ral d concnne c abo f oratgn pigolicy.
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the ncnebo siegnt u ponol on thheove in uon w o anfghanianheov aharand centlmeca.ra ag c intn, hle hea t oncaicri c th i b h htandin tg tl aris. thtain g maltaing our senwe won th matain cur wenhewe wov ie uni llapse lasten yearsove' u lapos 6 m lionst mufeaturi job a l 55,0 m00on f mtoufririob o-third of ou manufacturiase on,0 off to-trdhi o.f no eve mrybondyacs talekingon o abo . nu urvebog. an tof talm gng a real i aas ho tur banng t t gse aea facltori ho ba? egyn banngtorumsesac tax ba? o ynanrum msufturs. storum right onufturs. t hat. wher e wld r hhteet t mey fromha heuld t putt. 2er0 wld he meyo 0%om ariff dut ofll 20anufacture gdsoom0% into of thean uniuftetudomtas. to t niraise tost o feioos. anded t heis t cost ariooca an edgood t men: t chank you. aeri bks " ic idod ofmen: tupnk y. e bks "icfup we"
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plane i" fced to land in xa we'l pshowneou why oce t passeanngder as ed'lffowhy pse t he pnen t hands. n a wan claims s caugh nds. her wan y crienal s thas c to aernpp yen t h ison on justne pllip col heah obioc caa da hps dendsgain occiona cotipaston, parrhipolea iocadah ddsinccna co pa , rh
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m nopayi hidn fe origh mmisons. noyiidfe orh iss. i'maki thmostf myoney ansevedoll tras are st t stai'. ki thstmyey anvell rai'm th se ttra t. ta i'm th sttra. m sra i'm th sttra. and m m lo sng ra ery nutef it m sra d lo y teit scoradewe ge yo coissi-freetfs code gyo -feeras an moreco sirefs coee seeshy anmorerenves rs e ee re es m wi scorade sa.. wicode
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[ le aounc ] chken occo alfdo. shro smoered ef bgers[ anc chn co lf. hety cckennd ndle ro mosserede. brs he c soenasy, nou jet ne er campll's eam musoom up soy, jne toake em mp's m and ushungm fam y toove em. toe mpbe's. 's ad zingnghat amup c do. toe . be. angt co.
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jo aeal fe wle oaal al w o ka rick cicoleman cturing is imagef be cem wlefftu ri e cst igeff dondoche liforniaff. loe at tha lo atf tdot.o fo th lot vidhaeo lotoing viral th oidnline.oi vir e oinasve whale isee taswavey wle fr t kaowa fr taoheao yh. leman pted taoid to y h.
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:31 pm
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1:32 pm
1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:44 pm
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1:45 pm
me wity contisaa' paren than w yone hasinhe caseisirar brok ha nu w neas hedhease by ok an indepennt befactorith t bieyto the a nd epfaly n tbe theor par ttsie t os ties tohe amily, y nou t heido pn trend finie ttoe uth. am ydo't bel ve sheo ins indnnoc fen th a inn oct, hey breel s i guocty g find ahennru rean you w in otgu ktywi. ind the two w ee y y've do i ynour ownwi nvtiti wo wyouel do y these oartitsti had u el nothing towi tsehe tssappea hraceith ltl eth lisg a, y,heil ppea >> aethh limtl lis me stress a th, this te m cold be tr ledn a different ph thd i ul t cnge moy bositio n, bd nri aif nreow md i f ocus iut mdeosio the n he. d f quiustede simple, se hi ths ie hn tae. aut someui thing cann sotpl. leehi talik abt tautomheehi t hi ngnni le tabt t cani t' go to the ca timelin everodys gto tow tgelhe erys fancul torgs aheouthis happedthat nc tor hpe ad. ut let's swih i t. pp edu telat how they d it hndpe les tt' s abowi i it and teeel ifow t datol les i tth a fatheee d i
1:46 pm
t, w t.ot he didhet. ifheyido i andereot n d if he yllion how i d ahyxterract then iohiho.whxt e didheyel thehild. mder e cld hedheidheely put he thehi child? lee c talldk about itheha p w . th ithis ? lot h der.le almegyn: tbot ishe qstn as w . we w chtolics andot hr. and gy tis do q sstea archisng he f wchol hom nd an lkingnd i te akyardod a snd hi n ts fedhat i saw he n ian l wangou theausart a sun ty. ha was iaw compl i on waan usposednd aunille for asanybodyom tgo on nto, or sedilleor yby tgont come ar. at d youhinkhat c theomye n be lieve ybeha.t t b dabyouas ha sposheed oyf thebeeve e sd,tr t b ye bosky oarf hehaven't t beer ove r t se ound bkyilarl? ve ain t i'm b not gveng t ou til ain iot cond-guess t kd. m sur nd tuey dhat. wou he runhe phour y dbilleot. are say wingay r une hashe a lhoer tt nob odll know a aeutay.g well ht'ertobair owetut t. hallt would ht'aveome uaipn tetellha ulll h whetheer i uompnel outg ngll w cth, ou iom agr? they would otg dnghatine. a megy? et teyalldabo to d tihatne
1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
la ssawol her tol at a0: thas i wh i utla s h derow f t l0: t stime t n s iherer hd d tt. l >> you k now meat tappe s agdn i n't ant b it. yposi konw of defenapdingpeer agi t t i jusi o denngheizg. i yo m issp eajuk, you second-ess,iz g. youyohirduespouel y ion s'ton yououel think -- i meg't: battey tvenkig-io ners reegueioatniy her. foroursnd hrs a ig iours,rsreerio frinien r. her se or srs h a is que sts,niri herlfer 've n er beeue inha potion hit ir s ca. n leers a bccep t i fnt t she po on i oc ienor s o nele a meput a the r hi ildocs one missi aou a have hishidsattery, as youis saiou hahiatryasou b.i. saicpd, myself,oth oplei. friendscp mel family,h p plle ri di areueiongamy, aer youue iong teoet tofservous and ound teooetiseaerusnd o en eryiseala is eged uph, myla g ih s megyn: ouupave spe s muchh, mtime wh t gh cou plmen:ndou s ucd no l almeh t tm.ou nd iti don. men: y sti don. wh are tourm. mpss ins in pronat eommets y wtionn th e awh
1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:52 pm
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1:53 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
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2:01 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:30 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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