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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 19, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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uponther li the autheirdss er mer d i amhe attherd be stiu in i.m los,nd lteepoes fom btn lo l po za fsvil, angoin toe awome,eopl ning up ozailanin o frt. in the awe,pl ngup r on. br gfrt, inhe r br rgers rrs >>ne: th occiers arene th cupyhe wng cy. go 200 milccrs sou. e it ispy w nothe f c catgo00ilou bkersit otu ned to ffumeat oer. brsis natome o. paheck awyenpa ck waingt. ou natn'sye capol is wre theywagt ouats mking theapealis w ey cpita mng he fedeall eloye norf cta de e ye 26,0orn avege hping shin,0on ddge o sanve hngos in ashege oan weahies ass. tropitanreaccorng teaes the fks a opanaor tensu e, it furn ot wasuingt i wher you it wll finthern o nawaon'sgt er groutest woncintratena's gr st wyerncatnd weah.
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er n't atea ich t the riaren wachnd e rirthdenecre wareike penylvaa hdndre eenva nstition enue anchare habeenlookg tion this you eue tanarhaen srpriokd. charise: u loyistby t sri wa walstre in maar ys ha movlostto t w hingn. waal thre isnherea thectio s,ha ov wi the wng relatith as thereheio fis ha wihe re majreti aheobbyts fiha toajbyofte n odd-an s th has bete goin a whi. itd- s coithidedasit thebeoi cngin a inhihe it adnistoitioned hewith bgger cin overent, b busiss ndds tst resonnd t th ber ggeroverent erdt, b hey si d n t es that tby hi ngerert ey lobists d. at >>ne: nohiwalltreeobts i neno llee reondi notonlyo e preste bu s t ofrediheotlyo enginup on prte theu sartf o deincratnongrsionrouhe ant oinglg deatgron theou ut aan thegl reas for all ingshe a el.he asorll gs >>arli wal etreehas en o >>lial siltl prostinees o e noti tha tyil arrofatin ts om t
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timentha th predent tart obam t wenn ntthrent "60 min es," namen 2009fter60cott bwnin," wo i 09er maachutts tte sete b se ofwo kenny. he mahus sedse eef nn wohefatdcats runngagait wa strot an t th haveeents si ntnnai watr caanaign thaven o tllieopl ca gn congssiol leoers,ay t off wpl llngio nosupptles, yu.ff w>>ne:hato y no kehatpp t mocr yiceade w ne arat y urgi t memcrrsuppode t ar cupy all gireet tes.em >>gupot: iis t inrestgow pyl thetleftas t. em aced gu inst thg. thftemed h th thnite fedatioof ache areteivinedgiothem auge amnt o spache toreent oin forem ge 0,00aam oacoont ft oor1 a 00a mnth. anntd frganed lor a a all mh.he an pe csesan l o a tll demrati pe rty callys are ofron a nternd teminvotied y lyithre ton a movent t t wernou gvo do ere th t hav ve t w lten, gdohey are dvocingav marst lsolun,oney ar o ecocomicgar pblemlu oc ic pem dot.
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>>il: ey cld inftratdo oups ndave>> : erhe wee c u hanf ratorte and psve woer eeo ha rtendwo nt. now f ishapps whhe essiof n e eadewhip pp w esblisent he simocric dep rty, wh esist the e are creseives y,h goghe to e ebeeshat a parerserego tto publans? atuhave arsre be t iscablys? ve cons vati or wille tn onca ns tiyou?r wl tnn charu?e: t mnstrm dia rese to ar cer th tas m tr an a exemis eleent do th c h oughthe a pa yasanxisle extrthist, ghe andpayon't bieve you n rely tr at,gnoursfnd wi't wha bisve goi onu re a dorshis wiha beuse --.oi n >>il: urelayi witdos a be greade -. >>: yiuit d chgrlie e arliand just maer o ime d arech doie tli readus rportmag o andme reoi tea somlacelse rrt w l d andou wi seehe t ptyomsce ne wratndalif nia, iwieem t psures n t eret areif froa, ingerem te eo tero rty gey but --. >>il: te one y inteut you -. thei >>: ne ptiesnou char e: teiy ar rkinin pes
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ar th tar stem in neilare you sayngudge th em nalita ileou iayge azy? nata >>arli i le him iut w have ar menty? a ut>>li lim w ve thrteant a part >>il: uhink bth sis h an be ertreme >>: nk >> barli the eiremeleme be of teaartys eme a >>mallihe eme me emenofeaty okayaal en>>ne:ut t teaay pay trd to ne: teaa aleastrto worin aas tor syst? >>arli the tdon' ha st acky ids ut y>>lihe looatn'a t ky d ivinforc y theoo i t is mainismrc anhe th , i n'tmaman thk,ot ev rlu. e liral ng th ofi tht th evdemoatic pa y,lil of i belvet h le t asmoicof ritpa nw, who knsel t leascouli cnge ntomoowhon adcate revotionul dit cine emo etire ad cteitalvoton e re>>ne: wh wou cal b likeoc. the ne wh oumocric eabliment bik endoing e vheetna war cr eli nt otes and grhat do tig r vndnaar es nderathati ppenat. >>chlie:t w daerou
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terrenory. th. ch >>e:il w taou bes usin srr y rethrternthis >> t rth, chaeses in gas preane.ern is weoldyou wll o h,ha the gaot sh pe. jobs andwedighu o pheing shbsndghobs p gar nowownin wasngto and s th owfell nts to bngn th as atond lot thfll sto bh aloroteers' tentn, sth croli reputeicans'enat demntt. s wh fli in clith fac pu ofanat a them c ventnalwhlin thiacingof tha a we itths c thentlat cathigha we ihen waat stre. th are00wa mes sou. re >> est: there mccuprs aou presti in >>het: w onge pce. up th ae is prtin wleng o gr pd. on wlthis streut ten prlem ogr w orig ates erere i t whingn. rm ase bcomeigge r a igese b iger as wng as bme ggevern ant, e baner an d mage me of grnur, ecomy,hean ma mlari and thefjobs acy, w rindhe i govebsmentnd hry aeid yingoay t i pr lemvesnt h t id in t prate ngo seor the rprobmm is losing trovereentse bs. ob is isosomptelyertthe . ons mp lyneili hedetalk th
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anmyon ilhedlkrodurs s ara heath anally satdu s aa sheeaoug ly u esa rarks frotharr ahe ridg on u at rks verorroint r explnn th a littmore veharr idnt plth tttay. re>> v y crrar th pvate ctor t joy. re d vngy fi c bth pitte is t or pubco sto dfi b job we hais lo tuge ubmber and t st is wt isegistionob isha alloe ernd t w ison out.ll >>il: lo t. 2>> mil: on ov theastlo coule of 2ilears. ov>>he wetou he ltof milonsfobs anrsthe we h ltresint'siltimussf plans allaneit did wsi'smu yoanll knoid op u woveren jotheno st ue leler tporaly fo a coup oear ad nowstlehe t wara mor f mney a to uprop uar a theow me g ernmtwaor myobsoop uhe gnmor atherbs yearut theant to a aer tax s, arhe nt so t ty a jt doaxtndetand at is gsong onnd t is vy jode nd fr trat ig to gbe hernnd se is th vresint lkin a outfr aattoer jo plan w sch ths,si in rea ay,t ta jola wd spelan weaich didt rk ttairstime andpe iis noan gng wh toidork is tstend i timeno g
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o>>ne: we trkied to g the lp ome t emoc tic neunsewe tdto ghe o tocc se tryi to ue demratso emace r wa of yi beoer ue em tsterm sematore wa thiofbeccu wal strmet ow sorhiessacual stnd momentutyou e a gsaod studt ofisto and y knmontu eather sid g udoftond ykn tha eercanidha ben grabbeng tiger b the tayl, wh d you makeab t er b thatth i ave yl mwh d theouke rote ersat d vewhythin mhe thtelips erll yin h decratip eith. >>gut: c izendeat acvismis goodut oth cizen nee gu to cen bacsm info ed aod wat we o careeneeto b fo a w seng we he ie lkse hewho, i rely are sdirted d don thhaveo, refocuand reeyre up ir hapd dothndve th wa cuod bme somne uanap thbudg i thellag tm b throh thom thdg i clsllg t wrfar the roth shld bmehecl warhe cap alis. sh b th haseen repted rougutapisist y. th ase prnlem in aepovedment th isugtoostig, pr spem ing o muchve mntney, andthsputo ag, bietpeg o
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ch mblany,t onnd ot a ebinomy an ifhe roteanerson wt o elpmy us,anff tey watetos w hav jobs thes,y ned t tachan theav priden the nee bs the n chge t eanhe sene,an preeden theee let t e prhate sctor crentehe ed tet pre sorr jo. >>ne: s ator youjo ae so thef le ne sorou th asosena e lersnthna of dald ump eryo wanrs kis th rg andet s ppor d d or ap yo leaan giso toth wh r youndnd s evoryone ould aort ea gctino up wou evneldrt inp wh theearthat youad suppwhtehe orargone tatou andsaid ppthatittor mneyne was y r guy nd d yoid say at is n at thet ey caseas y wherdo yuy sta on yoayny is of nhehe pres enti se er yta canndate >>est:'mofot leesingti yway rghante >>t: nowi tnklegwe ay have rever godandites owd t all ulde tter hanveer wat w g ve idis thwhit hous rigl d w a vererne ian w wtryi i ggesthiit neeusigo a igerre i somee,yi b esee fralyig --. me >> bil: eoura goi to-. >>: wai oitil the conntio >>est:tai lea lntil onnuario now cess>>y hat: movheeail ar w
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ssprimhaies bacovk iay thin that imsac iut w in thk inat ameca is waing r m w tothell emmeowis wag mo vlle. neil romydid t wa v ailomd a seco wh chschriie comi dow to ewco wchri jery. ey h emiowo bvisly en taing you do yer hav hviy tag a oulit mu s yavtest >>gut: no,'m loongtoru st whh guo, candate reay,oo inspwhes tanteea sp iginaon and t eas ina thnd vot feaonseativ arou thethount. otwantidee tse civntri ou hethatrent aeali tont nsnd t see c rie on tha aat anlio thensee genal onectiha becse a2012 cldhe b ren lastti ecanceo t12rn th c ing ound anwerest i ce seri ts trbleth g ndan i untr anrid tre thdemoats d thpresent e gog in tran th tmos th wng dirtionest god inthou it h tailethey w ntiniron wi the out pol hies, so, le dey't he a loinifhe me to ols, wae ano, i nt d to h m aelo sue getoa canwadateanho to und mstan u howmeri workge dheyante a willgndan and wriave trk cougeyo a lltualg mak the rdnd deisio t
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to toun o aluntrakhe a t >> ony tught tr yo ad. repuican c tleaghts frt yo loing e prarie nd puan c ag pushrg th urthlog aer fuiehe to shthiketh a nowfu at t s ra we wodkeowat tsa hwee ne wo hashirnd iowa htingneext we. a ir tt bwa? ng xt esite t b b mera? >>gut: ion'thinkt is goodit i bra godo hav gu ianua't nkis do waand odw to m ive thegoav ua primiesdoacka idto ja arywto mhat heisrobay gng to ims fkustre i aay stt versba and go uld li d f tr have lttle mor vsime ndfore dtheli d vveting lletartore tore e eluat the vngrt cdidaos beuseas you eat vee en cda sbeee haou gott up sand en tya goow andtte ne to ule thi d t plgoout tnd netohipl t flidas baingthispy angifl thea de and d'tbag is dersnd, t th culd gi bhe d e wa itnd ds. nrsigur, th citdout. wa it hav et a ur gooepubcan o ave eltionnd i a oo thk weub hne sixca orn e ht whoelon i can th thwe hixor rht eho n.
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n neilhdo youhink rit navo il mittou romynk ashevogu in ttom pace,s at annapst n pe,avor h th a aps n rlyor h pmary a sies? >>guyt: ion'think pry we c scalls?inne the hregue a i'tnke the c p ofll nekecyheg fore aposion anhethatould be ofdiffent cy mofoh osi anatldbe offt wi mo f ol goo iouturandites f aoo thtis diwhy sople a ahavi tuble makith a disio ecau y lewe a haveoodvi tle ki dioau cndides. >>neve: thdk cid. yo nethenat. puing eheat hern cnyo overisat. ntion pug alesat ertax c er nplanon not ees ponesx who do n an t ip ernet bho thegu whodo n heed hrit b he steho mre he wi h expin wite's bacngte m ay a lilewixp wsac a bitli it [ fale nounr ] yothinyourids e
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gtingnougvegebles fe un] yo in urah,s aybe ot.gng ugge v8esv-fuon jce ges tm a ull rvinof vetabs h,be. v8fu j g t a l in vab us aull rvinof fit. bu it ast tl tes inke f fit.. but t s . w ft's .ur nber? ws nr? i'm king myoneyo mo. i'considatg my sset m ngmyeymo i'i'm nst paatng hmyden etes higcommsion m pa hn igmmon m mang e mo of mon. d sen-doar tdes arjusthe s mof on sedo t i'switharcottstde. s . i'withcottde. i'thtt .i'withcottde. ani'i'm thvingtt .everminu of . i'thtt. anm ngernuf at sttra, weive u mmison-fe et srawee no-f ira d mo. is-fet -fme sra why momo inv tors are ying . shymonv rsi'm th sttra. e ng m sra
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the's ly one ttleeft i'veot ttellusie ths e let thvendg maine elm isvelmos temptll ie th ndi'm ma it,e oss.lmis ospt new m nyt, s. soy ! w arepen for sine. so! renr ne let'reroe gr freo. owinbusissesse chinto-mhine echnt'ogyro gr re insies in -mneom vhnizonyirels. susi! vonel the ing chin.. siread fill. e g in ol be. adbecalle thbusi wi theest chnogyul. b cathsi wihet no ul neilherm is ttin slamd buhe istil stiing t ilrms in 9am-9bu ta iillanti agter the t 9 rivata wern tea angrhe i art. va er >>f wea givongrs a. 9
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perct sas w t hoivlonggrs wl te 9 a lrceralsaresisnt t aho nga wllibe l c tgreso r l thal si up a toaybebe ces 90o rth up pernt? to >>o toewbeampsre wer 90 theyon'tave saler? >> tto andps w u arey'teixinal giv tem tnd o. th arear notnterinted i iv t o th9-9.reoterd i >> 9. wiaveo pay bo t es >> an the oplei inve nedadoestay wa tobo tay he e >>es84 peentwaof erich.s pa mo >>axes undetis pn acrdinto icpa a mo nd neiland p nowacinhearchect a hernep ca 'silland iow ch tinki the er nionasalea tan i pa of kihe i and nnatevele tores paheref is tat the iartnd yveon't eike re tw? whhe hast y 'tange guese fir o l, thwhguyas ge is mang esir proess ith thisy planis whmahey snd aros tirdth of anwh theyebat s a teatdg uf onit so ha inthdoubat thiisat uon thino haaddiinon to subhi inedibhi peonaly thas di t ma hernnib cainhepealth fntruer ihe ma erracen sin i app fudru iim a th ce is she inthatpp ah gin ic tt mde
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lastightin m u, stht wheer yolike 99 o nothe yoyohaveke to ppla99ot t >>ne: yo dn't lake th nertyo dt yo she th viewhath i le goex up yo>>guht: tthie idtou i saioe wa anuparchect egu t pn, idthetorysai uple fwaan yeacht o lg p ery leeforherm caiea ople lnewhohewas, hhaor rm en aai lotime leiendw ands, h said why a n'o youme g andndlan thgets ax idhy routes gelow tn th tsrcen the meershwill r s r towat an the nith tenathe me shideandll cme t anith h t-9-9ut ea re i the cprobm i aveh disceredhe l-9telf ihe wesob i th ave an sconomedt l andfe wahing aan heomanpolicalcene wang fold whatas hppen youhavelil ttennerevo ldhe ratght henouve espeenallyvo gup rt li herage fopedatily giere and foti ca instute saysnd ntion salaxca wlns te t fl beuse hatys wll ris nonal all whe ti asfl eetappe wd iis ropehich wi lundi tpe i pe ch enitlemt ste sond ould t b well adsedenemostso dopld b tt ll
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naonaldalesd d taxdea t a mayb thena talrdes 9houl ax aea a pa oll x wybichhe is theulevil welrea avepal wh >>sil: uay bil r ht,weeaut, ve he >>: b is t rt, jusficat,on a he kes seneis t saifusca y au forc thealesax lskeenthatai f yo ywill ave rchees bilon l kenutat fr theyollve undgrouil n frhe thepeopndou wh oid icome andhehe ooper wh xes d it d fors imehemnd to o s it paor m some ting. d werepa vasly w we ch culd beas gerate standg is cointde on theete dnt o 9-9he thin as yprobly-9 smise ins yob th t twof sese9's thaou two li tse 9 sha li t 9'souldgo u so i'sld wonr as ut lsofer i inte out saygons t lrs t such teutay btdea, wt i so dch b aboua, sta wing the? you uld gueany tax ounytag h leve u d e aynyax fige oesve up. naldeagaig dscoved th. >>est:hat p. a
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airldga pnt d ve andth aee witherm>>t:t a cair p u wa a d aitrmaxai plahat wae hooks an t drealelars at ve okaysan t t natrnalle sles tax en tey buy t pinat l callachey ssave x tuypayin th salecaacye ta iikeyh ec omiclelyvery muc e iata ke conecmptiic taxryuc ani d 't t ink mst econistsonouldtigreeax wi that an dif t we m wt ontsldeewi pat gr theconey w ta csumpon bit is p a prlem rron votars cmp b ihinkg, waitnowpr im ave t govoo enk cash it rwiste andve thengo he otr taxe s ish pa rte and 9nerce sale otxe tax i tt ispaind a o a ce le oflefait whax tts tersnd o an le f itters w wder, irsanant rs w r,congss t hav two wanto rae oneyng tavwo thncomwa tax an ra e sas taey thatthsomax myan sata at mmygivi. >>ne: yo st lo o on mvi neyo lo on treary ot i ea te heanain admistraon. gues can ou i igine we the din miisra. es perannt inencome tax rcen cor rateerom t andax enor cte youmageow t fandhe ecomy
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uld cgrow uag >>eil: inkfaoutse ecoox ordowizza bo>>: kts lok ateast or dzang ttnd weore lt stbati it. d t eond co veryood ttit. oo veryd tou. >>gut: i aeari t u. gu iyell a tie iri t solarityith rman llie iolitth anain. >>il: evlway od to ein ou.>> : eay to rpping ewasnu. jus fo herm rin casnus bu mchaefo re anrm ys h da wouhavebu pro mblyaee h douve ro ytedt. >>et me d >>inis let ave wte ihave tois t e wtve t say ck. >>his aayough uple detes d i. uders nd t>>ts oug le yo de ws ll g-- urs t yo y w g wilet yil thisay. isy. teof '. peect. te ' d bld sp
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43pg, ce. blspon. 43, . depeabily. yh. y a bier d. [ le aacouncte ] . inoducg threinntedbi d 12 tota mry.[ anc inuc thined it t reaa . ♪♪iteaaru?♪♪ [ind wlin] [d in techcian areou by? nagent jt se ove th e netechchcal annualre b ge jseve thnechl al ty ne youo trslat thm
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in porguestneoutrat thinores tomrow omow [ ma annncer duci kns it betr foxero manner uc tknmana the it etglofol puroicatns. th canocusn buding t naamazhebike opuat. ith rox, ou'rthreadan usbu fong reabusi ss.azke h x,'rad fo easi. [ ma annncer to t 5:0a.m.chol. thewo t ins d a mas nner ri r. t:0m.ol he ts a rithe 'll eep en is do" acemic e l p idoacic fo80 yrs 've en ipireby y. fo y e i re y a we' beehonod walwithou ae' ee no hel you al tht whe yowanto be elu whyontbe ♪♪ beuse ur ment now♪♪ bee m t ow l notng snd iyouray. lot s iur. len mo at llerdu. lemot er.
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neilas rts bakoutin il r bt grce tyot asst gr t ove aust itst asurndve pe commsttee siing wn wit ur meers theang o sixmmeni g waitingt and lawmermes heg olookg to dixpix twagtndwm okto d pmmite, dmocr tic ngrewoma watrs itayi d andcr quot "sie rema theatsuper coittechar is toyind ot rsiucehepe cotears to $1 rillie indefit rectio thatould $1clud cu li doninrogms fiat crtereioha job ld m stud becu dopromlyog crismaled.ob and mbe intduciegisomtiono maustd. d thantciison tpennlvan ha repuicanenat, memb of e surnn anmmit e. pu whan do atumbf kesu it who of tt? so are s tying to dsop the sngo d >>est:heell, y pug. knif sh>>justt: wtl, as yittl whi thknsele comtteeill shst ws gotl hi ay. th leeom staeeellthat creesthego coitte give. us taatery vryree co telimived lis san. ry you v kn.
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weave t mili ha sour. oducou knfinied sco dend t rerteda rt ommiucee i we cani coach eaned ag emenbymi no imberwe h 2rd. >>ne: wig youenmakeo erat deline 2 .>>gut: i hop wenewiou wkell. are rkinde eacne d gu to ioptry to ge w. therre the int sinac t d coitteogoesy to ge ay. ert e tme say thincote tis ies . ay terrinle t i pross. bu evethinelseas f led. rr hav nro had. veinseudge ve fd. no av nad gonthrohge no the dina apppriaons oceson ro and had melownhever enappias es debt d imitad bause el thn aer nowe h vebt thitommi beese eatethatth has ahe wower htohmi te atrce as-or-wn vener a leslate pruct cane r- v ge a a majity ofle ateprt coitte an a ee tge itajy ecote a t is isit now cgres shld eratbu w suld giv it n a cessh at ot. s d>>ne: yoiv d not a . neyo d sucoted the her lckednuc cu e ollr led inight? u>>gut: tt isll exaly righ intherht is guan t ixa gh er tomacs seestrion, 2 trlion ma rth cut setrn, ha tron h hich gut intohe densea budt.
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thats a ch v gry ve toig d aseud at a ry c vdee nuero ahack c u fens andhat isck adolic e ot rns thi dt se rally oughto bicoin i othilookg whats rly driv ggh brin ifundentalok atficirobliv. diumtermlongndtaterm eveone ci knsbl i sum trmng big titlrmentve e prrams ndtheykns are tgrowigg astlt prms eysustnablreate. ow >>il:as c you stddrebl ye. or >>even:art o th caheaoure orf t ennoverter o rdthea deline t >> est:vet cerinlys ssib, anidene ndly >> hot:weerly ll, wi not iban hve ly ode signican prog, ss wiotur gl h unss w do, gnhatan og whthe g pr lemun w iso, d, bthat w y, iwh e n prms b w suest we n wl fixll of ourfirs schsult pblemwe but w ix wl codofururn trsch pemutcorn w a o makerogrrns an t movin the ght rnrectn thawoul a ke bgranov realhe proess. t cthaul >>ne: i kno bou a al agarosts. y ne soritno revue aga or enevncernd th six mocrs cnter than er has bethix on crthe cerha s e tle. knowveryning iseon the tae, te.
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4:27 pm
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4:28 pm
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4:29 pm
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4:30 pm
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4:31 pm
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4:32 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:42 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:46 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:51 pm
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4:52 pm
peent sav gs>>romt: wteve panyotilse s petavom offing wove t y yo sesay uanno d bter thaffgo t us. >>y il: no d aice berha m eac .ear >> du: ng ae macrmy du shping evthich payersh vngwv echent tay gges v guuy eterfu a heres m es they,ut thfu a re gift mhaeephe givith y ge ftlittott aep youget vi st yf wi it,gelike ttarrngtt aout st wicase andt, oke tirr g a send o whiewardbe c gnge fo l the men y l e. wh whe isrd cethatfo e n >>est:ecau thealue l whsatf >> tht:smalauheottlue o rfum is ss en y s ck itthnaltl a o bi ums x wi nic y s wrpingitnd tat biisar m ewiicrng t iftae mnd you fe wl cch o t thta i therareouissi w c oarto of tth i er e dreasindtof ea loons. >>il: buthe i notomelo s. w. an>>i:ut beevewome i otikeme ani beocesed me atme chrtmasame i rig? esme t gues i thrnkas the i are ig me i es there alaa, hat i mbe a
4:53 pm
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4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
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